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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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video of police taking t man into custody after a double shooting in bowie. one victim gravely injured. prince george's county police also investigating an officer involved shooting after they say someone tried to run the officer news4 at 6:00 starts right now. we've got anotherinter weather round of it moving right in. it's just the fir of two winter storms we'll see in the next few days. good evening i doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim handly. buckle up, folks. the big problem with this storm is timing coming during our evening commute. here's a live look at storm team 4 radar, a mix of snow and rain from the we a. sout east of washington you may only see rain. >> we've been watching road conditions all aftesoon. adam t will give us an update
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on what he's seeing on the roads in a moment. rit first let's go to amelia draper to us up to speed. what's coming next, amelia? >> we're going to continueo track some rain and snow showers overnight tonight, just about everybody is under a winter weather advisory. that's going to be in effect until 4:00 on your friday. after that as we look to the a weekend, bigger storm system impacts the l areaer saturday into sunday. that system allows part of the polar vortex to move into our area so we'll be dealing with the flash freeze out there on sunday. here's whatin i'm tra right now. you can see everybody across the area dealing wit snow. where you see the brighter blue colors is where the snow is coming down heavier. this includes a lot of northern virginia upnto montgomery county, and maryland around the fredericksburg area. leesburg, fredericksburg, down through betheseda, the district
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an fairfax seeing snow right now. 'll have more rain and snow very late before this event windsn between about 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. on friday. look at your current temperatures the sun set about an hour ago so if roads are untreated, especially where we're at or below freezing we could see some slick spots developing, gaithersburg, martinsburg. still at 37 in washington. how ch snow could yousee? i'll have my snowfall total map coming up in 15 minutes. as we mentioned the timing of this stormgh is down miserable. moving in right during ourg evenhour. >> transportation reporter adam tuss is in the 4 by 4 with a look at how some of the major roads look right now. adam is in the steriling air of loudon county. >> reporter: right now, so far so good, but the snow is
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falling. you can see it's coming down at a good clip out here. as i mentioned the last hit, a lot of drivers are probably thinking uh-oh after what we just went through. but because there's so much salt solution, so much chemical on the road, we are moving at a good clip here and the road seems to bebsbing it very well. drivers are being cautious out here, that is a good thing. and it's not really sticking to the road at this int. i noticed in some parking lots, this snow was sticking to cars. so people might have to brush their car off when they it tonig we aren't expecting a major impact right now but nevertheless, 1 to 2 inches possibly maybeom three for spots and know you are going to be dealing with this. we trackedt from winchester and have been following it all alongdohe cor coming closer to the d.c. metro area. the snow continues to i fall, hasn't let up. the good news is it looks like the road crews have a good
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handle on it and the chemical is absorbin everything that's falling but we have to keep our eye on the temperature as it continues to drop tonight. we'll report back as we make our way in. eack to you. >> adam tuss on th move. a good clip there in our 4 by 4. to breaking news in prince george's county. we're getting new details about the two people after a shooting in bowie. this unfolding in the past 90 minutes near the intersection of fleshertown road and old eshertown road. this isn't far from the country club if you know the area. >> let's get to tracee wilkins. what's the latest, tracee? r orter: we're here on flewn fletcheroad where they have the roadblocked. if you come down this way they're going tourn you around. so prince george's county police gave us an update a few moments
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ago.w let me shoou video from a few moments ago, this is the suspect being taken into b custody prince george's county police. the way they're telling us this happened is the was five ther.e in a vehicle to at person was in the passenger seat. shotuspect took a gun a the driver, who is now in grave condition, shot one of the passenge o in the backthe vehicle who has a flesh wound and evidently that suspect took off towards the woods. from chopper 4 now, i'll show you what it's looking like. they're investigating, paying close attention to the vehicle where it e happened. the witnesses in the vehicle who assisted police in this investigation. but they're saying as it stands they are not looking for any other suspects. they have the person they need in custody. now trying to put all the pieces this, why what led to did it happen. we don't know if the people in the car were related tone another, if they were friends. lots of questions. prince george's county are trying to figure out l a of
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what happened on the scene. we know the chief was hereie ea as well. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in e studio. thanks. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. staying on top of breaking news in maryland. a suspect has been taken into custody after an officer was hurt during a traffic stop. now it's unclear how that officer was hurt butw we k the officer tried to pull somebody over on dade street, close to central avenue. and after that shots werefired. we're still working to learn if anybody was hit. but that officer we're toldor suffered m injuries in that confrontation. officers are still on the scene trying to get some more information that we'll make sure to pass along to you as soon as we get it. back to you all in the studio. on day 27 of the partial government shutdown, president ttrump is raisi stakes. less than an hour before nancy
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pelosi was set to lead a congressional delegation to a war zone, president trump cancelled their transportation and publically announced the trip. for securityos pu, such trips are secret until they arrive at the destination. now they're warning federal workers aren caught the cross fire of a dangerous power struggle. tracie potts is live to break it down. >> reporter: lawmakers are caught in the middl well. the white house insisting this is not a power play, not a reaction to the president being disinvited to the state of the union but it is his insistence that lawmakers stay in town until this is worked out. bottom line for now, ner grounded. the political show down over the shutdown has come down to this. a bus to take lawmakers to the airport for a trip to afghanistan w stopped bankruptly. less than an hour before takeoff. house speaker gancy pelosis this letter from president
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trump, due to the shutdown, he says, i am sorry to inform you that your trip has been postponed. >> i think the actions of the president were petty. spirited. >> the last two years the president has acted like he's in the fifth grade. >> reporter: the white house says he's canceling military transport for allal congressi trips until the shutdown ends. and that it's not pay back. house speaker nancy pelosi is asking president trump to postpone his january 29th state of the union so the secret service doesn't have to escort him toitol hill unpaid. >> we're saying let's get a date when government is open. let'ses pay the moy emplo. >> reporter: republicans are backing the president. >> i think nancy pelosi ought to stay in town and solve the problem. >> she should be staying here to negotiate to get this ace back open. >> speaker pelosi will not let them negotiat the party has been hijacked by the open borders fringe within the party. >> reporter: more tuble for
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president trump, his lawyer, rudy giuliani says i have no a knowledge o collusion by any of the thousands of people who worked on the campaign. that after suggesting otherwise on cnn. >> i never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign -- >> yes, you have. >> i haveo idea - have not. i said the president of the united states. >> reporter: also now the president's former lawyer, michael cohen, reacting to a wall street journal piece admitting yes, on behalf of presiden he paidhousands of dollars to try to rig the polls. so a lot going on with the campaign and new allegations there. and still the shutdown that has no end and no solution in sight. >> high drama down there. tracey thanks so much. the state department is telling all u.s. diplomats in washington and embasss abroad to return to work next week. officials say they have found money to pay employees for the next two week pay period.
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it's important to note workers will not be getting back pay until the shutdown is over. the source olthe additio funding isn't clear. the notice adds the state department leaders are, quote, deeply concerned about the financial hardships fing employees. some 70,000ve federal ment workers live in prince george's county and today we got a better idea of the impact the shutdown is having on prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has that side of the story. >> s we are just starting the impact. >> reporter: at physical and sports rehab, this small business is peddling uphill p through thitial government shutdown, along with federal workers. >> patients are calling us and saying, i can't come in three times this week. can i just come in one day this week. because of their cough pays. >> it's impacting her home, she lives with her daughter's family, h son-in-law is furloughed. >> they've cut back on things they've had to do.
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we've changed the way meals are done. you know, where they were going too things with my grandson this weekend, do some snow tubing, that's cut back. >> i would say about 35%, 40% of our clientele, our demographic, are federal workers. >> reporter: today theresident of the prince george's county chamber of commerce met with senators and the business community to figure out ways to protect small business in the shutdown. >> 70% of our workforce work outside prince george county. we account for -- and of that workforce, 20% of that workforce is in the federal government. so this is directly impaktding us >> meanwhile, angela is looking at options. >> we're physical therapy.e if peoon't come, we can't bill. we can't bill, we don get paid. so it's very linear. >> reporr: tracee wilkins, news4. there are 11 employeeses at the bus tracie showed us,
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they expect paychecks every two weeks. the owner tells tracee she's not looking at layoffs yet but she could have to have the conversations if the shutdown continues much longer. >> a lot of tough conversations. >> k if you don'tw for now, we are in weather alert here on news at 6:00 tracking the road conditions as snowontinues to fall for some of you. >> the srm team 4 by 4 is out on the road showing the snow coming down at a good clip near tyson's tonight. alsoah d, a man found dead inside a house fire ernight, news4 talking to the neighbor who tried to save him. >> d.c. mayor talks about her e'to, why sh
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heren comes the rd snow. amelia is tracking a bigger mess ahead for our weekend. >> first let's get you up to date on the roads with adam tuss inhe storm team 4 by 4. where are you now, adam? >> we're in tysons. ou can tside the 4 by 4 see the snow is falling here. o thenot really sticking roads so that's good news. we have a lot of treatment o the roads, tlt, chemical, doing its job right now. ut people are heading home and finding the snow out there. give yourself plenty of extra time. back to you there atill more questions than answers a about fire that killed a man in fairfax county. tonight we're hearing fm a neighbor who says he wishes he could have done more to help that man escape. chris gordon repdrts from alex. >> reporter: this is as close as we can get to the house, which
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has been gutted by fire. it's been condemned and it's dangerous. now a next door neighbor says his wife sawhe fire as she was returning from work. she called 911, an he came here trying to save the elderly man, alone inside. >> i was tryg to see him. getting in, jumping in, pull him out. >> reporter: he says he came running when he saw smoke coming from his neighbor's home, he called him mr. bob. he tried to save doors were already hot and smoke poured from the windows. >> i had a nightmares all night long. and if i only saw the f before, maybe 10 minutes later, maybe 5 minutes later, he could be alive. >> reporter: this video of the fire was taken by another neighbor who lives across the st et. in the 7700 block of shellhorn
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roadd. >> it was lie dead in a fire by himself, a winter night. it was very >>sad. eporter: flowers have been placed in front of the house. a neighbor who doesn't want to appear on camera, identifies the victim as 87-year-old robert barnes who was retired from the u.s. army. mr. barnes took care of cats in his home. >> he had maybe 20 cats. a lotf cats. >> reporter: neighbors have been on the lookout for mr. barnes' cats, but so far none have been found. reporting from alexandria, virginia, chris gordon news4. > fare jumping is still a crime in the district. for now. the mayor vetoed a measure that would decriminalize skipping fares at metro stations.a ajority of the members who passed the bills think fare jumpers should be fined of getting arrested. that's ant free metro, what the council should focus
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on. but i think it's detrimental to have a system where we enforce the rules. that could be dangerous on the metrost . >> the veto isn't the final word. 10ouncil members voted for decriminalization. charles allen plans to introduce legislation next month to override the mayor's veto. amelia is back with more about the wild weather. we have snow coming down already ands i the start of a wild weekend. >> a lot of weather in the forecast this weekend. we have some rain and sw out there tonight, tomorrow is kind ig the calm before the storm. we'll have if you can believe it near 50 degrees. i say that because sometimes we're thinking so much snow and rain in the forecast. plenty of d time tomorrow. but check out what you could wake up to friday rning. here's my snowfalls total map. notice the d.c. andaltimore metro areas, fairfax county,am
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prince wil county, down around fredericksburg, around an in or less o snow with some rain mixed in. north and west of washington, loudon county, nthern fauquier, maryland and virginia, all along the i-81 corridor, you could see one to two to three inches fall tonight. if you're in the one to three inch area better likelihood for school delays tomorrow morning. as we check out the latest on storm team 4 radar,e this break back into the panhandle of west virginia and more rain and snow. re's the thing, everybody is getting rain or snow from thisf t band, but maybe not everybody sees somethingec from thed wave. i think the second wave is going to impact areas north and west of washington but south and east,ou might miss out. that's why the amounts there are much lower. one inch oress has the potential to be no snow at all. here areour storm impacts with
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schools on friday. at the bus stop, some delays, a hour delay could be north and west of washington. recess, though, for the kids that are in school, definitel outdoors tomorrow. after school we're not looking at any problems outthere. in fact, actually pretty nice with a high of 47 and some sunshine. this wintery mix comes to an end be aeen 2:00 6:00 a.m. overnight tonight. so we will get in on melting snow toughout the day tomorrow. and for the weekend mainly a rain event we uld see it sta off with a bit of snow mixed in and maybe a quick burst of heavy snow at the ouend. we see an inch of rain. if that was snow that cld be 10 inchesover snow. that could lead to floodin saturday into sunday. an arctic blast moves in sundao night imonday. this is the feels like temperature. sunday feeling about 4 below in frederick.7 washington.
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martin luther kingr.ay morning, 5 below. it's justll a bru cold day out there monday. with a feels like temperature monday at noon around zero. the bread meter going of the cold. before the dangerously cold area we're in theow 40s tomorr, saturday and sunday, guys. >> thanks amelia. a mother and daughter living in fear. their hband and brother dead with no clues about who might have killed them. i can't leave her alone and she can't leave me alone without worrying. >> i don't want my daughter worry about me. julie carey's elusive interview with both women and the mystery surrounding this double murder. phillip recovering after a car crash. at 97 years old he was the one behind the wheel. the snow working its way into t district. a live look outside our studios
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here. the flakes are flying out there. amelia, adam li
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prince ph shaken but recovering from a car crash. he is 97 years old and he was driving the bbc reports tonight he got into a crash with anoveer cle and his range rover flipped over. you're looking at video from the scene near the estate. bucking ham palace says he was not seriously hurt. but the c says he was very shocked and had to be helped from the car. he did have a passenger with him, a palace spokesperson notc
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irming who that person was. there are new questions about president trump's plan to withdraw u.s. troops from syria one day after four americansy were killed a suicide bomber there. thatis claiming credit for attack a month after the president said isis has been vice president pence echoed the president's claim yesterday after thek deadly attn syria. foreign leaders are not reports. >> reporter: more fallout today after that deadly attack that killed four amerins in syria. americans whoad been on patrol near a restaurant, a suicide bomber claimed by isis lying in wait, rushing toward the americans killing those four. today the french president, emmanuel macron, said the attack shows that the fight against isis in syria is not yet over. and that's the same message we heard time and time again from theurdish led fighters who are
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partnered with americans and fighting on the front lines. they say if american troops lee leave now, the fight is not finished and isis could come ba . not just that, they say their own future is at risk. they partnered with the americans, they l 8,000 ighters alongside the battles with american troops. and they say if earn forces left now, isis forces could come , baheir sacrifices would have been for nothing and their future is uncertain. richard engel, nbc news, iraq. when we come right back on 0 at six. we're going to check in with adam tuss in the storm team 4 by 4. here's a live look in the virginia area. adam and amelia draper getting you prepared if you plan to be on the roads tonight or tomorrow morning. and julie carey joins us on set with the story of two virginia women whose family was torn apart by a deadly shooting,
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father and son gone, their killers still >> i would ask do you miss
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well, here's another live look at what's happening outside. this is i-270 in clarksburg. you can see the snow most clearly aroun the street light there. traffic is moving slowly, the roads are wet. we're keeping tabs on a slowly evening >>commute. here's a look at storm team 4 rada showing the snow mostl north and west of d.c.
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some of you may only see rain tonight. amelia dper is tracking it all. >> the national weather service has i shoul a winter weather advisory for just about everybody in our area. all the counties here in purple. this is in effect now untiln 4:0 a.m. friday. overall this is a low impact event but the commute right now and early tomorrow morning we'll see some delays but not much in the way of accumulation. temperatures falli to just below freezing so we are going to see some slick spots develop. there was so much salt on area roads from the weekend's storm, that's helping keep them wet versus slick for right now. that being said here's the latest on the radar. you can see everybody in our area is dealing with snow. back around the i-81 corridor getting a breakut the entire d.c. metro area seeing sn r, mayben mixing in around fredericksburg. i'll have the latest on potential delays tomorrow morning and a much bigger storm
6:31 pm
for the weekend. doug and i are tracking that around 6:50. >> thank you. what does the worsening weather mean for peopletorying et home right now? >> adam tuss is in the sto team 4 by 4 with another look at the roads. >> reporter: probably means tpet ople are going uh-oh, look outside the storm team 4 by 4 as the snow is coming down at a solid clip right now. really for the past couple hours we've been tracking the snow. it's lia was mentioning not sticking to the roads. thers been some spots it's accumulated a little bit but so much treatment has gone down on the road that it's absorbing everything. here in the vienna area it's about 38 degrees. but as we go through the night, that's where're going to have to watch out for what could develop tomorrow morning and
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potentially school delays if thereould be somet all. again, not a super heavy clip of snow coming down at the moment, yet it is coming down and somethin to be aware of. i noticed in parking lots it's starting to accumulate bit and on cars you might have to brush it off your windshield and roof. just be awayo if re heading out to run some errands tonight you will be dealing with this throughout the region. back to you, guys. >> after lasthi weekend i we can get through this. >> i think so. now to story you'll only see on news4. a mher and daughter sharing their story hoping to find new leads in the shooting deaths of a virginia father and son. >> the pair were killed in early november and julie carey spoke to the mother andaughter about their horrific loss.or >> rr: who would kill a cabinet maker and a college student and why? it's a question that haunts the
6:33 pm
two other members of the familyd mia her 18-year-old daughter asked us to shield their faces because they're terrified the killer or killers could be looking for them. >> you don't know's out th we don't feel safe most of the time. t, mom hasn't been able to sleep or anything lately. >> young was an immigrant success story so proud to be in this country he named his kids america and virginia. family and friends say he was a ha worker, a perfectionist. >> he was determined. once he set his mind to do something, he doesn't stop until he finishes it. >> 22-year-old america was just a b when he began helping his dad. >> my brother, he's still v young. he's very naive and gullible. he's at the age you want to have fun. >> reporter: mother and daughtev wereiting a sick relative in vietnam when the unthinkable happened. this picture captures the last
6:34 pm
time she saw her son, when america dropped him off at the airport. ay, e the women werawe way the family spoke every day. >> my dad would ask my mom, do you miss me? do you love me? he's like,s i m you so much. and i love you. >> reporter: but suddenly one day no answer on either man's phone. a second day passed. the sheriff's office was contacted to check theam fy's home. deputies found the two men shot to death. it was november 9th. the newly built home the family lived in for only a year now the scene of a double murder. >> i did n know who did that because they destroyed my fe because i lost my husband and son. >> reporter: now the women hope speaking about their loved ones, sharing their anguish, someone
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will speak to investigators. >> i can't leave her alone, she can't leave me alone without worrying. >> i don't want my daughter worrying about me. she said, mommy don't leave me, i have only you now. >> investigators want to hear from anyone who drive route 28 between fauquier and manassas who may have seen anything out of t ordinary in the early morning hours of november 8th, that's the day they think the father and son were killed. we have contact information on the nbc washington app. it is so touchingo see how these two are looking out for one another. would be wonderful if there could be an arrest and peace for them. new detailsbout the suspect in a deadly police involved shooting in montgomery county. we learned the man who tried to rob a bank on wayne avenue yesterdaysuccessfully robbed another bank in silver spring on
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christmas eve. police shot and killed him moments after yesterday's attempted people at the bb mntt bank said he walked innd demanded $20,000, an employee hit the pautcn and the suspect took off. the shooting is under investigation. and following protocol, the officer who shot and killed the man is on paid administrative bleave. k to live ptures from the storm team 4 by 4 right now. we're tracking a one tworunch of win storms. the first one coming in right now, affecting road conditions. the second will have a big impact on your weekend. open carry is legal in virginia a now a state lawmaker is packing on the senate floor. why she thinks it's necessary. rescued by a areporter. woman pulled out of icy water by wtoe reporter.
6:37 pm
>> when she slipped under, i kn i had to go in. >> erika gonzalez with the story you won't wt to an
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new images of virginia state senator amanda chase on the floor drawing a mix of reactions. she's packing heat. sh tells "the washington post" the gun is a deterrent. chase says people have gotten in her face or tried to touch her inappropriately. the lawmaker says she's gotten positive feedback but the minority leader tells "the washington post" he thinks it's absurd. chase says it f makes herl better about walking alone to a dark parking lot near the capitol. >> within ther h the annual march for life kicks off. this is one o two big events impactin traffic in d.c. this weekend. friday is the march for life
6:40 pm
main event parking and trafficc restns will be in place around capital one arena. saturday the mewos march on washington begins at freedom plaza. crowds may be smaller in previous years partially because of the weekend forecast. >> c weatherditions may tamper participation so we will continue to prepare based on the activity that we see. we don't have any concerns about supporting metro says it will have normal service friday and saturday. there's also special marks service over the weekend. a local reporter out taking pictures of the weekend snowstorm was in the right place at the right time and saved a woman's life. he tells us about the rescue next. first let'so back to adam tuss out on the road gs tonight. how are we looking? >> the snow continues to fall out here. look outside the storm team 4 by 4. you can see it is still coming down at a decent clip here.
6:41 pm
the good news is that the roads around the region seem to be handling it becau of all the treatment. we'll get another check of everything going -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah.e -this tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. [ singing in spanish ]
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z339bz z16fz y339by y16fy a quick look at our t stories if you're just joining us.ra storm team 4ing a burst of wet snow and then rain tonight. road conditions could be dangerous. doug and amelia back in about two minutes. one person in grave condition tonight another person rt after a shooting inside of a car in prince george's county. chopper 4 overhead as pice investigate. peince george's county police pulling the sus out of the
6:44 pm
woods here just before 5:00 tonight. this is video youill only see on news4. we're looking to learn what happened and how the people involved new each other. we'll have an update at 11:00. in seat pleasant, maryland an officer was hurt during a traffic stop. he pulledomeone over, got out of the car, and got injured in an confrontation. hots were fired but no one w hit. now to an incredible rescue along rock crk park during the height of our weekend snowstorm. >> two strangers taking in the sights, surrounded by natureso t thing went wrong. erika gonzalez spoke to the radio reporter who risked his life to help a woman who had fallen into the frigid water. >> let me first start by saying we are talking about two very prepared people. on with hisxperience on the roads, the other a runner who hegoes now without an id bracelet. et to that in a moment.
6:45 pm
ere's what happened, dave, traffic reporter fwtoi is a photographer in his spare time. so on sunday h ventured into rock creek park to get a picture. waits for the sun to go down and he snaps this. and then he pauses, he says, to take i serenity of it all and he heard the cries for help. a female jogger trying to takeua pi had fallen over a bridge into the icy waters. dave didn't think twice. he jumped in after her and called11 once they were out safely from the water. given his experience with traffic he was able to detell t dispatcher where they were. >> she'sth motionless i snow. i told three of them to help guide the ambulance to the 'r parking lot in right now. the fourth guy came down with me, checked here, pu was able to ascertain she was breathing, that made me feel better because
6:46 pm
she was unresponsive and as blue as your jacket. >> but sarah kirkpatrick made it. and she reunited with dave to say thank you. as if the story couldn't get better, that there is the framed picture dave took. when i spoke to her in the hospital, she was having difficulty a speaking she could muster her name shoe, well, she had an i.d. on her e shoe that let dics know who to contact. thankfully we're talking about a happy ending to the story that could have been worse. two people prepared for what if scenarios and it happened, they were ready. >> the chances of those two finding each other at exactly
6:47 pm
the right moment, amazing. >> we will think of that every time we hear dave's name. >> great stufan thyou, erika. >> you're welcome. we're watching the snow come down. >> but ourg man dmmerer is enjoying his assignment in colorado. before we get to him, here's . amel >> first let's start with what's happening outside right now. some snow showers moving through the area. this is a pretty low impact event but because of the timing righ now, could have some issues out there tonight and early tomorrow morning. so som isolated slick spots tonight and tomorrow morning. by the mid-morni hours and the rest of your friday, the roads are going to be jus fine. as we look towards the weekend, another storm system moves in, the weekend storm system mainly about the rain and cold air that follows. check out current temperatures right now. some of us are at or below . freezi so slick spots, especially on untreated sfaces possible.
6:48 pm
frederick county a fresh coating there. 32 in fredericks as well as town at 31. you can see the district still around 35. so what's falling right now having difficulty sticking out there. and as we look at the latest radar imagery, this main band moving through, but back to the west there's a second round of rain and snow that will move through. overnit, the secondound favors areas north and wes of washington. and that's why you see more accumulation and potential for delays tomorro rning. then we look to the weekend, doug is in colorado right now ere that storm is moving in. doug here we might be dealing with flooding and cold air versus a sort of snow. >> absolutely. that storm systemts made way through california yesterday. 2 to 5 feet in thea, sie nevada. we're expectingt in the next
6:49 pm
uple of hours here. i love coming out here year for the weather and climate summit. so much fun pr for me. yes, iet too some skiing but learning so much about weather and climate and how to relate that to you the viewer. for us i'm waiting for the storm because that's going to give us good skiing tomoow. about 6 inches we're expecting. but that same system moves across the country. as we make our way towards friday afternoon it's omaha,ch ago seeing the rain. and st. louis it moves from rain ow line over towards all snow, blizzard concerns from st. louis to cincinnati as it changes to too. there, for us it moves in as rain in the d.c. metro area. maybe brief start as snow but over to this will be an all rain event for our entire are ya.
6:50 pm
in hagerstown, you will quickly change to rain. it will be a cold rain too. temperatures in the upper 3 to low 40s. talking about cold, that coldce in during the day on sunday. and amelia by monday morning, we're going to be -- i'll be back by monday morning to let you know. i'm excited for wind chills about 10 below zero. no i'm not. at all. >> monday morning isosne of mornings where if you've had trouble thisrt winter sg your car, you don't want to test it monday because the answer is it's noto going starting. that's how cold it's going to be here >> the arctic air is only here two days but we know more is in the forecast over the next month or so. >> that was in your long-range forecast. it looks like that's panningol out, and a lot of storm systems. by the way, doug, have a blast out ere, enjoy your time and we'll see you on monday. >> than. see y guys, maybe tomorrow.
6:51 pm
>> maybe. some rain and snow right now. here's the latest with future .mather. 9:00 i think we get a break. you can see the second round moves in between about 10:00 and 11:00, notice how it favors areas north and west of washington so you g a little bit more accumulation. so north and west of washington thinking one t two inches. the highest amount coming in maybe a three. but around washington, maybe a coating. as we look to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, temperatures right around freezing. so that could lead to some slick spots out for the w we see the rain moving in on saturday and ending on sunday. and f fgid martin luther king jr. day. that 25 degrees on monday during the afternoon only feels about 5 above zero with strong winds out there. >> thanks, amelia. coming up, the
6:52 pm
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stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring after one surgery...'s sl not six. stronger is beg a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier ... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want syour kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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by a hair they won, but it makes flying back across the pond a lot eaer. >> and the build up this week for the wiz saturdays taking on the knicks ended in theatrics. washington last played on sunday then spent three daysbexploring re taking the court this afternoon in eastern time. let's head to england. no truth to the rumors that the wizards arrived in the double-decker bus. porter with the jumper. he hits. 20 points for porter. the wiz ahead by one. bradley beal, the contact still hits. he had a game-high 26.
6:56 pm
threela point three twoy wizards down one t biel thomas bryant, his shot blocked but wait a second. this one called goal tending on new york. it wasreviewed, upheld, the shot counts, the wizards win a wild one, 1-100. now they head state side. at a welcome p'te, cas goal tender not just staying hydrati hydrating. he was in the net the entire season, this a goodft sign saturday night's loss against columbus, taking a stick to the eye. he had to be relieved that game and the next two. caps waiting to e if he will start thursday against the islands. >> youon't know how things are going to rct until last minute but for us in this situation we'll see how he is after a hard day today.
6:57 pm
>> there is a bit of doubt what it's goingo react like.y obviouslasn't close enough to 100% that i felt comfortable it was for the betterment of the team. >> the caps practicing today in front of special guests, of the arlington police and fire departments and the sheriff's office, getting a chance to meet the stanley cup champs in anticipation of tuesday's first responders night. and yes, ov has a new four legged friend. >> to be able to get to meet some of them and shake their hands. some of them are bwnway meeting some of us. i think it goes unnoticederhat day they're putting their lives on the line for people. >> it was cool havg them out there and meeting a cple of them. obviously they got a tough job of -- a very imptant job and we're supernk thal for all
6:58 pm
they do out there in the world. >>t' cool to see a couple familiar faces. some guys you know fromeeing around here, downtown or various other events. ways good to see the dogs too. >> knowing people appreciate what we do, organizations like the capitals appreciate what we going to keep doing what we're doing.we got this a couple months ago, it was made when they won the stanley cup. >> it's a hall began bar, it's a forcible entry tool we named it tom wilson because it destroys things. he just signed it. so it has powe >> it's nice to share a laugh, and whatever that was there, hammer, crow bar, what was it was it was pretty fun. >> wilson says he's trying to work more on his finesse than
6:59 pm
force. >>
7:00 pm
breaking news tonit. an ugly new turn in the longest government shutdown ever after speaker pelosi threatened to cancel his state of the union, president trump postponed her secret visit to afghanistan. pulling her military plane at the last minute. a never-ending fight with 0 800,00milies caught in the cross fire. >> we're rea a real paycheck, that my husband's working really hard for. rudy giuliani's damage control after the president's o lawyer triedve a goal post. >> i never said there was no collusion between the campaign, or betweeneople in the campaign -- >> yes, you have. >> i have not. i id the president of the united states. > another bombshell abou michael cohen. a bag of cash, a rigged online n pohe's pointing the finger at the president.


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