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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 31, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lining up with the rest of the year; we're expecting moreain in the wettest year on record. >> she has more on our notoriously gloomy forecast. >> is only fitting that we would end the last day o the year with a little bit of rain. >> check it out. this system ig starto push into the area. now it's still dry out there right now. check it out. here's storm team 4 radar. you can see the entire d d.c. metro area is dry. but down around arlottesville, starting to see showers moving in. that's through about this morning and notice that rain moving into the area and other parts of northern virginia back into the panhandle. between 11:00 a.m. and noon we see the showers move into the metro area and parts of maryland. notice northern virginia getting
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a break from the action wit cloudy skies but still tracking rain in parts of maryland. we head on into the evening hours, 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. and showers in spots and that will continue until about midnighthe tonight and we do look to dry out after midnight. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., we return to dry conditions but what abouturtemperatures? right now we're at 40 degrees. i'll have more on that aspect oh forecast coming up in a little bit but for now we send it over to dave for a check on the ros. >> you can cross this crash off the list heading through i-hb nond through the beltway. everything is consolidated. this is northbound just north of everything on the right shoulder. traffic is moving well innd maryland a virginia. 270, an easy trip and german
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town. trip times look good: same rules apply on i-66 and i-95. without incident. thout delay and that 210 indian head has reopened and the investigation h cleared. that's the latest. back over to yo >> thank y so much. breaking news this morning. a htraj crash. and two adults were hurt after a >> this is known as one of the most dangerous inur area because of dozens of deadly crashes over the years. >> jusn finch isive with more on how this tragedy unfolded. justin, w t do weknow? >> well, molette, chris, the hiway reopened a short time ago. all lanes are now reopened.
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the investigation continues though at this hour after this horrific three-car crash just barely a week after christmas an it's hard to see in our video here but there's three vehicles mangled by this crash. somehow s officialsay the cars collided near wilson bridge drive late last night. all lanes here were closed for hours for rescue, response, and investigation. agaihi these threeren were trapped in the wreckage authorities say and twodr ch, rather two adults had to be freed from the wreckage as we. we are standing by for an update on their condition. over the yes, told you about several, many, many crashes here 210. back in october, a speed camera was installed after 24-year-old jenkins was strk and killed here near livingston road just
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behind us. her family lives nearby. her mother told m that she frequently told her daughter and son about the dangers of 210 and there's so much preventable death and injury because of speed and people not paying attention to where they were going or their another family having to deal with such loss on indian head highway. a very sadstory. back in to you. >> thank you very much. right now investigators are trying to identify a hitnd-run iver in fairfax county. the 16-year-old was trying to cross toward castle rock square saturday night when he was h and killed. a sedan hit the teenager and kept on going. investigators are not sure about the color of the car but said the vehicle will have heavy front end damage. you can call the police if you have any information. >> now tolitics and a surprising exit interview by kelly.f staff john he says the president will not ge hiswall. kelly spoke with the l.a. times.
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mr. trump abandoned the notion of a solid concrete wall early on in theadministration. he proposed the wall when he announced his candidacy in 2016. kelly said to be honest, it's not a wall. the president still says wall. often timesnk f he'll say barrier or fencing and now he's tending toward steel slats. kelly's lasty. day is wednesda >> with the new congress gaveling in on thursday there's no definitive end in site.0 800,ederal workers don't know when they'll get paid. you may not be able to visit your favorite smithsonian museum and the national zoo. it will r out of money january 2nd and will be forced to close. keepers will show up to take care of the animals, obviously, but visitors say it's a di ppointment. >> it's very unfortunate for everyone not having the opportunity to visit basically
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u.s. history. >> president trump says he wts $5 billion to build a wall among the u.s.-mexico border, although he has been open to less than that. democratic leaders haveitaid not going to happen. on thursday, democrats will take control of the house. >> now an update to a warehouse fire we have been following in prince george's county. tirefighters have been on the scene overni to put out any hotspots. flames shot throhe roof of a warehouse at b and k rental. portions of the building did collapse causing an estimated $1.5 million in damages. no one was hurt. the cause of that fire remaining under investigation. no arrests in a deadly shooting in oxon hill. a man was fnd shoto death outside of a home on mystic avenue last night. it's unclear if he lived inside of the home. police are working to establish a motive in that shooting. >> developing this morning, a man hunt underway for a virginia man that escaped custody and
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stole a sheriff's vehicle. this happened in mtgomery county virginia near roanoke. he was waiting to see a judge after beingrrested for dui yesterday and while sitting in the squad car, he managedsl to out of his restraints and steel the sheriff's vehicle. the abandoned car was found a short timela r. he was nowhere to be found. police believe he is armed and dangerous. >> happening today, metro i extending their hours for those celebrating the new year.y is live with what you need to know before you head out for all of that fun tonigh >> hey, guys, good morning. yeah a big night ahead for a lot people if you're headed out tonight, good news, metro will be open .la they'll have trains running until 2:00 a.m. they'll be charging rular fairs and parking fees. now tomorrow, new year's day they'll bening on a sunday schedule. so that's 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and tomorrow off peak fares and free parking. as always, police will be
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stepping up theiri check points tonight. they're encouraging people to use the sober ride rogram to get home. that allows you to take a lyft for free. that runs from 8:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. tonight. the promo code will be releed at midnight. post in the nbc washington app. just search new ye's eve. >> going out tonight, please be safe out there. thank you. don't forget, you can watch the ll drop right here on nbc 4. lester holt will be part of a o grou journalists pushing the button to drop the ball in times square. there will be special guests at the event. it will be seen by billions of people around the world in the minute before 2019 begins. >> changes are coming th thurgood marshall airport. they're replacing several of the metal brackets. crs inspected all of be airportridges and determined that a defective metal bracket
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prompted the incident on saturday night. that bridge is being replaced. at the time of theme equnt failure there were paramedics responding to a sick pasoanger rd a flight. the people that were injured have been released from the hospfeal. >> the sing at fedex field has ended. it was an embarrassing shut out for the eagles. >> fansere already disappointed but after yesterday's loss, it was easy to see the players feeling a lot of the same. >> absolutely. news 4's sports reporter sheree burress has more now. >> a redskins season spinning out of control and with embarrassment athome. phillies fans filled the stands as washington failed to score a single he caut a pair of touchdown passes. the last one from the eagles back up quarterback. redskins end the season with a 24-0 loss. a record of 7-9 and a really bad
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taste in their mouths. >> it is just tough for me like a the end to feel like i let lot of people down. >> nobody wantsve to l the season like this. everybody pick something to work on and come back with focus. >> all that's left on schedule now is locker room clean out today and a look at teamcould have been for a that's won only one of their last 7. from fedex field, sheree burress, news 4 sports. >> theedskins first round draft choice jonathan allenen t anpttic tweet after the game. one day we'll look back at this season and think aboutow far we've come. lots learned this season. we'll be back. >> an anima escape at a north carolina zoo turns deadly. find out how police brought that situationd to an after an
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intern was killed. >> and just in time for the new ar, changes are on the way to cocktail hour. a new law means restaurants and bars will have to change a pretty important part f your drink. more on that straight ahead on news 4 today. now uptemperatures right 40 degrees. we're warming to a high today of 53 and grab the umbrella aou head out this morning with rain at times throughout the day. otherwise, plenty of clouds. i'll have more on the ting of thime
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a lion killed r-22-yd
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alexandra black. she was cleaning the animal enclosure when she was attked yesterday. the lion entered that area where the intern was and charged at her. >> i think i was instant. ifgh remember yeah, as soon as he gotf oute enclosure he went straight toward her. >> black worked there for just two weeks. >> a community is mourning the loss of a family that was killed in st. louis, missouri. family and friends gather for a viast night remembering the lives of a grandmother, mother, and two childn that were killed on friday night. police arrested richard emory after he fired at officers. he's the mom's boyfriend. he is charged with four counts of first-degree herder. also accused of stabbing a woman while trying to steal her car although she is expected to survive. >> today rescuers will try to
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find more than a dozen coal miners trapped in a flooded mine in india. divers came up edety han yesterday. the water was just too high for them in the mine. crews are using ten high pressure f pumps tosh out the water. authorities say it will take five days to drain the mine. miners have been trapped for more than two weeks when the mine flooded. authorities say the mine was illegal. no one should have been in it. >> a hotel fired two after the workers told an african american guest to leave. >> yeah, the hotel in portland, oregon apologizedor the incident after it went viral. he was in the hotel lobby a week ago speaking on the phone with his mom. e recorded what happened and posted it on social media. a white security guard called him a safety threat and accused him of trespassing even though he was ast there. the guard kicked him out of the hotel and called he now says he wants to know why he was asked to leave and so
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does his >> now why did that guy think he had the prerogative to just staruestioning my guy. to disbelieve him. to badger him. to thr him out? to call the police. >> the hotel says an outside party willct an investigation into the incident. >> tomorrow as we ring in the new year, straws are getting the boot in d.c. the district's ban on plastic straws goes into effect tomorrow. bars and restaurants will have to give out compostable or reusable straws. they'll start facinges f for non-compliance starting this summer. they already banne i straws a movement to curve some of the plastic waste. >> today is your last day to buy $2 frosty key tag at wendy's. it allows you to get a free junior frosty all year with any purchase. they go to the dave thomas foundation for adoption. that organization was established in 1992 and it's been helping find feveromes
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for children in foster care ever since. >> that's a good deal there. pie christmast alive and well. a tex tech school b b-- texas sr is finding out the smallest things get the biggest responses. he gave everyone a gift. a teacher posted pictures of all the gifts on facebook. viral.t people were so touched they set up a go fund me page in his name. he says he'll use the money to start a nonprofit he wants to call magnify caring and change. >> we love our buser dr i don't know how many times i have been late running up, please, please. >> they do good work. so no school buses on the roads today. it's time for celebr bion. >> it'n so quite around town with the kids out of school and thankfully we're dealing with dry roads out there right now. but as we head on into the o
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remain the morning hours, we'll see showers moving into the area. now starting you off with visibility out there because am getting reports of patchy fog and mist, especially up around hagerstown and frederick and around annapolis. you can see the visibility is not that bad. but dou could beling with pockets of fog out there early this morning. our temperatures are in the 30s to around 40 degrees. 40 in washington right now. 33 in clege park 32 in leesburg and manassas. the good news is as the rain move in, itill be later so our temperatures will be above freezing so we're not worried about any ice. but here is the rain on storm team 4 radar. down around the arlottesville area and this is going to move in over the next few hours. we then have r at times throughout the day but drive time as well, it's not amp te wash out. we'll have two rounds of rain. the first ding the mid morning and midday hours. and then another round of rrin
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the evening hours. i'm still seeing mainly dry conditions across the ea. 39 degrees but showers in parts of northern virginia at that point. as we hit noon we're at 46 degrees with showers likely and then scattered showers around at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. with our temperatures continuing to warm. 51 degre at 7:00 p.m.. if you're going out to dinner tonight, temperatures are going to be in the low to mid 50s. so not all that bad but you want to gra the umbrella. we continue to warm tomorrow with a temperature around 6 a we're pretty much at 60 degrees morning, noon, on into the early evening hours. a temperature of about 60 throughout the d tomorrow it's going to be breezy despite the milder air out there. partly to mostly cloudy skiesua for j 1st. here's a look at your storm team 41 4 ten-day forecast. temperature near 50 degrees with
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a chance for showers out there friday on into saturday. by sunday, drys condition with highs in the low 50s. dave, how are the roads out there this mornin >> nice and light.c traf easily getting by. without delay heading for the capital belt way around the beltway in maryland and virginia. and through fairfax county. no signs of trouble. 270 is godea hding south. 66 in virginia also good shape. a mobile crew westbound. but that's long gone. that's theff latest in theic center. back to you. >> we're sure plenty of you are looking to make changes to start
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the new year. ahead on news 4 today, we have tips on how to tick with yousti new year's resolution. lebron james and channing tatum will join her today and stay
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>> the hardest part is sticking to youew goal. justin finch has tips to make it all work in 2019. >> you're not the only one that plan to starthe new year off with a bang. every year crews in new york ci weeks times square spend readying for the ball drop and they're ccessful. so to make sure that your 2019 is also a success story, we asked around. seeing not only what people's new year's resolutions are but also how they plan to keep them. >> one day at a time. baby steps. if you're sittingen the couch h and youen't gotten up to exercise, say i'm going to do ten minutes. a little bit every day and
5:25 am
pretty soon, you know, you'll be 5k. ing a >> if you believe, you can achieve. >> inspiring words. d as for his 2019 resolutions. >> be a better person and to be beo mankind, to be more loving. >> my new year's resolution last year was to eat healthier, which i did, and i have been able to maintain that. >> losing weight, exercising more, eating healthie the same resolutions you hear every year, but you can also relve smaller things using your smartphone ess, going for m walks outside or perhaps reading a few more books this byear. >> bore starting that new goal, some simple advice. >> you have to know how to make -- to bng your brain to happy. to calm. and only then your brain works so much better. >> she says knowing what makes you happy and how that feels will help you land on that specific resolution that you can
5:26 am
keep. whether it's losing weight or organizing your finances. >> every goal we choose we have much more -- we're much more likely to achieve it if it's something that is deeply imbedded in our belief system as a good thing. >> and specifally, good for you. not a resolution someone else thinks is good for omyou. there, break down that big goal into smaller ones over specif mes. say a year. that will help you battle back in case you fall off the wagon while keeping yourself accountable. justin finch, news maybe not call it a resolution, a new year's resolution, just -- >> make it something attainable. too many people get wrapped up in like i want to lose 50 pounds. >> in a month. >> yeah. 's huge,incredible goal. just take it a little bit more nageable steps. >> realistic. >> yes. stl ahead, redskins fans are trying to stay positive. >> but that 24-0 loss wasn't the
5:27 am
only bit of rough news for local sports fans that we got this weekend. plu sounds of explosions and a fiery aftermath. we're going to take you to the scene of a local church that went up in flames just before sunday services. amelia. >> here's a look at your weather headlines. for today showers at timesdrut time as well. tomorrow it's a mile start to the new year and we are more rain impacting the area friday into saturday.
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>> it's nice and peaceful looking and in a few short this area will be packed with hundreds of thousands of party goereeoping to the ball drop ring in the new year. >> we're taking a look at all the preparations underway but we want to start with a check on your commufo and cast. dave is standing by for melissa,
5:31 am
but let's start with amelia draper. who a night have rain in the forecast. >> it's only fitting though, right? >> yeah. >> this is the wettest year on record. we have about 65 or 66 inchesraf for the year. we'll add anywhere from about a quarter to a half of an inch on to that total throughout the day today. ths our system. you can see it very clearly here on storm team 4 radar. we're still dry right now. showers starting to push down into the charlottesvie area they'll slowly move in between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. if you'r heading out right now, still w dealih dry conditions out there. plenty of clouds across the area and reports for isolated fog, especially up around hagerstown and around the annapolis area. winds are not an issue right now and they're not going a to be issue today. we'll have rain at times throughout the day.
5:32 am
when it's not raining, drive time as well. plenty ofud c with a high temperature of 53. for now we'll get a check of the road how is it looking out there today? >> notnd bad still dry. traffic heading for 212 get ing all lanes and without delay. on the beltway, no signstrf ble through montgomery and prince george's county and heading there on 95, route 29, southbound from columbia. full speed ahead. headingsouth. before the beltway after old georgetown road on the left shoulder. all green heading inbound and outbound at t 14th street bridge and the i-66 roosevelt street bridge. obviously open late tonightnd tomorrow morning. vre on an s schedule today. that's the cktest.
5:33 am
to you. >> thank you so much. we're following breaking news, three h childrene died and two adults are hurt after a multicar crash on indian head highway. >> yeah, prince george's county fire said there are no words to describe this crash except to say it is a tragedy. now three cars crashed on indian head highway and wilson bridge drive around 10 clock last night. justin finch is live on the road with more on how this tragedy unfolded. >> well, chris, for hours indian head highway was brought to a stand still. all lanes closed as princ george's county firefighters and police tried to save the two adults and tried to save the three children but sadly, fire officials say the three children suffered fatal injuries after being trapped inside of a vehicle. those two adults who were also trapped were removed and rushed to a tuma center. the investigation is still now taking place but three cars
5:34 am
somehow collided on indian head highway near wilson bridge drive, close to 10:00 p.m. last night. the how in allf this at this hour still remains unclear and back out live, still awaiting some updates. an update on the two adult as well and of course indian head highway, a dangerous road here in our area. dozens of deaths over the past ten years or so and back inr, octo speed camera was installed here on the highway. a 24-year-old was struck and killed right here on her way to a job interview. a lot of people that travel this road are concerned and hoping that speed cameras overtime will be a deturrent. >> stin, thank you. we have entered day ten of the partial governmentdo sh. while the impact the shutdown is
5:35 am
having on our regio continues to become clearer, an end to the gridlock isn't in sight. several local tourism hotspots such as the smithsonian and natial zoo are running on back up funds. when those run out, they will likely, and they likely will, the areas will shutdown and youl won't be to visit the museum or the zoo. they'll show up to make sure that the animals are cared for. your time now 5:35 this morning. heres the top stories we're following. overnight, prince george's county firefighters remained on thecene of a warehouse fire. flames sparked inside the b and yesterday. an estimated $1.5 million in damage is done. investigators are sll arching for a cause. >> police are investigating a homicide in the oxon hill area. a man was fou shot to death live outside hf aome on mystic avenue. it's not clear if heual will i lived inside that home. at this point no arrests have
5:36 am
been made. >> a 16-year-old teenager with you hit and killed over the weekend. this happened a w the team trying to cross south lake drive towa castle rock square. a sedan hit t teen and kept going. the driver hasn't been found. investigators are not sur about the color of the car, but they say the vehicle would have heavd front damage. call police if you know anything about what happened. >> work is underway oneveral bridges at bwi thurgoodl marsh airport. over the weekend, six people were injured when a jet bridge failed on saturda night. they determined that a defective metal bracket wase. respon all six people have minor injuries and have been released from the hospital. nd a rough e to 2018 for the . redskins the season came to an end with a crushing 24-0 loss to theia philadel eagles and the fans must hav known what to expect. there was a sea of philly green >>at filled the seats at fedex
5:37 am
field. he team's record definitely taking a toll on the fans there. >> according to the washington s post, regulson attendance was down 24% and game day revenue down by $18 million. >> bad. >> even an hour before the game the was sti empty seats but eventually the redskins faithful made their way in and some of them wore buttons that read thank you. >> i'm indifferent. i'm here tpo s the team and have fun but other than that, it's kind of normal. >> we need new ownership completely. like a complete overhaul. >> well, the new york times is reporting dysfunction within the organization and expects to see team dismissals, additions, and trad. >> metro i extending the hours for those of you celebrating the year. you'll also notice tight security if you're heading out in the district tonight. >> aimee is live with what you
5:38 am
need to know to stay safe and ve a good time. >> amy, good morning. >> good morning to you. a big night ahead for a lot of people. metro will be open late. they'll have trains running until 2:00 a.m. and will be charging regular fares and parking fees. for tomorrow, new year's day, they'll be running on a sunday schedule sohat's 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and off peak fares and offering free parking. as always, police will be stepping up their check points tonight and they're encouraging people to use the sober ride program to get home. up offers you a free lift to $15 and that runs from 8:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. tonight. the code for that will be released until noon today. we'll post the link in the nbc washington app. just search new year's eve. >> thank you,y. hopefully everybody stays safe out there. new years isn't only about celebrating, it's also resolution. >> to jump start your resolution to be healthier in 2019.
5:39 am
us fires sparked inside a local church just before sunday services. ywe're going to take to the scene and show you what happened scene and show you what happened and who stepped up to helpar
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today's the last day of 2018. e you made your new year's resolutions yet? >> you can start with a focus on your health. if you have high blood pressure, make sure that you get it under contl to reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke and cut back on the processed foods and replace sugary drink with water. >> don't forget to exercise. then ameriart association recommends that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate per week. you should also include weight
5:42 am
tra training twice per week. even the lightest exercise is better than sittinggeround so moving. you may also want to make financial resolutions. researchers found roughly 45% of americans make new year's resolutions. many of those based on finances. less than 10 of peo actually achieve their money management goals. wallet hub compiled a list of things for you to consider here. sign up on credit monitoring. you can pay bills after getting your paycheck, repay 20% of your credit card debt and one month's pay to your emergency fund. >> we are going to head to break with another check of the forecast with amelia. >> if you're heading out tonight for new year's eve, 7:00 p.m. a temperature around 51 degrees. could be dealing with showers at any point during the evening and overnight hours but look at our temperature trend.ll we act warm up. 55 degrees at 1:00 a.m. that's going to set us up for a
5:43 am
mild start to the new year. more on what you can expect tomorrow coming up in my full forecast. >> still ahead, a party hat could protect you f croehem t r glasses. it's new year's eve. we're taking you to times square for a check on all the workn going behind the scenes to going behind the scenes to
5:44 am
z2ydpz z16fz y2ydpy y16fy
5:45 am
5:46 am
party goer are not goi to be alone. >> no, police officers and federal agents will be in the e crowd andn above it watching to make sure that everyone is safe. >> this new year's eve, the famous ball won't be the ovey thing o times square. police have drones kee ng eyes on the skies on what could be hundreds of thousands below. >> this is the firstime we'll be using it at a large scale event. >> they're pairing those with more than 1,000 surveillance cameras along with bomb sniffing dogs, helicopters,nirs and 200 blocker vehiclers. andniformed officers, many taking up positions at hotels around the square. >> the btom line is this, people will be safe on monday andl they should fee safe too. it's going to be one of the most well policed, best protected
5:47 am
events at one of the safes venues in the entire world. >> that's reassuring. >> are you excited? are you worried? or what. >> we're cited. >> i excited. >> i'm excited. i'm not worried about anything. i'm jt here to have a good time and this is my first time ever seeing a ball drop, so i'm very, very excited. >> yeah. chris isrying to get me to go up to new york. not doing it. just a reminder though, you can watch the ball drop here on nbc 4. lestar holt will be of a group of journalists pushing the button. pushing the button which will drop that ball in times square. >> well, a man is charged with a deadly hit-and-run in new york city. this is povideo. lice arrested a man named sherman harrison on saturday morning. witnesses say harrison was speeding, swerving through traffic, and w collidedh several cars. started a fire killing one woman. >> it was a horrible accident. absolutely horrible. my family and i stopped and
5:48 am
prayed for the family and prayed for the person tha had definitely died in the accident and all of those involved. my heart bre ts for family that lost their loved ones. >> police eventually caught up with harrison. he has been chargedith manslaughter and leaving the scene of an. accident he and two other people were injured but they're in stable conditn. >> thisrning, we're still working to learn more about a homicide in prince george's coty. police discovered a man gunned down outside of a home on saturday night. this is on taylor avenu in the fort washington area. detectives say they don't have any information about t gunman or motive and no arrests have been made here. also this morning, a local urch is cleaning up. this after a fire that sparked ght before sunday services. >> yeah. news 4's derek ward explains members of cannan baptist church were able to get out safely ande others took in. >> not what they wanted to see
5:49 am
when they arrived. gating how inves this fire started outside of the rear of the church's education center at 16th and monroe streets people were in the building when the fire started. >> so we evacuated q the first responders came and did a marvelous job to make sure that everybody safe. >> neighbors heard as many as esur explosions before they saw the fl the fire appeared to be contained to an outer portion of the building near what had been a storage bin. whileamage was minor, the nearby church offers sanctuary allowing them to join congregations for sunday services. >> it's ten us up little bit but we have resolve and we'll get through it. >> it is a rough monday to be a washington sports the redskins season is over and now washington wizards point guard jn wall is out for the rest of the season. wall decided to have a seaso ending surgery to address a bone
5:50 am
nspur problem i his left heel. wall missedes two earlier this month before of the heel issue and this is something that has been h plaguim over the course of the past sever seasons. headoach scott brooks said there was really no other option. >> he's as tough as theycome. he's battled this throughout the year and we have tried to manage it and h has done a good job of managing it in certain games and certainames itasn't as good. >> and wall was averaging over 20 points and 8ssists per game is did not despite playing with all the pain. >> you know, i feel like new ye's eve is one of the diciest nights to be out driving anyway and now you add rain in th mix, it could be tough out there. >> absolutely. cattered dealing with showers until midnight, or 1:00 a.m. maybe patchy fog as well. keep that in mind. the good news is temperatures won't be all that bad. we have been reminiscing about new york city. chris has been up there a coup of s. it's not a fridggid newyear's
5:51 am
eve. today here's your rain outlook and widespread rain in the forecaday. showers moving in between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. andti then cing at times through the rest of the day on into the overnight hours b we're looking dry not just tomorrow but wednesday and thursday as well. friday, the chance for rain returns to the forecast. currently our temperatures are in theo 30s around 40. rain moves in and o we'll see temperatures largely above freezing so i'm not worried about any icing out there today. so good news there. at 8:00 a.m., a temperature around 39 a still seeing mainly dry conditions for most of us at that point. by lunchtim though, showers are in the forecast impacting pretty much everybody. 46 degrees we then have scattered owers,:00 p.m.p. and 7:00. temperatures continue to warm
5:52 am
and right around midnight, a temperature of about that sets us up for a mild day tomorrow with near steady temperatures in the 50s to around 60 degrees. so that means tomorrow morning stepping out the door, it's about 60 degrees tomorrow at lunch and it's about 60 and during the afternoon hours it's prettymild. cold air does move back in tomorrow night but during the day tomodow, it's m and breezy with partly to mostly cloudy skies. re sunshine in the forecast. so starting off the new year on a pretty nice note as we look to wednesday and thursday. plenty of clouds in th forecast. upper 40s on wednesday. around 50 on thursday. there's the chanc for showers out there. friday on into saturday, notice our tempatures. highs around 50 degrees. so just a little bit too warm for any snow, any wintry precipitation to mix in. so rain chances in the forecast friday on into saturday as we look to sunday, it's looking dry with a high temperature around 53 degrees. after that, we stay mainly dry. so the 10-day forecast, not
5:53 am
featuring any chances for snow nright now but r out there today so make sure torab the umbrella as you step out this morning and speaking of this morning, how are the roads right now? >> excellent shape. here we are at the american legion bridge. woodrow wilson bridge,he coast is clear. up rivnto washington, no signs of trouble at the 14th street bridge. the memorl bridge wit a new traffic pattern obviously and roosevelt bridge. inside and outside of the beltway. tolls are in owardeffect. 95 an the 14th street bridge. that's the latest. over to you.
5:54 am
>> good morning of i'm kate gers at cnbc headquaters. amazon plans to build aan e whole foods stores across the country. the wall street journal reports that p ph would more customers within range of amazon's two hour delivery some stores could be 45,000 square feet. slightly bigger than the average whole s. the change is using that extra space to accommodate amazonry deli and pick up for online orde orders. >> now it's time to brace arurself for the commercials replacing the christmas ads we have been watching. >> you'll need to be ready for changes on t way in how you buy one. here's chris. >> all the car commercials you'll notice this week is just december living up to its billing as one of theiggest months for car buying.
5:55 am
and something else car buyers may notice is the new longer terms on car 4loans. >> months or 7-year auto loans are not atuncommon. >> jones with car buying says terms have gotten longer hicause sticker prices have gotten er. >> people are focused on their monthly payment and their monthly payment iri whats a lot of buying decisions. >> while true that longer term loans means lower payments, thea also higher costs. >> even if the payment is lower, you could end up spendings thousand of dollars more over the term so you have to look at the total cost ofownership. >> look at how long you plan to hold on to the car. >> i don't thinkanhere's hing inherently wrong with a 72 month loan if the ates are low. especially for somebody that says ts is the car that i'm going to buy. i'm going to drive it until the wheels fall off. >> or if long-term loans aren't, an opti he says, consider
5:56 am
leasing your next new car. >> coming up, traffic is moving but police still working toind out what caused a crash that killed three children on a notoriously dangerous road. >> f htball fanse been venting their frustration fors weeks the redskins limp to the end of the season. hear what the team is concentrating on as the s comes to a disappointing end. ewl straight ahead for you in our next hour of4 today.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
a 5:59, you're waking upas o the day of 2018. news 4 has more on what you need to know headingnto all the celebrations tonight. >> several fire crews have been brought in to bring this under control but here we are, two days later, firefighters still on the scene trying to keep the flames at bay. >> news 4 today, startsnow.
6:00 am
>> good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm chris lawrence in for aaron this morning. >> we're so glad that you're wrapping up the year with news 4 today today. >> i'm almost glad those are off. >> look at this live picture, 2019 startin rightow in new zealand. >> yeah. this is a le look where the clock just struck midnight and the new year has begun. an exciting new year. >> beautiful color. >> it's pretty azing. we are ready for an exciting end to 2018, aren't we? i'm ready. >> tracking the road conditions this mornin but w want to start with amelia. it's still 2018 so that meanser yet ano day of rain. >> top thathot of new


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