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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 28, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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breaking news tonight, nbc news has learned what president trump told mueller inside the president's answers about the infamous trump tower meeting with his son and the russians. also, what he told mueller about wikileaks. also breaking, stunning new claims from stormniels about her battled attorney michael avenatti. what she says he did. growing outrage as a growing nfl team signs a player days gefter he was arrested for aldomestic violence. high school hazing officials say is so horrific the teens are being chard as adults. a massive explosion abolishing a home. the blast s powerful, it was felt across several towns. a mom expecting twins due to give birth in days and her emotional pleaor a life-saving donor. >> for my mommy, i love her.
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a record-breaking response and the incredible news she just found out today. holy cow, he's 6'4", the gentle giant taking the world by storm. and a star is bo3 . llion crystals, 900 pounds as they light the 30 rock tree tonight. we got the spectacular new addition. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone. we're beginning to learn some of president trump's written answers to questions poised to him by robert mueller. the presidt telling the special counsel he didn't know about plans by wikileaks to release stolen democratic e-mails or s about that infam trump tower meeting with russians offering dirt on hillary clinton. tonight the president is saying that a aul don for manafort, his former campaign chairs not off the table. nbc's pete williams has details. >> reporter: sources familiar with the it president's n answers to robert mueller's questions say he wrote that roger stone did noll
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im in advance eahat wikileaks planned to r e-mails about the clinton campaign and did not know before hand about his son don junior's he answered the sources say to the best of s recollection. in the mntime, rudy giuliani says a lawyer for paul manafort was in touch with him after he pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with mueller's team. ch an arrangement for lawyers with other people under investigation is so rare, many legal experts consider it a sign manafort wanted to stay on the president's good side hoping for a pardon. >> manafort who is a career crinal was playing all the angles. he was both trying to get a pardon and he had agreed to cooperate with the prosecutors hoping in return for some leniency. the problem is, he got caught again playing all the angles.
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he >> reporter: president told "the new york post" about a pardon, it was never discussed but i wouldn't take off the table. for mueller, president trump significanuggested to the "wasngton post" he has no plans to fire the special counsel saying he's still there, he wouldn't have tbe but he's still there so i have in intention of doing anything. the presideeted when do the trials of treason begin showing enemies behind bars with mueller and rod ronstein. things are moving quickly for manafort now that the deal with manafort collapsed. the judge called a thearing for frid set a sentencing date that will be next year, lester? >> pete williams, thank you. to the late rd is evening from stormy daniels, the adult film star making stunning allegations about her embattled lawyer michael avenatti regarding a lawsui against president trump. get the breaking details from nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: tonight, in a dramatic twist, stormy daniels says her attorney michael avenatti sued president trump fo
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defaming her against her wishes and alleges avenatti withheld information from her and launched a new without her campaign permission. daniels saying in a statement tonight, i haven't decided yet what to do about legal represeation moving forward and avenatti say he's stormy's biggest champion. he said i personally ed an enormous amount of money, time and energy in assisting her because i believe in her. avenatti says daniels y agreed to pam $100 under their original d agreement anall other money would be towards his legal fees. >> my attorney and i are committed to make out the truth. inds >> reporter: in a separate suit daniels is suing t president and his former assistant michael cohen in a hush payment, claiming he hushed her with money about a sexual encounter with mr. trump in 2006 which the president denies. kristen welker, nbc ne, washington.
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>> tonight officials in argentina wre the saudi crown prince arrived are moving towards investigating him for crimes against humanity over the murderf a washington post columnist. while the trump administration faced criticism today it's ignoring a cia assessment about the writer's death. here is andrea mitchell. >> reporter: the powerful saudi crown prince who the c believes l ordered the murder of jamal khashoggi arriving summit where he will brush shoulders with president trump tomorrcr. ics say administration is covering up his role in khashoggi's death and the cia director noshowing up to brief all senators today angering many. >> how can i make a decision as a united states senator whether or not the crowned prince is involved in a murder. >> reporter: the cia director saying it has no proof.
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>> there is no direct tireporting connecng the crown prince to the order to murder jamal khashoggi. >> reporter: spy agencies rarely have a smoking gun like an eyewitness. >> it demonstrates that this administration does not want the intelligence to come out. >> repor bipartisan criticism is growing. tonight the senate over road white house opposition to consider ending u.s. support for the saudi war in le? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. cindy hyde-smith is back in washington after a runoff with mike espy in mississippi. that race was rocked but in roversy the end hyde-smith prevailed by seven points. there is an ew explosion in jersey with a home so powerful it was felt miles away. here is nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: it was tough to tell there was ever a house there at all after an
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explosion late tuesday night. thankfulbody was home at the time. the jolt shook people three towns over, flying debris damaged the local high school and landed as far as two miles away. >> this big, loud as >> i first thought it was an earthquake. >> reporter: so far ys the gas comp there is no reason to to blame, which is is what officials suspect caused this explosion in minnesota last week damaging the entire block. gas was also to blame for dozens of explosions and fires in massachusetts in w,eptember. for fficials in new jersey are investigating. the cause tonight remains a mystery. stephanie gosk, c news, new york. we're going to a turn to the growing controversy swirling over an nfl player dumped by one team after a domestic y iolence arrest and quiccked up by another team, the move sparking pley of negative reaction. nbc's miguel almaguer has tails. >> reporter: feared on the field for his brutal blows, it's off the field where police are investigating allegations of violence against nfl linebackeruben foster. >> your ex-boyfriend
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ooid what? >> tk my phone and broke it and slapped me in face. >> reporter: over the weekend, foster's ex-girlfriend who recanted an earlier ti claim of domesc violence accused the former 49 of attacking her. foster, uldn't be reached for comment, was released by the team, but was picked up by waivers by the washington redskins. >> think the move by washington is at best tone deaf and at worst an insult to every le fan that roots for the team. >> reporter: facing a fan of criticism on social media, beat awo man, get a job in the nfl the redskins said ruben will have to go through numerous titeps including the full ition and discipline by the nfl before he can play. >> the biggest issue for the league right now is holding the line against domestic violence. >> reporter: after tmz sports released video of ray rice knocking
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out his fiancee in 2014, the nfl toughened its stan on domestic violence dsut tonight some say the kins fumbled with a player they should havpassed on. miguel almaguer, nbc news. to that alleged incint of high school hazing, so horrific the teens are beincharged as adults. a community rocked by a football team's locker room. let me warn you here, the details in this story are disturbing. we get more from nbc's catie beck. >> reporter: the locker room lights were turned off an terrifying torture began. new court filings descri allegations of a brutal sexual assault involving teenagers. tonight, parents reacting. me >> just makes ick. it really does. ter: t an attack>hi rkeepl or prosecutors call astonishingly cruel. the four 15-year-old j.v. football players are charged as adults facing life in prison.
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their victims, four fellow teammates. >> these boys were victims of criminal acts. they were not ctims of hazing, they were victims of first-degreeapes and attempted rapes. >>eporter: prosecutors say the victims were punched heand stomped before t assault soetails of the attack so brutal they can't be aired. e victim says when he told his attacker re to stop, they plied it was tradition. >> will we look at and examining the potential this happened in prior years? the answer is absolutely yes. >> reporter: the alleged attack at a school where the football team won three state championships since 2005 and a school ilcommunity in tur nbc news.k, authorities raided the archdiocese of galveston, houston today. they were looking at a priest charged with sexually abusing president. he's the president of the u.s. conference of catholicps and leading the american's
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response to the abuse scandal. the priest is expected to plead notuilty. now to a focus on an extraordinary plea deal handed out in 2007 to a naire accused of sexually abusing dozens of underaged girls. jeffrey epstein could es have spent dec behind bars but as cynthia mcfadden reports, the deal arranged by a trump cabinet member meant epstein with powerful friends like bill clinton and donald trump was in jail for just months. >> reporter: the highly unusual plea agreement allowed billionaire hedge fund mager jeffrey epstein to spend a mere 13 months in county jail. when the federal government may have haenough evidence to put him in prison for life. this according to police and prosecution documents obtained by nbc news and tonight, there is a new focus on the prosecutor who helped arrange that deal a decade ago. now, the sectary of labor. those documents chronicle what police say are a series of sexual crimes
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committed against 40 young women, some just 14. red to epstein's mansion where they were paid to provide nude massages and sometimes sex. this video was from the palm beach police's search of his diseaside home inclung his bathroom where young victims said many of e crimes mike is a former olicede . ow sergeant whoorks for lawyers of the victims. >> the fbi had enough evidence to put why it happened is the indictment the fbi put together is quashed by the u.s. attorney's office in miami wao at the time headed by acosta. >> reporter: alexander acosta is president labor and has been mentioned as a possible pick for attorney general. the "miami herald" today reporting on acosta involvement. >> jeffrey epstein had incarceration like no other sex offender in the state of florida. foe was allowed to leav12 to 16
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hours a day. >> reporter: why was epstein given such a deal? he declined to comment today but alex acosta's spokesperson to us acosta's decision has been supported through three administrations and pointed to his confirmation hearing when he was asked about the deal. >> professiona within a prosecutor's office decide that a plea that guarante that someone goes to jail, that guarantees that someone register d generally anthat guarantees other outcomes is a good thing. >> reporr: but a letter from the palm beach chief of police questioned the highly unusual tions by prosecutors. a deal none of his victims were given notice of. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news. next tonight, an nbc news exclusive, an inside look at the u.s. navy's urgent g edical mission helpinthousands sileeing violence and a coll economy in venezuela. nbc's kerry sanders is on board the medical ship where americans are treating those in desperate need.
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f> reporter: it is a non-stw of humanity every day 5,000 venezuela people flee in search of a better life. but now here in the caribbean sea, the united states navy arrived, not a warship, rather, the hospital ship "comfort" armed with surgeons, sympathy. for the family, since birth their 7-year-old son needed a hernia operation. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: he's saying he couldn't find the help in venezuela for his home. he isn't the only one with the condition. he has a twin brother. they did the same . operation on h this 11-week mission is the first effort helping venezuela
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refugees. doctors seeing 16,500 patients in the first few weeks treating everything from burns to cataracts. >> i feel for them because i can hear in their voices they didn't want to leave, they didn't want their homeland devastated and just cooking for any help theyan get. >> reporter: almost two decades into the venezuela crisis, american doctors providincare at sea. kerry sanders, aboard the u.s. navy ship "comfort". also tonight, the pregnant mom's plea for the life-saving gift and the incredible news you'll hear it first here. the viral sensation that has folks everywhere saying holy cow. harry smith goes behind the scenes of tonight's ent. >> there is a brand-new star in new york city, it's role to adorn the top of the rockefeller christmas tree. that story coming up. o the top o the top the rockefeller i've always looked forward to what's next. the rockefeller and i'm still going for my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,
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tonight after her desperate ent viral, she received very good news. he is nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: suzy is a mother of three expecting twins but never expected tne she got a few months ago. she has leukemia. >> i was devastated. >> reporter: to save her life, she needs a bone marrow transplant even though 30 million people are on the worldwide registry, there wasn't a single 100% match for her. it's harder for her to find a donor because she's mixed heritage, latina and he made a plea with help from her daughter, more than ,0 50 people signed up for be the match registry, a record-breaking weekend. this afternoon she received a different kind of news a perfect match hajust been
7:19 pm
just been identified. >> to me is beyond amazing. it's an overwhelming feeling of just joy and happinits. eally is. >> reporter: more testing is needed, she is due to give birth next week and hopes a bone marrow transpnt n happen right after. it's the best iting. christmas gift. it's, you know, it's everything. >> reporter: joe fryer, nbc news. >> we were so thrilled to hear her good news. coming up, making so many including the pope smile today. so many including the pope smile today. themaking so many including the pope smile today. the making so many including the pope smile today. making so many including the pope smile today. ommaking so many including the pope smile today. enmaking so many including the pope smile today. tmaking so many including the pope smile today. making so many including the pope smile today. such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away.
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aleve. all day strong. so someone stole the show from p so someone stole the show from pope francis at theti n. a 6-year-old ran on stage tugging at a guardsman who somehow kept a straight face. mom caught up and spoke to the smiling pope who said the boy is mute and can't k but found a way
7:23 pm
to communicate. they share a common bond, both are from argentina. to the gentle giant taking the world by storm. have you seen this guy? a steer too big that people just can't e what they are seeing. here is kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: tonight the internet is having a cow, over a steer in austlia, so big social media can't stop sharing. his name is nikkers and he's no bull. he's 6'4" and over 000 pounds, don't expect him to dunk, let alone jump over the moon. ictured with a smaller breed but still about a foot and e a half taller than h should be. why not in a country se that prides it on big things? like a giant roadside shrimp or piapple. his owner says he has no plans to milk this new found me. e steer escaped the slaughter house, he simply didn't fit. maybe that's the lesson, we don't always have to have a beef with someone who is different. kris n dahlgren, nbc news. >> she got all the
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nancy abraham. look her up online. esurance, it's surprisingly painless. welcome back. we have moved outside, lighting of the al rockefeller center christmas tree and this year, there inea w star of the show. we get more from nbc's harry smith with her spotlight. >> reporter: oh, look, what finally arrived, it's a new star for the rockefeller centerri mas s, some assembly required for the 70 spikes and led lights
7:28 pm
that illuminate 3 million crystals. >> it weighs 900 pounds. its diameter is more than 10 feet in si. it's a huge object. >> reporter: daniel is e star's creator. he's the energetic architect of dozens of old buildings around the globe including the neworld trade center. the star for this tree, not the easiest commison. so when it comes to something like this, though, so many millions and million p ple over time will see this star. what is your aim? what is your purpose? >> it's a symbol of peace. it's a symbol that speaks to everybody. >> reporter: he's the child of polish immigrants that survived the holocaust. he came to america with little more than his talent and ambition. stars speak to him. >> they are infinite. they are magnets for our minds and oughts. >> reporter: our imagination, our dreams. this star a star of wonder.
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new york.h, nbc news, and we hope you'll tune in for e lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree. coverage starts at 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc. that's nbc "nightly
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♪ welcome, everyone, to "christmas in rockefeller center" and we're glad you've joined us on this unbelievable night. >> we are just getting started, anlethere are so many incred performers coming up as we get closer to lighting our spectacular tree. >> and now to introduce our next performance, here is a new york native and one of tv's favorite stars, tony danza.el >> me about this great program you're a part of. okay, mario. i was a p.a.l. kid when i grew up and when i came back i wanted to work with. th they serve over 30,000 kids with a bunch of programs. ms. kinds of prog one is the p.a.l. teen acting


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