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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 30, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ng and it's only really going to last about five or six hours at the end of your anekend. so we finally break down the cold weather pattern. cloudy and col day. no sunshine until sunday. maybe light sprinkles. best chanceor rain comes up tomorrow afternoon and evening. this first batch of moisture will go mainly from washington and points south but grab your e umbrella,'s even a rumble or two of thunder during the overnight hours in southern west virginia. that's a rarity, indeed. it's cloudy andmi cold. 30s across the area now. not a big warm upcoming today. from mid 30s this morning to about the mid 40s later on today. 60% chance of light rain and sprinkles. the only reason the daily grade is not flat out f is because it's friday. so it's a d-minus. re about the weekend rain coming up. >> thank you, chuck. the beltway, inner loop, outer
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loop looking good this morning. no big complaints. e beltway looks pretty good here. inner loop, connector, still had the debris in the left lan there. a mattress on the roadway. disabled vehicle there blocking the right lane.66 95, no big complaints there, everything looking pretty good. as far as the n rails, issues on the rails right now, but we this still in no yellow line service through december 9th because of repairs on the bridge over the potomac. but service is still going to be cut in half. >> thank you. it's 6:01 and a headsu up if use i-66 during your commute. be ginia state police wil cracking down on drivers that break the hov rules. justin is live now with more on this story. >> well, virginia state troopers are out here live looking just scenont of the
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it just gives you a sense of what's happening here today. if you don't hav your easy pass or are not complying with the hov rules, you could be in trouble. i want to show you the target area here talking about i-66 re inside tbeltway. that's where you will see troopers today enforcing the rules here. toant to tell you what expect here as we look out live here. you can see as of now, the troopers are not out here but you will see them from time to time inside the as for what to expect, the enforcement is beginning right now and will go through the morning rush until about 9:30 this morning going eastboundn 66. 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for the evening rush,ut they'll be westbound watching for cars following the rules here. so vehicles with two or more people, during rush hour, with your easy pass, working in hov
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mode. you can pay your toll using your now the fines here are your first offense is going to be $125. your second offense goes up to 250. these fines go as high as $1,000 so be ware. get your easy passes working and make sure that if you have two or more people you're in that hov mode on your flex e-z pass. back to you. >> thank you. this morning some bethesda residents say an tersection is dangerous. >> they tell news 4 it's an easy place for accidents t happen. she was hit on old georgetown road near the intersection between the beltway and mocracy boulevard. six lane road. witnesses say she may have been trying to get to a metro bus stop. >> this is not a good place. people cross here allhe time they don't go down to the crosswalk. cars are trying to come there's another road, like a
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side road, an access road over there, it's a tough area. there have been 1 deadly pedestrian accidents this year. >> 6:04 now and today family and friendsill say a final good-bye to winchester police officer hunterrd ed he died on the job while responding to a call. he lost conisol of patrol car and crashed into a tree. he was recently married and was in the process of adopting his wife's son. his funeral will be held at this morning. the police department encourages community members to show their respect by lining the procession route following the ndfuneral. >> heads up for anyone that uses the hov lanes on i-66. o'll move on our next story. >> right. there may be another emotional day of testimony in charlest
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charlottesville yesterday. witnesses took the stand to testify against james field. the man accused of crashing his car into a crowd of protestors. they described when fields allegedly drove his car into teem. this happened at uhe right rally. one person was killed and dozens of others were hurt. fields went to charlottesville with a plan to kill. they pointed at two pictures he posted on instagram showi cars ramming into crowds of people. field's lawyers say he only drove into the crowd because he saw the g and feared for his fe. >> >> track down the robber who went through it. winvestigators have tok on it right now, this was taken on monday morning outside of the northwest.h street the robber smashed through the door and ran inside, grabbed an
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arm full o clothing and then took off. f similar crime happened at the same time day on october 23rd. tha burglar smashed throug door, stole items and left. it's not clear if the tworis are connected. >> the effort to rename a street after jamal khashoggi may have hit a road block. they voted torename new hampshire avenue jamalog kha way. some d.c. council members say it shouldn't go forward because of a law that prohibits a road from being renamed after someone that's not been dead for a least two years. he is believed to have been murdered las month. they point out 2010 and 2012 when the counciloted torename roads after men still aliv at the time. happe . happening now, president trump is already taking part of meetings in the g-20 summit. he just met with the argentinian
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president. russia fired on and seized three ukrainian ships. that's a move many saw as an act of aggression. the president said if russia returns the ships perhaps canother meeti be scheduled. he'll have no shortage of work to do. the u.s. trade war with china and the murder of jamal khashoggi will be discussed. look at the countries attending the summit. among them, saudi arabia, the crowned prince is accused of ordering the rder. while the president attends the g-20, the russia investigatit here home is heating up. >> the president's former attorney and fixer to lying to lawmakers. buzz feed news was first to report michael cohen was in irect contact with representatives for vladimir putin. the report says he was trying to cut a deal f a new trump tower a moscow by offering putin $50 million penthouse in the new
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tower. in federal court,en c pled guilty to lying to congress about the time line of thene tiations. he originally said they were over in january of 2016. it turns out, they lasted well into the 2016 campaign. the predent who previously said he has nothingo do with russia now says he did nothing wrong. >> when i run for president that doesn't mean i am not allowed to do business. after i won, obviously, i don't do business. >> cohen says he liedo congress out of loyalty to the president and to align with mr. trump's political messaging. >> meanwhile, former fbi director jamescomey has filed a lawsuit to quash a subpoena from house republicans. that subpoenan called comey to testify on monday about the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails and russian election ddling. comey is not againstst ying, but he wants it to be public and
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not behind closed doors. he says republicans like to leak selected information from closed door hearings that pushes their political narrative. >> police arrested two unlikely bpoe suspects for setting fire to a restaurant in virginia. these teenagers we're talking about here, this all happened on october 14th. surveillance video shows thean3 14-year-old suspects near the scene here. they went into the empty out,ing and then they came smoke and flames. business owner next door called 911 worried that the fire was spading. >>ight next to my store right here, the trees, and i washe afraid trees were going to catch. the police started roping off the area and noustomers could come into the store. it was scary. >> the teens are charged withso and causing several thousand of damage in two historic governmentuildings in e area. >> this morning, the owners of a popular d.c. restaurwet that
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up in flames this week and they're unsure whether they could rebuild. fire ripped through the west africa restaurant on wednesday night. firefighters were able to put out the flames, but the damage was already done. people that live in the area tell news4, there's simply no place like it. >> he would introduce themtu to the c by sitting down and having all the items that they provide and just allow you to do a taste testo you could see what you like, what you didn't like. he treatedou like family. >> no word on what caused that fire. >> new this morning, a reminder that no matter where you are, you better look both ways before crossing train tracks. take a look at what happened to a cyclist in theth lands. you can see him on the far side of the train tracks as one train passes by the cyclist starts to cross the tracks. doesn't notice another train coming from the opposite direction. in this case, he was able to -- right the -- get right across
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the tracks just in the nick o time. somehow the sound of a lumbtrai bright yellow -- >> 6:11, not even d.c. traffic could selp aery for one family. >> expecting mother already in labor found herself in traffic and it went from an annoyance to a full out emergency when she realized her baby just couldn't wait. what is a mother to do? she delivered the bab herself right on 17th and c streets in northwest d.c. s firefighte a man with the woman called 911. the first responders sayhe baby beat them to the scene by a few minutes. mom and bab areoing fine. >> if a baby is coming, a baby is coming. >> cool story t tell too. >> congratulations to her. >> still ahead this morning, the fda says it's located the source of the romaine lettuce e.coli
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outbreak. >> we'll tell you when you can safely begin buying the lettuce again. >> good morning. if you're going to cnde out join us tomorrow morning at the walk and 5k to end hiv, you may want to bring your slickere on afe side. it will be cold and cloudy. rain chances are fairly low tomorrow morning. not so tomorrow afternoon. more about that coming up. >> and the d.c. wharf all fired >> and the d.c. wharf all fired up about the annual holiday boat you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero
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e. coli outbreak of romaine lettuce. they're introducing new labels that will include specific harvest locations and harvest dates. the fda says a recent e.coli outbreak is linked to the central northern and coastal region. they say it's o ty eat it as long as it does not come from that area. e> it's another christmas t tradition here in the district. the annual holiday boat parade. >> molette is live at the wharf as folks prepare for the event so many people look forward to at this time of the year.os that snow almt looks real. >> i love this snow. this is the best kind of snow. thank you cck bell, no, thank you snow machine. we're down here by the wharf, at the wharf, by the fire pit with the ow, the man-made snow to preview an annual tradition that is so much fun.
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kicked up a notch of course because we're down here at the brd new wharf. i want to bring in bob with the community association. >> this is such a really fun community event. we te happy have you here. lauren rickets will be with us as the mc on saturday. >> that's going to be a whole lot of fun. 60 vot as par of the parade festivities this year. >> that's ght. 60. water side activities. landside activities. 's all free. it's part of living in the city. the district, it's one of the most fun nights of the entire year. >> smores are part ofun the f and festivities. we're toasting marshmallows right now. i'll take mine. >> one ofs the thi we have done is amped up s'mores this year. we have traditional. we have cookies and cream and
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peanut and pretzel one. that o is delicious. coming up later in the hour, we have to talk about the a boats whole lot more later on news 4 today. smores. >> that is a lot of fun. a d big partyn at the wharf. >> thank you. now our forecast for tod and the weekend. >> seeing the snow flakes puts me in a good mood. do w have a little chance? maybe a chance or two in the next tenhe days we could see a snow flake. i'll let you know when coming up in a for now, it's been all about the per sis answer the of colder than average weather. 17 out of the1 last days, that's 17 times in the last three weeks colder than average. we have driven november down to 3.1 deges colde than average. only march is more cold than
6:19 am
that. right now it's 39 degrees. not much clouds. cloudy, damp, a sprinkle possible, but nowhere near as windy. but not much of a warm up. temperatures will be stuck her0 in the for the next couple of hours. most of the steadier rain will be down to our south. if you're traveling to south of fredericksburg or down toward the roanoke area, there's a lot better chance of steadier rain there. for us, we will have a for sprinkles. it's cold enough we could see a sleet pellet or two over the next hour or two. not below freezing though. through the course of the afternoon, cloudy n occasional drizzle patch or two. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. no sunshine totoday. rrow also looks all cloudy. cloudy skies in the morning. not muchnc rain c before lunch but afternoon rain chances
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go up. steady rain between 3:00 in the afternoon and 9:00 and 10:00 tomorrow night. a peak of sunshine, 66 degrees. good friday s have news from the traffic departm t department. >> chopper 4 right now, you can see it looks like a tour bus on the right side o the road. a little delay northbound and southbound looking pretty good. southbound bw parkway before greenbelt road, left shoulder is blocd with police activity. nice and light. i like that. especially on a friday andn southeast, still have this hanging around. outbound
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>> 70% of americans will connect with famil using virtual communication where you can blame the dischenection on technology. >> oh, couldn't make it. >> i don't know what happened. the computer just stopped. well, it's almost the end of the year and some of you are planning a holiday party, but sometimes organizing it all can be stressful.ll >> there's sime to put together a great event without going over budget. tips on how to make your holid party hassel free. >> every ye, dreams of hosting h perfecoliday parties transform into nightmares.
6:24 am
some expert advice, snap out of it. >> i think thes holid are all about maximizing your time with your family. you don't have topend $800 on a dinner for 15 pele. >> she h years of experience planning parties big and small as a professional. lookeyond thoig ballrooms she says. >> it's easy to find places i your own community, a rec center, a community center, a church basement. lots of apartmentav buildings private rooms that you can vent out for the evening, so there's tions that aren't over the top budget wise. >> don't wait to check in, though. good deals go fast. though if you'reng hos a house party, she suggests going small. >> make it a more casual event. people appreciate something that feels personal. that feels intimate. >> think small plates or noig meals or buffets bpotlucks. can be time consuming and expensive. and if you think you need expert
6:25 am
help -- >> word of mouth is important. >> get trusted then triple check that you and your party planner are on the sa page about budget, expectations andpa ent. justin finch, news 4. >> 6:25, coming up, the wine that will get your holiday party lking. how this new drink will promote d.c. statehood. one step closer to birth control for men. a gel that's being tested as a contraceptive. >> big gamesal in foo this weekend. clemson and pitt 8:00 saturday night in charlotte. showers likely and the only game that matters tomorrow. the first rematch in 115 years between oklahoma and 'stexas. oon in dallas tomorrow.
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6:28 is your time right we take a live look outside on this friday morning. the weekend is so close. you can see it right there. >> you can feel it. >> we areng wor for you this
6:29 am
morning. chuck is here with a look at your forecast. chuck,e know you're just the messenger. >> that's correct. don't hurt the messenger. there's rain drops acrossso hwest virginia. southern west virginia, they're going eastbound here so our rain chances are going up over the next couple of hours but any of the steadier rain should sta to the south for today. still a 60% chance of a sprinkle lor two ofht rain during the day today and it's chilly. temperatures only in the mid 30s for most of the suburbs. 39 in washington. 34 in montgomery county, all the way down to freezing now in the winchester area but that's technically 5 to 7 degrees warmer than the same time yesterda morning. so we'll call that progress. your planner then, for today, not much if anything in the way af any sunshine but no wash out either. rnoon highs in the low to mid 40s. milder weather and higher rain chances as we get into the weekend. >> thank you, chuck.
6:30 am
taking look at chopper 4. everything is looking good. northbound and southbound on 270 rightnow. greenbelt, southbound bw parkway, left shoulder is blocked by police activityth e. just a shoulder. not a big delay through that area. at least not at this point. eastbound 66 beforesudley road. we do have a lane blocked and we are seeinde some ys there. it's a little hard to see but it there.aight out another little spot in fairfax. beltway overall, no major problems. >> thank you, it's 6:30 now. we are turning to breaking news for anyone that stayed at arr tt hotel recently. >> what's going on? >> we're getting word fromma iott's headquaters in bethesda that there's been a massiveata breach that may have exposed the information of up to 500 million guests. basically, someone copied an encrypted information after people went online and tried to
6:31 am
bathrooms at the starwood properties, w.sheraton, any time beforeepmber 10 oth of this year. could be a lot of people exposed. not what anyone wants to hear. especially during the holidays. marriott is providing guests the opportity to enroll in web watchers free of charge for a year. >> thank you so much. a heads up now for any of you using hov lanes on i-66. troopein will be cra down on drivers that break hov lane rules. troope will be patrolling all of 66 inside the beltway today during the morning and evening rush. if you're caught breakin the rules, you will be fined. coming up at 6:45, justin fin h wie a live report with
6:32 am
more on this story. >> four high school football players are set to be in a montgomery county courtroom this morning where they will face rape charges. this all stemmed from an alleged hazing incident iolving fresh m freshmen football players. >> megan hast the lat on the case. megan. >> well, they are out on bound currently but four high hool footbalayers are expected to appear before a judge later on today in a preliminary hearing. now they're charged with raping fellow teammates in a disturbing incident tt allegedly involved a broomstick. the 15-year-olds have been charged as adults with first degree rape. now the attacks allegedly happened in the locker room on l een. the defendants have characterized the incident as a hazing ritual but prosecutors say it was criminal and they have been charged as adults. five students are facing charges in connection with the incident.
6:33 am
one is being tried as a juvenile. the four charged as adults are expected inourt later on today for a preliminary hearing. back to you. >> all right. megan, thank you. >> 6:33 is your time. now here are the other top stories we're following for you this morning, catherine hoggle is scheduled to have a competency hearing today. e was the last person seen dth herghter and son four years ago. the children were never found. state docto not competent to stand trial. >> we have an update from the brking news fromlouisa county, virginia. residen residents are being told not to usehe water there. the first round of water testing is complete and the results are clean.ey yesterday howed the presence of some type of gas in the water system. the department of health needs a second round of clean testing before restrictions can be
6:34 am
lifted. >> university of maryland trying to combat mold issues in dorms. they're trying to prevent mold outbreaks like the one hat caused a hall to be evacuated earlier this semester. last week a freshman that lived in that d dormd from complications of virus. her father is questioning whether mold made the illness worse. there's no evidence to confirm that theory. >> the redskins arch rivals pulled a major upset in thursday night football. the cowboys took down the saints 13-10.e now they hav a one game lead in the division. the redskins still have a shot to tie for first place in the nfc east if they b the eagles in monday night football. >> really hoping we win. >> the next you pick up a wine menu, you may see statehood on the menu. >> city winery is developing a new line of wineso raise awareness for d.c. statehood. it'she called 51.
6:35 am
they hope the new bottles will impact people and encourage them to vote for d.c. statehood. they'll be donating 15% of the te.fits to the group d.c. they're available in sale in stores and they hope to expand the line in the future. >> the walk and 5k to end hiv is period hahhi happening tomorrow. you may remember bad weather at the end of october forced it to be postponed umoil ow. it starts at freedom plaza. there's same day registration. we'll be there at 8:15 to help kick offie festiv the post race celebration starts at 10:00 and this even is going to be commemorating the 40th anniversary. >> it's 6:35 and coming up a holiday tradition on the war. >>molette green is live at d.c.
6:36 am
wharf preparing for a parade. >> that's right. coming up, all these guysonive heir boats. we'llalk about t t hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i viow the importance of ha time to do what you love. w at comcaknow our customers' time is valuable.t why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do .re of what you love my name is tito, and i'm a tech ops manager at comcast. we're womping to make things , easy and awesome.
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ou can see it is hoisted to the top there and then it is just released and fell down. no one was injured. that'she good news. that's quite the distance to fall. >> somebody got in trouble. >> someone is in trouble. someone is in trouble. well, science may be closer to deveping a new form of birth control for men.
6:40 am
nih is testing a me contraceptive gel. >> they're using more than 400 couples to participate in the new the men apply the gel to their back and e shouldery day until their sperm count falls to a close, safe level. now theheory here is that progestin in this gel willin ge the skin and counteract erm production. >> on your back? that's going to prevent you from getting pregnantn i believe nih, but that's a little --yeah. >> iceberg lettuce is seeing a spike in demand. according today at a from the usda, prices soared after an e.coli outbreak took romaine off store shelves for a week but romaine lettuce grown outside of theffected region in central california has been marked safe
6:41 am
until some farmers expect prices to rise over the next few days. >> 6:41 now. you're a fan of the rolling stones, you might want s to your phone alarm. this mornings your chance to grab tickets for the upcoming show at fedex eld. the no filter tour will ben town may 31st. this will make stops in 13 cities. ticket prices are $15 and you can get them online through ticket master. >> good morning, cloudy skies and some rain chances coming your way on yidr . so your dog walking forecast. kola here, a 10-year-old little dog is available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. old dogs make great companions. temperatures in the mid 30s this morning. dog walking weatherll is r early this morning or later on evening. may be a perfect afternoon for a
6:42 am
little dog nap. >> a problem with all lanes >> a problem with all lanes blocked.
6:43 am
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>> michael cohen was in direct contact with representatives for russian president vladimir putin. the report says cohen was trying to c a deal for a new trump tower in moscow by offering putin a $50 million penthouse in the new tower. cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress aboute the time l of the negotiatio. he originally said they were overry in janua of 2016. turns out they lasted well into the 2016 campaign. the president that previously said he had nothing to do with russia now says he did nothing wrong. lightly looked at doing a ilding somewhere in russia. put up zero money, zero guarantees a didn't do the project.
6:46 am
witch hunt. he also said he ran his busveess ry legal while running for president. te president sent ot tweet minutes before appearing on stage with the argentine president at the g-20 summit. the two are having a working t breakfasts morning. >> later today, president trump will sit down with xi ngping to discuss trade. one leader he won't be meeting with is russianresident vladimir putin. he fired on and seized threein ukn ships that many saw as an act of aggression. >> we have a special guest i the studio with us this morning. savannah guthrie is here. back here i should y. >> welco back. >> back home. >> so we now know you have to anchor the "today" show from washington d.c. this morning but we have a few minutes to chat with you about the event and the imrtant cause you want to tell us about. >> yes, i had a great time last night. they he a campaign that is all about giving supportth t
6:47 am
people that care for our military veterans and wounded heros and these are the care gives behind the scenes. so many times when somebody b comek and has suffered a traumatic injury of any sort, it's the t moms, wives, the family, the children that are care ofng and taking our veterans and we support them and so, tom hanks was there. he's the chairman of this cause anhe is just like a tireless advocate and we had so many awesome, family affair, it was nice. >> senator doyle asked me to be an ambassador and i was thrilled andep honored to a and this is my first event. he said that which made me fee good. i was like tom hanks knows my name. that's amazing. >> everybody knows your name, . savann >> no, it's fun and he's so all
6:48 am
in and cares so much about these families, and i'm all in with him and senator doyles tireless in her advocacy. and it's beengreat, and we have so much more good work to come. >> we know you're here tor anc the "today" show as well from d.c. today. what is the bigor >> you guys are always our big story, but there's been some major movement in the mueller investigion with michael cohen pleading guilty to lying to congress. and it really bringsront and center some of the m comeants that president trump made at the height of the campaign when there were already allegations swirling aruut ia, he said repeatedly, i have nothing to do with russia. now his long time lawyer and counselor, mhael cohen, is saying well, that's not true. and he's acknowledged lying to ko congress. he also sat down with the special prosecutor for mtings
6:49 am
that went on for hours. he's saying something and we don't know wh w. l be interesting to see how it all sits in. or maye that mueller may not be building. >> you're digging into that. >> you have to get into your own set. >> i know. i hav torun. >> thanks for taking time for us. >> great to see you both. see you in 11 minutes. >> okay. >> thanks, savannah. >> a heads up now if you use 66 during yourte comtoday, cracking down on drivers that break hov lane >>rules. ustin finch is live along i-66 this morning with more on that story, justin. >> well, ron, rules are getting enforced today for sure. we have counted at least three stops today in the arlington area. they're handing out fines of more than $100 for violators of the hov rul out here. i want to take you to a map and show you where they are. we're a talkiut i-66 inside the beltway here. u'll see an up tick in patrols
6:50 am
today. as we looklive, just a few moments ago we did see a trooper standing by on this side of 66 on the shoulder there. we'll also tell you too when you'll be seeing the patrols out here. we're talking about the rush hour right now goingll the w until 9:30 this morning on the eastbound side and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the westbound side. so vehicles that hav two or more people inside, and with your e-zpass, up on the am and evening rush. the fines start at $125. your second offense, $250. they go up and up and up. be alert out here today. you.hank 6:50 now.
6:51 am
time to check in with meteorologist chuck bell now for a lookhe at friday forecast and what to expect this weekend. hey, chuck. indeed. don't expect a lot of sunshine until maybe soon about noon. right now still cloud cover overhead 39 degrees. a light wind out of the wind isn'to the going to be a big issue but temperatures at the freezing mark into the upper 30s around the city now.t big jump in temperatures today because of all the cloud cover and an occasional sprinkle and chance for like rain.sp nkle chances are high at afternoon tempes at mid 40s. not much sunshine today. uch of the steadier rain will pass down to thsouth. it will be close enough where we have to keep the chance of light rain and sprinkles in the forecast. it's not going to be a wash out of a friday. much steadier rain arrives here late tomorrow. mostly cloudy and an opportunity for a dp or two here in the first half of the day today. most of your friday afternoon and eves,ng pl cloudy,
6:52 am
chilly and damp. possible or drizzle about any time. here's tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, skies alreadyostly cloudy. i think we're going to be dry. you're going to come to the walk and 5k run to end hiv. we'll be there tomorrow morning. come join us. hopefully you can get done too because by noon the first chance forainrrives. a couple of dry showers and stdier rain and heavier rain late saturday night into your sunday. there's the ten day forecast. cold weather comes back next week. a little chance for rain on tuesday. could end s with aat snow flake on wednesday morning and another chance we have rain and snow next weekend. not this weekend. >> all right. thank you, uck. taking a look right now at the roads, chopper 4 on the way to this, southbound route 1. all lanes are shutdown for a crashinvestigation. just got off the phone with police and chopper headed to showois what's on from
6:53 am
above. eastbound 66, we're still jammed therse that's bec of an earlier crash in that area that was blocking a lane. inr loop and outerloop of the beltway, okay. not sure what's happening there. we don't have a report of any problems, maybe just lume. eastbound, southwest freeway, right side still blocked by a crash. sounds lik a uck. that's not good. near duke, left lane blocked b adisabled vehicle. taking a look at your travel times, 66 inbound and 95rt no big worries there. 270 southbound. no major problems. top of beltway, outer loop between 95 and 270 a little slow. >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:53. it's time to sail into the holiday ason.
6:54 am
>> this is just one of the boap all u and down the channel, in this annual traditional event. it's going to be so much fun. ey're the owners of blown away and they'll have a whole theme.e nightmare bef christmas. this is the moon. this is your re onsibility? yes. it was a team effort but i put the frame together and tina made the design, her sister did the hand stitching on the lights. you all get into this whole thing. this is just a little bit of the >> absolutely. but this is a community. especially the cycommunity sharing with the wharf community. >> this is all kicking off tomorrow at 6:00 p.m..
6:55 am
>> first of all, it's a great city ent. you'll see boats in the channel around 7 k:00. come down. it's all free. an amazing beloved c event. lots of fun things. you can have a picture taken wia, sa make an ornament, it's going to snow. we have smores, so much fu >> man-made snow. >> we have to make that stipulation. >> chuck bell willet us i'm ready to jump on one of the boats for tomorrow's parade. lauren is going to be the mc and these folks live on their boats. this is a community down here. they love their boats and they and theyexperience love showing off this time of the year. come on down tomorrow. back in to you. >> all right. so much fun. >> thank you. >> it is 6:55 right now. here are four things to know this morning. the murder trial continues for the deadly protest in charlottesville today. james fields is charged with
6:56 am
crashing his car into a crowd last year killing a woman. fields attorne says he s someone with a gun and feared for his life. >> four football players are in court today facing rapecharges. the 15-year-olds are accused in a hazing incidentol invng their teammates. they're crged as adults. a 5th student is charged as a juvenile. >> former fbi director james comey filed a lawsuit to quash a subpoena from housepu reicans. he's supposed to testify on monday about the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton e-mails and russia election meddling. he's not against testifying but wants it to be public and not behind closed doors. >> marriott announces massive security breach. they believe it effected about 500 million guests that made reservations at a starwood property on or before september 10th of this year.
6:57 am
>> a 60% chancef like rain and sprinkles today. 80% chance tomorrow. mainly in the afternoon and evening time frame. sunday's rain chance ends early. a peak of sun and 66 degrees. >> right now, chopper 4 on the way to this problem, southbound route 1. we'll have more coming up in about 30 minutes. >> thank you, melissa. that's the news for day. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for all your local wenews, her, and traffic. until then enjoy your day and your weekend. see you tomorrow morning forhihe walk to en >> make it a great friday everybody.
6:58 am
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guilty again. the president's long-time lawfor rced to admit he lied to congress to cover for president trump. did the president's busintis es to russia go far deeper and far longer than trump was acknowledging? i had nothing do with russia for anything. >> but the president saysae micohen is the liar. >> and what he is trying to do is get a s reductence. >> just ahead, what cohen may have told prosecutors in a report 70 hours of meetings. here it comes. a powerful storm begins its march akos the country. tens of millions facing severe weather, blizzard conditions and heavy rain from the california coast to new england. w


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