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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 7, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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. breaking news tonight, prosecutors come down hard on michael cohen asking for substantial jail time despite his cooperation in the russia probe. tonight robert mueller revealing what cohen told him and what mueller told the court today about paul manafort's ripped up plea deal. major shakeups, the president's pick e new attorney general overseeing the rmussia probe. the fox news host he wants at the u.n. and word his chief oftaff may be out at any moment. judgment day, the man that drove into a ow crd protesting the white nationalist rally in charlottesville found guilty of murder. >> stocks plummet 55gain, the dow down anothe0 points capping off a wild week on wall seet. the monster winter storm sweeping the country. 47 million in the path
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of snow, i and torrential rain. we're tracking the threat. wild chase, suspects fleeing police at speeds over 100 piles an hour. the dramatic end caught on camera. and the woman who came back to life after she was declared nearly brain-dead. >> i me the hardest decision i ever had to make, and decided to take her off of life support. >> her family calls it nn medical miracle. >> aouncer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. special counsel robert mueller tonight says former trump lawyer michael cohen has been helpful to his investigation but federal prosecutors in new york say he shld be sentenced to prison inuding making illegal hush money payments he claims were on behalf of mr. trp. in the meantime, a iuch anticipated court filingthe case of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort could open a window into this investigation. our pe williams has te dla
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>> reporter: lester, prosecutors are urging the judge to impose a substantial prison term for michael cohen, and robert mueller is keeping under wraps much of his aim that paul manafort lied after agreeing to cooperate with the special counsel investigation. mueller says paul manafort, the former trump campaign chairman violated his agreement by lying to them after he pleaded guilty, but court documents filed today giving specifics of what they say he lied about were heavily redacted. >> that means that there are on goingoing investigations, sensitive information that the mueller team does not want to make public right now. >> reporter: t documents say manafort lied when he dend having contacts this year with the trump administration but they don't say what it was about. in new york, prosecutors recommended a single sentence for michael
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cohen's two guilty pleas, lying to congress about dealings with russia to build a trump tower in moscow and fraud and campaign finance h violations forh money payments to stormy daniels and another woman that claimed they had sexual encounters with trump d cohen argued against any prison sentence but says he has a rose colored view of the seriousness of the crimes and says he should get at least n three years in pri and meanwhile, james comey was interviewed by house republicans in a closed session for about seventh hours today. they say the fbi went easy on hillary clinton but extra tough on president trump. >> we cove done this in open setting, and two, when u read the transcript, you will see that we're talking again about hillary clinton's
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e-mails for heaven's sakes, so i'm not su we needed to do this at all. >> reporter: george papadopoulos was released after 12 days in a federal prison camp. his sentence for lying to muell investigators about contacts with russians promising to provide dirt on clinton. ceohen will be sentnext week, manafort will have to wait until march. pete williams, nbc news, washington. i'm kristen welker at the white house where president trump anticipating mor disclosures from robert mueller lashed out in a barrage of early morning tweets, accusing mueller of big time conflts of interest and arguing robert mueller and leaking lying james mueller are friends. cohen was deputy attorney general and mueller was the fbi director but no ar indication the best friends. esomey laughed off that suggtion on capitol hill today. for mueller, he s pointed by former president george w. bush a republican, while mueller and his teamork on their report, the president says his lawyers are working on their version, we will be doing major counter report to the mueller report, they should never again be allowed to happen to a future president of the united stas. and reviving his attacks against his own deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein asking isn't rod totally conflicted? a dramatic differe from mr. trump's playful tone last
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night when rosenstein was at the white housea fonukkah event. >> attorney general senstein where is rod rod, where are you? why? he's entitled to a much better location t tht. thank you, rod, very much. >> reporter: president trump tweeted about the new filings late gh tototally clears the president thank you but those filings say mr. trump directed his lawyer to commit two felonies. >> kristen welker, thank you. the president also making some big announcements today revealing his nominees erfor attorney gen and u.n. ambassador as reports swirl his chief of staff is heading for the exit. with more, here is peter alexander. >> reporter: president trump tonight tapping his pick to be america's top law long-time washington
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lawyer william barr. >> he was my first choice from day one, respected by republicans and democrats. >> reporter: if confirmed, barr would return to a position he held der esident george h.w. bush and replace matt whitaker under fire for attacking the russia investigation. republicans tonight quick to praise the pick but democrats are demanding barr that would oversee the russia inquiry commit to protecting robert mueller after barr's criticism of members of mueller's team. n >>is case, he a wants somebos attorney general who is going to basically protect him and not question what he's doing. >> reporter: also tonight, four sources familiar with the matter say chief of expected to depart been days after a tenure, with policy clashes. the president last month noncommittal when asked about kelly's future. >> people leave. people leave. >> reporter: kly's likely replacement,
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vice president pence's chief of staff an ambitious 36-year-old political strategist. peter alexander, nbc news. i'm andrea mitchell, president trump's choice to replace nikkhaley at the u.n., a former "fox and friends" anchor with no prior government experience. >> she's very talented, very smart. very quick and i think she's going to be respected by all. >> reporter: if confirmed, heather na rt will go against veteran diplomats like russia's u.n. ambassador and following in the footstepigh powered figures like george h.w. bush and madeleine al bright. >> we don't need a broadcaster, we need a diplomat. someone that will go the united states of america. >> reporter: hauert has had her missteps seeming to praise germany's role in world war ii. >> tomorrow is the of anniversary the d-day invasion. ng history with the government of
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germany. >> reporter: the u.n. job will be downgraded. former secretary o state rex tillerson describing how he lost clout with the president. >> the preside says here is what i want to do and how. i would have to mry president, i understand what you want to do but you can't do it that way. it violates the law. it violates the treaty. >> reporter: tonight the president tweeting he couldn't get rid of tillerson fast enough because he was quote dumb as a rock and lazy as hell. there ore breaking news tonight, a jury found a man ty gu for killing a woman when he drove into a cwd protesting the white nationalist rally in year.esville last here is nbc stephanie gosk. >> reporter: the crowd in charlottesville showed up to protest a white supremacist rally, despite the anger, nobody expected ichis. the vereached today, james fields deliberately plowed into the protesters killing one and injuring dozens of others. he wasound guilty of
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first-degree murder. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. the jury shown photos of fields' cars before, during and after he drove it into the crowd of protesters. among the most dramatic pieces of evidence, a video taken moments ter e incident not yet released publicly. fields can be heard asking police are they okay and sobbed when he learned hire ha died and the jury heard a prison phone call between fields and his mother. her for sympathizing for higher's mother. there is also this, a post fields made on inagram, an image that looked similar to the real scene that day. he felt threatened by the crowd and acted in self-defense he says, an argument the jury ultimately did not
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believe. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> it was another rough and troubling on daall street. the dow dropping over 550 points over a weaker than expected jobs report. with more,ere is nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: an end to a week of angst, volatility and heavy selling onl street. the dow jones losing 1436 over three trading sessions, for the week, the broader market index, the s&p 500 down more than 4% now, negative for the year. >> worries over what is to come in this u.s. china trade truce. >> reporter: the uncertainty about a trade war with china a big factor as well as concern about the potential for a future cession. the housing market already slowing and moving to hike oil prices. still many average investors seem to be taking it all in >> it's going to take a dip but we are in it for the long haul, you know. arou've got to look at it in of growth. >> reporter: with so much uncertainty, december is looking
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like a rough month on wall street. >> we may have t santa claus' picture on a milk carton because so far it doesn't look like he's coming around readily. >> reporter: so far, more grinch than santa. among tech stocks taking a hit was apple facing criticism over the latest apple watch about a warning about a health feature that may not be what it was cracked up to be. steve patterson explains. >> reporter: it's being marketed as a potential lifesaver. >> apple watch has become an intelligence guardian for your health. >> reporter: apple's hot ticket holiday gadget, the latest smart watch is rt ading health features as a first of its kind wearable ekg and heart sensor designed to monitor afib but critics are pointing out apple's ne print. it's with users of no prior history of afib and is not accurate enough to detect heart attacks or stroke. it can lead to false positives in healthy
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consumers. >> they don't have the disease but think they might, we start running into problems. >> reporteor now, the latest watch can't replace time with a doctor. let's get the latest on e ast-to-coast storm affecting millions tonight.'s taking aim at texas right now swamping much of that state with heavy rain. our meteorogist dylan dreyer is tracking this monster storm, dylan. >> reporter: good evening, lester. there is a lot of moisture wis storm. g e're expect torrential downpours across texas tonight, up to six inches of rains possible. flooding is a possibility all
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throughout the south as it moves into the southeast by saturday n and on the norther to edge of this s, there is just enough cold air that we will see snow and ice as an issue, especially across north carolina and virginia where four to eight inches of snow is possible up t to a foot in mountains. so this is certainly not very typical for this part of the country this early in the season, lester?>> hanks. tracking it all for us tonight. there was a wild high-speed chase in oklahoma today when police tried to pull a car over in oklahoma ty. took off reaching speeds up to 100 miles an hour and it ended dramatically police hit that forced the car into the air the people survived that, hard to believe and were taken into custody. damaging t allegations ab sexual misconduct and secrecy at cbs news involvindon huet, the man behind "60 minutes". >> reporter: don hewitt created "60 minutes." ratings nce and now allegedly sexual harassment. "the new york times" reporting in the '90s, cbs seled with a female employee who claimed hewitt sexual assaulted her several times and ruined her career according to a draft investigative report looking into cb culture. the original
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settlement was $450,000 and been amended and exceeds $5 million and exceeds he died in 2009. why is cbs still paying this money? >> clearly, cbs wants to keep this woman quiet and the payments they aeed to stretch until the end of her life. >> reporter: cbs had no response. investigators t reportedly s misconduct of hewitt's successor was less severe. haguer was fired after sending a threatenin text message to a reporter covering allegations against him. according to the rstimes, investiga say the firing was justified, he said he was only demanding ra fairness in co and regrets how he did it. unknown o will be the next leader of cbs' legendary broadcast. ann thompson, nbc
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news, new york. justs after he was announced as the host of the osrs, comedian kevin heart stepped down after homophobic tweets from his past surfaced. he was initially thefiant when he saiacademy issued an decision but he apologized. >> the miracle of families brought their moback to life. a drivrapped in a burning truck, the deputy making a dramatic rescue. and the boy who santa but the detaild detaile detailv detaili detaill detail detaildetails detaild detaile detailv detaili detaill detail detaili details detaili detailsn details detae. (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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everything was so fresh in the beginning... but that plug quickly faded. luckily there's new febreze plug. it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours. breathe happy with new febreze plug. all right. we're ba with what a family is calling a medical miracle, a woman considered brain-dead recovers af r the gut wrenching decision to remove life support. >> reporter: he was there last auguswhen fe michelle collapsed. it was massive heart attack. doctors said there was no hope. >> they said she only has 5% brain function.
7:18 pm
>> reporter: he knew she wouldn't want to live like that. >> the hardest decision i er had to make, i decided to take her off of life support. >> reporter: he and d heir two children planr funeral and said good-bye. two days later, she opened her eyes. two days after that. >> she td the nurse she was hungry. the doctor said what should we do? i said feed her. >> reporter: today she's almost fully recovered, still grappling with what she and her family went through. >> the decisions that he had to make, that's just. >> reporter: every y, there are deminders. >> o i put on a pair of shoes that my husband was going to bury me in. he starts crying and i'm like what's wrong with you? >> reporter: carl calls it a miracle. >> here she is. it can't get more miraculous than that. >> reporter: a miracle
7:19 pm
and reminder. >> make sure you remember the people you have with you now because you never know what is going to happen. >> we really found a new love for each other. >> reporter: a family t iven a second chance and taking anything for granted. kristen dahlgr, nbc news. >> what on ordeal and what an ending. we'll be back and one officer's heroic effort to save a man trapped in his truck. it's all caught on camera. we'll be right back. & the staff needs to know, they will & they'll drop everything can you take a look at her vitals? & share the data with other specialists yeah, i'm looking at them now. & they'll drop everything hey. & take care of this baby yeah, that procedure seems right. & that one too. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & when your patient's tests come back... hi susan!hs) honey? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough.
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next tonight, the dramatic rescue led by pu a sheriff's ty in texas ase responded to a man in a rning pickup truck. all oft recorded on the deputy's body cam. tammy leitner details. >> reporter: a desperate dash to save a stranger. deputy conner martin running towards terrifying accident llear dallas, a pickup truck owing with smoke, the driver trapped inside>> hen i first showed up, i felt useless. we're not firemen. >> reporter: martin's body cam rolling as he claimed into the smoke-filled cab. >> this is the dash. is the dholding your leg in? >> yea >> reporter: inside,
7:23 pm
michael pierce.le hi pinned and flames at his feet. >> i just played it out, lord, don't let me burn to death in this truck. >> reporter: pierce had been rushing to the hospital to visit his son when he was slammed into by a semi. more than a dozen people sto to help. martin nearly overcome s bymoke had to catch his breath several times. finally managi to pull pierce from the burning truck. >> anoth gentleman was out and i looked at the vehicle and the front seat was destroyed. >> he saved my life. >> reporter: tonight, pierce thankful to be alive. >> they all risked their lives to save me. >> reporter: especially deputy is his guardian angel. >> one word, wow. a follow up tonight from the up tonight from the 9-year-old girl with a ion for basketball when riley morrison
7:24 pm
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finally tonight, it's that time of year when countless kids are wting letters to santa but for one finally tonight, it's that me of year when countless kids are writing letters to santa but for one 4-year-old boy in a,southern califor the letters took a devilish turn. here is kevin tibbles. >> reporter: what's in a name? ask these 4-year-old wins, noah for instance has some down pat. >> how do you spel your name? >> n-o-a-h.
7:28 pm
>> good job. eporter: but the letter went a little h this year, way south because aside from saying he had been nice and asking for a new toy, noah got a few letters mixed-up and addressed his note to the naughtiest felw of all, not the grinch but the guy with the hos. you did it by yourself? >> uh-huh. >> what does this say? >> santa. >> santa, huh? >> mom jennifer's response says it all. well, i'm a therapist so my first thought is we got to get this kid into therapy. >> reporter: oh, and nt if you're watching, noah wasn't being devilish, he did mean you. >> what do you want santa to get you? >> a helicopter and train. >> a helicopter and train. >> kevin tibbles, nbc news. >> ho, ho, ho, merry christmas. >> and merry christmas to you, too, noah. s that's nightly n for this friday. from all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good
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