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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 28, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what do you have? >> the wind is the real issue. we've been colder than tass in the couple of weeks, but we've not had this much of a combinatio of cold and wind for a while. 35 degrees in washington now. northwest winds are averaging 15 but gusting to in some places m over 30es per hour and the sun's not even up yet. once thet sunrises will actually mix down some of the stronger winds aloft. all the way down to the surface. so a blustery and windy day for sure. wind chills have been pushed back into the apper teens low 20s. so layer up. the wind advisory from the weather service just expanded minutes ago to include prince william and crles county. basically sun up to sun down. gusts up0 near miles per hour this afternoon. radar showing a few snow showers ross northern maryland and the blue ridge. not expecting any accumulating
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snow. your winter coat hat with a ty down and kids under 50 pounds unless you have at lst two o those, rocks in the pobts today. hold on tight. high only 43. >> chopper 4 showing southbound bw parkway at 97, little bit of a sl disabled vehicle on the right side of the road. in laurel, southbound 95 at the itc, have a brand-new crash reported. going to check that out. the beltway lookskay as we zoom in here's an issue that's going to cause a lot of problems if this doesn't get fixed quickly. northwest, klara barton parkway, traffic lights are short timing causing big backups. arlington eastbound 66 after the roslyn tunnel, disabled vehicle there. guys? >> all right. melissa, thank yo 6:01. today we are hoping to learn more about the lockdown situation at walter ed. >> security and montgomery county police swarmed thel medinter tuesday afternoon when an alert went out for an active shooter.
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it turned out to be a false part of rock wall pike was shut down. you can see the staff exiting building 19 with their hands up as a standard procedure. people at the medical center were told to shelter in place. after a short time the navy nounced the alert was meant to be used for a future drill but was sent by accident and did not have t words exercise or drill. maryland congressman was there at the time. >> a lot of people r in them were upset. there was a woman next to me crying because she couldn't pick school andhter from she couldn't get ahold of her husband or anyone. there was a lot of emotion and anxiety. >> congressman wants to find out how an alert like this one could have been sent out in err and what steps are being taken toe make s it doesn't happen again. happening today on i-66, drers can expec some extra stops and slow traffic in inesville for some blasting today. it's scheduled to happen between
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11:00 and noon today for thebo wed lanes. the one eastbound lane could be stopped too. w state polil start slowing cars around 11:00 and stop traffic for theng blas the stops could last up to 15 minutes. this is all part of the i-66 outside the beltway project which is expected to be completed by the end of2022. he trial for james fields will begintoday. he's the man accused of dri ing his carnto a crowd of protestors inte charlsville killing heather hyer. hyer and the others were there toatrotest thathering of white nationalists news julie kerry will be tt therial today. you can look at her live reports beginning at news 4 on 4. the fbi says hate crimes are on the rise across the country. it's a trend now confirmed in ea our too. the fbi says in virginia and fairfax county in particula the number of incidents spiked nearly 50% lastear. in response, community leaders
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me up with ways to reverse the trend. jeff dannick say his community center has been targetedtwice. the massacre at the pittsburgh to gogue is a warning everybody. >> the fact that the pittsburgh massacre happened it makes us feel like spray paint is the tip of theiceberg and anything is possible now. >> you see virginial ttorney generk herring is working to strengthen laws against hate virginia it's a story at that has redskinsans talking this morning. a repeat domestic violence playerxpsted to join the roster. we have details and reactio c fris lawrence. >> reporter: yeah, they're getting a lot of blow back, rut thskins apparent bely talked to a lot of their own players who used to play with
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reuben foster in college at alabama and they spoke highly of him. what's not car is if team ficials ever picked up the phone and called the tampa police w o arrested fosterr the weekend. that arrest happened at the grand hyatt hotel when the 49ers were in town to play the buccaneers. in that polic report foster'sai girlfriend he slapped the phone out of her hand, pushed her in the chest and then slapped her in the face with his open hand. this isn'tir thest time he's had a run-in with the ualaw. inry he was arrested for marijuana possession and february in california in his home for fellowfuy domestic violence charges. that involved the same girlfriend but those charges were dismissed when she recanted her story. needles to say, the redskins claiming him off wavers will promote some pretty intense reaction. >> if u have a history o battery or violent behavior, yoh
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ld not be involved with any sort of organization because you pose a riskrg to thatization and their fellow employees. >> got a lot of abama players on the roster that might be able to corral him and utilizehim. he's a talent. >> reporter: well, the team's executive doug williamsaid the redskins fully understand the severity of the m allegationse against reuben. if true, you can be sure this is nothing our organization would ever ndone. they g on to say he'll have to go through the legalpr ess, nfl investigation and meet with redskins team counselors before he wouldr be allowed to suit up. reporting live, chris lawrence, news 4. f06. thal results from decision 2018 are in. republican cindy hyde-smith won the run-ofio ele in mississippi. this race gripped the nation in
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partfter hyde-smith praised a supporter and said she would a atte public hanging i he invited her. duri her acceptance speech she said she won because voters knew she was joking. >> the reason she won is because mississippians know me and thek my heart. >> she also thanked president trump who campaigned for her this week. more trouble this morning for former trump campaign nager paul manafort. a day after he was accused of lying and violating his plea deal,here is new report and onef the lawyers started brfg them about what told the they desed the move as unusual but not illegal. trump attorney rudy giuliani
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acknowledged the arrangement. nbc news has not confirmed the detailpo of this . we are getting breaking news from indiana concerning ava ating house fire. angie goff is live at the help desk. this is just awful. six people including four children are dead after this house fireap thatned overnight into the early morning. we're looking at video from the scene in logansport. firefighters got that call just before 2:00 this morning. they say that two people did make it out of the home, two adults. they told first responders about the six others, including the children, who were still inside. they believe that the victims, the kids, are between the ages of 2 months old and 10 years old. they tried to get into the home, but the flames were tooin nse. the deputy said he did not hear smoke alarms. ep in mind, the holiday season is the most dangerous time for house fires.ou ifo to the nbc washington
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app and search fire safety, you're going to find a ton of sources to hel prevent situations like this. they're still investigating how the fire started. aaron? >> angie, thank you. 6:09 m. tod the anc will vote to rename a portion of new hampshire avenue northwest jamal khashoggi way. where the embassy is located is where we're talkingabout. washington post journalist walked io theonsulate on october 2nd. according to investigators was murdered and dismemred. intelligence agencies say the crown prince ordered his murder. d.c. may see a major yccrease in dockless scooters and bike share bs according to our news partners at wtop, nearly 100 to 0 bikes all over the streets.
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they're all over everywhere. they hope to issue permits by the first of the the national archives is clarifying its wedding this morning. this after reports of the weekend wedding of msnbc's weeding of joe scarborough and mi mi mika kruzenski. it barred the use of the rotunda for private events but the archive said ied sta rewrite of those regulations in 2014 and scarborough and bruzenski are the first to bed marrnder the new rules. hey said the get wedding was symbolic given our roles and what we stand for as a couple. it was aor mle nights and we're thankful for the national archives and national archives foundation for agreeing. still ahead on today," shocking break through
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in cancer treatment. >> the new medication that may be able to treat 20 different pes of tumors. how about our weather, zmuk. >> weather alert for the high wind. nktime to start tg about the weekend. walk, 5k to endhiv is friday morning. eun and i will be there emceeing the ent. cloudy, chilly, risk of rain drops. i'm doing everything i can to keep as much of your weekend dry as possible. five day forecast coming up. >> reporter: and how you can use your cell phone and light up adopt a bear mascot all over the you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season it fven better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. now to a potential milestone in cancer treatment.
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the food & drug administration has approved a drug that can be used to treat a wide range of cancers. the treatment is based on a tumor's genetic mutation rather than its location i.the bo the drug is called laratrectinen. it is a pill ten twice a day. it could have a major impact on the way doctors treat 17 types of cancer. in trials some patients with otherwise incurable cancer saw their tumors disappear, often within ys. statistically they are the safest drivers on the road, but a new study says the medications taken by older drivers could be putting everyone at risk. aaa looked at thousands of older drivers and found that half wer taking at least seven medications. researchers say i onen five could impair aon pe driving ability. vethere are 40 million d over the age of 65. 6:15 right now. this holiday season you may see more than regular click
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christmas lights around town. >> light up bears are on display as part of the national hospital's big campaign this season. molette green is live as one s local store a a bear to its holiday display for a good cause. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we'ren bethesda here along bethesda road. there are five bears that illuminate every time someone makes a donion t this new interactive fundraising campaign. the reality is about 300 children will be in the hospital over the holidays and we wt to make their day a whole lot better. your donation goes a long way to supporting them, a therapy room, a healing garden. we got to meet a beautiful 3-year-old named brayden fighting cancer. >> the campaign is actually what
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we need so that people can know theirs donation going towards something. every time you donate, the bear lights up. >> reporter: and it's so cool, 316 of these all over the region lluminate every time you donate. i want to bring in dean marshal, the president of children's national foundation to talk abou the whole purpose ofthis. it's about the kids. >> it is about the kids.ev y time a donation is made, a bear will light up. kids are coming off the elevator and the hug a bear. >> i saw it. it was beautiful. the moneyrom this makes the ospital offset costs and creates the spaces in the hospital. here's how can you donate from your home. you can text lig 25, there he is. we've got the website here for you to go to children's
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go to that and you can donate. $10 donationill go a long way. hold up the cell phones. later in the hour we'll talk to some nurses who care for these babies in the back to you. >> just a great place. thank you so much. >> yes, it is. 6:18 right now. h chuck bell ie with a look at our forecast. chuck? >> cold and windy day. so windy in fact there's a storm team 4 weather alert today. winds could gust as high asle 5 per hour at times. thoseigh wind gusts will combine to keep wind chills0 in thes all day long. ur storm team 4 forecast is available on the app. issued by the national weather service expanded to prince willia, charles and calvert county. be ready for a very blustery wind. 35 in washington. a sustained windnl of 15
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miles per hour. the winds are gusting near 30 miles per hour in washington and gusts over 30 miles per hour common place. the sun's not even up et. temperatures are in the low 30s. the winds are gusty. the wind chills are only in the low to mid 20s across the area now. they'll stay in the 20s all day long. as temperatures wil inch their way up probably above 40 degrees for only an hour o two. around 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon but mid 30s at ton. i upper 30s at 5:00. mid 30s by8:00 this evening. cold enough and a strong northwest flow here. you can see some lake effect snow showers across northwest pennsylvania, northeastern ohio. some of those snowflakes are lasting long enough to get into parts of northern, maryla panhandle of west virginia. warm nup and plenty windy enough. no ability to accumulate. snonetheless, don't becked to see a flake or two flying today. 43 at cst. windld gust as much as 50
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miles per hour today. less wind tomoow, mid 40s. chance for a stray shower, mainly late friday. most of saturday's rain chances saturday afternoonnd sunday is looking mild with a morning shower. melissa, goodmorning. >> good morning. canal road and chain bridge, this is chopper 4 showing you the problem southboundn 95 near 198 this morning. in arlington, northbound 395 before boundary lchannel,t lane blocked and that is causing some delays. as we wid t, inner loop and outer loop looking okay. outer loop is still slow here right now. zooming back i for just a minute, eastbound southwest freeway after the third street tunnel, we still had the cra there in the right lane. i do want to mention we have quite a delay at train bridge. melissa, thank you.
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6:21. you've booke t your planeket and hotel but holiday travel can be a jungle. >> we have the tips on how to stop travel troubles befe they gin and later today on 'vllen." >> i've heard y been working out in dwayne johnson's -- he took out a trailer that travels around that you can work out in. >> not a trailer, it's a full gym. i said, how do youis use he said, it's easy, i'll show you one day. then i did that. i said, never mind, i got it. >> john krusinski stopped by. the rock ng about how got him in shape. you can catch "ellen" at3:00
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you're watching "news 4 today." 6:24. this morning we're working for you with some tips for anyoneav ing for the holidays. >> if you haven't made a room reservation or booked your ticket, the clock is ticking. news 4'sustin finch spoke to an expert about ways to relieve the travel headaches before they happen. >> reporter: the holidays seem to hit us back to back. and if'r y flying with small children or big bags of presents, you may want to go ah d, pay the fees and check some luggage. >> remember that car seatsre t required on planes and you can check them forfree. >> jennifer founder of 24 hour ncierge has booked travel for years as a professional concierge. >> whatever you can do to minimize the amount of stuff'r that y lugging through the terminal will makeour life a lot easier.
6:25 am
your travel is not booked yet, be prepared to pay more for airfare. tu may have time to eke out a deal andt's if you play your cards, membership cards the right way. >> aaa number, people around here have a lot of tm, you'd be surprised. >> reporter: for a low room rate she says your best bet is to call the hotel directly. that could pay offith a deeper discount than you were hoping. >>le especially if you're o turn on the charm a little bit and develop a rapport with people you arepeaking with, people want to help. >> reporter: if hotel rates price you out, she suggests trying airbnb. they g fast andearly. stay are the now. justin finch, news 4. 6:25. justin finch is he with more tips, this time on avoiding a major traffic headache tonight. justin? >> reporter: aaron, that's right. national tree lighting kicksff
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at 4:30 this afternoon. a lot ofs brake lignd bumpers hours before. we'll tell you where the hot spots are g ang to bend how to get around them. onep, you'll want to dress warm. excellent advice from the intrepid justin out there this morning where it is a veryan co blustery start. temperatures in the low 30s. those winds are going to be increasing with speed. could gust as much as 50 miles per hour today. hold on tight to those steerinl whf you're driving in and out of work this afternoon. dogst walking fore coming up. our favorite video of the morning. look at this guy. how this giant cow's height how this giant cow's height helped save his life. (bell rings) - so, what are you in for? - well, according to this discipline slip, i was allegedly talking during quiet time again. but, there were no witnesses except the tcher's pet. - oh, really? - her testimony shouldn't be admissible. so, i'm here to appeal the decision. (door opens) - [tuition monster] oh. (whistling)
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having the confidence of something that's never gonna go down would be priceless. right now, get fast reliable internet for a low price. sign up and get a $300 pre-paid card. comcast business. beyond fast. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. right to that weather alert at 6:29. thy winds are rea picking up as we wake up on this wednesday. look at the flag there. it is 35 grease outside of our studsts in north washington. it's going to feel a whole lot colder than that. working for you as you start yourday. >> chuck bell is here wit storm team 4 forecast before we talk to melissa abo the
6:30 am
traffic. what's the bad news? >> it's going to be a wind chill da start to finish. storm team 4 weather alert because the wind could be strong enough to bring down abr ch, tree, power line. scattered power outage not out of the question. winds gusting potentially as much as 50 miles per hour today. rain chances inch up. the wind advisory with low to mid in the 30s. the air temperature isn't the issue. the fact that the wind is already up over 20 miles per hour in many spots has lowered wind chills to 18 inhe gaburg and 22 in manassas. dog walking usforecast like yesterday, low profile dogs will do best pookieri here w the cone of shame there. all dogs are spay or neutered fore you getem. that's why the cone. make that walk a quick one,
6:31 am
melissa. >> i will, thank you, chuck. i know this camera is flashing. it's weird to look at. canal road at chain bridge northwest, we do have some big delays becau we hav the traffic signal there stuck. they're getting to it at this poin t when thathing turns back to red, you sit there for quite a white. southbound near the ic c., crash there in the median at laurel. inner loop and outer loop, slow in allur of typical spots. new problem in reston. as you zoom in,he look at delays eastbound southwest freeway. aaron? >> meliss thank you. 6:31 now. this morning you will probably hear the name reuben foster today. he's a controversial new addition to the wasngton redskins. >> the linebacker was apparent bely picked up by the team last ight days after getting out of ja he's accused of domestic violence and it's apparently not the f time. news 4's chris lawrence is
6:32 am
working on the story for us he'll join us in a few minutes with reaction from the fans and what the team is saying about the newest player. happening toy, it's ay stor that was broken on nbc washington. darwin curtis jumped the curb but martinez-torres caught a girl and raped her and killed her and dumpe her body in the pond. the victim'sve family bel this was a bias crime. they're expected to make a statement. now to the distuking att on metro. we're getting a closer look at the suspects wanted for assaulting a blind man. this video of the suspects jumping metro gates before getting on the train. the blind man and service d
6:33 am
apparently bumped into one of the suspects on monday. they p allegedhed and yelled at the victim for a few stops beforeetting off at metro station and ran away. they have identified both men and are seeking an arrest warrant. they're asking anyone with additional information about the incident to come 6:33 now. in our other top stories news.ight, breaking the chinese scientist who claims to have helped make td' wo first genetically edited babies ays there is a second pregnancy. the scientist claims to have altered the dna o twins born earlier this month to make them resistant be to aids. the changes can be inherited and harm other ges. the battle whether d.c. workers should earn the same as others is headed back to the ballot. the council and may rohr overturned it. now supporters are ask to have it up for a vote.
6:34 am
if successful it would be called referendum 8. it's 6:34. happening today at the white house, the be lighting up.ill with that festive event comes a lot of traffic jams downtown. >> news 4's justin finch outside the white house ahead of the ceremony. justin, when are people going to start seeing the traffic changes? >> reporter: well, aaron, if you find yourself downtown today, you'll s the traffic changes start to roll out about noon liday around the light house. the national tree ting ceremony will be starting hours lar at 4:30 p.m. if last year and years before are any indication, you will see things start to slow down well before 4:30. a lot of traffic forecasts as this event begins again today. those closures will remain in ple until 8:00 p.m. once the ceremony is over we're going to take you to a map giving you an overview of the white house. everything is taking plac you'll see the closures of the area of the light house.
6:35 am
17th street, constitution avenue and other streets as well includeeg 14th s and 18th street. the closures will be in place until about8:00 this evening. so if you are coming down it might be smart to ditch the car, takehe metro. get down here and maneuver around the traffic that will be down here. we can tell youalso, too, the way things are going, you'll want to bundle up. windy out nre. takee of that. again, things should wrap up by normal at 8:00 p.m. prepare for lots of traff downtown. back to you. >> justin finch for us wutside thte house ahead of the big event this afternoon. justin.s, a long-time rivalry restored. the maryland and virginia men's basketball teams will square off. they're off to a perfect start with a 6-0 record. the terps are coming off a blowout win over marshall. the cavaliers arer number f
6:36 am
known for their tough defense. tipoff is at 7:30. 6:36 now. coming up, a holiday display for a great cause. >> molette green is live in bethesda with the story. hi, molette. >> reporter: hi, guys. have you seen these lightup adopt aear mascots all over town? coming up, we're going to talk to two nurses about how your donation can help a child in the hospital ove
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you're watching "news 4 today."♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you know what, if you aren't already in the holiday spirit, nbc is hoping to help you get there toni t. johnlegend, chrissie teigen have a new holiday special that will air tonight.
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a legendary christmas with joh and chrissie. family and celebrity friends. >> stevie wonder. >> going to big. this comes on at 9:00 tonight. >> before that rockefeller center will light up with the lighting of the rockefeller christmas tree at. 8:00 p it's been broadcast live around the world since el1951. g the season? >> i'm getting there. i'm getting there. >> now to a story that had us talkinoo in the new this morning. take a look at this cow. these aren't like the ones you see in the farmsn our area. i've never seen it. i didn't think it was real. >> it's real. t >>s is nickers, 6'4". >> towering over the other cows. this is a steer. he was going to be sent to a slaughter house because what else do youo with a steer? turns out he's too big though to fit into the processing facility. he planned this. he will get to live out the rest of his life on a farm in australia instead of going to a
6:41 am
slaughterhouse. >> how do you feed a cow that size? >> whatever he wants. >> here's your cnbc morning siness report. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. amazon reportedly plans to start selling software that can scan medical records and makees suons to improve treatment or even save wall s journal says it picks out relevant information such as a patient'sat medn and prescription and they can take notes. it sells the software in the stomer travel and service industry. i'm frank holland with y business report. storm team 4 weather alert, powerhouse winds blowing today. ld on to your hats and hair pieces and steering wheels extra it's day. time to start thinking about the weekend. sarday afternoon rain is the most likely time for rain this weekend. sunday may be a peek or two of sunshine. ten day forecast inte ten mi a couple of different problems around town this morning including a brand-new
6:42 am
issuen the o
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
it is n 6:45 and we are tracking a weather alert. storm team 4 is predicting winds of up to 15 miles per hour this afternoon. not going to feel good. >> hypothermia still in effect. folks may have to spend more time out there. chuck will be backl with a f forecast in a few mines here. >> cindy hyde-smith is the first woman from mississippi elected to congress. >> nbc's kristin welker is live from the white house with more on the race tdt captu the muntry's attention. >> reporter: gooning to you. cindy hyde-smith's victory in
6:46 am
mississippi i a welcome onepr fr esident trump. giving him and republicans a little bit more breathing room the senat with a 53-47 majority over democrats. history wasoumade, as say, with voters in mississippi electing a woman to theat sen for the first time ever. hyde-smith thanked her supporters and the president. mr. trump tweeted his congratulations ernight. hyde-smith fended off a fierce mike espy is an african-american, former congressman and cabinet member under president obama. president trump whipped up two rallies to help push hyde-smith over the goal line. this has been a race marked by racial controversy. she faced tough criticism over a racial remark. espy said he may have lost but
6:47 am
his work isn't finished yet. we'll have more on all of this coming up on "today" in a few minuteri stin welker live at the white use. thank yo again. her full report coming up on "today." as president trump continues his attacks on special counsel robert mueller, a bipartisan group of senators is working to protect his job. the senators will force a vote later today on legislation protecting the special f counse fring or political pressure. senate majority leader mitchco mcnnell said he will block any voteh on s a bill. senator jeff flake said he will oppose these. six people including four children are dead after an overnight house fire in loeg ga logansport, indiana. two people made it out and alerted authorities of the six others inside. mostoliday season is the dangerous time of the year for house fires. look for home fire safety tips in the nbc washington app.>>
6:48 am
> 6:48 right now.nt roversial addition to the washington redskin has fans talking this morning. linebacker rubin foster was cut by the 49ers days after being charged with domestic violence. >> that leads someone to wonder why the 'skins would bring him on. news 4's chris lawrence is live with details andreaction. chris, good morning. >> reporter: well, eun, some fans are willing to give the teams ath benefit o doubt but most are shaking their head and calling the decisionsg ceful. the team apparently spoke with a lot of its own players, players who used t play with reuben foster back in college in t alabama andy spoke highly of him. it's not clear if any tea executive picked up the phone and called theol tampaice who arrested foster over the weeken a that happenet a hotel in tampa. the 49ers were in town to play the buccaneers. in that police reportfo ster'sr gifriend says he knocked the
6:49 am
phone out of her hand, pushed her in the chest and slapped her in the face with his open hand. and it's not the first time he's been in trouble. he's been arrested earliern the year for marijuana possession and for felony domestic violence witthe same girlfriend. those charges were dropped when she recanted her story. the redskins didut out a statement from the team sayg they understand the recent allegations against reuben are serious. our organization would never coone those. >> we're having trouble with chris's microphone there. mixed reactn from both fans and some players. rd from the e h 'skins saying these allegations turn out to be true, that they obviously don stand for domestic violence. >> you c the nbc washington app. we hope to learn more about the lockdown situation at w. ter re >> security and montgomery county police warned the medical center tuesday afternoon when an alert went out for an active
6:50 am
shooter. it was a false alarm. part of rockville pike washut down. you can see staff exiting building 19 with their hands up as a standard procedure. people at the medical center were told to shelter in place. after a short time the navy announced it was meao be used for a future drill but was sent by accident and didheot haveords exercise or drill. no word on what consequences there may be for the false alarm. 6:50 right now. back to that weather alert. >> chuck bels here with the forecast. windy and cold. >> super dooper windy. peak wind gusts yesterday at national airport rea all the way up to 40 miles per hour. it was one of the higher gusts. today frequent gusts across all of the news 4 nation in that 40 to 50-mile-per-hour range. strong enough where it could bring down a lar branch or tree which could cause scattered power outages.d blowing h enough to keep wind chills in the 20s all day.
6:51 am
temperatures right now are only in the low to mid 30s. there won't be much of a rise either. northwest winds already averaging 15 miles per hour but winds a gusting now to over 30 miles per hour in a large portion of the area. 37 mile per hour gusts in winchester, 36 mil per hour in gaithersburg. when you factor in the wind and the temperature, wind chills are in the teens and low 20s now. again, we'll stay in the 20s all day. wind advisory goes00 until this afternoon. the wind will ease off later on in the evening hours. so ere's your planner then for today. plan on being wind whipped by mother nature all afternoon. once the sun goes down at 4:47 today things will start to settle out just a bit. you could see a passing snow shower or two, not any accumulations with temperatures above freezing, but nonetheless cold enough t supporthe occasional snowflake or two flying by. here's your tenca day fo now. only in the low 40s today. mid 40s tomorrow with increasing
6:52 am
clouds later in the day. chance for some showers. not anything heavy though. friday afternoon and evening. most of the weekend rain chancee fo on saturday afternoon and saturday night. good morning, meliss >> goodmorning, mr. bell. taking a look at the beltway.ic am legion bridge, we had an earlier crash here. that has cleared out of the way. a nice clear shot here. rest of the beltway looks pretty typical now. no b complaints. restin, after dominion parkway, wera have that hanging around. zooming in a little bit here, arlington northbound395 before boundary, left lane blocked by a crash. eastbound southwest freeway, the crash there in the right lane. zooming back out here, you can see no other big complaint around town. slow in all of the typical spots. travel times, 270 southbound 36 miles per hour. 95 northbound looking pretty good there at 24 minutes. 66 in bound, 34 miles per hour,
6:53 am
95 north in virginia, 30 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop when you hop in youry. car to news 4 is working for you in the community helping families stay warm this winter. helping the salvation army collect gently used coats for those in need. donations being acceptedow through december 15th at the salvation army's todo d.c. office. i am kicking things off on news 4 you can drop off any coats at any burke and herbert's branch. the coats will be handed out to ose in need. we have a list on the nbc washington app. search share the warmth. awesome work they do with the salvation army handing those things ? >> i think it brings a lot of light to this treatment and this hospital in general. is hospital's a wonderful hospital be. >> theig up adopt a bear campaign is helping kids shine brigly through pretty dark
6:54 am
times. >> these bears are on display all across the region including in bethesda. that's where we find news 4's mow.tte green molette has details on the little ones benefitting from this campaign. good morning, molette. >> reporter: good m ning to you,ys. we're ready to illuminate these bears all over the region. this is the lightup dr. bearot . you'll see them at 300 locations all over the dmv. i want to show you the excitement of the children national supporters here. two othe nurse are here. they're responsible for caring for some of the children who will b t in the hospital over holidays. more than a300 kids children's national over the holidays making things brighter. this interactive fundraising campaign that will pay for special rooms in the hospital that help the children with their therapy. i want to bring on nina barbera and jackie andrews. nina and jackie are both heart
6:55 am
and kidney nurses. this is very important for the children. >> this is extremely important. the holidays are tough. we are their home away from home. anything we can do to make their time away isery special. >> we met baby brayden and baby justice in the hosp we saw some of the therapy rooms oat this campaign pays for. jackie, you were a child in the hospital so this hits close to home for you. >> definitely. we know at children's national that healthynd happy kids heal faster so we do what we can as nurses to keep them hpy and let them be kids. >> this light up ado a bear campaign begins in december. all you need to do is text your donation, illuminate this bear and help a child in the hospital over the holidays and throughout the year. that is the latest from bethesda. back in to you.yo >> thank molette. great cause. it is 6:56.
6:56 am
just about now. here are 4 things to know this moing. a trial for james fields begin today. of demonstrators in nto a group charlottesville on purpose last year. on woman was killed. dozens of others were hurt. news 4's julie kerry will be in the courtroom this afternoon. a man accused of raping and killing a muslim teenager is set for trial today. he attacked a 13-year-old girl in june. her body was dumped in a poai. thd this was a roadag rthis was a bias crime. there could be stops on i-66 in gainesville. stop pages for blastings happening between 11:00 and noon. mostly affting westbound drivers. this is part of a major project to transform i-66. the national christm tree will be lit up in a few hours and traffic could be jammed as early as noon. for a look at the roads that wille closed today, be sure to check out the nbc washington
6:57 am
app. and you five-day forecast, super windy temperatures in the low 40s. gusts up to 50 miles per hour toda >> hold on. >> hold on to your hats and hair pieces. >> rocks in the pockets. chopper 4 over the beltway near 27 looking actually pretty good. no major complaints at this point. a couple of issues on 395. we're tweeting about them at first 4 traffic. >> melissa, thank you. the "today" show is next. we'll see you5 in minutes for weather, traffic and news. enjoy your day. ake it a great wednesday everybody. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable.
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good morning. good morning. double dealing. did president trump'smp former gn chairman tell all to the president's legal team about his private talks with the specl prosecutor? the stunning new revelation raising the question why would paul manafort risk so much to help the president? is he angling for a last-minute pardon? >> i am not aware of any conversations. >> the latest on the unusual lealman ufrg just ahead. breaking overnight, making history. republican cindy hyde-smith you wins the runoff elect tn, state's first woman elect to congress. the aftermath. despair gsiws over mas layoffs at g


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