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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 30, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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an early morning accident leaves a pedestrian dead, the second in our area in less than 24 hours. >> and it could be one of the largest breaches of consumer data ever. marriott said thef information up to 500 million guests may have been accessed. >> i'm meteorologist chuck bell. a lot of clouds around. most of the rain for now is to our south. will that be the casey? all i'll let you know in the st fore good morning. welcome to "news4 midday."
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i'm chris lawrence. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. >> someone hand database from arwood properties and they have collected the data ofore than half a billion customers. >> let's go live to megan mcgrath. >> reporter: it really is a massive breach. marriott and starwood merged two years ago and starwood operates hotels under a number of names including the westin we're talking about very high-profile properties here. let's take a look at the specifics. the breach was confirmed on november the 19th. the unauthorized access, though, dates back to 2014. this involves reservations made through the starwood guest registry and it includes preferre guest accounts for
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starwood. now, 500 million guests cou be affected. now for 327 million of those people, the personal information compromised includes a combination of name, date of rth, phone numbers and addresses. it is unclear at this point if some of the payment card information waspr cised or not. apparently marriott uses two forms of encryption. it's unclear whether both forms were taken in this breach. we've been talking to starwood guests. here's their take on all this. >> i am a preferred guest. i'm n really worribout it if they have my name. doesn't matter if they have my address, you can google that online. far as credit card, that's not necessarily the data that was breached. >> i think they have to a better job. that kind of data is proprietary. >> reporter: marriott is going
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to beg e-mailing affected guests starting today. that will be rolling out in the comiys .da e-mails going out at some point today. they are also going to be ofring free web watcher services for one year so that affected guests canonor their credit and the movement of their accounts. back to you. >> megan, thank you. right now president trump is in buenos aires for t g-20 summit. a short time ago the president gatheror with other leaders and posed for the annual class photo. tracie potts has more on the north american trade agreement the president just signed and the meeting that won't happen at the lg-20. >>'s go. nt reporter: the g-20 summit begins with presirump signing a new trade dp witeal w canada and mexico, replacing lafta. >> this w stop auto jobs going overseas and bring jobs
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thatlready left. >> donald, it's all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove tariffs on steel andet aluminum bween our countries. >> we're watching to see if this will impact the trade war with china, tenseio relatns with saudi arabia and russia. the president said he will not visit with president putin this weekend hours after michael cohen pleadlt g for lying to congress. turns out they didn't scrap the project until the day the public learned thatussia hacke democrats' computers. >> michael cohen is lying. >> reporter: he tweets this morning that the trump tower deal was very legal and very cool, involving zero money and zero guarantees.
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cohenas met seven times with the russia special counsel teame as l at last week. he already pleaded glty to financial time. cohen nowdmits he was in touch with a close aide to vladimir putin and suggested even sending then-candidate trump to russia to close the deal. now to the weather. you saw megan outside held her umbrel umbrella. >>chuck, what can we expect on a gray friday? >> we did have a few breaksf sun just as it was coming up this morning. 43 in washington with light rain yolling. can see we're zoomed in. rain pretty much on allou corners of the capital belt way
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now. i drew this trend line on here. moffit of it will there's not a big chance for aot of rain today. just a f chance some missed drizzle and light rain. we won't get much higher that be about 45 today. an updaten the weekend chances just ahead. >> thanks, chuck. it has been a dangerous 24 ho s hours. a deadly crash in lorton at hagel circle. >> and officials are looking into the 14th deadlyestrian
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accident of the year. she was trying to cross the six-lane road at the height of rush hour. some of the witnesses say she may have been tushing to g a metro bus stop. a portion o the road had toe losed so crash investigators could looking to learn how exactly an unidentified gasot into its water system. it was discovered yesterday and prompted an evacuation and water ban. so this is about 35 minutes outse charlottesville. officials say the first round of testing is complete.e and they'll h to have a second test come back clear before the water issed--
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>> virginia ste troopers a looking for vehicles not compliant with their easy pass and rules. they'll be inside the belt way on i-66.l theye out there hours boal they were going eastbound from 5:30 a.m. to 9:35 a.m. this morning you're going to be okayi bu you choose to drive alone, you can in the expense lanes with your easy pass paying yourto . that's important to know that having your easy pass working or a about will swear you the fines
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coming your way. will be as much as a thousand dollars for your fifth o tense withou easy pass. make sure you have thathen you're driving any day but especially today. back to you. caught on camera, a group of thievetealing bricks. coming up, you're going to see the video and find out what the bricks are being used for.
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. theal fun for winchester police officer hunter edwards is happing now. he was recently married and was in the process of adopting his wife's son. the police department is encouraging community members to show the rpect for officer edwards by lining the procession route following the funeral. there may be another emotional d of testimony in a charlottesville courtroom. yesterday for the first time witnesses took the stand to testify against james fields, the man accused of deliberately crashing his car into a crowd os prrs last year. survivors described the moment that fields allegedly drove his
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car io them. he is a self-profess neonazi. it happened atnite the right rally. one person was killed and dozens hurt osecutors say he went to charlottesville with a plan to kill. field's attorney general said he only drove into t crowd because he saw a gun and was afraid for his life. >> an advisory neighborhood commissionoted to rename a road in front of the consulate jamal khashoggi way. they point to 2010 and 2012 when
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roads were nam after two men who were alive at the time. >> the homeowner caught them in the act due to her home error. >> ifoo you here the thieves are stealing the tires off of cars in the neighborhood and then propping the car up with s t those said bricks. today a clothingtotore in do d.c. will replace its glass door for a second time for a little over a month. this while police try and track down the robber who crashed through it. is is t surveillance video investigators have to work with. this was taken monday morning on 14th street and northwest.
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the robber ran inside, grabbed an armful of clothing and bolted. and the same this evening happened on october 23rd the burglar goes inside, steals some items. not sure if the two crimes are connected. >> the next time you pick up a wine menu, you may see statehood on the menu. it's a new line of wines to encourage people to vote for d.c. statehood. >> reporter: if you step inside city winery in northeast, all find wine makes areike adam pouring their passion into a new project. satehood. >> iot something that i envisioned happening in my wine making career. >> reporter: they're hoping these new bottles will imp
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people's ballots. >> we feel like this is the right time for d.c. to be represented as a state in the united states. >> rorter: city winery said they will donate profits. aimee cho, news4. >> t bottles are available for sale. the store and t grab one. they're hoping to expand their line in the future. >> last night an expectant mother already in labor found herself stuck in rush hour tr affic. the situation went from an annoyance t a full-on emergency when she realizes s can't wait. so what's a mother to do? how about deliver the baby
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herself. firefighters say a man with the woman called 911 but first responds are say the baby beat them to the scene by a few minutes. this morning both mom and baby are doing just fine. wow. >> they've been doing that for t loe before the epidural came along. i know my watching right now so i can say whatever i want to say. >> i'm going tor. tell >> a high school football team playing with a purpose. >> if we become overconfident or complacent, we have to say we're doing this for 6. this isn't for us. this is for him. >> more on the quest for waiting for a liver transplant..
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save at it is time to sail into the holiday season. folks all over the area are getting ready for the annual boat parade.t >> w you need to know about heading out tomorrow. >> reporter: boats are at the d.c.wharf. look at us on this boat, blown away. tina and mike are the owners, they'reic paants. their team is -- >> nightmare before christmas.
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>> reporter: this is fun. up and down, starting from haynes point in the channel, it's going to beti ex? >> absolutely. every year we do this with our friend and community. it's such a blast. >> i love the moon, too did you work on this? >> i made t frame but tina did the artwork and her suss ter hand stitched eachf oneese lights to the whole ornament. >> reporter: people get really excited about this,bob. mean, in is a whole thing. >> it really is. it's a beloved event for the entire city. people go all out, spend thousands of dollars are decorations but we also give out great prizes. >> tell me tomorrow when all of this kic off at 6:00, the best time for people to come down and watch. >> activities start at 6. anywhere along the wharf, you'll see the boats i the channel.
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all of our firefighters arehe ing out. i think they'll have santa there. rain, sleet, no, they'll be here. >> reporter: and rain orishine is happening? okay, this is fun. all these guys h aree to prffiew and kick the events. people live on their bos. who are my people who live on their boat? all right! everybody lives on a gboat. to get a boat now. >> good luck with that. >> it is a lot of fun. >> there's a lot of great christmas traditions around here >> they said rain, snow, sleet or shine. and we a talki about a wet
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forecast. >> we sure are. tomorrow a bit more chance of sustained rain. especially later on in the da today it's all about some sprinkles here in the midday hours. rain chances will drift off a little bit. tomorrow all clouds all time, most of the rain will come after 12 noon and the steadiest of theain might not get here until after about 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow. there's a high chance if you're going down to watch the boat parade on the potomac, it may be at' then all headed out toward the bay bridge. behind it there's not much going on w to thet of it. many of the studier changes will be be you a that tarably weather.
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cloudy for your friday evening plans. temperature-wise, only in the upper and 3040 en for tomorrow very cloudy in the morning and cold,too. you're wa emceeing that event. starts at 8:00 tomorrow morning. but tomorw afternoon rein becoming much more likely. so that boat parade there at 6:00 likely to be impacted by rain drops.'s he just that oneave of rain in here first thing between about 12 and li2. ar of a break in the action and then rain chances right back in by 7 or 8:00 tomorrow evening. the heaviest of the rain will probably come in around 8 or 9 tomorrow. we should probably be able to get all that out of here b 6
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a.m. sunday morning. that gives us anni oppor to churn mild for change. 66 degrees on sunday. that will be our warmest day in a couple of weeks. >> what a turn around. chuck.ks, >> so in addition to the online going yellow line, what you need going yellow line, what you need to know to
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it's being called the next generation of air travel, and it's starting in atlanta. >> a terminal there is the first in ameri to go biometric, with facial recognition cameras serving sort of like paperless boarding passes. tom costello got the first look. the ur flight is one of first departures using facial recognition technology from curb .o ga >> reporter: terminal check-in is as simple as look, smile and check. passengers no longe required to buy a ticket. the cam ran recognizes your face from your passport face already
11:29 am
on line by early next year, your face will be your boarding pass for tsa. r >>orter: homeland security already uses theea commonwlth ras to scanning tr faces, boasting 98% accuracy. now delta is bringing facial recognition to the entire check-in process. >> you don't have to fum your idea. it saves you wait times at the counter. the future is let's start with the rails. no yellow line service through
11:30 am
december 9th. that's because of repairs on t bridge over the pam. >> taking aook at the blue line trains every 16 to 20 minutes. walk to end hiv and the 5k. road closures until 2 p.m. on saturday. and eun yang and chuck bell will be there. have a great weekend. i'll see you monday morning for "news4 today." >> that's the same thing your father said and he died right
11:31 am
here in my arms. >> jason fraley helps us pick and chinse. good mo >> yes. there's lots of oscar buzz on around this but i have to admit, i think it's oscar bait. it was not my favorite. there are three great performances. we should get acting nominations. olivia coleman is queen ann in 18th century britain and rachel vice is hour lover. there's a little bit of a an ironic lesbian love affair here. it's more of the direction with me. the greek filmmaker made "the
11:32 am
lobster," which i don't know if you hated either you go for it or you don't. it's just not my cup of tea. it is kind of funny, like a comedy of manners for most of the movies. after a while it kind of wore thin for me and i thought it ultimately didn't really go anywhere. if i were you guys, this is probably the one oscar contender you could probably avoid. you mention "creed 2." and it's everything you want out of a rocky iv revenge trail. lundgren and stallone train the
11:33 am
two second generations in this battle. u'reooti for both by the end of the fight. so at the end en the villain you're rooting for to get off the mat. i'd check that out. if you want an oscar contender reen book." still high on "green book." >> youad me at michael b. jordan. >> she's a n. >> my wife and i, first time seeing it in the actual theater. tell us about the take-off you're hosting in frederick. >> i've always called downtown myas chris
11:34 am
we show "it's a wonderful life," three screenings downtown and then we meet acrossee the s and we form a giant parade. it's hilarious. it's so crazy, it actually works. joins for the walk and then e w al up at wallace pub for drinks and fun. >> the kennedy center honors are on sunday. can you give us a preview? >>why this year they're honoring cher. i mean, come on, reba mcintyre, one o my favorite country
11:35 am
musicians of all time and hamilton. it's so groundg check that th th they. >> reporter: california. >> raising its first championship trophies i 10 years. the could you goers have had meone motivating them all year. sherree burr rest has more on but atuis -- he was always
11:36 am
laughing, joking about in somethg. just a food barted prn i say a prayer om like. a beloved and talente player, he had signed a letter of intent to play football at monday mouth his teammates are making sure he's never forgotten. >> hour i came to an agreement that about testimoafter losing high school in the championship game two years straight, the
11:37 am
accoun account. >> the fact that the scoren i that ga grnl getting that putx p oints on us. for me that kind of said something, too. you kn? those young men certainly giving us something to root for. it will take place at the navy memorial stadium in annapolis. >> and coming up, we'll have
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the walk and 5k to end hiv is finally happening tomorrow. it was postponed when we had really bad storms back in october. the raes starts and ends at freedom plaza. chuck and eun will be there. run really fast. i think you can stave off the rain.
11:41 am
>> the earlier youinish the tter off you will be. no doubt. not a very pretty day tomorrow ut it sure will be better than have the driving. >> they're going to have a good time throughout for sure so cloudy kiwis around now, 17 out of the last 21 days have been colder thanaverage. you get a -- before this frech p prp. so here t what you need know about the forecast, no sunshine until sunday. full cloud cover. tomorrow most of the rain in the
11:42 am
second half of dat pip and after that mild weather on , sund there is more cold, cold air coming our way for next week. radar shows most of the rain is going to save o ourselves, a few outdoor activities for theofest the day today. just enough to get you up and make you mad if you weren't ready for it. wha back to mostly cloud eye by early in the morning. that lifts out. megan, a little break in the afternoon after aanther signif for rain. so that would be very examined po are down 2 pop 5 emergency 40
11:43 am
clearly the better half of the weekend. after that little rain chance tuesday, for more sfrrmd -- one. >> less. >> there's no better time to already start thinking about hoo protect and control. >> in understood i don't right
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metro cooking returns to d.c. with celebrities chefs. this is a food lover's dream, giving you a chance to sample and buy. cooking classes are also available along with a beer, wine and spirits pavilion. one of the favorite attracts will be the barbecue bash. thank you so much for being here with >> no oblem. vlgts dwr and then to the next consuming al soalk to us about what that day is about and what people can have an opportunity
11:47 am
to sample? >> i think pretty much kkd in and she'll sample various sauces and pies rubs that have those on sample that are also event for purchase. and then guests can vote on their favorite barb>>ue. i am a little bias. i know everything is legit, everything from the bris kit to the sauc the bigred, the mexican coke. i love it all. so talk to me about what is going to set you guys apart? >> so we are legit. we are true toxa we're going to bringing our award winning beef brisket, texas style temperature.
11:48 am
>> it's nice to have something. >> there are not a lot of ingredients. b. so sugar. and then apple side krer vin esfe. i know some places are like do you like our egg know in your cucumber salad? >> yeah, w do. cucumbers -- >> so i have used. >> we use superbroonity members. >> dime does ittarts at 12:00,
11:49 am
goes until 4:00. >> so you he four hours to load u. >> are you going to let this marinate or sk overnight or is s in it. and then just let it sit the rest of the day. >> do you draint will xx the stuff iseay good. >> so chris done want to come here ond argue porm. he had on the lnl waush.
11:50 am
enjoy. >> announcer: an icy water rescue that will warm yr march saved a dog that fell into an icy pondyesterday. ball game and her hero are both siefs us to an torn suect. pet safety in the winter. >> michelle is keeping your a family happy healthy. let's talk about the two dogs that we have here available for adoption today. here we have santa's helper and joan jets. they're 2-month-old rocky peacekeeper urs be a bd
11:51 am
excellent addition pr frurks. >> and weir not sure if they've been scooter yet before they go home. zhaoly pal be spaces up -- i don't think, in give us pointers about how to keep your pat sft in the wart s if it'soll we have logs and regulations especiallyut a dogs, that has a door prrn dogs are on allowed
11:52 am
to to. >> and thatould bendependent of the breed. some breeds are more thand c weather tolerant. but even a dog that would be cold tolant needs to have that by law. >> that's correct. our officers are available 24 plurs a day to check up on animals that p were concerned about. we're more than happy to go be a check and make sure they're all right. >> the "plate prj, to provide them when someone is having a harr toopt', important to know if you're taking a dog ou on frnl you don't want to have to put the, prurn.
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>> thank you for coming over from the 00 aimstand cl anticipating a very
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probably heard this before, you can find just about anything at costco and now they re married there. they met online and agreed to meet could could yo s couls co. >> i'll give you one guess where they were recommending sterd. thank down the produce aisle, pine is and you can drop a
11:57 am
couple of gs an ring at coastco, no trouble at all. , that's the forecast around here, no more than a little springle and light rain left today. sunday it looks really nice. that rain chance ends real early sunday morning. sunday afternoon breaks the sunshine, 66.ta colder airs to return on tuesday and theecond half of maybe. s4 all right, thank you, sir. that's it for nidday. we back this morning. >> and keep thembrellas handy this weekend. have a great day and a ftastic weekanen
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♪ wow. gosh. look at that! thats a palace. it is lit. lasers are lhaighting upt $60,000 a night palace. that's where nick jonas will be married this weekend. it is like a week long affair leading up toheig day. welcome to "access live." rose friday. >> here's to natalie saying lit. >> the palace is lit! >> are you with me, though? i love a good cebrity wedding. they're gong deep on this. three-day affair. like a ten-day long affair but the nuptials stretch out. reception on monday. a hindu ceremony and a cti


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