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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 15, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the federal government is on a t two-hour dels morning. it does not apply to furloughed employees already in a nonwork status. >> let's get to the school dearys. inand, montgomery, prince n george's, arundel, calvert andde others on a two-houy. >> in virginia, now, arlington, fact fauquier, stafford, spotsylvania, all closed today. in virginia -- fairfax, loudon, prince willdom, page, shen and warren county schools are on a two-hour delay, as are clark and frederick counties and the cities of manassas, manassas park, alexandria and winches r >> and in west virginia, now, berkeley, hampshire, hardy, jefferson, and morgan county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> if you do have to go out,ve ourself extra time as you head out this morning. >> the roads and walks cansl be
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k with the ice we're talking about. we have team coverage in d.c., virginia, and maryland. an eye on the roads for you. but we begin with chuck bell and conditions rrent outside. what do we need to know about? >> lots of black ice, forsure. be careful out there. ae lot mlting coming our way later on in the afternoon. sunshine, today, up close to 40 degrees. another refreeze tonight. each one o the warnings will be easier than the last. for your tuesdayg, morn off to a chilly start, for sure. eight degrees in the panhandle of west virginia. in manassas. 14 in lorton, virginia. kids, watch out for the icy sidewalks and icy neighborhood streets. plenty of sunshine again today. temperatures up to 40 degrees.
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you can get the complete latest on school delays and closings and the latest forecast on our nbc washington app. c and y get the latest from me on twitter. omve of day forecast,g up. >> thank you. ch chopper this morning. no major problems.s thisat we're seeing. the main roads look okay. a couple of slick spots. different situation. brethren drive in gaithersburg. this rd hasn't been treated. we're showing you some of the neighborhood roads, somef the de streets and sidewalks that haven't been touched. because of all of that,oing to be a big mess for a lot of people here this morning. just be careful, headed to the montgomery county, it will be tricky. northwest, missouri avenue,
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between 9th a georgia avenue. and frederick, southbound 15, crash there blocking the left lane. >> thank you. >>hi t morning, plowing and shovel willing continue. as our region digs out from wis year's firter blast. with the government closed and no school, road crews in d.c. have a chance to make headway against the snow yesterday. the issue this morning w l be we're working for you with complete coverage on how the ice could impact your morning. >> justin finch is driving th ugh northeast d.c. now. what do thingli look ? >> we're in the area of northwest. a nice stretch here by florida avenue. we have been telling you, there havee been s dark spots and some shiny spots. areas that look clear but have that slush accumulation that can
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getun over and melted and become refrozen and be p ablem spot, perhaps the black ice. e neighborhood streets have been an issue o concern. they have a lot of ice buildup on them, in addition to that snow. and also, too, that the dewalks have not been cleared. that's beenn issue across the district. want to show you this, as one of the examples. take a look here. this roadway, the slush, jt accumulates right in the middle of that road. looking to the right athe sidewalks, eventuastially, uncl. already a bumpy ride as it is t wi ice on top of it, it becomes worse. these are the things you have to brace for as you wake up this morning. perhaps this is how your street looks. give yourself extra time to carefully ease out of your
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space, clear off your car, of course, and make you way off to work and school. of course, right now, we have a lot of commuters waking up to the sidewalks again.hi take a look at video. they can be an issue. many of them, just nottreated. just full of compacted ice, ich can cause a hazard if you're walking or biking on that surface there. so, keep that in mind, too. as we are easing our way down decatur street here, you can see, it is really a test. so, be careful today. not all roads are clear. some looks bad a this stretch. back to you. >> that's rough going. >> take it easy out there. thanks. we have crews all over the area. am coverage of this wint blast continues in northern virginia. >> news 4's transportation reporter, adam tuss, is live in leesburg. adam, that's a lot of snow. >> reporter: well,mean, this kind of tells you about the cleanup effort that's going on, right?
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obviously, parking lots like this, accumulating the big piles. after all of this melt you start to get the refreeze overnight and the black ice, which is a concern in parking lots like this. look at this video we shot earlier, as we were rolling through a gas stationhat was completely covered with ice. that was a problem in the reston area. then again, you have to give vdot credit. a lot of blacktop out there. we have the video from chopper 4 that shows how much ofn area we were dealing with snow. 10 to 12 inches in some spots. more than that over the last couple of days. vdot has been reminding everyone to be patient. eyey are going to get to everything when an get to it. again, you have t careful.
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the black ice is hard to see until you're on top of it. it scattered here and there. when you pull into parking lots, eaten condary off the path roads, that you might be dealing with that, as well. >> adam tuss, thank you.av if you't done so, download our free nbc washington app. you will receive weather alerts based on your location. you can also check out the latest local news updates. really easy and lpful. it's 6:07. as the district continues to break out of this winter weather, the shutdown is entering its 25th day. the house democrats introduced two bills to reopen the government. the first would fu agencies through february 1st. it will be voted on today, it is not likely to move. a second bill would reopen the government through fy 28. that would be brought to a vote on thursday. democrats can pass it themselves. but the measure is not likely to
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get support in the senate. yesterday president trump grjected a short-term fix proposed by lindseam that would temporary reopen the government while negotiations continue on the border wall. from government jobs to the classroom, ageer the lar turnout last week, fairfax county public schools is hhiding a second ng event for furloughed workers today. they're looking for substitute teachers.if applicants clear background ec ks they could be in a classroom as early as next week earning a paycheck.on registraor today's event has filled up but given demand, they are considering hosting a third job fair given the demand. whole foods is hosting a spaghetti dinner for furloughed workers today. the dinner will be held from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. at 20 area et whole foods ma the locations include foggy bottom and tenleytown in d.c., arlington and tyson in virginia, and rockville and silver spring in maryland. the complete list of locations will be posted on the nbc washington app and on our website. news 4 is working for you by keeping you updated on all of
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the developments during the shutdown. you can get updated informatio in the nbc washington app. nine minutes after 6:00. this morning, we're learning new and disturbing details about the kidnapping of a 13-year-old wisconsin girl and the murder of her parents. court documents say the alleged gunman, jake patterson, spotted the 13-year-old getting on a t hool bus he was driving behind and decided at tment he wanted to kidnap her. at the time, he had no idea who she was. patterson broke into her family's home in mid-october. hot the parents and boun the teen's ankles and hands and dragged her to his truck. for the next several months, patterson forced her to stay under his bed for hours at a time. the teen escaped last week. patterson is being held on $5 million bail. a panel of republican lawmakers firmly rebuked a veteran iowa representative and
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blocked him from serving on any house committees. the move comes after iowa representative steve king questioned in a "new york times" article, how white nationalism agd white supremacy, western civilization lanbecame offensive. last night, house republicans voted to remove e iowa congressman from the committees. s eve king blasted the move saying his commere taken out of context. several house democrats say they will introduce a resolution condemning king's comments. a senior member of the congressional black caucus is calling for a censure resolution. president trump's nominee for attorney general will face a the judiciary committee. william barr's confirmation ec hearing is ed to begin at 9:30. according to prepared remarks, barr plans to tell the committee special counsel robert muell should be allowed to complete his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. barr also says the public ould be informed of the results of the investigation. still ahead, we continue to monitor road conditions throughout our region. >> aft the break, we'll check
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in with molette green for a check of conditions in prince george's county. we're caught in the freeze/thaw cycle for today and tomorrow. hestarting to think about weekend. and we're tracking a chance for rain coming in on surday and sunday, which may have a wintry mix early on sunday morning. that's ahead of a big dropesn temperaturext week. hey! havertys is having a big sale. #newlivingroom you know, e ople don't actually shtags when they talk. #thisgirldoes like that. no one ever does that. #havertysboom stop it. #youstopit havertys 2019 kickoff is on $ get an ext0 off every $1000 you spend...
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you're watching news 4 today. >> your time is 6:13. we look athe capitol. 28 degrees outside of our studios in northwest washington. the federal government is on a two-hour delay today. >> that does not apply to furloughed workers affected by the shutdown in a nonwork statuso >> let's gete school delays.
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in marand, montgomery, prince george's, anne arundel, maryland and charles county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> in virginia, arlington, fauquier, stafford, spotsylvania and culpepper county schools all closed today. staying in virginia for the delays -- fairfax, loudon, prince william, page, shenandoah, warren county on a two-hour delay as are clark, frederick -- i want to double-check manassas and manassas park for you. alexandria and winteesr schos on that list. h and in west virginia, now, berkeley, hampshirdy, jefferson and morgan county schools are on a two-hour delay. >> manassas city schools are close today. manassas park is still on a delay. back to our team coverage of dicey road conditions.
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>> molette green has been in prince george's county. she's in college park now. , >> reporter: we're not far from route 1 here. icy road, icy sidewalk and icy parking lot. the lights were on but they've suddenly gone off. it's a sheet of ice. it's basically an ice rink. the faculty, the staff, when they come here today, i don't know if they can park inhis parking lot or even get out of the car once they do. we've seen early morning walkers to take to the street to because the sidewalks are icy. i have seen snowplows in the area. they are wor on some of the roads that are still tough this morning. let's swing around here. part of the sidewalk and the
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entrance of this parking lot, just a sheet o ice. we can't walk too much in this area because we'll slip and fall. that's how tricky it is on the roads. theew sks and neighborhood streets, that will be tough. if you get to a parking lot, you might have problems, as well. back to you. >> molette green in prince george's county. thank you. coming up, we'll let you know how driving conditions are across the reon. > it's 6:15 and the temperature has not budged. it's crazy cold right now. >> the sun is not up until 7:25. we may get a degree or two
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cooler. heavy coats, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, whatever it is that keeps you warm. you have to layer it up todat hat impressive of a number in arlington now. national airport one of our locations next to the unfrozen potomac. annapolis, one of our warmer spots has dropped to25. 23 in st. mary's coty. teens on the eastern shore. teens and a few spots in the single numbers w. mid-teens in montgomery and prince george's county in the low 20s. i it a cold start. lots of black ice around this morning. be careful.te eratures should go above freezing around 10:00 in the morning. up close to 40es degor a high temperature today. the combination of sunshine and temperatures up to 40, a lot
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more melting toda particularly on the paved side streets. the solar radiation goes through the ice and warms the pavement up. another refreeze coming up tomorrow mning. tomorrow, most of the iciness will be gone in short order. just posted a couple of things on my twitter page and instagram, including an update on the kansas city/new england ome sunday in kansas city. that could be of the top ten coldest games in nfl history. this storm moving into california, promises to the arctic. be ready for a shot of cold air sunday into monday. thursday, start off with rain. there could be a little mix in the northern maryland and
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northern shenandoah ll. and rain post days this weekend. saturday and sunday, and rein could end with a little chance of some snow. more about that in the next hf hour. melissa, all about the meltdown today and tomorrow. t is. looking at chopper 4. 95 in springfield. the main roads, generally speaking, not s terrible. 66 at sudley, we have one lane blocked there. look at the slick roadshere. a lot of roads not treated. back toward 270 here this morning. northwest missouri avenue, all lanes blocked there. >> thank you. 6:19 is our time now. ahead, we'll tell you about a d.c. proam to help seniors shovel their walks.
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later today, jane fonda and lily tomlin stop by the "ellen" show and play a me. >> something everyone loves but you hate? >> masd potatoes. i love them. i was wrong. i don't know why i said that. >> i don't think anyone hates mashed potatoes. jane fonda and lily tomlin, star in "grace and frankie." you can see "ellen" at 3:00, and then stay tuned for news 4 at 4:00. weill be right back.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> baby, it is cold outside. 's back to work and school for most of you after yesterday's snow day. this is a live lk at the roads. we're seeing hit-or-miss conditions depending wre you live. you should give yourself extra time, just in case you run into slick spots after last night's refreeze. have you shoveled your sidewalk yet? there,an be tricky out if you're walking. you see people walking in the sidewalks ause the are crunchy or slippery. >> d.c. law y is that have to shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours of the snowfall. >> seniors who can't do it can have volunteers come and do it for them. y cho explains the city's adopt a senior program.
6:24 am
>> reporter: as cold snow blankets the sidewalks, warm gestures help to clear them. dominick watkins is part of d.c.'s adopt a senior program. anytime it snows more than 4 inches, volunteers get to work.n shoveling so srs don't have to. >> this is what i like to do. i got a heart to serve. not just the seniors. i got a heart to serve people, period. >> reporter: people like martha >> it means a lot. i don't want to get fined for not having my snow shoveled. >> reporter: as the volunteers clear away feet of snow, watkins says there's a reason he goes the extra mile. >> i lost my grandparents at an early age. i think it's really importanwh for any of uhave grandparents to stop what you're doing and check on them and come out here and shol the snow for them. ll, yeah.
6:25 am
it makes us feel rgood, to be able to serve the community. >> reporter: and with each shoveled sidewalk, onehing is clear, these men, leaving a lasting impact by putting other people first. >> i haven't shoveled my place yet. i have to do that when i get down here. i might invest in a snowplow, though. >> reporter: the program says they've already got almost 1,000 lunteers signed up. but they still need more to handle all of the houses. if you would like to sign up, we posted the link in the nbc washington app, just search shovel. in southeast, army cho, news 4. always important to help out your friends and neighbors. car washing forecast, well, it's not going to rain but all of the chemicals means dirty road spray out there. a complete check of the weekend and the forecast coming up. our tea coverage of the winter blast continues on the roads. this is aive look in prince
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george's county. we're spread throughout maryland, d.c. andirginia as most head back to work and schools reopen. when you shop with us, you know how to score.
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n today starts now. >> just 6:30s you wake up on this third day of winter 28 degrees here in upper northwest. the issue, as you leave m home thning, is going to be ice. well into the morning. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. you may have trouble with some snow, depending on where you live. smaller side rs haven't been plowed. districts many school and offices are giving people extra time to get in this morning. let's get to the school closings. >> virginia, fauquier, stafford,
6:30 am
spotsylvania, and in a manassas city schools are closed today. fairf fairfax, william, page, shenandoah schools on a two-hour delay. as are clark, andinester city schools. >> in west virginia, berkeley, hampshi hampshire, hardy, and morgan county schools are on a o-hour delay. >> we're working for you this mo bing. as you gk to your morning routine. our crews are across the region to tell you how much extra time you need to leave yourself today. >> let's start with chuck bell and our tuesday forecast. >> i say you need to let the seat heaters get warmed up this morning before you hop in there. it is very chilly start in manyho neighbs. some spots, manassas, t temperatures i single
6:31 am
numbers in those neighborhoods this morning. mid teens in many others. a lot of fairfax county in the low to mid teens this morning. mid tee forontgomery and frederick county. 28 washington. 26 in prince george's county. subfreezing start. if it looks wes it ice this morning. the sun is not up until 7:25. the commute will be unaffected by anything out of the sky. that being said, take extra time to go on out. don't be t guy. scrape the snow off of the roof of your car, for sure. use your ice scrapers and don't forget to keep that windshield washer fluid full. you'll need a lot in the next couple of days. a bone-chilling start to next week as advertised in the forecast. that'ss. coming up in 20 minu taking a lo66 at eastbound chopper 4 is showing us, came upon this. thank you, chopper 4, for circling that for me.
6:32 am
a vehicle skidded off of the roadway. a two-car crash. talking about main roads looking good. but the slick ots, the bridges, the ramps and the overpasses on a cold day like toda stil have a crash blocking the roadat sudley. looking at the neighborhoods in gaithersburg, some of them untreated thismorning. northwest, missouri avenue. crash investigation there. roadblocked. and maftean, a 125, causing slowdowns, as well. we are working for you with team coverage on the aftermath of this year's first snowstorm. look at what you could be up against this morning. that's a sidewalk that was totally covered in ice this morning. >> driving down some of the side streets could beth trick
6:33 am
morning. justin finch has a look at the roads in the brightwood neighborhood in northwest d.c. good morning. >> reporter: we're offth of 14 street here in northwest. and looking at traffic beginning to build upn the area of military road. we saw a short time ago, off of ft. stevens drive, there is snow and slush collecting inhe middle of the roadway. for.s a thing to look out the slush refreezing and becoming a hazard as the morning wears on. i c tell y from our travels across d.c. today, you will find the main roadways. they are looking good. the secondary streets, too,th f most part, are looking clear, as well. but the neighborhood streets, ose can be the problems, as well as sidewalks. they've been serviced so far. but they're just not yet clear. and it's still below freezing.
6:34 am
they're trocherous. backyou. >> our team coverage of this winter blast continues in northern kvirginia now. >> adam tuss continues our coverage of this winter blast. adam found a huge snow mound out there. >> there's lots of snow mounds out here. the cleanup continues in northern virginia. a lot of this stu has melted. that's led to the black ice. look at this video we shot in the parking et. ain roads for the most part, they look good. this is the dulles toll road. 66 looking good. you go up in chopper 4 and look at everything that fell over the last couple of days. it been a lotf snow to deal with. here in northern virginia, vdot is reminding people to be patient. you've got p one pass withhe
6:35 am
snowplow now, and probably two. what we've seen this morning is a lot of salt and sand being put down on the road. just be are there are spots of black ice out there. you have to be careful about that. >> adam tuss, live for usn leesburg. thank you. here's a look at t roads in hyattsville. molette green is checking on the conditions around prince george's county. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. >> as you head out the door, have the nbc washington app that's where you can find chuck's forecast and the warnings on the road. and watch us live for the latest. it is day 20 of the partial governmentsh down. today, house democrats plan to hold their first of two votes this week. we'll have more on that at 6:45. we'reorking for you with special events and giveaways for
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federal workers. federal workers and theirli es can get a free bite from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and we have information on chefs frs in the nbc washington app. that is where you can find a list of all of the resources for federal workers we've been telling you about throughout this entire shutdown. search the word shutdown. chef andres will be a part gh the "tonight show" toni the jimmy fallon is taking the show to pu ato rico. it'seffort to celebrate the island's culture and spirit as it continues to rebuild from hurricane maria. another highlight, lin-manuel miranda will perform with fallon. t miranda isre for a few days into three-week run of "hamilton" in san juan, if you're not able to stay u
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set your dvr for tonight. "the tonight show" airs tonight. after news 4 at 11:00. should be a fun episode. coming up, a local youth hockey team honored for theirsm activi with a night on the e. a look how they're being celebrated by the caps. that's next. workingor you on the roads. live look at roads in gaithersburg. more team coverage, with a look at the icy i'm a veteran and the army taught me a lot about commitment.
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u're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. 6:39. today marks ten yearsclince the mion the hudson. it was this day in 2009, that 155 people on that plane safely made it out of that situatio l that emergending there in new york's hudson river. u.s. airways fligh t1549 landed water after hitting a flock of geese. the pilot, sully sullenberger and the co-pilot will be honored
6:40 am
with a luncheon today y. charlotte, where the plane was headed that passengers and crew who were rescued are invited to attend. >> still incredible to see that video, this many -- these many years later. ieve it's been that long. great story every time. >>ada maryland state trooper a big night on the job. just as the snow was moving out, he reported to an accident near college park. >> he helped the people in that car, another one pulled up. the driver told the trooper his passenger was in labor. we'll let him explain what happened next. >> i opened the passenger door. i could see the baby's head coming out. i used my hands to cradle the baby's head at first. i wasn't sure what to be honest. just trying to make sure that it was safe from any harm. >> he did the right thing. at some point, you just catch, right? >> instinct.
6:41 am
human instinct. cunningham wrapped the baby boy in a towel and kept him warm until paramedics arrived we're told mom and baby are just fine. congratulations to him for being calm in that situation. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc tsadquarters. nike will unveilirst self-lacing shoes today. it appears you will be able to u your power laces using your smartphone. pretty cool.e oes cost about 350 bucks, half of what the original hyperadapts cost in 2016. i'll bet aaron could dunk in these. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. us be old. i would never pay $350 for a pair of tnis shoes. your weekend outlook, everybody. a weekend with high chances for precipitation, most would be rain. i couldn't rule out wintrywe
6:42 am
her here. ten-day forecast in ten minutes. we're tracking the slick spots across the region. eastbound 66, the ramp to the outer loop. a crash here. one vehicle off to the right side of another on the left side. seeing delays headed inbound. . more team coverage from our roads.
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6:44 am
you're watching news 4 today.
6:45 am
>> just about 6:45 on a tuesday morning. here's a live look outside in prince george's county. you see a lot of snow out there still. a ads-up before you head out, it could be ice you're dealing with. be extra careful on the roads, sidewalks and your driveway, too. if you slip and fallou before get your day started, it will not be a gooday. >> a loo here in northern virginia, too. a lot of school districts are delayed or closed today. federal offices will open two hours late today. that doesn't apply to furloughed employees impacted by the shutdown. yo can find theupdated closures on the bottom of your and in the nbc washingt app. air travel is getting back to normal of the snow delayed or canceled flights in our area. dulles had a contingency plan place because the snow stranded workers at home. >> that was on top of higher-than-usual tsa sick calls. a security checkpoent was closed ews 4 checked on the issue. we found lines were moving and
6:46 am
there were no major issues for travelers. that hasn't been the case for owmost airports as the shu strehes on. maryland senator ben cardin met with aviation worker they haven't been paid since the shutdown began. cardin believes that's dangerous for all americans who are flying and called for the shutdown to end. it is day 25 of the utdown. despite frustration from lawmakers like cardin, there's no ends in sight. republicans and president trump are taking most of the blame for the longest shutdown in history. >> the quinnipiac university poll, 56% of those d surveyed blae president and congressional republicans. tom costello is live from reagan national airport now with how the shutdown continues to impact air travel. tom, good morning. >> reporter: yeah. we're watching it closely, eun. the good ns is, if you're flying out of reagan or dulles, we don't anticipate changes or
6:47 am
delays at tsa. behind me, the line is moving quickly. nationwide, we had a 7.6% sickout rate yesterdaor that's than double the average for this time a year ago. but here's what's important. the nation's busiest airport, atlanta, they got really whopped yesterday. they had a checkout that -- tsa chechuoint that was down. the lines extended back 90 minutes, all the way to baggage claim. iftou've been atlanta, you know that you have that on the same level as t tsa checkpoint. and the lines swirling all the way back to the checkpoint, to the baggage ddclaim. inion to that. houston also had a checkpoint shutdown toaty. will resume being shut down again today. ashis tends longer and longer and many officers are deciding they have to make a paycheck, they're going to find another job and the sickout rate climbs,ore and more airports
6:48 am
close checkpoints. get to the airport two hours in advance. if you go to atlanta, get there three hours in advan a. if you sta a hotel in atlanta, catch the flight back to d.c., get there three hours early, as this continues to grow across the country. we talk about tsa, air traic controllers. coast guardsmen and women, today, they were supposed to get paid, they're not getting paco. ider the fact you may have a coast guardsmen or woman out on the ice and their families back at home don't have money to go to the grocery store. so, they'reoing to food banks. back to you. >> a tough situation. troublesome, when you think about the backups at the airports. tom costello, thanks very much.f catch hisull report coming up next on the "today" show. hpening today,e learned introduced rats have pr two bills to reopen the government.
6:49 am
a second bill would be brought to a vote on thursday. the democrats can pass it themselves but the measure is not likely to get support in the senate. yesterday, president trump rejected a short-term fix y proposed lindsey graham that would open up the government while negotiations conti e on the border wall. back to our team coverage on this winter blast. temperatures took a nosedaive overnight, t wning anythin into ice. some roads are partially covered by snow from this weekend's storm. we have team coverage all across the dmv. >> first, we want to check in th molette green in prince george's county this rning. >> good morning to you guys. check it out. we've been following the city of hyattsville's salt truck this amrning. a guy n orlando.
6:50 am
he's finishing up his route around the area. salting the neighbor streets because this is where the problem spotsare. the neighborhood streets getting out of your home, getting out of the side streets will be tricky. there he is, spraying another layer of salt, treating this area. when you go out, you can have a better time getting through the area. want to check things out in the district where justin finch is near van nes metro station. how is that looking there? >> rorter: pretty terrible on the sidewalks here. a bunch of compacted ice. this guy jogging can barely do so. wee seeing sewalks being the most hazardous issue here in the morning in d.c. the main roads are improving in d.c. thks sidew will be a problem. my boy, adam tuss, keeping an eye on the roads in atrginia. re you seeing out there,
6:51 am
too? >> justin, we've seen a lot of actually blacktop. that's good. you look at our drive cam here in northern virginia, you can see that there's still some digging out to do. this is probably why people have delays to give themselves more time to get out the spot. be aware that on some of the secondary roads and parking lots, you probably will find some black ice. back to you. okay. adam tuss, live for us. thank you. 6:51, our timew. right get a check on the weather conditions and the forecast. chuck bell is here with that. >> off to a freezing cold start this morning. fortunately the winds are not much ofe. an is temperature, 28 in washington, with a wind chill of 23. you get away from the urban heat island and away fromhe open waters of the bay and potomac, it's a colderstory.
6:52 am
14 in k.freder 14 in lorton. 19 and 10. manassas dn in t single numbers. your school day forecast, slippery and frigid start to the day. plenty ofsu hine. temperatures near 40 later today. the ill need a heavy coat, the hat, the scarves. everything butn umbrella. the rain chances go back up on thursday. the latest forecs available on the nbc washington 4. you can send me a snow pic, or any weather reports ontw itter. tomorrow's outlook, another nice day with melting. this storm in california will bring us unsettled weather for the weekend. mostly a rain chance for the weekend. but it could end with a little chance for snow. onthursday, we'll start dry thursday morning. thursday afternoon, this should be mainly rain along the i-95 corridor. it could be cold enough for a
6:53 am
little rain/slex, across northern maryland and the northern shenandoah valley. dry friday night and dry saturday morning. saturday afternoon, rainlikely. that will go into sunday. it could end with a quick, little burstno of as legitimate. arctic air makes its first prnence here the d.c. area on monday. monday, windchills are likely to be down below zero. that is frigid, melissa. it will be cold. southbound 270 at falls road. southbound, i hit that ramphis morning. it is icy and slick. be careful with the bridges and ramps and overpasses. that's where we're seeing problems with folks spinning out on the roadways.l, overain roads look good. falls road, driving through rockville, looking oka well. e sidewalks are pretty slick. be careful. inner loop and outeroo loop
6:54 am
okay. manassas, eastbound 66, nea sudley road. two differentrashes blocking both sides. 66, the ramp to the outer loop, inbound here. had a vehicle s tn out the snowbank. another vehicle on this side of the road. have about a 2 1/2-mile backup eastbound on 66 as you approach theelt way. southbound 301 at port tobac road. lanesblked. 270, germantown to the spur. typical owdown at the top of the belt yeah. 66 slowdown, 30 miles per hour because of the crash. suldey and one at the beltway. quantity toe to the beltway, looking okay. listen to wtop 103.5. f.m in your car this morning. re caful, it is slippery. 6:54, now.
6:55 am
star treatment for a youth hockey tea arena. capital one we told you about the metro maple leafs last week. ttthe players caught the ation of the caps after standing up for one of their own. >> divide apollon was tormented and said that players on another team called him the "n" word and made monkey noises at m. his teammates defended him. and when the caps heard about the story, they invited them out to the game. they met the players. onealex ovechkin gave him of his hockey sticks. >> we reached out to the team accused of rism here. the coach sent "the washington post" a statement. saying the team and his staff does not support or condone tolerance or unsportsmanlike actions in any form. we hope they're taking the time onto have a crsation with their players. it's 6:55 now. four thing k tow -- trump's nominee for attorney neral will face the judiciary committee this morning. william barr will face
6:56 am
questioning about the mueller probe. more on this on "today." house democrats have introduced twoills to reopen the government. one is not expected to pass. the sond will be taken up on thursday.he yesterday, tresident rejected a rmshort- fix to open up the government while negotiations on the border wall continue. a warning to use extra caution as you head out this morning. many driveways, roads and sidewalks are slick, including this icy parking lot in reston. follow adam tuss on twitter for updates. a number of 1k5schools are closed or delayed because of snow. federal offices will open two hours late that does not apply to furloughed employees impacted by the shutdown. there's the ten-day forecast.g melthis afternoon and again tomorrow. but another refreeze expected tomorrow g. be careful for that. a few chances for wintry
6:57 am
weather. nothinmajor ahead of a mrablast of arctic air on friday night. > chopper 4, heading to a new problem. outer loop at rockville pike. we're going to check that out at the 7:27 timeframe. >> we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the w"today" s is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes. enjoy your day. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody. ♪
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. good morning. coast to coast chaos. the impact of the government shutdown taking a tol on americans in a very real way.ts airp fed-up pasers forced to wait at surity lines for hours. >> this is ridiculous. >> furloughed workers turning to charity. >> friendsil and fam helping me out during this bad time. >> while in washington neither side budg no sign of a deal any time soon. chillg and twisted. disturbing new details emerge in the jme closs kidnapping case as her admitted abductor appears in court for the first time. >> saw her and made the decision at that point that he was going to take her. >> what the suspect told police that shocked both law enrircement and aing


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