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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 31, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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we've been able to put faces with the names. 5-year-old alexander mejia,st h and a 1-year-old. w n you tell people police and speeding may have played a role, they get any. to them, this could have been prevted. aay later, signs of the deadly crash are practically gone. it is thesemas that are seared into the mind of this man. >> ae. nightm three children died. it's terrible. he has seen number of frkss his window but nothing compares to last night. >> you see the helicopter coming
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down. >> t family stopped when they wereear ended. the impact killed their tee children. the driver of the truck that hit them was drunk and speeding. a fact that speed may have played a factor is not surprising.av 12 people died in nine fatal accidents here. she said something has to change. >> andge her mes has been heard time and time fence. tragedy, it ight's is obviously worthpe ing. >> make sure you have a designated driver. these are babies out here. >> and they will start tir new year recovering from the
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injuries they sustained in the crash. as for the driver, police are still awaiting the results of a toxicology test and a renstruction of the accident. we'll keep them in our thoughts and prayers. indian head highway is one of the most dgerous areas in the region. there have been at least 60 deaths in the last 11 years. it is so dangerous, officials installed a speed camera in october and they're watching to see how effective it is and more cameras could be added afterwards. nflt the government shutdown is now in its tenth day. both sides are stuck in a stand-off over funding for a border wall.
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there are conflicting reports over whether the president is ready to mak a deal. >> president trump in a flurry of tweets demanding democrats come back to washington. house democratic leader n rcy pelosi idy for a fight. homeland security will be funded through february 8 and the package includes the current $1.3 billion for border seatrity. the s is unlikely to send that bill to the president. on sunday, another plan was presented to president trump. give so-called protection to dreamers in exchangeor mocrats funding the wall. the president didn't commit but i think he'spen minded. >> i don't think it will work because i don't think his base
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will let him go there. the real showdown comes thursday. pelosi versus the the president. locals and tourists will continue to feel the impact of e the shutdown longer it lasts. the smithsonian says money is running out. so the museums on the mall and the national zoo will close on against a deal isn't reach by then. for a look at things to do, heao our nbc washington app. in the midst of the shutwn, more bad news for wall street. the worst since 2008. for the year, the dow was down 5%. the s&p down about 6%. the nasdaq down about 4%. turning to the weather, folks, grab an umbrella beforeu heading to a new years eveio
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celebr tonight. >> it looksikthe rain will be with us. after that, into tuesday, we'll see se clears and warmer er teures. we see the rain increasing north and west. we're keeping anye on that throughout the region with that rainy, drizzly and foggy moment. tonight be extra, extra careful. during the late overnight hours. new years day, we'll have temperatures at least 10 to 15 degrees above average. it will be windy and warmer. we've got to get through new years eve first. so again, we're talking about the rain as you can see fro our studios. it is foggy and the fog will remain as far as the wet roads
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are concerned. i'll have all the details in my forecast in a few minutes. what you need on keep in mind so you get home safely. >> bright colors, a lot of fun. >> restaurants like the punch bowl social in boston have been prepping for days. >> no doubt about it. he says the booze will be flowing all night long. >> dinner and drink with friends andot thens of champagne. ther theobering remind per e police will be out in
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numbers looking for drunk drivers. thathere apps like uber come in. e average fare with lyft has $12. all you have to do is grab a code and plug it intoou lyft app. it feels like new start. >> and the fresh start is always better when you can stay safe.po ing from arlington, news4. >> and keep this in mind, metro is extending the hours. trains will be running until 2:00 a.m. we posted some options for you. only on news4, the local man who says former cardinal theodore mccarrick sexually abused shipment nowelling his story about his testimony last week before a vatican .
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representati this is the first time that james is going onit record his zmam face showing. >> i believed co-do anything as a child for me. and i believed as an ult, he would do anything to me to make sure that his lifeoesn't change. >> mccarrick's attorney says hil clientks forward to his right to due process. coming upt later, w grein says he wants from the church. and a mother was k lledast week. we know the 21-year-old made threats to another family member years before the attack. >> reporter: family members and friends of 14-year-old jace mcguigan leave the courthouse after the man accused of the murder was there.
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it is her son, 21-year-old n.stin mcgui he faces murder charges. her screams alerted people at a bible meeting.insi witnesses told police, they saw someone matching his description standing over jackie's body. the suspectrove off as others tried toelp jackie. family members said she was the rock of family. a day filled with unimaginable grief and nessity as one family member stands to be charged with another's murder. in court documents, the suspect's brother said justin tried to kill nearly two years ago by choking him. but that it wasn't reported to police at the time. and a search o courtecords shows someone took out a court
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order regardingn incident of domestic violence. is sister tells police that justin was known to carry a folding knife at the time he was arrested friday evening, police say he wa in his mother's car and her cell phone. ose facts weigh heavily in the minds of those at the hearing today. most were together five months ago celebrating jackie completing chemotherapy and ating cancer. after the brief court appearance, justin is being held without bond until he can underago psychiatric evaluation. after that, he is due back here o'in court on january 7th. news4. when we come ba, new concerns about safety at the airport after a jet bridge collapses up in baltimore. see what went wrong as news4 somethinghow often like this can happ. the community mourns the
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loss of a tdnager kille by a hit-and-run driver. an urgent warning about this
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a growing memorial as a 16-year-old was killed crossin the street. he had just gotten off the bus and was walking h when he was struck by a car. th driver took off and still hampton been found. >> it is a sad reality no one is
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ready to accept. >> i brought flowers. >> flowers for a young friend whose life tragically ended.>> ur friendship is gone. you can't get something back like that. you can't get sething back. he was also herco-worker. >> i trained him as a cashier. >> it was saturday night following his work shift. he was hit and killed after getting off the bus. never made icross the street to head home and the driver who hit him i still at large. >> why would you do that? youidt have any thoughts in your head to stop. you didn't care. >> those who knew and loved daniel will never understand
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that decision to leave him for dead. they call it evil. heartless.t' >> just so sad. >> a small showing of what daniel meant to so many. >> it's not easy but we' all supporting each other. ll and how they carry on the kindness, love and smiles he alwaysshared. police investigating threet sepaurders over the ekend. saturday morning, a man was found shot to death in aar on evans trail. police believe it was part of a robbery during a drug deal. today three people were arrested for that murder. a suspect now in custody in the shooting of the 66-year-old adam mcadam. he was found around 10:30 on
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taylor avenue. then last night, another person was shot outde a home on mystic avenue. police say they don't believe it wasrandom. kevin spacey is awaiting trial. he was spotted and tracked to a mansion. he reportedly bought pizza for the paparazzi andhe wishedm a happy new years. he's been out of the limelight after being acced of sexual assault by multiple men. last week, he posted a video where he appeared to be in his house of cards character, telling viewers, quote, you want me back. the flu activity is uginning to ramp big time. d.c. has only a minimal number of flu cases.
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it usually peaks between november and february so we're just getting started. you can still protect yourself and your family by getting out and gting the flu shot. the weather is not helping us. we'll warm up tomorrow and get more sun. we've got to get through the fog and drizzle and wet roads. the last thi we need is more rain across the washington toea. rrow will hopefully see brighter days. take look at the radar right now. we have showers. across the region. whether you're going to baltimore, whether you're going to the west, crossing over annapolis. the rain will hang around until we start to see theinds pick up and the warm front pass.
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we'll see periods like baltore, below a mile this visibility. currently temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. normally we're lookingt 30s and 40s. so that's one of the bright frontwhen you have a warm across the area. it rises from the south to the north above our area. a cold front to our west. and the umbrella will be some warmer temperatures. another round and everyone will beoving across the area before the ball drops. we will gradually showers start to move eastward. finally across our area. we'll see some clearing by
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tuesday. keep youea low on on your headlights. the temperatures will be rising. the rain will switch to showers so we'll start toee a break and get a reprieve from the showers we've had today. the temperature will drop tuesday night into wednesday. it will be above averag saturday, sunday, so far look dry and sunny skies. hang we'll have some better weather tomorrow. >> sounds good. thank you. stepped up security as wet live look at times square. a million people are expected to
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be in that area. the new tools police are using to keep everyone safe. >>oo that like a nightmare to me. coming up the impact on your family, your wallet and some of the city's most sought ter public p
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bla. hundreds of thousands of people packing into times square. up to a million people are expected to be there to watch theal drop. >> and police are on high aler
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>> yeah, they are. weather and security are the main concerns tonight. a tradition more than 1ar old still needs rehearsal. tonight, upwards of a million people will witness the real event. >> the magic moments drawing visitors from around the world. even the threat of rain has not deterred first timer from virginia. >> we won't let anything ruin it for us. >> reporter: new york city police work to keep other elements from spoiling the party. a drone will beeployed for the first time. police time?
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ers, licopters, and roadblockers will add to the security. >> onef the most well policed, one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> all to make sure one yea ends and another begins on a festive note. the nypd announced they won't be ae to fly drones because of the weather conditions but they still expect a festive event. and lester holt and others will be here to phe button that will srt the ball dropping. >> hang in there. all right. we appreciate it. >> he's got a long nht ahead
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of him. >> hey, the forecast and when it will let up for us. clay anderson has detaext. >> he told her that he was my pathway to god. that i needed to trust him. >> one man shares his story of abuse, only on news4. as the catholic expands its
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no end in sig for the government shutdown. the house plans to vote onur ay when the new congress convenes. a community is mourning the loss of threes sibli killed in a car crash last night in oxon hill. this is a photo showing the fwam the 1-year-old boy and the 5-year-old twins. the suspect slammed into the car that was stopped. a son accused of stabbing his mother in rockville made hiu first appearance today. justin mcguiganad threatened family members before. he is accused of stabbing his mother outside of the rockville church a local mant. speaking
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on the cover of james grein's testimony, at the vatican, a photo ofim standing next to former cardinal theodore mccarrick. >> when you look at the cover sheet and youee that photo, what goes through your mind? >> i was an innocent boy then. ahad probablyeady been abused three times. if you look at my eyes there, i'm not too happy there. a little awkward. my hands areoing straight dow and his are going around me. to tell youhe truth, i am quite grossed out. >> he says mccarrick was a close family friend. he and his six siblings called him uncle ted. he said he started abusing him in new jersey when grein was
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just >> he told me he was my pathway to god. that i needed to trust him. >> now 60, he first shared his story after an alt boy accused mccarr knick june. that promptehe pope to strip him of his duties and ordered him to a life of penance and prayer. >> i would like the see mccarrick be in in a room where there's just hi a single microphone and he can lean into the micphone and say, i'm sorry, jimmy. because that's what he always called me >> you want him to apologize. do you tnk he wouver apologize? >> . his focus remains here.
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>> do you believe in the io institutn? or you're going to be, have your faith in jesus christ? >> despite the years of agony he said he remains determined. >> i want my church back. >> asor mccarrick, he is currently living in aeligious sidence in kansas. we reached out to the arch diocese of ershington. we hoping we could connect to mccarrick. during last week's testimony, his attorney said mccarrick looks forward to his due process. in his mind, he's still the faith. >> what's the tim line?
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the vatican does notove quickly. they'll be coming together in february to talk about s abuse. many say they have to come to a decision prior to that conference. let's turn to the weather. the soggy start to the new year for some of us. clay anderson standing by in the storm cenr with what's to co . and showers are moving up down the eastern seaboard. baltimore, raining as well. and you saw from new york so rain up and down the eastern seaboard. as we look to the south and west, the showe are ending. it will take some time through
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the evening. so rainy, soggy and foggy make sure you keep the headlights on. tomorrow we start 2019. the complete forecas in a few moments. >> now to politics. at least one democrat is already preparing for her run to the white house. today, elizabeth warren announced she was forming an exploratory committee. v ineo she promised to fight for the middle class and tea corruption and greed. th69-year-old has been both a ommon target and a of president trump. warren joins what is expected to be a crowded democratic field in 2020. among others who have formally started the process, john delaney, a senatorrom west
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virginia, richard ojeda, and former housing andan u development cemetery. >> before we get to 2020, we have to wrap up 2018. check this scene. voers a employees came out to collect last minuteitems. there's always scram bh because all donations need to be dated december 31st to claim on it your tax return. a scare after a man leaves a mysterious powder behind. see the you py don't think about that jet bridge that's used to get you on and off the airplane. but after that collapse at
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tonight local airports are focusing on the shutdown of jet bridge six people were hurt. adam tuss is at reagan national withhe details. >> you don't often think about the jet bridge that much when you get on and off a plane. ere's a lot of other things to think about when yng're flyi. but after the incident at bwi marshall airport, now new safety inspections. choppe giving us an exclusive look at the jet bridge that partially collapsed saturday night. know see part of it dangling there. caution rded by yello taken below. and some are thinking twice. s >> when you'rnding there, you can't really do anything. >> a defective metal bracket is said to be the cause. other airports are reaching out they leaders to see if
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may have similar equipment onsite. eal 've traveled a great but i haven't worried about the jet bridge.he >> reporter: maryland department of transportation sayial m brackets being replaced on five other jet bridges madey the same manufacturer. in a statement, bwi says we have regular inspection and maintenance program for all jet bridges. all passenger leading bridges are inspected and maintained per specifics. some other travelers shrugged it all off. >> i would imagine it is a freak accident. yeah. >> reporter: but these incidents can happen. two peopl were hurt at l.a.x. when a jet bridge collapsed there. me btime, all otherdges are getting inspections and reagano na and dulles leaders are also planning more safety checks.
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>> six people who were hurt over the weekend are expected to be okay. >> parents of an intern killed in a lion attack say their daughter died folwing r passion. she was killed by the lionel at the conservat center this weekend. the deputies shot and killed the lion after efforts to tranquillize it failed. >> working with wild animals like this, it is a highly skilled profession and something we take very so any sort of incident is devastating. >> black was af graduate o end university. she started working as an intern there jt ten days before the attack. a brief scare on metro after a man sprinkled aitysterious substance on benches at the metro center.
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police sent out thesere pic of the man whom they say is responsible. thomas green was arrested a few hours later. the substance was deemed safe. and here's what you need to know if you're riding metro. the buses will opera on a regular schedule and regular fares andarng fees will be in effect. tomorrow, new years day, metow erate from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on a sunday schedule. and w metrobuill also operate on a sunday schedule. a wet start to the new year. plus, new laws taking effect because of a series o i-te investigations. see what's being done to protect
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your family and your
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you're seeing video of the celebration in thailand. >> they're going big. the skyline isg lightp as revelers celebrated at a new e.ter front shopping mall th bangkok, by the way, is 12 hours ahead of us. so this began as the clock struck noon here. check out midnight in moscow. the jelly celebration forthem. the temperatures well below freezing but i think they like
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that. they do. they're use to it. and in athens, greece. every year they gather across from the ancient ruins to watch the fireworks show there. sights a f soundsm sydney, australia. the aussies are always one of the first to welcome in the new year. and look at that. it's beautifu glad to see people are in such good spirits. >> meantime, d.c. leaders passed several new bills becau of the investigations and problems uncovered by our i-team. we told you about this. they report on changes in the district impactingng par and your pocket book.
6:45 pm
beckyoo says the new law may save her business. a news4 i-team investigation revealed a parking scheme in heb nehood, executed by food trucks. outside nasa headquarters, agr p of trucks installed there for nearly two years, swapping to held cars at night to spot until the next day when they swap back in the food trucks. truck operators said they need to do buit. she said it has crippled her business. councilmembers unanimously created new laws. >> local media was fantastic. nbc 4 in particular helped was.light what the problem helped us work toward solutions so i'm grateful.
6:46 pm
he the need was great when cemeteries told i-team they could have to cut programs or shut down because they couldn't pa skyrocketing water fee. >> we qstioned the fairness of square footage that could create run-off. while government roads and sidewalks were except. >> that has to be fixed. >> after months of hearing the district and d.c. water budgeted $13 million for bill relief. religious institutions and other nonprofits can get up to 90% of their fees paid for. >> i think your reporting big difference. >> we're working on stories that will impact you in 2019. >> if you have a story for the i-team,isit our a and send us a tip.
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if you're looking for a great way to s20rt , this could be it, lks. $415 million. up for grabs in aon mega millis drawing. if you take that cas option, you'll end up with about a quarter of a mi'sion. enough to buyore than 2,800 cartier diamondbracelets. yo could purchase a porsche for 800 of your closest friends. maybe a new home is on your wish list. if you win, you could afford this bel air mansion. the most expensive home get this, $245 million. a nic fixer-upper there. itt has t little pond there. >> we could spare a couple bucks for that house and my current probably buy some more.
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the last winning ticket was sold in november. the odds of winning, 1 in $302 million. >> those are odds many more will be willing to make. here we go. okay, clay, we've got to get rid of the >> w going to say rain until the end of the year. how does that sound? >> perfect. >> perfect. a record year, a record rain. we'll take a look outside. with smef fog across the area where it is not raining. some heavier rain across the area. u're going out and about. we start with the good
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the showers diminish as we get closer to midnight and the lity, we're having some problems with visibility. if you are drivingarcularly to the east across highway 50 into annapolis, the bay bridge. for 31 december, can you believe it? it will be warm and cloudy. rain showers wil continue across our ea we do have some good news.ha because of 65.80. the good news is that the rain will be ending. w we'vt watching this throughout the evening.
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we've noticed the rain has tten less and less and continues to diminish in intensity across the so for us as we travel throughout the evening, keep the umbrellas handy. rain changes to showers to just a few showers afterig mi. and then we'll have a chance for some nice weather tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow,0 degrees. it is already 60 degrees in patuxent. 60 in town. the temperatures will be rather steady in the 50s tonight into tomorrow morning. wednesday it cools down as the cold front comes thursday into friday. a chance of rage showers. we can take temperatures in the low 50s. noroblem a all of temperatures will cool down. lows in the 30s. tomorrow we'll dry out and hopefully see some sunshine.
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>> coming up, another season ends i disappointment for the redski who could be saying goodbyeo the burgundy and go? we'll tel you. but first, here's look ahead. ahead, the urgent manhunt for the gunman who kille a 7-year-old in a walmart parking lot. and the new back lash against the comedian
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time to embrace the mediocrity. >> well, 2018 didn't tend way redskins fans were hoping. with six head coaches being shown the s doorce the season
6:55 pm
has ended, what i jay gruden's fure? he said he hasn't heard from ownership yet. >> i know they'll take place. i have to wait andee what happens. moving forward, if i am fortunate enougho be here. we have to adjust some things. >> the burg unat thisnd gold packing up at redskins park. joshor nman and zack brown signing je seys. d he is unsure if he'll b back. never a fun drk at the >> i hate those trash bags.
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i had a blast. it was a tough season. bad. i think we had built something. we were starting to build something really good here. i understand that's how it goes. man, that's how it goes and we sust try on move forward. >> it sucks. you see a guys gond go in a different direction, hd home.l i fee like if you look at at this time right way, you can learn a lot from it. >> maybe next season, guys. to annapolis, virginia tech, squaring off in the military bowl. the hokies down 4. whenhe quarterback ryan willis fakes. the five-yard touchdown. virginia tech on top 31-28.
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same score. he pushes his way in for the eight-yard go ahead touchdown. 166 yardsto hing. cincinnati up the virginia tech champs. intercepted by jam cincinti wins the 2018 litary bowl. the first losin s seasonce 1992. rginia won. hosting marshall this afternoon. everything going the cams' way in this one. marshall with the ball but they turn it back over. uva up at the break. the team manager for homemega everyone going nuts.
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virginia hits the century mark with a 164 win. number 300 for tony bennett. the caps hosting the predators for brooks orpik. out with a knee injury. aood start for washington. a nice move to jakub vra. holtby will stop the first. the preds up 4-3. nashville working the puck up the ice. leaving it for ryan ellis will score. the predators come back. 3-1 to beat the caps. 6-3. >> start to finish. not good news. >> thank you. that will do it for us. have a happyne and safyear. "nightly news" startsn 60
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tonight, urgent manhunt. a 7-year-old girl killed when a gunman n opens fire ofamily out to get coffee. her injured mother speaking out from her hospital bed. >> he took away an innocent child. she did not deserve this. t he did not deserve this al. >> tonight, the gunman still on the loose. ready to deal? the government shutdown set for the new year but both sides signaling they are open to end it while a top democrat and trump adversary kicks off the battle for 2020. looking for answers after a lion kills a 22-year-old intern at a ldlife park, how did it escape? massive apartmt


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