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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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2019. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. the federal government is on a twhour delay this morning. it does not apply to furloughed employees. >> let's get to the school delays. in maryland, montgomery, prince george's, on a two-hour delay. >> in virginia, now, arlington, fauquier, stafford, sp all closed today. in virginia -- fairfax, loudon, prince william, page, shenandoah and warren county schools are on a two-hour delay, as arendlark frederick counties and the cities of manassas, manassas rk alexandria and winchester schools. >> and in west virginia, now, rkeley, hampshire, hardy jefferson, and morgan county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> give yourself plenty of tim head out this morning. >> the roads and sidewalks can be slick. virginia, and maryland.n we have an e on the roads for
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you. but we begin with chuck bell and his forecast. what can we expect,chuck? >> you need to hold on to the railings tight if you g down outdoor staircases there. the steps looked like a frozen waterfall. hold on to the railings. temperatures have fallen way below freezing across most of suburban maryland and northern virginia this morning. manassas down to 4. waenton, 11. gaithersburg, 14. springfield, 15 degrees this mornints many other sn the 20s. 20 in prince george's unty. even st. mary's county, tall way down to 19 degrees thisg. morn your planner for today, sunshine. atures will gradually climb up in the upper 30s to arnold 50 degrees. the's your bustop weather there. 21 at the bus stop. and a lot of ice on the sidewalks thismorning. highs today near 40 degrees.
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what to wear today. yo heaviest coat, you hat and scarves and gloves. don't bring an umblla for today. don't need it tomorrow. you will need it before the week's through. >> thank you, loot the roads. 66 west of nutley street looking good. eastbound, westbound. that camera wasn't working us a couple of minutes ago. 66, as you saw, looks good 95 northbound, toward woodbridge, the tiniest sl down. slick roads here this morning. this is montgomery county in rockville. side streets will be messy. so are the dewalks. mine was yucky. we've been dealing with it for the past couple ofnd days kind of treating it and shoveli it. asevy chase, right side blocked by the southbound 301 at port tobacco road.
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lanes are blockede. ther this morning, plowing and shoveling will continue as our region diggs out from ts year's first winter blast. with the government closed and no school, road crews in d.c. have a chance to make headway against the snow yesterday. the issue this morning will be ice. 're working for you with complete coverage on how the ice might impact your tuesday morning. >> justin fch is driving through northeast d.c. now. justin, tell us where you are and what you're seeing. now.ff south dakota right we've seen some pretty good things so far, of course. we saw some slick patches. even though you are seeing cleay road may still see a slick patch that could cause you
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problems. another issue could have been sidewalks. some have been treated and cleared. we had a bad caseli ear. that's just compacted, slick, slush very hard ice. that just one false step there can really mess you up. pay attention, even if you are walking at any point today. what isnder yourfeet. take your time because you can easily hurt yourself we have driven aund d.c. and have seen main roads, pmary roads. the neighborhood streets could be a differentstory. plows out trying to get ahead of 24 stuff. bear in mind, you'll see them working, as well. 311, responding to social media and give them a ca. back to you. >> justin finch, thank you.
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we have crews all over the area. our team coverage of this winter last continues in northern virginia. >> news 4's transportation reporter, adam tuss, is live in ruston for us. what are you seeing? >> we are in good shape. then, you come to a spot like this. ande,ou can there's just ice covering some entire spots.h is a gas station in the reston area that hasn't gotten a lot of treatment at all. this is the kind of thing that you might find out here. you will have to be careful when you pull into parking lots. there's black ice out here. as we make the turn on the road here, you can see that the main roads here, sunrise valley y drive, the have been treated. look at ts video from chopper yesterday over northern virginia. just thef amount o snow we were
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dealing with in this area. we are talking about ten a inch to foot in some spots. it really became just a cleanup effort. for the mostpa , vdot has done a good job. they have been asking everyone on social media to be patient, m. they continue to try to clean up from the stor >> the report from northern virginia, main roads and secondary roads are in good shape. there are tricky spots to run into black just be aware that's out there. >> adam tuss, thank you. >> h if youen't done so, download our free nbc washington app. you will receive weath alerts based on your location. you can also check out the latest local news updates anytime. as the driblistrict continuo break out of this winter weather, the shutdown i5t entering itsday.
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the house democrats introduced two bills to reopen the first would fund agencies through february 1st. it will be vot on today, on a st track procedural move. it is not likely to move. a cond bill would reopen t government through february 28. that would be brought to a vote on thursday. democrats can pass it themselves. but the measure is not likely to get support in theenate. yesterday president trump reject a short-term fix proposed by lindsey graham that would temporary reopen the government while negotiations continue on the border wall.> om government jobs to the classroom, fairfax county public schools is holding a second hiring event for furloughed workers today. they're looking for substite teachers. if applicants clear background checks they could be in a classroom as early as next week earning a paycheck. registration for today's has filled up but given demand, they are considering hostifa a third jo given the demand. whole foods is hosting a spaghetti dinner for furloughed workers today.
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the dinner will be held from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. at 20 area whole foods markets. the locations include foggy bottom and tenleytowngin d.c., arn and tyson in virginia, and rockville and silver spring in e complete list of locations will be pos td on nbc washington app and on our website. news 4 is working for you by keeping you dated on all of the developments during the shutdown. you can get updated information in the nbcngton app. this m new and disturbing details about the kidnapping of a 13-year-old wisconsin girl and the murder of her parents. court documents say the alleged gunman, jake tterson, spotted the 13-year-old getting on a school bus he was driving behind d decidedt that moment he wanted to kidnap her. at the time, he had no idea whoa sh patterson broke in her family's home in mid-oober. he shot the parents and bound the teen's ankles and hands and
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dragr to his truck. for the next several months, patterson forced her to stay under his bed for hours at a time. the teen escaped last week. patterson is being held on $5 million bail. a panel of republican ly lawmakers fiebuked a veteran iowa representative and blocked him from serving on any house committees. the move compr after iowa entative steve king questioned in a "new york times" article, how white nationalism and white supremacy, western civilization language beca offensive. last night, house republicans voted to remove the iowa congressman from the committees. stevking blasted the move saying his comments were taken out of context. several house democrats say they will introduce a resolution condemni king's comments. a senior member of the congressional black caucus is calling for a censure resolution. president trump's nominee for attorney general will face the senate judiciary committee. willia barr's confirmation hearing is expected to begin at 9:30.
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according to prepared remarks, barr plans to tell the committee special counsel robert mueller should be allowed to complete his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. barr also says the public should be informed of the rveults of the igation. president trump welcomed the ncaa college football champs, rs clemson tige to the white house. the dinner turned out to be a fast food smorgasbord. plays and coaches snacked on wendy's, monald's, burger king and domino's. they were stacked neatly on silver trays. the white house staff did not fix the meal because much of them are furloughed on shutdown. fe president said he paid the meal himself. this is the second time in three years the team has been to the white house to celebrate a championship victory. ahead on news 4 today, we continue to monitor road the itions throughou region. >> a live look outside. people head back to work and school. we're on the road. after the break, we'll check in with molette green for ince george's county.
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good morning, everybody. all about the dry weather for today and tomorrow. but your weekend, if you're starting to think about that, saturday andy saturday night. could have a little bit of winter weather on your sunday, as arcti air is set to move in for next week. check of that five-day forecast and the rest of the wor
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you're watching news 4 today. >> 5:13 is the time right now. we take a live look at the capitol, the federal government is on a two-hour delay today. >> furloughed workers affected by the shutdown in a nonwk status. >> let's get to the school delays. in maryland,nt mery, prince george's, anne arundel, maryland and charles county on a two-hour delay.
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>> in virginia, arlington, fauquier, stafford, otsylvania and culpepper county schools all closed tod. staying in virginia for the delays -- fairfax, loudon, prince william, page, shenandoah, warren county opening two hours late, as are clark,er frk, manassas, manassas park, alexandria and winchester schools. >> and in west virginia, now, berkeley, hampshire, hardy, jefferson and morgan county schools are on a two-hr delay. back to our team coverage of dicey road conditions. >> mollette green is traveling the streets of prince george's county for us. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we want folks to head out this morning with extreme caution because your sidewalks and your neighborhood streets are going to be icy. there's a sidewalk right here on this road, right off landover on 57th avenue. and all of it is snow-covered. as we go up this hilly road,
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you'll see the patchy, icy spots on the street and on thede siwalks, as well. when we had the height of the storm yesterday, and the immediateaftermath, you could see all of the effort in prince george's coty, big county with a lot of roads, a lot of side streets and neighborhood streets where people did their lort. and the did their part, as well. this is the day after the big snow. this is what we have been pecting. the major road ways, we're right here at 202, look great. are passable, no problems. when you're trying to get out of your home, out o your streets. a lot of people trying to get out of this community. we're going uphis hilly road here. you can see the iciness right on the roads, right on t sidewalks. this is a great example of what you're going to find when you come out of your house this morning. so, take extreme caution.
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be very careful. all right. that's the latest live from the landover area. back in to you. >>molette, we will check with you later, thanks. we have a winner in this year's first pat collins snow >> and the winners struck a pretty clever pose in their version of the snowsuit. the first snow stick of 2019 goes to the sudal mily. >> pat collins snow stick is a sign that we made it'v >> y arrived. >> the sudal family enlisted their dog to put themto over th for this one. dressing her up like a shark. they snorkeled tough the snow toarscape danger from the sh dog. >> in the nbc washington app, you'll find a complete list of the school clongs and delays. we'll have live reports letting you know how the ice is impacting the driving conditions all over our area. g
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thatng to be the big deal, chuck. >> yeah, it is. no doubt. slippery sidewalks this morning. that's true just about everywre. 10, 12 inches of snow isn't going to disappear overnight. a lot of melting yesterday afternoon. that means there are a lot of refrozing steps and sidewalks this morning. probably the trickiestf part your whole day will be getting down the front stairs from your house to thedriveway. and potentially stairs around the neighborhoods up into dog parks or in the front buildings. clear skies overnight. temperature, 28 inwashington. not a big wind to worry about this morning. so, windchills aren't that belou temperatures this morning. when the temperatures are down in the single numbers, like they iare prince william county this morning, it doesn't matter if the wind is blowing. county,rederick maryland, this morning. 16 in frederick county, virginia. 31 in annapolis.
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28 in arlington, 20 in fredericksburg. a cold start this morning. another day filled with sunshine and temperatures above freezing. we should be above freezing between noon and 6:00 this evening. good, solid hours to get that melted down. the pavement absorbs the sunlight. that's good news for today. tomorrow, more of the same. sunshine and melting, not balmy by any stretch of the imagination. the next storm, moving under the west coast now, promises to impact us over the course of the weekend. between now and the weekend,il there also be a little chance for some winter weather late thursday, especially thursday evening, intohe pre-dawn hours of friday morning. here's thursday, 10:00 in the morning, nothing to worry about. dy 5:00 thursday afternoon, temperatures shoe close to 40 degrees thursday afternoon. this should be mostly rain around the washington area. i couldn't rule out some wet
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snowr sleet, especially before the sun goes down across northern maryland and the northern shenandoah valley. this should be a low-impact event. it's happening after everybody gets home fm work andschool. there's winter weather there friday morning. dry friday morning and saturday. more rain. it should be rain saturday afternoon and night. and then, rain on sunday, which will end with a big blast of cold air sunday night into monday. there's the outlook. get everything cleared off. and that rain chance coming up on thursday and saturday. melissa, a lot of side streets in big trouble this morning. >> a lot of side streaks seeing a messy situation. chevy chase, not seeing a delay. but the right side is blocked. 66 looks okay here.
5:20 am
alexandria, west glee road, a hicles.nvolving two flying at 95, quantic t the beltway, 61 miles per hour. you're on time now. don't have to worry about 95 in virginia. southbound, same situation. we'r looking good. 66 west of nutley street and a live picture for youthere. and we'll play the southbound 301, at port tobacco road. we have lanes blocked in a couple of directions there because of the intersection. aaron? >> thank you. still ahead on news 4 towey, l tell you about a program in d.c. that helps seniors shovel thedewalks. later day, jane fonda and lily tomlin stop by the "ellen" show and py a game. >> something everyone loves but you hate? >> mashed potatoes. i love them. i was wrg. i don't know why i said that. h>> i woulde gone with asparagus. >> not everybody loves
5:21 am
asparagus. jane fonda and lily tomlin, hilarious. >> fonda and tomlin star in "grace and frankie." you can see "ellen" at 3:00, ano then stay tunenews 4 at 4:00. we'll be right back.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back at 5:23. it is cd out the today. 28 degrees outside of our studios. back to work and back to school for most of you after yesterday's snow day. this is a live look at the roads right now. we're finding that they're in pretty good ape. give yourself extra time as you head through the door. have you shovelled your sidewalk yet? i shoveled my sidewalk. d.c. law says you have 24 hours to do it. >> seniors who can't can have volunteers come and do it for them. amy cho explains the city's adopt a senior program. >> reporter: as cold snow blankets the sidewalks, warm gestures help to clear them. dominick watkins is part of d.c.'s adopt a senior program. anytime it snows more than 4 inches, volunteers get to work.
5:25 am
shoveling so seniors don't have to. >> this is what i like to do. i got a heart to serve. not just the siors. i got a heart to serve people, period. >> reporter: people like martha whitehead. >> it means a lot. i don't want to get fined for not having my snow shoveled. >> reporter: as the volueers clear away feet of snow, watkins says there's a reason he goes the extra mile. >> i lost my grandparents at an early e. i think it's really important for any of us who have grandparents to stop what you're doing and check on them and come out here and shovel the snow for them. oh, yeah. it makes us feel really good, to be able to serve the community. reporter: and with each shs eled sidewalk, one thing clear, these men, leaving a lasting impact by putting other people first. >> i haven't shoveled my place yet. have to do that when i g
5:26 am
down here. i might invest in a snowplow, though. >> reporter: the program says they've already got almost 1,000 volunteers signed up. but they still need more to handle all of the houses. if you would like to sn up, we posted the link in the nbc washington app, just search shovel. in southeast, army cho, news 4. great idea to help out your neighbors by scraping off yours sidewa scrape off the snow from the roof of your car. it's a law and a big safety issue for those driving behind you. no rain todayrr or to. with all of the road chemical and the lots of dirty spray, if you get your car washed, take your chances today. more about the forecast into the weekend, which includesr winte weatances, coming up. our team coverage of the winter blast continues on the roads. take a live look outside right now. prince george's county. see a lot of slush on the side. we're spread out ross the d.c., maryland and virginia area, as most of you head back to school and work. we'll show you what it looks like where y live. time for the january savings event
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ws 4 today starts now. >> 5:30 as you wake up on this
5:30 am
third day of dealing with this winter blast of ow. the issue this morning as you leave home is going to be ice. probably ice you can't see. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. you may have trouble with the snow depending o where you live. smaller roads haven't been plowed. that's why many schools and offices are giving people extra time to get in this morning. e federal government is on a two-hour delay. this does not apply to furloughed employees impacted by the shutdown who are in a nonwork status. now, to closes and delays. we start in maryland. mogomery, prince george's, anne arundel, and charles county a,hools on a two-hour delay. we stay in virgihere fairfax, loudon, prince woman, woge, shenandoahwarren county schools are on aour delay, as are clark, frederick,
5:31 am
manassas, manassas park, alexandria and winchester schools. >> in west virginia, schools on a two-hour delay. we are working for you this morning as you head back to your morning routine. ou crews are across the region to give you an idea of how much ex na time youd to leave yourself to move around today. >> we'll check in with all of them in a first, we want to talk to meteorologist chuck bell about is forecast. all right. tell us, atchuck. whbout the cold and ice? >> oh, yeah. temperatures are far enough beloo freezing put a real skip in your giddyup this morning to get out of the driveway. temperatures in some spots liken manassas, do 4 degrees. martinsburg, west virginia, down to 8. rrington, 11. dulles, 14. ancot of p george's county, in the upper teens to around 20 igrees. fortunately, the't much of a wind to contend with this morning. but it is a cd star
5:32 am
watch out for ils icy sidewalks side streets this morning. temperatures will be in the 20s until 9:00 this morning. prince william county, it will take longer for you to recover. dog walkingforecast, y may want to shorten up the walk. the evening walks wdel be m than this morning. most areas will be belowzi fr, not long after. keep that in mind. today's high, amelissund 40 degrees. that may seem warm by comparison to what's coming next week. ten-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. i thought it was hitch in your get-a-long. slow roads in gaithersburg. drivin through the streets and finding what things look like for you this morning. some of the main roads are pretty good. side streets haven't seen the
5:33 am
plow. chevy chase, had the right side blocked. that'sf cleared out the way. southbound georgia, at the beltway. the right lane is blocked. in virginia, alexandria, west glebe road, an accident. 66 and 95 looking okay. southbound 301 at porttobacco. lanes are blocked there for water main repairs. >> i learned a new term. thanks, melissa's mom. we have team coverage on the aftermath of this year's first snowstorm. look at what you could be up against this mornin y as head out the door. the walk here in northwest washington was covered in ice this morning. >> justin finch is in another part of the district now. justin, how do the sidewalks look in columbia heights? >> reporter: that's right, aaron. looking a bit. bett still seeing the sam trouble. the sidewalks are not been loeated. look w here. this is not quite as slick as
5:34 am
what we saw earlier. howeve if you're not dressed properly, i.e. boots or shoes with traction, you could easily igll on this and hurt yourself. as chuck said, you want to tighten up your stride as you walk on conditions like this. i want to show you the road. park road. you're seeing the mill area there. mostly clear. however, that slush on the sides, where cars are parked. we'rat seeing thet over on the road. potentially, could cause some issues. remember, we're below freezing out here. we could see ice form because of that. looking at 16th here. looking at blacktop. wire seeing shiny patches on the roadway. looks wet. still could be something to be concerned about. looking at the sidewalks, i would say, this has been an issue throughout the morning, all over d.c.
5:35 am
these need to be recleared. they a hazard. if you have a sidewalk in front of your home, get out there and take car it. someone could hurt themselves. we're live here from colombia ouights, justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank y want to show you video from chopper 4 over ashburn. even before noonvdot crews made a good headway of clearing the snow. >> adam tuss continues in leesburg, virginia,now. how are conditions there? >> good, we've seen throughout northern virginia is crews are out doing their thing. they've been wort ng hard. lookr drive cam here. you can see the trucks out here at the leesburg salt dome. they're trying to load up. they continue to treat the roads out here this moing. that's something we're seeing throughout the area.
5:36 am
crews are making their time getting loaded up and continue to spread the salt and sand across the roads. that's good news. we'll continue to track them. this was videorl r, guys. spots like parking lots and side streets. some of the areas have not sean much of a ent at all. you can find patches across certain spots. this was a gase station we c across earlier. and the chopper video. just showing the swath of snow. e've been dealing with cleanup over the last couple days. it's taken a big effort. but vdot seems to be doing a good job. we're down to blacktop in a lot of spots. that's good news. you want to give yourself extra time. you could be dealing with that black ice, especially coming around a corner or a turn. >> adam tuss.
5:37 am
live for us in leesburg. thank you. here's a live look at the roads inar the college area. molette green is checking out conditions in prince george's county. we'll check in with her i a few minutes as our team coverage continues. >> as you head out the door, have the nbc washington app ed downlo that's where you can find ec chuck's fort and the warnings on the road. and watch us live for the latest. here are the rest of your morning's top stories. day 25 of the government shutdown. democrats voted on two bills to reopen the government. yesterday, president trump rejected a short-term fix proposed by lindsey graham that would temporarily open the government while negotiations continue on the border wall. susan mcginnis will have the latest on this in a few minutes. president trump's nominee for attorney general will face the confirmation hearing. according to prepared remarks,w
5:38 am
iam barr will tell the judiciary committee that robert mueller should be allowed to complete his russia investigation. and barr also says that the public should be informed of the results ofhe investigation. new details of the kidnapping of a 13-year-old wisconsin girl and the mder of her parents. court documents reveal that jake patterson wanted to kidnap jamye closs after seeing her get on a school bus one day. he broke into the home and shot and killed her paren he kidnapped jayme where he took her to his home for 88 days, mostly hidden under his bed. the teen escaped last week. it's 5:38 now. coming up this morning, a local youth hockey team honored for its activism with a night on the ice. . look at how they're celebrated by the capitals this just into our newsroom, manassas city schools are now closed this morning. that's an update. we're workingor you on this day after and the day aftermath. we're going to have tram co with a look at the icy
5:39 am
conditions you may be dealing with after you head out this morning. stick around. in
5:40 am
5:41 am
you're watnews 4 today. >> star treatmen hockey team at the capital one arena. we told you about the metro tple leafs last week. the players caughthe attention of the caps after standing up for one of their own. >> divide apollon was tormented at a tournament in pennsylvania. and said that players on another team called him the "n" word and made monkey noises at him. his teammates defended him. and when the caps heard about the story, theinvited them out for a special night. the fact that it's something that still exists, even though we're 13-year-old kids, i didn't think it was cool. i guess they are pretty angry at home right now because they di 't get to meet ovy becau of their actions. >> there you go. look at ovse with tho kids.
5:42 am
not only did they get to meet the players, he gave him one of his sticks. his teammates wore anti-racism t-shirts to wepport him, as . we reached out to the other team. the coach sent "the washington post" a statement saying the team and its coaching staff does not participate in, support or condone intolerance or unsportsmanlikctions in any form. a teachable moment for these kids. someone needs to sit down with the other team and sayhis is not cool. >> and why. your hit the road forecast, temperatures are dow below freezing this morning. it will be a cold time getting the car started here earlier this morning. seat heaters on high. don't be this guy. i zoomed in. don't be like that leaving snow on the roof of your car will cause trouble for the people behind you. you will needce scrapers.
5:43 am
and you will need the washer fluid full. ten-day forecast ahead. we have slick streets out there. in gaithersburg. look at this. a road that hasn't been treated yet. it is aheet of ice. be careful out there.
5:44 am
i'm a veteran and the army taught me a lot about commitment. which i apply to my life and my work.
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at comcast we're commited to delivering the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. you're watching "news 4 today." >> it is 5:45 on a tuesday morning. take a live look outside right now. this is in the college park. ar a heads up before you head out this it may be icy out there, depending on which roads you are taking.
5:46 am
e sidewalks can be slippery. and yourdriveway,ou don't want to fall down before you get your day started. >> another view of the roads in northwest washington. you may not need to leave right ay. mr. school districts are delayed or closed today. federal offices will open two hours late today. that doesn't apply to furloughed workersffected by the shutdown. you can find all of the closures at theto b of your screen and in the nbc washington app. air travel is getting back to normal after the snow delayed or canceled dozens of flights in our area. dulles had aontingency plan put in place because the snow stranded workers at home. >> that was on top of l higher-than-usa sick calls. a security checkpoint was closed when news 4 checked on the issue. lines were moving and there were no major issues for travelers. that hasn't been the case for most airports as the shutdown stretches on. erryland senator ben cardin met
5:47 am
with aviation wo they haven't been paid since the shutdown began. cardin warns that is dangerous for all americans flying he called for the shutdown to end. right now, day 25 of the shutdown. despite frustration from lawmakers like cardin, there's no ends in sight republicans and president trump are taking most of the blame for stthe longest shutdown in y. >> the quinnipiac university poll, 56% of those ey su blamed the president and congressional republicans. susan mcginnis is live on capitol hill with the latest of what the president is saying about declarinera national ncy. susan, good morning? >> reporter: good morning, aaron d eun. day 25, no sign of a break in this deadlock. the president saying at a farming convention yesterday, hi never back down and there's no substitute for a wall. he does seem to be movingfr awa the threat of declaring a national emergency and havg e wall built with emergency funds tt are earmarked for other purposes. he is rejecting a short-term fix
5:48 am
proposed by aop republican senator, to reopen the government so talks can continue. he said no to that. a dozen senators met they came away discouraged and say they see a long, protracted battle here.s democrot to budge and no new negotiations are scheduled. susan mcginnis, thank you. working for you through the shutdown, highlighting special events and workers.s for the world central kitchen organization will be opening up a branch called chefs for fedsai it will open, starting tomorrow, on pennsylvania avenue, near the navy memorial. federal workers and thr families can get a free bite from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. we have information onfor feds in the nbc washington app. that's where you can find a list of resources for federal wkers we've been telling you about. just search shut
5:49 am
>> andres will be a part of the "tonight show" tonight. e jimmy fallon is taking the show to puerto rico. it's an effort to celebrate thel island's cture and spirit as it continues to rebuild from hurricane maria. another highght, lin-manuel miranda will perform with fallon. miranda is there for a few daysr into a-week run of "hamilton" in san juan, y if're not able to stay up, set your dvr for tonight. ni"the tonight show" airs t. after news 4 at 11:00. back to the team coverage of the wintry weather. temperatures too overnight, turning anything wet into ice. some roads are partially coverey now still from this weekend's storms. >> molette green is in college park in prince george's county, wh the latest on conditions there. what are you seeing?te >> rep good morning, again. we're right off route 1 on 43rd
5:50 am
avenue one of the big catholic schools in the area on we go down.oad, as you can see nothing but a slick patch of ice. half of the road, more than half the roadway, covered with ice. you can see as we gcarefully down this stretch. we're in a big, live truck. we got struck on some ice around the corner. it was quite time trying to get out of that spot. we have seen a plow crew on the next street. thisesidential street, coming down this road here, on 43rd avenue. lots of kids will be m wing their out the door this morning. thank goodness school is a couple of hours, so they can work on these neighborhood and side streets that we've been teing you wou be the big deal problem of the morning, the day after a big snowstorm, like we've had. and we're on this street and it is covered with snow and icy
5:51 am
spots on the sidewalk, as well as the main roads. you need to be careful before you head out thedoor. that's what we're seeing at prince george's county. >> molette, thank you. a marynd state trooper had a big night on the job. just as the snow was moving out, he reported to an cident near college park. >> he helped the people in that car, another one pulled up. the driver told the trooper his passenger was labor. we'll let him explain what happened next. >> i opened the passenger door. i could see the baby's head coming out. i used my hands to cradle the at baby's heairst. i wasn't sure what to do, to be honest. just trying to make sure that in was safe froharm. >> i wouldn't have known what to do, either. >> you would have run scheaming
5:52 am
from toor, aaron. cunningham wrapped the baby boy in a towel and kept him warm until paramedics arrived. trooper cunningham has been a trooper for less than a year ow. >> way togo. and congratulations to the family. >> need an ambulance, the baby is fine and aaron's on the side of the road. >> i hope that never hapns to you. >> i don't want that to happen to me,either. >> justin made a good point talking about the ice. we're going tor be cold a while. things will keep freezing for the morning. >> until we get the sun up, things will be slippery outside. sun is not up until 7:25 this morning. another hour and half to sunrise. everybody is below freezing. reagan national airport in arlington county is down to 28 now.
5:53 am
not much of a wind. but a little breeze with temperatures this cold makes a big difference.ur temper is 11 in chantilly. s by to virginia, down to 4 degrees this morning. that's cold, for sure. dog walking forecast. cute smoky here would love to help keep you warm for the rest of t winter. adopt him. he's 8 years old app the dog rescue alliance. want to keep the pace up. ens and 20s. nice weather this afternoon. temperatures stay above freezino from until 7:00. tomorrow, another prefreeze o tonight, iomorrow morning. and a lot more melting tomorrow afternoon. four things, a lot of refreezes.
5:54 am
a chance of late rain on thursday. and that may lead to a mix on friday morning. unis next big start will unlock colder air, latey into monday. dry today and amorrow. mayb little wintry mix after the sun goesown inhe shenandoah valley and northern maryland. that pulls out quickl friday afternoon and saturday morning will be dry. saturday afternoon, saturday nnto sunday, maybe another wintry mix there. more rain on sunday. and sunday evening, a real arctic cold front comes through here. you could have a flash freeze sunday night into monday morning. that could be impact there. temperatures, windchill temperatures, down near or below zero by mondayorning. melissa, winter ih not done w us yet. >> it is not. taking a look at roads here. chopper 4 oveb.w. parkway.
5:55 am
this looks good. the main roads look great. you look at this. this has not been treated yet. this is a couple of days we've been dealing with this snow and ice on the ground. very, very slick in spots. a lot of sidewalks and side streets look exactly like this morning. be careful, as you head out. ourgr phoher is going very slow by that's important. it's so slick. southbound, 15. alexandria, west glebe and valley drive. upper marlboro, crash on the left side. ? good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. nike will unveil its first self-lacing shoes today. it appears you will be able to adjust your power laces using
5:56 am
your smartphone. the shoes cost about 350 bucks, half of what the originalhy radapts cost in 2016. i'll bet aaron could dunk in these. with your cnbc business report, i'm frankholland. >> for that cost, i would be able to dunk in them. >> and fly all sorts of things. >> we're getting lazier by the second. >> i get it -- they makenv iences for people who have like thatand things those are not the people buying these sneakers. >> when can they fold my with an app. coming up next, after the weekend snow, many people are returning to work and sool. we'll leak at cloook at closing delays. with temperaturesbelow freezing right now, the big concern is the refreeze. we have live team coverage across the region for you. wh
5:57 am
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giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance like no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. news 4 today starts now. >> it is back to work and school after winter blast of snow. a live look at roadsor you. black ice could be a big issue as you drive to work this morning. it's tuesday, january 15th, 6:00 a.m.
6:00 am
i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the federal government is on a t two-hour dels morning. it does not apply to furloughed employees already in a nonwork status. >> let's get to the school dearys. inand, montgomery, prince n george's, arundel, calvert andde others on a two-houy. >> in virginia, now, arlington, fact fauquier, stafford, spotsylvania, all closed today. in virginia -- fairfax, loudon, prince willdom, page, shen and warren county schools are on a two-hour delay, as are clark and frederick counties and the cities of manassas, manassas park, alexandria and winches r >> and in west virginia, now, berkeley, hampshire, hardy, jefferson, and morgan county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> if you do have to go out,ve ourself extra time as you head out this mog.


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