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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> let's start out with adam tuss. how is it looking out there? the traffic is going at now about seven miles an hour. people are heading to the airport orp picking people out and about. plus, the cut through traffic. it is just absolutely alow roll. take a look at some drivers who say they are dreading this time of year.
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>> i plan on s ying in the house tomorrow and thursday and friday. >> it goes from horrible to utterly horrible. i'm not lking forward to it. it is going to be long and hard. >> reporter: let's go to brad. where are you nowha and are you seeing? >> reporter: this is rough. let me tellyou. aaa is saying between now and 7:00 p.m., one of the tough ees times. >> we can take ak l at the traffic conditions in tyson.
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you can see that long windingre h. the beltway, seeing major delays at thi ur. >> all right. thank you very much. i want to shang somethat i got on twitr. this was the scene. some people are jumping out of their cars and riding around the terminal. it was locked up. that's what you have to be aware of. it is a tough time. experts areaying if you can wait until thursday morning to drive, wait until then. you should be free and clear. >> just tell ufrg -- just tell
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everyone, consider waiting. >> to reagan airport, as busy as it is there, it is expected to be worse tomorrow. that's theusiest d for air travel. >> once you getth t terminal, the air travelhectic. >> amtrak sayshe they have tir staffing. last year 770,000 people took amtrak to their destinations. >> whether you'reraveling or
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not, here's the weather forecast. >> coming in for and black friday and then the rain. dealing with rain we're talking som rlly cold air. it is a chilly night. town to 37 it has been breezy. you mentioned toward the boston, i can't the storm we saw moving in. that's some swfall some snow showers a of the holiday.
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i'll tell you how long it sticks around and when the rn moves in for saturday. this may impact your dinner plans. >> a really stark warning. >> the centers for disease control a pre essential says it is not safe to eat any romaine at the time us, through people have gotten sick. the source has not. it is why they'reth are trying to track downhe source. toss any romaine lettuce you
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have, according to th cdc. >> i just bought some and i'll be tossing it. >> if you're concerned, here's what to look for. o im e. coli. itde inc amps, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. don't teeth romaine lettuce. and at the university of maryland, anol 18-yea student has died as a result of the adenovirus. she sa she's been sick. there le atst five other
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cases on caus. severe strains can be deadly. president trump just arrived in florida for thanksgiving as two new controversies swamp the white house. first t murder of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. the craft has concluded the saudi crown prince ordered the hit. tonight president is siding with thepress, once again rejecting an assessment from his own inteigence committee. and blayne alexander joins >> t a lot to break down. let's start with the support for saudi arabiase the white hays that there has beenhm punt for
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khashoggi's death for the 17 individuals belved to be responsible. with you so many capitol hill say it has to go eyre today president trump declares w determined that it was the crown prince who ordered the killing of jamal akhashoggi. an statement from president trump casting doubt. something he backed up today. ? have the craft has looked at it. they've studied it a lot. they have nothing definitive. maybe hedid. maybe he didn't. >> this despite growing pressure to break with the crown prince. >> if we broke saudi arabia, your oil price would go through roof.
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>> meanwhile, ivanka trump fiing herself at the center of criticism after the "washington post" reports she used a personal e-mailsastyear. , awing immediate citiz drawing immediate concern. >> today president insisting it is not the same. >> there was no hiding. no deleting like hillary clinton did. o i servicen the basement like hillary clintonhad. >> now, house. back to that statement on. >> for the statement of his own calling this a failure of here. >> thank you.
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a sixth person is charged in the case of four men other opened g fire on aund troop of people in northeast d.c. four other people inclung wilson's 18-year-old sister were also shot andnd w that day. prosecutors called this one of the most violent crimes they've ever seen. thret e. they were held prisoner for more than 12 hours. the date, august 22nd, 2017. five young men posing as painters talked themselves in. theyorced the mother to take them to cash depot where she
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worked. >> theptd they wou kill her daughter. surveillance video caught the robbery attempt to camera, returning to the. rivera caught. >> to get he helped in the knife attack is given 45 years behind ba. bobbyohnson will serve 40 years. two other defendants previousl pleaded guilty and are serving their sentences. >> she was very traumatized, i
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have only seen her twice. >> the mother lost her job at. >> he said this family is resilient and he. cued of sexual miscannonduc. a 13th pedestrian killed in montgomery county. we'll find out whether vision zero is actually working. and look at that. and look at that. that
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visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at or ll 1-833-kidney3.
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this is thebeltway. traffic here not moving very rapidly. is expected to be another busy day tomorrow if you haven't already left.
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the best time to leave is actually early thanksgiving morning. ds there are life and death kernels on the r as well. a troubling trendraying out. 13 that he had strands killed there this year. the woman was hit and killed in gaithersburg. >> reporter: the woman is 52 years old, lee jang. the 15th victim. this strenld moving in the wro direction even after the county has triedn implement ways to cut out these accidents. so is vision zero really working? a lot has changed in the years ali has owned the cafe. down the streetrom his
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restaurant, the traffic has been a constant. >> it's always bad. >> reporter: the mixture of trplns and p can be difficult. today it was deadly. the52-year-old was hit this morning. he said it was only a matter of time before something bad happens. >> the cars r arehing and the people are parking in the garage are rushing to catch the >> we spent several hours and witnessed several people who walked outside the crosswalks. and the officer spoke to a driver who illegally stopped in the crosswalk. despite clear signage, pedestrians often i where to cross the street. >> they shoot directly across toward the tra what happens is that creates a situation whereobody is sure what anybody is doing. >> reporter: police are using
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surveillance video to determine whether she was in the crosswalk before the accident. but regardless, it is another reminder that preventing these ections everyone's responsibility. >> stoplights, signals and warning lights do not stop the cars. make sure the cars see you. that's thegest thing that will keep you saif as you're crossing the street. in other words, do not sacrifice your safety for a shorter commute. as for the driver in the case, she left the scene after the accident but police say s did come back and talk to them. it will take weeks before we know whether that driver will be facing any charges. >> appreciate that. as we head into the holiday, three families are reeling from the sudden and senseless tragedy done a chicago mercy hospital last night. a gunman shot and killed a person in the parking lot. it turns out they were once
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engaged. from there, the gunman went into the hospital and start shooting at random. he killed a pice officer and a woman college out of the elevator. he her father that he was looking forward to walking her down the aisle. >>no i d want dana remembered as act im. she was intelligent, funny, kind. i was going to be giving a wedding speech instead of a eulogy. >> the gunman died during the confrontation and it is not clear if he took his olife. haunted by the stress they face at work. a onwide survey looks at the emotional and mental toll of being a polficer. 78% of the officers report critical stress from the job led to recurring unwanted memories, relationship problems, feelings
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of withdrawal and trouble sleeping. 16% admit to thoughts of suicide. others say it led to substance abuse. even morein trou nearly 90% of of our local police officers who responded to the survey say they have not reached out for help even thoug it isvailable to them. fighting the stigma in law enforcement. news4 is committedo changing minds. if you or someonew you k is dealing with mental health issues, head to our website for a list of local resources. now a new study that. shows that too many of russ sit go too longnd moving too little. one in four americans sit forn more tight hours a day according to the centers for disease control and prevention. and % a physically inactive with no modere o vigorous activity during the week. worst of all, 10% report they're in both categories.
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they sit for at least eight hours a day and don't get enough exercise. being in either category can raise your risk p of mature death. so doctors help patients find ways to boost activity levels. and we learn this on a when so many of us are sitting so many hours in a car. some of you folks have already starte for others, friday marks the official start of the shopping season. u public interest group fund released thennual report examining 40 toys. choking hazards and cyber security ncns. you can find a link to that app. just search trouble in toyland. that's for for anyone who plans to hit the stores on black
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friday. up next, a librarian at the central of a controversial o. vi why she is now leaving her job. and three bold burglaries in a six-ur span. and one of the coldest and one of the coldest than
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i-66 isn't looking any better there than it has in any of the other places we've checked out live. holiday travelers at the end of the eveningsh it is slow going on roads all across our area. >> can youmane if it was raining? >> no! don't even wantin to about that.t >> ts the case in 2014. we had that forecast of one to west of s of snow just the area.
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you talk about travel nightmares. >> so we're lucky. >> yes. let's look at this ashe glass half full. the weather won't impact you no matter where you are. mid-atlantic, the northeast, the storm system is moving out. so i-95, southeast,st no problem at all. it only goes north and south. 47 we've got temperatures into the 40s. it will a chilly night tonight. no rain talk about. we're dry. and about six inches of snow toward new hampshire north and west of the boston area. all inall, not bad for travel.
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the big deal is the cold. we have high pressure moving down from canada. not just the cold but theld t thanksgiving we've seen in about 20 years or so. i gaithersburg. here's thursday morning. 13 in .gaithersbu 11, winch. a very cold day. noon, we're always warm, right? not in this the temperatures will be falling. your thursday will be a cold one. it i good thing the redskins ar playing an away game in dallas. there's the real cold. thursday and friday. e temperatures warm again. that comes with a chance of rain. and something else, too. we'll talk about that. 6:45. >> thank u. a double standard in school.
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our i-team investigates female teachers accused of sexual misconduct. why the truth is sometimes kept from the public. he tre were prince george's county school librarian to be fired. today she is retired. not all is lost in paradise. the family says they have something to look forward to even though n they have home to even though n they have home to come back to aer theft on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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thieves tried to take off with an atm. >> it is back to business. she owns a seafood store. after what was unsettling night, she got a call from police and rushed to her store. >> they broke a window and came inside. >> police say suspect smashed the front door of her businessn and the grabbed twost cash regiers with money inside. about two doors wn, the chinese takeout restaurant was
6:32 pm
next. he got a call from his security company saying someone smashed the front door. it turns out his cash registers were taken too. en four had backed a truck into the 7-eleven. >> these are images. >> they tried dragging the atm out of the store a on to the truck. >> it ended up knocking the atm out of the truck. >> the swarnlghe prince william police department that h husband intervened. >> reporter: moments later police found one of thepe ss but the others were on the run.
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a woman who admits to using a racial slurn video retired from her job. >> the wur over chief broke the news on twitt and tells us what appensnext. >> did you just call my husband the n word in front of my >> yes.n? >> the prince gege's county add visit of her now former employee. admitting to calling the african-american man the n word. the people searned that was the librarian in ft. washington. >> we are school grikt supports 90% children of cover and we don't have a place for employees who do not supported
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and value that. >> we have lrn the employee retired today. >> she told s us was shocked. >> you never know who they are. >> the ceo that she's wwiking labor unions to provide the training for all the schoo system employees. >> our goal is for everyone to ceive that training. >> now since she's retired there is nothing morn they do here. she is expected to receive her full benefits. news4. the fire in california is about three quarters of the way contained and emergency crews are on hand for a second disaster becausegain is mov
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in tomorrow and that will last through weekend. flash floods and mud slides are possible in areas that are caeshlyed by these fires. one man who lost his nome paradise, california, is giving thanks for what he was able to salvage. o tickets to this thursday's cowboys ge in dallas. he says that they have long agreement going to a game and he says cheering on the beloved cowboys has given them something to smile about. >> we got out alive. now we're able t get away to to have this little time forget. the father/daughter duo start their road trip to make e 4:30 kickoff. the one time they'll be happy. coming up, another liv look at the roads as we track any
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trouble spots. thousands are heading out for the thanksgiving holiday. tracking e cold air making its way in. 47 degrees. 30 to the north. we'll see a cold night tonighth we'll see a cold night tonighth out not compared t where
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this is a fight. not to the finish. we'll see a cold night tonighth out not compared t where but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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we're covering some breaking news that is not making the traffic problems out there any tter. police chase has ended in a crash off i-66 in manassas. a lot of police activity, brad. >> reporter: literal moments ago we were hearing about a pursui on the westboundoward manassas. we got there just in time see the vehicle on the center embankment, trying to evade
6:39 pm
police and was taken into custody. we have no information on how the began. the helicopter was in pursuit of the vehicle. keep an eye on traffic and this what we came up against. just before exit 47 a.av you know we'll a serious ving forth people l the thanksgiving holiday as well as commuters. area s is going to be an to avoid right now. back down to you. >> hard to imagine anyone making a getaway in this kind of traffic.
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>> this could be the coldest thanksgiving in decades. >> we have high pressure up in canada. so thinkna , think cold. this high pressure will be able to make it dn into our area. we're not just talking about a little bit of cold. we're talking about an arctic blast. a cold front will move through. that dislodge the cold air. ouil temperaturesbe 20 degrees below noal. one of the areas, the coldest thanksgiving the. windchills will be in the single digits and with gusts to 35 miles an hour, that couldeep the larger floats grounded.
6:41 pm
back here at home we're forecasting a high of 37 degrees. that's at midnight. our temperatures then fall. we're only in the low 30s. we're comparing this thanksgiving back to 1996. we had a5. high of an opportunity for a lotf family togetherness. thank you. storm team 4 is also tracking the rain. plus, a new twistnvving predators in the classroom. predators in the classroom. a startling
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james: this is alana, a very busy mom. she and her husband reginald wanted to grow their family. but alana is one of thousands in the dc area with kidney disease. thanks to a kidney donation from reginald, alana is healthy and enjoying a full life. i'm james brown and meet my friends, to learn more aboutey donation, to be parents of visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at gw or call 1-833-kidney3.
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we're still following the eaking news on i-66. a police chase has ended in a crash in manassas. >> this is a live picture. all of it in the height of the holiday travel rush. no doubt it will have a big impact on traffic. >> we were jusin catch up when cruisers surrounded the vehicle. the suspect lost control and spun out off thegh y. we don't know why they were chasing the suspect. we will gathe more details and update you. we haven't seen an ambulance on the scene so we don't know if there are any injuries. the news4 i-team uncovered a string of teachers removed from local classrooms. >> that's right. removed from the classroom because of miscould not dwukt theenst.
6:45 pm
nearly every one of gone unknown to the parents. why some worry because there's a dangerous double standards in place. >> a local teacher and choir director is facing sex charges toght. sadly almost weekly news. >> he is accused of sending inappropriate pictures to children. >> local teachers busted for inappropriatrelationships with students. but there are many more cases that never make it to the airwaves until now. is it almost always men? >> no. about 30% are female students or male staff members. >> she has led studies on teacher section misconduct and says theou's ae standard when the victim is male. >> people are more likely to think that a male who is mistated, tha is more harmful
6:46 pm
than a male who abuses a female. >> those whose licenses we revoked for misconduct six involved females. >> do you think it is okay when that happens? >>. >> he said his math teacher sent racy pictures of herself in a thong. >> you hearhings aboutst er people who have graduated who had a relationship with her. >> the school district learned of the pictures and start revocation of her license. the teacher resigned and relinquished her license but other students and parents never hear about it.
6:47 pm
>> would your parents have liked to have seen this? >> i believe they would have really appreciated that. >> reporter: the same thing thim suhere a female teacher sent pictures of herself to a male student. >> but they hit arick wall. the student refused to confirm with it the detective. >> one, they're questioning themselves. they say ge thiseally upsets me. bom supposed to be happy it. so they're afraid of ridicule. and then they're afraid they'll get into trouble. >> the cases reveal something else. even if a school district has engh evidence to revoke a license for misconduct, you might not hear about it. >> they surveyed every local
6:48 pm
school district and most said they would n inform unless there was a police arrest. >> a teacher under arrest after having a relationship with a student. >> like kimberly winters, criminally charged with having a relationship withuv aile and expected in court in january. we found at least six other cases of the miscould not dpukt remained a ansecret. d they were never weported. learned sometimes the truth doesn't come out for years. >> the thought is then every teer want to have sex with a teacher? la lastear we investigated.
6:49 pm
the student revealed his relationship with the teacher when he was applying for a job in texas. he sa the student refused to help police pursue charges because he is now married to her.y gave up her teaching license after the state started to revoke it. the i-team spent months trying to investigate. we did not hear back. she has since sought and gotten a teaching license in missouri. and anoth plans to plead not guilty in her upcoming courtar apce. she'll be in court in january. >> i'm sorry. but mary cain letourneau. >> the virginia commonwealth
6:50 pm
says they believe boys are less inclined to report. >> hopefully will begin to change. their thank you. the i-team has been investigating this for three years now. you can learn more by visiting our nbc washington app. doug is back with more on the bone chilling cold. >> this is january-like cold where the windchills i will the teens. maybe the coldest air we've seen in a leile. s show you what's happening. most of the aa seeingome moon across the region. the temperatures are starting to cool. into the upper 30s. the temperatures around 37, 39
6:51 pm
degrees. much cooler to the north. the mountains helpe us to warm. right now, no rain. the dpler radar is clear. you see a couple of ma its way out. some snow back toward great lakes but all in all, this is a fairly good pattern for driving around. a lot of people are hitting the road. ooe roadways around our area. tomorrow looking with a high around 50 degrees. it will be. co some areas below freezing. the real cold air comes in tomorrow night into thursday. thanksgiving, very cold. temperatures around 33 grexts this will be the coldest in years. the coldest in decades. dryor holiday travel. the rain holds off until
6:52 pm
saturday. rains most of the b d sunday looking a lot better. it will be cold. the reston hiday parade, they have balloons. i'll be hosting this as well as angie goff. 29 degrees at the start. 33 by 11:00. so yes, i will have on the big puffy coat and i'm sure you will too. they always get a big crowd. the rain moves in when it is cold. it will quickly change over to all rainot r chance of showers on monday and then hey, look, more
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colt mccoy sats in meeti and walked the halls. he gets a chance t s at quarterback the full support of teammates. he will be taking tough week. the redskinslaimed the most important claim of the season a short week. noac tices. just walk-throughs ahead of the thanksgiving game agast the cowboys. ed a mitting to feeling little rusty. but they will need to shake that off. hishts are still with his fallen teammates. >> i did have a chance to go see alex yesterday. and all things considered, he is in get spirits. bummed out. let me tell yo i can't say enough about alex and the type of person he , the type of friend that he is. thankfully i to the to go seehi m and the family and he wants
6:57 pm
o e bes for everybody. he told me run with it. just be me. that's i whatl try to do. >> the wizards, the season already off toug bad e start. now drama. reports of disagreements. yelling at practice. the wizards on the floor before hosting the clippers. and last week they hosted a heated practice. fine ready for an expletive toward scott brooks. th "washington post." it led bradley beale to shout out hisfr trations. brooks with a rare morning shoot-around media session addressed the issues. >> i said some things that i regret and our players said some things they regret. >> i had a conversation to hash things out and everything was good. some of our players had some conversations and they rashed
6:58 pm
things out. > something that you understand, it is a cpetitive environment. a lot of times you have conversations that get heated. it is one player. when you have a tough start, you want to focus on one thing or one player. it's not. it's about everyone. >> that's the plan. i hope. >> the caps are hoping to win another stanley cup.e they were at elementary school with some new tech. lap tops and tablets to help the kids learn. they're having a great conversation with a goalie there. a special, special da you have to love seeing them out there not on the ice with their friends. >> the big huge guys and the elemenry school kids just warm
6:59 pm
right up.
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breaking news tonight. a bombshell from "e new york times" reporting that president trump wanted he justice department to prosecute his rivals, hillary inton and james comey. the white house counsel reportedly warning the president could face impeachment if he gave the order. we have details. new fallout tonight after revelations that ivanka trump used private e-mail for icovernment work. critcry hypocrisy after her father's relentless criticism of clinton. >>breaking, the cdc's urgent new warning about romaine lettuce. >> if you ve it in your home, throw it away. >> don't eat it, don't serve it, and don't buy it, a new outbreak prompting a sweeping alert.> it's the biggest holiday travel rush of


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