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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EST

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that make mealtime easy, so you have more time with the people you love. good morning. the government shutdown now ink its third w and still no clear end in sight. the president defiant that there will be a a wallnd threatening to go around congress. >> we can call a national emergency. >> as democrats warn nothing can be done until the government is back upnind r again. >> we really cannot resolve this until we open up >> we are live at the white house with what happens next. new overnight. not backing down. themratic freshman congresswoman cght on camera using crass language about impeachment and the president is speaking out this morning. >> i think no one expects me to be anying but myself i think, you know, president trump has met his match. >> as the president and his
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allies call rashida tlaib's comments disgraceful. highway heartbreak. a uisiana down is reeling after learning five local nildren are dead i a fiery crash. the kids on the way to wdisney. vee are learning about one of the truck dri involved in the crash. all that and ellen backlash. the talk show host facing criticism online for her support of kevin hart. one mon after backing out of the oscar after homophobic comments from his past. ready for love? with ready of singles jumping into d theating world, why tomorrow is the bestay to jump in. and countdown to the golden globes. the glitz and glam of the hollywood elite. who is expected to take it all? we'll tell you. "today," saturday january 5,
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2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with sheinelle jones and a peter alexander dylan dreyer. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. welcome to "today" on saturday. the gang's all here. >> i feel i s havenn you since the end of ydecember. had a vacation. >> it is quiet at the white house. we have news to talk about. we are beginning with the top story. >> back to the grind. the government shutdown now officially in its third week this morning. parts of washington at all standsti with democrats and the president still not able to come to agreementf funding or border wall or how to get the government open again. we have correspondent kelly o'donnell at thehite house. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. acting chief of staff mick mulvaney hasided this is a working weekend for staff who
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will travel to camp david to work on the tmp administration agenda. president trump will go to camp david tomorrow to lead thess ns. all of this happening while the government is partially closed and another round of negotiations this morning. shutdown day 15. more talk. >> we're going to be, i believe, ctvery proe over the weekend. >> reporter: today, the vice president will host congressional negotiators in his ceremonial officero across the white house. t> our aim is to find a solution, not j simply to end the government shutdown. >> reporter: this latest session comes after friday's west wing vit from speaker pelosi, senator schumer and topan republic that exposed mixed messages over how long the stalemate could last. >> he said he would keep the gornment closed to be a very long period of time. months or years. >> absolutely. >> reporter: sounding dug in for the long haul.
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but then the president also said. >> we think it can g very quickly. no, we won't be opening until it is solved. >> reporter: demanding billions for his promised border wall. president trump floated a substantial new variation. >> if i build a steel wall rather than concrete wall. >> reporter: h pressed on he cl easier sell to democrats. >> i feel the other side feels better about it. >> reporter: but speaker pelosi wasn't buying. >> we cannot resolve thi until we open up government. >> reporter: president trump even suggested he could bypass congress by using pre authority to declare a national emergency. >> i may do it. i may do it. >> reporter: as washington talks, federal employees are left wit more uncertainty. >> we look at each other and it is like wow. are we going to get paid? >> reporter: with federal wor r paychecks ting for
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comes this wrinkle. the shutdown has exposed something people didn't expect. a $10,000 pay increase scheduled for cabinet secretaries and vice president. their pay has been frozenince 2013. now the white house has been told about this, the president said he would look at putting a hold on it. white house oicials say they will look for options so those top leaders wouldforego raises at least while the shutdown is under llway. sheiand peter. >> thank you, kelly. we have steve kornacki. happy new year. >> you, too. >> this is aartial shutdown, but still the second longest shutdown ever. e third week. the president says it could go for days or for years here. there are real-world impacts. three people rently dying i national parks. largely left opene and not staffed. immigration courts are shutdown.
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the backlog is significant. thsands of those cases canceled every day. perhaps most importantly for travelers, tsa, we understand, hundreds of screeners are calling in sick.lo of them are trying to find money elsewhere to pay their bills right now. i guess the simple question is how does this thing end when neither sides willing toack down? >> i think it is interesting the real-wor impact you are talking about. that is the question over the next couple days and potentially, if it goes that long. does that change the polics in washington? the dynamic is the democrats who control the house, they do not feel they want to change position. they feel they are in a strong position. licans in rep washington who seem uneasy with the position the president is taking on iis. not at a level where it is open revolt in the repubcan rty. the president himself holding court for an hour and a half in the rose garden.
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he cermsinly s on some level to be enjoying this moment. i didn't get the impression of watching the president this is somebody panicking over the political implications. the question is real-word implications seep in andth does change. >> let's ask about daca. the policy repealed by trump. could that used as aga bing chip? >> it has been sitting there for the last year or so. we have been d rn thisd a few times in a few ways. i tnk realistically at this point when you look at the impasse and how long the shutdown has gone , if there is something more to expand and include daca, i gue it would be a two-phase thing. reopen the govnment and her is the money for that. and then the parties can sit down and negotiate that the next couple months. the clock ticking to add tt ch complexity to it, it is hard to see a quick resolutiuc.
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>> what s me from the comments from the president yesterday, we tried to fact check on a day-to-day basis is thout claims, his evidence, he said previous presidents told him they wished they built the wall. seral past presidents spoken out saying thatpl is simy not true here. it goes tenthe cha of negotiating with donald trump. nancy pelosi versus donald trump. this is the showdown we will see for much of the future. who wins here? does the president win or do the democrats win this fight? >> you wonder if they are thinking about audiences here. aboutis polling out there this already asking which party do you blame? trump is getting the blame. democrats are sayingal polit we are winning this. trump, this presidency builten rely on his base. you saw how much heesnded to talk radio a couple of weeks ago. he has his calculation if h has
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them with thhim, he can ride it out. i'm not sure they are respondin. >> steve, thank you. we turn to comments overnigh from the freshman congresswoman who after just being sworn in spoke out with choice words for the president. in a new interview, rashida tlaib is defending and standing by her comments about the prident and impeachment. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welkers here with more on that. nice to see you. >> good morning. nice to see you. big rashida tlaib's interview is a sign she is not backing down despite backlash from some in her party. it is a growing flashpoint for democrats. impeachment? >> reporter: this morning, rashida tlaib from michigan, standing by her calls for the president to be impeached. >> i think no one expects me to be anything but myself.
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the girl from southwest detroit. satisfian sass and attitude. the president has met his match. >> reporter: it started thursday night when the voideo posd on twitter talking about the president. and when questioned about her word choice? >> it is how mot grandmher, if she was alive, would say it. >> reporter: the president firing back friday. >> i thought that was a great dishon to her a her family. i thought it was highly disrespectful to t united states of america. >> reporter: the controversy overshadowing a history making week for tlaib who became the first palestinian-american woman sworn in to congress. e house speaker nancy pelosi who has set a high bar for impeachment, weighing in a the msnbc town hall. >> i don't like that language i wouldn't use that language. i don't, again, establish any language standards for my
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colleagues. i don't think it is anything worse than what the president has said. >> reporter: tlaib pushing for impeachment right out of the gate push for are republican backlash. mitt romney saying representative tlaib took the politics of washington deeper down the drain. some w democratsn it could back fire. >> those kmentcomments don't ta in the rht direction. >> reporter: and representheive bradan introducing articles of impeachment. tlaib defiant. >> i'mse fo i'm really doing justice for my residents. that means being vocal and being loud and direct about what my intentions are here. that, to me, is exactly why they elected . >> kristen, this is a delicate dance for democrats. trying homer home the message they are working for the american people. this idea ofki t about impeachment and certain in
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those crass terms, under cuts that effort. >> absolutely. no dou that party leaders and members of the establishment don't see impeachme as a winning issue, particularly because of the mueller investigation hasn't wrapped up. ill back afraid it fire and they cannot govern. and in 2020, they are bolstered by anpolls. amer are concerned about the health care and economy. the freshmen ngressmen and men campaigned on the promise to impeach. they feel it firesp their base. there is broad agreement. they will have oversight of this president. >> both sides talking to the folks who got them there. athank you. >>o this morning, new details about that deadly accident on a florida highway. this morning, we are learning the truck driver the center of the fiery florida crash that killed s enpeople, including five children, had several traffic tickets. nbc's tammy leitner is in florida close to the scene of
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the accident. tammy, good terning. >> rep good morning, sheinelle. six of the victims are still at the hospital recovering andd co here for days if not weeks. we also learned the five children who were killed were all from the same small community in louisiana. this morning, a small tow in louisiana is grieving the deaths of five children in their commity. >> pray for our co aunitndy families. >> reporter: killed in a fiery nash f ilorida along with two truck drivers. the children were all in a church van heading to disney rlwod.or investigat believe a northbound tractor-trail swerved hard to the left dragging a car with it through the barricade. it slammed into the southbound 18 wheeler. the church van hit the trucks as it caught fire and running over passenger s ejected from the v.
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>> they had a range of juries. >> reporter: surgeon scott brackenridge treated the victims. >> it was a tragic day. it is hard to see this many people go through the event like this. >> reporter: the youngest of the children killed was just 9 >> these are just good, hometown, country would give you the shirt off their backs. >> stand foren a m of silence. >> reporter: the loss felt across the tiny town of 4,400. >> it is gut-wrenching because you immediately feel for the kids that lost their lives and their families. then you realize how far reaching this is going to be. >> reporter: investigators asked the medical examiner to determe if the driver of the big rig which crossed the center lane and setoff the accident if he waser the influence of anything. guys. >> heartbreaking. tammy, thank you. to a case that is diviling the mary this morning.
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pitting a decorated navy s.e.a.l. committed against crimes on iraq and those sayg the justice is in the courtroom and not on the battle field. we have kathy park with us this morning. >> reporter: peter, good morning. gallagher was on the eighth tour of duty and prosecutors say he snapped. despite the horrific warcr es, supporters still call him a hero. >> i'm innocent. i love you. >> reporter:n aideo posted friday, we hear from decorated navy s.e.a.l. edward gallagher as he walks away in handcuffs. this morning, he is back in jail after friday's arraignment where he pleaded not guilty to premeditated murder charges. his wife was seen entering the courtroom and reportedly stood by his side during each break. gallagher is accused of and killing a young isis fighter during the 2017 deployment in
7:16 am
iraq. his eighth tour of duty. navy psecutors say he posed with the body and gunned down unarmed iraqi civilians, including a man carrying walk gand al in mosul. >> the question is did he murder this isis individual. the answer is he did not. >> reporter: in court, loved ones spoke on his balf whi prosecutors presented evidence that shows gallagher intimidating witnesses through text messages which his attorney deniy denies. >> text t messages indicatet iddie may have sent texts out saying these indls making the allegations against him are lying. >> reporter: meanwhile, support is growing on social media. demanding to free the vetera b hirother who appeared on fox news, claims disgruntled navy s.e.a.l.s and painted gallagher as a criminal.
7:17 am
>> there is evidence that exonerates him. >> reporter: the war hero, bawarded theronze star twice, now fighting a new battle in court. and gallagher's trial is setn t beebruary 19th. if convicted, he could face life in
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we're certainly seeing the rain out there right now. visibilities on the low side. be careful as you make your way out and about tarea. we have wet roads and showers and mist and drizzle. this continues to rotate throu l the area at to the northeast. most of the rain in the d.c. area will end from the westf the east. everybody should be dry about 3:00. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. right now we're topping out around 50 and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. still to come, the latest on the oscars issue for ellen saying kevin hart should host after
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all. you are not the only ones with thear new 's
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. we are back on saturday morning with the look back atk the what was. >> the headlines wereteargely domiby the ongoing government shutdown. there were other stories we covered as well. a history making day on capitol hill. a new crop of lawmakers was sworn in on thursday giving democrats control o for the first time in the trump presidency and the first time since 2011. >> dyou solemnly swear? >> the 116th congress with a record number of african-americans and women. and nancy pelosias sworn in once again as house speaker.
7:22 am
elizabeth warren announced a plan to explore a 2020 presidential bid. >> america's middle class is hollowed out and opportunity for our young people is shrinking. so, i'm in this fight all the way. >>s and president t already taking aim. >> do you really they she believes she can win? >> i don't know. you havesk to aer psychiatrist. >> an american held in aussia afteusedf espionage got his visit from officials. >> he is a spy. >> his family saying he was in russia to attend a friend's wedding. houston police searching for the man who opened fne i a parking lot killing a 7-year-o girl and injuring her mother. >> deputies released the video of the red pickup truck zm e's family spoke about. >> took away an innocent child. she did not deserve this.
7:23 am
she did n deserve it at all. a horrific scene in russia after the apartment bselding collapd and killed dozens. pulled nth old baby was from the rubble 36 hours after the collapse. and a christmasn miracle i florida where a ramedic's cpr instructions over the phone helped save the life of a 15 nth old who fell into the pool. >> breathe into his mouth. >> moments before firefighters arrived. >> he's gurgling. >> and netflix announced "bird box" broke records. more than 45 million accounts watched in the first week. >> kim ckardashian posted this. i really like it. who has seen it? literally everyone. things got heated at the sugar bowl when the texas
7:24 am
longhorns broke through against uga. it was a battle against greats. roger federer nd serena williams facing off for the first time ever. federer struggl the return of serve, but ultimately came out on top. >> i hope to get tips later on. how to get a little better. it was really impressive. >> two greats. >> they wiler run aach other like the bull and the dog? >> that video is stillaz cry. i thought it was amazing a long horn on the field. the fact it went after that tiny georgia bulldog. >> he is passionate. >> some photographer got an scratch his back. >> it all ended okay. still to come on "today," one of the biggest nights in a day away. what you need to know about the golden globes. how did actor idris elba become a performer at coachella?
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and why sunday is texpeed to
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good morning, everybody. 7: t now ons saturday, january fifth, 2019. i'm aaron gilchrist. here are a couple stories this morning. ois morning a prince george's police officer is the job accused of sexual assault. the police chief says the officer responded to a dispute between a man and a woman at a home around 4:00 yesterday morning. the woman asked for ride so she could be separated from the man. the officer drove her to the metro station. police say the woman later r from the car and told a police officer the county officer touched her inappropriately. the prince george's police chief did not give t officer's name but said she's suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. some good news for metro riders. starting today youill not pay
7:27 am
to park at metro stations on sas rday. metro en charge 2 on saturdays as part of pilot program. that program has ended. metro will not rule out charging on big events. a rainy start to our saturday. a check on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
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well, we have some showers out there. we'll continue to see some occasional showers as we go through the morning. now, this will end from the west to the east, andl everything w be out by about 3:00 p.m. we have a good chunk of time where we' going to have low visibility, fog and drizzle. it's mild out there. temperatures in the 40s. we're topping out around 50 degrees today. winds will pick up later this afternoon. maybe a few peeks of sunshine before the sun goes down at 5:to. beautifulrrow. mid 50s. looking good through the workweek. lauryn, thankyou.
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another local news and weather update in about 25 mi btes. for nowk to the "today show" in new york. we're back on saturday morning, january 5th, 2019 wit the live look at the rockefeller christmas tree. it is still beautil. only two days left to check it out before the lights get turned off for the season and the t ce ared out. >> the crowds have cleared out. let's start with the check of theeadlines as the government shutdown over funding for the border wall enters day 15. the vice president will host congressional negotiators today. this is after iday's west wing visit with chuck schumer nancy pelosi and officials are expressing mixed messages of how long the shutdown will last. some developments this
7:31 am
morning in the robert mueller investigation. the federal judge in washington extended the term of the grand jury hearing. evence uncovered by the russia probe. the term was set to expire this week for the grand jury, but will last six months. a sign robert mueller is not concluding the investi tion yet. and the latest from ford. the company recalling 950,000 vehicles worldwide to replace takata passenger air bag inflaters that can explode and send shrapnel everywhere this is part of the largest series of recalls in american hiory. ford has not yet heard of any injuries related to the issue. check out the big catch. the blue n tuna sold for a record $3 million at auction.
7:32 am
the takeokyo fiset owner is no stranger. this is his seventh time paying top price at the auction. >> that's a big fish. ts morning, a controversy after ellen's support of kevin hart urging him to reconsider hosting trs os she is facing criticism neon we have matt bradley with more on this. >> peter, good morning. action was swift on social media. many condemning ellen for supporting hart after the comments surfaced online. this morning, the big question is will kevin hart ghe job back? >> reporter: this morning, no comment from the academy after the plea for kevin hart to reconsider hosting the academy awards after stepping down after e homophobic comments he made.
7:33 am
in the pa >> i called the academy. >> reporter: the academy is not talking, but ellen is facing backlash. is an mccain tweeting where the genuine apology to the lgbt community and teachable moment? and i expected for her to ask kevin intrigue beiing questions. for his part, hart apologized on friday. >> there iser noct bone in my body. i havee madseveral mistakes. i embraced them all and i'm a better man because o . >> reporter: the academy picked hart indecember. some earthed his old tweets. he then tweet in part i'm
7:34 am
sorry i hurt people and stepped down from the role. >> i'm upset. i know who i am. i don't have a homophobic bone iny body. i addressed it. >> whatever is going on in the internet, don't pay attention. >> reporter: it is up to the academy to decide if they will take ha back. you heard ellen say she called the academy. she said the academy has never refused hartn the first place. it remains to be seen what wt.l happen nex peter. >> matt, thank you very much. let's turn to the man hunt in vegas after police say a woman ran over a nail salon worker killing her. the police are looking for the driver. a warning to the viewers. some of the videos upsetting. >> reporter: the police department taking to social media.oo take a close at this photo. part of the manhunt for 21-year-old hit-and-run suspect
7:35 am
crysta whipple driving a stolen car. she went into t crystal nails saturday for a $35 remani her credit card was declined according to investigators, she went to get money from her car and drove off. he the female owner jumped in front of suspect's vehicle while her husband was at the back of the car. at which time the suspect accelerated through the parking lot. >> reporter: that woman was ni a annie. a she dieder suffering injured after being dragged from the car. police remain on the hunt for her killer hopinghe public can help track her down. morgan chesky, nbc news. >> sad story. let'she get another c of the wea
7:36 am
we are seeing a few showers
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out our window rig now. definitely some fog and drizzle. even though maybe some showers aren't showing up on the radar, there's low level moisture. this will rotate through the area. expect occasional showers. and a lingering shower thi afternoon. this is moving west to east and everything will be dry by 3:00. look at this behind here. lo visibilities. mid to upper 40s. toppin out around 50 today. rapid clearing this afternoon. o forecast. >> thank you, dylan. still to come, the latest on britney spears abrupt decision to cancel her coming shows. and another wild week on wall street and a new ahead. what you should be doing to make the most of your money in 2019. we'll have all that after these messages. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable.
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i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal. hey kurt, are you watching the best of geico ? i sure am, linda. they've been saving folks money for years. and now they're re-airing some of their all-time greatest hits. with classics like... hump day. caveman airport. and even... celebrating squirrels. this crudité is great, but those geico ads are even better. but that's not all. vote today and you can enter for a chance to appear in an upcoming geico commercial. just visit oh, geico. this morning in your money, it i a new year and it is off to ata rocky srt with wall street voluatility this week. >> this week we have jean
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chatzky. we are coming off the worst year ine decade. first two weeks were the worst since 2000. this week encapsulates the apple drop and the positive news from the fed to cause the surge. we havehat we witnessed yesterday. back and forth over the course of the the qn is what is the advice to consumers? a lot ofio people are anx of leaving money for the long term. >> the advice is don't watch day-to-day. that is hard particularly when we have a week like this one. we have the jobs number yesterday. the market surged 750 points. u have to remember, stocks are for the long term. any money that you have in the stock market that you need in the next three years doesn't belong there. get that money out now because things could get worse before they get better. historically we know that for the long term having a decent chunk of your money in stocks
7:42 am
that lines w uph your age and risk tolerance and stage in life is your best bet. if you don't is, take 110 and subtract your age. that is about the amount y want to have in stocks. >> say that again? take 110 and subtract your age. >> that's about the amount you want to have in stocks with the rest in bonds whi is typically safer. although they did not have a wonderful year either. fortunately, many americans in e 401(k) and retirement accounts have target date retirement fund. >> i was going to ask how to make your money grow. >> a target date retirement fund does the rebalancing for you. so if you have money in the markets that you haven't touched since you put it in and you put it in stocks years ago, chances are you are ioverweighted stocks and taking too much risk. if you are a set it and forget it investor, set a target date
7:43 am
fund and put your money in that and leave it >> obvio in a new calendar year. people will think about taxes. they ski they still have plenty of time. the president trump's new tax law. good news and bad news foryihose pang money to the government. >> on the good side, this is not the trump tax plan, but from the irs. you can put more money in the retirements accounts. $19,000 in the 401(k) and $6,000 in an i.r.a. you can put in additional money. a catch up contribution. i know that sounds like a lot of money to a lot of people. if you are not maxing out what you can put into yourt retiremen accounts, go online to the benefits portal or go to the i.r.a. andd bump up your contribution 1%. it is aonzing how much you
7:44 am
will have for retirement. >> we have 30 seconds left. anymore money management advice? >> two things. if you have money in savings at a brick and mortar bank, you are not earning enough. go to and look for ater return. move that money into a high interest savings or money market. and check your withholding. because of the tax law, 30 million will have a negative surprise on tax day and owe more money than they think. if you are one of them, stash money now. >> betr start preparing. >> jean, nice to see you. coming up, think you t a only one with a resolution to get in shape? you aren't. how zookeers are helping the how zookeers are helping the an ♪ how zookeers are helping the an be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease,
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cold crowd outside. we will visit shortly. a lot o americans made resolutions to lose a couple pounds. that is you, you are not alone. >> there is an even likely group to join. elephants. >> ron mott traveled for a different battle of the bulge. >> reporter: okay, they are thick around the rump and stand around all day eating. they're elephants. >> can they really be
7:49 am
overweight? >> yes. >> reporter: because of that, the eight gals and the star at mae st. louis zoo, raja, the 26-year-old le, have zoo officials monitoring their girth. raja was deemed overweight of the 250 animals at various somes. >> he weighs from 10,000 pounds. he i in good body condition. >> reporter: the st. uouis zoo cawith a recipe. outomatic gravity feeders forcing them work for food and feeding sller meals. >> tell him all right. >> reporter: and like you and , the real goal here is keep them active. >> ja, stand. good boy. >> very good. >> reporter: along with the ladies, rajas enj exercise so long as it com with a tasty
7:50 am
rewa. doing reps even more me. >> most of the exercise is exploring and foraging for food. is important we keep the habitats dynamic. >> reporter: the officials say it keeps the elephants in check to minimize joi and foot injuries.u yo will forgive them for a little jk in the trunk. all need a treat here and there. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, st. louis. >> i was going to say, ra, my advice i don't comment on the ladies' junk in the trunk. >>wow. good stuff. coming up, if you have resolutions as well, stick around. we have the newest fitness trends to help you getisnto shape ear. we're back after this.
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7:56 am
good morning, everybody. 7:56 now on this saturday, january 5th. we begin with n breakins we're following out of southeast washington. two people are dead after a fire early this morning ripped through a home. flames broke out after 6:00 this morning. oneirefighter fell through the floor. he's expected to be okay. we'll bring you wdates as get more information. the partial government shutdown has had a big effect on tourism in our region. the smithsonian museums and national zoo are closed. there are a few thingsou can do if you're inwn the library of congress and a few smaller museums are op.
7:57 am
for a full list of activities open to the public during the shutdown,ead to our nbc washington app. we'll have a check on yigr forecast after this. stay with us. so you finally got fios, huh? yep, and wanna know what the best part about it is? gaming with less lag?
7:58 am
nope. watching movies in 4k? nope. the best part about it is, right now, my mom is streaming classes... dad is streaming games... and because the fiber-optic network gives you insane speed and capacity... ...they don't have to ask you to get offline. you owe me so big time. exactly. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. get fios internet for just $39.99 per month and get a $50 amazon gift card when you switch.
7:59 am
welcome back. lauryn rickets is in the weather nter. allegedly the sun came up about a half hour ago. i don't see it. >> i don't either. we're not going to see it for quite some time. a small window after 3:00. by 3:00 all this rain is out of he. expect occasional showers. drizzle, mist, fog until then. current temperatureshere right now, mild. we're headed to right around 50 degrees today. that rain moving out of here from the west to theeast. a few lingering showers early this afternoon. gone by 3:00. we're looking a lot better. rapid clearing later this afternoon with the winds picking up. breezy tomorrow, mid 50s. tuesday look at that temperature. we've at 60. breezy into wednesday and
8:00 am
thursday. next chance of rainnd snow i next weekend. >> we'll be back with more local news and weaer in about 25 minutes. now back to new york and the "today show." good morning. no end in sight. the government shutdown entering its third week with the president defiant about his border wall. president trump threatening it could last ds or years. now even warning he might go around congress to getis way. >> we could call aem national gency and build it quickly. >> democrats holding ground. >> we really cannot resolve this until we open up government. >> we're live at the white house. flu season fears. e number of states across the country sfering from the flu outbreak has more than doubled from a week ago. we have the latest on just how bad it could get. globes. countdown to the golden the first award show of the season is here bringing the glitz and glam of the hollywood elite. who is expected to have the f biggest night all?
8:01 am
we'll tell you "today" saturday, january 5th, 2019. ♪ ♪ living shooting for the stars that i couldn't ♪ >> first trip to nyc. >> here fromai the green moun state. >> all i want for my birthday is a hug from dylan. >> a shoutout to my second graders. >> happy new year! ♪ >> dylan ist feeling this morning. >> those guys are rwonderful. producer is great. >> good morning. great to see you guys and back for the new year. we have a lot of head. i'm glad to together to do it again. we start with the news. the government shutdown officially in its third week this morning. parts of washington at a standstill with democrats and the president still unable to
8:02 am
come to a agreement over funding a border wall or simply how to reopen the government. nbc'shite house correspondent kelly o'donnell is live at the y,ite house. keood morning. >> reporter: good morning, peter. fresh off the twitter feed, the president is talking about the shutdown and saying democrats could solve this easily. he says it could be done quickly if they just support real, all caps, border security. today, congressional offices will be sending top representatives here toee with the vice president. aides tell me the meeting at 11:00 a.m. wasrganized with no end time. if there is any progress, theye can working. shutdown day 15. more talk >> we're going to be, i believe, very productive over the weekend. >> reporter: today, thet vice presidill host congressional negotiators in his ceremonial o fice acrossm the white house. >> our aim will be t find a
8:03 am
solution, not just simply to end the government shutdown. >> reporter: the latest session comes after friday's west wing visit from speaker pelosi and tor schumer and top republicans. which exposed mixed messages over how long theul stalemate last. >> he said he would keep the government closed for a very long period of time. months or yes. >>absolutely. i said that. >> reporter: sounding dug in for the long thaul. then the president also said. >> we think it could go veryic y. no, we won't be opening until it is >>solved. eporter: demanding billions for his promised border wall, president trump floated asu tantial new variation. >> if i build a steel wall. >> reporter: he claims steel may be anel easier to democrats. >> i think we are probably talking about steel because i really feel the other side feels better about it. >> reporter: but speaker pelosi wasn't buying. >> we really cannot resolve this
8:04 am
until we open up government.r: >> reporresident trump even suggested he could bypass congress by using presidential authority to declare a national emergency. >> i may do it. i may do it. >> reporter: as washington talks, federal employees are left with more uncertainty. >> we look at each other and, you know, it's like, arwow. we going to get paid? >> reporter: a work force of roughly 800,000 people n getting paychecks. with this lapse, there is a wrinkle.n a pn the law that would allow for a $10,000 raise tot cabi secretaries and the vice president because their salarien have b frozen for five years. the law lapsing, that kicks there is a new memo from the office of personnel management saying the salaries should remain frozen during the shutdown. that is one wrinkle. ere are ways real people are affected and also there are different wayse are seeing
8:05 am
this play out that can frustrate the public watching this n into the third week. peter and sheinelle. >> a lot of frtration. kelly o'donnell, thank you. to other headlines this mornin including new details on t fiery crashatn florida thilled seven people. the truck driver at the center of the wreck had several traffic violations. meanti meantime, aown in louisiana is mourning as fivef the children were part of the church group from the community were killed on the way to disney world. a late night brawl a in california bowling alley turned deadly. police reported shots fired at gable house bowl in torrance, california. the names of the victims have not been revealed. investigators are still trying to figure out who was involved. a health alert as the flu season gets worse.
8:06 am
according to the cdc, the new casesurreng and the states with the flu soubledince last week. dr. john torres has more. >> reporter: the doctor athe medical center is on the frontline of the flu >> the flu is kicking in right now. is that what you are seeing here? >> we are seein an uptick in the cases of flu in the past few weeks. >> reporter: according to the cdc, h 1 1, known as the swine t flu, i large number of cases. last month, the journalist bree payton died from it. >> we have seen hospitalizations this lar. we wil expected more. >> reporter: with last year's flu season one p of tof the dea, the cdc recommends everyone six
8:07 am
months or older to get the vaccine. if you do get sick, there is a drug called uzxo can be taken. >> dr. torres, good morning. is it too late to get the flu shot? >> it is not too late. theks season p in january and february. we are not there yet. we think the worst weeks areah d of us. you want to get the flu shot now. it takes two weeks to kick in. get it. six mons and above. especially pregnant women. >> important. goodadvice. we checked your chart. happy birthday today. >> thank you very much. >> we checked yourchart. i have not heard that. don't go too far. you will be back with health tips for 2019. >> for the new year. you be we are heading to the plaza with a cheth of the w with dylan. >> good morning. it is a little bit gross outhe this morning. i met brandon here on the plaza. he asked was on tv if he
8:08 am
i said no, but now you are. what do you want to do with your big moment? >> um -- >> you're speechless. >> buy a hot dog and pretzel off the streets of new york. >> i think that happen. that's a good thing to do in new rk. get the local food. let's look
8:09 am
well, out our window we have the fog and some drizzle and mist. will it rain all day? no. that rain will be out of here after about 3:00 p.m. we'll be any rain of sunday? no. sunday is beautiful and mild with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50s. we warm up soon. by tuesday we're at 60. no snow in the forecast just yet. e systemrotating. expect occasional showers and drizzle through the morning lingering showers early this te oon. everybody dry by 3:00 and a little breezy. that's yourt lat forecast. sheinelle and peter. >> thank you, dylan. still to come, n bigs from coachella. why a world famous actor is one of the headliners at the desert concert. and searching for a soul mate. why tomorrow is your big day. why tomorrow is your big day. we'll tell you your mornings were made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment,
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that's an aggressive yellow. pretty great, huh? if you're a banana. i find it very... appealing. kellogg's raisin bran with bananas. two scoops meet real banana slices. i've done a good job of raisin ya. with the holidays behind us,
8:13 am
it is the season for new beginnings. if you are looking to recharge your tove life,nk about getting a line tomorrow. >> just saying. >> dan is in the orange room explain why. >> match making sites call tomorrow, january 6th, datin sunday. rt is expected to be the best day of the yea for online dating. if you thi cupid is waiting in the wingsoralentine's day, think again. the best day of the year to meet your matchs thisunday when a singles 50% to 85% more log on to find love. >> dating sunday is like our black friday. people are setting up more dates that day than all year. >>re sundays a busy days for online dating, but spending the hodays solo is putting people in daction.
8:14 am
an apps from ok cupid is updating offerings. has the ability to like instead of swipe which is more intentional. tindr allows you to offer atures a bumble helps you kick start conversations. >> we launched we met to ask you .o rate the date to make your matches better >> if you are ready to take the plunge, who is in pool withyou? nearly half of americans aged 18 and older are singles. according to the survey, 1 in 3 relationships starts online. app usage has tripled in recent ye age is no srrier. si report growing numbers of seniors as well. >> so many as and each app has its own personality. >> to make the most of your time online, log on at night. if you see someone you like,
8:15 am
reach out with morn e than a hi. most importantly, open your mind to what your perfect match may look like. >> if you are open and willing to have n a lens and meet people who would not have that, you would pbably meet your person. >> wait. there's more. after dating sunday, you should gear up for the first date friday on january 11th. if you are too busy to log in and click and wink. don' worry. peak dating season runs until valentine's day. >> wait until next year? >> jusor in time the flu to gou away. ow, i did this round table for another show a couple weeks ago. the only thing with the millennials with the dating, they have the check list take away the bullet points. >> you know what i >> let things happen.
8:16 am
>> i think so. what do i know? goodness. luck. tomorrow is your day. >> pressure is on. how about "popstart?" arwitching ges. britney spears. the pop star shocked the internet and fans announcing her vegas show is on hold indefinitely. she announced it on twitter witb a thk photo. her father nearly died a few months ago and while he is t ou hospital now, he still has a long road ahead of him. adding she wantsh to be w her family at this time just like r.ey always been there for the show is supposed to debut in february. coaclla. the19 lineup is announced. there are surprises, but the biggest one is idris elba. >> nice. >> he is known for his film work, b did you know the actor also moonlights as ida dee jay? many wonder if it is a joke or if he will perform a short play.
8:17 am
some creating a fake lineup which this one including glenn close, but kathie lee and hoda. the music festival takes place in april. and margot robbie speaking out abo the me up initiative. it has been a year since the birth of the movement. margot talke t willie geist about that. >> have things changed in your eye in the last year? >> t thinkhey have. i really do. i'm promoting a film directed by a woman. i'm in prep for a film with a female director. a esecond-time fem director with a big budget behind it. i think until recently, saying that and getting people to put money behind that weas two conversations. t >> you can cat interview with margot tomorrow on "sunday today." >>hank you, dylan.
8:18 am
n't go too far. coming up, we are taking a look at yew show which takes people around the world. swimming withtingrays and be ars. oh, my. we are back after thi we are back after thi this there are at least three ways to lower your novec electric bill: you could live off the grid. you could set your thermostat no higher than 68 degrees in winter.
8:19 am
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8:20 am
we are back t morning. we have very exciting news. plug. eless >> this one's worth plugging. dylan is hosting a new show and premieres today here on nbc. >> it ispppriately named "earth odyssey with dylan dreyer." it takes a look at wildlife around the world. >> it is the fun show of exploration. i don't always get it to go to the places, but i did get to wim with sditingrays for an episode on january 26th. here is a sneak peek.
8:21 am
>> i'm here surrounded by a diverse variety of rays. of course, water is essential to all life on earth. not to those dwelling in the ocean, but those livineahigh abovelevel. >> it took me so long to record e sentences. >> you are surrounded. >> they had the barbs cut. they can't sting you. they like to sit on your feet. it is this heavy wet blanket that's on your foot. it just sits there. >> and now talk. of all the things, go swim wh dolphins. we set you up to swim with stingrays. >> i don't get to go to a lot of the places, but that is what makes it special. it is vietnam and galapagos islands. >> kids lovethis. i have seen the past shows you have been doing on the theme exploratory shows. myrs daughove it because it is an opportunity to watch the
8:22 am
anims in the far away places. this is great saturday morning viewi viewing. >> it is the part of the family morning block of shows on nbc on saturday morning. g is aat nature show. kids love the animals. parents love it, too. it is a learning experience in a half hour. it premieres today on nbc. check your local listings. it is here at 10:30 here in new york. >> thank you. still to come on "today," our countdown to the golden globes. who will take home the awards? who will take home the awards? "a star is born" ola "b
8:23 am
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good morning. 8:26 on this saturday. i'm aaron gilchrist. we're following breaking news in southeast d.c. this morning. two people were found dead after a fire ripped tough a home. one firefighter fell through thr flf the home as it was burning. he'll be okay. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you updates asle we arn more. orge's county police officer is off the job accused of sexual assault. the police chief says the officer responded to a dispute between a manom and at a home around 4:00 yesterday morning. the woman asked for aide so she could be separated from the man. the officer drove her to the
8:27 am
metro station. police say the woman later ran from the car and told the metro transit police office that the county officer touched her inappropriately. the police chief said he is suspended pending the outcomethf investigation. onlyn news 4. video of a fiery tractor-trailer trash that brought traffic to f st hours yesterday. this happened around 7:00 a.m. fore the crash a witness called 9-1-1 to report the tractor-trailer had been moving erratically on the ghy. after the crash he and another person tried to help the driver. e truck driver is expected to be okay. a pretty dreary start to thiswesaturday. l have a look at the weekend forecast when we come back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
we're a looking at foggy, wet, drizzly morning. occasional showers through about lunchtime and lingering showers moving out from west to east hrough the early part of the afternoon. by 3:00 we're dry. dry tomorrow. passing showers into early tuesday. this whole system rotates through the area and then this afternoon becoming breezy. we're also becoming mild and we're mild out there right nowe withratures in the 40s. we'll top that around 50 fore dayt highs. tomorrow beautiful mid 50s and then monday not60 looking bad. n tuesday.
8:30 am
>> we'll be back with more on the breaking news and weather at the top of he hour. fornow, back to the "today show." we are back on this rainy saturday morning. januy 5th 2019. you guys win. >> no doubt. >> it is breezy and rainy. a great crowd. noteeng you away. happy new year. >> she looked back at us and said we're freezing. we have a lot to get to this in half hour. everything you need to know to get the new year off started right. your fashion must haves. the top tv shows. we tackle everything that is going to be trending in 2019. and no better way to kickoff the new year than with healthy recipes that happen to be vegan and delicious. first, final plans under way for the 76th annual golden
8:31 am
globes awards. the show known for unpredictability not because o the booze filled antics. >> here is i aneresting fact. there are only 90 people who e golden vote on globes awards. number, of the small that makes it difficult to predict. >> garjoe garagiola has more. >> reporter: it is the kickoff to the award season. the fun loving antidote to the oscars. this award show has humble beginning dating back to 1943 when a small group of journalists came together to be the foreign hollywood press association and soon heafter, golden globes wardawards. >> doris day. >> reporter: the first was a lunch with journalists handing out the honors.
8:32 am
that changed in 1958 when with cigarettes aktails in hand, the rat pack jumped on stage and hijacked the festivi y festivities. from that moment on, it turned into the unpredictable. and thanks to sinatra and company, stars take over hosting duties. this year it bel tgso andy samberg and sandra oh. at is the headline going in this year? e i think we celebrating a couple of things. more diversity among the no, ma'am nominations. you have "black panther" and blackkklansman. >> christian bale leads the nominations. right behind it is bradley cooper with "a star is born." many expecting it to hit all of the right notes. including the best picture
8:33 am
drama. >> i think "black panther" deserves it. i think "a star is born" will win. >>ic we have ne kidman and lady gaga. two you never think of in the same sentence with the award category. >> i think lady gaga takes it. cole kidman nominated 13 times. >> one othe tightest races, best actor. >> bradley cooper and rame malik. >> reporter: the favorite for fe musical categories? theorite among favorites. when it comes to tv, the globes recognize big names and new shows. with a-listers taking on the sml screen, netflix is expected to take on the large honors. >> it is the most exciting
8:34 am
category. you have julia roberts and sandra oh and elizabeth moss. they love julia roberts. sandra oh is hosting. i think julia roberts takes it. >> as for the medy? things are looking marvelous for "mrs. maisel." and carol burnett with the lifetime achievement award. for "today," joelle gargullo, nbc news. >> you can catch the golden globes tomorrow night here on nbc. dylan is hanging outside with the final check of the weather. >> thanks for lving you know exactly how it is lo
8:35 am
out our window, we have fog and drizzly conditions. a few scatter odd kagsal showers
8:36 am
through about noon. lingering showers through the early afternoon. everybody dry by three. a breeze later this afternoon. teperatures around 50 degrees. this whole system is going to rotate out of here as it moves up toward the north eastern coast. temperatures right now again 40s and 50s. thelo visibility please watch out for the fog and slick roads. okay, you guys, they're alle ing. guys. > our best to baxter, by the wa >> who? >> baxter. >> i forgot. dylan, thank you. coming up, we check in with the resident doctors with the best ways to kickoff the year right with the latest food and fitness trends. wat you need to k to be healthy in 201 [cell phone rings] where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator...
8:37 am
can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time.. if you're a mom, you call at the worst possible time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? seaonly abreva cany to help sget rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
8:38 am
welcome back. this morning in our series resolution revolution. you like what we did there? it is not too late to new year started right and to get on track with health and wellness goals for 2019. octors are in the the house to get us off on the right foot.e it looks l medical firm. >> we have dr. ar and dr. torres here.oo >>morning. >> let's start with nutrition. ld report camew out with rankings for the best diets here. whadvice? what works? >> all the diets that they analyzed were fantastic. mediterranean diet took the prize as the mostbeecommended or diet. for good reason. mediterranean diets are associated wh decreased risk of cardio disease anderin
8:39 am
cancers. the relation to women if it can make y live a longer and heal healthier live. there is interesting research out o brigham. the women who followed therr mediean diet. the basics, fresh fruits and nuts and grains. soderate amount of alcohol. protein source fish and seafood. reduce the amount of red meat. healthy amount of unsaturated fats. that is the basis.n woho with follow that live longer and healthier and maintain mobility. >> you saw the number two dieta which the number one diet. the dash diet. the diet to get rid of hypertension to reduce sodium. lean protein and whole. grai it helps maintain health and lower hig that is the number two diet. for men in particular, thiser nuhree diet is a surprise
8:40 am
for people. the flexitarianib diet. fl and vegetarian. we tend to have worse diets than most men don't stick to a good healthy diet because they add meats all the time. this diet lets them do that. if you cheat ery now and then and add a meat, don't worry about it. that can help y live longer and stay healthy and lose weight. that came ire number >> finally, food check. let's talk about physical fitns. is there anything we need to know? >> big news for women in particular. we talk about i. everyone knows if you are overweight and obese, it increases the risk for disease. the dirty secret is what if your bmi is normal, butnt pere of body fat is not. >> what can you do? >> it is weight loss. the belly fat around here that actually was recently sho to increase the woman's risk even if she had a normal bmi increase
8:41 am
the risk twice as higher to have breast cancer. if you think about the vice ral fat here, it can create the fat around the ar the take home is if your bmi number is in the norl range and too much belly fat here as a woman, your risk for heart disease and breast cancer appears to be increased. >> for ierybody, this the year to concentrate on the little things during the day. ahead and take mor steps. use the stairs instead of the escalator. park furtharther away. instead of sending an e-mail, go and see for the guys in particular, the study showing if you happen to be healthy when you are young and fit and lose that fitnesse,n middle ag the chance of having do stroke les. if you are not fit and you start getting in shape and fit, your chance of getting a stroke is t in half. stay in shape or get in shape. it is never too late. especially for men. >> the best advice i got,t you
8:42 am
ca exercise off a bad diet. if you don't stick to one of et these, eatr sgrchlt thank you medical dream team. could fan anie packs be makg a comeback? what about tie dye? we
8:43 am
8:44 am
we're back on saturday morning. since thisd is the first week of the new year, we warrant to k ahead. >> from fashion to fitness to watching tv,ou we have covered. stella bugbees the editor with us this morning. >> i'm in charge of health and wellness. we know about almond milk and soy milk. but now people are talking about oa
8:45 am
oat milk. is that working? >> it is delicious. it is gluten free, as i noticed, for people on the health kick. it has less impact on the environment. >> talk about workouts. there are trends in working out. w you areking out at all, you are better off. what is the trend? >> the past data is people want 45 minute rworkouts less. shorter workouts and less impact. >> we know all about the genetic tests as well. 23 and me and ancestry. now erat-home o tests. including hormone tests. what are they getting at and what can they teach snu. >> everybody wants to know everything. >> this grabbed my attentioatte. the giant handbag trend. we have an example. ?e you kidding that looks like i'm about to go grocery shopping.
8:46 am
>> it is ahoing tote. >> when it is that big, you fill it up and it is heavy. >> it's so cute? >> really? what else is fanny packs. they're back sgrch >> a lot of people love it. >> they are practical. >> theyook cool. >> people are wearing them side ways. >> you go massi bag or tiny bag on your waist. >> i guess. the last one is another fashion expert. tie dye. it's back. >> notust for summer camp. it made it to the mainstream high fashn. >> oh, like this. >> yeah. glamorous. >> i think the shirt you put .ubber bands >> you would look great in that. >> this is the look. >> i'm focusing on tv and social media trends. everybody loves chefs. who is the big chef to watch? >> if you have not seen "salt fat acid heat," it is a great
8:47 am
cooking show. she traveled all over the world. >> you were just talking about this. >> she was on the show a few times. i enjoy here. youtube stars are breaking out of the mold. >> a lot of scandals and crackdowns on how you can monetize. people are going into movies and merchandise. if you have a chance to watch ryan's toys review. he is phenomenal. >> how much does this kid make? more than $10 mi >> he is 8 and he is richer than most of the people. >> his snapchat and facebook still popular? >> absoretely. peopleharing with smaller groups. infantinstagram. >> we are reallynterested in the show p 15. the actresses are 31, but play
8:48 am
as 13-year-olds. >> stella, thanks so much. i'm off to get a fanny pack. thank you. coming d up, we hea the kitchen to check out healthy and kitchen to check out healthy and dairy free dishes to start your s at carmax? kitchen to check out healthy and dairy free dishes to start your that's a great question. if you'd stop in a monsoon to help someone change a tire, save a whale that had beached itself... you're gonna be ok big guy. push! lend a hand in an old-timey barn raising... you got it, jebediah! and if the middle school dance group was down one member and you'd step in and lead them all the way to glory... yes! then carmax is for you, because helping people is what our people are all about. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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8:51 am
>> if your new year resolution is to eat hhealthier, wee it for you. firehouse we have cumen, oregano and garlic powder and bell pepper. if you add the spices. onion powder and the best thing is to toast it a little bit with the olive oil before the rest of the ingredients. we can dump all of this straight in the pot. >> are theseanned beans? >> canned kidney beans. >> that smells good. >> diced tomatoes with the juices. you d't have to drainit. a little bit of tomato touch of sugar to brighten the flavor and water. you see this is a healthy and low-fat recipe. you can make thi on a sunday and refrigerate it or freeze it. u can have food throughout the
8:52 am
week. >> it has so much taste in it. i didn't notice there wasn't meat. >> we have cornbread muffins. you can top it with limed sour cream and lime squeeze. kids can have fun topping it. let's go to the next dish. >> everyone loves your mac and cheese. you are not using cheese? >> normal has heavy cream and butter. we have nocheese. we are making our sauce out of cass s. if you don't have a high powered blender, you can soak them overnight and drain. >> water will make it creamy? >> exactly. you can boil tm for ten minutes to soften the cashew. we have agave for sweetness. if you stir the pot with the
8:53 am
chee cheese-less cheese sauce. >> something has a kick. >> we are adding jalapeño. this is a highroin and healthy dish for families. super easy. doou want t have a taste? >> i would like it. >> i like to top it with smoked p paprika. >> it is really good. >> iove ramen so much. i always wanted to make it at home. >> when you eat ramen at the restaurant, ihas pork and fish and egg stock. we have doing it vegan. we have mushrooms and vegetable stock. we add garlic and curry powder and salt. we will bring it to a boil for five minutes and add ramen noodles. >> just straight outf the
8:54 am
pack? 20 cents a thing? >> you can buy fresh. you can use gluten free or buy and throw out the soup packet and use the pasta. this gives it a creamy texture. and tofu. we press the fu. i press it in a towel to release the water. then it canoak up flavor. >> i want to hug you. that's how good this is. this is so creamy. >> i'm so glad you like it. >> the tofu is crispy. >> you know it was the thing 20 cents in a pact. you know dylan lived alone. >> i lived on it for a while. >> these are hearty and warm. still low cal l.
8:55 am
>> this is the comfort food without the ouilt. >> thank >> if you want to see these recipes, go to thatoes it for us today. tomorrow, willie sits down with margot robbie talking about her days in the business and her movie "mary queen of scots." and how she is tackling the hollywd gender problem hea on. >> we are all twisted after eating. have a great day and great weekend. thank you so much. look. it's over.
8:56 am
i love you, but i'm not in love with you. she says i can't see you anymore. find furniture you'll love at... ...havertys year end sale. -now held over! get free financing for 5 years. hurry in before 's over! these deals are break-up worthy. havertys. life lks good. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. straight ahead we are on the scene of a deadly fire in southeast washington. actually, two fires. another fire a block aw two people are dead and there is an investigation going on.
8:57 am
i'll have details coming up on news 4. and details on the forecast. we've got a few showers out there now. definitely a lot of fog and drizzle. when will the rain end? we'll talk about the timing of is and a warmup coming our way coming up in a few minutes. a new search in an old case. ars after a young girl went missing from a d.c. homeless shelter, polic are hoping to find more clues before an old building is torn down potentially losing evidence fo and little progress in the border wall fight keeping the government closed. the shutdown enters thehird week. all that and more in a few moments here when news 4 today gets underway. we're back in just a moment.
8:58 am
8:59 am
> breaking news this morning. firefighters found two bodies after taking down intense flames g. a house in southeast d.c. this morn new information could lead to closure. moren the new efforts to find reli relisha rud. the presint says the shutdown could last months or years if he doesn't get funding for the border wall. good morning. i'm aaron we will go live for an update on the fatal fire in a moment.
9:00 am
first lauryn rickets is tracking this wetee weather that's moving through this morning and ome sunshinen the way. >> hey. not a lot of sunshine. we will have a small window where we can see sunshine likely after 3:00. the sunsets at 5:00 p.m. again, small window where we can see some sunshine. i believe portions of our area, especially west of d.c. may get a f pops later on. but again, for this morning, you'll need the rain gear. tomorrow just a lightjacket. by monday a winter coat. and by tuesday you're going to need srts and a t shirt. we're warming up to spring-like hmperatures. we'll talk abo warm it's going to get coming up. otherwise, let's talk about this rain. it continues to rotate through the area as it lifts to the north and east towardhe cape cod area. all of this is going to move to the north and east it's going to rotate through the area bring occasional shows. lingering showers later this afternoon as that mov


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