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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 15, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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news 4 today starts now. >> it is 4:30 as you wake up on this third day of a winter blast of snow. a live look outside at the roads in reston, virginia. >> has it been three days already? >> >> saturday, sunday. >> can't do the math. 28 degrees oside of our studios. not talking about the windchill here. the issue as you leave home, it will be the ice. >> you may also have a little trouble with t snow,depending on where you live. my car is still under a bit of snow. some smaller roads still haven't been plowed. that's why many schools and offices are giving people extra time to get in thisemorning. ederal government is on a two-hour does not apply to furloughed employees impacted by the shutdown who are in a nonwork status. now, to closes and delays. montgomery, prince george's, anne arund, and charles county
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schools on a two-hour delay. we stay in virginia, where fairfax, loudon prince woman, page, shenandoah, warren county s are on a two-hour delay, as are the counties of clark and frederick, and t cities of manassas, manassas park alexandria andester schools. >> in west virginia, schools on atwo-hour delay. we are working for you this morning as you get rea to head back to your morning routine, our crews are spread outacross the area, to give you an idea oh how muc time to leave yourself today. ith chuck check in bell about the forecast. what can we expect, chuck? >> well, you need to know, if it looks wet, it is ice. no doubt about it. temperature, 28 degrees in washington. good news is, we don't have much ind to contend with here this morning. some of our co-workers coming in from maryland and frederick, he
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said it was breezier up in fredericcounty. temperatures are below freezing by a mile in some spots. bu de dulles down to 12. 7 in manassas. and mid-20s in prince george's county. it's 7:25 this morning. the days are getting longer. afternoon sunset at ten minutes past 5:00. afternoon temperatures should be above freezing from noon to 6: , 7:00 tonight. a five, six, seven hour chance to melt things down this afternoon. it will refreeze tonight into tomorrow morning, we're not done with the iciness yet. >> i know we're not. i can tellyou, my neighborhood was not the greatest. slick roads here in montgomery county. a live look as we drive northbound on 355 tough the rockville area. a little dark. you can still tell that things are looking okay on the main
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roads. same situation, 270. northbound/southbound at middlebrookroad, and germantown, looking okay, as well. the souts that be wet, could be very slick and could be black ice. inner and outer loop o the beltway, no problems because of all of the nasty weather we've been dealing with. and down to southbound lane sloed because of a water > in break. >>'re working for you with team coverage as our region continues to dig out from the firstst snoworm. the issue this morn willing be black ice. all of the snow and slush left on the sidewalks and roads have turned to ice because of these frigid mperatures. >> justin finch is live in southeast d.c. justin, you're out of the car and on the sidewalks. how is that going ithis morning? >> reporter: hey, aaron. made our way up a bit to northw at. we saw sight at the memorial
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park we had to share with you. first, the good news. s still somnow to enjoy here up on the park. on natsav,ge're seein treatment on the road and traffic moving. things are looking good. until you step on to the walk. i'm aost afrai to do this. but you see all of that mpacted snow, ice and slush has me for a very slick walk around the perimeter of this sidewalk. it is all sides of this triangle we're seeing this issue. extremely slick. if you're walking or t taking bus -- metrobuses are back up full steam -- give yourself extra time to get where you're trying to go.'v seen this throughout the fity, from southeast to northwest, areas oidewalks are not quite treated or haveee not touched over the past few days. i can tell you walking on this right now, i'm nervous i might
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fall on camera. i am going to get out of here. it shows you the kind of risk yo run when you don't have your sidewalks treated. same for our roads we'hb seeing. neighood streets, your main roads are looking good this morning. plows are out there, trying to make sure the roads are safe and passable. secondary roads, too, for the most part, alsogo pretty . you see the narrow neighborhood streets, the cut-throughs that look really,eally rough this morning. take it easily on those. but we will be out here throughout themorning, looking around, seeing the progress being made so far. and to tell what to look out for as you head to work and school today. bau. in to >> justin, just make sure nick is recording if you fall. we appreciate that. >> reporter: we're not doing that at all. straight to bars. you're crazy.
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>> stay warm. >> reporter: i got a lot of complaints yestery. >> i was worried about you, too. >> as you head out the door, have the washington app downloaded. that's where you can find warningsorecast, the on the roads and watch us live for e latest. >> here are the rest of your morning's top stories. day 25 of the government shutdown. democrats voted on two bills to reopen the government. yesterday, president trump rejected a short-term fix proposed by lindsey graham that would temporarily open the government. susan mcginnisheill have latest here in a few minutes. president trump's nominee for attorney general will face the confirmation hearing. he is ready to tl the judiciary committee that robert mueller should be allowed to complete his russia investigation. and barr also says that the
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public should be informed of the results of the atinvestn. new details of the kidnapping of a 13-year-old wisconsin girl and the murr of he parents. court documents reveal that jake tterson wanted to kidnap jamye closs aftereteeing her on a school bus one day. he broke into the home a and killed her parents. he kidnapped ja eped jayme wherk her to his home for 88 days, mostly hidden under his bed. coming up this morning, a local youth hockey team honored for its n activism withht on the ice. a look at how they're celebrated by the capitals next. another live look in northern virginia. more team coverage with a look at the potentially icy at the potentially icy ynditionsou're dealing with
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you're watching news 4 today. >> star treatment y for ath hockey team at the capital one ouena. e told about the metro maple leafs lastweek. the players caught the attentift of the caps standing up for one of their own.>> divide apollon was tormented and said that players on another team called him the "n" word and madeke mnoises at him. his teammates defended him. and when the caps heard about the story, they invited them out for a special night. >> i didn't think it was cool. i guess they are pretty a home right now because they didn't get to meet ovy because of their actions. >> not only did they get to meet the players, alex ovechkin gave him one of his sticks. that's awesome. his tmmates wore anti-racism t-shirts to support him, as well.
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we reached out to the other team. the coach sent a statement saying the team or the staff does not condone unsportsmanlike actions in any form. >> i think that they need to have a conversation with some of the players.oi whatever is down, somebody needs to have a frank discussion andt what's acceptable what's not. >> you can have pockets of ignoranc ignorance. >> i'm so proud of that te f. especially the other teams saying, this is not okay. and the caps, too. >> 4:41 our time right now. chuck bl is standing by. >> we have dry weather today and tomorrow. thursday evening, there is a chance it will be mostly rain. more about that and the ten-day forecast coming up. plus, more team coverage, live on the roads of the iciness we're dealing withnow. u're looking at a scene from hyattsville, maryland.n
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we'll checkith our crews across the region.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> it is 4:44 on this tuesday. a live look outside right now in northwest washington. a lot of pavement. that's a good thing. heads-up beforeou head out. it can be icy out there. you may not be able to see it. extra careful on the roads and the sidewalks and your driveway. youlon't want to f before you get in your car. >> you may not need to leave right away. mr man school districts are delayed or closed today. federal government offices will
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be ope but that does not apply to furloughed employees. air travel is getting back to norm aal after the snow delad or canceled dozens of flights in our area. dulles h to put an emergency plan in place. >> that was on top of higher-than-usual tsa sick calls. a security ntcheckp was closed when news 4 checked on the issue. we found lines were moving and there wer no major issues for travelers. that hasn't been the case for most airports as the shutdown stretches on. maryland senator ben cardin met with aviation workers. the haven't been paid since shutdown began. cardin warns that is dgerous for all americans flying. right now, day 25 of the shutdown. ite frustration from lawmakers like cardin, there's no ends in sight. republicans and president trump are taking most of the blame for
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the longest shutdown in history. >> 56% ofhose surveyed blamed the president and congressional mpublicans. susancginnis is live on capitol hill with the lahest of whatresident is saying about declaring a national emergency. r: the president said ust yesterday, he will never back down. that's the latest news. day 25, with no sn of areak in this deadlock. the president does seem to be moving away from the threa of declaring a national emergency, saying he doesn't want to do that. but he did reject the short-term fix that was suggested by lindsey graham, that wanted the government open for a few days to resume talks. and the president says he is not doing that. he wants his way. the democrats are not budging,h saying t are not providing any funding for a wall. they want the government restarted and for talks to continue. about a dozen congressmen and senators met from both parties
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to try to work ts out. they came away discouraged. they say this does loo like a protracted bat. no new negotiations are planned >> aright. susan mcginnis on the hill this morning. thank you. we're working for you through the shutdown, highlighting special events and giveaways for workers. the world central kitchen organizati will be opening up a branch called chefs for feds. it will ope ily, starting tomorrow, on pennsylvania avenue, near the navy memorial. federal workers and their famili can get a free bite from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. have information on chef for feds in the nbc washington app. that's where you can find a list of resources for federal workers we've been telling you about. whchef andres will be a par of the "tonight show tonight. the jimmy fallon is taking the
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show to puerto rico. another highlight, lin-manuel miranda willerform with fallon. miranda is there for a few days into a three-week run of "hamilton" in san juan, reprising his role as alexander hamilton. if you're not able to stay up, set your dvr f tonight. "the tonight show" airs tonight. that should be good show. >> 12 minutes before the hour. back to our team coverage of the wintry weather. temperatures took a nosedive overnight, turning anything wet into ice. some roads are partiallyed cov by snow still from this weekend's storms. >> molette green isn whattsville in prince george's county. are you seeing? >> good morning to you. we just turned off 202 landover road on to the neighborhood street. it's the neighborhood streets, side streets, the problems this morning. take a look right now at what
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we're seeing. icy patches. there's some snow cover here hi along stretch. we're going up a little bit of a hill. 23 degrees here in hyattsville. ndd you're going to find those icy sidewalks streets. good thing is, the schoolkids ve a two-hour o delayedpening. we can give crews a chance to work on the spots. if you look at video at the height of the storm t and in aftermath we had yesterday, you can see the snow cover and the amount, the main roads there. andeople did their part to shovel those roads, to shovel thelk sides, to shovel the driveways. but we still are finding this morning lot of neighborhood streets where the sidewalks are cored in snow and ice. of course, you have streets ere some of the cars are able
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to park on streets t but snow cover is making the streets narrower. you have to take extra time and be cautious. looktrt the st we're on right now. lots of patchy ice that you will find, as the kiddos and folks head out the door this morning, back to work and back to school. that's the latest, live from hyattsville. i'm mollette green. back to you guys. >> big variations there. thanks. >> first comes the snow, then the shoveling and the backs are out. everyone has to do the has stopped falling. that includes the nuns. two sisters were clearg off the sidewalk in d.c.'s brookland neighborhood. a good reminder that if you're able to help out a neighbor in need, if they can't shovel themselves, go pitch in. we'll tell you about the prograt
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connecting seniors in need to shovellers in the next half hour. i >> this a good habit to get into, though. >> ha. >> oh the habit. like we didn't know. >> i don't know what you're t k talking about. >> they're probably very capable. just because they're nuns doesn't mean ty can't shovel. a maryland state trooperaad big night on the job. just as the snow was moving out, heo reported an accident near college park. >> he helped the people in that car, another one pul up. the driver told the trooper his passenger was in labor. >> uh-oh. >> we'll let him explai what happened next. >> i opened the passenger door. i could see the baby's head coming out. i used my hands to cradle the baby's head at first. i wasn't sure what to do, to be honest. just tryinge to make s that it was safe from any harm.
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>> this has to be a part of training. >> they get som training. cunningham wrapped the baby boy in a towel and kept him warm until paramedics arrived. trooper cunningham has been a trooper foress than aear now. >> what a guy. >> and he credits his training with maryland state police for the healthy delivery. >> congrats to the family and the trooper. he's like, i c take on anything. >> well, you know, you're looking for bab names, you know. >>sai might be a popular choice in one family. 28 degrees. it is bitterly cold out tthere. an snow is keeping everything on ice. >> absolutely. clear skies. and the deep snowpack across the area, had snow falling in the . ar national airport, where this reading comes from is one of the warmest locations. tell that t the people in manassas who are waking up to
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thismorning. mostly, low to mid-teens in virginia and maryland. 30 by the bay. the bay haven't frozen up much. planning out your day today. plan on a lot of icy sidewalks and side streets here this morning. we should get above freezing before lunchtime and spend most of the afternoon in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. that is not too bad. the combination of sun and 40 degrees should put a dent on ice ons. sidewa you know, you can use our nbc shington app to stay ahead of the weather. if you have a great picture of owyour snn or snow day da yest send it to me on twitter. and you can tag me on inagram, aswell. our next weathermaker is starting to come onshore.
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rain in california is a chance of rain here on saturday sunday. today, nothing to worry about. tomorrow, nothing to worry about. willday afternoon there likely be a chance for some rain coming in here. there could be just enough cold air to getciness there. then, a cold rain on saturday into sunday, ahead of genuine article, arrive here'sda s afternoon. it will start as rain a end as a wintry mix. windchills will be below zo by monday morning next week. >> yay. that sounds horrible. windchills at ro. i thought you were going to say one more thing. looking at the slick roads this morning.
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we're trying to show you what it looks like out there. so, looks like it's been treated couple of times. the plow has come through. we have wals a m here, side of the roads, not so hot. 66 west of nuty nutley, that's coming y chase, right side blocked by a crash. not seeing a delay. no oer major problems at this point. actress rose mcgowan's legal troubles in our area appear to be over. she pled no chaes to drug charges. police say cocaine was found in her walest aftet on a plane. she paid a fine and avoided jail time. she originally faced up to ten bars. behind today marks ten years since the miracle on the hudson. it washis day in 2009, that
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155 people on that plane safely made it out of that situation. that emergency landing there in son river. h and you remember this, u.s. airways flight 1549 landed in a flock after hitting of geese. the pilot, sully sullenberger and the co-pilot will be honored in charlotte, where the plane was headed that day. passengers and crew who were rescued are invited to attend. >> how many people can say they had a movie about the experience. movie is "sully." i haven't had a chance to see it yet. coming upnext, after the weekend snow, many people are returning to work and schooy. to we'll look at the closings and delays for you. and the ssnowsh has turned into ice now. temperatures well below freezinv ernight. the big concern is the refreeze. live team coverage across the wregion. you'ching news 4 today.
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news 4 today starts now. >> it is back to work and school after winter blast of snow. this is a live look outside right now. be carefulut ther it's tuesday, january 15th,
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2019. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. the federal government is on a twhour delay this morning. it does not apply to furloughed employees. >> let's get to the school delays. in maryland, montgomery, prince george's, on a two-hour delay. >> in virginia, now, arlington, fauquier, stafford, sp all closed today. in virginia -- fairfax, loudon, prince william, page, shenandoah and warren county schools are on a two-hour delay, as arendlark frederick counties and the cities of manassas, manassas rk alexandria and winchester schools. >> and in west virginia, now, rkeley, hampshire, hardy jefferson, and morgan county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> give yourself plenty of tim head out this morning. >> the roads and sidewalks can be slick. virginia, and maryland.n


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