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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 7, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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arlington. planner then for today, plan on sunshine and plan on afternoon temperatures only in upper 30s and low 40s. so it will be a nice dayo be outside. just need to keep the pace up. keep that body heat agenerated right. i'll trust you on that and do that. chopper 4 old georgetown road, this crash was blocking two lanes this mornin it justot over to the right shoulder. so take a look. you can see some delays headed inbound there, outer loop after old georgetown. we still have that blocked by a crash. inbound new york after south dakota and northeast, left lane is blocked there. >> >> georgia avenue is back open after a montgomeryy cou
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police officer hit a pedestrian. >> we're a few feet away from where the crash took place las night. just behind us, georgia avenue, southbound lanes here, there's four orange markings in the roadway here where that montgomery county police cruiser came to a stop. that man now facing life threatening dafoons. between dawson avenue and blue ridge avenue is where this crash happened close to 9:30 last night. this is a very busy stretchf road here in the wheaton area. lots of businesses, stores, and homes nearby. so this did cause a lot of traffic headaches as well.
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>> one of our policeruisers traveling southbound on georgia avenue came in contact with a i pedestrithe roadway. the pedestrian wasstruck. the pedestrian was then transported to a local hospital with life threatening jues. >> that man facing very critical injuries and looking at the road here,ou see there is no crosswalk right here. however the two streets that surround this crash here, blue ridge avenue, dson avenue, both have crosswalks. perhaps if that pedestrian wer crossing there, this would not have happened. and crowalk locations. this crash again remains under investigation. no names y for that officer or that man that was struck last
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night. >> two devoping stories this morning. first in new york city. police officers say no threat was found after investigation into a bomb threat that was called intocnn late last night. the caller says there were five bombs planted in the time warner building. it was evacuated as a precaution and some live broadca were interruprcd. police seahed the building and did not find sything. thee building was partially evacuated in october when a pipe bomb was delivered therth >> here i district, a man was seriously wounded in a double shooting last night in southeast just before 9:00. officers were called to the intersection of martin luther king jr. and malcolm x avenues. two people have been shot. police have not identified the victims. >> happening now in d.c., police are working t track dow a kidnapper after an armed abduction. d.c. police tell news 4 that around 3:30 tuesday morning, a
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man armed withro a knife into a home on west virginia avenue in that's right near the university. police say the suspect then kidnped the couple inside, drove them to an atm and forced them to take out ymoney. recognize this man in this picture; police want to hear from you. >> today in charlottesville,ju rs will begin deliberating the case of the man accused of driving his car into aroup of counter protestors at a unite the right rally last year. investigators say james alex fields junior was one of the white nationalists protesting theemoval of the statue of confederate general robert e. lee in august of 2017. fields allegedly rammed his car into t crowd killing heather and injuring many others. if convicted of the most serious charge, fields could face life in prison. >> today special counsel robert mueller is expected to file two sentencing memos in the russia
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invemaigation. one y detail why he cancelled manafort.ent with paul he was found guilty on tax and bank fraud charges in virginia. the second document may show us how michael cohen cooperated with the investigation. w coheas president trump's personal he ple guilty to campaign finance violations and to to congress about a trump tower project in russia. p thject was eventually dropped. an end to an emotional week for the co president george h.w. bush is now in his final resting place. >> yesterday in atexas, final fairwell for o farewell for our 41st presiden >> president bush was honored with a 21 gun salute. his family a friends gather at his houston church for a funeral. long timue colle reflected on his legacy. >> you are safely tucked in now and through the ages, with god's
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loving arms around you because our glory, george, was to have had you as our president and as such a friend. >> after the ceremony, the casket was taken by train to his presidential library in college station, teass. he buried along side his ife barbara and daughter, robin. our coverage of former president bush's legacy and his state funerals in texas and here in washington continues on our nbc washington app. we have a photo gallery of george h.w. bush being mourned by the nation he lead. ju search bush funeral. >> 6:06 right now. we have an update to a story you saw first on news 4. he ordered shirtn and whe his package arrived, the something extra in the box. pages and pages of strangers medical records. cover pages indicate a connection to maryland's physicians care. the organization told us it is a investigatinghappened and
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will update us when it has more information. oregon says the documentscl ed patients home addresses, dates of birth, i.d. numbers and medical histories. >> creighazy to tnk if it happed here. did this happen multiple times? or are other people getting packages like this? which is just scary. >> they turned the documents over to montgomery county police for safekeeping. >> jordan mcnair's family says they fuluprt the man that is now leading the university of aryland football program. mikelocksley was introduced as the new head coacher yey. 19-year-old jordan mcnair died after suffering a heat stroke during summerpr tice. his death lead to the firing of former head football coach. locksley says he understands the family's heartache because his son was shot and killed in howard county last year. >> kevin hart will no longer host the 2019 ademy awards. he wrote he didn't want to be a distraction on a night that dshould be celebra by so many amazing, talented artists.
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soon after the announcements that hart would host the oscars he came under fire for old homophobic tweets and jokesn social media. he joked his biggest fear was his son coming out as gay. the academy has not responded. >> what do you say?ou i wanto be my vp. >> the movie vice leads the golden globe nominations with 6 nods. it's a o pic of dick chaney's life. here are the othern nominees that category. >> crazy rich asians, the favorite, greenbook, mary poppins returns, and vice. >> holden globe odd categories, things they put into certain categories. vice beat out lady gaga and
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bradley cooper's a star is born forhe most nominations. the nominees for best television drama series are theamericans, bodyguard, homecoming, killing eve and they'll be handed out january 6th and later this morning, we'll hear who isp for a grammy. the nominations for the best in music will come out around 8:30 this morning. >> always a reminder, all the movies and hotv we have to watch. the music we have to listen to. >> i saw crazyich asians, that was the only thing. >> i watched the iamericans. really want to watch all of them. >> still ahead this morning, major workrwow unay on the yellow line. >> adam tuss takes us behind the construction barriers to show us what is being done. >> here's your weekend outlook tomorrow, sunny but very cold. that sunday snow chances stiller i'll give you the five day
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forecast coming up. >> new interactive lights are here. ready for you to enjoy for the holidays. details coming up next on news 4 today. we're live along the waterfront. whose idea was this?! ♪
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two... one... two... three... three... four... four... five.. five... six... now adam tuss gives us an up close look at repairs. >> climbing up on to the yellow line bridge or the potomac and what we found wasn't pretty.
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>> that wasn'ts already stripped. >> crumbling and cracking concrete just about everywhere. this has been described as one of the worst stretches of track in the metro system and yet again it's right above the c. poto >> it actually starts moving. you have warning. fail.ot just going to you start seeing the track moving. >> all right. let me show you what the real reason is for the shutdown here. you seeonhe ccrete pads that hold the actual rai in place? well, look what's happening to them. literally crumbling. hands.pick them apart with my they had to rip out so many of these andnd jackhammer them pour new concrete to make sure that the rails are still in good shape. >> this will all be ready to reopen monday morning. on the yellow line bridge, adam tuss, news 4. >> if you are tired of the same old holiday thing, we have you covered. the larger than life lights are back for the holiday season.
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>> live with details on the specialtions to the park. hey, molette. >> oh, this is so fun and beautiful and colorful. you stand on the light pads and they change colors. so we hav a blu and a change here. this i all called the pool. it's one of two new light art installations down here at yards d.c. we're right next to dtrict winery. you can have fun and jill frederick is here to talk to us about what's going on down here. >> come down every night 6:00 to 10:00. >> tell us about the pool. >> yeah. >> that's what we' seeing right now. so this was inspired, an artist was inspired and saw how the moonlight hit the water and she
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turned it into this great art piece. >> so you want people to come down and enjoy this. hee more the merrier. >> the more t merrier, bring the fami, bring the kids. clearly adults enjoy it as well. >> we had the giant bunnies one spring. we had the snowglobes. >> are they fighting to be able to come down here for the holidays? >> we do our own search and try to find something we think would be interesting. you can come by and enjoy this too. it's fun for everybody. it's free. come on down. it all kicks off tonight at 6:00
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and we have another one t talk about later on in the hour. it's called angels of freedom. it's beautiful. we'll be back with more. >> vy cool. we're keeping a close eye on our weekend snow chance. our confidence is going up s an ouw chances remain ngerously low. our friends and neighbors,
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fredericksburg, culpepper, you at lst have a ance. here in the washington area, it's going to be way too far to the south. your friday morning, skies are clearing out. temperature 38 now in washington. your hit the road forecast on your way out the door to get to the gym or school or work this morning, right around the freezing mark for most and staying on the cold but sunny side today. no complaints. here's where the storm is now. way out in the desert southwest. it will have a very large impact foet a long s across texas and the gulf coast. pkes most of that and puts it down intots of georgia but tomorrow afternoon, here's 4:00 tomorrow. heavy rain across parts of al sama. that wilw travel in houston and dallastoday.
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this is going to be a mountainous snowstorm. i-85, i don't recommend it. charlotte, north carolina is more likely to get snow than we ar my sister is rubbing that in, don't you worry. they could be 12 to 18 inches of snow. there's our five day forecast. snow chances around here only about the southern half and even there, probably not even an inch. >> good to know. chopper 4 over the top of the beltway. i just want to show you some of
6:20 am
the layseaded toward outerloop at old georgetown road. it's out of the way on the shoulder but did cause extra pain through this area this morning. i don't think it's related. i just want to show you that we had an extra delay. travel times, 270 looks good. top of the beltway a little bit slow. 66 inbound, 95 northbound. both going 56ou miles per >> the holidays can be expensiv detailing the tricks to keep yourself on budget and be sure to check o ellen today at
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the all access plan has no on when you can see a movie and the red carpet plan starts at $20 and you can see films in imax or 3-d. prices may live on where you are around the country. it's so expensive to go to the theater now. >> it is. walgreens is expanding it's next day prescriptionelery
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service. it will cost a $5 fee and is part of the walgreens express progm. customers can have their prescription drugs delivered within a day or can choose pick them up in the store. >> the holidays are here. while things can be expensive this time of the year there's ways to keep yourself on budge. >> okay, you have less than three weeks to get your shopping done. you'll e often means spend more just to get thatd chec off. so before you head out to the mall, remember what samantha says. prevent r planning will poor performance. >> in this case, poor performance means come january 1, you're saddled with ahoot of day spending bills. she says decide what categories you'll spend money on. one could be holiday gifts or food or decorations.
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decide how much you want to spend in each category. >> what you might think about doing is getting prepaid visa or mastercards and identifying what you t want spend and then you use that card when you go shopping but you don't go over the budget that you set for yourself. >> if you're not using prepaid credit cas, cash is king. >> i would not use a credit card when you go shopping because when you just swipe the card, you don't realize how much you're really spending. >> before you shop, do your homework. e shopping apps to compare prices and to get the best deal. and keep your receipts. >> a lot of stores will do pric. matchi if you can show a store that you paid x amount for this item last week, a lot of them will adjust the pri down or givet to you for that sale price. >> justin finch, news 4. >> good morning, everybody.
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an 8-year-old small dog has his christmas sweater on. if you're going to be outside this morning, keep the sweater on. more about the weekend snow chces in the next halfhour. >> plus from prison to one of the most prestigious schools in the world. how a man that was wrongfully convicted isng his whole life around. >> plus students sent scrambling when their cleges close without warning. what's next for thousands lt efwi
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using tools like advanced genomic testing and cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more. a live look outside on thisy fr >> it's still going to be cold out there but for the first time dealinge, we won't be with the rain as we head into the weekend. that's a nice change. good morning, everyone. we have the whole gang in this place. melissa will tell us about the
6:30 am
commute in a second. let's sta with the forecast. what do you have? >> i have cold, cold, and cold for yourdafriday, sat and sunday. a little bit of darkness out there. after will be up just 7:00 this morning. 36 in fairfa county. your planner for your friday, it's friday no matter the weather, it's friday nonetheless. afternoon temperatures in the low 40s. so not fridged but certainly colder than average, light north westerly wind. into the end, the cold is in place and we're still keeping close eye on the snow chance for sunday but melissa, it looks like less and lesnd less. >> my kids are sti going to try the snow day. i'm just telling you. chopper 4 rightow over 95 in
6:31 am
maryland. outer loop after 2:70. crash reported so we're seeing a tiny slow wn. an earlier problem, outerloop approaching old georgetown. now it's just a little bit further. causing a little bit of a slow down. thank you, chopper. woodbridge 95 north after prince william parkway. right side still blocked by a crash there. that's the right lane. a crash reported there as well. >> developing this morning, ade rian is fighting for his life after being hit by a montgomery couy police officer last night. this accident happened near blue ridge afternoonround 9:30. that's not far from the metro station and mall. more details coming up in a few minutes. >> happening tonight, traffic is being shutdown in a matter of hours. another partf the on going rehabilitation project means the bridge is a no go for drivers this weekend.
6:32 am
megan, when is tharidge closing? >> it's going to close at 9:00 tonight. so you're okay for the morning. you can see the traffic i moving just fine across memorial bridge but that's going to change in a matter of the bridge is closing down tonight and will stay closed for the entire weekend. this of couro is going have a big impact on people traveling between d.c. and virginia. take a look at the specifics here. ompletelyial bridge shutting down. it will stay closed until 5:00 a.m. on monday morning. now work crews are installing temporary support structures under the middle arch of the they'll remove steel from the center span. it's part of a overhaul of the bridge. the work won't be done until 2021. it's in b shape and has been for a long time. the work is very much needed here but certainly a
6:33 am
inconvenience. trying to minimize the impact by doing these closures over the weekend but certainly people have to figure out the routes, if youormally cross the potomac starting tonight, you'll have to find a workaround. back to you. >> megan, thankyou. it's now 6:33. there's amber alerts for missing children and silver alerts forg miss seniors. last night the senate voted to create anle system for missing alerts. the ashanti art act creates a new federal system to share information about missing or endangered people between the ages of 18 and 64.ou it use tv and radio toadcasts to share critical information wit public. next the house takes up the bill. it's named for ashai billie. she was 19 years old when sheed vaniast year. she was too old for an amber alert and too young for a silver alert. after 11 days, her body was
6:34 am
found in north calina. >> the arlington county schoola board the green light to the school redistricting plan. this changes the neighborhood boundaries at 8 elementary schools in the county. that willffect about 5 to 600 students. there's roughly 27,000 kids in e schoolistrict and it's growing by about 800 students a year. this plan creates mor room while some parents argue their communities are being unfairly split up. the new plan takes effect in september. >> the end to an emotional weekn pres george h.w. bush is now in his final resting place. one lt heart felt fare well to the former president. his family and friends gathered at the houston church where he worshipped more than half a century. >> the casket was taken by train
6:35 am
to hisia preside library in college station texas. thousands of mourners lined thae 70 m route to say good-bye. he was buried along side his wife barbara and daughter robin. >> it is now 6:35. here are your other top stories. it is a race against time as the search continues today off the coast o japan for five missing marines: 7 marines disappeared into the ocean after a pair of warlanes collided in midair wednesday morning. two of the 7 marines have been rescued but onef them has since died. a crash happened while the aircraft were refuelling during a training mission. >> this morning, thousands of students areupset, frustrated, and shocked after learning their college is closing. education corporation of america will close 70 campuses today because it lost it's accreditation. students were notified just two days ago. in maryland the school is known as brightwood college and in virginia it's called virginia college. >> theight to raise minimum wage for restaurant workers in
6:36 am
the district isn't over. supporters of the plan have until next wednesday to collect 25,000 signatures to put a new referendum on the baot next year. you'll remember d.c. voters approved initiative 77 over the summer. the d.c. council repealed it before it could take effect. if enough signatures are collected, a special electione would t place next year. >> 6:36. coming up, she's helping us gto he holiday spirit. >> she's showing us a unique light show for the whole family. hey, molette. >> good morning to you. two new light art
6:37 am
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a d.c. man once wrongfully
6:40 am
convicted of murder ishi turnin whole life around. >> he served 11 years in prison after he was convicted of killing a college student. now he has a chance to study overseas after being awarded a scholarship to the university of oxford. nows grateful and firsthand what it's like to get serving back after time. >> if we in this office and the mayor's office in general are setting the trend and setting the example what reentry can look like all across the country. >> he will spend a year are oxford beforrning to d.c. >> he will then continue helping prisoners that need jobs and housing. >> more good news for people t hittin roads this holiday season. aaa says the national ave ge for gas is $2.45 a gallon. a new low for 2018. it's down more than 50 cents since memorial day. aaa predicts gas prices will fluctuate throughout the rest of
6:41 am
the month and could fall another 5 cents. as long as oil prices stay under $60 barrel, y'll ceeloer gas prices. th your cnbc morning business report, i'm frankholland. >> school day forecast today, cool but sunny.ur temperat in the low to mid 30s to get the day started. you'll need your scarf and winter coat. if onlyt were a little warmer, but in the 40s, the best we can hope for today is b plus. more about the weekend snow chances in the ten day just ahead. >> a couple of problems around town including delay on the beltway. we'll take look at thi as
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it's now 6:44. develong this morning, a man has life threatening injuries after getting hit by a montgomery county police cruiser. i >> justin fin now live with more details on this crash, bostin. >> learning more this crash that happed here behind
6:45 am
us. and that's the cruiser that struck him, montgomery county lice cruisers was not going to an emergency. no lights were on. no w sirensere blaring when it struck thi man just behind us here and on the roadstill, the orange markers where the police cruiser came to a stop last night. we can take you to video and show you the investigation taking place here last night. this is georgia avenue between dawson and blue ridge avenues here. e crash happening in the southbound lanes of the investigation shutting down both sidesf georgia avenue. that man wro strucking the area between the two avenues. no crosswalk where he was struck hat time. he was then rushed to the hospital just before 9:30 last night and is still recovering at this time from pretty serious injuries. again,ks you loo back out here live, you'll see there is no crosswalk where this man was walking. however there are crosswalks at
6:46 am
blue ridge and dawson avenues just above and belowhere this ash happened. police encouraging all pedestrians to crosswalks when possible and ask for drivers tnd slow down pay attention to the road ahead of them. as for this crash, it's stillti under invtion at this time. we're live here, i'm justin finch, news >> justin, thank you. >> developing here in the eriously a man was wounded in a double shooting late last night in southeast. just before 9:00, officers were called to thef intersection martin luther king jr. and malcolm x avenues. stwo people werehot and police victim. identified the >> police did not find anything after t investigation into a bomb threat that was called into cnn late last night. the caller serd there we five bombs planted in the time warner building. it wasat evacu as a precaution and some liv broadcasts were interrupted. the same building was evacuated october when a pipe bomb was discovered there. >> the search is on in d.
6:47 am
right now. >> police are working to track down a kidnapper after an armed abduction. d.c. police say around 3:30 thursday morning, a man armed with a knife broke into a home on west virginia avenue in northeast. the suspect then kidnapped the couple inside, drove them to an atm a forced them to take out money. if you recognize this man, police want to hea fromyou. >> today, special counsel robert mueller is exp tted to fil sentencing memos in the russia investigion. one may detail why mueller ncelled a cooperation agreement with paul manafort. the president's former campaign chairman. he wasound guilty of tax and bank fraud in virginia. the second document may show us hew michael cohen cooperated with investigation. cohen was president trump's personal attorney. he fled guilty to campaign finance allegations and lying to congress about a trump tower project insc . that project was dropped. also happening today, house republicans will interviewrm fbi director james comey
6:48 am
in a closed session. it is the finalinterview before democrats take ove in the new year. the committee is expected to question comey abo decisions the fbi made during the 2016 presidential election. >> the end to an emotional weer he bush family. president george h.w. bush now in his final resting place. yesterday one last heart felt fairwe fa farewell to the former president. his family gathed at the church where he worshipped for more than half acentury. thousands of mourners lined the 70 mile route to wave good-bye. he was buried along side his wife barbara and daughter, robin. >> is now 6:48. we'll turn our attention back to the forecast now.
6:49 am
storm team 4 meteorologistbe chk wit test test test. so bad news. how about that? us willdry and most of get a completely dry weekend. the sunday snow chances are lookin slimmer and slimmer, everybody. sorry about that, kids. clearing outen here over the last hour or so. it's a cold morning but not ridiculously cold. 38 in washington. wind chill down to 33. that's pretty much the case everywhere. mostly in the mid 30s. a few spots down into the low 30s this morning. a fine day to be outside today. plenty of sunshine. afternoon temperatures peaking in the upper 30s and l0s today. 43 downtown. northwest winds at 5 to 15pe mis hour. the storm we have been watching all week long has plenty of moisture to work with. this will be a big impact on travel over the weekend. could hav flight delays in and out of houston and dallas and new orleans and memphis today and as t storm really gets organized, it could put the hurt on atlanta and charlotte and raleigh over the course of the weekend. here's storm afternoon.
6:50 am
notice, we're high and dry, w here in the washington area. the moisture is never really going to get much north a ofut i-64 to move through central virginia, but if you're planning on traveling into western north carolina or south w virginia today, i-81, down into parts of northeastern and also a big chunk of north carolina, this is going to be a lot of snow. 12 incs ormore, a likely bulls eye there from about or asheville, carolina right up the heart of the smoky mountains there.n travel d i-81. travel through i-40, i-85 from charlotte, all liko take it on the chin from this storm, but notice it stays allompletely south of us. maybe fredericksburg and culpepper might be able to get a dusting. >> no problems for us. there's the ten day >>forecast. his is outerloop after 270.
6:51 am
so we do see some delays. a new crash there on the right shoulder. you're seeing those delays, southbound on 270 and then outer thank you for that shot this morning. that's the delay right there. the rest of the beltway pretty normal. right shoulder is blocked by a crash and after 234 there left side is blocked this morning. zooming in to 395, southbound 395 at the pentagon, still have that crash reported. no real delays outbound on 395. inbound has your typical la. ngstbound 66, leftlane blocked by a crash invol a tractor-trailer. your travel times, 66 inbound, fairfax county to the beltway. not d. 270 southbound good. op of the beltway, outer loop
6:52 am
95, over to 270, 23 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car on o this friday ing. guys. >> thank you, melissa. it's now 6:52. new overnight, kevin hart will no longer host the 2019 academy awards. he wrote he didn't want to be a distraction on a night that should beyelebrated so many amazing talented artists. soon after thenc annent that hart would host the oscars he came under fire for old tweets that were considered homophobic tweets. joked his biggest fear was his son coming out as gay. the academy has not responded to hart's departure from the show. >> working for you this morning. >> the salvation army picked up all angelree donations. we adopted more than 100 angel
6:53 am
tree children. gifts range from scooters and bikes t dolls, trucks, books,le arning toys, about everything that y can imagine. the angel tree program has been able to put presents under the tree forbout a million children across the country. es news 4 is just one of thousands of com that participates in this eprogram. we'r happy to help makes christ happier for families in our community. and obviously a bighank you to everybody that contributes to this year after year to try to make christmas possible for kids. >> if you like holiday lights, get ready to see itn an entirely different way. >> she's live to show us two very special light installations making a stop in os area t season. hey, molette. >> hey, lighting up d.c. in a special way for the holidays wi two light art one of them very interactive. let me show you the first on h you cae fun, bring the whole family, you step on these pods and enjoy. this was inspired by a camping
6:54 am
trip to australia for this artist. nt to bring in jill t fredericks tok more about the pool and it's first appearance here in the district. and it's built for this kind of aggressive use. 40 of these installations across the rld, is that right? >> yeah. so it's aere now first time in d.c., which we're excited about and we're real excited to invite people to come down and check it out. as you can see it's not just something to look at. it's something to actually run around on and jump on. i love it when the color turns fuschia. at's my favorite color. >> and every night, starting tonight through the holidays, this will light up along withon the s one called angels of freedom. two beautiful giant wings as you can see behind me.
6:55 am
this one isn't litau up b it's on a right? this is great for taking pictures. >> everyone loves a good picture. this is the international art exhibit that travels through the world. >> two of them down here next to district you can come enjoy the beautiful scenery for the holiday season. all of this is free. you guys got check it out last night. >> we did. nd they'rea sneak peak so beautiful lit up at night. >> this is goi to bring a lot of people down to this area to enjoy this. the kidsnd everybody. we're warming up. you're jumping around on the different pods here. this is called the pool and then the angels of freedom,
6:56 am
throughout the holidays. don't we just love that? back to you. >> thank you. don' fall whenou're out here. that's the trickoo. >> it is 6:56 this oday marks 77 years since the attack on pearl harbor. this afternoon at12:53, those that died in thebe attack will honored at the world war ii memorial here in washington. >> the closure starts at 9:00 tonight and it's scheduled unt 5:00 monday morning. this is part of a project that won't be done until ear 2021. >> jurors will begin deliberating in the ll charlottese murder trial. james fields junior was one of the white nationalists protesting the removal of a confederate statue. fields could face life in prison. >> a pedestrian is fighting for his life after being hit by a montgomery countyolice officer
6:57 am
last night. nethis accident hap on georgia avenue. montgomery county police say the pedestrian w not in the crosswalk. the man was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> all right. there's a look at our future weather model. notice the big snowstorm down south is staying south. no, say it ain't so. if you're traveling to western north carolina this weekend, that's where the snow will be but notice the snow never makes it to the d.c. meeao sorry about that everybody. >> we have plenty of winter left, chuck. ,>> you say th but i wonder. >> thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today"how is next. enjoy your day and your weekend. >> make it a great friday everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. . >>or goodning. monster storm. more than 30 million people frot arizono virginia in the path of a dangerous system bringing heavy snow, ice, and torrential in. the sto causing flooding, mudslides, andhis plane to slide off the runway. across the south many praysing for historic snowfall. >> ther next three four days will be very busy. >> al says this is just the beginning. breaking overnight, he's out. kevin hart stepping down of hosting the oscars being announced. this morning, the backlash over his homophobic fweets. to the former president george h.w. bush laid to rest in texas after a final day of touchg tributes.


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