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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 15, 2018 8:30am-9:00am EST

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off. lauryn has been busy for all of . it's another weather alert day. alert s another weather day. we've got a lot of rain headed andway all day tod through much of the day tomorrow. with all that rain, and pretty much all the rain we've this year, guess what, we have now officially broken a record at dca, reagan national t.airp but dc in general at 6:26mo thi ing. we recorded over 61.34 inches of rain. that breaks a record from 1889. this year, 2018ee has now the wettest year d.c. has ever seen since we've beeneeping records since the 00s. we broke that early this morning.o we're going t add to that total. a lot more rain is headed our way. even down to the south, more rain. but again, areas of low pressure continuing to perpetuate rain chances. temperatur from the upper 30s to the mid 50s right now. we'll talk about when this rain is out of hime and out everything in case you have
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stuff to do this weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. well,n all this r could not come at a worse time for the volunteerslanning to layhe wreaths at arlington cemetery. the holiday tradition put on by wreaths across america will go on rain or shmoe. re than 90,000 people are expected to lay the wreaths at the graves of more than 260,000 servicemembers, veterans and their families. it's going to be wet and we encourage everybody to plan accordingly. arrive early. dress warmly. >> parking and driving we want to remind you at the not allowed. you can park at the pentagon's north and south parking lots and then walk from there. tonight, tonight is the deadline to sign up for coverage under theffordable care act. you have until t11:59 p.get help for there's a majoack to what's known as obama care.
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derrick joins us with more on this new court itruling. something that impacts a lot of people. >> this ruling could effect millions of americans. late last night a texas federal judge ruled the aca is unconstitutional. in his opinion on his ruling the former judge wrote that president obama's signature legislative achievement has fallen like a game of the s court ruled the aca was a tax. last year congress remove the tax penalty for people who don't buy health insurance. and the judge says without that tax there's no way the aca can be allowed to stand. now, the white house is calling this avictory. the president tweeted last night in part, obama care was ruled unconstitutional by a highly respected judge in texas. democrats as expected aren't happy about the ruling and are vowing to fight back. incoming speaker of the house
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nancy spl nancy pelosi tweeted it exposes the monstrous end game of the gop's all out assault on people with preexisting conditions. she wrote the house will swiftly intervene in the appeals process. now, we want to letou know ruling willght's not affect next year's coverage. you have a deadline. you have until 11:59 tonight to sign up. even though the trump s administration celebrating the ruling, officials say the aca is still law pending the appeals process. >> all right. thank you fha breaking all down. i know it's a complicated situation. we also have more information on all of this out our nbc washington app. a new acting chief of staff at the helm in the white house. esident trumpays mick
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mulvaney will take over at the end of the year. after severur people td down the job, nbc news reports it was mulvaney who wanted the acting part of his title. it's still not clear how long he'll serve. he's currently the actreg or of the consumer protection financial bureau. a communi devastated after de murder of a. teenager in d one thursday. there's nod on who killed him or why. neighbors say words are not enough and they're demanding change >> every time we walk away from another homicide, we're having the faith andt the belief tha things are going to change. nly for us to see them still remain the same. >> watson is the 13th juvenile murdered in d.c. this year. poli d chief says thetrict is making progress w butn something like this happens, he acknowledges that is
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hard f peopl to believe. johnson & johnson under fre af a bomb shell report it claims the company knew the baby powder sometimes contained small amounts of asbestos. now thousands of people are alleging it caused their cancer. >> reporter: jurors across the country from vixed verdicts on whether baby powder and shower to shower by johnson & johnson caused ovarian cancer. gayle, one of 22 women awarded a total of nearly $5illion this summer. >> i hope no woman has to go through this. >> reporter: other cases have been rejected. a report says company documents show they knew from at least 1971 to the early 2000s the raw talc andinhed powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts ofnd asbestos a failed to disclose it. >> these records make it car
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that many people inside j and j were awarehat asbestos, a known carcinogen was detected in the talc they mailed -- >> j and j blasts the report as one-sided, false and , inflammato insisting the baby powder is safe and asbestos free and thousands of independent tests by regulators and the d' worls leading labs proveby our ba powder has never contained asbestos. not enough to keep the stock from plunging 10%. andhe american cancer society editing its position. no longer saying all talc products have been asbestos free since the 70s. now advising those should be free from detectable amounts of asbestos. that was nbc's ann thompson reporting. il> fling the toy story void. see how many moms and dads are working through the holidays
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with less places. fewer places ick up toys for the little ones. that's whe
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breaking news to report now out of pringe ge's county. a death investigation in the 6800 block of trexler road. officers this morning said they responded and found an adult male who suffered appart trauma to his upper body. he was pronounced dead at the we have a new on the way scene right now. you can keep an eye on the nbc washington app for updates on the story.'l also break in with any further updates we get during the show. the holiday season is game onor toy companies. and now that toys "r" us has closed hundreds of it stores,
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other retailers are 1kr5scrambl to lure you in. katie beck reports. shopperser: for toy this time of year is game on. but this s holidayson -- for toype rs, this time of year is game on. but this holiday season there's a toy turf war. the playing field looks different after toys "r" us filed for bankruptcy, closing more than 700 locations. >> there was a massive land grab for toys, and it happened pretty much immediately. >> magic beans in boston no longer competes with aoz den nearby toys "r" us stores, luring in shoppers by media.l the toy industry did $27 billion in business in 2017.
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but when there were no more games, no more toys, it was an oh boy. toys "r" us kids accounted for 14% of all toy sales. now independent toy sellers and online giants like amazon competing to win over the abandoned customer. >> it's kind of like keeping it local as opposed to doing everything online. >> and small retailers like world of mert say it's the futimate experience that sells. >> hoy t connecting anything to you. we'll let you play with something. we'll play with your kids. >> toy territory up for grabs then consumers need them most. katie beck, nbc news. and we're taking a live look at the white house this morning. 52gr s. doesn't feel bad outside, but it could look better. it looksike we're dealing with more rain. fog to contend with early. soggy weekend ahead and lauryn rickets, weather alert report is coming up. plus high fashion controversy.
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the story behind prada's apology for a new line. that's w
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it was just so jarring. i messaged my mother. i was like is this black face? everyone who saw it was as shocked as i was. >> so a civil rights attorney in new york city called out what she deems offensive trinkets and
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window displays of prada. stephanie gosk has more on the controversy. >> reporter: prada calls them prada malia. a new family of mysterious creatures. there's backlash over a monkey-like cer with big red lips that some are calling racist. >> it'sessed up. >> reporter: this store removed the characters from the window and lowered the blinds. >> the question is who approved this? >> reporter: on facebook it was compared to racist image fm the past. >> it ruined my day. i'm a civil rights hwyer. to kind of collect my emotions. >> reporter: in a statement the ompany writes it abhors racist images. they stopped selling the characters. the company is the latest to fa accusations of racial
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inseewitivity. nbc ended megyn kelly's show soon after her comments were widely condemned. and h&m facing angry criticism a pulled this a hired a diversity leader. now prada is under fiew. >> this isork city and unacceptable. >> reporter: protests are replacing holiday shoppers. >> nbc news, new york. i was just i new york. i didn't see those, but i -- that would be jarring to see. a but let's talut the weather. that's what everybody is talking about. people are going to be out and aboutshopping. there's a lot of people here who have not done their shopping yet. we're on facebook live if you want to join us behind the enes. @weather alert day. >> the rain, i thought of the "today show." rain up there. same deal. all the way up and down. >> it's aig storm. >> it is a big storm. there's several areas of low pressure through the deep south that are continuing to push rain into our area. they're not moving through until
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ng get into tomorrow. we're deaith rain today. we're dealing with rain tomorrow. and then by monday and tuesday we fin can say oh, my gosh, the rain has finally stopped. monday and tueay we have t winds that are picking up. we can't win for losing today rain heavy. rain light at times. rain moderate at times. bu rain throughout the day. we're not going to have any dry portions of the day. tomorrow more showery. we'll see showers through the day tomorrow. but, again, it's gng to be a wet couple of days. monday, tuesday, the sunshine. bebut it's going t chilly with those winds. horthwest winds at about 10 to 20 miles per . periods of heavy rain today. later tonight a heavy period of rain a showers for tomorrow. could get another inch, maybe two to squeeze out of this system before it's done tomorrow night. rain across t area. it's moderate. it's steady out there. you'll deal with rain. look at this spin. at spin right the is an area
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of low pressure. what's going to happen is that is goi to me ander up toward west virginia. transfer the energy offathe coast tonight and then that's going to fly up and over the coast. we are looking at an increased er tonight because of that process taking place. until then, we're going to have liain and it will be moderate sometimes, more heavy rain later tight as the energy transfer takes place. flood watch for everybody. that goes until your suny morning. at least. current temperatures across the region,alild g i-95 with temperatures in the low to mid 50s. that's where we'reng to stay. cooler in the shenandoah valley. we're looking at some very wet conditions if you're headed to wreaths across america. it's not too bad. we're not talking about the freezing rain we had a cple years ago. temperatures in the 50s. one point of advice if you haven't gone out there yet, grab clothes.ks, dry dry socks. we always tell our reporters to do that with hurricaneverage.
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when you come home, you can change everything out. holiday parties for tonight. if you're having them, if you're going to them, umbrella. make sure you have a shoe stand for the shoes out there for the guests. holiday parades wet and soggy. and sec rating, unfortunately we have rain. we have moreain this week as well. as far as the rain is concerned, you can see it justes conti to push through the region. through this evening. heavy rain as tsft energy tr takes place from one area of low pressure to off the coast. we can see heavy rain into the portion of the overnight. as the system pulls away, more toowers rrow. now, it could end as a period of light, wet snow. northern shenandoah valley. as temperatures come down we coul have a period of wet snow. we dry out by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. again, just about another inch, maybe two possible as we get through your sunday night. again, temperatures are in the
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mid 40s for tomrow and then we're back in the low 50s on monday. it will be breezy. blustery on tuesday. more rain thursday, idfray, saturday. looks like rain with temperatures in the 50s. rit now christmas eve is dry. here's a look at the traffic. the rails for this weekd, because of wreaths across america at arlington national cemetery, lots of folks will be headed that way for the weekend. that is a small station. you want to use rosalyn or the pentagon station instead. it might be easier for your trip. on blue and yellow line this d, weekegular saturday schedule. and then running every 20 minutes for that sunday schedule. green, orange, and a silver all with a regular weekend schedule. runninghe red line, every 9 to 18 minutes. have a great
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yes. rapper pitl b is immortalized. he put his hand and footprint into the concrete yesterday. he wore one shoe and kept thet other f bare when he made his footprints. also placed his sunheasses into concrete. i surprised my daughter last week and played "fire ball" on
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the way into the classroom. she loves it so much. all right. he's an artist for the generations. one of the best bastball players of this generation now has a pair of shoes on display at the smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture. the eebron jamesality sneakers. the bold word is stitched across the heel on each shoe. james wore these shoes last december in a thgame. museum is hoping lebron stops by to see them whi the akers are in d.c. for teirhe did that. very cool. all right. 8:54 your time. here are four things to know. tonight is the deadline to sign up for coverage under the aca. you have until 11:59 p.m. the white house says it's still law pending an appeals process. a holiday tradition
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continues today. wreaths across america has val e volunteers adorning the graves of veterans with wreaths. johnson & johnson has a bomb shell report. a claim that they knew their baby powder contained asbestos. there's still time. get your gifts delivered on time for christmas. on monday fedex has a deadline for guaranteed homede very. tuesday is the last day through the three-day service with ups. be kind if you'reeaded to the store today in the parking lot. things are going to be slick. >> be kind. when i was driving home, i think everybody was just a wit's end. it was raining. it was friday. i passed three accidents on the way home. take it slow. l i noted of the rain that we received last night has now
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brought the leave down. now the roads are o noty slick because of the rain but because of the leaves. now, we've got some rain t going to continue through the day today. it's going to be light at times and moderate at times. we're going to have rain. even though it's sou see that clear the green, still drizzle. don't expect dry conditions. we'll continue to have rain late tonight. it could be heouy. ife headed to holiday partie possible by the time you leave. it will start to diminis to a few showers throughout the day. up by winchester a shenandoah valley, that's snow. at could be a few wet snow flakes tomorrow. i don't think it's going to be d widesp i think it will be confined to the valleys and maybe the higher elevatio elevations. a few flakes tomorrow as the system pulls away. not expecting any accumulation. everything should be gone by about 7:00.
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then we are looking at dry g conditions. again, another inch. we've already beaten the re rd. we've the wettest year ever had here in d.c. we broke that record at 6:26 this morning. good news is sunshine comes bac monday, tuesday, wednesday. we broke that record from 1889. >> you think that precipitation was the precursor for a big, snowy winter we were expecting? >> stay tuned. that's going to do it for news 4 today. on the air, oalso online. thank you for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow. we'll be back tomorrow. >> i'm
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100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. go to today. what's up rskins nation. redskins have now lost four straight games and fall to 6 and ofon the year. this team startered hot. like the temperatures outside, things are starting to cool off a little bit, and's the still a sliver of hope of making the playoffs, but a lot ofelp now is needed. before we turn our attention to the jaguars in jacksonville, let's take a quick look back at our performance at fedexfield. >> just got to go through it. three games left, let's make something happen.


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