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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 19, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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always on a friday. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here before we check in with melissa mollet. not so bad right now. >> not so bad because we're inside. it's cold outside this morning. national airport in annapolis,0 still above degrees. most of the suburbs in the mid 20s this morning. a very coldo start your wednesday. skies have been clear overnight. temperaturesoave fallen 21 in winchester and manassas thisn mo lorton, virginia, 25. 2 lows this morning and mid to upper 20s in prince gorges county bow low freezing into st. mary's county this morning. these numbers are 10 to 15 degrees colde than yesterday morning so yesterday i was okay yesterday morning. it's a lot colder this morning. layer up, kids, on your way out to the bus stop. sub is not up until 7:22.
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winter solstice coming up on friday. days will start getting longer on saturday. today plenty of sunshine for what short hours of daylight we have. temperatures up near 50 degrees you'll need your winter coat early this morning as well as your hat and your gloves and your sunglasses. don't need the umbrella today. that will beor the case tw though. more about the timing of tomorrow's rain drops coming up, melissa. good >> good ing, chuck. white's ferry suspended today. high water on the potomac causing that closure here. this morning in northeast west virginia avenue, mount olive, all les blocked by police activity from an overnight investigation. as we zoom out. you can see inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no oblem. a little bit much w roadk there. we have new details in the arrest of a redskins ayer. monty nicholson and a sidney madore were arrested and
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charged with assault and battery. >> witnesses say they were involved in a fight with another couple outside a bar in loudoun county. they determined that nicholson and rema assaulted the man and woman. they left the area and returned while deputies were still there. redskins relead a statement saying, quote, we are gathering more information and will not comment until we have further details. right now nicholson's status for satuay's game against the titans is unknown. we're learning more about a murder/suicide in northern virginia. police say a mother is dead after being run down by a car and shot by the father of her child. katheryn martell was struck yesterday just before noon at the woodlake towers in falls church. police say she was in the parkg lot when a white nissan suv ran into her. christopher brooks was driving and the child was not in the
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parking lot whis happened and is now safe withther family. we're working to learn more about a threat that caused great mill high school to cancel all after school activities. thehreat was called into the school just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the school initiated a lockout and called off all activities. the sheriff's office says it is investigating the threat. 4:33. a the trumpinistration says changing gun laws saystt won't make safer but yesterday the president held a roundtable discussion. c the federmission on school safety suggest some students aren't being disciplined because under president obama schools were ordered to reduce racial disparates and punishment. the trurk station argued.
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>>no violence is t the answer be. one thi the nra was not happy about was the ra adminion's move to ban bump stocks. the devices allow semi-automatic guns to fire efarther. gunman in the shooting at the concert used a bump stock. people that use bump stocks won't be grandfathered in. the d.c. council aano bump stocks. it will include the red flag law. to seize legal guns if a person poses harm to themselves. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is expeed to sign it and it could take effect next year. 4:34. here's a look at your other top
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stories.ol are searching for ndwhoever shot killed a man overnight. this is the scene of the 1700 block northeast. th w manas shot around midnight and died a the hospital. call police if you have any information. this morning, month o gom ri county police arein t to track down a man who inappropriately touched a girl. the little girl said he walked up to her, pulled down her pants, touched her inappropriately. she screamed and he ran off. a partial government shutdown is looming for midnight on friday. the white house says it would rather shut down the southerner bo and keep the government open. e6 sa400,000 workers will have
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report to work without getting paid. jimmy fallon and michelle obama team up for a late night moment you won't want to miss. they surpred some unsuspecting fans and their epic reaction. first, a sca reaction to thos
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you're watching "news 4 today." we're back now with a family that says a stranger invaded heir home through their baby monitor. >> the couple uses a network of nest wi-fi cameras to watch their 4-month-old the cameras are set up in the nursery and the parents can watch and listen in. >> one night they were terrified to hear a man's voice coming from the baby's room. >> we heard sexual expletives being said in his room so we
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throw on the light in our room and said i'm going to kidnap your baby, i'm in your baby's room. >> oh, my gosh. >> the parents raced upstairs only to find the babyafe and sound. they shut it down and called police. officers are investigating now. wow. >> all right. go t their website, hue many rescue alliance in order to add bay to your home. put your sweaters on. temperatures will reach the upper 40s to near 50s. plenty of sunshine for now b
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you're watchingda "news 4 " 17 before the hour now. the u.s. house is expected to eptake up a sg criminal justice bill. last night the senate pas the stirs step act with bipartisan
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support. >> news 4'sracie potts is live on capitol hill. what are the key points? >> reporter: first of all, nonviolent, lowevel offenders without criminal records would not face mandatory minimum sentences. this has been a big deal for a while. there are thousands who could be eligible for early release and help re-enterin thesystem, re-entering society after having been behind bars. this is the most sweeping criminal justice reform that we've seen since bills clinto bill in the '90s. >>ichael flynn sentencing didn't turn out the way they expected it to. >> itidn't turn out the way anyone expected it to. they agreed because he was cooperating he shouldn't get jail time. the judge didn't agree with that. 're getting a pretty big hint that when they wen
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with the sentencing on that day that he'd get some jail time. they've hit the pause button and reset it until march 13th. he'll continue to work with the fbi and the russia invtigative te and possibly prove to this judge that he doesn't deserve to ehind bars. >> tracie potts on the hill this morning. tracie, thank you. it's 4:45. today the attorney for the w fami died while in the custody of u.s. customs and border patrol agents is calng for an independent investigation. she died earlier this month. the 7-year-old began vomitin after being picked up by border patrol agents in new mexico. she hadhe crossed border illegally with her father. the family's attorney wants an independent review of the circumstances around her death. and at t same time dozens of members of congress are also demanding mor answers. height . pull him out. can you pull him he's on fire. hurry. hurry.
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>> dramatic video shows two texas sheriff's deputies reuing an unresponsive man from a burning car. it happened in southern texas the deputies even used water from a puddle to put out flames on the man's leg. that man was later t air lifted the hospital in critical condition. deputies were not hurt. d.c.'s stop sign cameras are costing drivers big money. according to aaa more than 53,000 drivers were ticketed in 20 i. that broug more than $2.5 million. the district has 9 stop sign cameras spanned out across the city. they are meant forty sa right now d.c. is the only pce thas stop sign cameras. recently though the town of glen echo request an amenment to allow them to put up a cneera
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glen echo park. in virginia the state allows loca jurisdictions to use red light cameras only. all it took w a simple facebook post to restore the joy of christmas to one local family. meet lacey milner. she was 22 years old and suffers fr cerebral palsy. newspapers are like medicine to lacey. her mom says they are part of her morning routine. with the holidays approaching lacey's mom knew all she'd want ts more newspapers so she took to the internd the response was as iunding. had a friend say it would be cool if you could get papers from other areas. i thought itoc would be l friends or relatives we have in other states. i didn't w think itld go this far. >> that is the one single facebook post. they came in from all ove the country. lacey's mom will store this on sis verycial newstand for her. >> every now and then the internet is good. >> social media. after you talk about all of the
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privacy issues to hear that this young woman's day was made and the smile on her face is just great. >> the internet came through. good for her. here is a look at the white house's official 2018 christmas photo. >> photo of president trump and first lady melania trump was taken in the cross hall of the residence. decorated with multiple christmasourees as can see here. this is the trump family's second christmas at the white house. irin a tweet lady melania trump thanked the staff and lunteers for helping to decorate the white house. 4:48. you might mavesed it if you went to bed early. former first lady michelle obama stopped by the "tonight" show. >> last night did not disappoint. >> ah! ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jile all the way. oh, what fun it is to ride in a -- >> the two surprised people who
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were taking a tour of "30 rock." mrs. obama was on the showpr omoting her best selling become, "becoming." >> you know people were freaking out. open the elevator again. >> those doorson't close that fast. >> here is storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell to tell us more about our cafo. very cold start right now, chuck. >> it is very chilly outside. most of the suburbs way down bew the freezing mark this morning. you will absolutely positively need your puffy coat and sweater for your wednesday plans. the good news is itbr will be ht and sunny for today. the bad news is there's another huge slog of moisture for tomorrow. sorry, snow lovers. this will be all rain. tempatures on friday, even with no sunshine at all, friday temperatures will be in the 60s. that will feel good because youm wednesdaning is all about the chill. 22 now in faulkier county,22 at
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marine base. quanti 23 in elkin city, maryland. sun is up at 7:22 and it will be another bright and sunny winter y. you can enjoy it. temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. that's not ba sunshine, you could get the car washed today. know this. keep it in the garage tomorrow because the rain will be moving in fast. this storm just le last weekend's storm, this one comes to us from the pacific ocean sot it has much in the way of cold air but an abundance of moistureo work with. rain moving from dallas to houston. that i the area of l pressure that will bring us the rain for tomorrow. here's future weather. clouds rolling in overnight. by the time we get to this time tomorrow berning, skies wil mostly cloudy. i suspect that the thursday moing commute will be dry.
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thsday afternooncommute, not so much. this will once again be moderate to heavy rain at times. most of us with the heaviest rains from thursday afternoon to friday morning. tist areas g an inch to an inch and a half of rain. tomorrow nons ne. temperatures stuck in the 40s all day. and your ten day forecast shows the good news in all of this is that the rain tapersack to just showers on friday. still no sunshine on friday but temperatures in the mid 60s. a chance to thaw out. dry dry wea on a weekend? that's crazy talk. temperatures will be in the 40s. christmas eve dry. clear skies for santa, but on christmas day, maybe a f extra clouds around. most of christmas week looks on the dry side. let's go over to melissa mollet.
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>> in the northeast, all lanes blocked by police activity from a police investigation earlier this morning. inner loop and outer loop to thy beltway, fin clear. nothing in the way. white's ferry serviceen sud. reminder today, high water on the potomac is the reason there. we have that closure. 66, 95 virginia in bound, outbound no problems. >> melissa, thank you. 4:52. new this morning, the insur institute for highway safety is out with the top safety pick fo9 suba leads with seven top safety pick winners. mini vans of chris leer pacific a and hondays ody. they have automatic ergency braking systems that rate the
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vans more. superi they scored well in tests which evaluate passenger safety and headlight performance. head to our app for the safety of the vehicle. tonight on news 4 at 5:00, consumer reporter susan hogan will take you behindhe scenes at the lab. what does it take to put o of these crash tests together? and find out what researchell are r looking for in the aftermath. the answer may surprise you. big congratulations this t morning tee schools in our area. they've been selected as maryland blue ribbonchools which means they are some of the highest performing in the state. theinrs include mount harmony elementary school in calvert county, urbana high school in frederick and gl glenmont. they can go on to apply to be a national blue ribbon. .4:
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"forbes" magazine has listed the topcelebrities. george lucas a the the top of the list. he's worth $5.4 billion. g,llowed by steven spielb oprah winfrey, michael jordan and kiley jenner rounds out the top five and then kylieener, is she have -- >> wha does she do? >> she's a model. >> she has a beauty line. she's a kardashian. or a jenner. >> either way i don't care. you know what, more power to ,you. we the duke and duchess of sussex are crossing the pond. it's being reported by vanity fair that they're coming to the u.s. >> the british are coming! >> meghan's home state offo
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caliia and dan. the question though is when? she's pregnant. she's expecting in the spring. >> going to be a pretty baby. >> one would hope. the redskins hav of weeks left in the regular season. >> a couple of them have trips bookedor january. linebacker ryann kerriga and tackle trent williams have been selected to this year's pro. bo yeah. >> i thought you were going a wefferent direction. >> you thought tre packing up and leaving. >> let's go ahead and plan our vacations. >> it's not over until it's over. we stillce have a . kerrigan was named a start for the nfc. he leads the burgundy and gold with 11 sacks. i'd like to see the skins representing and a reminder that we play this saturday. kickoff at 4:30 on nbc4.
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>> close game here on nbc 4 after that game. still ahead this morning ex though, at 5:00, an un undergrod solution for traffic troubles? new overnight, a first look at the tunneling that could be the future of trav plus, a new winner on "the vo voice". we'll show you the big moment the champion was crowned. stay with us.
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be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. "news 4 today" starts now. it's 5:00 a.m. as we tak a live look outside we've made it to wednesday and we are getting closer to the holiday weekend. 32 degrees outside though. it is a cold one. goodmorning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. the whole news 4 team is back in action. melissa and chuck are here this morning. going to fill us in on the roads and the forecast. chuck, we'll start with you. >> don't adjust your set. melissa and i both still have the frogginess in our throats but we are at teast back work. hopefully you're all home feeling all right this morning. weather.s about the it will be another bright and sunny day. the last couple of days have een nice around h with the sunshine.
5:00 am
typically chilly. as long as the sun is out, that's not bad. the rain comes back tomorrow. a solid inch to may in some places two inches of rain combine for thursday and friday. the weekend is looking dry. temperatures are looking in the 20ed and 30s. mid 20s in the suburbs, 30s around town. 10 to 15 degrees colder this morning than it was day so don't step out the door with that same filmsy fleece on this u'rning. yoll need your puffy coat. temperatures will climb into the upper 40ed to 50 degrees today courtesy of a light south wind. southerly breezes will bring back msture and rain chances. we'll time out the return of the rain drops. for now let's go over to melissa mollet. >> good morning, chuck. taking a look through prince gorges county. into town a out of town.


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