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tv   Today  WRC  January 2, 2019 7:00am-8:50am EST

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deal or no deal. the president invites congressional leaders to the e as the governmen shutdown shechs into a 12th d . democrats about to take power up y will vote ing t to reopen the government without one dime for the president's wall. who will blink first? american arrested. a former u.s. marine being held in russia on espionage charges. his family distraught. >>here is no way paul is a spy. >> just ahead, what's really goingsn and i this high-profile russian new court documents in the arrest of a colorado man charged with killi his fiancee raised new questions about just what happened to the young mother. was she the victim of a
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murder-for-hire plot r orobbery gone wrong? a that, plus dangerous encounters. scary moments at a florida zoo when a toddler falls into the rhinoib exh. going to pot. why new marijuana laws acrossut the of business. and jackpot. just one winning ticket sold in last night'smi $42llion mega millionsg drawing makinr a very happy new year for someone today, wednesday, jan.ry 2nd, 2019nn >>ouncer: frombc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. everybodyod morning, welcome to "today." thank you for being with us on a wednesday morning. it's been so long, i feel like n haven't sou until last year. >> happy new year 2019. >> i know. here we year. same old shutdown in washington.
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that's our top story could there be movement today tords a possible deal to end the shutdowre the pdent has invited leaders of both parties to the white house today. this is the eve that democrats take back control of the house. we have got two reports for you. we start with nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. good morning to yoni >> good m. this meeting would be the first time the president comes face to face with democratic lawmakers since the shutdown started as he invites them over for what's described as a bn efing border security. that of course has been the president's focus through the shutdown so far. now another clash at the border is drawing attention. just hours into the new year, a new altercation at the mexican border. u.s. agents firing tear gas asm 150 ants tried to cross a fence near tijuana. border officials say they were targeting rock throwers, not those trying to enter the country. a similarvo incident ing a
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caravan of immigrants took place in november. the latest coming as psident trum focuses on the border with the government shutdown entering the 12th day. esident inviting eight t lawmakers from both parties to the white house today. it's expected to be a briefing on the border wall. the president wants more money than democrats are willing to give. >> we are not giving up. we have to have border security and the wall is aig part of border security. >> reporter: it's been less about talk and more aboweets like this one from president trump. quote, border security and the wall thing and shutdown is not where nancy pelosi wanted to start h tenure as speaker. the response from pelosi thatsi the pnt has given democrats a great opportunity to show how we will g responsibly and quickly pass our plan to end the irresponsible trump shutdown.he tomorrow, democrats take control of the house, pelosi will make a move to reopen
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government. it's not expected to go anywhere in the senate, much let's get to the president's desk as democrats dare republicans to keep the government closed. both sides stuck with hundreds of thousands of federal workers visitorsthe middle and to national parks and monuments stuck with this. at joshua tree volunteers are picking up the slack by picking up the trash. >> i started cleaning toilets. then iot a phone call from somebody else and they started and all of a sudden it was a 150-person movement to keep the park clean. >> reporter: in washington, the smithsonian museum and national all the animals will still be cared. f elsewhere some governors are stepping in to try to keep federal parks open on thee. state's d as for that democratic plan to reopen the government, the white house saidvernighthat is basically a non-starter because it doesn't do enoughdeor b security. here is the thing when nancy pelosi is elected speaker she is going t basically put the ball
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in republicans' court essentially sayingur we did part, now you do yours. if nobody gives in, then, yeah, we are looking at this shutdown stretching even longer. >> welcome to divided government. a lot of buzz in washington about this op-ed written by senator elect mitt romney coming to washington? >> yeah, he will be sworn into the senate tomorrow. he has a blistering new op-ed taking on the president's character. he says his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantlehe of office. romney continues with the nation so divided, resentful and angry, presidential leadership and qualities of charact is indispensable and it is in this province where the incumbent's shortfall has been most glaring. remember, romney was outspoken against donald trump during the 2016 campaign but he said as center we would support trump.
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this is a sign romney might be an outspoken thornton in the esident's sidehe next few years. >> thank you. and a quick programming note. i'm heading to washington this afternoon to sit down with nanci pe we will get her thoughts on the shutdown, they aher goal. our exclusive conversation tomorrow morning on "today." 2019 has just bedone but the 020 presidential race is heating u senator elizabeth warren is the mostrominent democratic yet to explore a run. kristen welker is here with us. good morning. >> good morning. happy new year. well, it is on the 2020 presidential campaign kicking into gear with dozens of tetential candidates preparing for a prime min battle. with elizabeth warren theme fir ntering the field, president trump is already taking aim. >> reporter: this morning the calendar may say 2019, but the 2020 race is now underway.
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senator elizabeth wmiren be the biggest name in the democratic field to signal she is running for president. >> america's middle-class is getting hollowed out and opportunity for too many of our young people is shrinking. so i am in this fight all the >> reporter: warren is set to hit the trail in iowa. the fire brand is already al familiar foi to president trump. the president responding to her announcement on fox news. >> she says she is in the fight all the way, mr. president. do you really think she believes she can win? >> well, that i don't know. you' a have to her psychiatrist. >> reporter: mr. trump has repeatedly riduled warren over her claims of native american ancestry, using language widely used as racially insensitive. >> pocahontas. ti>> reporter: warren get mixed reviews when attempting to diffuse those attacks in october, releasing a dna test providing strong evidence she
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d a native american relative dating back to six to ten generations. about hasn't been shy punching back at the president. >> that's what donald trump and his republican enablers stand for. hatefulness,ne ugliss, and cruelty. >> rorter: now looking to reintroduce herself to democrats, connecting with supporters on instagram. >> hold on a sec. i am going to get me >> reporter: but for some the moment falling flat. online criti callinger awkward attempt at drinking beer inauthentic pandering to voters. democrats will have a competitive field with dozens expected to enter the race, including bernie sanders, establishment figures like former vice president joe biden joe biden leading the field in a recent iowa poll. newcomers from senators kamala harris and corbooker to beto rourke, the former congressman topping the list of fresh faces after electrifying democrats
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duriis failed texas senate bid and already attracting president trump's attention. y beto o'rourke is hig overrated. what i heard about him, i figured he must be something a little special he is not. >> you mentioned joe biden. people say he is out i. fro how ready is he? >> he has a campaign in wai tng for past two years. he has been very politically visible. was on the 2018 campaign trail. he built up a nwork of nonprofit and academic outlets headed by some of his top visors. if he does run, it would be his third presidential bid. and remember he considered it very seriously back in 2016, decided not to do it bus because tragic be tragic death of his son beau to cancer. this deepening mystery surrounding the arrest o an american in russia. the former u.s. marine's family is speaking out. chiere foreign condent
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andrea mitchell with latest on this. good morning. >> good morning. happnew year to you. secretary of state mike pompeo today saying he is hoping within hours tt russia will permit u.s. officials to meet with the american man jailed in moscow and accused of spying. it's guaranteed it's supposed to be sbrprovided under internatio law. a time of escalating tensions. who is paul whelan and why is a u.s. citizen in russian custody? overnight nbcea lrned the 48-year-old served multiple tours in iraq as part of the marine corps reserve but was discharged for bad conduct in 2008 after being convicted on several charges related to larceny. >> there is no way paul is a spy. >> reporter: his twin david denies his brother committed espionage saying paul was in moscow for a friend's wedding. >> he wouldn't do anything to break the laws. i can't imagine he would have bren spy laws in any country, let alone in russia. >> reporter: he visited numerous
7:11 am
times since at leastin006, mainta an account on ia russn's social media site vk where he posted messages like god save president trump. at the time of his arrest friday whelan was the director of global security for questions being raised about the siming of his arrest. one month after ran operative maria buttenov pled guilty after forging connections with the nra. >> translator: we are not going to detain any innocent people in order to exchange anyone. >> reporter: wheel en's disthroou distraught family wants him returned. mcretary of state mike pompeo said the u.s. he it clear to the russians he wants know and ifout the charg approach the u.s. will demand his
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>> andrea, thank you. we have a lot more to get to this morning, including a toddler's frightening fall into the rhino exhibit at a zoo in florida. this happened just days after a dely lion attack in north carolina at the wildlife sanctuary tre. nbc's gaib gutierrez has the story. fwab-go gabe, good morning. >> reporter: the i uestigation erway as new questions are being raised about animal park safety after another separate incident at a rhino exhibit in florida. a family new year's day trip to a florida zoo turned terrifying when a 2-year-old girl toppled into a rhinoceros exhibit. a witness posting this picture of a small shoo-in the enclosure believed to belong to the injured toddler. they were participating in a hands-ondutional experience with rhinos. guests are led by a zookeeper and able toch the 4,000 pound animals separated by a series of steel poles. >> while the father wasneeling
7:13 am
down, holding the child, according to the witnesses the childled backwards. one or two of the rhinos made contact with their snout. >> reporter:he toddler pulled to safety by her mother. the mother treated for a noncritical injuryer arm. it comes days after a lioness scaped an enclosed area at a wildlife sanctuary in north carolina, killing a 22-ar-old intern. this morning the chilling 911 call made right after the attack. >> this is the conserve torres center on east hughes road. >>r: repor alexandra black mauled while helping a staff employee clean a lion enclosure. the connrvators center north carolina says this lion broke free. first responders say the lion was agited when repeated attempts to tanklifa the animal ed, deputies shot and killed it. >> it took several shots to
7:14 am
bring him down. he was amped up. >> reporr: the conservators safetysays it follows a protocol when cleaning big cat enclosures. >> working with wild animals ke this, this is a highly skilled profession and it's something that we take very seriously. so any sort of incident like everyonedevastating to >> reporter: this morning both the lion exhibit in north exhibit and the rhino in florida remain closed as officials investigate what went wrong and try to make sureci nts like these never happen again. here inorth carolina, the animal rights group peta is akurging lawmakers to it illegal for nonaccredited facilities to house wild or exotic animals. this wildlife sanctuary has passed two recent inspections by the usda and has no reported safety complaints. >> gabe, thank you. we will switch gears now. last nig 's mega millions drawing with a $425 million
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jackpot, a lot of people were dreaming ofhe starting new year a lot richer. a lone winning ticket was sold on new york's long island. that's where we find kristen dahlgren this morning. good rning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, if you are waking up this morning and you bought your ticket at the brookville auto service shop in glen head you may want to check it. there is o ticket out there worth $425 million andthat, my friends, is a heck of a way to ring in the new year. new year. new money. this morning one lucky winner is ringing in 2019 incredibly rich after matching all six numbers in tuesday's mega millions. one winning ticket for the whopping 425 million jackpot sold at a gas station and convenience store on long ckland, new york. the lathe largest t in the history of the game.
7:16 am
what was the first thing you thought when you got the call? >> i am screaming. i talk to my wife. they are all screaming and my ds surprised. >> reporter: the winner could choose the cash option taking q home arter of a billion dollars. it $54.6 million. seven other players won $1 million. the jackpot has been rolling over since october when ticket worth more than $1.5 billi $1.5 billion was sold in south carolina. or the person who won. sad for me because was hoping to win. >> reporter: who that lucky winner is still a mystery, we may never know who won. south carolina is one of eight states that allow winners to remain anonymous. t they haveo april to come forward. now a new winner is waking up to a new reality as a multi-millionaire. and i suspect that person is getting their affairs in order, maybe changingp some of those new year's resolutions, guys.
7:17 am
and as for the owner here, he gets a bonus as wellor selling the winning ticket. he says he is going to take a nice vacation. >> good. awesome. >>ristin, thank you. we are going to get the first check of the weather from mr. roker. hey, al. ting your ou for g first weather from us. albuquerque, new mexico, we are not used to seeing it like this. kids making snow angels. brick and gravel angels. it looks good. more snow and wintry weather througho rough the southwest from necson, arizona, to oklahoma city. million people under a winter weather advisory and flood watches in the gulf. you can see icy conditions from san angelo to fort worth. this low pressure system comes up out of the gulf bringing icy trel for centr texas today. rapid increase in moisture for eastern texas. that moves in the gulf with more snow developing through texas tomorrow. re heavy rain from houston to new orleans. look at the rainfall amounts.
7:18 am
anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain throughhe gulf. rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. snowfall anywhere from 4 to 6 inches from central texas inta southern oklahnd icing conditions, very dangerous. we a looking for upwards of anywhere from .10 to .25 inch of ice. >> good morning. i'm lauryn ricketts. we are looking at temperatures
7:19 am
in the 30s and 40s. henot that bad you step outside. temperatures are going to be a little above normal today. mid-to-upper 40s. we have some rain arriving later on throughout the evening. we are dry right now. we will continue to be dry until after about 5:00. areas to the south and east may see some rain i as going to be moving out of texas and through our area later totoght and earlrrow morning. yes. many people stand in the dark. i' see the lig at some point. >> thank you, al. coming up, new insight on murder crges filed againhe fiance of that missing mother in colorado. coeed she have bthe victim of a murder-for-hire plot? plus, a new year's miracle. the amazing rescue of a baby pulled from the rubble 36 hours aftern apartment building collapse. t, this is "today" on nbc. apar building
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plus, a new year's miracle.
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and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. there will be some increased security ach thels today. it is day two of the partial government shutdown. today people planning to visit any of t smithsonian museums or the national zoo will have to chan course. those locations are officially closed until the shutdown is thover. the snian officials say they have been using prior year funds to stay open to the public until now.
7:27 am
it is time to cck on your commute with melissa molett in your first4 trablic. some pros out there? >> a couple of temple hill northbound branch avenue after saint barnabas a pedestrian truck is there. the beltway nice light volume expect the outer loop approaching georgia and alexandria at bellevue boulevard haa new accident. thank you. we will take a break now. your forecast is next.
7:28 am
that sun is just starting to me up right now and those temperatures low-to-mid 40s. ass out in the shenandoah valley. e continue through the day mid-to-upper 40s for daytime highs. most of the day cloudy conditions. later tonight some rainy conditns, especially for areas south and east of d.c. we will continue to have showers possibly tomorrow morning. unfortunately, more rain as we get into your friday night into
7:29 am
saturday, but we are dry on sunday, tempes a little on the warmer side. >> thank you. we haveew another local update in 25 minutes. >> for now back to "the today show."
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i was really -- i watch him all the time. i never knew how amazing it was. really cool to learn. hopefully, i can get some tips later on on how to get a little better. it was really impressive. >> that, of course, is serena williams talking about another tennis icon. savannah, who is she talking about? >> was therehe someone else on court? roger federer. we will hear more from them. a historic matchup, the two ofe together. i know someone was paying cloise attention. a check of today's headlines. u.s. agents firing tearas into mexico tuesday as 150 immigrants tried to cross the fence near tijuana. border officials say they were
7:31 am
targetg rock throwers, not those entering the country. the latest clash comes as the government shutdown enters the 12th day. the may b some movement. the president has invited congressional leaders from both parties to the white house today. multiple sources telling nbc news it's expected to be a briefing on theorder wall. several water fountains were shut down at cleveland's airport on tuesday after at least six passengers on a frontier airlines flight became sick during a flight to tampa, florida. while health officials have not confirmed what caused the illnesses, they are looking into whether th water fountains ight have contributed to the illnesse the sick passengers were evaluated by before being released. urb meyer, the outgoing io state football coach, led his team to a 28-23 winver thshington in the rose bowl on tuesday. is was his first time coaching in the rose bowl. also his last game as head coac of the buckeyes. he is stepping away from the delines and will instead is become the school's assistant athleticr. directo
7:32 am
meyer announced last month he wasro retiring fm coaching after re33 years, widely consided one of the best college coaches as all time. this morning we are learnino mout the mysterious nd disappearance alleged murder of the colorado mom who vanished more than a month ago. nbc's joe fryer has more on that inveoeigation. hey, good morning. >> good morning. patrick frazee is now formally charged with in the alleged killing of his fiancee kelsey berreth. so far her body has not been found. the charging document offers few details but mentions two possible theories for how bareth died. he said nothi as he appeared in a colorado courtroom formally charged with five felonies, including two counts of first-degr murder. prosecut es sayh murder count represents a different theory. one alleges his fiance severe killed deliberately.
7:33 am
prosecutors are not elaborating. most facts remain sealed from the public. >> this is anul ongoingple investigation. there are multiple leads that law enforcement needs to follow up on on and it's extensive. >> reporter: according to the court documents, frazee could have been plotting the murder of hi fiancee for three months. three counts of solicitation to commit murder in the first-degree seem to suggest on three separate occasions between september 1st andovember 1st frazee attempted to convince someone or multiple people to kill berreth. ollast monthe said it was possible another person could be arrested in this case, but so far that has not happened. urt documents do not say who was allegedly solicited or why prosecutors think frazeesi is respe for his fiancee's death. >> again, all facts in this casa are underl. so i cannot talk to you about any potential motives in this case. >> reporter: while berreth's body has not beenfound, investigators believe she was killed inside her townhouse. she was last seen in public on thanksgiving shopping wit her
7:34 am
1-year-old daughter, but her mother did not report her missing until ten day later. last month investigators executed a searc warrant on frazee's property then arrested him a week later. this morning frazeens rem behind bars without bond. he and his attorneys have not commente since his arrest. as for the couple's daughter caylee, she is now in the temporary custody of berreth's parents with another custody hearing scheduled r thursday. frazee has not yet entered a plea. that's expected ton at his pretrial hearing january 29th when prosecutors will present their evidence against him after he enters a plea.s prosecutill then decide whether to pursue the death penalty. >> all right. joe, thank you. and now to a glimmer of hope after a suspected gas explosion leveled an apartment building in russia. a baby was found alive in the rubble 36 hours later. lucy kafanov has this story.
7:35 am
good rning. >> hey there. good morning. rescue workers are racing against the clock to find survivors in the blast. they nearly gave up hope on tuesday. all of that changed in a single instant when they heard the sound of a baby crying. the incredible moments stunning russian rescue workers and the world. an 11-month- rom the rubble alive, but in serious condition after surving for nearly 36 hours in freezing temperatures. a new year's day miracle. after the new year's eve tragedy, a gas explosion ripping through this ten-torey apartment block. part of the building collapsed. another threatening to give way. the deadly blast captured on amera, aired on russian television with the mercury plunging below zero, an entire family trapped, rescue teams have been working aroundo the clocknd survivors when suddenly they
7:36 am
heard a baby cry. carefully cutting through piles of debris to reach him. i saw part of the crib and heard a voice, this first rponder says. i saw a small face. the baby calmed down stopped crying. the baby named ivan likely survived because he was swaddled in a blanket and warm bedding. some protection against thele harshments. last night he was airlifted to moscow 1,000 miles away wherenge is b treated for sever frostbite, a head injury, and fractures. his parents distraught. we were all sleeping in the same room, his mother said. my oldest son and i fell through and were able to crawl out, but the youngest was left alone in his crib. couen grieving f and relatives left flowers and candles for the victims, praying for more miracles. and, guys, an update on baby ivan this morning. doctors in nmoscow say his ones wounds awounds are superf
7:37 am
>> incredible story. >> wow. >> my goodness. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> that storm weu told out in the last hoalf hour is going to keep continuing to march to the eastend bring m rain and misery as you make your way further to the east. rain across the g tomorrow. a flood threat from louisiana on into georgia. then as we get into friday we are looking at more rain moving into the mid-atlantic states. because the ground here is s alreadrch rated we are talking about minor flooding and then moving into m saturdaye wet weather pushing its way into new england. we could see some snow. rainfall amounts o1 to 2 inches. that's what's going on around the here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we are dry out there right now. however, later on tonight, as al
7:38 am
was saying, we have rain on the way. we are going to have waves of low pressure ang a stalled frontal system eventually by friday night into saturday morning. one little wave tonight brings rain later on tonight for areas south and east of d.c. rainate friday. that will lead into at least the first half of your saturday. >> that's your latest weather. . ys. >> thank you, al still ahead, we will help you start the new year off right with nine must-have products to help you get fit, organized, and a lot more. the new battle of the sexes between tennis lege searrena williams and roger federer. > first, why new laws taking effect across the country are putting some drug-sniffing dogs out of business coming up right after this. cupcakes. i'm michael griffin.
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we are back. two-thirds of the country live in a state where marijuana ith eier legal or decriminalized. ac>> it's impted not only the economy but also the work of police and dogs trained to sniff them out. gaudy, good morning. >> good morning. there are in colorado now more legal dispensaries than there are starbucks, which c make it a confusing time to be a canine sniing for that pot. with changing times dogs are being trained without some of their old tricks. there is a four-legged force that do what police officers and dea agents can't. dete why is mikey being trained not to detect marijuana? we have phased out the dogs trained to detect marijuana and eaey are not trainednless they are for school shes for ja ils.
7:44 am
>> reporter: that's right. changing drug laws are pushing nklice departments to thi differently when it comes t canines. courts have ruled i a case where a defendant possesses multiple drugs there is no way ofnowing if it's a hard narcotic or now legalized marijua. is tha a bombshell for you guys? >> it left a lot of us scrambling becse in one way it's a good thing because it's king out the am biguity of the law. a lot of t smaller departments in colorado and the u.s. have not been prepped for this. >> reporter: a final ruling is expected in early 2019. >> you don't want to jeopardize larger cases with the really hard drugs like meth and coke and thos thiecause your dog is trained on marriage. >> reporter: that means transitioning beaker from partner to pet. >> okay. >> reporter: do you think he misses it? >> god, yes. >> reporter: while some form of marijuana legal or decriminalized in 30 states, not all are following colorado's
7:45 am
path towards narrowi for new dogs. >> if you look at the amount o finance departments put into the dogs, it's a huge commitment we tell them don't train them in marijuana. >>eporter: the new partner was trained tactically, which i got to experience firsthand. good job! >> reporter: and in narcotics. >> that's his alert. >> reporter: this means he found the drugs? >> yes. good boy! gthat's ad boy! good job! >> reporter: and he does it all for the toy? >> all for the toy. ter: while beaker is still adapting to his retirement. what does retirementook like for the dogs? >> they still have this heart. when i go to work with my new dog, he hears me put the belt on, he is at the door whining ready to go. it's really, really hard. at the same time, they are like our children. when we retire them, i know i
7:46 am
getke to ood care of him. >> reporter: he was excited to go back to work to hang out with us. police in colorado say they will keep a small number of dogs who can sniff pot o hand for places like schools and prisons. guys. >>verybody has to adjust to the new normal. thank you. cominup, a new reason to get fit in 2019. how exercise can actually reverse the aging process in your brain. first, these messages. i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. smoking. it dictates your day.
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this is a news4 today newsbreak. >> 7:56 is your time on thisdn day, january 2nd, 2019. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> right n we want to check on your commute with melissa molett in your first4 traffic. >> good morning. a couple of problems rightnow, inner loop at braddock road a crash on the shoulder. we are seeing some delays through that strep of the y. belt outer loop as well. inbound 295 that slowdown southbound. centerville westbound 66 at 28 right side is blocked. >> thank you. we will take a break now and check your forecast next. stay with us. look. it's over. i love you, but i'm not in love with you. she says i can't see you anymore.
7:57 am
find furniture you'll love at....h ertys year end sale. -now held over! the more you buy, the more you save -- up to $1000. p how much you save is you! these deal are break-up worth havertys. life looks good.
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7:59 am
welcome back everybody. we have an interesting looking sky oit there. enty of clouds out there today. temperatures stuck in the 40s all day long.ig no rain r now. rain on the way later on tonight and through ear morning mainly for d.c. and points to the south and east as a little disturban ride along that frontal system and brings us rain again for later on today. we will be breezy out there and then we have rain friday night into saturday. >> thank you. back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
♪ 8:00 on "today." coming up, deal or no deal with the government shutdown entering day 12. top resident invites lawmakers from both parties to the white house. >> we are not giving up. we have to have border security. >> can a compromise over thatal border wl be reached? we are live with the latest. plus, resolutionio rn. no matter what you are trying to accomplish19 in 20, we have you covered, bringg inhe experts to kick off our month-long series to help you stick to your goals in the new year. and from our families to yours. now that we are all back together in studio 1a we will share some of our favorite holiday memories. today is wednesday, january 2nd, 2019. ♪
8:01 am
>> happy birthday, caitlyn! >> from new york. >> we are from texas. ♪ >> today is our anniversary. >> twins in 2019. >> hi, grandma and grandpa! >> celebrating 40 years of. marriage woo! good morning. welcome back to "today." it's wednesday morning. the start of new year. happy to have you along with us in the plaza or at home. do you know where you were exactly one year ago today? >> where? >> right herrs it was your day. >> are you kidding? >> our new partnership. >> what? it was today? >> what a difference a year makes. >> i almost wore that same dress. >> what was it, like paper or th ing? all right. let's get to the 8:00.. lots going on. for the first time since the
8:02 am
government shutdown began ihe presiden planning to meet today with leaders from both parties. it's hpening one day before democrats take control of the house. nbc's chiefrrhite house pondent hallie jackson has it covered. hallie, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning.nt the presi has invited these eight top lawmakers from both parts, by the way, over here to the white house today. but it's not so much a negotiation session, if you n will, e though it is the first time he will face to face with these democrat lawmakers sincershe lawma this is described as a briefing on border security. that's been a folk cus of the president. he wantsmo mory than democrats want to give. tomorrow when democrats take control of the house of representatives, nano pelosi, whs expected to be elected speaker, will make a move to reopen government. here is the tng. that's not expected to go anywhere in the senate much let's get to the pre's desk. the white house overnight called the plan a non-starter since thoe say it't do enough for border security.
8:03 am
still that move would effectively be democrats daring republicans to keep the government closed. a lot to w in the next 48 hours or so as hundreds of thousands of federal workers watch, too, to seey f tll get more guidance when they might get their next paycheck. >> hallie jackson, thank you so much. a programming note. we will sit down with nancy pelosi later today. that's an exclusive that airs tomorrow morning on "today." the twin brother of an american arrested in russia on spy charges says his brother is an innocent tourist who was in e wrong place at the wrong time. david whelan says his brother paul visited russia many times and was last in moscow a week for a wedding. the 48-year-old works as a for tor of global security a michigan-based auto parts company. nbc news served paul whelan served in iraq with the marine corps but was discharged a decade ago for larceny.
8:04 am
police inhe t gunman who killed 7-year-old girl in a walmart parking lot. officialswa say jasmine barne sitting in her mother's car sunday morning with three other girls when a man in a red pickup truck pulled up and started shooting. the mother was wounded. she did survive. one of the other girls was cut by flying glass. things got heated during a meeting of the mascotu ahead of day's sugar bowl. the texas longhorns mascot beefy broke through barriers and charge at the georgia bulldog. everybody scattered. the handlers had to pull the steer back. nobody was hurt. it was kind of a sign of things to come. texas really pounded georgia, well, 28-21. >> wow. that's the ns. you have a boost? >> i do. an illinois woman helped a dad pull off a september nenl christmas surprise. the mom was devastated when she loster engagement wedding ring
8:05 am
at a nursing home with her husband.n they have barried 67 years. diana and her dad went shopping and wmazed her mh a brand new diamond ring. >> what is it? >> ooh! how sweet! dianne says there was not a dry eye in the room because the ring was a rinder of the love her parents shared so long. >> beautiful. not a dry eye in this room either. so awesome. still to come, we are unching our resolution revolution. first up, what you can do this year to reverse the aging processin in your bra >> we all need that. plus, what happened when roger federer and serena williams face each other on the court f the first time? i died and went to heaven. that's right after this. did you hear, my app just got massive funding. oh wow really? tell me more...
8:06 am
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sleep bettd feel happier. join for free and lose 10 lbs on us. (vo) every baby can have the freedom to move their (vo)in pampers cruishave the with 3 way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom. for all the freedom to move their way. pampers. our because of smoking.ital. but we still had to have a cigarette. had to. but then, we were like. what are we doing? the nicodermcq patch helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. nicodermcq. you know why, we know how. his morning on "today's
8:09 am
talker," a tennis match for the ages. >> this is azing. two icons of the sport, roger federer and serena williams, face each other on the court for the first time yesterday, and we're all freaking out. here is nbc's nationa correspondent miguel almaguer. >> reporter: it was billed as historic, facing off for the first time against legends roger federer and serena williams. perhap both the best to ever play the game going head to head. >> it was a great experience. i am kins of sad it'over. i was just warming up. >> reporter: while technically it was a mixed doubles match, u.s. versus switzerland, all eyes on williams and >>federer. t was nerve-wracking to be honest because all of a sudden you are serving and i'm like i have to win this point but it's serena williams i wasng tel myself. >> reporter: both federer and williams delivered crushing serves. these champions als sharing a competitive edge, a mutual
8:10 am
respect and deep admiration for each other. >> i watch him all the time. i never knew how amazing it was. it was really cool to kind of learn. hopefully, i can get some tips later on on how to get a littl better. it was really impressive. >> reporter: both 37 years d, federer has won 20 grand slam titles. williams 23. he has 99 career titles. she has 72. >> really, you mean to say you think i put women down? >> reporter: being compared to the contentious 1973 grudge match between billie jean king and bobby riggs, the battle of e sexes, this was a much more civil war. federer always the gentleman, juhe as he was wn he squared off against savanna in a fdifferent kind of match the history books. back in australia where team switzerland took the win, serena brought home her own trophy.
8:11 am
a perfect picture of class and sportsmanship. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> very few women know what it's like to play again roger federer. how fun was that? i would like t seehem play a singles match. so cool. we are back together again. >> yeah. >> how was arizona? >> , it was good. i went home for the holidays and we just had a great time. lots of family time. yeah, we wore that. the matchingas paj tradition goes on. >> whoa! >> my birthday is two days christmas, which is like the worst birthday to have. then we flew home. it was toddler mania. ere is charlie. >> i think charliead a slight rash on his face probably from lying on the ground on the airplane. we had a good time. >> what a cute couple you ars >> you g were together on new
8:12 am
year's, weren't you? >> we spent new year's eve. i was christmas with my mom's sister joelle and haley. >> and atomach g. >> yes. it came to visit. anyway, everybody up fine. my moment was haley sidn't get toee santa. i was wheeling her around andfi re truck game. i was like, oh my god, santa. this is the moment. you dream about this moment. here it is. >> ooh! >> i was so bummed. never wake sleeping baby. >> exactly. then al and i got to hang out on new year's eve. we did a little traditional dinner that we do. >> that's right. hung out. and then we were together. >> al, was it christmas eve? >> yeah. >> so beautiful. >> we were upstate. ch woke up and there was snow. it was coming owwn. >>cool. >> two to three inches of snow. it staoud t christmas
8:13 am
morning, which was terrific. my dad used to do this. i made cinnamon buns, fresh cinnamon buns. >> who are you? >> this is christm dinner. >> look at you. by the way, al sends the greatest ham to us every year. al, he is like, yeah, the best. >> and wust hanging out, cory's coffee shop. >> carson, what did you do? >> ds, great christmas. santa showed up, was kind. i was inimes square in the soaking rain for the new year's eve show. i am taking a nap the. there is bumblebee. and it was they were all in times squa,. >> hey were there? >> yeah, they were fired up. >> the holidays are so much fun. >> that's my rundown is script.
8:14 am
>> how wet was that couch? >> there was so much water. i was texting al. he said how bad is this going to be? he said you might be get lucky. the minute the show was over i was walking back to the moarriot and it was clear. >> i am glad we are back together. >> now we have to come back to work so we can relax, right? >> actually, i have to r. i am taccatching a train. we will have our interview with nancy pelosi. we will have t ot later today. so i'm out. i'm missing "popstart." >> bye, guys. savannah, safe today we have a round of how some of the stars spent their holidays. taylor swift throu e a new year party where the dress uere required to as chotheir childhood heroes. mary poppins. blake lively was dorothy fromwi rd of oz. and lively's husband ryan
8:15 am
reynolds joined theur party. not what he was dressed up. he was drinking somethi there that looked darn good. and andy coen announced he will be a dad. they were talking about the baby's gender and how it feels toe starting to family. >> you want to announce the sex ? the chi >> it's a boy. >> ooh! >> i haveo cannot wait to meet . when i was grong up, when we were growing up, i probably can speak for you in this, i never ought it would be possible as a guy may man tav grow up and a family. and here we are in 2018, almost '19, and anything is possible. >> we are excited for him. that's good news. cohen said the baby is due sometime early this year. d carrie underwood is expected her second child in the new year. she sharedhis twer this picture of this sweet little 3-year-old son, isaiah resting
8:16 am on her kicking off 2019 right. me and my boys cuddled up watching a movie. yes, i am wearing mike's shirt letting it all hang out. she will be having another. b finally, madonna surprised a few new year's eve friends when she popped in to do a couple of songs while her son played the guitar. >> i c't hear you! [ cheers ] ♪ ♪ i'm down on my knees i want to take you there ♪ ♪ in t midnight hour i can feel your power ♪ ♪ just like a prayer you know i'll take you tre ♪ > i can tell the crowd was happy. she is stonewall's ambassador for the stonewall riot. t prio her performance she
8:17 am
gave a speech on equal rights and encouraged everyone to bring moreeave and peanto 2019. that's your "popstart" today. >> do you ha d aly click? >> yes. a runner enjoying a peaceful jog on a m souri trail when he noticed he wasn't alone. >> all right. i was on lonely road for a run this afternoon and i some training partners here. i don't even know what to say. >> check this a out. th lot of goats. the man runs with the goats on this road for two miles. >> what? >> two, mil running. and then they fd a pasture and he ran themo this area. he finally got them there, ath en he continued his jog. >> all right. thank you. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> we see lot of wet weather down through texas. we are also looking at this areg that's g to develop as a little icy mix.
8:18 am
we will be watching that. that'sup going to migratnto oklahoma as well over the next 12 hours. so there could be icing. anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of snow before it's all or in the next 24 hours. afternoon highs today, look at this, 20s and 30s from the rockies into the mid plains. you get up into the northern mississippi river urlley temper in the teens. also in the northern rockies, 20s. northern new england 80s. in florida, a gorgeous day down there. if you are still vacationing there, you picked the rightime to go. heavy rain develops making its way from eastern texas all the way into oklahoma. i should say arkansas. parts of louisiana where we have flood watches in effect. snow and ice, as we mentione throug texas. beautiful weather, but it's going to be a little on the windy side. santa ana winds kicking up in southern california. another storm system comes into the pacific northwest. yhere's what's happening r neck of the woods. >> well, we ve rain chances
8:19 am
after about 5:00 p.m. tonight mainly south and east of d.c. some of those rain showers could linger into tomorrow morning south and east of d.c. a chance late friday night for rain. we could see widespread rain for nge day on saturday. nothing happeniut there right now. again we are going to be ystems to be a few crawling out of the deep south and moving right into our area right along a froal system. temperatures now 30s and 40s, headed int for daytime highs today. >> that's your latest weather. hoda. >> thank you. it a new year and we wan to make sure that it's a happy and healthy one for everybody, so we're launch something called today's resolution revolution. >> all month long we will help you find the best way to reach your goals. we are bringing in innovators in fitness, lifestyle, and diet. let's get started with what many of you say is your number one goal for the new year, getting healthier. >> consider this. accord g to thecdc, body mass indexes have climbed 5% since
8:20 am
1999 and the average weight is 24 pounds higher than it was the '60s. dr. raj, good morning. i mean, i feel like everyone is on a diet, drinking diet drinks, everyone is always trying to cut down, but the numbers don't lie. >> those are soberg statistics. the average american is almost on the cusp of obesity. we are not moving in the rightpi direction d the fact that we are trying to educate the public about being overweight, obese, and the health risks associated with it. in thatloom and doom, it's a new year and a good time to get back on track. a >> let's talut the heart. what did you find about middle-aged women in this new heart information and their arteries? >> as we get older, our arteries narrow and develop more plaque in the arteries and tha puts
8:21 am
you at risk for heart disease. they looked at menopausal women and they had them exercise for six months. esderate exercise. 35 minutes three t week. they found that the arteries were widemonths they were not as narrow and they had less plaque. they literally had youngeres artefter just six months of moderate exercise. >> wow. >> the thing that is fascinating about this whole thing is they figured out sort of how their brains work. >> that's right. >> and they found out that women who exercise inside their 60s had a brain that was, i don't know, how many decades younger than their counterparts? >> right.en about years younger. people on average in their 60s, they did not have dementia, but they had some, you know, milder forms of problems with thinking or difficulty making decisions. >> how does exercise help? >> life long exercise or can rt now?s >> it was not too late. they found that just the blood flow overall to your body is revved up when you are
8:22 am
exercises. more floblood flow helps your neurons, helps with cognition. you can reverse some of the agingn processes your brain as well. >> going back to the heart. my mom passed away little over a year ago of a heart-related event. i got all freaked out people don't know if they are watching. how do you know if you have clogged arteries or what the status of your heart is? i had a test done to measurepl e ue. >> many tests are non-invasive. ultrasounds done o the arteries. a cat scan done of your chest talk to your doctor about your personal riskto f. it could be an ekg. there are many tests that look at what the plaque build-up is in your arties. >> talk about muscle training. i think a lot of people think don't want to do weight training, but that is actually important to your overallel heah and being? >> absolutely. again we think of it as we age, our muscles tend to deteriorate.
8:23 am
this blew my mind. thiss looking at people in their 70s. these were lifelong exercisers. theyer exercised s days a week for five decades or more. but they took o biopsie their muscles and compared them to 25-year-olds. they were very similar. we are talking about a 70-year-d having the equivalent muscle of a 25-year-old because of exercise. >> you know my mom does weight training. something funny. a few years ago she tripped and fell down a set of stairs. they said anyone else would have broken bones. because she did that, it worked. >> you want to have your body in the best shape possible to deal with the inevitable -- >> people think cardio. you need to earmark treadmills and they think it's just cdio. they s weights and don't know what to do. >> weight bearing is very important, especially for women. it was cardio that kept the muscles inha great. >> we are always looking for tips. >> yes. so we have some tips because, of
8:24 am
urse, how are we going to keep to the resolutions? number one, i always say bere istic with your goals. so we are talking about baby steps. i you haven't been the gym in two years, don't go for an hour a tay. it could be a ten-minut bwalk. it cou taking the stairs at work. start small and build >> how join and start going three months later? >> writing that check is the first step, absolutely. the second thing i say is phone awh friend. i mean by that is studies have shown accountability, working out with fri or even just checking in every day with a friend or loved one helps you stay consistent. finally, use technology. i am one to tell people don't look at yourhones. in thi case, your phones can help you because you can set an alarm to e sayry hour i am going to take a walk or get a glass of water or track youres calo or heart rate or even track your sleep as well. you can use technology o help you be healthier. >> all the apple products do that. ea apple watch is it will say when i am on the
8:25 am
couch drinking a beer, it's vibrating. i look and it says, sto drinking that beer, get up, move. >> exactly. >> dr. j, thank you. find out more about our resolution revolution at and in the next half hour help cleaning out your spice rack so you canla add more frs to the new foods you are going to eat this year. first, a check of your local news and weather.
8:26 am
this is a news4 today newsbreak. >> good morning. it's now 8:26 on thisednesday. i'm chris lawrence. let's get a check on your commute with melissamolett. >> good morning. beltway looking pretty good here for midweek. top of the beltway just a tad slow outer loop georg avenue. nothing that will she you down too much though. new problem silver spring at university, a crash there. and take a look at this. in arlington, northbound g.w. parkway before the overlook a brand new crash reported. you can see the delays here on the tmap. nk you. we will get a check on the forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back everybody well, today we have got cloudy conditions and rain arriving likely after 5:00 p.m. mainly south and east of d.c. and some of those s linger into tomorrow morning. friday night bwe have rain and that leads through the day on saturday.
8:29 am
but temperatures today only in the i0s. we wer the 60s yesterday. 50 tomorrow. we stay in the 50s, drying out on sunday. >> thanks so much, lauryn. get the latest news and weather anytime ingthe nbc wash app. y339ey y16fy denise? oh hey, sandy. hey. this is a trick my nonna taught me to make sure my produce is fresh. but aldi produce is delivered fresh every single day. every day? yeah. so you don't need to... do that. you're not even going to hold that cantaloupe against your face? the only trick you need to save time and money
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is to shop at aldi. save on your choice of little salad bar chopped salad kits, now just $1.99. aldi. shop differentli. welcome back everybody. 8:30 on this wednesday morning, january 2nd. as we say hello to a happycr 20 owd here at midtown manhattan. >> a great crowd. hey are here on a super special day. whpened to your hat, buddy? here's what we want to celebrate,s. guy it's sunny's first birthday. >> happy birthday sunny! >> can you give sunny that bonet we have a t for you. >> what is that?
8:31 am
>> a nice little bone. >> here, sunny. >> sunny, want to eat te?t bon you can. there you go, buddy. yummy. by the way, this present is for us. let me showou this. hoda? >> want me to lift this up. >> yes, this is pretty cool. >> one, two. >> ooh! >> look at these. thesere sunny stuffed animals made to look justike our precious puppy with a purpose. >> i think we ought to give a couple of these out. [ cheers ] >> hi! >> by the way, you can get your very own stuffed sunny by headino we want to letou know that a portion of each sale will support the guide dog foundation, which do incredible work. so check out sunny. art has his own there. and happy birthday, buddy.ok at you. oh, it's yummy! >> how cute. r all
8:32 am
.toht ligive a healthier 2019? well, stick around. we wl walk you through some must-have products that may help you with that resolution. >> plus, out wit the old and in with the new in the kitchen. i just did this. why now is a perfect time to toss those old spices in the pantry and get new ones. it's an easy wayha to boost flavor of your meal. >> sunny is drunk on doggy cookies. >> you already blew his new year's resolution. >> in the third hour of "today,o we are going break down the year's top destinations. >> first, mr. roker, you have a check of the weather? >> starting off wy,h to snow and ice through central texas. heavy rain through the central gulf of warm florida. beautiful weather through southern california. snow through the great lakes. we are looking at more snowp into new england tomorrow. it's going to be mild in ther upains, flooding likely down through the gulf. the warmth continues down in florid and another storm moves into the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around
8:33 am
the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. chances of rain increase after 4:30, 5:00. we will have some rain mainly south andast of d.c. through the overnight. aances of rain continuing through friday ao on saturday. but we are dry on sunday and warming right on up. and today temperatures are going to top out i the mid-to-upper 40s. we are starting in the 30s and 40s right now. 47 will be our daytime high. again with that rain later on this evening, if you are north and west d.c. you are likely dry. d.c. south and east,ain showers. >> that is your latest weather. you know, if you are getting ready to go out the door take us with you. all you have to do is tune into today's sirius xm channel 10 8 and lten to your faves on "the today show." where are you from? >> houston, texas. >> what is your name? >> elsa. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, too.
8:34 am
i am so excited to be here. >> a are you excited toer be >> yes. >> all right then. and you? heryou snuck in okay. now let's go back inside. >> a right. thank you so much. if you are looking to get healthier this year or take better care of your skin, we have exactly what you need to help you follow through on those resolutions. here toe how off nfe changing products to try in 2019 is liz cklla, the editor and chief of parents magazine. good morng. >> happy new year! >> happy new year to you. let's start off in the eating department. get us started. >> maybe your resolution is to cut down on that caffeine addiction or coffee addiction. this is better than coffee. energy bar so it has 100 milligrams of caffeine likeup your of coffee but you get fiber and protein nd i sustains you throughout the day. >> pretty good. >> very good tasting cranberry. now we have the gour mia air frier. this is the low maintenance,
8:35 am
fast, speedy, convenient way to crisp fried foods without oil. >> does it taste fried for real? >> yeah. put it in there. five minutes later they come out and taste them. crispy as can be. i don't know if you like ketchup or the no. >> these are good. >> very, very good. >> let's get healthy. >> okay. we arene talking f. >> tell us about this mirror. >> this is the future of fitness at he, personalized workout. it is mirror. when it's off, it's a full length mirror. when it's on, is an interactive workout. you can see the instructor. the instrtor can see you. there are at least 50 streing live workouts per week. this is alex. >> way to go, alex. >> she this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we'reack with more of our special series resolution revolution. this time it's a about spices. if you want to add more flavor
8:38 am
to your food in the new yr, start by bet digetting rid of o seasonings in your pantry a rig no try new things. the author of spice, spice baby, 100 recipes for your fambly good to have you. >> thank you. >> love the book. i don't think we have ever gone through our spice pantry aro things out. i mean, like in my lifetime. i think we think these things can live there forever. e right. >> g help for people. when do you know a spice is done? >> right. so spices are nature's magnificent gift to us, but they have a shelf life. they don't go back, per se, but they wl start to lose their aroma, their magic, poet ensy erime. a ground spice, six to 12 months. re is an example of very old paprika and new paprika. >> how o is that? >> a few years old. it's faded. it's brown. it's grayish.
8:39 am
it's been exposed to the environment. it's lost a l of its luster. again, it's not bad. but if you are trying to add oomph to food and get health benefits, use theff fresh s >> so if i buy paprika, should i store it a certain>> way? reat questn. prolong the shelf life of spices is to store th away from heat and light. heat and light wakes them but that is how they start to losa lot of theira amazingness. so airtight containers away from drawer butght in the not near your oven. >> speaking of waking up life, is that what grinding does? >> right. ll if you r want to maximize shelf life, you want to use wholepis and grind them in smaller batches. black peppercorns, cardamumci a amon. everyone's favorite. i will show you how easy it is to grind your own cnamon. take the bark. put it in a kitchen towel.
8:40 am
smash it with a meat tenderizer. transfer into a coffee grinder that you use for spices. you don't want to grind -- actually, that might be good. if you do min, you wouldn't want it in the coffee grinder. grind that a few seconds. >> a grinder designated for spices? >> that's what you do, yes, a exactly. you are never going to not do that again once you have done that with the cinnamon. >> salts seem like they have become -- there is himalayan salt, kosher salt. what is going on with salt? >> even though it's technically not a spice, it's the oldest seasoning known to man. confusing. let's break it down. the most common is the table salt it's mined underground from old rocks. it's stripped of everything s exceptium chloride. check with your doctor if you need iodine fm salt.
8:41 am
i prefer fine sea salt which may have chemicals. so check t label. it's seawater evaporated. the crystals are refined intone powder. i like it for recipes are you really nee too measure out the salt, you need control over the quantity. if you are seasoning steak or brining, kosher salt. chefs love it. it. can feel they can sprinkle it on food. they love handling it. a fishing salt is the flaky sea salt. >> i like that. >> yeah, you put it on salad. it gives you at. salty bu >> what does the salt bay guy use? >> i am going to say kosher. >> kosher? okay? and himalayan salt, very buzzy, verytrendy, a rock salts with rocks with iron oxide. >> let's get through this. less than a minute. tell me w you have here >> we are going to hots. spi peppercorns.
8:42 am
we have got cayenne pepper and chipotle. no pantry complete whout them. >> do you grind them? >> i don't. definitely the pepper. mix it up. use different peppercorns, the white, the green, the black. they all have different flavors. this is a mood-boosting spice. cayenne is goi to give you lots of anti-inflammatory benefits and weight loss. chipotle smoky hot notes in tacos, stews, lentils, beans. >> would you recommend people open up their rack and fresh it up? >> absolutely make over your spice rack. you will get so much more outf thos spices. >> you're welcome. good stuff there. thank you so much. we have gotore on these spices on our website and check out her food spice, spice baby at we are back in a moment. first, this is "today"n nbc. z339ez z16
8:43 am
y339ey y16
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8:45 am
welcome back. you may have heard this is sunny's birthday today. mr. roker, you have other birthdays? little older. no less youthful. the smucker's jar. first up, happy00th birthday to isabelle. a proud grandma from ocean port, new jersey. seven grandkids and ten great-grandkids. clara called ronf brooklyn, new york celebrating 100 years. happy 100th birthday to russ, a retired professor from gainesville, florida, served as a lieutenantolonel inhe united states air force. eleanor goldmann also 100, an avid singer and dancer from charlotte, nor carolina. sh says she is proud to ferm in a concert and dance recital when she was 99 p maddie sue walker of cincinnati,
8:46 am
ohio, 108. loves spending time with her family and giving back to her community. and happy 100th birthday to roger moran, a former college baseball player, married to betty for over 70 years. congratulations. the third hour? >> you bet. carson, you are coming over for the fourth hour. get your wine glass ready. first, your local news. this is a news4 today newsbreak. >> 8:56 is your time on this wednesday, january 2nd, 2019. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we want to check on your morning commsae with melolett and your first4 traffic. >> good morning. westbound 66 at 28 you can see vehicles pulled over. this is because of a rock in the road that a couple of vehicles have hit there. so be careful if you a headed out soon. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway nice, light vole this morning. sterling southboundbefore the toll road a crash in the
8:47 am
left lane there. and arlington southbound parkway at memorial an over-sized tractor-trailer rblocking theht lane. we will check your forecast when we come back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
well, we have got some cloudy conditions out the those cloudy conditions are the to stay through .remainderf the day. rain arrives tonight south and east of d.c., aew showe early tomorrow morning, and clearing through the day tomorrow. unfortunately, more rain arrives fridht n we will have rain showers through the day on saturday. drying out sunday. >> thanks, lauryn. get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. have a great day.
8:50 am
live froma, studiohis is "today." good morning,everyone. welcome. i'm sheinelle. we have dylan, al,te lly, as you just witnessed, just now sitting down, he walked pretty quickly from across the street. >>did. i would have been here 30 seconds earlier. the problem is o elevator system. >> very slow. >> the world's worst 'relevator. thall computer-controlled, which makes them worse. >> let me introduce our rock star so you can catch your breath. we ouhave, as maye h noticed,lympic bronze winning figure skater, adam


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