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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 12, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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sexual assault of a woman. the victim was abducted near the metro station inpl t hill last week. the pair drove her around, sexually assaulted her, robbed her and lest her in d.c. policedi h a news conference to annouone the arrest o suspect in the search for another. jackie bensen is will. >> keep us posted. a former current prince georges county police officers are break their silence. >> those officers are suing the department saying leaders retaliated when they reported wrong doing by colleagues. >> when we have spoken out, we have been met with intimidation, retaliation, transfers, and fermetermination. >> 13 officers are part of this lawsuit. but they say more officers have been prince georges county bureau chief has been out ahead of the story. she's here with a closer look at what is in the suit and what the officers are saying tonight.
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>> we talked with the police department saying they are not z commenting of the the pending litigation. >> we have so much racial divide within the police department that we can't be effective and efficient. >> phe current and formence georges county police officers claim their white counterparts received preferential treatments. >> it alleges discrimihetion from leadership that shows itself in transfers under discipline whebetween white and black officers and say say it'sc so bad some os choose not to report wrong doing by white officers.
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>> once you speak up, there's no backup 37 shortly after become an officer, the department a settled sexual misconducton allegagainst her superior officer. years later after a disagreement with her supervisor, she was transferred back to the district where her offense. occurr >> it's just taking me back to where itaed from. punishment. this is retaliation. >> reporter: after charges were dropped against him, he was still fired by the department in all types of crimes and found guilty and still working right now. >> newly elected executive who supports the chief inarge part due to low crime rates have this to say about the suit file d
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today. cy i appreciate their advo and i'll take a look at it and take whatever action we believe necessary. >> some of these officers want their jobs reinstated. they are asking for pay that's been lost because of have happened within this department. the prince georgesouy say ing they have no comment because of the pending litigation that comes as the justice department is also investigating similar claims filed by 120 officers here. reporting live, tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the president's long-time fixer and former personal attorney michael cohen says blind loyalty to donald trump led him to choose darkness overlight. a federal judge today handing down a three-year sentence and a $50,000 fine in court today. he said he felt it was his duty to cover up trump's dirty deeds. udhen pled guilty to nine counts
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including bank f and call pain finance violations related to paymentso womenho alleged affairs with the pres he's been ordered to report in march. rately, prosecutors say they will not president national inquirer after it admit hush payments made in concert with the trump campaign alleged mistresses. pete williams joins us in a few minutes to take a closer look at the significance of today's hearing. >> you'll notice a beefed up police presen. >> they know it's the salvation
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army. >> it's easy to give when people are filled with the holiday spirit. >> see you have your sunglasses on so you're ready. >> like alvinwalker, he's been out here forweeks. so he's seen the good and the bad. >> he's talking about the latest cre at west field shopping center just last night a man was stabbed outside o a store. chopper 4 was flying above while police investigated. >> there was a shooting two or three weeks ago.>> just before thanksgiving a passenger was shot inside a car. the shooting happened in the mall parking lot. police say in both instances the suspect knew the victim. but officers have increased patrols and their presence in and outside of the mall. >> it's pretty frightening. >> because a lot of shoppers are worried about their safety. >> it's definitely concerning. >> reporter: and taking their
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own precautions. >> i always have keys ready to get in the car and look around. >> but then there's folks like calvin walker. who won't all anyone to take them out of the holiday spirit. >> you still have to shop. and they need to be about yourself. and be careful. >> reporter: police say a stabbing suspect is still on the run tonight. his victim is in critical condition. back to you. >> thank you. a carbon monoxide scare in the district, firefigh trs were calla home for reports of a man down for unknown reasons. and when they walked inside, they found the victim ci unconsous. there was no carbon monoxide detector, but firefighters wearing por portable devices knew there was dangerous levels in the house. the co f camerom a faulty furnace. the man is expected to be okay. >> close call there.
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there are new allegations this evening of tuition fraud involving schools in the district. the attorney general filedga lawsuitsst half a dozen families accusing them about lying about where they live ntt get themhigh demand schools. the sack sagssex tend beyond the classroom. the schools of the arts, mckinley tech and hardy middle school are high performin schools that many students are eager to bet into. while d.c. residents are given priority, out of state students are allowed to attend, but they have to pay tuttion. the d.c.ney general filed lawsuits against six families who stand accused of lying in ntder to gt their kids d.c. public schools without paying tuiti tuition. >> a couple parents are d.c. government ployees. there's also a federal
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government employee in the mix. >> reporter: the d.c. attorney general says o hisice is aggressively going after the parents who lied to avoid paying tuition. >> we need to send a mission that tuition fraud needs to stop. >> t court filings accused six parents of fraud. and involves ten children at sevenen different school the attorney general is not only seeking $700,000 in tuition and damages, but $450,000 in penalties from these it families. one family is even accused of lying in order to get food stamp benefits. >> the folks who steal food stamps make it harder for those them.ed in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> since it began suing parents in 2012, d.c.'s office of the attorney general obtained 13 monetary judgments and 15 out of court settlements stoetotaling
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million. a big debate over how long metro should stay open is toming. at a board meetiorrow, d.c. leaders are expected to attempt to force the sk tem to go b late night hours on the weekend. right now metro closes at 1:00 in the morning on friday and saturday night, but in e past it was open until 3:00 a.m. transit leaders sar those shortehours are necessary to get more maintenance accomplished. transportation reportem tuss will be at tomorrow's meeting and he'll bring you the latest developments right here on news 4. turning now to the forecast. a break from the cold and the rain. but things are abouto ange. >> takina look at what we're dealing with, not bad. we have had the cloud cover. temperatures still made it to ne 50s. now do 44. as the sun has made its way down. we're in the upper 30s. put not near ly as cold as we
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were the last couple nights. a lot of 20s. so that's good. ahead of the storm system that's moving in, not tomorrow but friday. we get a lot of rain out of this. this one is going to be another soaker just in timeor the weekend. and it does look like we're t going to ha rain chances into the weekend. most of the rain is falling on the weekenis. ne no different. much more on this and when it moves in coming up in ten minutes. >> you got a different chill in the air in france because right now that countin its highest security alert level possible. they are fully engaged in a manhunt for the man behind the deadly attack at the christmas market. french authorities have tightened up border corrals, put out a wanted poster and calling for witnesses toome forward. the suspect is a known criminal.
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police say he killed two people and injured several others. authorities believe he may be trying to escape to germany. two years after more enan two d people at the u.s. embassy were mysteriously sickened, a new report sheds light but gives cause to what happened. 26 diplomats suffered dizziness, ear pain, ringinand cognitive problems. but dozens of others experienced no problems. team of doctors discovered ose who did have trouble suffered concussion-like brain damage despite no blow to the head. the medicalti invtion is unable to uncover whoo what caused the medical issues, who did it or why it was done. >> still ahead, a woman from our area who came tohe u.s. with her family more than a decade ago, but is now facing deportation. ahead, how a church in bethesda is stepping in to help. this time of here you don't see malls empty, but landmark
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mall has been this way for several years. tonight we're getting a better idea as to the vision for the future of
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three violent robberies in 30 minutes time. we're getting our first look asp a local crime that trilogy triggered an fbi investigation in prince georges county last year. scott macfarlane has the video
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used to put the two bad guy behind bars. >> two men armed with automatic guns robbed three localit businessesn 30edeasict in wek cs thomas. tonight we get our first look at what happened. thes are ts men open ing the door and another door.ough you see them threatening workers and pulling guns in theoc s. it shows the men hit the dom knows pizza as the customers race away. they would also rob a game store. i buturns out one of those had a gps tracker that led police to the crimes. it took about 30 minutes and took police about 20 tinutes afte find the men buzz of the gps devices. prosecutors tell news 4 james thomas charged with intimidating a witness, trying to prent the
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witness from testifying at his trial. ntencing is scheduled for february. scott macfarlane, news 4. >> thank you, scott. let's turn back to the sentencing for president trump's long-time fixer and former personal attorney michaelhe con. he's now set to spend three years in prison and after that hearing cohen's attorney seemed to suggest that cohen may have more toay downhe line. let's get a closer look at all of this wh pete williams. take a look at the big pictur what is the significance of cohen's sentence iing? does it have implications for the president? >> as for the mueller investigations , cohen hasaid that he's willing to continue to cooperate. he could. d hesn't walk into prison until march 9th. and et he could continue even to cooperate after that. and in theory had f hisn cooperat turns out to be valuable, mueller's people could
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say we need to shave some time off his sentence. but i think one of the most important developments today was actually something that didn't happen in court to ay. it w announcement by. the prosecutors in new york who charged w cohh this campaign finance violation for h tush money payments to two women who claimed they had affairs with donald trump. a thiho person in on discussions, it was cohen and the president who directed them to dthis, the third. person was the publisher of the national inquirer. the government announced it's not going to prosecute the national inquirer's pubsher for bei involved in this. that adds a second voice saying these payments were made to influence the haelection. sos exactly whathe president has been saying. they were not all about. >> w expect to see marie kwla
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ya in court after her case was postponed a day. the former student accused of a russian agent wharks do you expect? >> a russian eight, but not a secret agent. thsz what we expect she will plead guilty to. gnthout registering someone representing a forcountry. the plea agreement is a step back for prosecutors, who had almost accused her of beingy nd said she offered sexual favors to get into political organizations. none of that is going to be in the plea great. it seems clear that the government decided it's better to have h cooperation than it is to get a really tough sentence against her. her lawyer is saying she be sentenced for time served. we'll see what happens when she appears before the judge. >> any otherhe case russian agent has cooperated with u.s.
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investigators? >> sure and what we're told by investigators that they are looking at other peo who may have been doing what she was doing. so rmueller is looking at an attempt to influence the presidential elections. this is a russian effort t government says to influence american politics. now remember there's nothing illegal about that. what the government says is not trying to influence the public here, but not registering and it. being up front about that's what she will plead guilty to. >> can't wait to see what happens next. always something new. thank you. look for all of the latest from the political teamahead coming your wayer he after news 4 at 6:00. let's get a check of the weat,r. decemb don't think i normally think of december as a
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super rainy month, but it has been for us. >> it's really not. it's been wet october, vember, going all the way back towa'ss mite. thathen we started to get into the wet pattern. that's continuing right on through the next couple weeks here. that inclouds around christmas time. >>ou remember i said watch out for rain right around christmas. and it looks tooar out. we're two weeks away. there's definitely a storm that's going to be hit iting oui area around mas. right now it's looking more wet than white. but that's two weeks away. we have the cloud cover out there. winds out of the south at miles per hour.ha so w a southerly wind and cloud cover. that's going to keep temperatures a lot still down to 39 right now in
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manassas. last night again i the teens. many areas in the low 20s. i don't think we'll getatuite cold tonight buzz of the clouds and that wind that we have out there. right now the radar nothing to show you. satellite and radar showing a at little system making its way on through here providing flurries towards the higher else vaugss. that was about it. showing the area of low pressure up towards the great lakes. we have had a flow coming straightt from the west and a of times that brings warmer air. that's what we have tomorrat. tempes getting close to 50 degrees tomorrow. that's on our thursday. dry on thursday. there's that system just to our north. watch what happens here. thursday night we're watching this rain down to theou. all moving our way. very heavy rain friday night. dinnerre heading out to head og to the movies, it's going to be very wet one for sure right on through the day on saturday. saturday in between the two systems, one to the east, anotr upper level of low pressure making its way across. this one will come close to the
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region. we'll see showers on and sunday as well. not the best weekend. so what to expect with t next storm. rain still heavy friday night. showers likelynd saturday sunday. and another one to two inches of rainpe ed. that's just amazing. that will have to shatter the fa old record aas wettest years ever if we were to get that much rain. so another record in the making. 49 degrees out there tomorrow. mostly cloudy. near normal temperatures. there's the chances of rain on saturday and sunday. st tl we think you're goi need the umbrella at times. back to around 50. a milder week. a much more mild week than over the past couple weeks. temperatures above average through next thursday. another chance of rain moves in. another storm next thursday into friday. fore the weeke before christmas, we're getting close. we have a storm then too.
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>> that's the kind of record we wa want. >> i'm going to find out right now. >> you want a device to track your steps and your workouts. but is a fitness tracker or smart watch the better option? we have tips to m ye help make the right choice. >> breathing new life into the old landmark. a look tonight at wh's to a look tonight at wh's to comeat.
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james: this is alana, a very busy mom. she and her husband reginald wanted to grow their family. but alana is one of thousands in the dc area with kidney disease. thanks to a kidney donation from reginald, alana is healtif and enjoying a full i'm james brown and meet my friends, alana and reginald - soon to be parents of two. to learn more about kidney donation, visit thy gw ron and joy paul kidnter
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packed stores and malls. but one place isn't getting a business. landmark mall has essentially been closed for a few yehts. >> tonn 4, we get a look at what's to come to that site. david culver shows us how this goes wl beyond just a renovation. >> reporter: inside landmark mall, it is quiet. too quiet. sure security still patrols the grounds and crews continue to keep it clean. but the manikins shoved to the back of vacant stores. >>his mall just couldn't meet the demandsni that the com growing up around it has. >> tough to believe this was once the shopping destination.
5:27 pm
built in 1965 with open air shopping, the landmark center welcomed the mas crowds. in '89 they put a roof on it to accommodate the trend in retail. but in recent years, the packed parking lots turned in this. now. is still open f the macy's is serving as a temporary homeless shelter. and briefly hollywood moved i shoot the wonder woman movie. not much action since. >> walking through the mall, especially this time of year when malls are normally packed with shoppers l, it'stle spooky. all the stores empty. it's pretty much the only one here. >> it's been on the list. i'm sure you know for years. >> mindi is on the city planning commission. tapped with brehing new lif into landmarks. >> it's for a vibrant, active community space. >> carrying out the vision shs the mall's owner.e
5:28 pm
senior vice president of development. >> fair to say it won't look like ama traditional ? >> absolutely it will not. w want to do something everybody will be proud of. >> reporter: david culver, nuz 4. . still to come, a spice spat headsso a courtroom the makers of old bay take on a rival seasoning. >> plaus the last diarh effort o a rate hike. how this move byrs lawma could affect dulles airport. and the story of an immigrant seeking refugee in a local church
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an update to breaking news following just in case you're joining us at the moment. one suspect has been arrested in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman police are still searching for a second suspect. w the victim kidnapped near th metro station in prince georges county lst week. she was driven around, sexually assaulted and then dropped off in southeast washington a 25-year-old is now in custody and police are looking for
5:32 pm
29-year-old mark blue. get ready to pay even more if you travel along the dulles toll road. an increase set to begin few weeks. >> some lawmakers are proposing the way to limit the increase to save you money. >> chris gordon is live at dulles where lawmakers are holding a demonstration. >> these people are protesting in front of united airlines because they are in support of a bill that will grgbefore the ia lawmakers next month. >> the new proposal could save
5:33 pm
dues toll road commuters unless of dollars. >> this is an opportunity for us to be on the right side of history and for once benefit virginias instead of corporations. >> dulles tolls will go upstarting january 1st. the cost is $3.50 for the one way toll now. itill increase by $1.25. motorists will pay $4.75on for way toll after january 1st. virginia delegate is sponsoring a bill to offset some of that toll >> they are going to pay 22 cents less both ways trip. >> she proposes end iing what s jcalls the united airline fuel tax break. the billirects that money to the cost of the silver line project currently funded by large tolls.
5:34 pm
eunited airlines reys it does nt ive a special tax break and pays the same jet fuel tax as all other airlineshat serve airports. in the commonweal united supports the metro project which wildefendabenefit communities, travelers and employees throughout the region and at dulles airport. >> it can be reduced with that. new problems for the silllv . news 4 was first to tell you about concrete flaws along the second base of the project. nowe "shington post" is reporting that hundreds of concrete railie are also
5:35 pm
faulty. the problem is that some of the rail ties could either be too big or too small in some sections and that could throw the alignmenthe off tracks. project leaders say they are addressing the issuehe and insist the second phase of the silver line is on track to open in >> a woman from our area is being forced to seek sanctuary tonight. rosa lopez came to the u.s. with he a family more than decade ago. since 2014 she's been. checking in with immigration every ar. but on monday she was ordered to leave the country she's now staying at scedar lan church inhe ba. >> i made this decision because i nd to help my youngest child that has specialed i can't do it from over there.
5:36 pm
bl lopez says she will stay there at the churchentil a judgecides to review her case once again. >> an emotional good-bye for a localigh school coach. we have more on where he's going next. >> elijah brooks it's going far. >> it wasn't easy for him to say good-bye to this high school he graduated from and led his head coach for the last seven years. thbrooks entering the gym is family today announcing that he's leaving to join the staff as the terps running back coach. you can see him overcome with emotio lots of tears, clearly visible how much the school mean to him. he sat down with news 4 for more insight into his decision.
5:37 pm
it's going to be some excite in days ahead of us. >> any concerns or questions going into this? >> it's a lot o excitement. i just on't know. thknown is exciting to me. it's age new challen but i think there's going to be a will the of guys that will jump on board to help us with this thing. i think that's the fun thing about it. >> he's already sent several players to maryland recently. including running back freshman. >> thank you. >> new at 5:00, an effort to get a asure that would raise t base wage for workers in the district back on the ballot. that appears to be dead. proponents of the initiative 77 which g overturned by the
5:38 pm
council turned in thousands of signatures this afternoon to try to fotce a referendum, but a judge s hasd the board cannot do anything with the signatures and the review period and window for a referendum ends tomorrow. thatleans the council's rep of initiative 77 is expected to become law. hit by a car and knocked some 30 feetahff a bridge. d this family talks with news 4 about the search for a hit-and-run driver and this young man's long road to recovery. a first for sesame street, the new story line for a character and how they hope it's going to make a difference in the lives of others. and we're dry tomorrow, but check it out. s this is friday. we have rain in the forecast fow the weekd,e're going teno it's not the holidays until...
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a group is doubling the mber of veterans it can help. >> it's amazing. ow can't tell you amazing this place is. >> serve our willing warriors cut the ribbon today at a second cottage and retreat. that retreat officers six-day stay s tts to give nd families a temporary break from the hospital and offers a choice of dozens of activities in a peaceful country setting. the first dooundation made it p with a $300,000 grant.
5:42 pm
>> it supports those who gonto harm's way each and every day. we plan to stay actively involved with sol our willing warriors. we came here and relaxed and reunited as a family. and it really just stayed with us. >> the et retreat has given hundreds of warrio and famili a break and a new outlook on life. >> oscarch the gr lives in a garbage can. but lilly with red hair h no place to call home. m >> is our apartment. now we don't have our place to li's. >> s the first homeless characteea she first ad seven years ago and explained then tmit her didn't have enough to ooet. now she explains she'stay iing
5:43 pm
with friends because her family lost their home. show producers hope the character gives hope to children who are homeless. >> sesame street has been amazing at convey topics that grown ups think are over kids heads. >> absolutely. old bay but have you ever heard of new bae. the spi company has and it's not happy. just ahead the spice fact that's headed to federal court. smart watch or fitness tracker? not sure
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
a young man out f as jog hit by a car and thrown over the side of a bridge. the driver took off leaving the teen for dead.
5:46 pm
now the teen is battle iing bac from serious injurie the message this runner has for driver who hit >> how you doing? >> i'm identity live. >> if there's anyone that understands how lucky he is to be aloif, it's his parents. >> the injuries were compression fractures. they both have a background in medicine and getting hit byca and flung off a bridge is not somethingou come back from without serious brain injuries. yet here's video of ethan in high spirits after another surgy. >> he's doing really wells with ecover are you. he's done better than expected in some areas. >> it was just starting to get dark on that friday night. s he was jogging along thi portion when he was hit. the impact flung him over the side of the bridge. these pine trees broib his fall, po saving his life.
5:47 pm
like any worried mom, she called her son and he told her he was hurt and didn'tnow where he was. his participants went looking for him. his dad hurt the scream, saw the light andaved his son. both of us knew we needed to do something. we just did it >> with their son alive, they can be by his side as he endures several surgeries. least they get to trave it together.e >>e extremelythlessed to saleast. >> police continue to search for the driver of that hit ethan. they don't have much to go on, but the car might have sustained damage to the hood, headlights or front bumper. anyone with information is asked to call police.
5:48 pm
>> sounds like no way the driver did not kno he hit someone. ethan's parents say the message to the driver is s aple one. please turn yourself in so this family can he some closure. we want to switch gears now. whether you are racking up some steps at the mall or giving your fingers a workout bishoping online this holiday season, it's all here. december is here. >> maybe you're thinking about an activity traer but not you're sure which one is best. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working f help you make the right choice. >> wearae tech gadgets are getting cheaper while allowing you to even moreight on your wrist. >> text message alerts, an alarm. i don't have to have my phone on me all the time >> you might will be thinking
5:49 pm
about getting or giving one, but when it's time to shop, think abot what you're going use it for. >> if you want something that's going to count steps, maybe track your heart rate, a fitness tracker probably does what you need. if you're going to reamails, the weather, you might want to look at a smart watch. >> step trackers have text and call notifications. you should also think about how tech savvy the person using it is. lots of bells and whistles won't mean much if you don't know how to use them. >> they are often easier to use. fitness trackers are a good example. they are easy to pa, count steps, track heart rate, and even track sleep patterns. you don't have to do a whole lot. >> when c itomes to charging, fitnessrackers will last for days while some smart watches need to be charged each nigh during the day smartatches with cellular service lets you
5:50 pm
leave your phone in your pocket. >> mhe watch cose and you'll have to pay your carrier more for that privilege. >> which one is best? for a smart watch, recommend the apple watch series 4. and for a fitness tracker, it's the fitbit charge 3. thhie's so many things to about. but pretty good. >> which one are you asking for? >> i eton't like any of them. don't. i literally orun with an app.t i j know my trail and i know my mileage is and my pace. i'm od. but there's good options if you are buying that. good for you. >> eveone kno buffalo has its hot sauce but here it's all about oldba
5:51 pm
it's great on seafood and anything else. but there's a new spice on the rack that's the got the makers heading to court. they are suing the makers of a spice called new bae. the company's tag line sayth ou he old and in with the new. the lawsuit says new bae's maker acknowledges the name is a nod o >> the classic. nd they look nothing alike. but they are not having it. >> but they got some free advertising out of it >> doug has learned something new today. you goome and call holly that and she'll think you're so young. >> before anybody else? >> i did.yo she' bae. >> she is. i'm pretty good about the pop
5:52 pm
culture thing. thatne i did not know. i'm a little embarrassed. >> now you have something new to use. >> you guys gave me some homework. w many times has it been raining on a friday or saturday. i'm going all the way back o to april. and i can find five completely dry weekends. all the way bacrom now all the way through april. i'm not even through the whole ar yet. only five dryweekends. that's aot of rain. >> i admire you for the calendar. >> they are falling apart. >> what we're dealing withut there yiegt now, we have nice conditions. 44 degrees,loudy skies, temperatures dropping from the 30s by 9:00 in the city. out there currently, 42 degrees in rockville. 39ards the rockville area. we stay on the cloudy side.
5:53 pm
maybe some sunshine. you'll need the jacket tomorrow. 's going to be another cool d day. but not overly cold. then we get to the rain. another rainy weekend. pit might as well just put it down right here. it's simply amazing how much rain we have seen and that's going to set a record. >> absolutely. we have an inch and a half to two inches of rain falling later friday into saturday and even on into your sunday. here's another quick stat. tomorrow will be the 11th day in a row without any measurable rainfall at reaga national making it the longest stretch of dry weather so far this year. so it becomes the second wettest year on record. we only need to pick up .05 and that's easily achievable to become the wettest year on
5:54 pm
record. we have uprds of 2 inches. so it should be pretty easy this weekend with the high temperature on saturday of 52 andn sunday. 6degrees. so still kind of chilly. especially when you factor in the it's of the damp chill in the air. showers osaturday. some occasional showers on sunday. orz it's cloudy and cool out there saturday and sunday. it is perct for grilled cheese and tomato soup. it might even be a double order cause of how much rain is in the forecast. especially during the morning and midury holiday parties, know you're dealing with rain. so keep thatn mind as you're planning your outfit and wardrobe. perfec weekend to get the holiday shopping done. but weather ewise, m rain on aturday and probably go there on saturday to the mall or the stores. skiing and snowboarding hopefully openingtomorrow.
5:55 pm
some rein out that way as well. but the good n is they made plenty of snow. .o hopefully next weekend you can hit the slop >> next weekend looking okay. 50 degree range over the next couple days. another chance for some rain late next week. i'm going too the weher i'm going too the weher d james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor.ti after do her kidney to maurice, jane was back to her normal activities in just a few days. and kidneye onation didn't cost jpenny. i'm james brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too.
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to that's not uncommon invite family members to come to the cafeteria for lunch, but in fairfax county kids at a couple schools are finding a oifferent ki lunch money. police officers. >> it' size to strike up a conversation with kids. he has two of his own. and their elemeadary school h a program that invited dads into serve as role models and mentors. so he thought why not iry in his police district with officers. >> i thoughthis was great opportunity that we are here to help. >> the police at lunch and schoolsas rn. at riverside on monday and here at fort hunt on wednesday, officers parked the patrolar and take a seat in the cafeteria. >> the kids wi tell you used to be when they saw police they sometimes thought sething is bad is going to happen. now officers are a friendly face willing to answer questions.
5:59 pm
>> as the abundance of stickers to hand out doesn't ht either. to to earn them with good deeds. >> you read a ok. >> his goal is come iing here i simple. la you can never have too many positive reonships. >> these officers hope it's building a foundation for future ointeraction in and of school. >> first and foremost, it's if one of the children needs help, i want them to recognize the uniform. when they first started visiting, the kids were stand offish. >> i think that police are fun and mine. >> it's kids are the no one knows quite why, but they
6:00 pm
start ed collecting the officer autographs. f the area, news 4. >> themer fixer is head to prison. why he blames donald trump for his dirty deeds. allegations of discrimination and retaliation inside a local police department. what officers are now demanding bring about real change. plus a virus that can be deadly appears to be spreading on a local college campus. and a growing mystery as a teen goes out for a run and returns home with bruises and no memory of what happened. >> michael cohen is going to prison for three years and he blames his former boss. >> h l onceal lawyer in court for sentencing today. he pleaded guilty to eight counts in the southern district of new york and c


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