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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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no one knows quite why, but they start ed collecting the officer autographs. f the area, news 4. >> themer fixer is head to prison. why he blames donald trump for his dirty deeds. allegations of discrimination and retaliation inside a local police department. what officers are now demanding bring about real change. plus a virus that can be deadly appears to be spreading on a local college campus. and a growing mystery as a teen goes out for a run and returns home with bruises and no memory of what happened. >> michael cohen is going to prison for three years and he blames his former boss. >> h l onceal lawyer in court for sentencing today. he pleaded guilty to eight counts in the southern district of new york and one count filed
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by special council robert mueller's office. >> cohen told the court his blind loyalty to donald trump led him astray. cohen asked for no jail time, but the judgeooeterminedng at how much he cooperated that was not going to wipe the slate clean. >> once president trump'rs al attorney and fixer, michael cohen is a convicted felon facing three years in a federal prison. the charges lying to congress about a project and campaign finance violation. to o keep sigh elect with the president. cohen who said he would take bull for the president today told a judge et he felt it was his duty to cover up the dirty deeds of president trump. blind loyalty led him to choose
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darkness over light. >> it's also hisio conne to donald trump that enriched m. cohen said the president directed him to make the hush money payments to keep the affairs from hurting election prospects. president trump connds the rnyments were private t o tions and not subject campaign finance laws. cohen is the latest person once inresident trump's inner circle to be indicted or plead guilty in robert mueller's investigation into russia's tampering in the 2016 election. >> any time former lawyer of yours goes to chijail is probab photo a good day. i have yet to see evi of collusion and that's what started the mueller investigationeg to b with. >> reporter: as for cohen, his attorney s s he looks forward to an appropriate time when he will reveal all et he knows about president trump.
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federal prosecutors in new york granting immunity to david pecker and other officials with the american media incorporated. that'she company that publishes the national inquirer. prosecutors say ami admits paying $150,000 to karen mcdougal, the former play boybo model. the white house denied that. the immunity deal was signed in september, but it was not disclosed until today. also breaking right now, police arrest a man wanted in a sexualying kidnapping an assaul he's in custody after surrendering yesterday, but as jackie bensen shows, detectives are still look iing for another suspect.hi >> reporter:was an awful
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crime. years ung woman about 20 old was raped by both of these men and then thrown out in the cold without her clothes. tw a manhunt has been underway for the department suspects since this happened last week. they are accused of abduct iing her as she was walking home from the metro stationorn prince s county and repeatedly sexually assaulting her before releasing her in southeast d.c. police say he's 26 years old and is from southeast d.c. turned himself into authorities and is is awaiting extradition back to this area. police also release the a photo of mark blue. he's 29 years old from northwest d.c. we asked investigators what role the good amount of security and surveillance camera video available played in identifying these suspects.
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>> absolutely video was helpful. i believe prince c georgnty released video. we also released video. it was very helpful in this case. >> reporter: again, police are still searching for29-year-old mark blew, an outstanding suspect in this rape and kidnapping case. and there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arre and conviction. ve at police headquarters, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank you. now to ag sting lawsuit filed today against the prince georges county police department. 13 officers have come forward accusing department leadership of discrimination and retaliatio the minority officers say they were punished for reporting otherce of' bad behavior. the bureau chief has a closer look at what's in this lawsuit and what tsefficers are claiming. >> the police department is not
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ngmmenting tonight saying that buzz of this penegislation they cannot. these officers had that suit filed today. they are working with the naacp and the aclu, organizations that normally dl with thepublic's civil liberty's issues. . and it's also very important to note here that while they filed that lawsuit, we had a sit-down conversation with these officers yesterday and explainee while they have to file suit. >> we have so much racial divide within the police department that we can't be effective and efficient. >> these former prince georges county policofficers claim their white counterparts received preferential treatment. they are among 13 officers ned in the suit. >> the moral is at the lowest in my 20 year >> it's discrimination from the leadership that shows itself in transfers.
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>> in fear of going back out there and patrol and not having backup, because once you speak up,'s theo backup. >> these officers are calling for new leadership says the problems that existed have gotten much worse under the chief. the lieutenant says coortly after ng an officer, the department is the settled in an investigation against her superior officer. years later after a disagreement, she was transferred back to the district where the offensehappened. >> an officer said to me, hey, i remember you. you're the officer that filed that sexual assault complaint. and it's taken me. back to where i started from. this is retaliation. >> he was still fired by the department. >> if the community believes
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that we're operating as a police force at 100% protecting the community while all of these international issues areoi on, they are mistaken >> reporter: the suit comes as the justice department is continuing its investigation to similar claims here within the department. rsthey are nearly 120 offi sign eed on to that complaint. ord on when the justice department is going to wrap up that investigation. again. the prince georges county police department saying it's not commenting because of pending m litigation. acee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. this lawsuit calls for the leadership into question. she kept him on as chief due to low crime rates in the county. w heret she says about the lawsuit.
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>> i haven't had a chance to readit. but i appreciate their advocacy and will te a look at it. >> also she also looks forward to talking with the chief after she reviews the lawleit. new tions against a d.c. priest already charged with sexual ly abusing a child. appeared in court on claims he sexually touched a 9-year-old and awoman. new claims come a month after he was charged with child sex uz. the washington arch diocese has removed him from his position at the shrine of the sacred heart. the d.c. church is one of the region's largest latino there are new crime concerns at aopular mall during thi shopping season. last night's stabbing just the latest incident at westfield wheaton mall. meagan fitzgerald shows us what police are doing to keep people
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safe >> have a good day, sir. >> reporter: it is the season ti reaco your pockets and that's not dif to do when like counter someone calvin walker. >> i see you have the sunglasses on so yore ready. he's been spreading holiday cheer for weeks. standing outside of this giant, he's seen the good of humanity. and the bad. >> there's always something happening. >> reporter: he'sng tal about the latest crimes at the westfield shopping center. last night a man was stabbed store.e of a chopper 4 was flying above while police were investigating. >> there was a shooting two or three weeks ago. >> just before thanksgiving, a passenger was shot inside a car.
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the shooting happened in the mall parking lot. police say in both instances the suspect knew the victim, but officers have increased patrols and their presence in and outside of the mall. >> it's pretty frightening. >> reporter: because a lot of shoppers are worried about their safety. >> it's definitely a rconcern. orter: taking their own precautions. >> i always have my keys ready to get in the car. i look around. >> but then there's folks like calvin walker who won't anyone to take him out of the holiday spirit. >> it's a mind set you have. but that'she only inind. it can take you down just like anything else. >> reporter: as for that stabng last night, police say the suspect is still on the run. his victim is in the hospital in critical condition tonight. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. up, ne health concerns low growth on a local college
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campus. >> also toll prices on a busy route, but it comes with some troers. and a legal fight as the district goes after families who chasz chaste the system to get kids into some of the top public schools inhe city. was hit by a car and flung over a bridge and somehow idrvived. tonight we go ins the hospital room to document his miraculous recovery. i'll give you one guess for the type of weather we have for the weekend. it's rain, again. when the rain moves in and how long it sticks around. it's not the holidays until...
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new legal action against calf a dozen families accused of defrauding the pubchool system here in the district. the is city's attorney general accusing them of lying in orr to get their children into high ddemand schools and to av paying tuition at those schools. mark segraves has our report. >> reporter: it's been a problem for years. parents from maryland and virginia lying about where they live to they can get their kids into high performing d.c. public schools. while d.c. residents are given priority for enrollment at public schools, out of state owstudents are a to attend, but they have to pay tuition.
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today theor.c. ay general filed lawsuits against six families who stand awe accused of lying in order to get their kids into d.c. publictchools withaying that tuition. all of the families live in prince georges coty, ryland. >> it's important that d.c. residents and d.c. kids get the first shot to attend d.c. schools. >> reporter: the attorney general says his office is is aggressively going after t parents who lied to avoid paying tuition. >> we need t send a message that non-resident tuition fraud needs to stop. >> the court filings accuses six parents of fraud and involves ten children at seven ent schools. the attorney general is not only seeking $700,000 in tuition and damages, but also another $450,000 in penalties. one of the families i even accused of lying food >> the folks who steal food stamps make it harder for people who need foo stamps.
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>> reporter: he expects more lawsuits to be filed as h office continues to investigate more cases. mark segraves, news 4. there's an effort underway to put more money into the pockets of virginia's teachers. the governmeor says his 2019 budget proposal incles a 5% pay raise for educators. teachers are slated to get a 3% rathe in july. governor says he wants to make that a 5% raise. it's still just proposal that the budget needs the approval of the virginia general assembly. developing tonight, more cases of potentially dangerous virus reported at the university of maryland. news 4 conrmed theumb of students who have tested positive for the viruss to 35. that's an increase of 5 over the last week. an 18-year-old freshman from howard county died from complications back in november. yesterday the sool said that it would spend the holiday week
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dis i wa disinfect iing the entire campu. another new piece of ling mation in a tro puzzle what is making diplomats sick overseas. it started in cuba in late19201. diplomats reported hearing strange noises and symptoms that include headaches, dizziness and difficulty concentrate isoing. showed signs of traumatic brain injury similar to a concussion. a university of miami doctors confirmed today the diplomats suffered damage to the inner ear, alarmingly the problem appears to have spread to china. where 16 american diplomats were et evacuated with similar injuries. doctors saynohey do not the cause. some diplomats suspect is it's a sonic weapon. d.c. officials have quietly altered a $13 million plan to ease water bills aer a former water board member threatened to sue calling the plan unfair. the district budgeted the relief funds after a news 4 i-stam ination last fall.
6:19 pm
we have the development. >> that former d.c. water board member told e me it wasn't just unfair, he believes the original plan was unconstitutional beoruse it made it easier religious groups to get water bill. relowsed. now district leaders have fixed that. >> we're going t treat all nonmf profits that include religious organizations the sameft >> reporter: months of planning and two prior information sessions for nonprofits and religious institutions, the head of the district's department of energy and environment set a legal review changed its mind about how millions of dollars should be usedet to of water bills. >> initially we were treating them differently. there's a lot of concern. that's because the plan required secular nonprofits to show the clean river accounted for 5% of their revue after expenses. but religious groups only had to show it was .75%. >> we do believe religious
6:20 pm
organizations he been impacted by the charge because it's in bigger buildings, parkg lots and cemeteries. >> reporter: the i-te exposed the problem last fall. the fee is bas t on square footage of your property and could creat w stormer runoff like rooftops, patios and parking areas. >> it' about $20,000 a fear just for the charges. it's about % of what would pay for d.c. water. we j budget.a break even >> et she thinks the change to equalize who get. s the relief money makes it fair for everyo. now allnonprofits and religious groups will have to show the clean rivers fee is of their revenue after expenses. they can get up to 90% of their clean rivers fees paid for by the district. >> while it feels like it's late in come canning, i'm pleased that d.c. water and the mayor
6:21 pm
acknowledge and hav come up th a plan to do something about it. >> but many of those are still concerned this relief progm is for one year. the council has been talking about how to fund it in the peture. you can find outfics on who is is eligible to apply and how to do it in our nbc washington app. >> tnk you. a sawling sight virtual empty. we'll take you inside the landmark mall and a glimpse into the future. and another round of rain that could be one for the record books. books.
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slightly less cold o there today. but we have rain coming. >> we have rain coming. that's exactly right. >> it seems like we ought to get something out of this. we ought to get a record out of this if we're going to live through all this rain already. let's go for it. >> i already have t-shirts made. >> the big wet year. >> i svived the wettest year of 2018. if you'd like one, let me know.
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out there right now, what are we dealing with? not too bad right now. it's on the mild side compared d to the last auple nights. winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. the last couple nights, we have been in in the 20 stz in some of the suburbs. but nowhere near that no now. the coolest temperature arod manassas. but with the the clouds and a little wind, we are on the milder side. d're going to stay that side. 36rees outside the beltway. 43 by recess. but close to the average high is 48. hard toha believes above average. ra we'reing the next storm. it looks dry. to problem at all. h but look much rain this is. his is a storm system across the country picking. up all this moisture.
6:26 pm
it's giving us the heavy rain on friday night. if you have dinneplans, you'll need the umbrellas for sure. this rainmaking its way through. an area of low pressure. then there's an area of low pressure that we talked about yesterday. if it was to stay to the south, not as much nrain. bu it looks like this will come right over our region. meaning showers again on saturday. and showers again. during the day on sunday. why not have a rainy weekend if we'reoing to break another record. 48 degrees, 100% chance of rain on friday dropping a little bit, but a good chance for shower activity re sunday. temperature 52 d on saturday. a little cooler on sunday. so not the best weekend out there at all. next ten days, i've got that for you coming up at 6:45. a little bit more t onhe record we're about to br>>k. thank you. o a teen jogging was hit by a car and knocked off a bridge. he doesn't remember anything about what happened. his family is turning to the
6:27 pm
public for help solving this hit-and-run. new issues have surfaced with the silver we're t about concrete rail ties that hold the rails in place.el i'm going to tyou about the new revelations, when we come back. the benefits of sleep, new research reveals the unexpected research reveals the unexpected imct of later school stapart
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a jogger enjoying a run on this virginia road is is hit by a car and survived the fall down osteep embankment. the driver took leaving the young man for dead. >> now he's bating back from very serious injuries. we spoke to the parents about eir son's recovery. >> reporter: it was just starting to get dark.lo he was jogging this portion when he was hit. the impact flung him over the ledge. hs mom called him and said was hurt. they went looking for him and she was told to turn the light on on the back of his phone. when his parents got out here, his dad heard the scream, saw the light and saved his son. >> he's doing well with his recovery. he's actually done better thane
6:31 pm some >> reporter: they have a background in medicine. their experience getting hit by a car and flung off a bridge is not something you come back from without serious bra injuries. yet here's video of ethan in high spirits after another surgery. >> with their son alive, they can now be by sethan'se as he endures several surgeries. >> you feeling okay today? >> not really. >> reporter: he's got a long road ahead of him, but at least they get to travel it together. >> we're extremely blessed to say the le st. >> reporteaking from his hospital bed, ethan had one simple message for the driver who hit turn yf in so my family can have some closure. orkory smith, news 4. >> his parents say the message to the driver is simple.
6:32 pm
as we just heard from cory. turn yourself in. a marine with rouots in northern virginia is among those who died in training accident in japan. he's one of five service members declared dead after two planes collided during a trainasg exercise week. herseman was a wife and three children. he attended hiltoan high school his parents live in stafford. >> your daily commute cannot only be time consuming but also expensive. in a few weeks, you'll be paying more when you travel along thel dulles troad. some lawmakers say there's a way to limit the increase. chris gordon with demonstrators who are are protesting the re hike. >> reporter: these demonstrators want to limit the increase that's about to take effect for motongsts u the dulles toll road. or usis is an opportunity
6:33 pm
to be on the right side of history and for once benefit virginians instead of corporations. >> starting new year's day, tolls will go up h$1.25 e way. virginia delegate is sponsoring a bill o to offset some of that increase. >> they are going to pay 22 ot cents less b ways in the dulles toll road. >> she oposes end iing the united airlines jet fuel tax break. the bill directs that money to the cost of the silver line project currently funded by large tolls. it's the busiest carrier at dulles. the more jet fuel used, the less in taxes. united airlines says it does not receive a special tax bak and pays the same jet fuel tax as all other airlines orat serve ai in the commonwealth. united supports the silver line metro project,l which w
6:34 pm
benefit communities, travelers and employees throughout thend region at dulles airport. motorists who use the dulles tolload daily say they welcome any savings on tolls. >> i tulnk they s reduce tolls. >> the fees are if it can be reduced, i'm with that. >> they are optimistic the bill will pass, but evenf it does, it's unclear when motorists might expect relief from increases in tolls. gordon, news a big commuting change in the tysons area is about it to take effect. the jones brancri roade will open in the next week over the beltway. today news 4 got an exclusive look. this is an important connection between two sections of tyson that were previously divideltd the y and should make travel easier. eventual ly pedestriaik connections,lanes and a
6:35 pm
transit system are expected as well. >> an experiment pmeves what teachers and parentsy alread know. later school start timesod are for students. two high schools pushed back the ng lt by 55 minutes. r andsd kibenin ig less tired in class. their grades went up too and attendance omproved at one the schools. over the last few years, some districts in our area have tried this. fairfax county high schoolers start class 10 and 20 minutes later than they use ed d to. mahmoud nas says sast the bell rings 50 mainutes. we have an important recall for women. there's a defect in a popular brand of tampons. some women report by ko tex sleek unraffveling and coming apart forcing them to get help
6:36 pm
from the doctor. silver line setback, up next, chopper 4 gives us a view of the latest issues surrounding a major construction project in our area. inside one of the many empty stores of landmark mall, this mall space has been desolate for many years w. but ahead on news 4, we'll show you the vision for the future of this space and the surrounding area and how you can weigh in. and j it's more raint in time for the weekend. we'll talk about that and the records that are to be broken and how much of the weekend could be rain free. ine you in a m
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hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life.
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but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech ops manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. a big debate over how long melt ro should stay open is oming. leaders are expected to force the system to go back to late night hours on the weekends.
6:39 pm
transit is lead rs say the shorter hours are necessary to get more maintenance accomplished but d.c. officials don't new ps tonight for the silver line. news 4 was first to tell you about concre flawsalong the second phase of the project. now we learned hundreds of concrete rail ties could also be faulty. adam tuss is in chopper 4 to explain what's happening. >> up in chop r 4 to give you a look at this issue today. we are talking about recall aies. what are ties? look at the ground as we can give youoo aoverhead perspective. these are the rail ti t. they a tngs that hold the rails in place and here's where we're talking about the concrete rail ties that could be out of proportion in some places. they would could be builtoo hig. hundreds of them could literally
6:40 pm
be out of alignment when you come to lo where the tracks crossover. now it is important to keep in perspective just how m ties there are. take a look at we widen out. you can see thousands and thousands of these rail ties and this is just in one small section. if we zoom up, you can see the rail ties go on and on. but at the key ossover points, this is the issue that we're talking about. and ifou're going to be changing tracks, or trying to keep a train on the tracks, make sure everything is level. down to talk about the issues that have surfaced. >> these kinds of problems do crop up. i wouldn't say they are normal, but they do occur. >> back here above the silver line. as you look at the rail ties, holt all of this is tying into the other concrete issues we ve talked about along phase
6:41 pm
two. those issues would still need to be fixed when you're talki about the faulty concrete that's in the silver line. so a will the of work to clean up here along phase two. they say everything is still on track to open by2020. above the silver line adam tuss, news >> up next, the once iconic landmark mall inirnia has been closed for years. but tonight we're getting a rare look inside to show you how this spacee will soon transformed. grab the rain boots. we're tracking rain. doug is back to te uhow much ll you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross.
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peril hay be growing for presidt trump. chael cohen was sentenced to three years i prison today. ko 'sha crimes include arranging hush money payments for trump's affairs before the 2016 presidential election. the preside say he's done nothing wrong. police arrest a man in then kidnapnd rape of a woman and continue their search for the second suspect. the 25-year-old vusurrendered. he and mark blue abducted a woman earlier this month after assaultly assaulting her fate they forced her out of the car. 13 current and former prince georges county police officers are sue iing the department tonight. they say leadership discrimin e discriminated against fe ole and minoriicers for reporting the bad behavior of their white colleague. they are not commenting on the accusations while this litigation is pending. it was once a go-to shoppin. destinat i used to go there as a kid. tonight amid-the height of
6:45 pm
holidayshopping, landmark mall sits closed. >> but for how much longer? northern virginia reporter david culver explains the delay in redevelopinghe land and how u can help shape the future of landmark. >> reporter: before we show you what willecome of the mall, you have to appreciate what it was. built as the land mark center in 1965, this was the place to shop. notice at the time open air opping was pop alrea and so too was landmark. this was the crowd for its grand opening. in 1989 they put a a roof on it to accommodate the trend in retail. but in recent years, those packed parking lotsisurned into sars is isll open for now. the macy's is a temporary homeless shelte and briefly over the summer, hollywood moved in to shoot the wonder woman movie. not much action since. walkinggh throuhe mall, especially this time of year when normally mall.
6:46 pm
s are packed with shoppers, it's a little spooky. all the stores empty, desolate, you're the only one here. this mall just couldn't meet the demands that the community grow i growing around it has. >> reporter: mindi lyle is with the city planning stigs. we asked her why it's taken so long to reopen landmark. >> a lot of what's happened was assembling the site, which took an incrible amount oftime. >> reporter: the massive site had multiple owners. it's taken time for t howard hughes corporation to acquire the neighboring spaces. planning for a demoli'ton. >> it wook like a traditional mall. >> absolutely, it will not. our vision really is to raise the mallnk and to t totally fresh. to create this master plan walkable urban village. pe reporter: remember the original open air ence? you might say it's back in fashion. landmark's future taking some of
6:47 pm
the pastnd giving it a modern twist and welcoming a fresh air back in. >> we want to do something that everybody can be proud of and embrace. >> reporter: giving this dark space a brighter david , news 4. christmas is almost two . weeks aw santa clause made a rare appearance today. chopper 4 was overhead in montgomery county. when we spotted santa on his haey. you don't see that every f the elves came along for the ride. it's part of an effort during the annual santa ride that coect gifts and donations from local groups and deliver them to the children's inn at the national institutes of health. a great place. tha children's inn provides free place to stay for families of seriously ill chigren takin part in clinical trials at nih. >> nice to see santameut having so fun on a harley. this is a busy season is for
6:48 pm
him. >> at least there were some dry skies out there for santa. hav friday you might trouble. >> i heard it. he knows what the weather is. trust me, he probably knows better than i do. >> he has the nbc washington app. >> that's right. >> out there right now, it's on the mild side. that's compared to where we have been over the past couple days. temperatures dropping, but not all that much. down 38 degrees. last couple nights, we were already in the teens and low 20s by this time. right now the coldest spot is frederick at 32 degrees. everybody else in the 30s to low 40ng we're not go cool all that fast. we have cloud cover that keeps a blanket over the city. now winds out of the south. that also helps to keep warmer air trying to make its way in here r now as far ar is concerned, we're on the dry side and we're going to stay that emy. another storm sy that is spinning up around the
6:49 pm
o eat lakes. what it's going to bring. clouds today. but look at the wind or the flow here. you see the clouds moving from west to east. that's good news. that's some warmer air back to the west. and that is going to tmake its way in here. even though i'm predicting more clouds than sun, we are going to see a fairly nice thursday. you can see here dry conditions. another system will pass to the north. that will also help to bring in milder air. some snow into parts of new york, but not for us just some cloud cover. thn we focus our attention back to the west. ing up some rain out of the gulf of mexico. a couple areas of low pressure making its way right across the region by 9:00n friday night. 's coming down along i-95 here. we really do think we're going to see a will the of rain. that mov through. that's really the first one. and then on saturday a sunday, we watch the upper level of pressure come through. we see some shower activity both saturday and on sunday. maybe another half inch there. uld bealf an inch to two
6:50 pm
inches possibly expected. so rain, some heavy friday night. showers likely saturday and sunday. carrying the umbrellas if you have plans this weekend. another 1 tpe 2 inches ed. that would put us at the record wettest year. rain forecast an inch and a half. we only need .0 to get to number two. we're forecasting that for sure. th would catapult us at number three up to number one. number one is 1889. average is 40 inches. we're nearly two feet above you know it's been a wet year. 49egrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy. near normal temperatures. we'll be at 49. i like when we're a degree above average. let's shoot for the sky here. 49 tomorrow. 48 on friday. 52 on saturday. clouds with that shower activity both saturday and suay. next week milder. we'reoi to be a lot milder.
6:51 pm
we don't even have a temperature below freezing next week. at least in the city. temperatures closer t0 degrees most days. ur soundod pretty go. o interview after a coach's tearful good-bye and a local mom's momenthat s a superstar singing her praises. >>ir but here's lester holt wi what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> tonight donald trump's exlawyer sentenced to prison as another former ally offers more criminal evidenc against him. plus china accused in the recent marriott hotel hack. recent marriott hotel hack. what u.s. officials say
6:52 pm
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expert care for every new beginning. we're talking a little redski redskins. >> the playoffch hopes are cally still alive. >> how is that possible? >> hold up. re's a re saying t chance. >> but the situation kind of
6:55 pm
reminds me of two quotes.e one, h is a good thing. maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies. very optimistic. well there's another quote that might be more. apt. hope is a dangerous thing. hope can drive a man insane. it's a little less optimistic, but maybe washington's quarterback can change all that. >> josh johnson i preparing to be the fourthta srting quarterback in five weeks for the redskins. if you have been keeping track aying for his 12th nfl team. >> this is like going to disney land every day for me. just a week ago i was at home in the hood chilling with the kids and my family looking on the couch. possly thinking i might never play in the n again. a week later i'm starting with a great opportunity to get us a victory this sunday in jacksonville. >> reporter: the talk in the locker room and social media mason foster's direct message th a fan calling out the team
6:56 pm
and fans et despite the negative comments and frtration, his teammates standing up for him. >> he talked to some guys h and to where his mind was. it was just that simple. >> it was a private matter. someone took advantage of it. i'm sure he was one guy that i haven' questioned his effort at alln the field this year at all. so i'm sure he regret it is now. >> i know what mason means this football team. and anything he said in a personal message was personalll i ry don't think anything from it. i have nevut respect for him. >> reporter: foster was never in the locker room after practice to speak with immediamedia. >> from the nfl to college, maryland football has made their first coaching announcement under new head coach. they only had to go a cup can the miles to find him. elijah brooks will become the team's running backs coach.ed
6:57 pm
he address the football team about his decision to leave and h was an emotional good-bye for him. he been the head coach at his alma mater for eight years. plenty of success with the stags inclouding four championships. maryland he will coach some of his former players. still not easy leaving his ciloved school. >> it was a tough on. i love being the head coach. i love coming in here every day, mentoring the kids. i view a lot ofhese guys as sons. so to move on was definitely something that was difficulto do. i think it was the right move. to leave and support him and really do what we can to build theversity of maryland where it should be was a challenge i was definitely looking forward to. >> question for all the parents
6:58 pm
watching d includingeen and doug. i'm about to become a dad. advice.therly a scale of 1 to0, how fun to em brs your kids? >> 10. >> absolutely. >> we can all take some advice from this woman. check it out. >> i love this. this is the last night's game. mom jamming out with her son. look the a the son. totally mortified. this clip went viral. i just love her emotion in this. her enthuse yampl. it caught the attention of kelly clarkson. that was definitely a 10 a on enjoyment scale. >> we hope the same for you. >> feel that.
6:59 pm
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tonight, a stunning moment in american history. the president's long-time former lawyer and fixer michael cohen sentenced to three years in ymprison for hush money paents to a former playboy bunny and a porn star. prosecutors say then-candidate dona trump directed him to d it in order to keep them quiet before the election. cohen telling the court, i felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds. tonight the deal between the feds and the publisher of "the national enquirer" that coul spell trouble for others in the trump campaign. new turns in the massive terror manhunt for the radicalized gunman who opened fire at a christmas maet. it's the deadliest drug in america.


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