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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 31, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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a moment. a community is mourning. three siblings a killed after a heart breaking crash. >> the parent were also hurtth crash. police stay drive who hit them may have been drunk. police tell us alexander, his sister rosily, also 5 years old, and the sibling killed was their 1-year-old brother isaac. we've been talking to peopl all day. they're not surprised another accident happened but they say this one could have been prevented. >> the family slowed or stopped when they were rear ended. the impact killed their three children. investigators suspect the driver
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ofthe truck t hit them was drunk and speeding. >> our babies. they were little innocents. >> reporter: for deborah, that fast speed may have played a part is not surprising. irdroofrs still don't obey the law. >> it is one of the most dangerous roads in the d.c. area. over the last two years, 12 people have died in nine fatal accidents here. these children were third, fourth and fifth children in this year alone. this man saw it from his >>wind. i saw the helicopter coming down. >> a day later, the signs of the accident were practicly gon
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but as a grandfather, he said the images will forever be seared into his mind, along with the three children who won't see the srt of a new year. >> police tell us the parents were also rushed to the hospital. se driver was taken into custody at thne and given a sobriety test. he has since been released. any charges will be done after thect reconstn has been conducted. an outbreak of violence to end the year in prince george's county. on saturday morning,d38-year- david was found shot to death in a car on evans trail.
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a suspect in custody after the shting of adam who was found 10:30 outside of a home on taylor avenue. then last nigh another person was shot just outside the home on mystic avenue. police do not believe it was random. so far no arrests in that case. >> and victim was found shot just after 7:00 last night at arlington ridge road. police a working to find witnesses. new details about a sonf accused killing his 94 rockville last week. today we're leaing that the 21-year-old also got violent with another family member.
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familiy members and friends talked about it. the accused is t-y victim's r-old son justin mcguigan. he is facing a possible first-deee murder dmarnlg question, the jaclyn mcguigan's death. justin had attended nursery school there and performed the holy sacraments at the police say he stabbed his mother to death will around 6:00 p.m. on friday. her screamselert peo at a bible meeting. witnesses say they s someone matching justin's description standing over jacky mcguigan's body. the victim's niece says that jacky w the rock of the family. full of sunshine and smiles and family memave come from the funeral home to the
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courthouse. it wasn't reported to police at the time. someone took out aro ptective order against justincguigan in 2016 regarding an incident of domestic violence. his sister said he was knowny t ca a foaling knife. poce say he was in the car. justin is being held without bond until he can underago psychiatric evaluation. after that, he is due back in court onanuary 7th. tonight elizabeth warren is one step closer toward running
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for president. the massachusetts senator announcing she has formed an exploratory committee for the 2020 campaign. she reached out to the class and minority voters. >> right now washington works great for the wealthy and well connected. it is not working for anyone else. but i am optimistic. wi believe int we can do together. >> the 69-year-old said she will announce ainal decision early in the new year. she is the most prominent mocrat to talk about a run but not the only one. johnainey and tailed congressional candate richard ojeda have announced a bid. we're wting to hear from many more. experts say that 2020 democratic race could be one of the most crowded in decades.
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tonight a new proposal from democratic leaders. democrats taking over the hou on thursday are planning a series of votes to reopen the governmint through 30th. one agency is not included. that's homeland security. senate democrats say they'll support the plan but withbl repuicans in control, it is unlikely to head for the president's desk. >> money is running out and they'll be forced to close the museums. meanwhile, more bad news for wall street. with 2018 being the worst of the major stock indices since 2008.
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the s&p down 6%. and the nasdaqut dropping a 4%. >> do you see behind me is the this is a liveook at times square. it is packed. it is about the iconic ball drop. here in the d.c. area, there will be a party like that one in times square plus, tons of parties no matter what. >> we are busy working for you. what to f keep in minor a fun and safet. ni we have a balloon drop. >> planning for a big new years eve partys a lot of work. he willha tellyou being prepared for a massive night. >> it will be the most packed .
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ar >> he is expecting hundreds of people at the punch bowl social. >> lots of >>booze. o doubt about it, booze will be flowing all night long. drinkings synonymous with new years eve. then there is a sober reminder that police will be out in numbers looking for drunk drivers. >> we pay up to a $15 fare. the last few years lyft has bee. > all you have to do is go to to grab a code and plug it into your lift app.
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>> it feelsre like start. >> and it's always better when you can stay safe. trainsill run until 2:00 this morning and we have posted more detailsrtn transion options for new years eve. just search 2019 on our nbc washington app. meanwhile, the excitement it starti but the in the big apple. massive crowds are aeady gathering for the times square ball drop.ti >> g wanteded. arriving early to sta late. >> i see it on tv all the time. this is theea year. >> new eve and times square. the rainy forecast, not dampening the enthusiasm of
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revelers. >> we've got some water, some >> we're just here to have fun. >> and some going to extremes as they prepare for the long wait. >> i've heard peopley actua wear depends? >> got it on. well just incase. we can't move once you get in here. >> and don't want toiss the big show rain or shine. the crystal ball begins its descent at one minute to midnight with 3,00 pounds of confetti tossed out the windows. >> we have over 80,000tt con wishes. the top ones were happiness, love, health, success, about 2% said they want to have a baby. >> to bring in the new yeaaby 2019 in times square, revelers must enter without backpacks. largembbags, urellas or alcohol. items spectators seem to be
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willing to do w shout to -- >> happy new year! >> depends. that answers our question. that was roseanne colletti reporting. to be sure, make people stay safe all night. millions of peopl use jet bridges to get on and off planes but how safe are they? a closer look at the inspection process after six people were injured. plus, a story you'll only ale here on news4. a l man shares his testimony theodoreormer cardinal mccarrick. an investigation into sex abuse in the catholic church.ay i can really absolve you of your sins
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is if i kiss you [screaming & yelling] ♪
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i'm sorry, i don't understand-king german) ♪
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♪ wow! that's impressive. that is the sydney harbor. one of the fir areas of the world to bring in the new year. the w new yearl begin with new laws in our area. state leaders passed new bills because of investigations and problems uncovered by our news4 i-team. even protections for valuable parking spaces. it didn't take long. just weeks after we showed that virginia agencies failed to take
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proper steps to revoke teacher licenses accused of sexual misconduct, allowing them on return to the classroom in other communities. the virginia lislature took action. o bills. run requires school districts to notify if they find a teacher abused children. >> for the t family, students, this is really important. we need to make sure that we are learning from when we t seehese loopholes. >> the other r ouires state licensingofficials. >> we would not have learned that if news4t had helped. >> d.c. council closed a loophole after some reblters were using it to extor money from land lords and hold up sales.
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this buyer lost her sale the closing.fore another one, a rentaler who had already moved out came back and said she wanted to buy the house. an attorney called it a $100 million a year industry in the district. but no more. >> it goes to show when you share your story, there are sometimes others experienced the same thing. >> they hel hearings with the same stories. saying renters were demanding tens of thousands of dollars to lee. >> it' a tool for extortion. and it is awful. >> now, the opportunity to purchase no longer applies to single family homes. >> coming up, the new laws that will change how and where you can park in d.c., and one that could impact how much money you spent to pay for water bills. in t meantime.
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today i sthe lastaw for d.c. starting tomorrow, plastic straws and stirrers will receive the boot in the district. bars andestaurants will have to give out compostable or reusable straws. businesses will begin facing fines for noncompliance starting in july. other cities have already banned straws in a movement to curb plastic waste. and ainman is h to open more wholesale locations. the goal is to make sure people can have groceries delivered within two hours. you can order online and then pick them u in as little as 30 minutes. celebrities can be a source of inspiration. d ahead, thets they use that might help in your quest to lose
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they call it blackemonday. ay after the final regular season game when coaches are handed pink slips. that was the case for many teams all overhe sheeg but not for the redskins. now from the newsroom with more
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on what transpired a park today on this day after. >>nt cur no changes. despite missing out. jay gruden remains the head coach of the thredskins. could certainly change in the coming days. when you give it your all, like chris thompson, as the burgundy and gold failed to make the post season for theth n time in 11 years. cleanout day never getsny easier. >> never. especially when you expect to be in the playoffs.
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>> you started 6-3. has that sunk in yet? >> no. no. i think that's som to do the off-season. it is just a gianthatif. you can't do that. at the end of the tday, i starts to fall off. >> always a monkey wnch in something. just got to get that wrench out. to come back and be our achilles' heel, every guy thought that would be it. i felt like we had a good enough team to do some things but it didn't happen that y. we'll hear from heacoach jay gruden and what to expect regarding his future. >> all right. thank you. >> it reminds me of the weather.
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>> well, clay is back. >> yes, yes. with some good news. one thing about a warm-on. if this was a colt front. we would be looking at snow. so that's the good news. it is. really. >> we'll show you the fog across the there are rain showers out there. it is all about location, location, location. here outside of o studios, it is 47 degrees. we've got an easterly flow. it is coming from a warm front. that brings the warm temperatures but also fog after the rain and we have experienced it through much othe day. this is what you need to know. fog and drizzle. visibility, as i was saying.
5:25 pm
it depends where you are and g at you're seeght now. the temperatures outside. we're starting to see some 50so starteep in. high is 44 so it is good to have some warm temperatures as we close out the year. isolated rain showers. north, south, east and west and the is how it will be over next several hours into tomorrow. more rain comes into the midnight hour. with that, her is good look if you're going out and about and staying close to home. this is what you need to know throughout the next several hours from 70 p.m.o midnight. jackets and umbrellas. temperatures will be 50s.e low very good weather across that area. here's the forecast. for tomorrow, this is the first
5:26 pm
day of 2019. highs in the 40s. take a good look. it will be foggy. >> new details in the sex abuse case against excardinal theodor mccarrick. >> only on 4, a man who just testifd before a vatican tribunal shares his story with our david coulter. >> i believe heo could -- i believed as an adult he would do anything to me to make sure his
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life doesn't allenge. > plus, heart break after burglars ransacked a nonprofit theater in our area. who ood news for those worked with them. alady,2019 in new zealand. check out the fireworks display. one of e first of the new year. hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed the show. it started at 60 this morning r time. people aren't talking about giant's easy grab and go chicken wings, perfect for game day. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make entertaining easy, leaving more time for those closest to you.
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sustainable shrimpking wrapped in prosciutto. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make entertaining easy, leaving more time for those closest to you, during the holidays.
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as the vatican expands its investigation into s child abuse, a local man goes on church records. he says theodore used coercion, blackmail and fear to control him. his accusations are now part of a vatican tribunal. >> david culver sits down with that man whose testimony could change the catholic church. >> this is a riveting and so disturbing thing. >> i satown with him for more than an hour. we can obviously only share a portion of it but he believes ie will cha the church. ames first opened up to us in july. tonight for the first time, he is showing his face and describing his efforts t turn a dark childhood into ar brigh
5:31 pm
future. >> he is no longer sitting behind the veil. he opens but that the abuse he suffered as a child. the predator, he claims, excardinal theodore mccarrick. >> there were times he always wanted to get me alone for his own ability to prey on me. >> he shared sseral pho with us. he says he and his six siblings, affectionately called him uncle ted. >> he told me that he was m path way to god. and that i needed t truo him. >> he said mccarrick groped him several times. he claims the abuse got woe. involving drugs, 1991 heho becah throamily he continued to interact with mccarrick until
5:32 pm
nian's mother died 2012. he happen spoken to mccarrick since. i believed that he could do anything as child. that he would do athing to me. >> along with other alleged victims, prompted pope francis in july to strip one of the most influentatl men of theholic church of hisle t and order mccavalieric mccarreck to a life of penancep and er. >> do you feel like he listened to you? yes. th man has the most compassion i've seenn a priest in a long time. his testimony is now part of a vatican tribunal investigating mccarrick's actions. >> do you want to see criminal arges against hi >> i want criminal charges against mccarrick but i would
5:33 pm
like see the charges against the institution of the church. >> mccarrick is currently living in a religious institution in kansas. during the last week of testimony, he said that he looks forward to his right to due process. we do ant participate that the time line could move quickly. >> he raised criminal charges, or did you in your intervi with him. what are the chances of that? is there a statute of limitations? >> it is something that his attorney is trying to encourage certain prosecutors to move forward with. you mentioned the statute of limitations. ey'll have to look at whether or not those apply when it comes to crossing state lines. nccording to the victims, this happen many states.
5:34 pm
>> as i wassaying, he closes his eyes. >> he is living and talking about it. >> what a compelling interview. a teenager is hit and killed whilerossing the street. the driver took off and has not been found. growingre a memorial is tonight. >> if there's one thing we learned about daniel tonight,ist that he made every relationship, every feel individualized and special. as significant as this is, we're told it doesn't even scratch the surface for as much as he mend to them h
5:35 pm
>>was just 16 years old. and this morial now marks the tragedy. pain a hurt from friends who are all so young. because daniel was young. >> i was hopg that it wouldn't be him. and then this morning, i found out it was him. >> wor spread of the terrible news. >> he was going home from work and got off thett he was hit by the car. >> i turned to him as a cashier. >> his co-workers say he was
5:36 pm
always smiling. >> it helps to think about m. he was so kind. >> his light now dimmed but his spirit is one friends want to keep aliv gone far too soon because of a driver who hit him and just kept going. fairfax county police say they stillave not located that vehicle. it is described by witnesses as a light colored sedan. police say it should have very light front end damage. if you'd like to help wit funeral costs, we've got information on how you can do that. >> a brief scare on metro after
5:37 pm
a man sprinkled a mysterious white surface at the metro station. they quick suspended service market and capita south as they investigated. they also sent out these pictures of a man who they say responsible. epolice say his n is thomas green. they arrested him a few hours after the incident. here's some good news. less than a week aftergl burs ransacked the anacostia play house, they've received more than 2,000 more than the original goal. in a note, organizers thanked supporters and say it is enough to fix the damage and the some. on christmas day, someone broke in and vandalized ge away with laptops, credit cards and a few hundred in cash. so far, noca one has beeht.
5:38 pm
>>pl six p are injured when , at the airport. plus, avoiding the pain of the morning ter. some things you might want to consider if you're hoping to avoideahe new hangover this year. and we've got rain, fognd and we've got rain, fognd a
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. the parents of an intern killed during a lion attackh n carolina say their daughter died following her passion. 22-year-old alexander black was killed by the lion at the conservator center this weekend. the lion managed to break free during a routine cleaning of his enclosure. deputies shot and killed the lion after attempts to tranquillize himedfa >> working with wild animals ioke this, this is a highly skilled profe and it is something we take very seriously. any incident like this is devastating to everyone. >> now, black was a graduate of indiana university. sh started worki as an intern just ten days before she was attacked. just awful. an anne arundel county officer responded home yesterday afternoon for a theft
5:42 pm
investigation. authorities say a mastiff started moving aggressively toward the officer. the dog growled, bared his teeth. the officer ordered the theft victim to control the dog but the animal continued advancing toward the officer. the officer then fired. the shootings under investigation. drier and warmer weather ahead. and you probably don't think about it, but after a jet bridgl cose, nowap
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5:44 pm
happy new year from hong kong. an incredible firewks displ to ring in 2019. >> 340,000 people lined victoria harbor to celebrate the newar
5:45 pm
that's something. well, your plane lands and you are ready to get all of a sudden, the jet bridge you step on to collapses. it is a fligrightening thought it actually happened at bw. marshall airport. a look at the partial collapse. you can see part of it still there. still guarded by caution tape below. and some are thinking twice about that part of the trip. a defective prakt is said to be the cause and they're receiving out to others to see ifhave the
5:46 pm
m.ob >> my immediate thought is my friend who we just pout a flight. i hope he'll be fe. >> they're looking at five other jet bridges made b the same manufacturer. then we have a regul maintenance program for all jet bridges. all passenger loading bridges are inspected and maintained. meantime, all other jet bridges are also getting aitional inspections and reagan national and dulles leaders are also planning morey saf checks. sole people don't even think about the jet bridge when they get onnd off a plane but the new safety inspections are expected to last the next couple days. all six people who were injured are at the hospital and expected to be okay. it is just dreary.
5:47 pm
i know you have some good news for us. >> yes. you'll forget about all the clouds and the drizzle and stuff we had across the area toda we want to have some sunshe tomorrow. and temperatures in the low 60s. tonight it is all about new years even andal before the drops, make sure that you realize that not only light rain but fog, drizzle and wet roads will continue well after the midnight urs. so that's a snap shot. temperatures in the 40s.'l but y warm up. a sign of things to come as the tempatures warm up because of the warm front. you ha visibility problems. a half mile in baltimore. if you are doing that travel, up and down, you'll go in and out of fog. temperatures in the 40s and low 50s.
5:48 pm
just across our area, cloud and rain and somesolated rain showers. with that future weather, as we show you the clos on th move. another round of showers before midnight. andth yet anoer round before we start to clear outnd see again some clearing skies. here it is, the time frame. umbrellas, jackets, the rain and the fog will hangnd ar it will be during the late overnight hours. as we close out 2018 for tomorrow, tuesday, new years day. hoe temperatures only in the 50s. a chance of showers thursday into friday. the temperatures into the 40s will warm up. a bit of a bump temperaturewise.
5:49 pm
the rest week, rathe seasonal. the highs will be0 in thes, lows in the 30s. as we're talking about tonight into tomorrow, the roller coaster continues. the fog, the drizzle, tomorrow, a new year and some warmer temperatures. >> all right. got to love it. if you are going to join the fitness or diet band wagon for 2019, may a celebrity workout is right for you. here some tips fromhe stars. there'so drama f kelly clarkson. ho looking and feeling ebgreat. some sody gave me a book to read called the plan paradox. >> i have to adjust to fun with burgers. vinny from jersey shores sticking to the high fat diet.
5:50 pm
and check out these before and after pictures. and kelly is on the keto kick ae ll and she's getting into what shees calls the shape of her life. >> i want to be a vegan for aging gracefully. >> i've been working out really hard for one year. i've lost 20nd pounds i'm really proud of that. >> she credits hard work at the gym and cutting out a lot of sugar. >> i didn't see results right away. but if you stay with something and you're consistent, you will. >> and he's sticking with his iet after having a hea attack. >> it's hard to be vegan when you don't like vegetables. >> i'm working on my health and fitness. i've lost 20 pounds the healthy way. i work out and i eat much better
5:51 pm
food for myself. >> if you want to keep your resolutions,ay experts it takes just three months t change your habi. >> maybe you have plans for new years eve and maybe you'll pay for your plans tomorrow morning. we're talking about hangovers. everybody has a man to try on cure them. this is a growing tre calleda hy fuse. >> you're going to have to go to the restroom more. when that happens, you have your dehydration and vit mens and minerals being depleted.
5:52 pm
we fix that problem. >> it costs bween 150 and $200. the best way to aid it is to drink in moderation and sta hydrated. drink plenty of water between alcohol. i always found gatorade to the rescue. >> m$150, it or may not work. and you choose to have a nedle in your arm for an hour. ew action by democrats to try to
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chopper 4 flew over the stadium for the bowl game. more than 32,000 people attended the game. annapolis hosted the bowl parade and tonight, the city is hosting two fireworks displays there too. today might b the last cheat day before starting that diet of yours or you could be making that last big purchase before going on a spending diet. the hardest part of resolutions is sticking with the new goals. >> you're not the only one hoping to start offhe new year with a bang. everyyear, some people are successful. also a sure your 2019 is success story, we askedou ,
5:57 pm
seeing not only what people's resolutions are but also how they plan to keep them. >> taket one day at a time. baby steps.e if you sitting on the couch and you haven't exercised, hey, i'm going out and do ten nute. a little every day and pretty tune, you'll be running a 5 k. >> if you believe,ouan achieve. >> be a better person and be better to mankind. loving. >> my resolution last year was to eat healthier, which did i and i've been able to maintain it. >> reporter: losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier. the same resolutions you hear every ye. but you can use your smartphone less, going for more walks ha outside or p even reading a few more books thi year. >> first some simple advice.
5:58 pm
you have to make yourself happy. ly thenour brain works so much better. >> psychologist says knowing what makes you happy and how that feels will help you land on that specific resolyoion that can keep. whether it is losing weight or organizing your finances. >> every goal we choose we are much more likely to achieve it if it is something that isde ly embedded in our belief system as a good thing. >> specifically, good for you. not a resolution someone else thinks is good for you. from there, break it down over specific times, say a year. that will help you in case you fall off theagon while keeping yourself accountable. news4. a man charged with murdering his mother outside a catholic church in rockville.
5:59 pm
new clues emerge about thee threats made of an attack. and speakingut for the first time before speaking out before the catholic tribunal. > d ten of the shutdown showdown. president trump changes his tune on aorder wall. as democrats reveal their plan to try to reopen the governmentn good eveng. first, a family tragedy. as three young children are killed in a crash on one of the most dangerous highways in our region. >> this is a first look at the victims. a 1-year-old sgoi 5-ye-old twins. >> accident happened over the weekend not far from national harbor and the outlets. cory smith has reaction tonight. well, this is the first time
6:00 pm
we've been able to put faces with the names. 5-year-old alexander mejia,st h and a 1-year-old. w n you tell people police and speeding may have played a role, they get any. to them, this could have been prevted. aay later, signs of the deadly crash are practically gone. it is thesemas that are seared into the mind of this man. >> ae. nightm three children died. it's terrible. he has seen number of frkss his window but nothing compares to last night. >> you


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