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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 16, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> you can never work a green screen. thank goodness we have this girl who can. lauryn ricketts, another weather alert day. this is dangeus stuff we're dealing with. >> it is. g it's onng from yesterday's rain. we got over two and a half inches of rain here in the d.c. area so that's obviously enough rain to create problems. look up to montgomery county. over three inches of rain but everybody sees high totals out there, not only is 2018 the wetthat year we have on record. officially as of 6:26 yesterday morning. but yesterday we also broke a daily rain record from 1901 because we shattered that record by an inch and aalf of rain, that record from 1901 is around an inch. we had two and a half inches yesterday which created flo warnings and ongoing flood warnings until this rain starts to recede so as youou make y way to the car, make turn to our news partners at wtop.
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some rain showers will push through the area. you can see the rotation. it's kind of spinning as that area of low pressure lifts toe orth and east so light rain showers, breezy, temperatures falling through the day. we'll let you kno when the rain is out of here and when we can see sunshine. we'll talk about that in 15 minutes. as we've been mentioning, th is creatin dangerous conditions on the road for drivers. first responders have had to make several water rescues on flooded>> roads. derrick ward is live along columbia pike in montgomery county. what's the situaon out the right now, derek? >> well, i can tell you what we'reng se this is what two and a half inches of water will do. if that water isn'tod fg roads this is where it's ending up. this is t burned mills dam it's way down to the anacostia,
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the potomac and then the chesapeake bay. this dam is built for this, but ave had some unusual amounts of rain. look at what it looks like overnight. there were indeed flooded roads, road closures, fairfax county made severalsc s. water rescues. we've been talking about that as well. on our wayere we encountered some low-lying areas, some onramps on to columbia pike where the water w very deep and you really had to slow down and be aware. that's what you'll run into as the rain i continues our area. so, again, just the rule of tumb is justbe cautious if you're driving. watch for standing water and we're looking at what this water does when it's notg standhen it is indeed running. live in white oak, derrick ward, news 4,ack to you. >> thank you, derek. 9:02 on this sunday rning. also developing, d.c. officials say a pipe burst underneath the
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ground, seriously injuring a construction worker. the explosionke r pennsylvania avenue and third street near the national gallery of art and u.s. district courthouse, the worker is expected to rvive. a man is fighting for hft life aer a shooting in the esstrict. this happened yterday evening in the 1100 block of first streetsn northwest blo away from the noma metro station. police foundan the shot outsideouses there. no word on who shot him or why. time is 9:03. the deadline to sign up for obamacare has come and gone and the future is in limbo. late friday night a texas federal judge ruled the affordable care act is no longer legal because of a change congress made to tax laws last year. that 55-page ruling declared the key requirement to b health insurance unconstitutional after lawmakers eliminated the mandate's tax penalty last year.
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without it, the judge ruled the entire law is essed.ially invali president trump talked about the decision for the first time yesterday after visiting arlington national cemetery. >> we'll sit down with the democrats and we will get great health care for our people. >> the ruling threatens many popular provisions like free preventative care screenings and young adults covered on their parents' plans until they're 2 yearsold. this decision won't affect those getting coverage through next year. another opening in the trump rite house. interior secretan zinke is stepping down but he's doing it defiantly. he blames vicious and politically motivated attacks for his resignation. president of zinke's departure yesterday and despite his claim he's facing federal investigations into his travel, political activity and potential conflicts of interest. also coming up on "meet the press," moderator chuck todd
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twill join us to talk abo developments and have an interview with chuck schumer. it comes up at 10:30 after news 4 today. the pouring rain didn't keep thousands of volunteom monitoring the sacrifice of our veterans. they fanned out across arlington national cemetery laying wreaths at each of the headstones yesterday the wreaths across america event is taking place at cemeteries across the nation and around the world the goal is to place a wreath on every vee rans' grave no matter wh their resting place is. the president made his way out to arlington national yesterday because of this anal traditio and no matter the weather. i remember two years ago there s an ice storm. >> like freezing rain, right? >> and people risked it to follow throw with this annual tradition that shows that we do remember. >> it's an incredible sight to
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see. meantime, i want to talk about rock creek. there are signs the health of the creek could be in trouble. >> so one of the signs has been slithering -- slithering -- through the waters. what could it be? ee. unless it's sush zbli n ee's su. >> not even th >> ecologists say they've come from the north atlantic ocean. the scientists say there are other issues that pose concerns including runoff and erosion. a lot of the runoff flows into l the creek and off neat nutrients and comes out just as harmful raw sewage. >> it all comes out -- you over here, there's a great big storm drain. they all come out into our creeks which is why they're running as high as they are s ght now. >> well, scientist point to the fact that efforts by d.c. leaders divert storm water, bioretention areas and planted growth that helps filter the r. wa all of that is helping their concerns but we have to take
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care of mother nature. >> absoluly. taking a live look, speaking of nature, brightening up a little bit but not too much on what is another unsettled day this weekend. more rain in the forecast and a blustery week ahead with lauryn ricketts, stay with us. >> the king is coming to the district. this king, number 23, lebron james, lbj, boom, playing the .ards at 6:00
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>> by virtually every the 2002 winter olympics were the best olympics in history of t the olympic movement.
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the only way they could be better is if utah does it again. >> well, they may. se winter olympics could be back in the unittes in 2030. yesterday the u.s. olympic committee picked the salt lake city area to bid on behalffof the countrthe future winter olympic games. salt lake city hosted the games 16 years ago, they beat out denver, colorado, reno, tahoe dropped out of tnt running re. so we'll seef salt lake city gets it again. >> other countries are still in the running. japan, kazakhstan -- >> you said it right. i know, >> yes, okay. that's all i think about.ti >> the interal olympic committee will choose the 2030 host city, but not until 2023. >> interesting. we want to give you an update on the redskins. redskins'qu terback alex smith's season-ending injury. multiple reports saying that smith has been releaseom the hospital and this comes about a weas after reports said he w dealing with a serious infectioa after ving several surgeries ll his leg. a return to footbaasn't guaranteed.
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smith will focus on returning to full health. today the team, the burgundy-and-gol will head d south to play the jacksonville jaguars. they're in third place in the division as we're weeks away >> devastating injury for alex smith and wishing him theas bes he hopefully recovers. today on the hard wood, king james and the lakers are going to take on the wizards and this comes after a historic night for l.a. lebron james and lonzo ball, boom, each scored a triple-double in last night's game. and to telyou how hard that is, they were the first lakers teammates to do it since magic johnson and a mr. sky hookah ream abdul-jabbar. it's also onlht the eig time in nba history that happened. today's game against the lakers 6: tipoff. >> go wiz! let's look outside at the
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weather. it's a good day to watch a basketball game as it's dreary out there, we have been soggy for a couple days and if you are listeninon at ustation, get the other half of that wreath lit. >> the wreath isn't even feeling. >> it one of the little lights is out on the wreath. >> i kind of i like. lauryn will tell us about the weather forecast for this sunday and the rest of the week when we come back. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in fairx county. ou'll find unusual lunch buddies at elementary schools these days. i'll tell you about the pals program and theelationship r
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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the door or off to church services, watch out for those flooded roadways. we have plenty around out there. just occasional light showers. so, again, all this rain we had yesterday isreating ongoing flooding issues so don't drive across floodedroadways. we've had several water rescues and it's not raining that hard. just a few light showers in the area. it will be wet and soggy out there throughout the day today. we'll talk about the and christmas eve forecast coming up. it's not uncommon for
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elementary schools do invite parents or grandparents into the cafeteria for lunch. >> but in fairfax county, kids at a clsple schre finding a different kind of lunch buddy. police officers. >> reporter: it's easy for captain matt owens to strike up a conversation with kids. . he thought why not try this in his district were police officers. >> we are here to help. >> the police at lunch in schools, or pals program, was born. officers park their parole car and take a seat in the cafeteria. s is this spicy? >> reporter: the kll say it used to be when they saw police they sometimes thought -- >> something bad is to happen. >> now they see officers as a friendly face willin answer
9:17 am
their questions. >> mine is a police car but it's blue. >> reporter: and the stickers they handout, that doesn't hurt, though with officer marvin goodly, you have to earn them with good deed >> i would read a book to younger kids. >> you read a book to younger kids? >> reporter: his goal in coming here is simple. >> it's a good way to develop positive relationships. w unfortunately,h the cliechlt of things today, youhaan never ve too many positive relationships. >> reporter: these officers hope it's building a foundation for future interactions ch and out ofl. >> first and foremost if one of the children needs help i want them trecognize the uniform. >> reporter: cwetain o says when they first startedsi ng, the kids were standoffish, now they embrace the special attention. >> i think police are fun in my opinion. >> i'm like a big fan, yeah. >> reporter: the conversations and stickers aren't the only thing kids are after -- no one
9:18 am
knows quite why, but they llecting the officers' autographs, too. on their cafeteria napkins. in the mt. vernon area, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> lunch. oh,lunch. >> so hungry. >> what's for lunch is the crock pot kind of y. like a soup kind of day, chili kind of day. >> ramen. >> ramen. for someone who doesn't cook. >> i cook all the time. >> do you press one minute on the microwave. >> i'm good. >> you have to crack an egg in it. >> oh, i can't make ramen. unless it in the square ramen. there's a place near us, i'll show you. >> okay. >> well, we o got that out the way. we got lunch planned. let's talk about your plans for today because we got a lot of rain out there today in portis
9:19 am
of our area because we have ongoing floodg sues, we will have occasional showers. they are going to be light, there could be a few areas of moderate rain but this system is pushin out o here but we're left with the fog. visility is low across the board. as far as four things to know, occasional showers, brisk with winds at five to 15 miles an hour. they'll increase through tomorrow morning. w'll have plenty of sunshine tomorrow but windsl increase throughout 9:00, 10:00 a.m. to 15 or 25 miles an hour. breezy tuesday but plenty of sun and seasonable conditions with a lighter wind. here's our flood warnings. those are the areas in green. we have flooded roadways around the area. reeven though w not expecting as much rain as we got yesterday, this is going to be g anng issue until the rivers and floodwaters can recede.
9:20 am
a few light shout there. you can see the yellows, heavier showers. can see it wrapping around so the area of low pressure is pulling away from herut fauquier county seeing showers, through montgomery county along route 50 coming through annapolis. again all around the area ofow pressure. that's rotating out of here. a lot of sno and rain towards new york. any fantasy football players? defense. current temperatures 46 degrees with some rain and these temperatures a going to continue to fall throughout the day. temperatures falling by this afternoon, a lot us may be in the 30s but i'm expecting raine becahe system is pushing out of here i don't think we'll eahave wides snow. even the models are showing all
9:21 am
rain. by 7:00 everything is done and we're clearing into the overnight. sunshine for tomorrow, we start on the chilly side. isolated icy spots because temperatures will fall into the 20s into the valleys but temperatures will be in the low 50s, there could be flooding sues tomorrow as well. breezy tomorrow and tuesday, look at thosemp atures, we drop by tuesday, back up on wednesday, next chance of rain thursday night,ou friday t saturday morning, christmas eve and christmas d day look with temperatures in the 40s. i'm mark murray of nbc news. >> and i'm carrie dann. >> another day, another nown investigation involving president trump. people areer examining whe donors gave money for influence. >> it's theatest information into or surrounding the
9:22 am
president. there' the mueller probe looking at russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether there was cooperation from the trump campaign. >> there's the investigation by new york prosecutors into the payments to women who allegedly had affairs withes the ent. >> and there's new york's attorney general who is looking into the trump foundation and the president's business dealings. >> any one of these investigation or inquiries would be enough to create a crisis for a presidency. >> but for trump there are >> but for trump there are multiple ones and wre not
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>> everybody's so different. what are those things on t ir >> those are called smiles. [ laughter ] >> that never gets old. the opening sketch of last night's "snl." lanight's host was matt damon with musical guests miley cyrus and mark ronson. eraturday night live" returns with new shows ahe holidays. ♪ mommy shark >> really? >> yes, listen to this. we cannot get enough. this is baby re look at that baby twerk. we ye showi "baby shark."
9:26 am
parents all over the nation are like "make it stop." it's mesmerizing and now we have people who work in the field of education and attention issues and they're saying hey, baby shark can be beneficial because of the rhymes and repeating and predictability and colorfulness. it originated out of korea. it has two billion views onub yo obviously that's just one of many light displayshat have used the song but you've probably seen the internet viras vif kids going alexa and saying play baby shark and it just captures their tention. if y play that in my house -- unless she's eating then you can tsee hernking she'll not her head and's, bu yes, there's some benefits to it. it's calledhe baby shark challenge. >> baby shark makes you smarter?
9:27 am
how about that? let's see how smart you are with the weather. you'll beneath need your longera for we've been talking about the wreath at union station. this is my personal quest to get the other wreath lit. someone put on my facebook page that they're working on it. >> working for you. >> this is my tree lighting, in >> we need to call the promo department. >> we'll get that wreatt. thank you to the people at union station. plus, an instrument that inspired a hollywood movie and now it's inspiring children at an area school. i'll have that story when news 4 today continues. if you have your phone or laptop or computer log on to our facebook live so we can chitchat.
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at 9:30, i want to welcome i you in as we aweather alert mode because we continue to deal with rain and boy have we had a lot of it, thanks for being here, i'm adam tuss. >> the w weekend has been isog fest. wealked about t high water we were worried about and the leaves on the ground and how slick it can be and it's proven to be dangerous. >> we have water rescues throughout the area. let's check in with lauryn who has a bigger look at what this means. three inches of rain in montgomery >> hard to believe. we broke a daily record from 1901 in d.c. where we received
9:31 am
over two and a half inches of rain. that record justver an inch so we shattered the record. we're the wettest year we've ever seen. the record was shattered from now it's 2018 for d.c. and baltimore. flood warnings are still outer right now at this hour and i expect them to continue into the afternoon. so again a lot of low-lying areas. a lot of gauges areri mea the creams and creeks so be careful because now there's road closures. occasional light showers today. not the heavy rain w saw yesterday. we may tack on another quarter of an inch of rain as this stem rotates to the north so we'll see it move o but probably not until tonight. we'll keep a chance of showersy. all temperatures fall throughout the day as well. good to flooding we have fo be
9:32 am
careful traveling around today. more sunshine andain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. thousands gathered in paris for a fifth nsecutive weekend of anti-government protests. police fired tear gas and deployed water cannons in confrontations with protesters. despite some clashes, rotests were more peaceful than in recent weeks, but police did make more than 140 arrests. itish prime minister theresa may is in the political battle of her life as she transitions her nation out of the union. the deal breaker is in ireland and what to do with the once-volatile border. there are fears brexit could reignite tensions there. bill neely reports. >> rorter: angry and humiliated. prime minister frame confronng european leaders after failing to win a deal she can sell at home, a brexit deal to take britain out of europe.
9:33 am
the deal breakers here in ireland, what will be the but in land border between the uk and european union. once it was a battleground, until peace in northern ireland made it open and free. the violence leer claimed 3,500 lives and there is a fear that a chaotic exit from the euron an unuld rekindle conflict. they're afraid of a so-called hard board, militarized by britain with checkpoints. >> you put up physical infrastructure that people can protest at or god forbid somebody can attack, the genie gets out of the bottle very quic >> reporter: the genie of violence? >> yes. >> reporter: the border here is invisible. i'm now crossing from ireland into the uk. easy. and that's the way people here want it to stay. >> oday i've been across the border five times. y
9:34 am
>> reporte've been across five times snowed >> yes. >> reporter: and that's perfectly normal? >> perfectly normal. >> reporter: reimposing it wld be tough. there's churches in the u.k., the graveyards are in ireland. in one border village where dead gunmen are memorialized, a threat if itain forces a hard border. >> i would say let'sback to war. >> reporter: for now, brexit means one thing. >> it's a total mess. >> reporter: a mess from here to britain and its beleaguered prime minister. bill neely, nbc news on the irish border. a grieving father is demanding answers after his little girl diedhile in the custody of u.s. border patrol. agents arresteseven-year-old jakelin caal and her father on december six. theyss c the u.s. border illegally. immigration officials say the girl's father tole others was sick. nbc news reports the child did not receive medical care for 90 minutes.
9:35 am
medics revived her twice but she died at the hospital. the girl's father wants a thorough investigation. >> the el paso county officer of the medical examiner's office which conducted jacquline's h autops made no public statement regarding her cause of death.go >> the u.srnment says the girl didn't have medical problems until several hours after she and her father were taken into custody. . as you look outside our n studios ithwest d.c., that sums it up. gray and soggy. it's a day to stay inside, go shopping. the malls will be packed today. >> please be kind when you're in the parking lot. i s an accident yesterday. talking about the weather, 46 degrees outside right now anding and ing eg andns in d.c., many people saying yes, please.
9:36 am
still to come on news 4, we'llo give y a sneak peek of the deowlopment that will be kn as city ridge. stay wh us. it
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call today and pay just $49.95 a month for fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. it's been said our imagination and our thoughts create our future. d.c., there's a local group encouraging kids to let their aginations run wild. >> love this. the goal to tap into the power of their visualizations and dreams by getting young people to love writing instead of fearing it. it's why 826 d.c. is this week's harris' heroes. >> you could be an explorer? >> yeah, i could be. >> reporter: eight-year-old raycob loves writing. he loves dreaming up a story in his head and making it come to life. >> in the rain forest and i saw thecutdown tremendous and there was one beside it but i couldn't
9:39 am
get itre because tas a pack of pumas. >> whence you get rechab going on, his imagination takes over. >> i just imagined things that i see from books and then try to mix it up with a sentence. >> this is how 826 tea its students how to develop an avid lov ifor writing. doesn't matter if you're writing a policy brief or a compelling yelp review, you need to know how to write to get to your goal. >> 826 d.c. is the local chapter na a nat organization that started in san francisco. at 826 valencia street -- hence the name. the d.c. chapter is run out of the old tivoli theater in columbia heights. now, if this doesn't look like your average tutoring center, that's on purpose. themoment kids walk throu door they're surrounded by magic in tivoli's magic supply company. the fake store front puts students in the right space to tteate. they aend writing workshops and after-school tutoring, all
9:40 am
for m free. e than engaged with creative writing, engage with ex essing themselves creatively. even if it doesn't make sense at first, i want students to take that risk. >> reporter: it doesn't stop with homeoowork, the you see on the held -- shelves, they were written by many of the students. hey know their stories are as important as any other stories that can be told. >> rechab's first story was published when 's six years old and from his ideas we can tell more are coming our way. >> everyone you saw working with the kids are volunteers and all of ahe service free. >> and if you have a hero you would like us to know about, sit nbc washington and search harris' heroes. there's a lot of good news and
9:41 am
stories. let's look outside at 9:40 at thehite house. just a dreary day on tap today. go to the mall, stay watch possible. it won't be a great day to do decorating. but willhe forecast improve? >> we'll see what lry >> we'll see what lry
9:42 am
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i want to tell you about a rare musical treat for a group of local >> this is special. they had a chance to play with an instrument that's so fams it inspired an award winning film and even travels with a bodyguard. ♪ now playing in northern virginia an instrument soiramous it inn oscar-winning film. >> the star of the night, the so-called red violin. who will start us off? >> "the red violin" t followedhe journey of the prized red stradivarius, believed to have been lost for nearly 200 years, a mysterious journey thatin cos to virginia with renown violinist elizabeth iotcairn. >> this particularn dates back to 1720 when it was made by antone stradivari.
9:45 am
it was in the collection of the von mendelssohn family of berlin in the 1920s. >> almost 300 years old, pitcairn shows the original red varnish. history in her hands, a gift from her grandfather in 1909 when he bought it at auction for $1.7 million. considered one of the most treared instruments in the ouworld, pitcairn says its is unmatched. >> it can be heard over a symphony orchestra and reach the last american a 2,000-seat hall. >> a rare reach students at spring hill elementary experienced when pitcairn performed a concert with their orchestra, one of the argest in thregion. >> hundreds of children. i was really impressed with this music program. and the c what they were doing. we played vivaldi, bach, beethoven, brahms. >> while on tour, pitcairn visits schools and recruits talent for her music camp. at spring hill, she found pl enty. >> even my arm was tired at the end. i said guys, we played a
9:46 am
they were yeah. >> all playing their heart out with history by their sides. [ applause ] how co is that? and at spring hill elementary joining the orchestra is part of the curriculum starting in the third grade. pitcairn says she hopes to see a lot of the students at her camp and i no doubt think she will. they have more than 300 kids in that orchesa. >> socool. >> it filled the auditorium. >> i picked up a guitar yesterday because i was at my brother's house and he had one laying around and i don't know how to play it and i wish that i knew how to play an instrument like that ch. >> it's not too late ton. le >> it made me realize how musically inemt pt -- >> you can still be that rock star. >> take me with you, angie.
9:47 am
>> f play the piano so -- >> let's get back on track and talk about the weather. we have had an unbelievable amount of rain. >> wettest year ever. >> it's probably up 63 because we tacked on two inches. we have no ice in the forecast, nothing on the 10-day. but i'm saying just given the enario if we did have one, that would be problematic, right now h we'reing problems on the roads and it's not raining that wrd but from the rain we received yesterdayre looking at flooding concerns so we have road closures out there. once you hop into your car, turn it to wtop, 103.5, they have
9:48 am
traffic on the 8s. there's a lot of traffic issues out here. you can see visibility is down bit. we'll keep the clouds and fog around. any heavy raintoday, there could be spotty areas of moderate rain but we aren't talking about the widespread heavy rain we saw last night. any winterlt weather, i aybe if the isn't didn't get out of here until late this afternoon we could change to snowflakes in the higher elevation bus we're just going to have rain. t probleorrow morning, flooding issues ongoing. flood warningsoughout the area, all those areas shaded in green, those are flood ewarning. treams are coming up out of their creek and low-lying areas creating floo east of i-95, seeing moderate rain north of annapolis and then
9:49 am
some more light rain towards oughoun county and t fauquier county but look at the rotation on this. it's spinning out of here. it's an area of low pressure that continues to spin as itft up to the north so it will continue to move to the north and out of our area as we go through the afternoon. temperatures in t 40s right now are going to fall as we head into the afternoon so expect temperatures to be into the 30s by this afternoon. rain moves out. it will be clear by 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. we're not even t seeing in th shoind valley but i'll kewe'll clear.enandoah valley but we'llp it clear. teeseratures fall into y, we're back into the 40s tuesday
9:50 am
but weill have plenty of sunshine. sunshine on wednesday in the upper 40 chances of rain thursday night, friday, saturday,y sun looking good. if you're traveling, monday, tuesday, christmas eve and christmas dry, sunny skies, low to mi40s. will interest rates go up, can washington avoid a shutdown and which holiday movie will be number one? all in the week ahead. the fed is expecte hike interest rate tuesday but future hikes have been called into question. and a busy week ofng ear ahead of christmas twovm doughr indus report, nike and walgreens/boots alliance. and it's going down to the wi washington has until friday to pass signed spendingfaills or a government shutdown. the key sticking point? president trums demand t expand the wall. nally, "mary poppins" returns to the silver o screen
9:51 am
wednesday. she has two days to work her magic before a pair of big franchises land in theaters. "aquaman" and "bumblebee" is the latest transformer movie, a latest transformer movie, a prequel with a
9:52 am
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tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide. construction has begun on a new community in upper northwest terpiece will be the district's very first wegmans grocery store. es
9:54 am
>> e. >> a lot of hype. >> and it's right around here. mark seagraves takes us on a tour of city ridge. >> reporter: city ridge will take the place of the add fannie mae arters on wisconsin avenue near tenleytown. the historic fannie mae building that has been here since the late 1950s is going to stay right where it is. the wegmans is going to go right underneath. eight new builds will go up around the original building. when it's completed, city ridge will boast 687 residential unit, 162,, throw square feet of office space, 153,000 square pa feet of retail and more than 1300 underground parking spaces. one of the concerns neighborhoods have had is how he delivery trucks get wegmans? well, tunnel.oing build a on top of that will be a sloping that i will has a cafe built into it that overlooks the public park.
9:55 am
wegmans is xpected to open in 2022. in the district, mark seagraves, news 4. >> already lining up at the hot bar. >> it's even goodater in the day. that's how you know it's a good hot bar. you can see the rain drops on our lens. that's a good indicator of what we're w dealing with as get ready to wrap up the weekend. more rain. how long will it stick around? lauryn ricketts has more on this weathe alert day next. stay with us. this what two and a half inches of rain will get you. we'll tell you about local flooding and issues with this n ecipitatio
9:56 am
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we continue to try to dry out around here but it just isn't happening. and it's leading to dangerous situations out there so don'thr drivegh any flooded roadways. at 10:00 on this sunday morning i want to wcome you in and thanks for being with us. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. have a packed half hour ahead of us. we have news to follow up on. b wein with the weather because we are dealing with more flood watches and issues that are causing aproblem. >> not only that, we have foggy conditions so we are looking at
9:59 am
flooding ongoing from yesterday and low visibility out there. here's the floodgs warn some continue into the afternoon and they could continue tomorrow morning. it's when the water are recede and we have showers throughayt the today. so flood warnings across the area. please do not drive across flooded roadways. we have already had water rescue this is morning before the sun came up which w probably a factor in why they were water rescues but don't drive across flooded loadways even if you think you can make your way through. as far as what we're looking at, the heaviest rain will stay east of 95, but we're going to get the leftoverhowers wrapping around the system. so you can see it wrapping aroundres the of low pressure pulls to the north. if you have giants and new york and buffalo in yourfantasy, play defense because a lot of rain headed towards new york.
10:00 am
we are talking about light showers. we'll time them out and let you know when we can see sunshine, plus i have christmas eve and christmas day on that forecast. >> i didn't know turn fantasy football expert, lauryn. >> right? >> we'll check in with her on that one. > this year has been the wettest year on record. this has led to dangerous driving conditions. >> we have news 4's derrick ward joining us live from -- derek, what's the situationht r now? >> we can tell you what this water looks like. we talk about twond a half inches of rain, probably not enough to overflow a coffee mug but when you car all of the acreage in you are a area, all those impermeabl surfaces where water can't sink in, it these go somewhere. thiss the northwest branch as it goes over the old burnt mills damn white oak.


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