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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 28, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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it will be for you as well. cold temratures are settling in and the wind will make it that much colder. >> feels like the dead of >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it is a good dayo break out a puffy coat, hat, gloves, scarf. omlissa mollet is standing by with your cte and we want to begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it is brutal out there. even i wore my puffy coat into work today. serious. it i a frigid northwest wind out there this morning. one of our weather watchers saw snowflakes flying this morning. this cold northwest flow could bring in a quick little passing snowflake or two. they won't have time to settle down on the ground but they may be flying through your field of view. you can see snow showers confined to the northern and western corner of the news 4 nation.
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i haven't seen any around town. there could be a few snowflakes inarts of northern montgomery county and it's cold. reezing ures near the mark. you factor in that wind. wind chills will stay in the 20s all day today and a precious small rise in temperatures barely i making above 40 for a high today and winds could gust as much as 50iles per hour. high profile vehicles, hold on tight, melissa. good advice. taking a lookhe at beltway before the american legion bridge, right lane blocked by a work zone. springfiel after braddock road, two right lanes getting by there. when you look at 66 and 95, no big problems. earlier road work is now gone. alexandria outbound after king street two left lanes getting by that work zone. northbound blocked by a work zone t95re. a look a in maryland there. it's 4:01. we hope t learn more about the lockdown situation at walter reed. >> security and montgomery
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county police swarmed the medical center tuesdayenfternoon n alert went out for an active shooter. it turned out to be aalse alarm. part of rockville pike was shut down. take a look at this. inopper 4 you can see staff exiting build 19 with their hands up. standard procedure there. people at theic m center were told to shelter in plac after a short time the navy announced the alert was meant to be usedor a future drill but was sent by accident and did not have the words exercise or drill. maryland congressman was there at the time. >> a lot of people in the room were upset.s there woman next to me who was crying because she couldn't pick up her daughter from school, she couldn't get aholde of husband or anyone. there was a lot of emotion and anxiety. >> the congressman wants to find out how an alert like this one could have been sent out in steps are being taken to be sure it doesn't happen again.
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happening on i-66 drivers can expect extra stops and slow traffic in gainesville for blasting toda 's expected to happen between 11:00 and noon. the one eastbound lane could be stopped as well. state police will start slowing cars around 11:00 and stop traffic for blasting. the stops could last up to 15 minutes. this is all part of the i-66 outside t beltway project expected to be completed during 2022. the trial for jes fields jr. will begin today. he's the man accused of driving his car into a field of rs proteste. he was a group of large white st nationalists ping the nemoval of the confederate statue. ws 4'sulie kerry will be there for the trial. you canheck out her reports on news 4 at 4:00. the fbi saysreate crimes on the rise across the country. it's a trend now confirmed in
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ou area, too. the fbi says in virginia and fairfax county in particular, the number of incidents spikeda nely 50% last year in response community and state leaders gathered to come up with ways to reverse the trend. one of those involvedth in talks is jeff dannick. he is the executive director of the jewish community center. he says the synague massacre in pittsburgh is a warning for everyone. >> the fac that pittsburgh happened a week later makes us feel like spray paint is the tip of the iceberg and that anything ise possi now. >> also at the table virginia ritorney general mark herng is working to strengthen laws against hate crimes in virginia. it's 4:04. now to a story that has 'skins fans talking. a repeat domestic violence suspect is set to join the roster. his most recent arrest was
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saturday. news broke yesterday that the 'skins hadui ared him. reports came outol thate were called last month for another incident between foster and the same woman. 'skins fans have mixed reactions e this team addition. >> if you h history of battery or violent behavior, you should not be involved withny sort of organization because you pose a risk to that organization and their fellow employees. >> got a lot of alabama players on the roster that might be able to corral him and utilize him. he's ale . >> the 'skins released a statement saying in part, quote, they fully ndunders the severity of the recent allegations made against reuben. if true, you can be sure those allegations are nothing our organization would ever condone. theniversity of maryland is trying to assure students that they are safe after more cases o adenovirus were reported. a freshman died from that deadly view.
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>> justin: last week. now that there are nine conf med recentcases, medical experts are calling it an outbreak. it starts as a common cold and is sometimes mistaken as one especially dangerous for people who have weakened immune systems. it has a question about whether the mold in dorms has any connection to the virus. students live on and off campus. the university says it's doubling its efforts t sure services are clean at all times. the final results from decision 2018 are in. -smith winscindy hy the runoff election in mississippi. hyde-smith is the first woman from mississippi elected to this race gripped the nation after hyde-smith said she would attend a state hanging if invited. she eventually apologized. hyde-smith said she w because voters knew she was joking. >> the reason we won is because
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mississippians know me and they know my heart. >> she thanked president trump who campaigned for her this week. she will s the final two years of retired senator cochran's term. more trouble this morning for paul manafort. day after prosecutors accused him of lying and violati his plea deal there is a new report from "the new york times." it says after agreeing to cooperate with special counsel, one of manafort's lawyers actively started briefing the president's attorneys on what manafort told t special counsel. the times describes the move as unusl but not illegal. trumpmes also sai attorney rudy giuliani acknledged the arrangement. they have not independently confirmed this report. today the anc in northwest d.c. will vote to rename a
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ortion of new hampshire way as jamal khashoggiway. it's where the saudi embassy is. he walke into the saudi consulate in turkey on october 2nd and according to investigators was murdered and dismembered. they say the crown prince ordered khashoggi's murder. president trump has decided not to punish the crown prince over the d.c. may see a major increase in dockless scooters and bike share cycles. according to wtop nearly a dozen thmpanies have applied for the permit. will be allowed to have 100 to 600 of them ont the str if approved. the national archivesar is ying its wedding policy this morning. this after reports the weekend wedding of joe scarborough and mika brew zin ski may have broken the rules. a reportasn thengton city
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paper said that was against policy that bars the use of the rotunda for private events. the archives said it started a rewrite of those regulations ina 20 scarborough and brew zin ski are the first couple to be married under the rules. the sting was symbolic given our roles and what we stand for as a couple. it was a memorable night and we're thankful for the national archives and the national archives foundation staff for agreeing to host our wedding. >>4:09. we turn to breaking news from australia concerning weather there. >> sydney experiencing flooding from heavy range. angie goff is at the live desk with new video. angie? >> yeah, want to put this into perspective for you. sydney has received rain levels the city would normally get through the entire period of november. take a look at this. streets are completely flooded 'there. i can believe they're driving through this. hundreds of people are withouti electr
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adding to the chaos, sydney airport has age mes to alert travelers of delays and cancellations. the airport says 130 flights are canceled or delayed. one australian officials telling right thae reutals that this is a rai they would expect every 100 years. it's now 4:10. the white hou will feel much more festive in a few hours. >> but what you'll probably notice is the gridlockwndown the national right thering ceremony is set for this afternoon. vi lo fromt year's festivities. this causes traffic jams every year. it might be ad goo idea to take metro. here's a look at the roads around the whiteil house that be closed today. that's not it. s that are shut down start closing at noon and will last until 8:00 tonight. the actual tree lighting is scheduled for about 4:30 in the afternoon. obviously we're talking, you know the roads that wl be closed, constitution, 17th.
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>> it happens f every day the tree lighting ceremony down there. watch out. still ahead on "ws 4 today," aaa reveals the shocking findings about elderly drivers and road safety. plus, a potential break through in c treatment. a new medication that may be able to treat nearler 20 dit types of tumors. chuck. >> good morning, un. the increase and could have gusts near 50 miles an hour today.
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welbame . 4:14. now to a potentially
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milestone -- potential milestone in cancer eatment. the food & drug administration has approved a drug that can be used to treat a wide range of cancers. the treatnt is basn a tumor's genetic mutation rather than its location in the body. the drug is called latractonib. it could have a major impact on the way doctors treates 17 t of cancer. it is taken twice a day. >> when you can figure out at th genetic level what makes a cancer tick, what's driving its growth, and if you have a drug that effectively intervene that, then you can see dramatic and almost immediate responses. >> in trials some patients with otherwise incurable cancers saw their tumors disappear within. da the treatment is for patients who have exhausted otheranptions the tumor must be tested to ee whether they carry the genetic mutation. statistically they are the fastest drivers on the road but
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the medications taken many older drivers p could beutting everyone at risk. aaa looked at thousands of older tdrivers and foundt half were taking at least seven medications. researchers say one in five of thens medicat reported could potentially impair a person's driving ability. there arha more tn 40 million ver the in this country age of 65. we're working 4 you this morning with some tips on how to still enjoy the deep holiday discounts. travel experts say this week is a good time to find cheap airfare or tok down the holiday trip. experts say one big money savtig is to book your flight and atel at the same time. >> therage savings for booking a fligpackage on price is 40%. there ar flash sales and often it's not to the destination that you want. if you are flexible on your
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destination and your travelti me, you can find fares up to % 90 off. another simple way is to download apps like hopper, line, kayak, many offer extra deals and savings. they he the exclusive deals, at least that's what they say, there. if you're willing to go somewhere else at a time you don't want to travel. >> you have to travel in the middle of april to -- >> some people do that. part of the holiday season funs tting to play santa, apparently. you could soon become a grinch when you realize you have to go to the post office. >> we have a deadline st. december 14th, that is the deadline for retail ground shopping. december 20th is the deadline ndfor first class priority mail. and december 2 2 nnd is the
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day for -- >> are you going to wait that long? >> yes. >> for all ofroou past at this nators, fed ex does offer same day shipping c onistmas day. expect toecay a whole h of a lot. >> i tried. >> no. >> i did. >> how much>> they don'thip everywhere. i couldn't get anything to anderson, south carolina, that year. >> wow. i have gone to the post office on decembe5th and saw the line out the door and stood in it. there all you have to do to scroll through facebook -- all you have o do to realize we're officially in proposal season, that time of year. between n and february nearly half of annual engagements are set to happen. cording to the website the knot some of this year's proposal trends include destination proposals, using ae furry f and something that's not so new is asking for members.on from family the average time spent planning a proposal is 4 1/2nt .
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>> what? >> this is what's happened in the age of social media you just can't be with your beloved and proposed. you have to have a plan and signs.ans and your dog has to get involved. >> i waited until the day before ic and i actually tied the knot before he actually proposed. n we were already in paris. > so you said we might as wel have a wedding at this point? >> we knew we were getting married. it was just weird. i've agreed but i had never been asked the question yet. >> i'm glad he asked. >> he was so close to the dog house. >> oh, come on. all right. it is a cold and windy start to the day. winds not too much of an issue now. don' get me wrong. there is enough of a breeze you'll need to layer . mid 30s for temperatures, mid 20s for wind chills. winds northwest. that's the sustained wind. gusting over 25 miles per hour
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already. wind chills across the area are in the mostly 20s now. 20 the current wind chill in gaithersburg, 24 in leesburg. 20 the wind chill in quantico. don't expect a big jump in temperatures. e winds will howling and will be increasing between now and then. what to wear for thekids. the winter coat, hat with tie downs. kids under 50 pounds, rocks in the pocts for today or you risk losing them altogether. winds out of the northwestbr wi g an occasional snowflake or snow shower or two. not looking for anything to accumulate. wind and relatively warm grouped will keep in accumulations to near zero. there are snowflakes flying throughirhe across parts of frederick county, maryland. northern parts of montgomery county and even parts of th shenandoah as well. do not worry about dreaming the name for the snow man. there will not be snow man making snow today. here's future weather, you c get the attempt at the passing
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snow shower or two. that's going to be it. the realssue will be the cold. near 40 degrees for a high today. you can getwf skes at 40 degrees. you just can't get them to accumulate. very windy today. gusts potentially as much as 50 mile per hour less wind. a little more sunshine tomorrow. clouds back on friday. risk of a shower friday evening. most of saturday's rain chance as of now comes in after lunchtime. sunday, melissa mollet, could be briefly close to 70. >> that is so strange. this weath k has beend of whacky. article ton southbound 395, the mp to washington boulevard had the ramp blocked. looks like that's gotten out of the way. outbound 395 after king, two left lanes getting by the work zone there.66 95 in virginia, 95 in maryland, 32 down the beltway. going to get there in ten minutes. no major issues onhe t
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you're watching "news 4 today." this morning we're working for you with some tips for anyone traveling f the holidays. if you haven't made a room reservation yet or booked your c ticket, theck is ticking. news 4's justin finch spoke to an expert about ways you can relieve those travel headaches before they happen. >> reporter: the s holidaysm to hit us back to back. flying with small children or big bags ofpresents. you may want to go ahead, pay the fee and check some luggage -- she has booked travel
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for years. >> if you're an aaa member, any type of membership, people have a lot. a>> for low room rate she says your best bet is to call the hotel directly. that could pay off for a deeper discount. >> if you can turn on the charm and develop a rapport, people want to help. >> reporter: if hotel rates ice you out, try airbnb. so start now. justin finch, news 4.
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tuesday morning, i don't o knowhat this is but i the weather alert today, wind gusts should be in the 4 to 50-mile-per-hour range. we'll have more weather coming right up. i'm alex trebek here to tell you
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 wther alert. right to that weather alert at 4:29. the winds are picking up as we wake up on this wednesday. look at our flag blowing out there in thend, and they are going to get stronger as we get your day started. hold on to your hats and your hair pieces. i'm quoting chuck bell. >> yes. >> and theou rocks in pockets. so many chuck bellisms out there. >> yes. i'm aaron gilchrist. if you're getting ready to head ouor the take a second, grab t extra layer.
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i wrapped a scarf around my head. >> no pictures? >> no. it's a scarf. >> i like how y got the useless in there. >> nobody caught that but you? >> no, you didn't. >> i got it and he's gonna get it. melissa will tell us about the roads. chuck, why don't you start us off. >> very windy this morning. these winds are only going to t stronger during the daylight hours. once the sun comes up it will mix the winds at higher speeds at higher altitudes.he onceun gets up it mixes up the atmosphere and it mixes the stronger winds down the surface. a wind advisory posted for all of t h daylightrs today for all of the immediate d.c. metro area, points north, west, the shenandoah valley. winds could gust 40 to 50 miles per ur. winds that strong could easily bring down a big branch or tree. scattered powerot outage


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