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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2018 7:00am-8:50am EST

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good morning. cold turkey. millions of americans waking up to the coldest thanksgiving in 100 years. here in new york city, the deep freeze and frigid winds posing troubles for the bloons in the thanksgiving day parade. their fate up in the air at the 11th hour.ah sava and hoda are there live. supreme showdown. chief justice roberts introducing politics has no place in the judicial branch. so whe does it all go from here race against time. clues point to the source ofe th contaminated lettuce that made dozens of americans sick.
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even hospitaling size. romaine being pulled from grery stores and consumers are st.l at risk we have the veryn latest the urgent recall. those stories, plus, after th. affair as the clintons kick off a countrywide tour talking 2020, as their legacy gets scrutinized once again. dramatic het-stopping video show how good samaritans t unite stop neames in an apartment fire. including lucky baby. ready, set, shop! we've rounded up all theea dls eye can jump on. today, thursday november 22nd, 2018. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie andod h kotb. live from studio 1a in
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rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today." and thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving morning. i'm craig melvin. >> and i'm sheinelle jones. savannah, and hoda are ready this thanksgiving day parade. >> that is the top story. since 1924, millions of people have flaublg eflocked to the st manhattan to watch the festivities. >> plus, very giant balloons,ds marching b and celebrities and now a record deep freeze. a savann hoda over in herald square for brave souls have braved the temperatures. ladies good morning to you. >> good morning. >> happy thanksgiving. wee live from herald square right here on 34th street. it's all about to happen b it's still the 11th hour, waiting to see what happens. >> because it's cold.
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a lot of wind. we're going to w find outt happens. the weather has been the talk of the town, as we mentioned. it's bitter cold, maybe the coldest thanksgiving in a generation. >> last night, when they were having t balloons blown up and >>eryone was waiting, it was snowing. he snow. >> it was a beautiful sight. but we're wondering what will this morning bring. >> ye so, we're going to actually find out. there's one guy who makes the call whether the balloons make it he's right here. >> and we're going to head up to the upper west side where mr. roker is at the parade site. with the bands. take it away, al. >>guys, we're at 77th and central park west. they're getting ready to get the balloons going. you can see the stars ready. i can now officially announce this is the coldest macy's thanksgiving day. the aemperature is 20 degrees. the last coldest21 was
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and we have now broken that record. so it is the coldest macy's thanksgiving day ever. the wind's not thbad, gh. i think the balloons are going to be okay. guys. that's obviously not official. they'll make that determination. but i'm telling you right now, okay.thing is back to you. >> wow, al. >> that's on record. >> i know. al is bundled up as well. the cold weather is fine, if you're curled up on the couch, that's a gre way toatch the parade. and a lot of people still on the roads trying to get to grandma'. ho hi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys, i started off this week with a six-hour drive fromo boston new york. so, the rush is on. this is the busiest travel week of the year with record-breaking numbers, drivers crowding highways, planes, trains, and all kinds ofou transportation y can think of making for veryng lo lines and crowded conditions across the nation, huge crowds
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arsing plenty of holiday headaches. more than 54 million americans traveling for thanksgiving. planes. >> never seen the lines like this before ever. trains.rter: >> delay after delay after delay. >> reporter: and automobiles. >> traffic is ridiculous. >> reporter: all setting hiday travel records. according to aaa, this holiday weekend promises to be the busiest in more than a dozen years. with 48.5 million motorists on u.s. roads between thanksgiving and sunday. even amtrak isul reporting trains. >> i was going to go on the and i said i'm getting too old for this, okay? >> reporter: over 750,000 passengers expected to ride the rails this week. some getting quiteck a s overnight when a new york city-bound arak train became disabled. two of its cars separated from the locomotive. thankfully, no injuries. in manhattan, braving the chilly
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temperatures to check out the big balloons, getting ready for the festivities. >> it actually looks cute.te >> repor macy's employees also pumped up. >> it's the best day of the year. we have a lot of fun, the excitement, just seeing all of then smiles everyone's faces. >> we have 26 floats. 12 bands. 10,000 marchers. a going on. >> reporter: w potenhotially hi winds causing some concerns that the balloons may not fly. the nypd rules lower or lower milesns if winds reach 23 per hour with 34-mile-per-hour >> we don't know what the wind conditions are on the parade route, and based on those windn co we have different levels which the balloons will fly. >> reporter: along with the s, wi historic temperatures, temperatures will be in the tweptds but feel even worse. >> bundle up. it's going to be a fun day. >> reporter: people started lining up houo. i've been out here about ten minutes and my hands are already
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frozen. it's no doubt a cold one as you guys are well aware. savannah. >> 2 is, dylan, i just lost a finger. >> by the way, you're listening to the sounds of "m fair lady." isn't sheve rly. we want to bring in a couple of very important people. there' a lot of people. the commissionerf new york city police department. rodney harrison is the chief of issioner o'neal, we've been waiting for this moment. a lot of people have been following the wind, following the weather, wondering if the big balloons are going to 0 go. i think it's time to make a declaration, but what do you think. >> i was going to lea this for rodney. don't want to steal your thunder, man, but the parade's a go. this is nothing compared to last new e.year's we're doing a lot. rodney's got a lot to say. new york city has a lot thankful for. i have a lot to be thankl for. especially for the men and women
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of the nypd. they'll be out here till this afternoon. ey're doing a great job. >> absolutely. >> chief harrison, we're so happy to hear that the winds are okay and wil able to fly. thiexplain, you guys do moment to moment. there's somebody assigned to each and every one of these balloons, right? >> yes, ma'am. first of all, to you and your families. we have 16 large character balloons. and we also have sergeants assigned to the monitors on the wish issue to tell us, hey, listen, may we need to lower it a little bit. and depending on the wind gusts througho parade. >> so, we're so happy that the parade is going to roll as heduled. the other thing, in addition to the balloons that you guys obviously have your eye on is safety. i know you're taking a lot of extra measures this year. >> yeah. we are. ds have thous of police officers out here, as we do every ye h. e no unauthorized vehicles
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on the route. we have aviion up. we have k-9s. we have srg, esu, serve here >> the entire alphabet is here. >> yeah, they are. >> we want to remind people if you see anything along the parade route, there's even an app, i think, there's thousands of officers out here working, right, chief? you can u als an app, if you see something is say something. >> c1l or use the hotline.888-nyc-saan. >> we do to thank all of the men and women of the nypd. you guys do it like nody else. a lot of people could be spending this holiday with their family. instead, they're out here. talk a little bit about them. om>> is this is shat they do. and it's not just on thanksgiving. it's new year's, it's christmas. they do it without complaint. we're in such aood place in new york city now. we haven't seen crimeevels
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this low since the early 1950s. it's not just as you. it's our great friends at the fbi, the dea, the marshal they're all chipping in, the prosecutors, to keep theity safe. we've got to do it together. it's a shared responbility. >> commission father o'neal, thank you. >> thank youful for and the nypd. thank you. have a great holiday. >> are you going to walke the rohis year? >> of course. >> that's great. >> you guys are great. >> thank you. >> thanks, savannah. >> that's the situation out here. we'll check in later with you back there cozy. >> it's quite warm. we'll come back out there. >> it don't w to rub it in. >> savannah and hoda, thank you. n the newshis morning, president trump is celebrating thanksgiving in his resort home in marge alargo, florimar-a-lag. but tha didn't keep him from
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speaking up again the judicial branch. kristen welker is in florida. >> reporter: hi, sheinelle, th happy ksgiving. this is extraordinary between the president and the supreme court it's almost unheard of for the president to take on a member of the high court but now john roberts is getting the trump twitter treatment. this remorning, s smackdown, chief justice john roberts offering an almost unprecedented rebuke of donald trump after president trump criticized a federal judge. part of the 9th circuit to put a hold o the president's plan to foes seekingas ylum. >> you go to the 9th circui this is a disgrace. this was an obama judge. >> when asked, the chief justice trump jumps, bush judges or s or clinton judges.
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what we have is an extraordinary group ofdo dedicated juding their best to do equal rights. roberts adding that independent ary is something we all should be grateful for. >> president trump fired back in a series o tweets wednesday. in one saying chief justice john roberts but you do indeed have obamauds and they have a much different view thanop the charged with the safety of our country. and another, judicialvi ac, by people who know nothing about security and the safe of our citizens is putting our country in great danger. and even suggesting dividing up the 9th circuit. president trump and the chief justice had a checkered relationship. recently praising roberts during a white house ceremony. >> chief justice roberts, where are you? thank you very much. thank you. >> but as a candidate, he was critical. >> justice roberts turned out to be a nightmare for ns covatives. >> roberts typically cops and restrained in his public
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statements stressed the supreme court indepeence. >> thank you. >> while speaking to law students earlier thisyear. >> what i'd like to do briefly is emphasize how the judicial branch is, how it must be very different. >> reporter: and there is an update on another topic, the russia investigation. afterresident trump submitted written answers to special counsel robert mueller earlier this week,veight with spoke with the president's attorney rudy giuliani who tells m they expect to hear back from the special counsel as early as next week. and they are expecting follow-up questions. for his part, president trump is up and tweeting on this holiday. just tweeted out, happy thanksgiving to l. she'll spend this day with family and also making calls toh the member o military. sheinelle and craig, back to you. now that new questions after the centers for disease control's warning to keep romaine lettuce off your table,
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why can't investigators track down the sourcefaster. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, new clues irc the s for the source of thed contaminate romaine lettuce. the fda telling nbc news the e. coli outbreak likely came from n cali, and is similar to an outbreak last year which left one person dead and made at least 25 sick. the 2017 outbreak traced to leafy gleleaf y greens bit not to romaine lettuce specifically. the fda saying the strain that caused that outbreak is very similar to the one that's causing this outbreak. and the timing is t exactly same. consumer advocates say it's vital for the cdc to mov quickly. >> every minute they're waiting to find the source, that's time the consumer could be out there eating the product and getting exposed. >> reporter: with at least 32 people sick in 11at stes, romaine lettuce isle being puld from restaurants and grocery
7:15 am
stores across the nation just in time for theholiday. >> i bought the lettuce and heard about it and tossed it. today, a o a matter fact. >> reporter: grocery store owner roy rodman said he pulled all of his romaine from the shelves as soon as he heard the warning. >> we're waiti from definitive action from food and drug administration and the cdc, to let americans know what isnext. >> reporter: experts agree, saying more companies should adopt blockchain technology, walmart with farm to shipper to ste in just seconds. this thanksgiving romaine is off the table and on t menu, as dozens fall will more than six weeks after the outbreakga for toad, migue almaguer. tin and aaron were tiding
7:16 am
up their house. they came across one unchecked lottery tickets. one of them, a ticket from way backn june, was a big winner. >> you need to take a look at this. i handed the ticket to him. i'm going to call out the numbers and let me kw what you think. >> well, the prize, $1.8 million. icket would , the have expired in just two weeks. tina says the moral of e ory, check your tickets and don't wait. >> also sound like the erinburgs might be living right. man. > speaking of living right, mr. roker is uptown wit the rest of the forecast. still 20 degrees, sir? >> still 20 degrees. we've got tte ohio sta band walking through. they're getting ready for their parade start. anou if y look up here, there's this sock up there. that's a windsock. that gives you an idea right nol not aot going on. in fact,ou as take a look at
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the macy's stars, you can see they're not moving around too much. this is one of those things heats going off and on. going the balloons are to be okay. we're pretty excited about that. okay. let's look at the forecast ando ou what's happening as far as the weather is concerned. coldest macy's day parade since 1924. it was 21 degrees and 23 in 1996. look at the rest of the northeast, right now it feels like 6 in new york. 3 below in boston. 2 in buffalo. 22 in cleveland. and3 in indianapolis. and even colder tomorrow morning for portland. new york, richmond. beckel beckley, wdit virginia. apolis. records could fall, records possible for albany, binghamton
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and jfk. maybe 21 degrees at 9:00 a.m. and noon time, 26, when santa hits herald square. the rest of the country, we'rei lo at basically fairly nice weather, although it will be raining in parts of theacific northwest and northern california. that's what's going on. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. i was just saying it's a beautiful morning out there. the sun came up right before
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7:00 a.m. and it's just going to be gorgeous all day. but it is going to be little on the cool side throughout the day because the temperatures are only in the 30s. an we only have the windchills in the teens and 20s. this is what it feelsn like w you step out the door. turkey-trotting this morning. 19 is what it feels like here in pec. again, ttures only in the 30s today but with full shine. i is so cold out here, guys, it's really kept the cloww level which is a good thing. thank you. by the way, that ohio state marching band that walked by, their first macy's thanksgiving day parade ever. >> oh, that's great. >> ever. al, thank you. coming rup, for president bill clinton, hillary clinton hitting the road on a speaking ur as a new dockuseries. and black friday deals. whato you need t know for your
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liday shopping. but first, this is "today" on nbc. friendsgiving the holiday f
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the family that you choose. we're going to takee a dive into the event that's gone as a sad substitute to a transition. and theno back t the parade. the marchingband, the performers and some big stars. we'll check back in with savannah, hoda and al after your morning news. so when a cold sore tingle strikes. you act on it. only abreva can get rid of a cold sore in as little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. it start to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. nothing gets rid of a cold sore faster. and because abreva acts on it... you can too. act on it, with abreva. black friday your first stop!... with incredible black friday doorbusters! stores open thursday at 5pm...
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plus - get $15 kohl's cash for every $50 spent! get $17.99 toys... and a nest doorbell or thermostat - just $179.99! this is a "news4 today" news break. 7:26 is your time now on this thursday, november 22nd, 2018. good morning to you, happy thanksgiving, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist.h we begin wit a developing story this morning. fairfax police say a man and woman were found dead inside their home inhe 7300 block of parkwood court. police are calling this a domestic incident and so there are no signs of forced entry into that home. we're also following developments at a scary incident inside a westfield mall. a person was shot and then crashed into a building. police are searching for a suspect. in just a couple of hours,
7:27 am
the 92nd tmacy'snksgiving day parade will kick off. it willeare 16 giant balloons and more than three dozen heritage balloons it starts at 9:00. liftoff t wit giant balloons is in jeopardy. those giant balloons will be ounded if sustained winds are or than 23 miles an hour gusts more than 34. we'll check on that avi your thanks forecast is next.
7:28 am
i'm meteorologist lauren rickets. and we're looking at a very chilly thanksgiving. over the next several hours, look at this, all daytoday, those windchills, the feel-like factor outside, teens and 20s. that is it. again, a brisk day. low to mid-30s for daytime highs
7:29 am
but with all sunshine. >> all right, lauren, thank you. >> we'll have another update after the "today" show. have a great day.
7:30 am
♪ back now at 7:30 on this thanksgiving thursday morning. you're looking at rehearsals for the broadwayal mus "the prom." as al roker told u before it is the coldest parade in history. he's braving the elements along with hoda and savannah. >> 20degrees. we'll check in with all of them in just a moment. but let's start with aheck of today's headlines on this thanksgiving. we start with an unprecedented war of words between president trump andhief justice john roberts. it started when the president criticized a federal judge in
7:31 am
san francisco saying, quote, this was an obama judge. when asked to comment, roberts said, we do not have obama judges or trumpjudges, bush judges or clinton judges. what we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those before them. president trump fired back at chief justice roberts. but you do ieed have obama judges and they have a much different view for people charged. >> and now to a leap of faith, residents sleeping from a third story window to escape. >> jump! >> six people jumped on to mattresses that were being held by good mare st samaritans. one mother even dropped her 1-year-old to rescuers down below. the american red cross is assisting the 40 people displaced by the fire. no word on how it started. lebron jamesd returto
7:32 am
cleveland last night for the s first ince leaving the cavs to joinakhe l.a. lers. take a look. ♪ >> james got quite the thunderous standing ovation as he walked out on the court there. another ovation after a video tribute. james thanked the crowd. and later said, i appreciate thesefa , just as much as they appreciate me. lejubron, rors, grew up in nearby akron, ohio. it's been 1 seasons. last nit, though, king james put up 32d points to l the lakerses to a 109-105 n. >> goodness. all right. let's head back to savannah and hoda. at the thanksgiving's day parade in herald square. macy's flagship. oh, it looks like it might be a little cold. guys were listening to you talk about how cold it is. >> it is cold. >> sorr holdon.
7:33 am
>> i forgot. the parade is going to actually start in about an hour and a half. we're joinedy the chairman and ceo of macy's. thank you. >> okay, we've had a few parades. this isdehe c in history. how are you taking care of everybody? >> boso, eve is bundled up. they're ready for the parade. we're hearty new yorkers, you've got 3.5 million strong watching 2. we've got theid basically upstairs having hot chocolate. they come on the floats later. >> people always see the kids on the float. >> it's so cold. >> you're going to see them on tv but they're coming in at the last minute. >> they are. >> wha o about allthe marchers, the band, the batontw lers. >> they're used to it. they're bundled up and ready. >> every year you guys outdo hiurselves. >> year, we have amazing entertainment.
7:34 am
we've got diana ross. the amazing kelly clarkson, john legend. we've got the cheerleaders. the band. we have goku, the japanese anime star. and the thing i'm most excited about is thema 's singing christmas tree. we have thousands of employees who basically auditioned for this. we picked the best 100. from 43 states. >> and we're going to show this off, rehearsing behind us right cw. >> you't overstate the music. you mentioned diana ross and kelly clarkson and john legend.n suga ou've got had a-plus music, too. >> we do. thank you. >> what does this mean for you now? >> this started 92 years ago with a group of employees that wanted to celebrate.
7:35 am
they wanted to give back to the mmunity. here we are, 92 years later, with all of our colleagues. all together, everybody her in new york city ready to celebrate this and kick off the holiday >> wow.g. >> and happy thanksgiving to america. >> and happy thayosgiving to thank you for doing it. >> so excited. >>up bundle >> okay. guys a reminder the 92nd animal macy's thanksgiving day parad starts right here 9:00 a.m. eastern. you got to move. >> you got to move t stay warm. we're going uptown, mr. roker, a few blocks, how are you? >> hey, it's frigid up he. the mood is eetrielectric. everybody is invited. s've got anotheries of rain and snow, unfortunately, more heavy rain to o frien where they have those burn scars, camp
7:36 am
fire, mendocino. we're looking a anywhere from 1 to 3 inches locally. could be 4 or 5 inches through saturday as the system continues to see more wet weather. midwest rain and snow, on sunday for your travel. that could b a big problem. chicago looking at heavy rain. airport delays for ston, new york, minneapolis, chicago and st. louis. highway impact from chicago to minneapolis. i-35 to okc. omaha to chicago on i-80. and i-55, chicago to new orleans. that's what's going on the country. here's what's happening around your neck.od >> well, not a lot happening in our neck of the woods. we've got clear skies, breezy conditions. that's the main story today. 31 degrees, our temperature right now, full shine. but again, we'll drop a little bit through the 8:00 a.m. hour. butll windchills day today are going to be in the teens and 20s. air tempetures are goingo be
7:37 am
in the low to midtemperatures. our average temperature for this time of yea is inhe upper 50s. it's the coldest thanksgiving afternoon that we've had in over 20 years. bundle up. and that is your latest weather. we are joined by mr. kane brown, a young country whose student album is debuting number one on the top billboard 200. you're the first male arist in over 20 years to top the billboard billboard chart womh your soe album. you have a lot to be thankful for. >> i do have a lot to be thankful for. >> and you justmaot ied. >> i did. >> have you ever been this cold before? >> no, i'm fromor a. i don't do this cold. i'm freezing. now, growingp as a kid, you watched the parade. did you ever thinkou'd be singing on a float on the macy's thanksgiving day parade?
7:38 am
>> no, i never thought i'd be. i'm just excited to be here. i grew up in parades. there's one float over here beside me that's the size of my whole depara >> kane brown, congratulations. happy that happy thanksgiving. >> it's cold. >>yeah, kane brown looks really cold. one of the biggest stories this week one of the biggest channels in modern history is back in theli spt. after 20 years, a new docuserieo cing the new generation tween president bill cdnton an intern monica lewinsky. the clintons are looking ahead instead. te snow has more. >> i am just amazingly encouraged. >> reporter: the clintons are focused on the speaking ttuouf that will stop in more than a dozen cities. across u.s and canada.
7:39 am
>> ancl ue and personal live event -- >> reporter: people paying hundreds of dollars as what is being sold as ane of a kind conversation looking at 2020 approaching. >> do you want to run again? >> no. >> it was a pause? >> well, i'd like to be president. >> reporter: on the upcoming tour, the clintons promiseeo shar stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service. just as the past is coming under scrutiny again. >> i blurted t, you know i have a crush on you. >> reporter: the affair between the former president and monica lewinsky back in the headlines after an a&e docuseries this week. the former white house intern and other key players were given a chance to share their sides of the scandal. >> i felt. terrib i was scared. and i just -- i was just mortified and afraid what thiwa
7:40 am
going to do to my family. >> reporter: viewers left re-examining events in the context of the me too era. the clintons have beennt relucta to revisit the '90s and face criticism for their answers when pressed. >> it wasn't an abuse of power? >> no, no. ol do you feel like you owe her an y? >> i ido. do not -- i've never talked to her. but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. >> reporter: the former president later saying that interview was not his finest hour. since the docuserie aired, lewinsky let it speak for itself. offering only a few comments on twitter. lewinsky and the clintons are determined not to be defined by the affair that captivated the country 20 years ago. for "today," kate snow, nbc news. coming up on this thanksgiving inmorn the evolution of friendsgiving, how it started as friends who
7:41 am
couldn't make it home for the holiday has become a beloved tradition of its own. > and this morning, a woman ercame setbacks. giving back and chowing down. how stars fromese witherspoon ig thanksgiving. and deals, deals, deals. ♪ ♪
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[♪ ] w back on welcome back on this thanksgiving morning. the turkey might not be in the oven yet. but we're also thinking about holiday shopping. nbc correspondent jo ling kent is in walmartn california.
7:46 am
jo, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: hey, yeinelle. hahanksgiving to you. it's going to be a record-breaking holiday shopping season. according to deloitte, the average person is going to spend about $4 between today and cyber monday. that's a lot of money on the line. so, we're here at walmart. 's already buzzing. and most walmarts are going throughout theay with the big sales starting at 6:00 p.m. we're going to show you who els is going to be opening throughout the day. you can see target, macy's, kohl's and best buy, all opening around 5:00 a.m. today. and open between0 1 and 2:00, and they're going to reset for the big black friday deals crne tomorrow g. but there are some push backs. trying to make a statement. nordstrom's, rei, dsw, saying look, we'll let our employees
7:47 am
enjoy their day and don't come shopping in the tomorrow. >> jo, black friday tomorrow, esere are the best deals? >> reporter: the deals on black friday are going to be electronics and tvs. let's tak a look at those best deals. here at walmart, you can get $100 off the xbox 1. that's a good deal,s superblyref yonto gaming. best buy, $300 off an lg smart tv, 70-inch. and $300 off smith lal gaex note9. and amaz, a lot of their brands products discounted 50% as well ou're in the market for clothing, though, a lot of experts say save your money and wait closer to christmas. but if you do head out on blacku friday, should know there's pretty significant discounts happenin at jcpenney's, kohl's.
7:48 am
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7:57 am
there are no signs of forced entry into the home. all eyes will be on the macy's thanksgiving dade. only place to see it here on "news4 today." the parade will feature 16 giant balloons and more than three dozen heritage balloons. stay tuned for the forecast.
7:58 am
7:59 am
well, it is achilly, chilly start out there. temperatures at the freezing mark. but we've got the blustery windows in the teens and 20s. that's how it's going to feel out there all day but plenty of sunshine. headed out for black friday tonight, temperatures chilly. and tomorrow, sunshine. and chance of rain on saturday and monday. >> thanks, back to "today" show.
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, deep freeze. millions of americans bundling up for the chilliest thanksgiving in a century. and with new york city bracing for bit cold and whipping winds, the big question, will the balloons fly? e route ive on the par with the very latest. ♪ i'll be there for you plus, happy fr'lndsgiving. take a look at this turkey day tradition that started as a celebrationor those who could not make it home for the holidays. truly showing how friends can becomefamily. ♪ and parade preview. dylan dreyer takes us behind the scenes of one of the most beloved thanksging day events. it's one day when everybody can be a kid and everybody can have
8:01 am
fun. >> from the giant balloons to the fantastic floats. we'll show you how it all culls together, today, thursday november 22nd, 2018. ♪ >>houston, thanksgiving. >> -- on "today"! >> grateful for my mom in tucs arizona. >> gratefu for my family and friends back in ohio. >> to new york city, celebrating thanksgiving! >> happy thanksgiving to my mom in st. louis. >>yo family in southern california. >> to rochester new york! >> happy turkey day! >> and happy turkey day to you. welcome back. craig melvin here with sheinelle jones in studio 1a. warm andcomfy.
8:02 am
savannah and hoda down in herald square. it cold, ladies? >> it's 20 degrees. >> you're warm and toasty, but we get to see the parade. >> that's true. >> you got to eeel thergy out here. we got the cast of "mean rl rehearsing just behind us. we've got so much to look forward for the 92nd macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> and kelly clarkson will be one of the performances. lineup is going to feature famous balloons and floats. 1200 cheerleaders and dancer over 1,000 strobe lights and 3.5 millionut spectators here. >> not to mention, how about ross. how about john legend. you said kelly clarkson. sugarland. fiona lewis. >> and all of that. you , tom turkey, he has been in the parade every ye.
8:03 am
this year, he has received a makeover. anwe're showingyou, you can see he's had a little work done. and the new tom turkey will be the first float when we sta the parade. >> in about an hour. >> an hour from now. all right. we have to say good-be, because got to get ready for the rade itself the 92nd macy's thanksgiving day parade starts right here at 9:00 a.m. get cozy. get your hot cocoa. and get ready. it's going to roll. >> yeah, i'm excited. >> you sold it >> have a great show, ladies. >> thank you. >> we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you as well, savannah and cohoda. let's get a check of your news.f millions americans waking up to a deep freeze this . thanksgivi al is on the upper west side ere that parade starts. who's going to get the worst of it, al? i'll tell you right now,
8:04 am
we're at 19 degrees. so, this ishe second ever thanksgiving day in new york. now, this is now the coldest thanksgiving day para. but t coldest thanksgiving. we still have to go down to 15 degrees to break the record, or at least tie the record for coldest ever. you can see, satake a look at t paw patrol balloon. it's moving around a littlebit. we're going to have to keep an eye on it. okay.nds are at the worst, very worst, they'll have to fly the balloons lower. all in all, not looking too bad. let's look at what else is on across the country as far as the cold air in the northeast. we are talking about temperatures. >> all right. i think we've got a bit of a technical we'll get back to mr. roker in just a bit. also this morning,of thousas .s. troops will spend this thanksgiving near the u.s./mexico border. but a major efforts under way this morning to make them feel right at home. nbc's pentagon correspondent hans nichols a is base camp in
8:05 am
texas. hans, good morning to you. >> reporter: that's right,e're here at base camp. we're inside a mobile kitchen where they started working this morning at 4:00 a.m. this is a military operation r wi military precision. they have three different seatings for a total of 2,000 troops and some guests as well. helping them all out. they've got 91 culinary specialists. they've got eight of these mobile kitchens. outside, they're operation deep fry. they're doing 800 pounds of turkey that way. another 3,000 servings of turkey. 14,000 pounds of steak. 300 pounds of mashed potatoes. and apple pie to finish it all off. the meal that we're getting is similar to what you get. the meal is similar to what they've got in iraq and afghanistan. there's 40,000 u.s. troops overseas in africa and the
8:06 am
middle east. they've been transforming this base camp which is really nothing three weeks ago. trying to turn it into something that looks like home. hanging banners. getting a homey touch. now, it's too muddy for an actual turkey trot, thsheinelles you and craig know, they'll be watching football night the tents. theest of the troopsave the day off and awaiting their next orders. sheinelle. >> hans, happy thanksgiving. > we're thankful for the troops. thank you. the new twist in the mystery surroundin dead at the burned down ruins of the new jersey mansion. prosecutrs say all f people were victims of homicidal violence before that mansion was set on fire. keith canaro was found shot outside the home. his wife and two young children inre found de. just hours earlier, his brother was o arrested arson, accused
8:07 am
of torching his own house. prosecutors have not said if paul canaro wasec a su and a suspectedgl bur ended up getting hit. the suspect took off. they were able to slow the car down using spike strips. look at thist' t when he jumped out and runng and ended up running in front of his own car and got pinned against a building. he's facing multiple charges. >> and you're on morng boost? >> one of your favorite places. philadelphia. >> yes. >> theouer of a philadelphia-based home and health company says he's thankful for all his employees. this week, heisacked up feelings of gratitude with an incredible gesture. >> i said i'm taking $20 million. and i'm dividing it up. giving it to everybody.
8:08 am
go ahead ahe open envelope. wow. >> mark biota the founder announced that he was going to take $20 million of his own money and divide it up among 32,000 employees. it was allocated based on years of service. he sai it was a way to show his deep gratitude and appreciation. und the are people a country hoping he starts a trend. >> yeah, including new. just ahead, tough critic? cher showing up in the audience after the cher show. but next, her family didn't have the money to pay for her treatments. but st. jude showing up. >> thank you, thank you. >> it will inspire you and give you hope after these messages. ♪ ♪
8:09 am
♪ -whoops -sorry! ♪ ♪ dogs don't hold they give their all... you rarely look cold. you usuallyff play it well. but you look cold. >> is brisk. i can't feel my face ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ >> the cold is makingou delirious, too. >> thank you, al. let's go to dylan i for carson in the orange room. dylan. >> good morning, guys. after today's thanksgiving meal, most of us will find ourselves on the couch watching amovie. well social media combined with
8:10 am
it, #thanksgivingdinneramovie. it's giving that thanksgiving spin. we'll dive in here. so there's "silence of the yams" you s i how this going to go. then there's sisterhood of the unbuttoned capants. h me if you cranberry. it's getting better. 50 shades ofph s of gr ty. andhere's desperately seeking snoozin'. yeah, those are the movies out there because people have nothing else to do on thanksgiving. where's my card? diet another day. >> oh. >> i like the lasto. you saved the best for last. >> by the way, "die hard" is not a christmasmovie. no. >> you're the only man who doesn't think -- >> bruce willis said it himself.
8:11 am
>> really. okay. let's get to popstart. first up, some stars are getting early start celebrating thanksgiving. chrissy teigen made a few thing ahead of time, including these beautiful sweet potatoes but unfortunately, she left them in the oven too long. i think that's happened to all of us. reese witherspoon also got a head start showing off her uthern roots and making a biscui recipe. >> and nicki minaj and michaela jo giving back. minaj gave out turkeysn new york. and jordan did the same. >> up next,cher, the icon herself surprise a crowd of theatergoers at the new musical dedicated to her. the che show doesn't open on broadway until december 3rd. but currently in preview.
8:12 am
nonetheless, not expecting cher to stopby. cher was gracious enough to take photos with fans before urging the crowd to sit down and enjoy the show. and behind the scenes, we interviewed the cast of the cher show. we'll have more next week. >> thank you,s "talker," friendsgiving. >> yeah, it may have sta a backup plan. a gathering for friends and also people who can't make it home for thanksgiving. but these days, friendsgiving has become a tradition and an epic one at that. >> reporter: from thanksgiving to friendsgiving, 'tis the season to gather around and eat tuith your friends. it's popping up. "the washington post" explaining welcome toriendsgiving the holiday you choose to. spend time with people you love without going through crowded
8:13 am
airports. vox explained friends as the new family. the term "friendsgiving" was not coined on "friends." >> oh, it looks s beautiful. [ laughter ] >> the turkey, the stuffing. >> reporter: but they did celebrate thanksgiving together, even if it was turkey. cultural experts say friendsgiving may have started out another way of celebrating thanksg you couldn't travel to be with family. merrm webster notes the first usage in minute wprint was in 2. and the most important turkey day feast factor, don't tellom if you like it better than regular thanksgiving. the proof is in the parody. >> thank again for letting your ne neighbors tag along to your friendsgiving. ♪ we do the turkey dance ♪ >> and the marketing. bailey's irish creme used it in
8:14 am
an ad. and then on instagram.d ow even taco bell has a new friendsgivingmenu. d they've been selling out of their happy friendsgiving swear. >> there y go. we'reen wearing our frigiving sweaters. taco bell sells these in case you want some. >> i like it. >> here's the thing. they're sling out. they even have a friendsgiving menu. it is amazing how many people love friendsgiving nowadays, as a way to celebrate would you the stress. >> i want to know who has a turkey with three >> that's like the funniest thing you ever said. >> i never even notic that. >>ou have a lot here. >> are you just eating that like you're at a state fair. >> what are youd suppo do with it? >> are we supposed to slice it. coming up, this is going to be good. s you want toe money now. you've eaten, now, you want to
8:15 am
go shopping. if you're looking for great holiday gifts, jill martin tells you how to escape the big for holiday shopping. >> that's goodurkey. >> it is? >> yeah.
8:16 am
>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. good morning, everybody. 8:26 on thi thanksgiving thursday. glad you could be with us. i'm aaron gilchrist. and our headlines developing this morning. fairfax county police say a man and a woman were found dead in thei home last night. their bodies were discovered with a relative. this happened in the 7300 block of parkwood court. police are calling this is a domestic incident. and they say there are no signs of forced entry into that home. happening today, all eyes will be on the macy's thanksgiving day parade. and the only placeou'll see it right here on nbc4. it starts ine a little man a half hour at 9:00 p.m. the parade will feature 16 large balloons and heritage balloons. we have more.
8:17 am
8:18 am
i'm meteorologist lauryn ricketts. it's a chilly onee.ut th breezy. windchills in the teens and 20s.
8:19 am
tomorrow, beautiful, lighter wind. next chance of rain saturday and also monday. but bundle up today.
8:20 am
♪ 8:30 now on this thanksgiving, november 22nd, 2018. we have a nice crowd. >> yes. >> here on the plaza, waving to home.y and friends back >> it is freezing outside this morning. thank you, guys, for coming out on this thanksgiving day. >> my teeth hurt. >> it's cold isn't it? >> yes. >> 19 degrees. you know what, we've got a great crowd moment on this i'm looking for jan and jesse from maryland. jan, what part ofla marynd? >> columbia. >> jesse, happy thanksgiving to
8:21 am
you. >> to you, thank you. you want to say happy thanksgiving to someone very special w is not hern the plaza today. who is that? >> my daughter jillian ntoy. >> how about that, she's deployed overseas. r. yes, >> let's say it at one time, one, two, three -- happy thanksgiving! >> jarod and gordon inim balte, also, we miss you and love everybody. >> get them all. >> a special hhanksgiving to all of our troops who are serving overseas as well on thin giving. we're going to check in with al at the parade in just a moment. also ahead, don't feel like dealing with the crowds on black friday? fear not. look who is here. jill martin. she's going to show us great steals & deals to be found on small business saturday. yes. then we go behindhe scenes of the macy's thanksgiving day parade to see how the spectacle comes togher before the floats
8:22 am
roll. and short on a dish today? we're here, the chefs are going to offer st-minute side dishes. >> my favorite part. >> first, al has the check of this very cold forecast this morning. today's thanksgiving day para weather is sponsoredy verizon. >> hey. glad to heaha craig and sheinelle finally came out of the studios and found out it was actually cold. babies. i got here real, real folks.e weot sugarland here. you guys, this is so exciting. happy thanksving. happy thanksgiving. good morning. >> happy thanksgiving. >> are you guys ready to ride and rock today? >> absolutely. it fee warm t. it feels fantastic. i don't know what anybody is talking about. >> we've got the ohio state marching band behind us getting ready. >> what are you guys going to be
8:23 am
performing? >> what do we have on the float? >> all that it is. but when we perform, super special. a super secret today. >> what are you guysfo thankful this year? >> the health of our families. >> every year. if you don't have that, what else, yeah. family and friend >> we'rehankful for friends and thankful for you and music. >> happy thanks gi thanksgiving. >> let's take lookt your weekend. starting off tomorrow if you're doing shopping or whatever. here's your weather for you. we're looking at record cold continuing for tom in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. wet weather from minneapolis to the gulf.rd on sa. cold and rain. out west, rain/snow mix in the rockies and northern suplains. ay fun day, really rough inid thection of the country.
8:24 am
cold air returns to the plains. partly cloudy in the southwest and southern california. that's what's going on around here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. well, it's beautul out there, but beautiful from inside. the temperature at the freezing mark a factor and the winds now at 18 miles an hour feels like the teens and 20s out there. winds will settle down after 8:00 p.m. tonight. for all of the shoppers waiting in line, that wind will settle down but the windill settle down into the 20s. the pic up football, blustery out there, and deep frying turkey, keep in mind the winds ng. st shopping tonight, much lighter winds. hey, if you can't be here at the parade in person, our sponsor verizon wants to help yo get a 360-view of the ra . go to verizon's youtube channel. we've got the best band in the land. the ohio state university band. guys, back to you. ♪
8:25 am
small business steals & deals is sponsored by american express. small businessaturday is november 24th. so get up, get outnd shop smal ♪ it's time for steals & des. forgethe holiday shopping, skip the crowds and lines in o honor small business "today" contributor jill martin brings ussa exclusive discounts all across the couny. up to 80% off. happy thanksgiving. >> tyou, too. >> this is bsolutely beautiful what you have here today. >> my boyfriend wants to t go the mall on black friday. you can sit home with your little fingers in front of the comput computer, i have y up for small business saturday, you can shop with us with your coffee and enjoy the parade. >> let's start with the glams. >> let's start wit jennifer
8:26 am
miller jewelry. a crowd favorite. retail 95. we're offering necklaces or earrings, either the sparkle or drop i'earrings. wearing it as the 18-inch. >> okay. >> you can actually layer it. >> i wear it with whatever i already have on. gorgeous, owned by heidi klum and j. lo. 80% off. >> how about these. i love these handbags. and you can wear them two different ways, right? >> right. these or 9 the m.i.l.a. handbag. you can wear it as a cross body order bag. bu can adjust the strap. and thend is donating 5% to the girls and boy s club of
8:27 am
malibu. the deal is $99. >>wait, $99 for that? >> yes. lntastic. of people like the monogrammed stationary. this is beautiful. >> i've giving thiso my friends for gifts. >> and you wouldn't think, oh, let me order stationary with my name on it. it comes in a gift box already. you just have to put a bow on it. you get 25 personalized folding note cards envelopes. the deal is 65% off. >> 35 bucks not bad. ay. how about these, personalized hats for frankly, anybody. >> theutterscotch blankees. these are kids'. ha ou can put your kid's names on
8:28 am
it, or initials or nicknames. the retail is $49. they're $20. >> wait, $20. >> and if you know your secret santa or someone who is potentially going to be, what a great gift. >> i love this they never had chenille when i was little. >> when you go into the guest 'r room, y like, never. >> and okay, the greatest skin care sets. $89. you can pick oily or dry skin. you get the serum, the face mask, the lip polish and lip around this it's nice to have a spruceup. the retail, $89. the deal,$2 it comes in a box. all you do is add a bow. the serum alone could be worth that. >> evehebody loves throw. >> our audience loves an alpaca
8:29 am
throw. if you know that joke a get it, i love it. >> sold by other fine retailers. retails, is $79. i hope you enjoy your thanksgiving. >> oh. here's the deal. let's run through the products once again. we have jewelry from jennifer miller. handbags from m.i.l.a. stationery a the alpaca throws on thank you, jill. >> happy thanksgiving. >> jy just getting started because jill will be back in the fourth hour with an hour-long steals and deals event. and monday, kicking off
8:30 am
the week-long steals and deals holiday gift bag. >> you don't have to wait in line. sit there with your coffee. coming up, how the magic is made. the curtain o the macy's thanksgiving day parade to see how it all comes together. but first, here's "today" on nbc. day" on nbc. happy thanksgiving from all of us here at "news4 today." >> we're working for you. shopping and getting up at the crack of e day. all of the news for you.
8:31 am
8:32 am
. the macy's thanksgiving day parade first lock is sponsored by ram trucks. built to millions of peoplesh che the tradition of the thanksgiving day parade. and as you and your family get ready to gather around the tvision to watch this morning, we're goi take a special look at how this massive undertaking comes together. you got the firsthand look. >> i did i got a little behind-the-scenes tour.
8:33 am
big behind the crescenes tour. it's no small feat. >> reporter: it's aal mag workshop with elves and reindeer. trains and toys. not to be mistaken for the north pole, this is northern new jersey,ome of the macy's parade studio. a 72,000 square foot warehouset comes to life. how many days are you thinking about the mayfiecy's thanksgivi day parade. >> 365 days of the year. >> we have designers, animators, technicians,balloonatics.
8:34 am
>> balloonatic is a 50-year-old make name for those who design and cheate balloon. how does it come together? either balloon begins with a sile etch. that sketch is a model scaled to size. the models have been handcrafted into larger than life displays. using 400 pounds of delay. 240 gallons of paint. and 0 pounds of glitter. do you guys have to step it upa each >> well, i don't know if we have to as much as we can't help ourselves. >> reporter: it's a tradition,t e very first parade marched in 1924. >> we're the caretakers of this grade tradition. and we never want to forget that. it's one w dayre everybody can be a kid and have fun. >> reporter: each float takes between six to seven months to complete. ballns up to nine months. in early november, t characters take to the sky for a test flight. >> it'sur first time actually
8:35 am
doing it with helium, raising it up and actuall walking it around. we're looking for the lift to see how the balloon performs. how it moves from side to side. reporter: balloons are then deflated. and the floats are strategical folded so they can travel from new jersey and into new york see through the lincoln tunnel. this is a huge float, how do you make that? >> it takes all sorts of engineering and imagination. and everybody on i my team constantly thinking how can we tighten this . where can we move this piece to store it as it goes through the tunnel. >> reporter: it's the parade before the just last night, a caravan of ram trucks carried all floats central and the characters come to life. ready to sail down the streets and ring in the holid season. so, clearly, a huge undertaking there. and this eyear, we h some numbers for you. 59 balloons.
8:36 am
1,000cl ns. 3,000 marching band members. 4200 costumes more than 8,000 participants, all to bring us one parade. >> my goodness. >> it's huge. >> do you have a favorite? >> favorite balloon? >> that's a good question. >> i like woody woodpecker. >> do our kids know who that is? >> probat.y >> do you have a favorite? >> i'd say paw patrol. because it's top of mind. >> and >> paw patrol is because my kid loves it. upnext, never too late to make a new dish for your thanksgiving meal with an ingredient that you probably already have at home. seriously. fse c are here to show us how. we cannot wait, but first "today" on nbc. >> i'm ready. rty. i like the manatee. that one is cute. i love this.
8:37 am
we cater it with chick-fil-a. the crowd pleaser. scott's always so helpful. while the food's coming out as quickly as we can, since she usually has a small child with her, we want to make sure we help them to their car. it takes the stress out of the holidays. we're going to help no matter what. scott, here's a present. it's my own ugly sweater! it's dinos! you'd win the prize. you think i win?
8:38 am
8:39 am
all right. on today food, we're giving you one more thing to be thankful foe you may hen working for days, your kitchen is stuffed to the brim but you're still rried about having enough food. well, if you think you can use one extra side dish, don't panic. our chefs have recipes that you can make in a and the best part, you probably have a lot of these ingredients on hand. anthony scotto. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> mr. scotto, what are we making? >> we're makingg stuff which traditionally is put in the re bird, wot putting it in the bird -- >> my mother cal it dressing. >> this is my mom's mom's recipe. this is somethingrought to my restaurant for 25 years. it's been one of the most
8:40 am
unbelievable dish edge wants to have as a side.he >> what are ingredients. >> sausage, ground beef, ground veal, mortadella. brown rice, and chicken stock. >> if you don't have the brown rice, can y substitute itout? >> easy to do. i just sautes our sausage. t i'm goi put a little onion. i'm going to put a little ground beef. we're going to saute it off, you understand that, >>right? saute it off. >> veal, salt and pepper. >> can i do that? >> absolutely. you're going to crumble it up. this is what it's going to look like, your sausage, your veal, your grounbeef. you're going to let it cool. >> you're going to do yourong grain rice, a little al dente, you'reoing to let i cool. then add the ingredients together. we're goiav to the sausage,
8:41 am
the veal and -- >> all in a casserole dish. >> is that chicken stock there? >> yeah. and parmesa cheese. obviously the rice. rice on bottom, rice on to >>yes. >> and salt and pepper to taste. and then the chickenstock. the chicken stock you need to bind. the whole deal about this issue and the reason why it's soan goy delicious, you're going to keep it wrapped, bake itor , 30 minutes because it's already cooked. you just let it get goody. done. >> what's t verdict, ladies? >> are you kidding me? i've never tasted anything like this. >> oh that is good. i've never had that either. you've been holding back on i. >> as talk with my mouthful, what are we making? >> a brussels sprout salad.
8:42 am
normally we have brussels sprout, it's ea. pecorino romano, hazelnuts, any nut in your kitchen, olive oil, salt. >> this is perfect, considering the recall with romaine. >> exactly. forget the maine. >> this could be brussels sprouts big moment here. >> and arugula as well. how thin? >> as thinly you can get it without cutting your fingers yo off. can also do that on a mandolin. >> but watch yourer fi >> yes. use the guard. you want to get it in a bowl and fluff it up as much as possible. you're breaking it down so it's a little mor like coleslaw. apricots to sliced that. i'm going to add the hazelnuts. >> could you swap out? >> any kd of nuts. some chopping parsley. o someve oil. lemon juice. >> it seems like it's pretty
8:43 am
simple. yeah. it's thanksgiving, you don't want to work that hard, right? >> exactly. exactly. >> it's light and refreshing. i feel like some of the other things are heavy on your plate, this is -- we're almost finished with it, both of us. >> let's go and enjoy your brussels sprouts and the dish as well, s,e wi some pie. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you actually get to eat on thanksgiving. >> sit down. in a restaurant for about six hours. >> amanda cohen, thank you, anthony scotto. for all of the recipes head to o we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc? >> clears. cheers. happy thanksgiving.
8:44 am
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thanksgiving. have a fantastic thanksgiving, everybody. up next, the 92nd macy's thanksgiving day parade.ev ybody enjoy your day. and don't be fooled by 9:00 a.m. >> happy thanksgiving. >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. 8:56 is your time now on this thursday,ovember 22nd 2018. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. happy thanksgiving. developing this morning, fairfaxounty police say a man and a woman were found dead in their home last night. their bodies were discovered by a relative on the 7200 block of parkwood court. police areli c this a domestic and say there no signs of forced entry into the home. get ready for some 'skins rivalry. we're now just hours away from
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i think she was going to tell how cold it is. have a great thanksgiving.
8:50 am
hello, ryan. >> santa? is that really you? >> i have a favor to ask. ve been very busy making toys this year and may have missed a couple key pieces for macy's thanksgiving day parade. can you help me with some final preparations? >> consider it done. >> good luck and see you later today. >> see ya! ♪round a cloud to


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