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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 5, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EST

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grief andone its best t honor a man who meant so much to so bny. yesterday theh family thanked those who came to the rotunda to pay respects. former president george w. bush hugged supporters and listened to them as they spoke about his father. >> we've seen several days of powerful images. perhaps none sos powerful this one. former senator and world war ii veteran bob dol being helped to his feet to salute his former commander in chief georgerush he final time. dole will be among those attending the funeral day. and we have team coverage. >> news 4's justin finch and meagan fitzgerald will join us live from the capitol and we do want to begin with a check on your forecast and commute. >> let's start wit our storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> yes, indeed. good rning. it's o to a cold start this morning. a lot of clouds around for the day. actually bring us a chance for snow flurries and snow showers off and on.
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not looking for any accumulations. but there are snowflakes to be found on storm team 4 radar thi morning. staying cold all the way into the weekend. we're keeping that very close y time that sunday, mon frame for a potential of another little bit more in the way of snow. right now though, there are some snowflakes here. northern culpepper county, fauquier county. these are am coming towards the city here. grre a quick pic of the snowflakes this morning, send it to me on twitter. no advisories forny winter weather around here. but there are winter weather advisories f stanton a harrisonburg down the i-81 corridor f you're traveling to roanoke or richmond today, you could -- not roanoke, roanoke or lynchburg, you could run into an inch or twoow of around here, it won't add up to anything. temperatures in the low to mid 30s now. w itl be a cold morning today. temperatures staying in the 30s through about noon te. today's high only right around 40 degrees. >> that is chilly.
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all right. thank you, chuck. a die l delays on the map. that should be out of the way and open. inner loop and outer loop of tha belt green. everything is rolling way nicely. 270 northbound and south bound, no worries there. taking a look here at 95 in virginia. quantity he could to the beltway northbound, you're look going. you saw a little redn theap a minute ago. south bound after quantity he could -- quantico, remember, no yellow line through december 9th. repairs over the bridge. take thelue line instead. during the rush hour, that service is cut in half. >> thank you. >> the day has arrived. in a matter of hours, the public and worldeaders gather to say final farewell to former president george h.w. bush. bush was a veteran and family man. he served as a congressman, head of the cia, and a u.n. ambassador. all this bef se hepped into
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the vice-presidency and then the oval president has declared today a national day of mourning nd closed the federal government >> the funeral begins at 11:00 this morning at 10:00 a.m. president busils bodybe taken to the national cathedral. from now until 7:00 this morning, more people are expected to visit theol capo pay respects. we begin our team coverage with news 4'snc justin he's live outside the national cathedral for us this morning. good morning zblfr aar >> aaron, good morning. this busy stretch of the wisconsin avenue still b morning but more so for security vehicles that are going back and forth out side the church so far. i want to tell you what w saw just a few moments ago. as you can see here, a line of armored trucks lead by d.c. police cruisers to their positions ahead of this 11:00 a.m. service which we understand will have several personal touches. it will fhelow episcopal that decision with all hymns,
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scriptures and readings chosen by the bush family. the president's oldest son, president george w.ush giving a eulogy. and in the audience, president trump, first lady,aresident obnd michelle obama. president clinton and secretary clinton as well asde pre carter all among the close to 3,000 invited guests t be at that funeral today. they'll be joined by worlds, leadorld heads of state including german chancellor angela merkel as wl as former canadian prime minister brian mulroney. a 21-gun salute will close out today's services. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> all right. thank you. among those who will be at the service today is president trump. he met with the bush family yesterday at blair house across from the white house. after that meeting, former first lady laura bush toured the white house with milania trump to take in this year's christmas the trumps were not the only people to pay respects to the bushly fa
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meagan fitzgerald picks up our overage today from capitol hill. aaron, good morning. people have been braving the cold temperatures all toroughout theng and the night. we know people have been standing in line since monday morning tryin t to payir respects. now if you notice behind me, not much of a line. in fact, you have to zoom in to try to see folks that are standing just getting ready to approach the rotunda. the line this is certainly he smallest that we've seen. now want to bring in andy par and his wife darrell. first of all, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. nd you we were talking mentioned that you had been standing in line for four hours. you got here just after midnight. it's cold. talk to me about that. well, you know, it moved pretty quickly. it was about four hours in line. but still, it went well. everyone was friendly. laughing, talking, talking about why t it was a very enjoyable experience for us. >> you know, that's very interesting that you
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mention that. definitely the vibe here is a bit different. obviously this is a serioustt . we lost our 41stpr ident. but also he's 94 years old. why do you this i that there was such a lighthearted feel? >> twell, ink a lot of people were good to see -- good to see yeryone out here, know, at 4:00 in the morning or midnight and i think everyone was here for a goodeeling to come and pay respects. y> if i could just ask you quickly, we o have a couple seconds left, but why did you come? >> i saw the bushamily on tv earlier today. i wanted to come and pay respects. really feel as though they have just brought some decency and sensitivity to washington. and i think the way that president bush 41 planned his funeral may can help the res of the country. >> okay. darrell and andy par,uchank you so for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> good night. >> as you know, there are a lot
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of different reasons, very personal reasons for fol coming here today. but the last group of folks that will be able to say their final good-byes will end at 7:00 a.m. this morning. >> meagan fitzgerald live for us. thank you. following today's state funeral, the casket will be taken to joint the presidential plane renamed special air mission 41 in honor of the 41st president will return bush's body to texas. tonight mr. bush will lie in repose at his home church in houston. funeral servicesill be held there tomorrow. the former president will then beuried as presidential library at texas a&m university. he will be laid to rest next to his wife, former first lady barbara bush and their daughter who died as a a reminder, today's funeral begins at 11:00. arnbc 4 will it live. you can watch it right here or in the nbc washington app. our other headlines, special
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counsel robert mueller says that michael flynn should not serve any jail time. mueller's team tagged a deadline to file a recommendedsentence. mueller says flynn has been extremely cooperative flynn met with mueller's team9 times. he pleaded guilty in december of 2017 to lying to the fbi. hedmitted he did have conversations with russian ambassador sergey kislyak in the weeks before trump took office. flynn is expected to be sentend in two weeks. now on news 4, we're hearing for the first time from one o the people who helped a woman who had been sexually assault in prince george's county. the woman told detectives she was walking home from the nailer ad metro station early monday morning in temple hills when the dark colored car that you see here pulled up alongside her on curtis drive. she says she was hel at gun point, forced inside of the car and sexuallylt ass by two men. the woman was forced out of the
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car i southeast d.c. a resident heard her knock on his door. zb >> they took everything from her. i had to get her shoes, clothes, jacket and everything. i didn't think nothing of it. you see somebody needs help, you st do it. i mean, you don't second judge yourself. you just, you know, you help that person, especially a femalg knocn your door. >> take a look. blice released this image captured by ak atm camera in southeast d.c. showing one of the suspect using the victim's debit card. d.c.'s police ng chief blames the city's soaring murder rate on illegal guns in the wrong ere have been 152urders this year. that's up 40% from 2017. many of those cases remain unsolved and many of the victims are young men. d.c. police chief believes there are three reasons why young people are carrying illegal firearms. >> one, they will will say it's for protection. and i think, two, theyarry it
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because it's glamorous and everything that they're seeing out there in the world. and then the last one is a lack of consequences. >> tef chi says these four men are murder suspects still on the ru police need the community's help to find them and other suspects. the mayor's signature could put an e to gas powered leaf blowers in the district. >> the d.c. council already approved a measure to ban them. council members say the problem with leaf blowers is the noise they make. the ban would stop people fro using and selling them in d.c. lectric leaf blowers would be allowed because they make less noise and create less pollution. >> the essence of the bill is to deal with noise. they're much noisier. but as a biproduct, we'll also be the beneficiaries of better o envient. those particular machines throw
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out a lot of pollution >> if adopted, the ban wouldn't go intoffect until 2022. no matter what happens, the federal government will still be able to use gas powered leaf blowers on its property. >> you wou think noise will be the least significant thing that d.c. has to deal with. >> i didn't think about leaf blowers with all the other things i have to think b just saying. >> priorities. all right. 5:11. still ahead, a major recall that may impact your pet'shealth. >> and new details about that on field accident that left colt mccoy with a broken bone. why he m have shot at returning to the gamehi season. chuck? all right. thank you. we're still keeping a close eye on the weekend. what we know for sure, saturday will be cold and dry. sunday's forecast though gets a little questionable as we get towards the second half of sunday into monday. there could be a winter storm. we're going to have to keepve y closely posted on that over the next couple days. the five-day forecast is in about ten minutes.
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and another live look from inside the u.s. capitol, the rotunda there. this morning, people are still coming by to pay respects to former president bush ahead of today's funeral. a little less than twoftours for people to come here to the capitol. our coverage continues right after this.
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this morning we're covering the funeral of former president george h.w. bush. this is a live look inside the capitol rotunda. since monday, thousands of ople have had the chance to come here and pay their respecti. people are lined up this morning. but the rotunda will close at 7: a.m. president bush will be taken to the national cathedral at 10:00.
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thece begins at 11:00 and you can watch it live right he on nbc 4. >> it's 5:16. the skins thought they saw history repeat itself monda night whe backup quarterback colt mccoy went down with a broken leg. >> but now it seems the injury is not as bad t as theeam first thought. this happened at the end of the fiquarter in monday night's loss to the eagles. b roke the right fibula. after the surgery yessrday, doctaid he could be ready to play in two or three weeks to finish out the regular ason. d dskins coach jay gruden s getting mccoy back on the feel this year is wishfulthinking. the team's only quarterback is mark sanchez who signed with the team theay after alex smith was lost for the season too. a consumer alert forou now. jbs tollson is recalling millions of pounds of raw beef products because of possible salmonella contamination. the meat is sold under krieger, dar river farms and gourmet
5:17 am
burger. i was produced between late july and e september. so far nearly 250 people have fallen ill in 26 states. we have more information on the recall on tto nbc washi app. search beef. another important recall could put your dog's health at risk. the fda says several popular brands of dog food are being recalled because they may have a toxicunts of vitamin d. some of the brands testhood 70 times the state's level of vitamin d. too much vitamin dan cause health problems, even death. symptoms include vomiting, loss of appite and excessive weight loss. you can find the full list of recalls products in the n washington app. we all wish we could sleep more. even a little bit more. but a new global study says too much sleep could lead to heart problems. people who slept more than six to eight hours a day- who sleeps this much -- had an ink,eased risk of heart att stroke, and death.
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>> i'll take my chances. >> experts say this doe not mean too much sleep causes cardiovasculardisease. it was led by researchers in cha and canada. trying to get a full night's rest is impossible. you're disciplined. >> you are. i would admit that you have to prioritize it. just like you prioritize ierything. pu on list of things. >> i get a lot more sleep this time of the i'm good aut going to bed right at 6:30 or 7:00. once it's dark, that's the easy pa h. theree been many a may, june, july, august evening when i'm trying to go to sleep and the sun is still out. i can hear kids playing on the street. come on all right. it is going to be a very cold and winter looking andinter feeling day to day. all across the news 4 nation. note w weather advisories for the d.c. metro area. that's got news. if you're traveling today, if you're travels take you to stanton and roanoke or lynchburg, there is ate w
5:19 am
weather advisory until 4:00 in the afternoon for well out to ourth s and west. we're keeping a close eye on that and the winterch storm w could potentially affect us, sunday into monday is just now coming on shore in southern california. so there is a long way to go between now and then. lle storm is s literally 5 or 6 days away. the trend line for now is for the storm to more affecting outhern virginia and nor carolina. that is still very close when you consider it is five or six days away. today, nothing big to worry about. there is snow showers that will impact the shenandoah we can see light snow or snow showers around the d.c. metro area here. here is future weather. there could be a light drop of rain as well. temperatures around town should be just above the freezing mark. so may a drop. maybe a snowflake today on into the early parts of the afternoo and maybe even as late as about 6:00 or 7:00 this evening beford thin up. we'll be clear overnight and then more clouds come back in tomorrow. re is the five-day forecast.
5:20 am
cloudy and flurries with eyes around 40. t low 40sorrow with clouds. low 40s friday with sunshine. upper 30s with sunshine on saturday. and agn, sunday into monday, that is something we will will have to watch. as of now, melissa, the odds of us getting an inch or more of snow still only in that 30% to 40% range. >> all right. i cano the snow dance arfor the kids. road closures will be in place noefrment coup for the next couple of hours. wisconsin avenue shut down between massachusetts avenue and mccomb street as they prepare for the actual funeral. closures will be rolling because of the procession and also shut down east capitol between second and first and firstwe b constitution and independence as you continue to lie in state until 7:00 a.m. inner loop and outer loop, you can see no problems there. 27nd southbou 65 miles per hour. going to get through in 27 minutes. if you're headed northbound, no problem either. everything there is nice a
5:21 am
clear. aaron? >> all right. thank you. still ahead this morning, a parking space in one small town causes a big controversy. and be sure to check out "ellen" today at 3: b. she' joined by natalie portman. the show is right here on nbc 4. then stick aund for news 4 at 4:00. 4:00. we'l
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thanks. it's like a smart thing. what's the weather? [cowza device] sunny, perfect chicken eating weather. how'd you get in here? [cowza device] it's time for chicken. what's the traffic like? [cowza device] rerouting you to chicken. okay. hey cowza, order pizza. [cowza device] ordering chicken. no, pizza. [cowza device] chicken. moooo okay, chicken it is. it's chick-fil-a catering season. [cowza device] now that's smart.
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there is international outrage after norwegian superstar was asked a question many say was shockingly sexist while receiving a historic
5:24 am
award. on monday, she won the award f the bes soccer player in the world. then from the host, she wad ask"dwas asked, you k"twir? she responded with a firm no. >> there you see it. the french host later apologized. look at everyone's faces. they couldn't believe their ears. he blamed his poor english for what he said was a bad joke. she later accepted his apology. she really took it in stride and said, you know what? this is about the accomplishment ofomen. >> exactly. and just ignore him. >> there say battle over parking in the town of vienna, vheginia. >> issue deals with taking away a single parking space so that more bikes have place to park. transportation reporter found out that small town has a big opinion on the matter. >> church street in vienna. it has charm. >> you see we have brick sidewalks. with very period lighting.
5:25 am
>> reporte it has character. it has traffic. lots of traffic heading to the shops here. it also has controversy about taking away a single street parking space to pn a bike rack. >> every parking space matters on church street. and as mh of as w want people to bike and to walk and that cuts down y on traffi know, people drive. >> douglas noble is a vienna town council member who believes taking away a space for bike parking is justified. >> it's still a question of how do we ser the most number of people? >> reporter: he arguesne car takes up one space with one or two people inside, using thesa parking space for dike allows a dozen or so cyclists to come to the scae on. drivers don't seem to want the o.w bike area. >> n >> not to take the parking space? >> yeah. >> reporter: and, of course, cyclists say they need more resources. >> we need to be able to park our bikes. >> reporter: so for now, relocating that extra bike parking is put on hole until the town tries to figure out how
5:26 am
many wheels ey can accommodate. in vienna, news 4. it is 5:26 now. still ahead, after a seasonf scandal, the terps have aadew coach. ahead at 5:30, the familiar face returning to maryland's football program. and good maorspng, everybod. er is available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. looks likepider got a new toy for christmas. there is only one wor to describe that toy in our place, desqueak desqueakerization. it will be cloudy and cold with midday snowflakes. a certain possibility. a closer check of to have day's forecast coming right . a live look at theapitol rotunda right now. there are a few more hours of this public tribute to former president george h.w. bush. today his funeral will be held. we're going to be back with more team coverage from across the
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right now at f 5:30,al good-byes to a former president. this is the live look inside the capitol rotunda where george h.w. bush's body is lying in state. >> there are a few hoursf this public tribute w very team coverage outside of the capitol and the national cathedral this morning. >> good morning, everyone. >> the entire nation is watching washington thismorning. thousands paid trib you'd to the 41st commander in chief including his family. they thanked the crowd that came out and former president george w. bush stopped to take photos. one of the most touching and viral moments was this scene here. former senator bob dole being o helped of his wheelchair to salute the casket. just a powerful and moving moment. we'll have much more coverage aheadhis morning. first, we want to check in with chuck. he is forecasting some flurries
5:31 am
today. nobody wants to hear that, chuck. >> no.el unfortun it is going to look and feel like a winter day here in the nati 'scapitol. storm team 4 radar tracking a couple of light snow showerser across nor parts of the fauquier county and blue ridge. eastbound.drifting so there certainly could be some conversational flurries flying by. it might be briefly enough to whiten the ground in a few spots. but no accumulations are expected. the only place under any kind of a winte weather advisory is in the parts of the southern enandoah valley and southwestern virginia. temperatures on your wednesday morning are acold. moas at or below freezing here this morning. so if you're going to be along any of the processional routes from the capitol up to the cathedral today during theho mornings, just know it will be cloudy and cold. temperatures mid 30s through the mid morning hours into the upper 30s as we g closer to noon time. that's also the most likely time to see a little snowes flur we've seen about 11:00 in the morning and 2:00 or 3:00 into the afterntun. high tempe today right around 40 degrees. chance of any snow only around
5:32 am
but i see a snowflake, 30%. tweet me a picture. let's go to melissa now. >> good morning. nice and clear here this morning. rit now no problems on the roads. let's keep our fingers crossed. things proceed this way because of the holiday and pfuneral. feweple on the roads overall. prince george's county, no issues. inner loop and outer loop, we had earlier road work. that clear out of theay a little while ago. now the beltway is nice and open no matter which way you're headed here this morning. out bound key bridge had the left lane block bid a work zone or getting by the work zone. that is also clearedut of the way between rosalyn and georgetown. you're open. aaron? lissa.nk you, me me li over the last two days americans judge and old hayoung filed through the rotunda. good-bye on ay behalf of the nation.
5:33 am
former president bush will lie in state until 7:00 this morning. >> at that time he'll b transported through the streets of washington to the national cathearal. we have coverage of today's state funeral. we begin with news 4's justin finch live at the national cathedral with more on today's service. justin, good morning.d >> gmorning. by 11:00 this morning, the national cathedral will be housing close to 3,000 invited guests including president trump and first lady milania trump. president and mrs. obama, president and secretary clinton as well as president carter. this service will be traditional episcopal. president george w. bush will give a eulogy, preside bush's oldest son. former canadian prime minister brian mulroney and allen k. simpson of wyoming and bush biographer. all of them giving their remarks and much more today. the hymns a scriptures, readings hand chosen by the bush
5:34 am
family. the service will also include a 21-gun salute. and also heads of state including germanel char angela merkel as well as prince charles of england ande can tell you the security derway.tions are still you are barricades are set up. they are expected to come outside the cathedral later this morning. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you. our team coverage of the life and legacy of george h.w. bush continues now. we're headingk to the capitol where thousands made their way inside the capitol rotunda to pay their respects to the st president. >> news 4's megan fitzgerald is there good morning to you. >> good morng to you. yes, these freezing temperatures did not stop the thousands of visitors from coming to the capitol rotunda trying to make their way inside to pay their final respects to george bush. 'll see on the left hand side of your screen a live picture inside the rotunda.
5:35 am
folks have wted up to five hours to say good-bye. we wan to get to video that we have from yesterday showing some notable faces of the gop who me to say good-bye. condoleeza rice you'll recognize as well as former press secretary for president trump sean spicer. cabinet memr ben carson as well as others. certainly a memorable moment was when george bush's service dog came back foron the s time to say good-bye and, of course, we saw some prominent athletes who came in as well. just a wide array of people coming to have that moment.d also wan give you a live look outside here. this is certainly the first time that we have actually not seen a line as people try to make their way inside. we only have a couple minutes left. we'll really -- about an hour and a half, i should say. ors close at 7:00 a.m. this morning for all those who are trying to make their way inside
5:36 am
the rotunda to say good-bye. back to you. ry>> good to see ee will be able to get in it seems with that line gone from outside. meagan fitzgerald, thank you. after the funel, the former president's casket will return to texas on air mission 41. r force 1 has been renamed temporarily to honor the 41st president. >> he will lie in repose at his home churcho in ton. funeral services will be held there tomorrow. and president bush's final resting place is right by his wife's side in college station, texas. tomorrow this train will carry the president's casket 70 miles from houston to his presidentia library. big crowds expected along the route there. bush 4141 as the train is will callas dedicated to the late president back in 2005 by the union pacific railroad. it was painted to resemble air force on it will have glass sides installed for that trip, that 70-mile trip. a minder today is a
5:37 am
federal day of mourning. we will have morenformationn what that means and what offices and roads will be closedoday in the nbc washington app. you can also watch the ocession and funeral right there on your smart phone and on our website, it's 5:37. here's a look at our other stories this morning. president trump's former national xur national security adviser michael flynn provided so much information to the special counsel's russia investigation that prosecutors say he shouldn't do any prison time. flyn participated in 19 interviews. >> a woman died after pulled out of a burning home on northwest. two others in the house were not hurt. it is still not clear yet what started that fire. it' 5:37. coming up, easing the punishment for far evaders. why the crime that costs metro millions is decriminalizf for partshe system. stay with us. stay with us. 'll be right back.we
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back and forth in las vegas for the stanley cup final itmatch last night. the capals played in vegas for s the first timce winning the cup in june. the golden knights picked up the first goal and then later the caps took the lead. but it was a lead they just couldn't hold on caps forward tom wilson left the game after an illegal hit. tom wilson doing tom wilson. the caped dropp their second game in a row losing last night 5-3. the next game is tomorrow night against arina coyotes. hope they make a comeback. the university of maryland announced their new head football coach. recoveringram i from abuse allegations and death of aplayer. ngthe terps are turni to their past. mike locksley may ound familiar to fans. he was the offensive coordinator fro 2012 to 2015 and served as
5:42 am
interim heaor coach befe d.j. dirken took over that job. >> good morning, everybody. possibilit of light snowflakes and snow showers. mainly across northern virginia this morning from warrenton to charlottesville. and a little steadier snow thwestern virginia we'll have an opportunity for some snow flurries around here. more about that and that chance for a winter storm late weekend and early next week coming up. coverage of team the tributes to former president bush continue. at the is a live look capitol rotunda where his body is lying i state for a little more than an hour now before his funeral -- he is moved to his funeral. much more including what to know about the road closures it will cause when we come back. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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visit to learn re. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ 55. back to our top story. a live look at the national cathedral right now where today washington and the world will bid farewell to maamerica's 41s
5:46 am
president in a way that america can. all five liv presidents along with donald trump will be at this morning's dneral. resident bush's impact spread well beyond america. >> prince charles will alsond athe funeral to represent the queen of england. 3,000 other invited guests will attend. those not invited to the funeral still have a little more than an hour noway to their final respects at the capital rotunda. president bush's casket wl lie in state until 7:00 a.m. >> a bright spot yesterday inn what's b hard week for the bush family. they visited the white house and took a family photo inront of the former president's portrait. former first lady laura bush also had a chance to catch up with some o her favorite staff members. you see in the photo here. i had t opportunity to talk to savannah guthrie on the "todayshow abouthe events remembering george h.w. bush. she's been part of thene ork's coverage. here is part of our conversation.
5:47 am
>> we've been in washington a couple days now. and there's nothing quite like the way this countrytsays to restresidents. and it's been very touching and very moving to see the capitol come together in such a beautiful way. and, you know, such a nonpartin way. i think that makes everyone feel good about, you know, our politics that there are moments when we can set our partisan differences aside and just appreciate someone who gave great service to this you nation. of course, starting as a navy pilot. the youngest naval aviator in world war ii from the american side. and then served as a congressman and cia director, party chairman vice president, every job in washington before rising to be president. keep it here on news 4 for continuing coverage as we remember the life and legacy of george h.w. bush. we'll have every moment covered on air and in the nbc washington app. it is the u.s. market is closed today out of respect for former president bush's funeral. the markets were hit hard by a selloff. the dow plunged almost 800
5:48 am
points. the biggest decline since e is concern among investors about a temporary trade truce between the u.s. and china. bank stocks and big companies that do business in china were among the hardest hit yesterday. it's 5:48. the defense team for the man accused of crashing his car into a crowd of counter protesters in charlottesville last year will will try to convince the jury ha did it t his own life. lawyers for james fields began o layi their case after prosecutors rested theirs yesterday. his attorneys had tried to suppress a text exchange between fids and his mother before last year's rally. she writes, be careful. fields replies, we're not the ones who need to be careful. and he attached a phot hitler. defense lawyers showed the jury police body cam video from fields' arrest fields can be heard saying i'm sorry and explaining that he w thought being attacked by demonstrators. now despite several
5:49 am
instances ofullets hitting homes, a panel studying loudoun county's outdoor shooting rules will recommend no major changes. residents became alarmed when gunfire range hit homes.ooting there have been several more incidents since then. right now hunting and outdoor s shooting iohibited. that's within 100 yards of schools, parks, or occupied buildings. changes toes r would be too difficult to enforce and they decided not to recommend new requirements for berms to catch bullets at outdoor ranges. a teen is being charged as an adult for allegedly bringing a gun to a montgomery county school. staff at springbrook high school in silver spring say they were told that 17-year-old solomon henderson had a gun in t building. the school resource officer later found a handgu no ammunition in henderson's gym bag. he was arrested on gun possession charges. police say that gun is registered to hendson's father
5:50 am
m> sixths after a state audit found mainlior problems within the prince george's county system results from a second audit shows improvements. a maryland state independent audit revealed that more than 000 students graduated in 2017 without proof they meton gradua requirements. recommendations were then made and a second audit was ordered. that second report shows that school system has made improvements. >> our team worked extremely hard. in six months, to implement 38 ouof 40 recommendations. and i appreciate them acknowledging the work that our team has to do. but we won't stop until we have 100%. >> the school system will have a chance to t discusshat second report at next month's state board of education meeting. it is longer a crime to cheat metro fares when riding trains and buses. d.c. council voted to decriminalize that. councilman jack ev os who is althe metro board voted no. this debate had been intense between d.c. leaders and the
5:51 am
people who run metro. i a newseam reviewed ram pant fare cheating on buses and metro chains. video we captured shows people jumping over or sliding through the gates. a counsel sul membcil member caa final vote last night. >> and w everybody should just hop the train and go for free. about ut we're scking that log people up and being overly aggressive is a bit much. >> fare evaders are no longer facing a criminal charge. instd, they face a fine and citation but only in d.c. cotiress must also be given to review this bill before it goes to the mayor's desk. there will be a new host for next year's oscars. kevin hart will take over that role as the 91st academy awards. he announced a huge honor and po on social dia. he said he promises to make this year a special one and thankpl many p including his mom who passed away years ago
5:52 am
sayi, "i know my mom is smiling from ear to ear right now." you can watch the ademy awards on february 24th. a big deal for him. he is so hilarious. >> he really s quick timing and -- >> delivery is always good. going to be a fun show to watch. >> all right. 5:52 34 degrees outside our studio, chuck. we're in it. this is winter. >> ihis winter. you are correct. meteorological winter started on december 1st. >> right. >> december is a winter month. now that snow in novemb, that was illegal. but the snow in december, now it is completepy able to have snow. we're going to have a couple opportunities. snowflakes are a possibility for today. and anotherhae for some snowflakes coming up sunday and monday. right now though, mostlyloudy and 34 in washington with a light north wind. temperatures this morning are five to 10 degrees or colder than we were yesterday. that is two mornings in a row. we've been five to ten degrees colder than the morning before.
5:53 am
right now it's mostly freezing in the suburbs. 30 at dulles airport. 28 in fredericcounty, maryland. 20 also now in prince george's county. 35 in fredericksburg. your planner then for today, mostly cloudy day. a flurr or two possible. afternoon highs today only in the upper 30s to around 40. we're continuing to watch this orm making land fall in southern california today. that is the very sys m that we need to watch. it could bring us a winter storm chance sday night into monday. not guaranteed yet. but a possibility. right now though, there are snow showers in central west virginia that couldring an inch or two down towards roanoke or lynchburg. but no major impacts around here. the only winter weather advisory is down for the central aar southern of the shenandoah valley. here's your ten day forecast. cold and cloudy today with flurries. cloudy and cold again tomorrow. still cold but at least the sun will be back for friday and saturday. and that sunday night into monday we're watching that opm.rtunity for a st obviously, it's five, six day as
5:54 am
way. so there is a long time to go between now and then. as of now, tmelissa, looks like it is going a little too far to the south. n we'ret doesn't m completely out of the woods. >> all right. i know you'll keep us updated there. president george h.w. bush's funeral today, we have road closures. will we'll have rolling road closures thrsghout the day well. so right now wisconsin avenue shut down between massachusetts and mccomb because of the actual funeral later this morning. also closed this moment, east capitol between second and first constitution een and independence. he continues to lie in state unti 7:00 thismorning. lorton northbound 95 before lorton crash there on the shoulder a little bit of a delay. sterling, northbound 28 at sterling boulevard, crash on the right side of the road here. as you're headed outbound, 14th br sge, apped vehicle. we have a crash at montgomery avenue and a box that wants to pop-up but nothing really slowing too much. sound like we have one lane
5:55 am
blocked in the southbound lanes though. travel times in virginia looks okay on 66 and 95. overall not bad. 270 and top of the beltway, nice and clear. listen to wtop when you are in yo car today. chris? >> here at the live guedesk, we following live news in baltimore. a person has been shot in the e.face in a warehouse th they're reporting this happened in the last hour. no suspect is in custody. the s.w.a.t. team is there and medics. apparently this happened at a restaurant in the cherry hil neighborhood. sort of right on the baltimore city county line. news chopper 41 on t is on the th scene. u want to stay with us for the 6:00 a.m. ur. >> thankyou, chris. 5:56. want to change gears b tell you make your lunch plans now. >>u can get a burger for just a penny. burger king is offering the deal to promote its app.
5:56 am
here's how it works. customers must place their orders within 600 feet of a mcdonald's. you get it? the app will determine yr location and then unlock the deal. >> once the order is placed, the app will direct you to the nearest burgeking where you n get a whopper for a penny. some crowded burger kings today. good morning. volkswagen says they'll stop producing gas c powereds after 2026. the focus entirely on electric vehicles. 's really a radical move for the best-selling passenger car brand in many parts of the world including europe and china. but volkswagen executives say the company is committed to taking steps to halt global warming. vw is forming an alliance with ford to possibly use idle ford plane to increhe u.s. production. with your cnbc morning business report. >> thank you, frank. when we return, we continue our coverage of untoday'sal
5:57 am
for former president george h.w. bush. we'll be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. we beginith a live look in the capitol this morning. the flag draped casket sits at
6:00 am
the center of the rotunda. thousands of peopleave come t pay respects. later this morning the former president will be carried here to the natiothl ral. former and current heads of state will gather for his funeral and to honor m thean who gave decades of his life to public service. >> it is 6:00 a.m. now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and in the days since the death of president george h.w. ush, the country has been united in its grief and done its best to honor a man who meant so much to so many. yesterday the bush family thanked those who came to the rotunda to pay respects. youan see here former president george w. bush hugged supporters and list end as they spoke about his father. we've seen several days of powerful images but perhaps none so powerful as this one. former senator and world war ii ve bob dole being helped to his feet to salute george bush for the final time. le will be among those attending the funeral today and team coverage for >> news 4's justin finch and meagan


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