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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 16, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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right now at 6:00, excess amounts of water have led to the po toe, ma'am, raging around the great falls area. flood warni here and across our region, putti u in weather alert mode again. nbc "wall street journal" poll has bad news for president trump. find out just how many americans feel the president isn't telling the trh about the russia investigion. a the skins keep their playoff hopes alive clawing out a win against the jaguars. good evening, i'm erika gonzalez. take a look at what this weekend's rain has done to great
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falls, virginia. somara theodore shows us it's leading to a weather alert. >> that's right, a few of us still in flood alert. let me bringou up tospeed. take a look at this. this is the latest on the rain. what you want to know is that the last of the rain is now tapering off. we're on the tail end of this, folks. some areasng in the eve are still under warning. one thing we're going to have to watch for after the rain moves out the patchy fog, possibly a few icy spots as well. the good news is we are dry for theng mor commute. the radar shows exactly what i was talking foabout. the last of these assures continuing to push up and out of here, a few light sprinkles in montgomery county. we'll get a peek into our next chance for rain. police say a university of
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maryland's choice of how to dry his cloes caused a dorm to flood. the student apparently hung his s on a sprinkler line in a launder room in building number 6 today. th weight of the clothing caused the sprinkler pipe to orburst. auies are still investigating how many units are being impacted. fortunately a lot of stunts are on winter break right now. we are learning new details about a shootingnoma last night, police eleasing the identity of the man who died. somebody called police after hearing gunshots in e 1,100 street. first officers found the victim, a 21-year-old male, inrave ndition. he was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved. president trump is having a business day on twitter. he is talking about the russia probe, so-called child separation policy at the border, and he's even taking shots at "saturday night live." and mr. trump is g ready for a showdown with congress. nbc's jennifer johnson is on capitol hill for us. >> reporter: president trump on another twitter attack, calling
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former personal attorney michael cohen a rat,nd again blasting the russia investigation as a witch-hunt. but a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows the majority of americans no longer buying that. 62% -- [ no audio ] -- pursuing a multimillion-dollar deal in moscow, hiding it from the country, seeking the kremlin's help with it. that's deeply compromisin >> reporter: the president's defender saying there was no collusion with russia and no campaign finance violations. but cohen is going to prison for paying off two women who alleged they had affairs with donald trump he says at the president's direction. >> the president is telling the truth, yes. this man is lying. is that a big surprise to you that michael cohen is lying? >> reporter: but some fellow republicans see it. >> i hear clearly this was not a good week for president trump nor for his campaign
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organization. and thes allegations are concerning. >> reporter: now more changes at the white house, budget director mick mull vein any other taking over a act chief of staff after former governor chris christie publicly rejected the offer. and interior department secretary ryan zinke has resigned and faces multiple investigations td his real estate dealings in montana. >> reporter: expect a showdown betw n the president and congress this week. the president is threatening to shut down the government friday if he doesn't get funding for his borde wall. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. , well, it wasn't very pr rty, but theskins finally back in the win column, snapping a four-game losing streak and keeping playoff hopesalive. can you believe it, sherree burruss with more. hello, my friend. >> reporter: erika, one player id this team is kind of like the little engine that could.
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they just keep chugging along. with this win today, all that hard work starting to pay off. josh johnson, t starting was the defense coming through late. four quarter, tied at jaguars driving, but kessler's pass tipped, intercepted. first career interception couldn't have come at a bter time. new long snapper andrew 36-yard field goal attempt and he puts it through. redskins win it on the rd 16-13. their playoff hopes still alive. ut>> we're excited a it. two games left. go to tennessee, which is a good football team. to be this late in the season and have a shot is a tribute to the veterans whoe been here and the rookies who stepped up. >> reporter: that last redskins win back on november 11th, so
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th guys sayingyeah, like getting a monkey of their back with the win here, erika. back to you. >> sherree burruss in jacksonville tonight. coming up, a convicted sex offend tried abducting an 11-year-old, when a strger 11-year-old, when a strger jumpaned
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(bells jingling) . a good samaritan stopped a
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convicted sex offender from kidnappi-y an r-old girl. surveillance video captured part of the incident in new york city. walking y the girl was to weekend school yesterday morning in queens. that's when officers say r lynn estrada started calling to the child from his car. investigators said he had a baseball bat asewe t her in his vehicle. a man across the street grabbed his baseball bat after hearing the girl scream, and estra dra d.a. le let's her go. >> i heard screaming help,help, help. when i told him to get off her, he yelled back at me. he goes, who are you, a superhero? o> the suspect faces kidnapping. estrada failedeport a change of address and police have arrested him 13 times before. good news and bad news for virgia's economy. old ort released today by
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dominion university says the state has risen out of the great regulation, aig reason, the increase in federal government spending. military funding as helped as has amazon's plan to build a headquarters in northern virginia. but the report warns of an increasing deficit that could lead to spending cuts and federal tax increases. ♪ checking off her bucket list, 74-year-old kathy strick ler walls wanted to play with a national symphony orchestra and that a reality yesterday. the orchestra read about her bucket list wish in "the washington post" and they invited herolay during the holiday pops program. she joined the orchera on violin to play "sleigh ride." aoman finding sanctuary in a house of worship. >> a local church at the heart
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a church is offering a woman sanctuary, and church leaders say it's all about their mission for nihu. derrick ward has more from the
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emotional service this morning. >> are we ready? >> reporter: there's a new person in the pews. it's the first sunday service for row is a gutierrez lopez, an asylum seeker, ordered to return to el salvadorinfter che in with immigration officials after 13 years in the u.s. the church has literally become her new home. [ speaking spanish ] speaking with the aid of an interpret, gushed with >> i'm very thankful to be here as a part of this family because now i have a new family. >> reporter: she says rhe wants toain in the u.s. because of her u.s.-born children, the youngest of whom has special needs. >> our faith is calling us to promote the worth and dignity of every person. >> parishioners were polled on the choice and they opened their
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arms and church doors. amazings this experience that's happening eight miles from the white house. >> 100 years ago, rosa was italian, russian, a jew from anywhere in eastern eu she was irish, german, chinese, norwegian. we are all row is a. >>eporter: it's expected she'll stay at the church until she's gotten due process in thes coand her first service here showed her she was welcome. new year . a local groupf artists are lping people get into the spirit and giving back to aworthy cause. they transformed into a winter wonderland for the light up the season benefit. local artists creat holiday trees, wreaths,um mall for sale.
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it's a bittersweet day for e new year's eve family. after 15 years in the biz, seven of them here with new year's eve, our angie goff has decided to move on. at the anchor desk this morning us.h her last show with she is stepping away from tv right now to pursue personal projects. she's still going to be on social media, doing her facebook lives and all that good stuff. h look for there. we're gng to miss her and wish her nothing but the best in this next chapter of her life. back here on the weather front, we are once again back in weather alert mode because of the impressive pictures we have beense seeing of toaring rapids in great falls. really a sight to see. but also floodedout recognize. >> and some of those areas aree still u a flood warning, folks. what we're looking at through the overnight ismproving conditions, but we're not quite
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there yet. some areas could be a little more prone. here's a look at the warnings, the areas in green. that includes areas like washington, d.c. the district is actually under a coastal flood advisory, but actual flood warnings in prince william, prince george's, and those willtt expire p soon at 7:00 p.m. the next thing we have to loo towards is the potential for freezing overnight with those temperatures dropping into the 30s. here's a look at the radar right now. you can see what i mean by tapering off. pretty much ought to have is out of here, just a few light sprinkles in montgomerycounty. we were watching for snowflakes higher up in northern frederick county, maryland. looks like a bit of a wintry mix, otherwise drying out the big talkerere now i moving out, impacting areas farther
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that's where they're really seeing the snow. a.m.e the time stamp, 1:00 we are dry, completely dry. by tomorrow morning you're n waking u only dry but also clear. plenty of sunshine awaiting us monday morning. the big thing we'llng be tal about tomorrow is probably going to be the winds. it's going to be gusty out there. couldow morning, a kid feel the winds at 24 miles per hour in the afternoon the gusty weather sticks with us all the way through tuesday. ay fact, tue will be around 15 miles per hour. tuesday will be even colder than tomorrow, sot'soing to feel very blustery. on monday we are dry, plenty of sunshine. as i said earlier, you have to watch for that cnce of icy spots. temperatures are going to be dropping to the 30s. i'd say north and west o district, that's going to be the best chance or worste cha for some ice developing heading into the overnight houre
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we clear tomorrow night. even though we are dry to start the week, thursday and friday, that's when we' going to see our next chance for more rain. that's right, we are not done yet. temperatures fairly mild in the 40s to 50s. gusty and blustery, but dry nonetheless. thursday, friday, and even maybe saturday morning, that's when we have a shote at m rain moving into the area. but look ahead io next week, i see maybe a dry christmas? >> i don't mind it, but i would prefer ast white chs. >> a lot can happen in ten ida, so'll put in a word with santa. >> thank you,am. appreciate it. still ead, some luck heaps the redskins' newest quarterback pull off a car.
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the redskins keeping hope alive with a big win on the road thanks to their fourth starting quarterback, a day that he has waited his entire career for. sherree burruss joins us from jacksonvil with so much more.
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hi. >> reporter: today's game you can describe as gritty, tough, ugly, but no matter how to describe it, it is a win for washington. josh johnson starting at quarterback for the first time since 2011. a little unsure where to go, but he figured it out and so did his defense. ryan keregan coming through with the strip sack. payne picking it up. six sacks on the day. we skip ahead, fourth quarter, jags up3-6. third and 15. johnson trying to keep the drive his pass ti. but jamesson crowder, 35-yard game from him. getting lucky on this one,ay cos aw with the catch. keeps the redskins moving. later, second and goal. johnson to jeremy sprinkle for the touchdown. sprinkle with his third cat of the season. redskins tying the game up at
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13-13. under 3:00 to play,vi jacksone driving, third and 16. pa tipped, intercepted, and it's a big one. redskins taking over. then it was time for adrian peterson. peterson with his best run of the game, gets the redskins into field goal range. then on comes new long snapper, andrew east, just signed yesterday. big spot here, 36-yard attempt, hopkins gets it to go. josh johnson getting his first career win as a starter. the redskins take it on the road 13-16, keeping the playoff hopes alive. >> it's like thee lit engine that could,? you know just chugging along, choo choo, you know? just chugging along the whole time. no matter what happens, we have to keep going that way. >> get that monkey off our back.
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we need thi b"w," by any enemies nessary. >> to have it go our way and be able to just have everything that's been bottled up in me for years to st finally let it out, it was a relief. honestly, it was. it was just a relief. >> reporter: love that reaction. but we have someneore goo for you. alex smith released from the hospital after spending almost a month there. his wife putting this photo on social media today. he's been dealing with infectioe following s for his broken leg. good to see him back on the road to recovery. does good news come in threes? the cowboys visiting the colts and dallas had their hands full. second quarter, colts up 7-0. cowboys in the red zone, going for it on forth down.
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no chance here. colts phosphorusforce a turnove. theirun game was dominating. third quarter, mack gets the ball and takes it for his second touchdown of the game. career high 139 yards. colts crush the cowboys 23-0. first time dallas has been shut out since 2003. the redskins, their next opponent are the the new york giants, a dreary day, inore ways than one. third quarter, giants trying to get something going, but manning sacked, fbles the ball, titans recovery. manning got nothing going today. tennessee also kept saquon check. in second touchdown of the day here. 170 yards rushing. note to the redskins defense,
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you do not want to beat number 23 next week. henry making him jus look silly. 17-0, the titans' first shutdown since christmas day in 2000. now, john harbaugh's ravens working to getin the playoff spot in the nfc hosting thebu s. jackson making his fifth start. rans up one. the former heisman winner getting things done with his legs, picking up the first down. 131 yards passing, and that leads to this two plays gus edwards gets into the end zone. 104 yards on the ground. ravens up 17-9. back to houdini, avoiding the sack on third and 7, picking up aow key first d that drives results and a justin tucker field goal as t ravens win
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20-12. they have won four of their last five. still a battle for the last playoff spot in thehi afc. we'ring the final stretch of the nfl season, can't wait to see what the redskins and justt sand playoff picture shakes up. there's a lot that could happen in these next two weeks, guys. live from jackson, sherree burruss, news 4 sports >> we'll t havesee. it's the chance they're all hoping for. all right. f looks like wally get to dry out a little bit for the start of the week. >> that's right. plentyf sunshineaiting for you on monday. >> somara, thank you. joung for joining us tonight. joung for joining us tonight. "nightly n ( ♪ ) male voice: here we go. (electronic beep) santa: ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! (electronic beep) aldi has everything you need
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tonight, does president trump have a credibility crisis? almost two-thirds of americans in our latest poll say they do not believe he's beingruthful in the russia investigation while the president predicts an incredible new year for the country. fire and destruction in japan. dozens injured after an explosion at a restaurant at t height of the dinner rush. with crumbling infrastructure across e' the countryll go to a state wre almost 500 bridges are closed because they are just toous dange to cross. buyer beware. could you tell if that used car you're eyeing is one of hundreds of thousands swamped by hurricane floodwaters? after california's worst wildfire, the rescue efforts still going on to care for some of the coit


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