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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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options. >> we'll haveome thanksgiving fish this afternoon. mj doesn't eat meat, so we'll have the fish. salmon or something. you can be grateful for fish. >> i know. i'm grateful for all the food. all thatlfood. right. well, hopefully that food is going to be warm by the time you eat it because it isold outside. that sun coming up in just about an hour. a beautiful view outside of ou nation capital. we have come down to 33 degrees under clear skies. no clouds to insulate us. by 00, we'll ben the upper 20s. windchills will be in the teens at 7:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine outhere today. just bitterly cold. even by 11:00, 35segrees. that it for daytime highs. again, you factor in the winds, it's going to feel much colde thanhat. it'll feel like the teens and 20s all throughout the day. keep that in mind as you head outside. we'll talk about your black friday forecast because we get another chilly day. we'll talk about those winds as
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well for your black friday. that's coming up in a littlebi >> thank you, lauryn. we're talking about black fridayw. it is tomor that means many of you will be scrambling to get the best deals. >> news 4's justin finch is live at the k-mart in hyattsville, where doors have just opened. i haven't even started cooking my sides and people are shopping already. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. eun, aaron, wn you say the doors just opened, i mean we just walked inside. we are, i think, t maybe among first people here who are not working. as you can see, they're loading water across the floor here today. this is the kind of fre-black ay opening happening here at k-marts across the country. we can tell y they are offering deals,ome cash back deals for their shop your way customers. that willoll out today as well as other deals in the stores on clothes, toy, and everything else. again, i want to tell you, we just walked in the door.
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so there is time to come out here and shop or send me your list. i'll maybe find some things for you as well. they're braced for a big day. they will be closing a bitda eay to then reopening tonight for their big black friday opening. we can tell you right now the coast isle. shoppers, the doors are open. come on inside. we're live here in hyattsville. justin finch, news 4. back to you. >> justin, thank you. developing this morning, the search continues for the people behind a shooting outside of a busy shoppin mall. >> police swarmed westfield wheaton mall after a car crashed into a store there. 0his is what it looked like shortly after 7 last night. officers tell us a man in that car was shot in thearking garage. then the driver crashed into the front of dick's sporting goods when he tried to get away. investigators believe this started as some kind of incident between the man from the car and a group of six other men inside the e mall. italated to the shooting in the parking garage. now police are hoping that a
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crime in such a populated area will help lead s them toe suspects quickly. >> they're attempting to review some surveillance video from various stores and talking with mall security to see what may have tnspired inside the mall and also in the parking garage behind >> theere two women in the car who were not shot but had minor injuries from the crash. so far, no arrests have been made. police are asking anyone whoaw anything to call them. we have new details on the ssive fire that killed two people in bethesda. while investigators are still trying to figure out wha caused it, we're learning a woman and her adult sonn died w their home became engulfed early yesterday morning. when the flames were finally put out, crews found the bodies of ingand john randolph. their neighbors say they're devastated. ael randolph, the brother and son of the victims, says he knows one day they'll be reunited. >> i have faith there is going to be aresurrection, and i really believe i'm going to see them again.
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>> montgomery county fire officies say there w no working smoke detectors inside their home. > 6:04 right now. four local high school football players are spending the holiday weekend injail. these 15-year-olds from damascus high school are being charged as adults for allegedly raping several tes on the jv football team. investigators say they assaulted the teammates in theke lroom with a broomstick in what is said to have been a hazing ritual. four teens very charged with first-de see rape. theool says it will conduct its own investigation when police are done to see that staff membe are held accountable. we have new video of a brazen robbery in prince william county. we told you about this yesterday morning. s in woodbridge. take a look. a group of thieves used a pickup truck to bust into a 7-eleven store front. they tried to knock the atm off its block there. that was successful. but when they tried towirive off it, the atm fell out of the truck bed. investigator say the same gro may have tried to carjack a woman just about half a mile away. the atm t and truck have been recovered.
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so far one suspect is in custody. it's now 6:05. new details in the recall that's affecting many thanksgiving dinners across the country. the cdc is reminding everyone of an uent warning to keep romaine lettuce off of your tables today. the e. coli outbreak has now stretched acss 11 states. 32 people have become gettingfda says they're closer to finding the source of the outbreak. but not fast enough for some people. >> the governmentbeeally should ble to go back to that supplier and say, where did this me from, and know very quickly the original source. that's not always thecase, especially with produce. i there now a push for companies to adopt something called blockchainy. technol walmart already uses it to track produce from farmer to store shelves. well, the thanksgiving holiday may have arrived, but president trump is not taking anye off from twitter. on the day before the holiday, the president fired off shots at
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climate change, the migrant caravan, and the chief justice of the supreme court. this all started when mr. trump dismissed a judge who rejected miss migrant asylum program policy as a, quote, obama judge. chief justice john roberts fired back, defending the independence of the federal judiciary. the president said roberts was wrong, claiming criminals in the caravan are heading toward border and that judicial activism is putting the u.s. in danger. in another tweet, the president brought up today's cold weather in the northeast andobocked warming. there is, of course, a difference between weather and climate. e president is a climate change skeptic. last weekend during a trip to california, heayrefused to whether he thought climate change was a factor in the deadly californi wildfires. now to the latest concerning those wildfires in california. families are spending thanksgivingn shelters as search crews are in a race against time. the national weather serviceas issued a flash flood watch for parts of northern california. that rain could dampen search efforts for the hundreds of
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people still unaccounted for. this morning, the camp fire is 85% contained but has so far killed at least 83 people. that brings the statewide wildfire death tol to 86. >> really feeling for the people inycalifornia, especian this holiday. >> tough time to deal with that. the firefighters and the people seg, the work they're doing. >> incredible. >> incredible people. 6:07 right now. another d.c. thanksgiving tradition kicks off in just a few hours. >> food and friends will deliver thousands of meals to those i need of some holiday cheer area. our molette green is live in northeast as the preparation continues this morning. we know the o's a lot work going on behind you. >> reporter: oh, yeah. and we're in a transition period because the volunteers who have come in, those from the happyhe ts and those from platinum dreams motorcycle club, they're now breaking down bes because they successfully packed up 700 turkeys already. the next shift on its way in. i want to bring in brenda.
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come on over here. once you've been volunteering for ten years, you get this beautiful red apron. you've been doing this for ten years. your mother was a client here. s this ispecial for you. >> oh, it's very special. my mother is battling cancer. she lives alone, is unable to rself.or she was so thankful for the nutritious meals from food and friends. t it wasn't only just about the meals. it just improves her quality of life overall. >> reporter: and that's what it's all about on a day like this. >> she was sed excbout receiving the meals that she would get on the phone and read the entire menu to her friends. it was like a child opening up a box. >> reporter: and we showed earlier and have video of what goes into a meal plan. the turkey, the dressing, the gr eens, everything. we're in this refrigerated room
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here. at's in here? >> these are turkeys that are going to go inside the client bag. the client will not only have a turkey, but they have all the sides. the greens, the grav the dressing. >> reporter: everything that you need onthanksgiving. yes, yes. >> reporter: 700 mea going out this morning to those clients who depend on food and friends. thanks to people like brenda. thank you so much. another shift coming in, in a little while to do the rest of the packing that happens. it like 40 degrees up in here. okay. this is a well-oiled operation. year after year we count on food and fends to serve those who are sick and shut in. back in to you guys. >> so tnkful for theork they do. so thankful for the hair net molette is wearing right now. >> and for all the volunteers at food and wafriends. sh about to get you. we just cut away. she's going to get you. >> she made it look good. > it's now 6:09.
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it's become as much a part of ng as the turkey and the stuffing. we're talking about the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> kicks off the holiday for millions of people around the country. the only place you'll see it is on nbc 4. it starts at 9:00 a.m.of li of the giant balloons is a bit in jeopardy today with the high windsn the forecast. the giant balloons will be grounded if sustained winds are more than 23 miles an hour or if there are gusts of more than 34 miles an hour. so they'll be keeping an eye out for that. some of the smaller ones might still fly. >> look at you with your's ma thanksgiving day parade knowledge. coming up this morning, there may be a lot of food on the thanksgivingod table. doctors say some of it may actually improve your memory. >> we'll tell you wch side dish you're going to want to have a second helping of. speaking of memories,amilies are gathering today across the dmv after a long and no doubt ressful stretch of holiday travel. news 4's adam tuss is
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introducing us to some who traveled far and wide to make it home for thanksgiving. how about our weather, lauryn? >> it's not looking too bad because we have sunshine. however, we also havewi chills. we're talking about windchills in the teens and 20s. some areas in the 30s. but that numbers going to drop. it's going to be mighty chilly today. we'll talk about just how cold it's going to get on yo thanksgiving coming up. what's this?
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welcome back. it's 6:14 this morning. new details on exactly how much maryland had offered amazon to set up its second headquarters in montgomery county. >> t total incentive package billion that failed attempt to set a state record and also questions
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about what's next. "the baltimore business" journal obtained detgels of the pac it included nearly $3 billion of state incomeredits over ten years. it also ha$2.4 billion for transportation. ultimately, amazon turned down maryland's offer, opting to splits its headquarters with new york city and alexandria, we're working for your health. a new study shows a global diabetes epidemic is fueli a record demand for insulin. millions of people may not get the injections they need because it's not easily available or costs too much. diabetes affects nearly 10% of the global population. researchers say the amount of insulin needed to treat diabetes will spike more than 20% over the next decade. many of these people live inth d-world countries and cannot afford to buy the drug.
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well, we all have turkey and apple pie, maybe sweet potato ie on your mind this thanksgiving. you might want to save room for those veggies. a new study from harvard found that eating veggies ander bes may help preserve memory as we e. researchers tracked nearly 28,000 men and their dietary habits for 20 years. it found that men who ate leafy greens, red and orange veggies, and drank orange juice had less memory loss in older orage. b you sit down for today's thanksgiving feast, yonsider this. gathering the fam around the dinner table is good for your health, especially fee. canadian researchers found teens who eat at home have a healthier diet. teens who eat more fruits and v veggies and less fast food. >> a little drama is good for soul. it helps you work out problems, express yourself you kw?
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critical thinking. >> is that what they teach you? >> you learn how to apologize, accept responsibility for your actions. all that good stuff, aaron. >> not touching it. you're right, eun. there we go. the thanksgiving holiday hll fi arrived. for those of you caught up in the travel rush, today may feeln like cro a finish line. >> the highways, airports, and train stations have been packed for days. as news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss found ou arriving home for the holiday makes the headache of travel worth it. >> reporter: home for thanksgiving.t' >> wgoing on here? >> reporter: it's that moment, that moment en you realize now it's about family. even the dog is family. traveling, of course, can be the hist stressful part of all but at the end of the journey, there are smiles. >> wow. you're on camera. >> reporter: rafael is here from lifornia. his family is from all over. >> i flew in from san francisco. my brother still lives in d.c.
6:18 am
my mom and stepdad live in maryland. >> reporter: did he battle w traffic on t to the airport? you bet. >> the traffic rolling in here r: he hasn't seen his little sister in six months, until now. and now he's reunited. >> someone's got to do the cooking. >> absolutel my mom has two kitchens to do that cooking. she's already working on stuff. >> reporter: now the travel headaches really don't matter.te what m is that everybody's here. >> that's s great. well, hopefully nobody has any travel problems later on today because we've gotlear skies across our region. on cue, a plane rolling out of d.c. right now. also, it looks great throughout the mid-atlantic, throughout the eastern seaboard. high pressure in charge coming out of canada. that's spresponsible for our clr
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skies. a beautiful sunrise on the horizon. sun comin up just before 7:00. current temperatures, it's going to be a chillymp sunrise. atures are in the 20s and 30s. factor in the wind, we're seeinp gustso 20, 25 miles an hour, so it's feeling like we're in the teens and 20s out there. temperatures today only in the 30s. this is going to be one of thel t thanksgivings we have had in 20 years. now,ha i say but i also know that we were in the low 40s after midnight.oi so that's to be our official daytime high today. but again, throughout the afternoon i ithe 30s. th it. 20s in some spots with windchills in the teens and 20s. so as you head out on this thanksgiving, any turkey trots early this morning, just know it's going to be blustery. thatoind will continue pick up through sunrise. traveling is going to be dry. just a little windy out there all the tay up and down east coast. shopping tonight, the winds will settle down after 8:00 p.m. it's going to be bitterly cold.
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you can see nothing out there right now. no rain today. no rain tomorrow. we have some scattered showers as we get into saturday. we also have some rain showers as we get into your monday. but that's it. your black friday looking good. now, iut you're headed early in the going to be frigid. much lighter wind through the day tomorrow. lighter winds through this weekend. this weekend those temperaturese will be in 0s. we have some rain moving in on saturday. looks like it's going to be all rain. if it comes in here earl a befout 10:00, we could have a chance for it to be a wintry mix. the good news is it's trendin a little later, so those temperatures will already be up. looks like we could have a good dose of heavy rain shooting rough the region. it'll be out of here by sunday morning. here's your ten-day forecast. we have that 40% chance of heavy showers on saturday. looking dun ony. monday, another chance of rain fore we turn breezinbe
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welcome back. it's 6:23. right now, more than 4 million americans are returning home from jail or prison, and they're facing a number ofsss that make getting their life back on track pretty difficult. >> news 4's leon harrisound out about the work that one local woman does it help ex-felons integrate back into society. sheila murphy is this week's harris' hero. >> reporter: for sheila murphy, helping men and won out of prison is more like a calling. >> it felt like somebody needs to be concned about this. >> reporter: 25 years ago, she started going into prisons just to tth inmates.
6:24 am
>> one of the sessions, the guy said, miss sheila, it's like the word prison is written across my forehead. when i went home, i couldn't shake it. >> reporter: so she created mission to mobilization. this organization provides returning citizens resoues to help them get their lives back mc track. people like willide. >> i just made up my mind that if i can work inside of a prison, $1.32 an hour, i can work out herin society. >> reporter: thanks to the program, willy is now a delivern drivera father and husband. coming home to one's family isn't sy for every ex-offender. there's a lot of distrust and hurt because of the ex-offender's past mistakes. >> we carry a lot of burden, financial burden, having to hold it down for the family, ha to take care of all the bills. it's a lot. >> reporter: to help witthat aspect, mission to mobile offers free family sessions
6:25 am
>> we start there and work down. we're not perfect. it took us a long time to get here, and there's always room for improvement. >> reporter: since they've started rking together, sheila says she can already see that tter life coming together for the mcbrides. they're just two of the hundreds of people sheila and her organization have been able to help find jobs, housin and create a plan for their lives. >> we need to be remded, you know, that they are human. once someone serves their time, it should be time served. now let them gahead and live their life. >> don't miss harris' heroes f everday at 5:00 p.m. if you'd like to nominate a hero, he to the nbc washington app and search harris' heroes. theky is on fire this early thanksgiving morning. absolutely beautiful out there. the sun coming u at 6:58 this morning. let's talk about your thanksgiving forecast. coulbe the coldest afternoon
6:26 am
that we've had for thanksgiving in about 20 years we'll talk about those numbers and potential snow for the weekend. coming up in a little bit. plus, forget black friday. holiday sales have started already. >> next at 6:30, we'll take you inside one of the stores that's already . and we'll tell you whatnot to and we'll tell you whatnot to buy t thanks. it's like a smart thing. what's the weather? [cowza device] sunny, perfect chicken eating weather. how'd you get in here? [cowza device] it's time for chicken. what's the traffilike? [cowza device] rerouting you to chicken. okay. hey cowza, order pizza. [cowza device] ordering chicken.zz
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it is just about 6:30 now as we take a liv look outside across the district on this thanksgiving day. thank you for starting your thanksgiving wit us. we'll fill you i on the forecast. many of you will be grabbingtr exa layers before you head out today. >> a whole lot of layers. plus, ready, set, shop. some stores are already open, offering holiday deals. i saw you, justin. we're going to take you inside one of them where you can find deals before black friday begins. this is a live picture. that k-mart is open. >> and ready. look at that. >> maybe that's the strategy. maybe go shopping early and then come home to eat so you don't
6:30 am
have to leave your family. u know what i mean? >> you might be on to something. >> or if you want to get away from your family, then until later. >> i'll stand in line forou. save me a plate. >> that might be a good idea. maybe that's what they're gettin i think it's kind of crazy they're open. >> i know. it is thanksgiving. >> lauryn, it's already been as warm as it's going to be today, right? yes, very good way to put that. >> t that'srible. >> i know. if you're out and about at wdnight, which i'm sure a lot of peoplee because last night was a big homecoming night for a lot of people. listen, temperatures were in the low 40s at midnight. we have fallen. you can see in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, 33 degrees. that temperatu is pretty much staying put. it's going to be the colde w thanksgivive had in about 20 years. however, since technically we hit the low 40s after midnight, we can't really describe it as the coldest thanksgiving ever. but listen, by this afternoon,
6:31 am
30s. i'm s ill going to call one of the coldest thanksgivings we've had in decades. again, beautifuliew. look at this. absolutely gorgeous out there already. sun comes up in just about 20 minus. 33ing di 33 degrees. we already have those windsp. picking winds are going to be about 10 to 20 miles an hour with gusts up that means we have a windchill factor. it's going to feel like we're in the teens and 20s through much of the day. again, keep that in mind, especially if you're turkey trotting or playing football we'll talk about our forecast not only for today but overnight tonight for black friday. for the weekend we have some raho. we'll s you that in a few minutes. >> all right, lauryn. thank you. 6:31. now to breaking news in fairfax county. police say a man and a woman were foundead in their home last night. their bodies were discovered by ae relative in 7300 block of parkwood court. police say the public, but they have not determined how the couple died.
6:32 am
they are calling this a domestic incident. we're also followingto developing in montgomery county this morning. >> police are looking for a group of a half dozen men who may be involvedith a shooting outside of the westfield wheaton mall. >> this was the scene a little after 7:00 last night. n're told there was incident in the mall between a man and a group. into each other again in the parking lot. a man in the car was shot, and the driver crashed into the dick's sporting goods trying to t away. >> the man was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. two women suffered minor injuries from the crash. officers are looking through security footage now to try and learnore about the suspects. it's now 6:32. we begin with our other sttop stories. in california faemmilies are spending thanksgiving in shelters. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for parts of northern california. that rain could dampen search efrtds f efr
6:33 am
efforts for the hundreds of people still unaccounted fta. thewide wildfire death toll is now at 86. the president attacked climate chae last night. president trump talked about a cold blast but didn't say where, and then mockingly adds, whatever happened to global warming? he has attacked climate change since even before getting into politics. thereuris, of cose, a difference beten the weather d the climate. four 15-year-old damaschs highl football players are facing rape charges. they have beenharged asdults for allegedly assaulting other members of the jv football team with a broomstick. it's part of a hazing ritual. the school says w itl conduct its own investigation when police are done to see whether staff members should be held accountable. well, we are just hours away from the redskins big thanksgiving game against the cowboys. two rivals f square off firstac ple in the division. this is going to be time these two teams have faced off on thanksgiving.
6:34 am
tonight colt mccoy is going to be starting quarterback. he has some history with that. >> if you'll remember, 2014, he led the skins to a victory. this was ae hug upset. he also knows ts is going to be a different cowboys team. cooys a few after weeks ago whe played them and watched them again this week, they've got two ge wins on the road. their defense is playing at a really high level. you just don't s a whole lot of guys running open against them. >> so he hasxperience in this department. he knows what's at stake here. really hoping the bur gold can keep the lead, stay number one in thgadivision. th kickins off at 4:30 and it's going to be big. we're going to ve a lot of issues at my house. the kids are going to want to eat dinner in front of the tv. >> give them a little room.
6:35 am
>> 4:30 is my second plate. >> really? that's early. >> if i didn't have to work, that would be us. we're going to hope to eat around 4:00 or 5:00. >> thenll dessert night long. all right. 6:35 right now. still ahead this morninid some co it a d.c.y. delic except for the district's own mayor. the madness she's stirring up with ferlings about mumbo sauce. plus, problems for the parade. why the weather may ground one of the most anticipated parts of the annual macy's thanksgiving day event. stay with . us on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hoursnd saturdayunday. yes for less.
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tempur-pedic sleep systems it's time everyone got a good night's sleep. havertys life looks good
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you know when you're at ross and you find eir favorite hero at a price that makes you the hero? yes. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you finit for less, at ross: yes for less. 6:38 right there's ay big change coming for a staple on newsstands i >> "the washington afro" is still delivering its weekly paper to subscribers, but the face of "the afro" is saying
6:39 am
good-bye after nearly 30 years. >> reporter: the new business is flourishing at "the washington afro." readers still want to pay for focus on an african-american audience. >> we can give that to our community, telling our story to our people, and the folk appreciate that. >> reporter: that's kept readers hooked from the ve first publication in 1892. brookings manages the washington edition out of the center in northwest. he is part of afro history, and many consider him the heart and soul of the paper. >> i've been told that. >> reporter: that's where readers connect most to the afro. >> the social page is -- >> reporter: the social pa is the driving force of readership. >> who made it oof the afro? if i made it on the social pages, i he arrived.
6:40 am
>> reporr: and there are ongoing challenges, such as vibility in stores and on newsstands. he's got plenty of pep in his step, but at 71 and after two years battling prostate cancer, heti ng with a bucket list. >> i spent three military tours of duty in south korea. i can go back and see what south korea looks like in 2019, 2020. "the afro" will survive regardless. "the afro" will be here regardless of who's leading the ship. >> reporter: molette green, news 4. h has seen so many news events around the word. >> told so many great>> stories. o many interesting people. now he's leaving behind a legacy. >> whenever i go ouout, see him at events, covering things, always looking for the next story. wish him the best in his retirement. >> indeed. all right, lauryn. tells about our weather. >> chilly conditions right now. temperatures are in the 20s and
6:41 am
windchills will be in the teens and 20s throughout much of the day. good news is we'll have plenty of sunshine throughout the day. the wind are going t to be main story. we'll talk about that and your black friday, time everything out hour by hour . >>
6:42 am
6:43 am
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your time is now 6:44. taking a live look outside on this thanksgiving morning. whatever the reason you're awake at this hour, thanks for joining us. you may be cooking, getting ready for company. if you're heading outside today, bundle up. i'm talking about maybe three layers. why are you laughing? >> you could bef getting rid company too. >> or running away from comny. storm team 4 is predicting this is going to be the coldest thanksgiving we've h in decades. temperatures in the 30s if you're lucky. >> that's not right. we're going to check in with lauryn ricketts for another look at your full forecast in a f minutes. now to team coverage on this thanksgiving morning. whether the holiday is about eating or opping, we're working for you. justin finch is live at a k-mart among theirst to open with holiday deals. e> but we begin with news 4's
6:45 am
molette green l in northeast as an area organization prepares thousands of tiving meals for people in need. good morning, molette. >> reporter: 700 meals prepared, boxed up, and readyo go out this morning here from food and friends. we do this every year. check out the scene behinde. m that's dessert. apple pie, pumpkin pie. they're bagging them up so they can t deliver those the sick and the shu in, the clients here at food and friends. i want to introduce you to the director.ngcu exetive how do you feel about this effort and coming into this new position? it just warms your heart seeing this year after year. >> it absolutely does. this is f myorite day of the year. i'm so proud to be able to work at a place like this. 're going to deliver, as you said, 700 turkeys today, to
6:46 am
nearly 3500 people. folks who are ill, who aren't able to cook or shop for themselves, they're going to be able to be with their loved ones have thoseay and people all together. that's what we all want to do on thanksgiping. we're h people to be able to do that. >> reporter: i love it. i want to thank some of the volunteers whoave hung aroun their shift is over. this is platinum dreams motorcycle club. six years doing this. give yourselves a high five for that. that is awesome. and you've taken off your hair net. i've taken off mine. we're in a safe spot. aaron gilchrist, i have your hair net for you. >> i have been looking for one of those. i thought you me it look good. >> reporter: oh, okay. but i have one for you. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> reporter: back in to you. this is so woerful. >> we' have him put one on just for you,n the air. this is going to be good. molette, thank you. and thanks to food and friends.a
6:47 am
f lot of us, today is not just about turkey and football. dozens of s opening their doors ahead of o black friday. >>veews 4's justin finch is at the k-mart in hyattsville, which is one of the first to open today. justin, are you seeing anyone at this hour? >> reporter:ou know what, so far so good on that. i can tell you one thing forsu . we have the store virtually to ourselves. everywhere i look, i'm seeing deals. for exame, here a wet/dry vac. a 2.5 gallon and a larger one, almostalf off. i feel like this morning a lotpp of shos have their eyes on toys. the hot toys right now,he of course t marvel series. a whole row of toys from iron man to black panther, the hulk, captain america. everything you could want is the thing about black fridaypi shopng is the crowd. you don't t havehat here. we have the carols playing. i can see all the sales, see all
6:48 am
the deals. if you want to eshop, a t like this is going to be it. the good news is you have time today. k-mart opening at 6:00 a.m. today, already open. they'll remain open until midnight and remain open on black friday at 6:00 a.m. and do it all over again. we are here in hyattsville. we have the store pretty much to ourselves. there are deals on appliances, yoga mats, tennis balls, footballs, clothing. everything you could want under the tree, for hanukkah, for squ kwanza is on sale today. if you want it, today is the day. i got three things done, and i'm so proud off. mys i hate shopping. so now is the time. >> you are selling it.ep >>ter: am i? i'm trying to get you out here, get some company. >> do you see any easter deals ll there? you got it covered. >> wait, are you allowed to tell
6:49 am
us whatou bought? >> reporter: oh, well, sure. of crse. i got a barbie house, a home, a barbie home. i got the incredibles action figures. i also got some pajamas.y and i haveye on a few other things too. i am not going to leave here without getting a deal. i'm not paying full price. good man. that's the way to do it. >> if you have me on your st do not buy me an appliance. i'm just saying. i know they're good deals. >> let it go. >> no appliances. >> a right. justin finch for us, thank you. as he mentioned, k-mart locations opened at 6:00 this morning. it's not the onltore opening its doors ahead of black friday. >> most walmart stores will be open all day long. big lots locations opening at 7:00 a.m. and you can shop until midnight. >> best buy, dsw, target, and macy's are closed this morning pet will tonight at 5:00.
6:50 am
>> keep in mind, not all deals are created equal today. experts recommend taking advantage of the sales on electronics and appliances. the best prices for clothes typically happen later in the fter christmas. that's when i find the best deals. that's when the retailers are desperate to unload the inventory to make space for new stuff. susan hogan will have more tips to share. search "ready for the" holida in the nbc washington app. >> 6:50 right now. kitchen applices all over the country getting a workout today. everyone will be in the kitchen putting final touches on their thanksgiving meals. did you know the holiday season is when fire crews see calls really pick up? we talked to some folks about their game plan when it comes to safety in the kitchen. h alarm, if it goes off, sometimes thatpens. i make sure i turn on the vent over the stove to make sure it sucks out any smoke. >> fire officials ask families to make sure they have working smokeetectors and a preliminary driln a plan
6:51 am
mind for when guests come over just in case and you want to keep your eye on the'sood while ooking. >> for sure. it's 6:51. criticism over d.c. mayor muriel bowser's comments about mumbo sauce continue this. morni one person asked, how can you diss mumbo sauce? others say it was smart for her to say what she said after re-election. people are hot. another even suggested she be impeached. this all stems from a facebook post in which the mayor said the sauce was, quote, annoying, and that she hadn't even heard of it until she was an adult. ve it or hateit, people we talked to say the sauce has been a d.c. thing, one of the few d.c. things for decades. >> we ha had mumbo sauce around for a long, long time. >> it's fro d.c. everybody know that. >> i take mumbo sauce with me on the road. you know what i'mng sayi, you never know. >> that's like saying go-gs not from d.c. >> man. >> people are really serious aboutffhis s
6:52 am
a spokesperson for the mayor joked that she just wanted to give people in d.c. something to talk about on thanksgiving bermnd mid elections, backup quarterbacks, and holiday deals.g mission accomplished. check and check. everybody is talking about mumbo sauce. >> that's all she wanted to do, uh-huh. >> we also now are all craving fried chicken wings with mumbo sauce. >> i like the guy who said i take it with me on the road. >> pack it in your bag. >> right in there. well, it's become much a part of thanksgiving as thend turkeyhe stuffing. we're talking about the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> it kicks off the holiday for millions of people. here's a look at last night's parade balloon'snflation. it thing. fallingsnow look at that. the parade will feature 16 giant balloons and more than thr dozen heritage balloons, slightly smaller ones. liftof for the giant balloons is in jeopardy with the high winds in the forecast. the giant balloons will beou ed if there are sustained winds at more than 23 miles an hour or gusts of more than 34
6:53 am
miles an hour. >> i think that was the guy from "dragon ball z." >> goku? >> how io you -- am so impressed right now. >>go i remember "d ball z." >> so impressed. i thought i knew you and you dropped goku on me like that. we'll have to see what happens. the parade starts at 9:00. the only place you'll see it is here on nbc 4. after the break, stick around for the national d show. that starts at noon here on nbc 4. 2,000 purebred dogs will be in the competition, representing if 192rent breeds. >> somebody mentioned morgan state's band is going to be in the macy's parade. >> oh, that's awesome. we got the bands down there. listen, i think they're going to have to ground some of these balloons. that wind funnels throughhose buildings. we're going to have winds gusting up to about 25 miles an hour in new york ty. between those buildings, yeah, i think they're going to have to ground some of those balloons.
6:54 am
but check iter out for yourself. coming up at 9:00 a.m. here on nbc, you can wat the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it's beautiful here, but we do also have the wind as well. a beautiful sunrise. sun coming up in about five minutes. one of the coldest thanksgivings we have had. chnically those temperatures were in the 40s after midnight. it's not going to go down. it's the coldest thanksgiving we've had since 1996. the daytime high was 35. i think we'll be in the low 40s as recorded for today. technically not the coldest thanksgiving, but this afternoon will be chilly. we're only going to be ithe 30s. with windchills in the teens and 20s, it's going to be chilly out there. ill chilly for your black friday. we warm up this weekend. current temperatures out there right now in the 20s and 30s. winds gusting up to about 30 miles an hour. as you make your way out the door, possibly for a turkey trot or shopping, you can see that those feel-like factors, i
6:55 am
feels like the teens and 20s. as we continue through the morning, look at this. even by3:00, we're still feeling like the mid-20s. by tonight, dinnertime, feels like the teens and 20s. if you're headed out to play some football, it is going to be a little on the cold side. again, blustery is going to be the key. the wind settles down after about 8:00 p.m. tonight. here's that temperature in new york. again -- sorry, there's the wind gusts in new york. winds gusting up to about 26-mile-an-hours. let's talk about your ten-day forecast. tomorrow those temperatures are going to be in the upper 30s. we'll have plenty of sunshine over the next two days. then it looks like just rain on saturday. could be heavy at times. look at those temperatures in e 50s. if it started earlier, i thought maybe a wintry mix. more rain possible on monday. next week looking dry as well. >> lauryn, thanks so much. here are four things to know. fairfax county police say a man and woman were found dead inth r home last night.
6:56 am
their bodies were discovered by a relative on the 7300 block of parkwood crt. police s there is no threat to the public, but they've not determined how the couple died. more sto ts are starting open ahead of black friday. k-mart is open right now. most walmart stores will be open all day long. big lotsn locations ope in just a few minutes. and you can shop until midnight. enty more holid shopping tips and deals in the nbc washington app. get ready for some skins rivalry today. we are just houro awaym the thanksgiving game against the dallas cowboys. catch all the action today darting at 4:30. gon ball z warrior goku, you see him there. a dozen giant balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> just bring me snoopy. l>> the parade w start at 9:00 here on nbc 4. i don't know what that is. some kind of elf squirrel. coming up on the "today" show, a sneak peek at the famous parade
6:57 am
and how the weather could impact it. >> and we think t going to be some breezy conditions not only here but in new york city, where the macy's day parade is. e the oing to feel l teens and 20s. dry today, dry tomorrow. rain on saturday all through the day. dry on s and more rain expected on monday. >> all right. >> thank you, lauryn. >> y're welcome. we talk a lot about the shopping and the food and whatnot, but today really is an opportunity to count your blessings. >> 100%. >> grateful for all the good in your life and the good that is to come. and to work on the things that maybe need a little work. >>o much to be grateful for. the "today" show is next. >> make it great thanksgiving. what's this?
6:58 am
turkey sliders. and these... are cranberry shooters. woo! this year, i'm turnithanksg into fastgiving. get you people out oe here as fast as possi i can get ready for black friday. could you pass the pumpkin nachos? havertys black friday sale is here. save up to 35% with early bird plus, bef the first in the door and win instant scratch-off savings. one lucky person in each store wins $1,000. havertys life looks good
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good morning. cold turkey. millions of americans waking up to the coldest thanksgiving in 100 years. here in new york city, the deep freeze and frigid winds posing troubles for the bloons in the thanksgiving day parade. their fate up in the air at the 11th hour.ah sava and hoda are there live. supreme showdown. chief justice roberts introducing politics has no place in the judicial branch. so whe does it all go from here race against time. clues point to the source ofe th contaminated lettuce that made dozens of americans


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