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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 16, 2019 5:00am-5:58am EST

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>> announcer: news 4 today starts now. freezing ernight temperatures cause that slushy mess on the roads to refreeze in places.f slow down as you head into work and school today. we're keeping an eye on what uld be a slick commute again. it's wednesday, january 16th,mo good ing, everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we have a few delays to let you know this morning all in virginia. louden, fairfax, prince william, stafford, and cullpepper county scholl on a two-hour delay. >> warren, pemanassas will two hours late today. all on the bottom of your screen right now and in the app. let'sheck on your weather and traffic. >> we begin with chuck bell and a look at where things stand right now and what to expect in the day ahead. chuck? >> all right. expect to be very cold the minute you walk outside this morning. temperatures falling bel freezing area wide, but parts of
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northern virginia, b subr ban maryland mid teens to get your wednesday going. four things to know about the forecast, a lot of patches of ice across the area again this mornin a lot more melting coming today with temperatures near 40 degrees. butt is going to turn sharply colder here starting sunday afternoon. start thinking about that ahead of timenow. for temperatures this morning, it's down to 10 in manassas now. 16 degrees in olsville, 17 degrees in upper mar bro. your school day forecast, kids, it will be real cold out there g.this morn outdoor recess, well, it will be dry but that will be certainly chilly. coming home temperature right around 40 degrees. so, what to wear for the yekids indeed, heavy coat, hat, scarf and gloves all required. no umbrellada needed that might not be the case for tomorrow. little chance for rain and snow tomorrow. thobably no more than slushy
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half an inch arouncity, maybe an inch north and west. more about that and a peek into the weekend coming up in a fe let's go to melissa now. >> good morning, live picture 301 at 5 no problems into town or out of town. have a lot of the snow still on the side of the roadways. those bridges, ramps, ioverpasss it a couple slick once on 270 myself this morning. just be careful out there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway don't have any big do sls right now. everything is nice and clear. up top here, 29, 95, route 1, bw parkway, northbound, sout iound, nothin your way. a lot of the road work we would normally see onve your age day and average wednesday is just not happening because of the cold weather and allf the freezing. 270 south from 70 down to the spur 66 miles per hour gets you there in 27 mutes. eun? >> melissa, thank you. no new snowfall since sunday but that doesn't mean the roads are alllear and these frigid temperatures this morning means ice could be an news 4 justin finch joins us live from the maradand side of
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y lane in chevy chase with an unclose look at the road conditions there. w justint are you seeing? >> reporter: hey there, eun. good morning. stl seeing lots of snow and slush and ice out here on the road. looking just behind m here, you can see in the roadway there cktching that light is that slush in the s spots still here on these roadways. clearly road traffic has come through here and knocked down some of the snow. we have videoou showing what we've been seeing since last night. lots of car traffic going bacd orth here. cars moving at speed. drivers of those cars complaining that more should have been done to keep roads like this in the chevy cha area clear of snow and slush. however, when you have that snow and then the melt and the refreeze, this is just what happens. it's just a cycle. as we come back out here live, we can show you we have these big icy drifts like thi my right here. the good news is, the sidewalks appear to be clear in this area.
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but i can tell you not every area is so lucky. so even as you're walking this mornin sure to slow down and give yourself extra time. you don't want to rush on an icy sidewalk and hurt yourse. we're live at chevy chase, justin finch, news 4. >> tnk you for that warning. news 4 as your covered on the air and on your phone. the lates weather forecast and traffic conditions are available any time with the free nbc washington app. four minutes after the hour right now. we are 16nt days the new year and already d.c. police are investigating 12 homicides. the latest s hotingpened yesterday afternoon in broad daylight. 22-yr-old williams was killed on north capitol street near the new york avenue playground. police say the shooting was not random and thatn mpd camera captured pictures of the suspect. this comes after one person wa killed at an apartment complex in northeast on saturday. this ree in viole is unacceptable. >> this is a war zone.
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we have citizens in the nation'v capitolg in what appears to be a war zone. >> inff ant to reduce crime, mayor muriel bowser says the police department is building its force up to4,000 officers. >> we continue to follow a developing story out of africa overnight. the state department has confirmed an american is one of the 14 people who die in a hotel terror attack. the gunman were caught oner securityas as they ran into the hotel in nairobi yesterday. officials say the attack began with a suicide bomber in hotel lobby. the american killed is identified as jason spindler, a businessman who had been working in nairobi for several years. the terror group al shabab has claimed rponsibility for this attack. overnight, kenya's president announced that all terror suspects in this attack had bn killed. longest government shutdown in our history has now entered day 26. no one on capitol hill orwh the e house seems any closer to reaching a deal to get 800,000
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kfederal employees b to work. >> the president is expected to invite a bipartisan group of lawmakers to the white house today. this comes one day after a group of house democrats skipped a shutdown meing. ma called it the president's effort to go around house speaker nancy pelosi. democrats are standing unitedns ag funding for the border wall. the gop vows to reject any deal that doesn't include money for the wall. thousands of families are caught in the middle of all this, wondering when they will go back to work and get a paycheck. some new data just out shows just how much of an impact this partial government shutdo is having on traffic. >> the biggest impact has been to the morning rush. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live with details. adam, good morning. >> good morning, eun and aaron. yeah, as you can are fewer people on the road, right, because of the government shutdown, and that is leading to actually an increase in the travel time that the amerin of me that you have to spend on the road is actually improving.
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thne is some good , i guess, if you're not a government contractor. so you can look at it two ways. now one of the main areas of impact is here along 270. guys, take a look at some of these numbers that have justme ut and we're taking a look at this report this morning. we are talking about the biggest impact on 270 from i-70 in the frederick area down to 370, which is basically the connecter to the c and shady grove, the commute time there has gone from 499 minutes to minutes. that is a difference of 20 minutes or a 41% increa. that is certainly helping anyone who comes along this but it also shows you just how heavily impacted our roads are, our traation systems, our networks are and everybody who is nowmpeingted by the shutdown staying home how this all comes together. some of thether roads seein improvements the bw parkway, 495 and 66 all are seeing the travel times cut down because there are fewer people on the road. this is going to be talked about
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today by transportation planning board later, so it's kind of a goodnews, bad news situation here as this government shutdown continues. guys,o back you. >> adam tuss, thank you. it's 5:08 now. the irs is recalling 46,000 furloughed employees to handle tax returns and to pay out re nds. but they will continue to go unpaid. yesterday a federal judgere cted a lawsuit from the union representing the irs. the judge declined to force the government to pay t recalled employees. the federal emergency management agenc is also worried about the impact the shutdown will have on its response to natural disasters. less than a fourth of fema employees are working right now. fema's union president said people could die waiting for help because of this shutdown. >> it wou te our agency approximately a week to two weeks to call us all back in. if a disaster happened today, it would be a week or two. >> another major concerns the
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nearly 6,500 furloughed union employees themselves still witht a paycheck. some of them are filing for tnemployment or dipping into their retirem funds. union leadersay they've asked congress to consider legislation to lessen the penalties for those furloughed employees. tod the board of director of the metropolitan washington airports authority will meet to discuss the utdown's continued impact on our nation's airports. we told you about the tsa sick calls that have forced some airports to close entire in teals. other airports, people are waiting90p to minutes in line because of short estaffing. is nowate at the tsa over 7%. thousands of tsa agents are still working despite the fact that they're not getting paid. many have decided to leave the agency and find other jobs. meanwhile, today celebrity chef jose andres will open an emergency kitchen to feed furloughed federal workers for free. e #chefs for feds cafe will offer a rotating menu free hot
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meals to dinego in or located near the navy memorial inwe nor d.c. open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. everyday. now there's also a gofundme page set up if you would like todo te to this particular kitchen effort. stay with news 4 for all the developments during the sh down. you can get up to the minute information in the nbc washington ap te minutes after the hour right now. still ahead on news 4 today. >> dramatic video tha shows a child's car seat falling out of a moving vehicle with a child buckled in hde. whpened after the break. stay with us. in good mo everybody. wakeup weather this morning, we're still two hoursntil the n comes up and temperatures are in the mid teens in most of the suburbs. fortunately there will be plenty of seshine and nwarmup today but there's a chance for snow around here tomorrow and another little chance as weheet into weekend. i'll show you the five-day u forecast with yo ten
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a defeet so bad it might put britain's prime minister's job in jeopardy. theresa may's proposed deal for englando leave the european union was defeated by more than parliamentn now lawmakers have scheduled a vote of no confidence for the prime mister today. it is one step toward vire may from office. the so-called brexit is still set to begin in march. today in annapolis, maryland governor larry hogan will be sworn in for a second term. he is the second republican governor to be re-elected in at state. he will be introduced by jeb bush. bush was the first republican govern to ever win re-election in florida. chris gordon will cover today's inauguration ceremony. onsure to follow him twitter.
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5:13 today. house democrats plan to unveil the raise the wageact. >> this act could more than double the federal minimum wage. right now, it is h$7.25 anr and has not gone up in ten years. house democrats are propo ng a $15 per hour federal minimum wage. many small businessvewners ho fear they can't afford to pay employees that much and stay in business. lawmakers are also getting heady for another day of questioning forhe president's nominee for attorney general. on tuesday, w nomineeliam barr made it clear he will protect the mueller investigation. bar said he would not be vellied, not by the president. he also said he would quit if president trump ordered him to fire mueller. barr previously served as attorney general under predent george h.w. bush. if approved barr would be sworn in some time next month. iowa congressman steve king says he is sticking a despite growing calls for him to resign from within his own republican party.n amid uproar overomments
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widely considered racist, kevin mccarthy stripped king of his committee memberships. king questioned why white supremacy is considered offensive. it was in an interview with the new york times. yesterday the house voted nearly unanimously on a resolution rejecting white nationalism. the only no-vote was from a democrat who said the resolution wasn't enough and wants king to beed cens 5:15. in news for your health this morning a research team at geora tech isesting a long-acting contraceptive patch. this is what the patch looks like. researchers say the patch would be pressed on to an arm or leg and would provide a month's control. birth no doctor visit would be needed. researchers have been testing this patch on animals. it still needs t be tested on humans. everything is back to normal this morning after southwest airlines experienced a computer network outage at bw marshall airport. it caused longnd lines flight delays.
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the problem forced the airline to ground flights. this is video of the planes sitting on the tarmac. no otherer airlines impacted by this computer issue. now to a stunning story out ofminnesota. keep your eyes on the right hand part of your screen. you see that right the, that is a toddler in her car seat toppling out of moving car and on to the street monday afternoon. now you see the person behind that car coming t out help the 2-year-old girl. she did land up right. that was very helpful. and that passer-by stopped the car and was able toescue that little girl. police say she was strapped into the car st properly but the astened into the car properly and that can have the car move around. who knows why the door opened though. couple issues here. >> lot of questions to ask here. most cars now have that safety lock on the back door so you can't reach other and open it for kids. >> i've been trapped in my own backseatecause of that. >> i'm sure no alcohol was invoed in this incident.
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in your backseat different story. >> i wonder-f maybe >> glad she's okay. >> obviously the main point. i wonder sometimes the seat belt can get caught in the door mechanism there and keep it from latching. >>inhat's a good >> a lot of times the moms, dads in a rush and you're lt asking all the time. >> like raising arizona. do you remember that mu>> sfli. yes. >> nicholasca ge. >> sometimes where did you get that? >> that was a good movie. >> that was before your time, though. >> you were young. >> movie i wouldn't imagine you watching. >> holly t hunter. >>s hilarious. all right, wednesday morning is off to a frigid start. 24 now in washington. fortunately there's not much of a breeze out there, so wind chil are not much of an issue. but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out 10 degrees is cold. wind or not. 10 is frigid. dulles airport. 16 in montgomery county. 23 now in frederick county
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maryland and 23 in frederick county, virginia. your planner then for this morning, there are a lot of spots with ice on them this morning. mainly the untreated sidewalks and side streets. in the here you'll be most at risk. temperatures should get above freezing between about 10, :00 this morning and will be well above freezing later on this af ornoon and fair amountf sunshine early, few extra clouds coming in later on in the day. but today's high temperature right around 42 degrees. again, no chance for o any rai snow today. that may be changing as we get into tomorrow, though. walk you through future weather. nothing to worry abo today or tonight. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 24 hours from no drweather, but clouds coming in quickly tomorrow. by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, temperatures should be just a few degrees abovefr zing. so it's likely to be wet snow and some mixed in rain drops around here. mostf the snow inorthern maryland and the northern shenandoah valley, cold enought
5:19 am
support snow but most temperatures should be just above freezing, so not a big threattior iting on the roads. and temperatures should hold ad pretty s thursday night into friday morning. so periods of wet snow certainly likely but it should have very low impact on trav unless you'll be driving very late thursday night into the predawn hours of friday morning. everything is dri by they morning commute. friday afternoon nothing to worry about and saturday morning it off to a dry start. saturday, though, a chance for some rain moving inat here on in the day. that rain more likely to be in acrossm of snow pennsylvania and parts of northern maryland.he temperatures rise again saturday night into sunday morning so it will be alln r saturday night into sunday. but the cold front, the legitimate edge of arctic air rives here about noon on sunday. so that sunday morning rain coul end with a little quick chance for some snow around here. doesn't look like accumulations will be much of an issue, but
5:20 am
the wind will be ho sunday afternoon, sunday night into monday and temperatures will doe the f fall. so, 42 and dry today. 37 tomorrow. and again, a chance for some rain or snow showers later in the day tomorrow. that's over before the sun is up on friday saturday, rain. again, temperatures holding steady or rising saturday night into sunday. sunday's high near 50, but temperatures, melissa may fall as much as 40 degrees between sunday at lunchti and the time you wake up on monday morning. ten-day forecast next hal hour. i'm getting the chills just thinking about it. thank you, cck. bethes bethesda, inner loop brand new crash. we know the slow dn is on the left side of the road. we'll let you know if that starts havingny real impact. the rest of the beltway looks okay. 95 ind maryl at cherry hill road, northbound, southbound, no worries. main roads look pretty good overal still can have some of those
5:21 am
slick spots for sure. centerville ramp 28 to eastboun6 eastbound 123 a new disabled vehicle reported in the right lane. lookin at in virginia quantico to the beltway 58 miles per hour will take you 28 minutes. just a tiny slow down headed nor north. >> thank you. still ahead on news 4 todayf x is raising its prices. plus, actress allison januariny plays game on the "ellen" show. >> taste it and give a dclue. >>'t know how far away -- can i? how far? >> yep. allison januariny puts her taste buds to the test. watch that at 3:00 p.m. followed by news 4 at 4 b we'll be rigk.
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>> announcer: you'r watching news 4 today. welcome back at5:24. tractor trailer now on display at the national mall is making a g difference in theight against human trafficking. ns it is a one of a kind mobile museum sed by truckers
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against traffickers. the rig is called the freedom er dr project. more than 600,000 truck drivers have been trained in how to recognize human trafficking and report it. h the last ten years, drivers haveelped save about 1,100 victims. this is something the driver of this big rig says he wished he would have known about years ago. >> back several years ago with a different company i was at a truck stop and had a young girl knock on my door, probably 16 years old asking me if i wanted to date. and i just wasn't trained properly in what to look for or who to call or anything like that. >> the truck will be in for the super bowl. cities hosting major sporting events usually see a upick in prostitution which are heavily linked to human trafficking. police here investigate more than 100 cases of human trafficking every year. o it's about cost you more money to watch hit netflix shows such as "stranger things." the streaming service is raising its subscription prices.
5:26 am
the mosthd popular plan goes from 11 to $13 a month. the basic and cheapest goes from 8 t$9 a month and the premium plan goes from 14 to $16 a month. existing custome will begin to .ee those higher bills over the next several mont >> it sort of makes sense. they've been providing so much contenec that you e that there would be an increase. >> the original content isal good. 5:26 right now. coming up at 5:30 a glimpse into the future of grocery shopping. how these robots could spe up your next trip to. gia and good morning, everybody. dog-walking forecast time, cute little dolly available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. look at that cute little paint jobolly has there, one black eye and one white eye. temperatures for dog walking this morning are, oh so veryco . most of the suburbs in the teens this morning. we will have smilder,ghtly milder, but milder weather for those afterwork and afterschool
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walks today. temperatures back down below freeng after 8:00 p.m. this evening. completeheck c i'm a veteran and the army taught me a lot about commitment. which i apply to my life and my work.
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>> announcer: news 4 today starts now. 5:30 now as we take a live look outside to get your
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wednesday started right here in our own stbackyard. oads are getting back to normal, but you still want to be careful out therot a of snow melted yesterday and then it refroze over ght. ill freezing maybe in the next few hours. temperatures are below freezing rightnow. >> feeike it, too. >> it definitely does. everybody i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. louden, fairfax, prince william, stafford, y spots vain and cullpepper schools are on a two-hour delay. >> the o cities manassas schools will open t hours late today. certainly let you know if any more delays or closures or any changes. they'll also run on the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. let's head to chuck and melia now to get you wednesday started here. most schools and offices opening on time, little more crowded o the roads today. melissa will talk to us about that. chuck, tell us about numbers this morning. foremperatures in the teens
5:31 am
most neighborhoods this morning. certainly very, very cold. h seatters on high this morning. only 14 degrees right now out of dulln airport. 16 louden, 16 for montgomery county.ah shenan valley relativel mild. 25 in fredericks burg and saint dry's countyn to a 21 degrees start. your commuter forecast, plan on teens and low0s here for the next couple of hours. side streets and sidewalks are still very icy in spots. temperatures will be above freezing before lunchtime and will be above freezing all afternoon today. so that is certainly welcome news. don't be like me,on't just clean off half your car. clean off the whole thing, that includes tro , everybody. just drives me crazy. when i treat this out, i get a lot of positive feedback. may have to go to some social media shaming tomorrow. don't forget to refill your
5:32 am
ndshield washerfluid. you'll need it a lot over the next couple days. more about the ltdown later on in the half hour. for now, let's get to melissa molette. >> good morning, chuck. do have a crash here with a couple lanes blocked. warning if you're headed out someme soon, we're not sure how bad this is, how long that might be there. we'll let you know as soon as we get more information. right now we're not seeing much of a delay there top of the beltway, jus a tiny little slow down as you move past it. rest of the beltway looks good. inner loop and outer loop, noin comp there. before 123 have a disabled vehicle, we are seeing delays both eastbound and westbound through the 123 area. guys? >> melissa, thank you. 32 w. some roads are still trapped under a mess of slush and icete the weekend snowstorm. this is bradley lane in chevy chase maryland last night. >> drivers had to negiate the narrow street and the slipperyo conditions t get by. a tow truck driver says this stretch of road kept him very
5:33 am
busy the last few days. news 4 justin finch ise trackin oad conditions for you this morning. justin, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: you l hear from that tow truck driver in just a second, but first as you wake up this morning if you see a sidewalk this clear, you're already off too a g start, but chances are you may not sng anythilose to this. same for the roads. ke a look here, live look aty bradle lane. his is between connecticut and wisconsin avenue. as you can see here, there is still some work that needs to be done here. still sing slush in this roadway due to traffic and some partial cleanup. we're alsong seei, too, some black eyes in areas, too. very shiny patches that seem to come up out of the blue if you're not loong forhem and not many people are. now, back to bradley lane that tow truck driver saying that he has heard quite a few driver horrori s over the past few days. take a listen. >> going to one police car i see at least three orour cars
5:34 am
slide off the road hitting guardrails. it's been nast so, everybody please be careful. >> reporter: there you go. en the tow truck driver telling drivers out here to be careful. you never knowhen an accident could happen in conditions like this. also, too, if you're seeing problems on your primary streets, even your neighborhood streets, go ahead and give a call to your localo. agency so they can handle this and hopefully get these roads clear sooner tha later. back into you. >> justin finch, thank u. as the snow cleanup continues eastern shore is checking for possible damage after an earthquake. take a look at this map here. an earthquake hit off the coast of amaryland,ording to the u.s. geological survey. the 4.7 magnitude quake hit around 6:30t. last ni the epicenter was reported 136 mile southeast of ocean city. there are no reports of damage. cing up o 5:35 now, entering dayof 2his partial
5:35 am
government shutdown, any deal any time soon seems unlikely. there have already been three failed attempts to break the stalemate. today, the president is expected to invite a bipartisan group of lawmakers to the white house again. meanwhile, the irs is recalling 46,000 furloughed employees to handle tax returns. those't workers won be getting paid themselves, though. meanwhile, some furloughed federal workers areac heading b to the classroom in fairfax county. yesterday, nearly 200 worrs signed up at a second job fair to become substitute teachers. fairfax countyo plans hold another job fair next week. more area public school distriobs will hold similar j fairs in the future. to read more about this story, head to the nbc washington app and search job fair. whole foods invited federal workers to a few of its ocal stores for a free meal last night. 20 ad a spaghetti dinner at of its location around d.c., maryland a virginia. >> metro workers donated a b
5:36 am
load of food. literally. they promised to fill one of its buses wmsh ite for low income families and seniors impacted the shutdown. all the goods will be held out first annual day of service on monday. today, another option for federal workers and their families, celebrity chef jose andres is opening h chefs for feds. it's an emergency kitchen that will offer a roting menu everyday until the shutdown is over. it starts today at 11:00 a.m. on pennsylvania avenue near the navymemorial. you can find more information about these give a awwered so many other businesses and organizations trying toend ahand. now to a developing story in alexandria. police are revealing morebout a gruesome murder case. 35-yhor-old amed was s and killed in her apartment on south van doran street fday night. police arresd daniel comcom.
5:37 am
the two had a personal relationship. he is now being held without bond. it is 5:37 now. here is a look at the other top stories th american. an american among the 14 eople killed in a terror attack in kenya. th happened yesterday in nairobi. a suicide bomber made his way into aotel lobby as gunmen stormed the building. jason spindler an nyu grad who had been working in nairobi for several years was killed.e terror group al shabab claimed responsibility for this attack. all the men involved in the attack had been killed today lawmakers will continue questioning president trump's attorney general nominee william barr. yesterday barr made it clear that he will protect the mueller investigation. he said he would not be bullied and also said he would qt if esident trump ordered him to fire mueller. if bapproved,r could be sworn in sometime next month. this is video from maryland governor larry hogan's first inauguration and today it will happen again in annapolis. t hogan is second republican governor to win re-election in
5:38 am
maryland. news 4 chris gordon will cover today's inauguration ceremony. follow him on twittedo mented drivers, there are thousands of them on our local roads. coming up, the new push to get them driver's licenses and improved public safety. pl breaking overnight, new hope to keep sears in business, that 126-year-old companyaced bankruptcy. chris lawnce willre
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. tremendous play. >> the biggest win of young france's tiafoe's career. >> new overnight a huge win for a prince george's county nativh in t australian open. 39th ranked francis tiafoe beat fifth seat kevin anderson in four sets. the biggest upset of thena tont so far. tiafoe moves into the third round where he will face another
5:41 am
tennis veteran italian andreas seppi tomorrow. tiafoe turns 21 on sunday. so young, his whole career ahead of him. he lost a few times to kevin anderson last year so in your face. >> right. kevin anderson is a giant. the wizards are alrea working on their game on the biggest road trip of the year, the team is in london for a game against the new york knicks. they had flight trouble getting outwaf shington. we had that weather to contend with. but they finally landed. >> they are looking to bounce back after an overtime loss at me this weekend. luckily the knicks are on a four-game losing streak right now, so keep that momentum going. last night, the team received a royal welco at kensington palace. how about that? these are some of the photosf the event posted on social media overnight. the wizards game against the knicks set for tomorrow at london's famous 0-2 arena. >> go wiz. four things you need to know abt the next couple days. nothing to worry about today. but tomorrow, yes indeed, little
5:42 am
chance for some snow in the forecast for tomorrow. that ends rly on saturday. then, more precipitation over the weekend which could come in the forms of both rain and snow. s i'llw you your future weather and the ten day forecast which includes the polar plunge coming up. brand new t crash on beltway blocking the express 66 and nner loop after some of the main lanes, ful
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. b 15ore the hour as we
5:45 am
look live outside this morning. we have a warning for you, you want to be careful as you head out. be roads, the sidewalks, even your driveway m slippery. temperatures are below freezing again this moing. dealing with another refreeze overnight of some of the snow that melted yesterday. be ca >> yeah. 24 degrees now the temperature went down. several virginia school westricts are on two-hour delays. aven't heard of any closures yet, but we'll keep you posted. you can o find allthe updates running at the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. back to day 26 of the government shutdown. all eyete on the whiouse as the president invites another group of bipartisan lawmakers to meet there. susan mcginnis joins us from capitol hill with the likelihood these law makes will show up after what happened yesterday, sus susan. >> that's right. thisalled the problem solving caucus. it is bipartisan. they're invited to the white house today for talks, but a lot of people areaying this could be another end run around
5:46 am
democratic leadership who is not that's what happened at yesterday's meeting. democrats from rank and file from districts where trump did well were invited. they declined that invitation. meanwhile, the president's demand remains the same, $5 billion for a wall. democrats insist they won't talk border security until the government reopens. in themeantime, to mitigate this shutdown, the white house isk calling b nearly 50,000 workers reportedly to resume functions like airline safety, food inspections and tax afund, buon and eun, they'll come back to work without pay. >> susan mcginnis o the hill. thank you. new data just out shows just aw much of impact this partial government shutdown is having on traffic. >> the biggest impact is actually been to the orning rush. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss has more on all that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is good news/bad news type of situation, depending on how
5:47 am
you look at it. travel times are actually improvg around the are because as you can imagine there are fewer people out on the roads. here where traffic is moving on corridor, this is where we have seen the biggest impact during the morning rush. look at these numbers, guys. new informtrion from the sportation planning board says that along 270 from 170 and frederick and shady grove the connecter to the icc, it's gone from 49 minutes tonu9 s. guys, that's cutting 20 minutes off the commute along the 270 corridor. some other places seen significant increases the bw parkway, 66, even the beyoway. who drives around this area willl tu anecdotally they have seen the traffic on our roads the last couple weeks. are you getting to work fast, you are but because more people are staying home. interesting to break down the
5:48 am
numbers and see the exact impact it's having here on our road network. don't forget, metro is also feeling t pinch here. they stand to lose millions and information from them is going to staomg out about how much revenue they start losing because people are staying home. >> adam, thank you. each day goes by in this partial government shutdown, several federal empyees are working without a paycheck or at home on furlough. >>ithis close to home for the news 4 family. here is a personal story. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. my cousin is one of the many fekeral government w impacted by this partial shutdown. she is a tsa policy analyst who would normally be at work right now. but she's furloughed. so i had a chance to check in with her at home in prince george's county. and then coming u at 6:00 a.m. as well, what she has to say and some advice from ach ptrist
5:49 am
on how to cope with the emotional impact government shutdown. that's coming up at 6:00 a.m. thank youmillette. virginia lawmakers are working on a plan to allow undocumented immigrants to legally drive in the state. they say it's not about politics rather it's about safety. right now as my as300,000 undocumented people may be driving without a akers are looking to create driver's privilege cards to be issued by the dmv to undoimmented migrants. recipients would have t they paid income tax and meet certain insurance requirements. >> now we have 300,000 people who are driving without a license simply because the state won't allowhem to get one. that makes everyone less safe, not more safe. >> last year a bill to permitdr iver's privilege cards didn't make it out of committee at the general assembly. publican lawmakers oppose the cards and say they would create confusion. hers believe those here
5:50 am
illegally should be -- should not be given any sort of legitimate id. if you were already asleep last night, jimmy fallon's tonight show episode last night was filmed entirely in puerto rico. >> fallon said he was inspired by lin-manuel miranda. ♪ love it. how fun is that? lin-manuel miranda announced he was taking the show "hamilton" to puerto rico. jimmy talked with him how puerto ricans have been responding to the news. >> how has it been here? >> amazing. just really amazing. people are so proud. people are so happy that, you know, this show is coming. i just keep hearing it like thank you for everything you're doing and also -- >> this was a celebration. the puerto rican people for the resiliency and all the efforts they've gone to try to rebuild after the aftermath of that horrible hurricane. who else was featured on the
5:51 am
show, none other than chef jose andres founded world central kitchen and chefs for puerto rico. he served more than a milli meals and continues to give back. ♪ breaking news. reutersir reported the cn of sears won a bankruptcy auction to save the company and possibly 40,000 jobs. the auction ended early this morning and hedge fundr inves eddy lam pert's bid came in little over $5 billion. he was competinggainst creditors who thought sears was worth more dead than alive and wanted to liquidate the company. a bankruptcy judge has to approve the deal and sears is facing intense competition from walmart and amazon, but if the judge okays this deal, sears wouldn't have to clo more than 400 stores and thousands of workers may be able to keep their jo. aaron? >> chris, thank you. more breaking news this time we're tracking a traffic alert. >> good morning.
5:52 am
breaking news here fst 4 traffic, two major problems just popped up in the past couple first, inner loop after 66 the express lanes are shut down right now and part of the main big as well because of a crash here. we're trying to figure out exactly what's going on. also chopper 4 headed to this. we have an overturned tractor trailer and a pickup truck crasrt so you're sg to see some of those delays here at the top of the beltway. chopper 4 should be tre in a couple minutes. we'll show you at the top of the hour. in ft. waington, outer loop at 295, accident reported there, bin bound 4 aer waterstreet, vehicle off the right side of the roadway. 270 at montrose road. no problemsn 27 knock on wood. jefferson eastbound 340 at 180 icy road vehicle off of the roadouy. we have ae slips like that. travel times on 270 look okay. top of the beltway right now okay. we'll see how that changes with this problem outer loop georgetown. inbound 66 and 95 northbound
5:53 am
also looking good in virginia. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> temperatures have falle t wa belo freezing mark. national airport one of our typical warm spots is at 24 deunees. foely there isn't much of a wind out there this morning, so we aren'h fighting m of a wind chill but it doesn't matter. it's flat out cold. mid to upp teens for most of louden county, montgomery, prince william and princege ge county this morning down to 17 degrees. so your forecast for the d much like yesterday we'll have a reasonable amount of sunshine and afternoonemperatures will be up to around 40 to 42 degrees. nothing to worry about weather wise today. tomorrow starts off below freezing once again and thene clouds c in tomorrow. that seals out much of a warmup and as a result a little moisture coming our way, there's a chance for some wet snow around here later o in the day
5:54 am
tomorrow, especially tomorrow evening and night. could get a slushy half an inch or so around the d.c. metro area, maybe an inch or so possibly out for areas nor and west. here is how the computer models are handling it. half an inch to an inch there and local model as well half an inch to an .in most important of all, temperatures should be just at or above the freezing mark. so as a result, should not have a lot of that sticking on the roads. couldn't rule out some slushyness late tomorrow but a relatively low impact events. i'm also tweeting out and explaining more on my social mea pages. give me a look there on twitter. so future weather then f today again nothing to worry about. here is tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon and there's that opportunity for some wet snow there from about sun down tomorrow to about 3 or 4:00 p.m. on friday ing. the ten-day forecast features another chance for a cold rain, ybe a little rain/snow mix late saturday and into sunday.
5:55 am
sunday a very rapid drop in temperatures and a h ling northwest wind. wind chills likely to be near or below zero by monday morning. deep freeze is coming. >> yikes, chuck, thank you. it's 5:55. theou next timeo grocery shopping you could get a hand from a robot. meet marty. robots like this one are coming to a giant food store near you very soon. the robotic assistants are being go to all 172 locations by the middle of year. giant says marty can identify hazards such as spills which then frees upia asss to spend more time interacting with customers. >> that would be lpful. i can see that. >> yeah. i need help taking things off the ngelf, fin -- help me find the broccolitte. there's some work thatven a robot can't top, though. >> look at this chipotle
5:56 am
ecemployee. out the lid flipping skills on this guy. >> pretty impressive, yeah. >> yeah, it is. >> take that, mart this morning, we are getting a look at nike's new shoes you can tie using your smart phone. >> s a these the adapt bbs, nike designed them to provide, quote a truly customized fit for every basketball player. the adopt bbs will be available in mid february for $350. >> nice work if you can get it, right? coming up next, watch out for black ice as you head work and school today. >> the roads could be pretty slick after a slushy mess oz re overnight. we're keeping an eye on the roads for you this morning. live picture for youth e. news 4 today continues in a moment.
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