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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it's on. 's on. black friday shopping wellde rway. more than 100 million americans expected to head to stores or online today lured by deep discounts. don't worry. we have your cheat sheet on all the best deals. baby, it's cold re-breaking lows across the country are not letting up a aca histoy cold turkey day. now dangerous conditions for post-holid travel. icy roads causing this college marching band bus to flip. when do we expect relief from bitter cold? your forecast. r> football family feud. aarongers makes $1 million donation to help victims of the
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californ wildfires. >> i reached out to my friends to find out how to be of the most help. >> only to come under fire from his own brother. the surprising backlash in this very public fight. >> those stories, plus island attack. what happened when an american missionary journeyed toeet an isolated tribe. skimming scam.t how crecard thieves are targeting you a the gas station. what to watch out before before you hit the road this weekend. and all hail the king. the new trail for "the lion king" remake has the internet roaring this morning, november 23, 2018. good morning. welcome to i'm sheinelle jones. >> i'm peter alexander.
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savannah and hoda are enjoying a day after. it was record cold weather, which made it a perfecto day sit inside and watch charges. >> the coldestacy's dayarade in history. another cold day today. >> speaking ofot cold, deals out there. black friday pmorning,eople already streaming into sto s across tcountry. they are checking out thenseals. milliof americans braving into cold and the crowds to get an early start on their holiday shopping. the national retail federation estimates 116 million people will shop at stores or go online today. we have every aspect of your black friday covered from the shopping to the weather to the travel and we start with nbc business correspondent jo ling kent in glendale at the galleria with a breakdowns of wha worth buying now and where to get the best bang for your buck. good morning. >> reporter: happy black friday to you. the mefl isitely buzzing. 70% of shoppers are saying they are going to head out to buy
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something starting today into the next few days and their number one priority is getting a very good discount. with an extra week between thanksgiving and christm, retailers are hoping that shoppers spend more than $1 trillion this season. the black fday shopping rush is officially on. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: after clearing their plates, shoppers across the country are ready to clear theve sh some braving freezing temps for hot sales. >> i am wearing three layers. >> printernd chromebooks. >> reporter: an estimated 164 million people are planning to shop this weekend and on cyber monday. each spending an average of more than $1,000 over the holiday season. somet shoppers didn't wai for the turkey to be served to get started. stand in line?anksgiving to >> a little bit. we are going to have din ner late. >> reporter: stores like
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walmart, macy's and bt buy opened thursday night. how long wihave you been in lin? >> six hours. o i will never d it again. >> reporter: but black lriday is noger just in stores. more than $1.75 billion were spent online on thanksgiving day. some of the biggest sales are on electronics. the price tag ofsh tablets s by 33%, televisions 22% off, an1 computers6% off. the major markdowns come as iconicet rlers like sears and kmart have closed hundreds of stores this year partly because rof theing threat of amazon. companies getting social to spread the word about seals and exclusive deals. >>hey will be more prominent in the shoppin journey. retailers and brands are taking advantage much the presence on those channels.
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>> you mentioned electronics. where else will we see these deepest discounts? what should you buy today and what should you wait to buy? no deal.reat electronics is where it's at. smart speakers and tvs andng ga consoles, that's where you will probably save the most in terms of cash to keep in your wallet. what you don't want to be buying are laptops, clothing a travel deals. a lot of those exmariences sa people want to buy will be better discounted c ae tuesday. ittle bit of a gamble. ling kent, thank you. >> we have an unfortunate incident to tell you about. terrified shoppers took cover when deadly gunfire broke out at a shopping mall in alabama overnight. two teenage boys got in a fight, shots were fired and one wasse
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ously wounded. a o-year-old girl was als hit. the second teen was fatally shot by an officer. >> we are just getting into old navy and we hert the so we started running. and -- >> reporter: howsh many guns did you hear? >> at leahe five first time, then he started shooting again. >> the city's mayor said the officers defended something that could have been worse. a bitter blast of arctic air is still numbing many across the citi. fo many cities it was one of the coldest in decades. ron allen is out in the cold in central putk. tough it's a cold one out there. how does it feel? >> reporter: it's november and it's cold, andak that it worse. we are in record territory in central park. the winds are calm. it feels like below zer it's not going to get much better. it was the coldest thanksgiving here in about y 1rs or so
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and the temperatures plunged more overnight. b sodle up before you head out shopping or before you head home from grandma's house. the lines of black friday shoppers started after thanksgiving dinner and across the northeast thegi fd weekend means braving some of the most bone chilling temperatures in recent memory. >> it is one of the coldest thanksgivings i have haev >> we have been this cold before. >> reporter: in washington state icy roads causing ts charter bus to flip on its side. 45 members of they univers washington's marching band were heading to a game, at local hospitals for minor injuries. erre record lows expected across the northeast a thanksgiving day's bitter blast pulled temperatures down to the single digits. theyte pthis frosty thermometer reading. 25 below. the lowest evermb in er. >> are these turkey hats keeping you warm at all?
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>> no, nott al. >> a little bit. >> it's freezing. >> reporter:g paradhrough new york from the north pole. the coldest thanksgiving day parade ever in new york city. handlers holding the iconic big balloons tightly, some flying lower because of the gusty nwinds. more t aillion people ndled up, braving the elements to take part in the celebresions. >> the parade in the world. don't even feel cold, it's so much fun. i might be lying a little bit about that. >> reporter: yeah, she was lying. it was cd out there. they have been doing that parade 92 years and it's never been that col i can tell you that from personal experience. today a good day to stay inside bundled up or stay in a mall. a retailer would love that. >> thank you very much. ti the big qu this morning, is there any relief in sight? dylan is in for al. >> for some areas we will warm up going into the weekend.
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rit now it i extremely cold. the windchill in boston is at oro, new is 17 degrees, binghamton is the coldest day ever see in november ever. the old record was 3 degrees and we are fling liket's well below that now. as we go into this afternoon temperatures will be staying about 15 to 20 degrees below average. look at saturday. oklahoma city 71. through the rest of the weekend the 50s and 60s before dipping intohe 40s. a snowstorm is going to make a mess of the midwest as we go into sunugy. a travel day. first saturday we will start to see the snow move into theoc easternes and western plains. sn sunday chicago is right on that rai line. north of that several inches of snow. south of that we will see lesse amounts, but there is a possibility across southeastern iowa and into parts of northeastern missouri we could end up with 4 to 6 inches of snow. sunday is going t be a very bad travel day, back through omaha,
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back through northern missouri, including chicago especially late sunday int early monday morning. the roads could be bad because winds could gust up to 40iles an hour and you may have whiteout conditions. the airports will likel see delays from catholic, sst. loui chicago. president trump, during calls intended to thank serviceo members he out on a number of issues from his public back and forthrt with supreme c o ief justice john roberts his plan to seal the entire southern border. kristen welker is in west palm beach with the .late good morning. >> reporter: hi, peter. good morning toyou. president trump is capping off this holiday week with a quiet day here in florida after spending thanksgiving sounding off, taking tough aim at the v judiciary aing tough action at the border.
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overnight, president trump expressing thanks during a celebration with family and friends at mar-a-lago after dishing out a p fullte of politics during the day. doubling down on his thet to close the u.s./mexico border if the arrival of immigrants from central america leads to disorder. >> when they lose control on the mexicoside, we close the border. eporter: the president sounding off on his new order to the nearly 6,000 troops along the border. >> they have to, they will use lethal force. they have to. i hope they don't haveto. >> reporter: the official order which may be challenged in court says du deadly force cansenly be u to ensure the protection of federal personnel. on foreign policy again defending the murder of "washington po" journalist jamal khashoggi, contricting the cia which said with a high degree of confidence that the
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saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman ordered the killing. the cia doesn't say they did it. you can conclude maybe he did or maybe he didn'tnd >> reporter: ignoring mounting bipartisan calls to punish the saudis. >> i hate the cover-up and i will tell you this. the crown prince hates it more than i do. >> reporter: president trump even ramping up his attacks against supreme court justice john roberts after roberts defended the judiciary amid mr. trump attacking the ninth circuit for blocking one of his immigration policies. >> i like him and i respect him, but i think we have to use som common sense. the ninth circuit, everybody knows it' o total of control. you are celebrating wherever you are. >> reporter: the tirade during his thanksgiving day calls thanking them for their service. what is the president thankful for? >> for having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country. i madfe a tremendous dnce in the country.
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>> reporter: and we are also tracking some drama from capitol hill. house republicans have subpoenaed former fbi director james comey and former attorney general loretta lynch to testify about theirns act during the 2016 campaign. mey signaling he is going to fight that. thebe move maore political than anything else because democrats are set to taketh control o house in the new year. >> he said he is set tolyestify f they do it in public. thank you. this morning an american missionary has been killed abroad after trying to reach a remote tribe. 27-year-old john alan shaw was rrows ith bows and immediately after arriving. we are following the developments. keir, good morning. >> good morning. reports of arrests, indian police are investigating whether more people may have been involved in this illegal trip. the police chief calling it a misplaced adventure to an islan where the people reject contact
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with the outside world. hen that gruesome ending, a youngamerican's body buried in the sand. >> reporter: you guys might think iaz he wrote in his diary, but i think it's worthwhile to declare japanese to these people. killed day later by an isolated tribe on a remote island. fisherman told police he was hit by an arrow and buried on the island. god, i don't want to die. >> his cheerfulness, joy. we will never be able to get that back. >> reporter: heas always devoted to god, friends say. >> put his life on the line for christ. that's what his goal was. >> reporter: east of india, the people of sentinel h islandave been isolated for centuries.
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chau, who posted his international travels on instagram, wrote of an earlier attempt to reach the island. i hollered, my name i john, i love you and jesus loves you, then an arrow pierced him, he said. in a statement his family wrote, words cannot express the sadness we have experience about this report. we have nothing but love for t people. aese i hope this isn't one of my last notes, he said. if it is, to god be the glory. john chau's family believe he could be alive, thoughashey have d the locals not be prosecuted. guys, the law is there that not just to preeffect totect the pe go there but the people who live
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there from outside diseases. >> thank you. a dual in the desert. today tiger woods and phil mickelson tee off in their one-on-one show down they are calling the match it's a pay-per-view event featuring two of the biggest ars of their era in golf. miguel almaguer has the story. >> reporter: tiger versus phil. a classic heavyweight fight going down in vegas. only this one not i the ring, but on the links. >> this is me versus him. this is winner take all. it's got a very unique speci el that golf doesn't have all the time. >> to be able to go against phil like is boy, it gets my juices flowing for sure. >> reporter: it's calleimply the match. between them the two have won 123 pga events, including 19 majors. what's at stake? pride. >> i just don'tan to lose to him and give him the satisfaction. >> reporter: but we're talking a lot of cash.
7:17 am
$9 million to the winner, plus whatever extraer w get made. >> i'm willing to risk $100,000 that says i birdie the whole. >> hold on. you think you can make birdie on the first hole? >> yes. >> double it. >> reporter: winnings will bed to charity. if golf fans need era incentive, both will be wired for sound. a rare chance to see and hear what really goes on bween shots for $19.99 on pay-per-view in this format the total number of strokes don't matter. it comes down to how many holes you win. another big difference, live betting odds wille a part of the broadcast. the early money has tiger as the clear favorite. >> i think the odds arebout right. >> reporter: some golf fans dismiss it as ape sacle between two players well past
7:18 am
their prime. but tiger woods and phil mickelson are legendary hampetitors who love nothing more tn winning golf urnaments and beating the other guy. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> what do you think? >> the golf smack talk needs a little bit of work. it'sfun. >> way in. >> for me vegas and golf, thas myheelhouse. i wish i was out there. >> you order it, welcome toour house. >> thanks. >> okay. a look at the f>>ecast? nother cold one today. >> so cold outside. it's going to stay cold inas th nort for another day or so. we warm up a bit tomorrow. soggy through the middle of the country with rain. that eventually turns to a snowier system sunday. we are looking at the official part of that system to affect the northern rockies today. we also have heavy rain expected out in california. that could lead to the potential for that's a look at the weather across the country. we will get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
7:19 am
the sun is just coming up, but we have a layerf clouds. partly cloudy for the very least for today. current temperatures right nowo ever below that freezing mark with temperatures in the 20s. it is mighty chilly out there and it's going to be chilly out there today with temperatures only in the mid-to-upper 30s. but we are dry today with a muc lighter wind. so again if you are headed out today traveling, no worries. decoting today or sunday, running errands.
7:20 am
looking nice. that's your latest forecast. thank you. > coming up, the surprising backlash after nfl star aaron rodgersakes a generous donation to california wildfire victims from his own family. hitting the road? how to avoidetng ripped off at the gas pump by thiev skimming your credit card information while you fill up. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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everyone in the family. and right now save up to $500 oned tempur sleep systems. it's time everyone got a good night's sleep.ys havelife looks good coming up, despite the cold weather, the black friday rush we will break down the bargains out there this morningl after your loc news.
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this is a news4 today news break. >> good morning. it's 7:26 on this fridayer nove 23rd. it is blaf. retailers are expected a record holiday season. 164 million americans are expected to flood to stores and go to websites this holiday weekend to get in and out, make a list and stick to your budget. >> heads up for you. metro's yellow line shuts down monday. the whole line will be closed for two weeks so crews can work on the rails and tracks. right now we want to get to normal metro service. no rush hour whatsoever. the crash on eastbound 7 near 267 is clear.
7:27 am
couple of icy patches. no rain or snow but puddles have froz over. northbound route 4 to the out. the holiday season is here. we are separating fact fctm n. >> the myths and misconceptions to prepaor you your next holiday party, that's coming up on news4 at 5. a check of your forecast coming up. >> stay with us.
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it's a chilly star there early on this black friday morning. mperatures below freezing and everybody in the 20s. dry today. a winter weather advise begins at 7:00 a.m. for areas to the west. we ang to get some rain and it could start off with freezing rain in those areas. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s this weekend. i am not expecti any issues, but we could get an inch of
7:29 am
raine it will be dy sunday morning. then more rain expected by monday. next week looking dry. guys. >> all right. bundle up if you are heading out to the mall. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> now back to "the today show." hey! hi! congrats on ranking highest by jd power for internet service satisfaction this year. oh, thank you! and on being ranked #1 in customer satisfaction compared to cable. well, the 100% fiber-optic network deserves the credit. and he's humble! so umm... i should probably go get started. you need me to watch the van? no, i'm good! 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. switch to fios, the fastest internet in the us, and get internet for as low as $39.99 per month.
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7:30 on a busy black friday morning, november 23, 2018. with the feasting behind us it's the next ook ahead t holiday. we are so excited to see the rockefeller christmas tree. the treet light somng around the corner on november 28. >> the crowd, not in that picture, but the crowds were showing up yesterday evening. >> they are out on the plazang the cold.a we will say hi in a little bit. the annual black friday shopping rush staored b the last turkey leg was put down. more than 160 million americans are expected to do the bulk of their holiday shopping this weekend and on cyber monday
7:31 am
before they are done. they will spend an avege of $1,000 apiece. while stores will be packed, consumer experts say some of biggest bargains will be found online. small business saturday is tomorrow. afr spending an entire night in shark infested waters off the eastern coast of australia. this was not the way he wanted the adventure to end. his catamaran began taking water on suny and it capsized. he spent 12 hours clinging to the overturned boat. he d emergency beacon.his an hour the search team located him and hoisted him upy to saf dallas cowboys running back ezekiel elliott may have started a new tradition. >> here he is, reverse and more. touchdown cowboys. >> and to celebrate his scoring run elliott took out exactly $21 matching his jersey number and
7:32 am
he d ipped itnto a saltion army kettle. ellit is encouraging fans to do the same. goes back to a game two years ago when he was fined for trying to jump into the kettle. >> this is better option. we begin this half hour with a family feud that began when nfl star aaron rodgers made a generous donation to help people impacted by thees wildf around his hometown of chico, california, which was followed by criticism from his own brother. steve pat pterson with more. >> reporter: a rainy day in aaron rodgers' this is where he played football right behind me. he is joing thousands o people in the holiday spirit who want to give to people that need it the most here, but his donation is coming from criticism from his own family. this morning nfl star aaron rodgers may be feeling the olds ng, no good deed goes unpunished. on wednesday the super bowl
7:33 am
winning quarterback who grew up in chico, california, near the area impacted by the recent major es announced a donation to the devastated community. >> i personally reached out to my friends and the mayor t find out how to be most the most lp. i am donating one million dollars to help with the re rvery anduild of these communities. >> reporter: rodgers has been estranged from his family for years. dug up old family drama his brother responding on twitrr, when yom is home alone during the fires, car packed, ready to evacuate a he missed the fundamental first step of al compassion,ng your parents to make sure they are safe. feverything elseeels like an act. aaron rodgers made it clear to a localbc affiliate this is not about publicity. >> when the lights go off the is a ton of people that need help. that's where we are going to come in with the funds for recovery and rebuilding. >> reporter: the fam feud
7:34 am
came to light in 2016 when jordan was a contestant on the bachelorette. >> we don't have that much of a relationship. it's kind of the w he has chosen to do life. responded at aron the time in a "people" magazine interview, i found it's a little appropriate to talk publicly about family matters so i am not going to sak on those things. some on social media are calling the feud petty.nd people died lost homes. there is a time and a place. this isn't it. >>rothers are supposed to fight. i have an older brother. that's all we did,as fight. that has nothing to do with aaron rodgers. this is about his heart. >> reporter: heart and giving to a community who needs all of the help it can get. and look, if you ask people here, most willell you that the focus needs to be on the survivors and the first reheonders and volunteers. a lot of people, especially now, are having their own family drama, but that donation isd
7:35 am
appreciate here, obviously, guys. back to you. >> thank you. dylan with anoer check of the weather. good morning. >> good morning. you notice it's raining in chico, california, and paradise, californiath too. is much needed rain to help with the fight against the fires. however, when you g the torrential dnpours and there is not a lot of vegetation to soak up the water, this could es lead to mudsl that is the main concern. we need the rain in this part of california and we are going to see the rain last with the flood watches to noon today. this area of low pressure will haturn into will become more of a snowier system across parts of the northern ro aies this will move eastward through the y and then eventually move into parts of the midwest into the weekend again in the chicagy area, especian sunday, we are going to see some of that heier snow sunday night. this is our rainfall expected am you can see northwestern california and east of chicoul end up with 2 to 3 inches
7:36 am
of rain. now here is a peek o your window. well, we are going to stay mostly cloudy to partly cloudy out there today. we do have some rain as we get into your saturday and it could start off as a little wintry mix no our friends in the shenandoah valley. expecting any issues because saturday and sunday we warm into onthe 50s. buty more rain headed our way. today not headed into the 50s. we will be in the 30s. that is it. this morning in the 20s. it's going to be chilly. 38 degrees with a lighter wind expected through t day today. >> and that's your latest forecast. coming up, black friday is already well underway and are a lot of deals to be had. where are the best bargains? we will find out. plus, why eagle eyeans are going crazy for the new live action lion king atrailer. >> the top toys this holiday season. there are gifts for every kid that might give santa a run for his money. and driverseware.
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plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good every day? emerge and see. back now at 7:41n t day after thanksgiving whi happened to mark a somber anniversary. it has been 55 years since president john f kentucky was assassinated. his legacy are still ctivating e nation. it was a sunny fall day in dallas. crowds welcoming the young ir president andst lady, hoping to catch a glimpse of camelot. that sense of hope iir the a shattered in an instant. >> it appears as though mething has happened in the
7:42 am
motorcade booth. >> a flash from "the associated deess," dateline dallas, two priests with pre kennedy say he is dead of bullet wounds. film s almost like the broke in our lives. it broke from one era of glamour and excitement and hope. the future looked very bright, and then it was over in a flash. >> reporter: more than half a century late the poignant images endure as clear as resterday. a psident laid to rest, but the mystery surrounding his death just beginning. over the decades multiple federal investigations pegged ley har oswald as the lone assassin. >> he's been shot. >> reporter: his own murder just d only ter being arres fueling more conspiracy theories. among them, that oswald worked for the cia, the soviet union, or even that the mafia had the president murdered. today more than 60% of americans believe thereore to the story. >> i think that we will never be able to put a period e at the
7:43 am
of the sentence lee harvey oswald acted alone. >> reporter: late last year in keeping with a federal deadline president trum release of thousands of secret government files related to the assassination tweeting at the time, i'm doing this for reasons of full disclosure, transparency, and in order to put any and allac conspy theories to rest. ile some were released, many others were partially redacted largely due to the 11th hour pushback from the cia and fbi. in april, the president giving agencies to october 2021 to review the files, citing identifiab national security, law enforcement, and foreign coirafs tncalerns. t mess. i mean, you can't imagine a more disorderlyelease ohe tse documents about a turning point sn american history. >> reporter: evenany viewed that day as the end of camelot, today a family tradition
7:44 am
continues. jfk's daughter served as ambassador to japan under ma president oba ted kennedy's son, ted kennedyo jr., state sneenator in connecticut. joe kentucky iii a massachusetts congressman with a brighttu . and jfk's namesake, jack, a yale grad who hasn't ruled out following in his grandfather's footsteps. >> my favorite speech explaining to america w we should go to the moon. >> we choose to go to the moon in thiand do the other things n because they are easy, but b >> he said that great challenges are actually great opportunities. so i tnk that's important to remember today. we can rise to the occasion if we choose good leadership. >> reporter: 55 years after one of ameca's darkest day, jfk's legacy still burns bright. y >> gives a sense right now with a new generation of kennedys this is a family we will be talking about for years ahead. it's been 55 years since those
7:45 am
images that have mesmerized the country. >> 55 years later people are still captivated by it. it's so true. e of e are rooting for s them, too, the new ones. >> a lot of questions unanswered. >> all right. next, a new warning. if you a hittinghe road this long holiday weekend how credit card skimmers are stealing your info at the gas station and what too lo to look out for after this. (scream) no! others won't believe it. no! no! and some just won't have the words. (laugh) join t-mobile and get the samsung galaxy s9 free. we look forward to your reactions. (scream) ♪ bum-bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ 1850 coffee. begin boldly. ♪ welcome back. americans are hitting the record in record numbers this thanksgiving holiday. accordi cord to aaa, 54 million people are traveling by car. an important warning for everyone who drives. tammy, good
7:50 am
>> reporter: good morning, guys. it can happen in an instant when you're buying. g thieves use a skimmer to steal your credit card information. it happened at this suburban gas station and now authorities are crking down on this growing nationwide a crime that is exploding. crooks hiding skimmers inside of gas pumps. when you insert your credit card, they steal the number and go on a shopping spe. >> scary. then i know that all of my money, hard working money i gone. >> reporter: it happened to steven in texas. >> i saw charges of $75, $80, and there was three charges on there. >> reporter: this holiday season the secret service finding nearly 200 skimmers n cionwide thld have been used to ring up some $6 million in fraud. >> they are easy to create. they are easy to deploy. hey will get a lot of dat quickly. >> reporter: the agency which protects the president also oversees financial cr.
7:51 am
>> within just a matter of minutes. >> reporter: the secrewservice no trying to protect consumers from this increasingly common type of identity theft. >> it woed be impossi for a consumer to tell if there was a skimmer inside. reporter: it's lucrative, he says, costing consumers more thanli $100 m over the past few years. here in florida, an eagle eyed police officer spotted these two men at 4:00 in w the mornih tools and a skimmer. statewide authorities expect to confiscate as many as 1,000 skimmers this year, up 50% from last year. there are ways to protect yourself at the pump. pay inay cash or inside with a credit card, which is safer than a deb cd. choose a pump closest to the store. and watch your accounts for suspicious charges. some consumers taking precautions. >> i like to go inside and make sure that i authorize all my purchases myself. >> reporter: but others still prefer paying at the pump. >> it's just mor convenient and i feel like the odds of me
7:52 am
getting scammed are pretty low, even though itould happen. >> reporter: most skimmers these days use bluetooth technology, but you can use your smartphone to see if there is a i skimmer the area. simply go to the bluetooth settings. if there is a strange device trying to connect that has a string of numbers or letters, that could be a sign that somebody is using a skimmer. guys, back to you. >> that's good advice. >> yeah, one more thing to think about. >> turn your bluetooth o you are out and about. >> getting gas? >> i just rned mine off.up coming toys hitting shelves this holiday season. if you are doing the buying, the options can be overwhelming. ♪ the united states postal service makes more holiday deliveries to homes
7:53 am
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and we care about amazing taste. because at hellmann's, we've been making the best mayonnaise for over 100 years. black friday your first stop!... with incredible black friday doorbusters! stores open thursday at 5pm... fplus - get $15 kohl's ca every $50 spent! get $17.99 toys... and a nest doorbell or thermostat - just $179.99! kohl's. this is a news4 today news break. >> 7:56 is your time on this friday, november 3, good morning to you. t's get to wtop's dave in your first4 traffic. >> not much of a rush ,ho but an issue on suitland parkway. all inbound lanes are blocked seyond silver hill road. it started a patch of ice.
7:57 am
someone crashed on it and landed in a tree. they have stopped all inbound traffic. watch out for slick spots this morning. that is the latest from the wtop traffic center. back to you. >> thanks, dave. a o checkyour forecast coming up next. stay with us. this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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7:59 am
well, there are a few icy spots out there early on ts friday morning as temperatures everywhere below that freezing mark. headed into the mid-to-upperda s partly sunny skies, lighter winds out there. we will have some rain coming on saturday. we could see up to anf inch rain maybe starting off as a light wintry mix wel west in the shenandoah valley. sunny skies on saturda more rain monday. another news update in 25 minutes.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today."up coming ready, set, shop. >> let's go. >> black friday is officially underway. where are the best bargains? we have your ultimate guide to help you shop smart and sthe holiday season. plus, bringing families together. jenna catches up with hugh jackman and his wife about a cause close to h therts. >> it takes a village. >> yeah. >> i am hap to be a part of the village, very happy. >> she advocates for children around the world. and hakuna tat a. our first look at "the lion king" as the beloved film gets a
8:01 am
star-studdedmakeover. today is friday, november 23, 2018. >> hi to our friends and family in south carolina. >> family trip from lakeland, florida. >> hi mason >> celebrating his 13thhd bi. ♪ >> happy holidays from maine. >> shop till we drop. >> black friday on the plaza, woo! >> welcome back to "today." i'm peter alexander with sheinelle jones. savannah and hoda enjoying a deserved d off. i wish we could get a little better weather today. >> i know. they don't mind. we will say hi to them in a bit. > right to your news at 8:00.
8:02 am
there is a lot of news going on, beginning with black friday shoppers. they have been up early, inome cases all night, hunting for holiday bargains and crossing names off their gift lists. nbc's jo ling kent is in the thick of it in calilernia's glen galleria. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. happy black friday. this a mall iseady buzzing. santa claus is here. fe ydiscounts are in full swin. we are seeing bladay spending on track to be the most ever for this we are talki about $23 billion according to mastercard will be spent today alone.ha and comes from a lot of consumer confidence nearing a two-decade high right now, and some of the products that are best that are bringing people out to come shopping or logging online to make online purchases areec onics. we are talking about deep discounts on televisiood deals on smart speakers and all kinds of electronics out there. others including apparel stores
8:03 am
department stoe slashing their prices significantly. they are trying to continue to keep that foot traffic coming in in this critical holiday season. one of the breakout stars of this black fridayo far has been online shopping. $1.75 billion h been spent, according to adobe. that number of onlinesp ding, that's actually spiked about 30% this year alone. and here is the real takeaway om that. more than half of that online spending, well, it's happening rightur here on smartphones. so mobile really is the big star this hiday season. peter. >> bright and early in california and people are getting after it. good morning to you, jo. good luck. frigid weather across the midwest and northeast is not keeping people indoors. there are sights to see and holiday tours to get ron joins us from central park. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we are at record territory here in the park. we are hovering around 17, 18
8:04 am
degrees, andtuhe tempes dipped overnight down into the single digits in many areas. of course, the windchill, it feels that much worse. this follows thanksgivinic day was one of the coldest in 100 years or so here. records set across the northeast. the macy's thanksgiving day parade here 92 years strong, it was the coldest single parade day ever here inew york, but there were still more than one million people out there,ec sptators bundled up in the cold. those iconic balloons, they had to hold them more tightly because of the gusty winds. they still flew and everybody had a great tute. i was there myself. a really good time to enjoy. be careful if ydi are h on to the roads. in washington state there was a bus accident overnigolving a marching band on a college team there. they were off to pform at a game. the bus flipped on its side. there were some injuries. people were treat and released. no serious injuries. the bottom line is, it's a good day, if you can, tde stay out
8:05 am
or go out shopping. that is what i am going to do right n myself. >> there you go. thank you, ron. rz. president trump isg spend his holiday weekend in florida, but he is managing to keep some controversial issues in the headlines. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is traveling with the president a has the very latest. kristin, goomorning. >> reporter: hi, peter, good morning to you. president trump is capping oid the h week with a quiet day here in florida after a thanksgiving that quickly turned political while he was making members.military the president sounding off on a range of topics, defending his recent order which allows troops at the border to use lethal force under some circumstances. so, threatening to shut down the entire border if it gets out ofontrol. clearly, the border on his mind. he t about it moments ago, peter, writing republicans and demoheats must come tog finally with a major border security package, which will include funding for the wall. after 40 years oftalk, it is
8:06 am
finally time for action. fix the border for once and for all now. but it is not just immigration. the preside weighed into othnt versies, contradicting the cia's assessment that the saudi rabia crown prince ordered the killing of "washington post" com amnist jamal. khashoggi taking aim at chief justice john roberts amid his ongoing fight to get tou asylum laws. he remains here in mar-a-lago through the rest of the weekend. kpeter. >>sten welker in florida today. kristin, thank you. more than two weeks after ie st that devastating wildfire in paradise, california, is now 95% contained. however, officials have confirmed one more fire death brinheng the total t to at least 84. the county sheriff says more ain on the mes r list of those unaccounted for. with more thanme 13,000 destroyed, many displaced families had their thanksgiving meals in emergency el,ters
8:07 am
of the first responders who have been doing such heroic work. good news if a visit to the leanwer of pisa is on your bucket list. a few years ago experts were raid it might soon collapse, but a program to stabilize it apparently is working. engineers say the tower has lost about i 1/2hes from its 13 foot tilt. sn't sound like a lot, but it's significant. it means the tower should be around fort least another 200 years. as long as they don't straighn at all together. hod is not here, but of course we all still want a boost. the holidays are more meaningful than ever for one georgia family thanks to a birthday surprise. this young lady ivy was unwrapping preses from her foster parents when they told her they saved the best for last. >> i'm going to adopted? i
8:08 am
ove you so much. >> i love you. >> foster parents paige and daniel only found that very day they would be able t adopt ivy. it gets better. they were able to adopt her llother and sister as well. so they all be together. >> that is a powerful moment. we have anotherpi ing adoption story for you coming up. after she and her husband hugh jackman struggle to expand their family, they are helping children around the world. >> i am so proud of deb and everything she has done. she taught me so much about how to open you heart. >> you are going to hear from them and some stylish black riday deals you may have missed. a look at the best bargains right after these messages. 's don
8:09 am
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ i'm all for my neighborhood. i'm all for backing the community that's made me who i am. i'm all for my theatre, my barbershop and my friends. because the community doesn't just have small businesses, it is small businesses. and that's why american express founded small business saturday. so, tomorrow, november 24th, let's all get up, get out, and shop small. i got croissant. small business saturday. a small way to make a big difference.
8:12 am
(urgent drumming) ♪ s (drumstickclatter) this morning on today's talker all anybody is talking about is the black friday shopping rush. if you are eager toit the stores, don't head for the door just yet. we have help. jen is here with your ultimate black friday cheat sheet. ite has smart shopping tips before you the sales. good morning. >> good morning. >> before we dig in, the question is, everywhere you go, there are sales, you can go online.ll is it s worth it to go to the stores? > it's worth it for the experience for some people it's a tradition and there are great deals to be
8:13 am
had. cyber monday is a few days awe , but there eat deals online, too, now. it's worth it if there is something you are dying for. >> forf lot people there is a calculation that begins today. do i buy now or wait until later on. help us with the wunlz you should buy now as opposed to thinking they could come down a little bit later. >> sneakers tend to go on sale because it's a slow month. october/november for sneakers, are slower. home appliances. retailers do math this time of year, so they get bigger markdowns. and designer handbags and welry are marked down. >> good message for husbands. >> you know what? it's surprising, cell phones, you say you should wait. i want one now. >> the cell phone deals often comes with a lot ofha strings. yo to act raivate a new carrier. there is a lot of research that eds to go into it. furniture, you can wait to buy. the latest gaming consoles, wait
8:14 am
on those. >> electronics, there is a lot of guys, surely women as well, big fans on the big tvs and those other items right now. is auto now the time for electronics? >> there is great deals on electronics. $500 off some of these lg 55 inch and u tvs. that's a great deal. $100 off a spider-ma bundle. the ps 4 is a new edition. and target will have o $more off the new apple watch series 3. at walmart a fitbit for $50 off. these are things if you really want right now, these are the best deals. >> how about for the home? >> the big trend right now with holiday shopping, smart home stuff is huge. one thing that people love, the dicen cordless. i live for this vacuum. one.s a great and then the smart home things, google home hub. it marked down $99 at target. the ring video doorbell snort home update. $99 at target.
8:15 am
and i think that this is a great deal. thefuge i have film instant camera, gifts for kids -- >> i know so many teenagers who want that. >> yes. >> we get this call when we call friends, what am i going to get my wife or girlfriend or omever, they say fashion beauty which for me is like, you know, right? so what is good advice for folks? >>re deals at some of our favorite retailers and big discounts. 50% off stocking stuffers, pajamas. h 30% off great exist gives and fun little jewelry ac wssories. madel foot locker, great discounts, all on today >> toys and games. an>> a lot of times you to wait for two weeks before, but the hot stuff cou be sol out. if someone wants something, go now.
8:16 am
$89.99 for the amazon fire for kids. 50% at gymboree. amazon 40% off toys. >> critical stuff. >> i know. barbies on that list. and lego set 30% off at kohl's. >> a big difference. d you havee your homework. >> my gosh, my credit card has suffered as a result. oh well. >> for more black friday deals and doorbusters head to dylan is in the orange room for carson, looking ahead head to small biness saturday. a >>ouncer: shop small on today is created with our sponsor american express. small business satury is tomorrow, so get up, get out, and shop small. >> well,or with tw being small business saturday we are working with our sponsor american express to share our viewers' favorite small businesses. april writes syndicate hub finer
8:17 am
men's wear becaus the own rock. they treat every one of their customers like you are their one and only. laura says, dog e books i russellville, arkansas, is full of activities throught the year. and karen says white's fine jewelry in fairmont, west virginia. favorite smallur business and the stories using the #shopsmall. and i got to highl ht some stuff on the upper west side in manhattan got to talk about that is my favorite small business. the running theme i think with all of these small businesses is the service that you get. people like that one on one personal service when you go in and it feels like they know you. >> and they are your neighbors in a lot of cases. >> it's a win all the way around. lots of fun stuff in "popstart." first up, the stars celebrated thanksgiving like the rest of us. gwen stefani and blake shelton cooked a hot cheeto turkey.
8:18 am
>> oh, my god. >> spicy. >> okay. >> cindy crawford and herve famy ded holiday meals to california wildfire victims and . rst responde >> nice >> and madonna shared a rare photo of all six of her children wishing a happy thanksgiving from malawi. nick jonas celebrated india ahead of their upcoming lavish wedding. and jennifer garner of her dressed as a pilgrim. and blake lively shared this post, thanksgiving expectations versus reality. totally nailed it. next, a first look a "the lion king." a thanksgiving surprise, disreleased a teaser trailer. take a look. >> everything the light touches is our kingdom. ♪
8:19 am
♪ >> the nostalgia, i can't wait for i james earl jones returns as mu pass a. it include donald glover and beyonce. we can't wait until summer 2019. finally, through mom's eyes. we are so excited to share the debut of sheinelle's digital series. a different side of celebrities from the women who know them best. their moms. sheinelle sat down with sonia curry. take a look. >> tell me if this is true. i read, i think it was something about steph had a big middle school game or a first middle school basketball game and he didn't do his chores the night before and he didn't get to play
8:20 am
the first game. that's true? true.t is absolutely we only work as a family if everybody does their part. it not my job to do everything for everybody. >> can you say that again? >>ou sorry. >>truck a nerve. >> to see the full interview with sonya head to i love that you are doing this ries. >> talked to ama wahlberg. i have a long list of moms i want to talk wit go to and search for curry. the share some words of wisdom with the rested of us. you successful kids. how did you do it? share the wisdom. >> discipline is a running theme? it is. they are tough cookies. we have to toughen up. a little bit of weather now? >> yes. >> announcer: this sunday night football weather is brought to you by verizon. the unlimited plan you ntwd on the neork you deserve. >> and it's certainly a cold
8:21 am
start to the day. right now it fels l 4 in boston, 12 in new york, 8 below in binghamton.he that is record coldest temperature ever in november for binghamton,ilew york. we continue to see the cold air affect the east coast today. some warmer air willo try move east eventually. today dodge city 64, cleland at 46. on saturday we will see highs in the 50s in st. louis,1 oklahoma city, and then as we go through next week it does get colder back through the plains t warms up a bit sunday and monday. closer to average if not aabouch e average for some. however, i want to point out a big storm system, big in that it packs a punch. winter storm watches, winter storm warnings in effect. we could see a quick four to six inches of snow, especially through iowa and into parts of western illinois, and winds will be gusty that could lead to whiteout conditions. that's a lk at the weather across the country. out our window we have got mostly cloy to partly cloudy
8:22 am
skies depending where you are. today. rain arrives on saturday. then again on monday. but we are warming up this weekend. ugt today t warming into the mid-to-upper 30s. that is it. but again dry tod, looking like a good travel day out there. we do have some rain on the way. that begins tomorrow morning. could pickp an inch before it's said and done byg. sunday morn again those temperatures as we get into the weekend warmer but we have rain at least for saturday. and i know we had a l of football yesterday, but sunda ght is football night in america. the packers versus tik vings. it's a dome game, but for the tailgaters outside it's cloudy, it's cold. 25 degrees a windchill of 14. and that is sunday night, the echo, football night in america right here on nbc starting at 7:00. i'm done. >> sell it! >> i can't. >> come on. >> never too much football. i like it. you may kno hlywood deboree leag man hugh jackman.av
8:23 am
they been married more than 20 years. >> she is an accomplished actress herself and a passionate advocate for adoption rights. she started homeland. >> jenna bush hager sat down with her at here homeland gala to talk about why this cause is so close to her heart. >> reporter: a n power coming together for a good cause. hugh jackman and his wife deborra-lee furness celebrating at her homeland's annual gala, a tnonprofit organization t advocates adopting kids in need and keeping families togethe tell me how awesome this is. >> i am so proud ofeb and everything she has done. she has taught me so much about thw to open your heart. when it comes tis, her heart goes out wherever it needs to go. she is relentless. >> reporter: it's a passion she discovered after she and hue adopted two childrenf their
8:24 am
own. both adopted in the u.s. instead of their original home, >> we tried to adopt in australia and it was too tricky. i said, why is it so hard? and i realized we had a system that was not work, that was not serving children who needed to find familir:. >> reportehen you were trying to adopt in australia and it was so hard, how frustrating was that? for drove me to advocat ten years. we have been at this for ten years. >> reporter: thean frustration struggle paid off and her beautiful family inspired her to create homeland. >> it addresses the big question, why are there so many children that are not living in a permanent family?un ef says there is 157 million kids. >> reporter: 157 million? >> that's orphans. >> reporter: when you hear those numbers, millions of kids that don't have a fam by? >> you know what's really scary? the bulk of them do. most of them dout few dudue to
8:25 am
extreme poverty and war and arillness, these families acce separated. homeland addresses that picture. >> reporter: she takes trips across >> we were in cambodia and i saw a 2-year-old with a group of 7 or 8-year-olds sniffing glue. there were no grown-ups in sight. no parents. i remember it being a shocking moment. i couldn't believe that this was a reality. >> reporter: with her husband by her side, her supporters core together the night. >> we can't do this without board. jumping on >> reporter: hearts filled with hope and determination to make e differ you are a little bit like a kid, right? >> yes. >> reporter: making things happen. >> heah. a lot op. it takes a village. >> yeah. >> reporter: he is a part of it? >> i'm happy to be a part of the village. >> he is amazingly supportive. >> if you want to find out more
8:26 am
about how to help homeland you can do that at our website. fun stuff ahead. we are talking toys after this. good metning. let's to wtop for your first # afc. >> okay, chris, we are talking about slick spots. hasn't rained or snowed in a while. suitland blocked beyond silver hill road. there was a patch of ice that led tosh a cear branch avenue. the northbound ramp from route 4 to the outf loop that patch ice has been treated. two spun out in the woods. they have to clear that wreckage. that's the latest. back to you. >> we will get a check of the forecast kbh we come back. stay with us. w we come back. stay with us. h we come back. stay with us. e we comn we com
8:27 am
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you won't miss the deadlines. having the confidence of something that's never gonna go down would be priceless. right now, get fast reliable internet for a low price. sign up and get a $300 pre-paid card. comcast business. beyond fast. well temperatures out there right now everybody below that freezing mark. upper 20s in dca rig we are headed to the mid-to-upper 30s for daytime highs, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy out there.
8:29 am
rain expected tomorrow andnd . good travel day on sunday. then next week looking dry. >> anks, lawyer- bundle up out there. get the latest news anytime in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
this friday morning, november 23, 2018, we hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. there are so many people outside here on the plaza this morning. >> you guys are brave! >> and it is freezing here. i guess they don't even care. so we have a special crowd moment thisorning. where is beth? beth? is this beth? you're beth? how are you? >> wonderful. >> we are highlighting you because iear you are a teacher from north carolina? >> i am. >> tell everybody at home about this sign that you brought from
8:31 am
dixon elementary. >> this sign was created by my students 20 years ago when i came for my 40th birthday to be onthe today show." i was so excited. they used their fingerprints tof make the tai the peacock. >> now you still have it? >> yes. >> and you are back the plaza? >> celebrating my 60th. >> happy birday to you. >> thank you. >> and thank you for coming. thank you all of you guys for coming. woo! >> 20 years later. >> it is cold one. so glads you are here, by the way. coming up, you know what it's like when t kids get their toy, that face lights up. that great moment. we srted a little bit early. i gave one to my kid yesterday. we will talk about that later. the hottest new holiday gifts before they ed up fly off the shelves. and coming up in the fourth hour, someal extra spe steals wnd deals from jill martin. she will sho kathie lee and hoda theig bargains we have missed. >> but if you are about sports
8:32 am
over the thanksgiving holiday we ve theyou, nfl's thanksgiving show down today when the rangers take on the flyers at1:00 p.m. eastern. >> they couln t plaza toda >> exactly. let's check on the weather. >> announcer: today's weather is brought t y by allstate. are you in good hands? >> okay. n is extremely cold and it is going to stay colde northeast for another day. as we go into saturday we are going to start to see warmer e temperatures m in. it comes with some rain though. possibleelays across parts of the mid atlanta and denver with some on sunday the best chance of seeing heavier snow is southeastern iowa, western illinois. chicago is on the rain/snow line. we couel see airports there and the highways could be messy not just because of the falling snow ando four six inches of snow possible, but c windsld gust up to 40 miles
8:33 am
per hour. if you are planning on traveling in tt area onunday you might want to wait until monday, wait until tt storm passes or leave early if you are sick of the family, frankly, o thursday. here is a pick out your window. out our window we have got plen clouds. temperatures are in the upper 20s. 2sten, we are going to stay in the upper at least until noon and then we will move into the mid-to-upper 30s for daytime highs today. we will get some sunshine later on, but lighter winds out there oday, especially compared to yesterda now, again, if you are traveling, no weather concerns. we have rain all day torrow. that's why i suggest not decorating tomorrow. it will be more milds in the up 50s. maybe save it to then. running errands, not that b t ouhere today. >> and that is your latest foreca. sheinelle. this morning on today's hassle free holidays, a top toy list. today is one of the biggest
8:34 am
shomg days of sh day of the year, after all. looking at that teleprompter, but then you can't see me. >> if you need to buy gifts for game-loving kids, we have done r the work you. liz has tested the top toys that you are going to want to get today. good morning. thanks for b >> good morning. we had 70 real kids test these toys. so we know the ones that won annoy adults and will be wow presents. >> they are consumed right now, the kids this morning. where do we start? >> you lead the way. >> let's start off with pomsies. for $15 this furry creature tor wear on y wrist, your backpack. >> the kids love it. >> yeah, a ponytail. when you pet him, he makes noises and his eyes light d up wiferent emotions. youtubeti sen ryan, his youtube channel is crazy popular. they cannot keep these eggs in the red is in target. what you do is you unbox it. it's a surise reveal toy.
8:35 am
> kids love surprises, don't they? >> they love that. they get to unbox like ryan an youtube. >> ryan made like $11 million last year. >>es. fo the hard to buy for between on your list we have ao l kit. harry potter hogwarts castle, okay? so you have ten of the real characters. it's a must-have for any hogwarts fan. >> what are these guys? >> all right. so fingerlings are back this year. >> oh, fingerlings? >> yeah, they were monkeys last year. this is the untamed line. we have a saber tooth tiger, a t dinosaur, ay growl. but then the more you pet them, the nicer they become. >> seriously? >> yeah. it's very cute. >> do they stop growling? >> that's right. >> all right, next, here is the thing, radio flyeray alws popular. >> radio flyer has a ride-on toy. >> what's up, guys? thanks for being here. it's also a push walker.
8:36 am
and the secret here is that the seats open up. >> that'cute. >> so kids love hiding things. if your remote or phone goes missing, check that out. >> whatbout this one? >> fisher-price came out with this. it's a huge hit with preschoolers and parents. you can play original music. there is 15 instruments and you layer on the sound to be a rock star. >> so we are playing with that all morning long right? >> this guy is mesmerized by that. >> the parents loved it as much as the kids. >> it has a volume, so parents control the noise. >> when i walked i i was mesmerized by rapunzel. my daughters are smitten by rapunzel. >> this is play date rapunzel. she is 32 inches tall. yo child, if is a disney princess lover, go to play date.
8:37 am
>> she can do whatever she wants with it. >> brush for hours. >> i am going to have a text message when this segment ends. >> i just ordered this off of amazon. my daughter clara is having a heyday. >> okay. so this ishree feet tall. barbie's dream house this year three stories. a few modern additions. an elevator that works. wait a minute. i have the most adorableittle girl over here. >> get on tv! >> i mean, i'm just saying she is cute. okay. >> and then down to the pool. and it even hasolar panels. >> she went back to play. okay. >> madison. >> hi, madison. >> are you here to play? this is10 our gift. big bubbles. >> this is cool. >>? slickricks bubbles. i am going to blow some bubbles at madison. >> try it? ooh! >> get it. >> you can have bubbles within bubbles. yo could spend days on youtube
8:38 am
figuring out the tricks. >> i have children crawling over my feet, fyi. i love it. >> if you w to find out more -- hey, guys, thank you so much. jenna sayso hank youch. she is lost in bashly at this point. to find out about these hot toys and the great games here go to the reunion between two grieving parents and the stranger who got the gift of dafe thanks to their daughter. first, this is "toy" on nbc. what's this? turkey sliders. and these... are cranberry shooters. woo! this year, i'm turning thanksgivingin fastgiving. get you people out of here as fast as possible so i can get ready for black friday. could you pass the pumpkin nachos?
8:39 am
havertys black friday sale is here. save up to 35% with early bird specials. plus, be one of the first in the door and win instant scratch-off savings. one lucky person in each store wins $1,000. havertys life looks good
8:40 am
k at 8:40. when eless kind of gift thank you can never adequately express enough gratitude. >> as nbc's kerry sanders tells us, ae second cha at life. >> reporter: the anguish of a
8:41 am
parent's loss never fades. david and nina's 19-year-old an daughter britty died last year in an auto accinent. a moment you will understand why this woman, a 28-year-old stranger, came through the door, waved, smiled,tand hugged br's parents. >> no, you're okay. >> reporter: the shared tears. >> i get one. >> reporter: nvous laughter. >> good to meet you. >> reporter: the rarest of connections forged by a decision brittany made whenhe got her driver's license. brittany signed upn to be a org organ donor, and that stranger, rachel ward,hose heart was failing because of exposure to a rare virus, isli today because she received brittany's donation. >> i fee like already know you. >> i know, right? >> it's the way we feel. >> repter: and at thi first ever meeting a moment brittany's
8:42 am
parents never dreamed of. >> it sounds so strong. >> yeah. it sounds rbeautiful. orter: listening to their daughter's still beating heart now in rachel's chest. >> i never listened to her heart until now. nice, big, strong heartbeat. >> i felt a tremendous amount of love. i am so happy to hear it. but i'm so happy that it's there for you. >> reporter: getting to this point is rare. >> can you find words? >> full of gratitude. >> you have her heart? >> yes. >> don't know. >> she knew a big part of her life was to help mine. families,er: for donor a loved one's heart next life
8:43 am
remains a mys try. afte transplant, after waking up and feeling those first heart beats, rachel began to wonder. >> i was curious from the start. ow?reporter: you wanted to >> yeah. i just felt like a huge connection to it for some reason. >> reporter: knowing that you had a woman's heart? >> yes. >> reporter: you knew her age, but nothing else? >> yes hello. my name is rachel. i am the one that received the gracious gift of a heart donation from your lov one. >> reporter: she wrote a blind letter. >> by the age of 20 i grew very ill, with whiou we out i had an unknown virus attack. >> repter: which was apasspassen to brittany's parents. th letter showed up on a day that would have been brittany's 20 birthday. >> i feel her always with me. every sunset i see, every beauty or kindness that i come across or give. >> i know she is a witness to it
8:44 am
all. >> reporter: forever thankful, rachel speaks from her new heart. number one thing this has taught me is to stay present in every momen and every day. whenever you a whatever you are doing, stay present. that's all you are promised. >> reporter: a family lost. a selfless donation making for strangers no more. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, atlanta. >> a beautiful story. >> it's so powerful. but sharing it as py,erful. hopefu there are other families that choose to make the decision she did. we are so grateful. thwanted to spread the word about organ donation. brittany sav three lives by donating her heart, lungs, liver, and improved the lives of others by donating her corneas and even bone. >> godm.less t we will be right back. this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
. ♪ >> we are back and we are wrapping up the 15-year celebration of our annual thanksgiving series about st. ju's children's research hospital. >> marlo thomas is with us today. of course, she i the national outreach director and patients are with us. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> we have a significant day here. we have the patients with you, which is the basis for this. this is the reason we do this each year. we have the families from the st. jude community. they are giving these away to ouodplaza crowd. orning to all of you braving the cold >> and our thanksgiving campaign. e have had beautiful stories all week long. nowet time for our viewers to take action. when they go shopping? >> what do you lo?
8:48 am
yok for this logo and all these people are he goodguys. we are talking about best buy and kmartnd ann taylor and brooks brothers and dominoes he tzza. they ask you give a dollar to the children at st. jude's. please do that. this is the time of year for gratitude and generosity, to give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. that's what our thanksgiving am pain is abo. this is a big day. we start shopping for christmas and hanukkah today. >> talk about why you have committed so much e to this to help young people. >> because we are doing research that cures all these children and the research is all over the country. so childrenin in everye city in this country are being benefitted b st. jude's. as my brother tony says, our laboratories might not be iur yocity, but our research certainly is. >> absolutely. you guys have had great opportunities. tell me what you want people at
8:49 am
home to know. w who got to hang out with andy grammer? >> yes. >> tell me do you want people to know. >> hanging out with andy grammer was like the world. he can sing good. >> both of you gs did? >> yeah. >> so fun. >> yeah, he can sing good. he is funny. >> he is awesome. >> and what do you want people at home to know this morning? wh is important about supporting st. jude's? >> you're a cancer survivor? >> yes. >> what do you want people to know? >> donating for saint sbrut. ju you donate one dollar, that can save a kid's that's what matters. >> amen. aren't these kids precious? >> ye. they are stronger than any other kids i the world because they have been through a lot and they are brave and compassionate a they take care of the other children who are just steating their ent. >> anything big on your christmas list? it's your chance to make a pitch. puppy. >> anx. x >> xbox we can talk.
8:50 am
puppy we might need to work on, okay? >> we can't stress this enough. families don't have to pay a penny, right? >> that's what ts thanksgiving program is about because nobody pays at st. jude's for anything. not for travel or housing or food or treatme. and so t money we raise pays for all of that for these childrenou >> we thank you have committed so much time and effort. we are always proud to share these stories. so many of these peopleby benef those efforts. look at them making their ornaments there. >> get out there, american shoppers, and spend some money for st. jude's. >> tnk you so much. really quickly, why are you so passionate about these kids? >> because i see the kids get better. onceou see them show up with terrified eyes and death sentences from other hos ttals andn i see them six, seven months later going home, that drives me. the passion of these kids getting better. look at her. she has hair. >> i know. we are going to get you that
8:51 am
puppy. i'll work we will talk to santa for you. >> yes. >> and the xbox. ou so much >> we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> all right. let me say hi to these kids over here. ak
8:52 am
the holidays me me look forward to chick-fil-a honestly. every year we have an ugly sweater party. i like the manatee. that one is cute. i love this. we cater it with chick-fil-a. the crowd pleaser. scott's always so helpful. while the food's coming out as quickly as we can, since she usually has a small child with her, we want to make sure we help them to their car.
8:53 am
it takes the stress out of the holidays. we're going to help no matter what. scott, here's a present. it's my own ugly sweater! it's dinos! you'd win the prize. you think i win? you win the prize! we lot to celebrate this thanksgiving weekend, including some b birthdays. al is off, so dylan, we give you the honors. >> holidays, birthdays, celebrating it all. so let's spin around the smucker's jars and meet some veryeoweete. first up, happy 103rd birthday to ada sincaglia. she has seven grandkids and 15 eat grandkids. irvin of bismarck, nor dakota, 101 years. he served our country during world war ii. we, of course, thank you for your service. the happy 100th birthday to helen win friday, a retired f
8:54 am
nursem los angeles, california. the secret to longevity is eating chocolate. a nurse says tet. >> i'll that advice. >> eddie stringer is the assistant pastor at her church. ezra is from jennings, louisiana. proud mom is celebrating 105 years. she says surrounding yourself with loved one is the secret to longevity. and last, happy 100th birthday to dorothy hood. she works inounty government and didn't retire until she was 76. if you know someone celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary tell us about them at >> good stuff. >> 100 years young at this point. >> my grandma just celebrated 101 years. t why did we celebrate? >> we did it last year. we are back here tomorrow for "today." a heads up about what's coming up. >> we are all ab thanksgiving is over, all about the shopping.
8:55 am
we will see how blblack friday ho small businesses are reaching out to customers around the wor on small business saturday. also looking ahead to cyber monday. >> t on "sundayay," willie talks to hugh jackman about a career thatncluded wul ver seen and p.t. barnum. of course, the travel troubles. the forecast. >> enjoy those >> we hope you had a great holiday and have a great day ahead. >> happy shoppinca >> your lol news is next.
8:56 am
this is a news4 today news break. >> 8:56 is your time on this friday, november 23. good morning. let's get right to wtop's dave dildine in your first4 traffic. >> the crash ontl sd parkway ended up being pretty serious. the ip bound lanes are now closedetween silver hill road and branch avenue. it occurred near the green line bridge and unfortunately the
8:57 am
investigatio is ongoing. probably going to revolve around that patch of no traffic trubls around the beltway. back to you. >>. than we will get a check on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
everybody below that freezing mark right now are only taking the temperatures mid-to-upper 20s today. o mostly cloud there. we have a chance for rain tomorrow. could start off as a light wintry mix in the shenandoah valley. not expecting any issues because look at that temperature to rrow, turning to plain rain. mid-to-upper 50s on sunday. more rain on monday. dry next week. >> great. u can get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app.
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from studio6a, this is "today." [ applause ] >> good morning, everyone. i'm jenna bushr, ha here with sheinelle and our friend, willie. also, our good friend, stephanie ruhle. good morning, y'all. >> goo>>morning. thanksgiving is done. you know what we move on to? >> christmas. the holidays. >> you waste no time. my tree is going up asap. >> today?n >> as s as possible. don't make me commit to today. >> exactly. >> we want toalk about holiday cocktails and burning calories. they go hand in hand. tu have a cocktail and you have to burn


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