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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 16, 2018 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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>> al: after the game, voegs post game report. michele on the field with the stars of the game. liam breaking down the playoff t pie. l cris and iook at the chiefs/seahawks match-up. third down and ten. yoldgoing to try to kick a f goal? >> cris: i'm calling the screenh hever side donald is on. he's coming like a mad man right here. i need four or five yards. >> al: to the 34 yard line.e boy, this isinteresting call here. do you try a field goal from about 52 or 53? if you miss it, the rams have the ball at the 42 or 43 yard
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line. >> cris: this is tough. that's the reason i was saying a screen. i didn't feel like that spot on the field would feel very good about it he. >> al: if nothg else, they'll take the play clock all the way down and call a time-out. so you put elliot in. pretty much cement the game if you make it. if you miss it the rams will have only about 57 yards to go. >> cris: does have a 61-yarder to his name.le he canarly make it that far.>> al: he kicked the game-winning field goal againsth giants last year.s let' to michele. >> michele: in pregame, elliot n convertee in this direction.ed he also two in this direction. both wide left. the kick would have been good from 62. he told me 56 is his normal
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mi a couple. but made one in this direction.a one thing in his favor. no wind tonight. >> cris: it feels like every onf he decisions that doug de peon made last year worked out. it feels like the tide is completely flipped. huge kick right here. >> al: 53-yard attempt. cameron johnston to hold it. the kick will be wide to t right. the rams, 68 seconds. no time-outs. they'll have to go 57 yards.
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>> cris: good snap, good hold. kick, not so good. oh, boy. >> al: seven-pointame. rams trying to keep pace with the goff firesr the middle. that's caught. this is reynolds having a nice i night it to the 45. rams rush up to the line. under a minute. >> cris: staying deep in the secondary. >> al: near side. everett steps out of bounds. stops the clock at 45. that was a gain there of six yards, second and four. >> cris: isn't it amazing how
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years can just flip flop on you. how everything went right for the eagles a season ago. theverything goes right fo. can they polish this off, the comeback that would be just amazing. >> al: second and four at the 39. goff. that's caught. inside the 35. it can't get out of bounds.s everett pi the first down. got to get it to the line. probably spike it heh 33 seconds. let's e what goff will ng a lot of time. no spike obvioly. goff will fire.ev erett is going to make the catch. he'll be out of bounds at the 2i yard line th 20 seconds. the other thing is -- saw it the other night in the chargers game. do you think mcvay wou go for two?
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>> cris: i hink he would do anything. there's nothing you could say at the end of the sentence i wouldn't go, yeah. >> al: you never know. 26 yard line. pacing. >> cris: a lot of times you might take a shot at tdle of the field. they are playing the tampa two defense sitting there with a safety field.middle of the these checkdowns will be the il formula for a e here. . al: goff to the outside gurley, can he get out of bounds? he can't. maddox makes the tackle. 1 11-10. got to spike it here. six seconds. he leaves himself one play. man, oh, man. ndgurley doesn't go out ofs, i don't know. >> cris:ouple of times that drive they had a chance to get ouof bounds. it's all about the clock. that's all it is. now it's all about one play. gurley can barely make it off e field.
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he's a wreck. now you just have to throw it up in one quarter of the end zone and hope. >> al: doug pederson calling a time-out. hodge comes in with rley on the bench. barring a defensive foul, this will probably the last play of the game. some collapses at tennessee. led 17-3. 2:58 left in the third got beat in overtime against the panthers. that w8. a killer. 10 that was at home as the panthers won it 21-17. they led 30-13. you have four seconds. >> cris: let's do a height comparison. they want to stay away from number 32. you are talking aboumaddox who is in the 5'10" range.
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you will end up seeing them play right across the goal line right ere. and just not give up anything deep. >> al: five guys at the goal li . rams send five receivers down field. goff to the end zone. too high. intended for josh reynolds. with no flag, that's the end of the game. >> cris: they went after the smaller maddox. good idea.ul cod not get it executed. >> al: the philadelphia gles. big underdogs. foles at quarterback. they pull off a huge win.
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goff to reynolds. the coverage is excellent. maddox doing a great job tonight. peterson takes the teawest. their ploff hopes are significantly enhanced. saints are happy. bears are happy and the bears are not.xt coming up the volkswagen post game report after these messages. e report after these messages. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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>> announcer: welcome to the volkswagen suvw post report. liam mchugh. >> should have known we were in for a wild night when the cris lide came from the other side. the eagles without carson wentz come to los angeles. they shocked the rams. final score 30-23. we welcome you back to l.a. it was just about a year ago here that nick foles' hollywood story began. it looks like we are seeing the beginning of the.nlikely sequ foles steps in and provide as spark. the process he keeps th defending champions playoff hopes alive. on the flip side for theams, a third straight week that jared goff and the offensive struggle and this l.a. team has lost back-to-back games in the stregular season for the f time in this sean mcvay era. doug pederson said the team is embracing the underdogole. they get the win and we get to
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give out game balls. on the offensive side of things, got to be nick folesre. 24 of 31 for 270 yards. on the defensive side, the man in the middle of everything was fletcher cox. they picked off jared goff two times. here's michele with nick foles and fletcher cox. >> michele: nick, you said you needed to fight the hude of this. put emotions asi and go play. how were you able to? >> i didn't look at the score, the time on the cloc when doug called it out, tell the guys stay in this moment. don't think of anything else, the distractions or the score oa whatever ibe. it was a great team win today. the rams are an amazing team. >> michele: one of the guys whoe stayed in the was alshon jeffrey. after just one week of practice this week,ow did you re-establish it so quickly? >> we played together last year.
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just watching him, he was a tremendous player. heade amazing catches and helped me out a lot. >> michele: do you g how eerie this is starting to feel? >> trying to stay in the moment. i'm blessed to be a part of an amazin the eagles franchise. i'm just enjoying the moment. >> michele: congratulations. fletch fletcher, the rams get the ball back. you're up seven. what was key to stopping them? >> everybody do your job. we talk abt it in practice. coach preaches, do your job. it was the same situation last year. defense had to go on t field to make a stop. guys stepped up and did it . >> michele: chris long said they tare starting to find it bench. >> we keep stretching. everybody finding their way. the younger guys are stepping
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up, doing their job like i said earlier. >> michele: this is weird with foles and l.a. >> i feel bad for a guy like carson. a competitor like he is. to go down like he is, he's banged up. you have to rally behind them, keep them motivated. >> michele: congratulations on the win. liam? >> let's look at the playoff pictu picture. their first division title since 2010. now despite the loss the rs have the inside track on a bye as they trail the saints. dallas and seattle both lost toda seahawks can clinch a spot sunday night. the chiefs and phillies big win has them just back of minnota. they are in the hunt. we go over to the afc. the steelers, big story. they beat the patriots today. with two wins or a win and a new
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england loss. huge primetime match-ups as the chargers and ravens will meet on saturday. chiefs pla night.ttle on sunday a bye with a win and a chargers loss. colts and titans stay right on the heels of baltimore for the final wicard spot. as always you should not forget football morning in america tomorrow on nbc as always, pro football talk with mike florio and chris simms tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. on nbcsn. al and cris will wrap it up after this. ♪ [ snoring ] the volkswagen atlas. seats seven, sleeps six.
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>> announcer: welcome back to e volkswagen suvw post game report. here now, al michaels and cris collinsworth >> al: great match-up next week, next to last week of the season. kansas city tryingo hold onto the one seed. seattle losing today. they are still in good shape. another loss andho knows? next week you have wilson, mahomes. can't ask r more than that. >> cris: i remember watching russell wilson for the first time thinking he's a magician. now patrick mahomes is the wi russelon. i think will mahomes keep playing like this as the pressure building do stretch? if anything, he's more crazy going to make plays and no-look passes. it's so much fun to watch both guys py. >> al: next sunday night, kansas city against the seegs. a look at the colosseum. we had a wild one tonight as the eagles come in as big underdogs
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e defeat the rams by a scof 30-23. up next expt here on the coast, your complete local news. saying good night from los angeles. ha>> announcer: nbc sportss you for watching this special al esentation of the nation football league. on of the natio football league. ♪
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whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back and you won't want to stop for anything else. [ barks ] ho! lease the c 300 sport sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. four, a good chunk of the night
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darkness blanketed most of t nationmall. it was lights out for som of our most iconic landmarks. i'm darcy expenser in northeast washington, where a family is remembering a de 10-year-old m victim and doing something special as they prepare for their first christmas without her. and the skins and their four-gamk losing str and keep their play-off hopes alive. >> news4 begins with a storm team 4 weatheralert. >> good evening, everybody. thanks for staying with us after the. ga i'm erika gonzalez. the system that soaks us this weekend has finally moved out of our region, but some areasstre idealing with flooding and warnings remainn effect. storm team 4 meteorologist joins us. >> that's right. a few of us still under the warnings, even though the rain has moved out. let's take a look at the radar, oust to show it is dry out of the d.c. metro, actually, ysroughout the atlantic. and that sm you saw there up
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and out of here. so we don't have any rain to about tonight. some areas, though, still under the flood warning. now f areas lik the district of columbia, that's a coastal flood advisory. and in central prince george's point, we do have a flood warning tha will expire early tomorrow morning. i think the bigger issue tonight is as those temperatures drop closer to freezing the farther north and west you missouri, we could see some of that rain freeze and you may be running you want to be careful on the roads. i'm goingla to help youout your monday. i want to bring you up to speed for our next chances for rain. all the rain we got this weekend helped create this situation in great falls, virginia. ough cameras c the potomac river raging today. the rain has stopped but the ver still rising. heavy rain causing big-time problems in prince george countyhis weekend. there wasanitary sewer
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overflows in fort washington and the overflows are not affecting wssc's drinking water. deloping this ening, take a look at this video here. what the purpl sky, eerie shot right there. the iconic washington skyline looking downright spooky after a power outage plunged our monuments into darkness. you can barel even make itut there. this is of course we're showing you the lincoln memorial. all.s not look at what drivers were up against as they were trying to navigate the. memorial brid lights on the bridge going dark as well. the same phemeying out on independence avenue. the problem began saturday afternoon with a faulty underground cable. thankfully, lights came back on about 10:30 this evening. new tonight, five months ago today, a d.c. family's life changed forever. gunman opened fire, killing 10-year-old makhaya wilson.
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darcy spencer shows us how family and friends are remembering the lit girl today. >> reporter: they decorated a tiny christmas tree, hung a stocking, and strung colorful lits for what seemed like a joyous and festive get together was motivated by grief. these decorations went up in the place that 10-year-old makhaya klson wasled in northeast d.c. her memorial here transformed into a holiday display. this will be the family's first christmas without her. >> it's been very overwhelming, but like i say, try to keep erything positive and keep her legacy going. >> reporter: makhaya used to play in this very courtyard where her friends and family gathered to o reflect how much she loved christmas. it was in the courtyard where makhaya was shot last july when a a car pulled gunmen opened fire. >> she is a real big game person.
11:56 pm
so she is really fighting to get her new gifts and her new games. >> reporter: there have been seven arrests made in connection with makhaya's murder, and her momays that is giving her some comfort this holiday season. steven douglas is a youth minister and family friend. he helped with the lantern. her mom wanted to light up t y in memory of her daughter, reflecting the light makhaya brought to the world. >> this tree represents l aely place, and that that tree at their home represents an even lonelier place. >> it's been five months since makhaya ed. doing things like this helps keep the family focused and positive darcy spencer, news4. more uncertainty tonight about the future of providence hospital. the washington business journal reporting d.c.'s attorney general car racine is suing the hospital to keep it from scaling back. we've seen argues the hospital
11:57 pm
violated its newut license wit city approval. money troubles forced the hospital to close several departmentast week. the emergency department and services that support it will heay open through end of april to combat the flu season. a local church is all that's anding between a salvadoran woman being deported and the future with her familyitere in the states. rosa gutierrez lopez isow living at beds th da's cedar po. she was ordered deported back to her native el salvador after checking in with immigration officials. she has been living in the united states in texas for about 13 years, a has three american born children. church leaders opening their doors to h after parishioners agreed to take her in.ur >> commitment to rosa is to s give her thece and time that she needs in order for her to receive t deserves.ess that she
11:58 pm
>> gutierrez lopez plans to stay at t church until a judge reviews her case. the tech world mourning the loss of collin krol, the man who cofinded vine, a popular trivia app. police in new york city went to his apartment after somebody called him to check in on him. officers found kroll unconscious on his bed. iepolice suspect he of a overdose. he was the chief executive of ht trivia. kroll was 34 yea old. an nbc/wall street journal poll shows the majority of americans believe president trump is n when it comes to the russia s vestigation, and the probe giving them doubts about the trump presidency. kelly o'donnell is watching it all for us. >> merry chrisas -- >> reporter: as holiday host, the president looked beyond looming controversy. >> we're going to have an incredible new year for our country most importantly.
11:59 pm
>> reporter: but his spirit soured today on twitter, labeling his former personal lawyer convicted felon and cooperating witness micha cohen a rat with a capital r. as trump's current attorney rudolph giuliani hit the airwaves, trying to discredit cohen. >> ewe got a serial liar whope his own client and lied about it and deceived him. >> reporter: cohen says candimate trump directed h to make illegal hush money payments to two women, but gliani argues that was personal business and not a campaign finance violation. >> it's not a crime. it's not a crime. >> reporter: after 18 months of federal investigations with trump figures in the orbit convicted, the president's credibility is eroding. according to a new nbc wall street journal poll, 62% s they do not consider the president truthful about the russia investigation, and republicans make up nearly a quarter of that group. a shift from august when 66%
12:00 am
said they doubted his honesty. giuliani today said the president may be asked to provide me than the written answers submitted to the special counsel, but colorfully downplayed odds for an in-person interview. >>ver my dead body, but, you know, i could be dead. >> repor house intelligence chairman democrat adam schiff says he plans to widen the probe to the president's business dealings. >> the president has wanted to draw a red line, saying you can't loo at mybusiness. but if the president's business is trying to curry favor with the kremlin, we can't ignore that. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. meanwhile thiweek, president trump is goering up for a showdown with congress. the president threatening to shutdown the government friday if he doesn't get funding for a border wall. well, it wasn't pretty, but a win's a win. and today's victory over jaguars keeps the skins'
12:01 am
say-off hopes alive. george wallacews us how the team got it done. george? >> that's right, erika, it doesn't matter. josh johnson arrived just over a week ago sund, and on sunday found himself starting a football game for the first time since 2011, an 0-5 starter care and snap a losing streak and keep those faint play-off hopes alive for this thteam. redskins knew they needed to win on the road to keep any sort of play-off house of representatives alive, and their fourth starting quarterback of th season delivered. josh johnson finding jeremy rinkle in the fourtquarter. sprinkle with his first three catches of theseason. final seconds of the game, still tied. new long snapper andrew east, he comes through. so does dustin hopkin, nailing the 36-yard winni game-winning field goal. re.kins win ten years after being drafted, josh johnson gets his first win as a starter. >> i always had belief in myself
12:02 am
erat i can do things like this. but i've n been one to talk about it. because talking does nothing. you just got to really be about theti acon. and today i was in the action. and to have it go our way and be able to just have everything that has been bottled up in me for years, toly final let it out, it was a relief. honestly, it was. >> we'll head into the locker room and hear from the team,p comingn "redskins final." from the newsroom, george wallace, news4 >> all right, george, thank you so much. we will see you then. just days before thanksgiving, the fda ordered everybody to stop eating romaine lettuce. tonight why the farm tied that e. coliutbreak is issuing even more recalls. cameras catch this. convicted sex offender trying to .abduct an 11-year-old gi >> she had brand-new shoes on. that saved a life. >> that good samaritan isow being hailed a hero for helping being hailed a hero for helping rescue the girl befe it wasor
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this is a fight. not to the finish. being hailed a hero for helping rescue the girl befe it wasor but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. hey, batter, batter, [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love.
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at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech ops manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. an 11-year-old gir walking to school in new york nearlyki apped. the suspect a convicted sex offender who used a bat toat the child. but he wasn't the only one with a weapon. lly aliyu from our sister station talked to the man who helped save this little girl. >> reporter: witnesses say the 11-year-old you see at the top of this surveil nce video was desperately fighting to get away from the forceful grip of this man, 40-year-old estrada. >> he followed from way over there, and she ran, but she


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