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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  January 24, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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news 4 begins th a weather alert. heavy, falling temperatures and a lot of wind. e're in weather alert mode and tracking an intense storm system that's beginning to approach our regi. pect the commute to be a messy .me. it is 5:00though. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. a very busy morning this morning. ort's get to the information you want to know byou head out the door. wtop's jack taylor is inor melissa mollet. he's tracking any trouble for your morning commute, with this weather. we want to begin with meteorologist chuck bell with your forecast. when is this rain moving out, chuck? >> probably shortlyfter ontime today. a very rainy commute on the way in. likely to not have toou worry rain on the way home. no matter when you drive today, theve winds could b gusty at times. another ribbon of heavy rain across southern virginia. that's all coming in our direction. a 100% chance of rain which will
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at times e to heavy between now and noontime. you can see the moderate rain moving in towards the warren ton area and wetds r through the d.c. metro area. could pick up a quick inch of rain. a flood watch is in place for the rest of the keep in mind that most of the rain will be done, probably not long after 2:00 in the afternoon. temperatures, it feels like an april morning. we are in the mid to upinr 50s many spots here this morning. our average temperature for this time of e day, a this time of the year would be 29 degrees. things are out of whack. 50s this morning.t 50 degrees noontime. rain ending through the afturnoon and tempes will drop very, very quickly today. have your nbc washington appdo loaded and ready to go and follow me on social media for the updates through the morning and afternoon as well. jack taylor,he rain nev helps the commute. >> hey, chuck. i know with the t rainst are falling, unfortunately, not a
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lot of work that can be done at 17th and d street northwest. 17th street remains closed between c street and n avenue. southbound diverts at new york avenue with the roadway compromise. crews may not get work on this until after the weekend and potentially into next week. plan for it. virginia state authorities may have arrivedn a crash beyond the toll road and blocking the left side of the roadways. be careful if you're headed out the door. limited wind restrictions, so empty house trailers and box trailersss not safe to c the bridge. authorities on scene t assist. aaron, acn,to you. >> thanks, jack. the partial government shutdown has entered its 34th day. tomorrow, 800,000 federals workill mark another payday without a paycheck. >> we learned the gridlock is impacting the state of the union address. corey smith joins us at the live desk withdetails. good morning. >> good morning, aaron and eun.
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this is the sideshow townhe shut if you will. the state of the unionss add scheduled to be delivered to congress next tuesday night. now we don't know when it will happen. after 11:00 p.m. last night, the president fired offwe twos saying he's putting the speech on hold. that ended a week long showdown th nancy pelosi. that tweet, he wrote as the shutdown was going object, nancy pelosi aheed me to give state of the union address. i agreed. she then changed her mind. this is her prerogative. will do the speech when the shutdown is over. the president said he didn't t want look for another venue for the address citing the house chamber's history aad ion. all this started last week when speaker pelosi suggested to the itesident that because of the shutdown and sec concerns, he should hold off on delivering the address. for a ti it appeared trump would try to give the state of the union. an idea was floated that he could select another venue in whicho do so.
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while there's no -- the address has been delayed before. happened in 1986 when president reagan postponed the speech after the challenger disaster. we'll see what happens next. eun? >> corey, thank you. the v senate wille today on two bills to reopen the government. a future of both pieces of legislation remains uncleefrmt however, there's growing support to at least find funding for the department of homeland security. in a rare move, five former homelands security secretar signed a letter requesting congress and the president do evererhing in their p to reach a compromise. those who signed it, include former chief of staff, john kellom ridge, michael chertoff, janet napolitano and jeh hnson. ro says in part, the dfs employeesct the traveling public, investigate and counterterrorism. theorkers shouldn't have to rely on the charitable generosity of others nor assistance in feeding their
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families andr paying th bills. it calls for undocumented immigrants to stayn the country for three more years and for a border democratic senate bill would reopen the government for three weeks but would n funding for the wall. later this morning, tsat workers a reagan national frustratill express to mark warner and tim kaine. air traffic controllers have been forced to work without pay and many have taken to calling out sick. c a result, some airports have had tolose security checkpoints because there haven't been enough tsa screeners onjob. that has led to long lines and delays. the community outreach to help furloughed workers, there was a dinner arranged by the school's conservative club and the young democrats. student organizers say it's a bipartisan effort tous help be it impacts the whole
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community. >> nearly every single restaurant who we reached out to were very keen on donatin because they've all seen the effects too. we're all in this together as a community. >> people in the commuty also donated nonperishable food for the school's food pantry. we are updating our app with resources for federal workers who were furloughed every day. you can cbcck the washington app to find out where you can get help and where you can give help. search . shutdo president trump's former fixer and lawyer michael cohen has postponed his congressional testimony and he blaming the president. it was set for next month. con's lawyer released a statement citing verbal attacks on the cohen family from bothid prt trump and his lawyer rudy giuliani. the president publicly impli cohen's father-in-law should be investigated. giulianit on further on sunday saying the father-in-law may have ties to oanized crime. president trump denied threatening cohen and said that cohen was, in his words,
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threatened by the truth. we're following breaking news. right now, police are investigating a shooting near the southern avenue metro station. this happened late last nht just before midnight. >> justin finch just arrived on the scene. justin, what's going on? >> reporter: well, aaron, eun, good morning. we still have the -- it's been hours since the reported shooting. it's wrapped up in crime tape. there's shattered glass on the groundnd right in the middle where there was a window, it's almost completely blown out. i do want to take you to vidfr the scene overnight. this is the southern avenue metro station here in hills. we're looking at the p 12 eastover bus bayar . metro transit officers are outside the bus as well asat inside of bus trying to gather clues and piece together what happenedere. from witnesses they have heard that a teen boy was shot exiting that bus sometim late last night, close to about 11:30 or
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midnight or so. why at this time remains a mystery. as we come back out here live, we know that as you see this cameras on board of buses, t cameras here metro stations, between that and perhaps witness accounts, they can track down haps he shooter was and p more about what happened here. as for that teen, we're hearing from sources close to the investigation that he is perhaps shot in the leg area and taken to thesp al. we're live here at temple hills. i'm justin finch, news4. >> justin, thank you. 5:08 right now. a local tee remains in critical condition after being shot inside the hd inside a prince george's county home. this happened in landover yesterday on dorman street. two teens, ages 15 and 16 were hanging out when a gun they had went off. the 15-year-old was hit. we're told the grandfather was upstairs at the time. >> i'm in shock. all these cars, so i want to
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know what's going on in the neighborhood. >>'m just so ncerned. i mean, i'm wonderings was t possibly an accident. >> investigators are still tryingo figure out whether the victim was playing with the gun or if something else led to the gunfire. it's now 5:09. we're continuing to follow a eveloping story in central florida. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a man to go into a bank and kill five people. it staround 12:30 wednesday afternoon in sebring, florida. that's about halfway between tampa and miami. r afterponding to the initial call, police received a second a , this one from the suspectedot s himself still inside the bank. he told pole he went into t building and just started shooting. after a standoff, police were able too inside the bapg, get the victims and eventually arrest the accused killer. t the gentleman taken into custody as a res this is a gentleman by the name can have zephen xaver. he's 21 years o age and lives
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here in sebring. >> florida state officials say the suspect worked as a prison guard ainee until he quit two weeks ago. this morning, a massivenk le is still causing major problems for drivers in the district. >> now we're learning it could tahe some time before problem is fixed. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in norhwest d.c. w more on how this could impact the commute. busy scene behind you, megan. >> reporter: we've got the work going on behind me. we're learning that this is going to be a problem not just for today, but the next several days. 17th st shutdown in both directions right along the ellipse, dar constitution hall. in place between c and e streets. the problem, a big sinedole that opp. take a look at the video. that been with us since rush hour tuesday evening. oat's when ned up in the middle of the road on 17th
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street pretty much at the intersection with d. the cause of that sinkhole still unknown. they're trying to figure that out. they tweeted out that they are doing repair work to an older brick sewer line and that is going to take a couple more days. in fact, they said that 17th street may not reopen until next week. so if you takend this road a a lot of people do, especially during rush hour, you're going to have to find another way to get where you're going. the work here ongoing at this point. it appears they're shoring up safely go in and do their rk. it could be a couple more days before things get back to normal. >> megan, thank you. still ahead, our coverage of the ongoing government shutdown continues. a lotut of people wit pay shex. how come will get help paying their >mortgages. if you' thinking about gning up at a new gym, there are things to keep an eye out for. we're working f you and breaking it all down, next.
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? welcome to your thursday morning. it is a weathle day today. rough weather is expected to impact muc of t area in morning. we're talking about wind, rain and fall temperatures. chuck bell is pting the finishing touches on his full forecast. he'll be with us in a few nu s. news 4 learned the recent frigid weather may have led to the deaths of thee people in .irfax county an 86-year-old woman at sunrise
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assisted living filityn reston died this past monday. she had wandered outside and was found lying in the snow. earlier that same day, a homeless man was found dead in an apartmentn laundry room fairfax and last week, a woman left an assisted living facility in great falls and w later found dead. >> folks need to watch out for each otr, be observant to activity that seems suspicious. if you see someone in distress, contact local law enforcement. the rescue quad. we wt to check on people. three deaths is three too many. >> important reminder there. the s sunriior facility is assisting with the investigation. we now continue our coverage of the government shutdown and impact on federal workers. >> we have good news for anyone furloughed and living here in the strict. you will soon get help with mortgage payments. the district will make zero interest loans available to anyone who isn't getting a paycheck. those who qualify can get up to
5:16 am
$5,000 a month. they'll have o pay back that money within 60 days of end of the shutdown. mayor bowser announced this yesterday at the conference of mayors. >> we perhapse man anybody are kind of in the belly the beast of this shutdown. we have more than 7000 d.c. residents who are affected by thisou fu. >> loans will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. thepplication process begins tomorrow. contract federal employees will not be eligible because they're not guaraeed back pay when everything reopens. big changes to know about when calling for help in the district. you can now dial 311 for police if it's notn emergency. last year, d.c. received 1.5 million 1 calls. 20% of them were for nonemergencies that slows down response times for real emergencies. so what do pole consider nonemergencies? things like noise complaints, fender benders, vandalism and
5:17 am
destructiof property. >> if you have a nonemergency that's no threat to life, suspect oninjury, no the scene, call 311. the first prompt gets you to nemergency. if you have an emergency, if you're unsure, call 911. >> d.c. is the only jurisdiction in our area that uses 311 for nonemergency police calls. other areas like montgomery county, prince george's county, fairfax they have ten-digit numbers to dial. we have those numbers in the nbc washington app. search 311. amazon is expanding its drone delivery service. the company is testing its drones in seattle. it's called amazon scout. for now, these drones will be accompanied by an amazon employee. but the plan is for them to eventually make deliveries on their own. start placing your flower orders and dinner reservations now.le ine's day three weeks away. >> one of the most popular candies for the holiday will be missing from store shelves.
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the maker of the sweetheart candy hearts, younow what we're talking about, recently went under. the comoony thatthem over will not be making those conversation hearts until 2020. you can keep an eye out for copycats. otherompanies stepped in to gill the gap. if you happen to see the real candy hearts in stores, there's a good chance they were made over a year ago. not that people care>> about. do. >> probably like 20 years ago. >> hopefully, the a wait year to change the formula so they goodlly tas >> chocolate is the way to go if you're buying candy. that's my suggestion. >> you like the sampler boxe do you? >> yes. >> i don't like the sampler boxes. >> she wants the good stuff. >> what are you talking about? 4 it is a storm team weather alert day for you. heavy rain likely to come in during the second half the morning commute. it's incredibly mild eroutside.
5:19 am
teures have been steadily climbing all through the overnight as adver yesterday, we're getting close to 60 degrees alread from warrenton and fredericksburg down into centr virginia. very warm air being pushed into the region. our average high temperature is 43. we're already 10 to 15 degrees warmer before the sun is eachp than we would see an on average high day. temperatures in the mild 50s tethrough the morning com up to about lunchme today. gusty south winds as high as 40 miles per hour this morng and gusty northwest wind comes in this afternoon. the rain will be endin by noontime or shortly thereafter and skies will be clearing by later on in the afternoon. northwest winds, .thou you don't think you're going to need it this morning. you need the umbrella. but you need an extraayer of warmth. if you're not home until 5:00 or e in the dchills will low 30s by then. have a warm coat ready to go.
5:20 am
warm air surging up the east coast here. heaviest of the rain is out acro parts of northern virginia. that's headed towards theca tol beltway here. flood watches have been posted. ckuld get a q inch of rain in spots between now and lunchtime. here's future weather. first wave at 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.v rain and i-95 into prornince george's county. the last burst of heavy rain between 10:00 and noon. after noon, though, things start to get quiet. most ofhe rain coming to an end. a gusty northwest wind. temperatures will be tumbling i later the day today. your five-day forecast looks this way. bym 58 this morning to 35 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. breezy, cold, cloudy maybe a flurry or two tomorrow. chilly and dry weather hangs around through the weekend. another shocking change to the
5:21 am
stem next week. more on that with the ten-day coming up. >> the trouble spot he's on 17th street. it's closed between c street and -- where it is potentially, closed up and repaved until early next week. we had an early morning crash blocking the left side of the roadway. or delay. m be aware it's there. out of the ba bridge working under limited winds. high-profile vehicles, empty house trailers and b trailers, may be a chanceou won't be crossing the bridge. checking for a crash along greensboro near west park drive. authorities should be heaned to the s take it easy. all that green is rain, rain, rain. break. will continue after the
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5:24 now. if getting in shape is your goal, joining agym, you need to do your research. >> susan hogan has tips osa ng on your gym membership and what to look for before sign g thatcontract. >> in you're thinking about joining a gym, this is a good time of year to find deals that ll save you money. >> january is always a big one. without a doubt. january is one of the times
5:25 am
where most gyms are offering some kind of incentive for you to come in and try them out. >> ask for a noncommitment trial. aybe gyms offer day pass toss try out their facilities. if you have a family interested in signing up with you, they may offer you a lower monthly rate for a group. trying the place before you commit will help you decide what pe of gym is best for your goal. >> identify what your goal is. if you've tried to do this goal already and let's say you've joinedigger gym where you did it alone, maybe that is not the number one way. maybe joining smaller gym, people are more focused and getting the attention and accountability thatou need. >> when you find the perfect fit for you, you can negotiate a better price. speak with the salesperson or manager to see if you can get a free month or eliminate the registration fee, especially if you sign a contract. >> sign up with us for, let's say, six or 12 months, that' about 30 to 40% less than you would be paying let's say if you
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to month a month payment with us. >> be sure to read the contract from beginning to end. >> look to see if there are cancellation or subscription fees or whether you have to notify them months in advance or whether you get charmed if you quit the gym. >>eep a copy of the contract in case you need to reference it in the future. >> you can check with your health insurance company or employer to see if they offerou dis at the local gym. guys.o you weather alert for you today. already pockets of moderathr ran movinggh the area. it promises to slow your thursday morning commute. it will be over before the day is done, though. we're talking about plummeting temperatures then. stay with us. plus, filming fitting rooms. an update in the case against a man aused of watching women while they tried on clothes. an arrestade after woman in a vegetative state gives birth. the hospil
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that storm team 4 weather alert is in effect as we get
5:30 am
ready for a wet day. take a look at all this rain on the it was prompting a flood th asra youda your thursday started. >> the rain has c beening down for a few hours. we have several more hours to go storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is in with the warnings you need to know >> then we'll check in with wtop's jackaylor in for melissa mollet to let us know how the rain impacting the commute. chuck, we'll start with you. >> it's a crazy warm morning outside. already raining. the rain will slow the morning commute. the wind will be a serious issue. the temperatures will bey tumblinghis afternoon. just one of those crazy weather days here in the washington a a area. that plume of deep moisture a promis very rainy first half of the day today. heavie rain towards stafford county. part of fauquier
5:31 am
coming straight towards fairfax in the next hour or so. flood watches remain in plac a quick inch of rain not out of the question. be on the flookout high standing or fast-moving water and stay away from it if at all possible. >> those numbers are crazy warm. we're in the mid-50s. near 60 towardsg fredericksb already. dog walking forecast. well, that's going to be a quick walk this morning for sure. temperatures are in the 50s. that's not the problem. it's raining hard. rain at noontime as. we it will be dry for the evening walks. oh, is it going to be colder. driving temperatures down 25 to 30 degrees between now andater in the day. you need an umbrella and a warm coat. >> thank you. good news, thank you chuck. good advice. 17 still closed to northwest tween c treat and new york avenue. got the large hole in the hoed wa that's compromised. this is the closure in effect
5:32 am
until further notice. fire department northwest closing 16th it is b between k and l. that could be a normal pa of travel be aware you'll be diverted by a block or two. the crash cleanupns rem after the dulles toll road along the left side of the roadwaysi c tnp toward tyson. aaron, eun x back to you. >> jack, thankou it's 5:32 right now. a new development in the war of words between president trump andse tweeted he won't hold the state of the> postponing the speech until the government reopens. as scheduled. the prpt tweeted in part, at the shutdown was going on, nancy pelosi asked me to give the state of the union i agreed. e then changed her mind because of the shutdown suggesting a later date. i will do the address when the n
5:33 am
shutdo it over. >> it was scheduled for week. as we start this 34th day of the shutdown, lawmakers will be bach on capitl tay torehed, von eo 800,000e will miss another paycheck this week. >> today's bills are partisan. the gop backed bill called for undocumented i igrants to stay in the country for three more years and funding for a border wall. the democratic senate bill will reopen the government for three weeks but does not include money for the wall. tracie potts will have more on the story from just a few minutes. frustrated and struggling federal workers took to the streetsesterday voicing their concerns. they urged senators to get the government up and running agai protesters held a silent demonstration in the senate office building. about 12 people were arrested outside mitch mcconnell's ofce. >> news s working for you throughout this shutdown. each morning we'reng showiou new resources, from neighborhood
5:34 am
potlucks to others helpingtr ca apped families. we're bringing you everyuing yo need to know. >> in a few minutes, we'll introduce you to the teenager o wasonating his lifetime supply of peanut butter to those in need. molette greenat will be liv making food drive stops to collect and give out donations. much more about that in a few minutes. right now, we're staying on top of breaking news. d.c. police investigating a shooting near the southern avenue metro station. this happened late last night just before midnight. in justin arrived on the scene. justin, good morning.un >> reporter: aaron, good morning. what a frightening phone callis ust have been for the teen's family getting word that he had been shot here at the southern avenue metro station. this morning, we're seeing signs of what transpired here. yellow crime tape surrounding this bus bay. there was a window blown out
5:35 am
with shattered glass on the ground. let's take you to video from overnight showing you the investigation rampi. metro transit police inside of that bus. also, outside of the bus here as well. that bus critical because witnesses report that the teen was getting off of the bus when he was shot at by someone last night. why at this time remains unclear. as you look now back live at t ene, what a mess we have this morning. however, what we don't know is mo about the shooter or why th teen was targeted. however, we know oftentimes on board the central buses, they have surveillance cameras as well as here at the station. hopefully, between those cameras and between what witnesses saw, they can put together what happened here last night. h we're live at temple hills, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. it's now 5:35. happening in the district today, the metro board is set to hear plans that could significantly change the operating hours tore
5:36 am
metro trains. oneould keep theours as they are. another would return service hours to the pre-2016 hours when trains were running until midnight during the ther two other proposals that offer less significant me but they would expand weekend service and keep trains running later during the week. the plans will be presented at a board meeting later this morning. a developing story in florida. police still don't know why a man walked into a bank and shot people. 21-year-old zephen xaver called them from inside the bank after the after a standoff, police arrested him. xaver has been working a prison guard trainee until two weeks ago. there's an update planned for sometime later today. there are new charges against the man accused ofme filming and girls in dressing rooms last month. more than 60 unidentified
5:37 am
victims werert filmed in rn virginia. so far only four victims have been identifiig. investors say the victims were filmed with a tiny camera at forever 21, gap, old navy and h hnd h locations in fairfax county. that's included where rauf was -- we have a number up on the nbc washington app. search fitting room. it is 5:37 now. coming up, kevin durant setting up others for success. we'll show you the inside of his new resource center that he just opened in his ovmetown. over dogs and cats. we'll tell you about the exotic animals
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we have an upde now on efforts to combat the adenovirus
5:40 am
t the university of maryland. crews spent timdisincompetent affecting dorms and the uniy says two more cases were reported over the break bringing the total to43. since then the university has implemented an aggressive cleaning plan. >> our facility staff have been cleaning high touch surfaces around campus. so,ou know, elevator buttons and doorknobs. in common spaces. >> in addition, more than 4,000 dorm rooms have been edisinfected. niversity is asking students who are sick not to return to campus until they're well. this morning, one of two stolen pit bull puppies in the district is back with its owner. we told you about the story earlier thiweek. a m held a dog owner at gunpoint and stole her two-month-old puppies inas soutd.c. on sunday. a person realized they had one of the stolen dogs and turned it
5:41 am
in. still not clear how the person came to possess thedog. far, there have been no arrests in this case. it used to be a crime to own hedgehog as a pet in fairfax county >> after a year's long debate, the county board legalized them as well as two difofrent kinds exotic pets. the board gave the go ahead at g meetin on tuesday. look at these guys. they also approvedll chinc and hermit crabs. you want a chinchilla in your house? >> no. >> in the past, tho animals required a special permit. in d.c. it's still illegal to n hedgehogs. but legislation could be reintroduced this a yearer failing last year. what's next after that? >> it looks like an unfinished rabbit. they started to make -- i don't know. >> i'll sti with my puppy dog. >> why do you want something that does that? that doesn't look enjoyable. sorry. let's talk about dogs. we like those. >> certainly do.
5:42 am
how about a woodchuck >> no. >> it's like having a beaver. what are you going to do with that? >> it's a groundhog. same thing. you're going to get wet at the bus stop. haai your slicker and boots and umbrella. they're ready to go this in mo most of the rain will be over.o it's going windy and turning a lot chillier by early and middle parts of the there's another shot of arctic cold coming up next week. ten-day fecast when iee you next. couple of trouble spots inh not. we've got fire department activity closing 16th street between k and l. the long-term emergency center on 17th street. it's closed between new york it's closed between new york avenue and c street
5:43 am
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my name is elainei'arber, a'm a five-year cancer survivor. surviving for five years is a big deal. a i had so many peopctca helping me find a way to go through the treatments. the reality of cancer is not everybody survives. at ctca, they have a huge celebrate life event. that was amazing because the whole day was about all of the survivors. i'm excited about my future. learn more at
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it's 5:45 now. the storm team 4 weather alert. look at the radar image. it's going to be a wet thursday for us. heavy rain could lead to niooding as well this m as we go through the day. it's going to be a windy day, too. we'll check in with chuck for the full forecast and look atco how thute is impacted in a few minutes. right now, we turn back tohe governme shutdown. thousands of federal workers will miss a second paycheck tomorrow. >> we're 34nt days the stalemate and today lawmakers will vote on two bills to reopen government that should be seen as a sign of progress, but it appears neither part is optimistic that these bills will pass. >> overnight, the president announced that he willot be holding his state of the union address next week. tracie potts is joinings live with more on all of this. tracie, good morning. >> aaron and n, good morning. nancy pelosi wins the battle
5:46 am
over the state of the union address. she doubled down and said that they would not authorize his visit to capitol hill tuesday for the state of the union. the president backing off ovt night tweeting tt only will he not do the state of the union here, but he won't look for another place because nowhere wil match t significance of the house chamb chamber. the state of the union is offer. but the shutdown is still on. thousands of federal workers getting that paycheck again tomorrow. sniefrmts tracie, canou explain the two competing bills up for votes today? >> sure. the senate is looking at the president's plan which would exchange protections for immigrants for 5.7 billion for his border wall and the hidemocrats' plan would temporarily and quickly reopen governmentor twoeeks to give them april couple of weeks to negotiate border security. at least one senate republican, susan collins, confirmed she'll cross over and vote with democrats today to end the
5:47 am
shutdown. that's not enough. they need at least a dozen more. coming up in a fewminutes, we'll fill you in on new resources available for furloughed workers starting today. tracie, thank you. i'm corey smith at the live desk where we continue toopollow a devg venezuela'ident, nicolas maduro has given american diplomats 72 hours to leave the untry after president trump backed his opposition there. angry citizens called for maduro to step down. police were firg tear gas. the president backed the latder of the nional assembly as vein zay a's leader. mike pompeoniaid the uted states does not recognize maduro's regime as the country's government. the opponent dec hredself as interim president while thousands marched in the streets. maduro was sworn in jus two weeks ago but the u.s. and dozens of other countries called
5:48 am
that an illegitimate election. back to you. >> corey smith from the live desk. it's 5:47. developing this morning, arizona police arrested a nurse accused of raping woman in a vegetative state. last month the 29-year-old victim shocked care-givers when ave birth at a health care facility in phoenix. police say a dna test ties the newborn to nathan sutherland. a male nurse who cared for her. he faces sexual assault charges. he's been orderedo have zero contact with the woman a the child. ot what you want to see on your way to work. a large sinkhole is causingic major traroblems and detours in the district. now we're hearing it could be t soe before the problem is fixed. sniefrmts megan mcgrath is live with more on how this could impact your commut megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning guys. if you uset 17th strhere it runs along the ellipse right by the dar constitution hall, you
5:49 am
are going to have to figure out another way to get around. you can see the large hole in the middle of 17th street. it's stihere. the work crews have been at it now since tuesday what we're hearing from d.c. water is that this is going to be with us for a few more days we may not see 17th reopen until sometime early in the week. d.c. water saying that they'n repairing older brick sewer line. they're not sure what caused the sinkhole. certainly, a complicated job here. ie detour going to be between c and e streets this morning. folks are going to have to be patient. they appear to be shoring up hole to stabili it so the crews can safely get in there. it appears that a lot of work still needs to be done. it could be days. you have to follow the detour and be p a littleient. back to you. >> all right, megan mcgrath. thank you. the caps are starting a much-nded break this mornin they've lobs the lasten s
5:50 am
games and last night twoe of th best took a hit. ovechkin and oshie collided at nearly full speed. ovechkin prepared to take the worst of the hit. he was checked out for concussion, but both stayee in th game. the restasn't pretty either. the caps blew a lead and lost to the maple lea 6-3. the caps will be backhe once february 1st. the all-star week and the bye week are back-to-back. hope this things turn around after tha titw nba champ kevin durant made his way back home. >> he was in suitland to celebrate the college track at the durant center. it offers -- going to do the college story or weather. >> now you see the center. beautiful building in case you haven't seen it. college track offers help for students academically. these are kids who usually have financial or social, emotional resource needs to help them achieve their college and career
5:51 am
goals. the kevin durant charity foundation partnered with the program on a ten-year, $10 million commitment. by the way, kd and the warriors pl the wizards at the capital one arena tonight. >> so cool that he gives bk to his community. >> in a big way. quietly. exactly. >> all right, chuck bell. >> whoa. >> it's 55 degrees. on monday -- >> i'm glad you were told it was going to be like this. >> i was listening to you. right.t's a big surge of warm air moved in overnight. it may have been chilly when the sun went down yesterday. it's mild this morning before the sun is even. coming it's a storm team 4 weather alert day. we have heavy rain to contend with this morng. most of the rain should be done no later than 1:00 or 2:00 in afternoo a quick inch of rain is possible. winds in southern maryland and ourds fri and neighbors near the chesapeake bay. winds could gust over 50 miles per hour today. temperatures which are mild this
5:52 am
morning will tumblingater on today. the complete forecast at our website and our app. you can follo me there. posting the moving in the heavy rain chances. already made 60 in warrenton. 58 fredericksburg. 55 in gaithersburg. planning out the day, mid-50s to 60s. still close to 50 degrees by noon. by 4:00 in the 40s. the rain should be mostly done. probably by 4:00. by the time we get to early this tevening, temperatures i 30s and windchills in the 20s. so it's going to be back to january before you can blink your eyes and enjoy the mild weather. this band of heavy rain now in southern virginia, that's the one due to come in and has a lot of wind energy with it as well. so our weather will be deteriorating between now and 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning. a quick inch of rain is a possibility. so flood watches are up. future weather carries that ban of heavy rain in here between
5:53 am
probably about 7:00 and 9:00 in the ing. then periods of heavy rain continuing up through about noon. once we get past about lunchtime or 1:00 though, that heavy rain threat moves on to the eastern arore and up into of delaware and pennsylvania. on the babside of it, it will bd a quicking out. we may have breaks of sunshine around here lat on in the afternoon. there's your ten-day forecast no breezy and cold tomorrow. another rain tuesday of next week beforeore arctic air settles in late next week. jack taylor, what's happening on the roads? >> chuck on t beltway, virginia on the inner loop out of tysons. 's after the toll road. everything put on the left shoulder. v dot may be block the lane. but it's not causing a big slowdown. couple of issues in northwest. >> between k and l stets,lso 17th street with this long-standing issue. the pothole that opened up as --
5:54 am
between c street and new york avenue. accident activity on wax poll road. be careful. you may be under police direction in the area around the crash. aaron and eun, back to you. jack, thank you. it's 5:54 right now. federal workers are our fami , friends aneighbors. we're committed to helping you through this federalt governm shutdown. we're working for you in the community. molette green is live howard university in northwest. it's the first stop of the rolling food drive for furloughed workers. molette, good morning. >> good morning to you. today is the -- theis shutdown going on and we'll tell you where t go and get help. whur, howard university, hord students, football players have come out. the local service organizations, the aka's from zie beta omega
5:55 am
chapter. so many coming together today and tomorrow to collect food and to help out federal government workers because we care, right? >> yeah. >> let mehow you. we're at the howard university administration building. we're going to be here until 9:00 in the mningnd then this food rolling stop will takt place the district building. the wilson building in downtown d.c. from1:00 to 2:00. that's the latest. we'll see you in the 6:00 hour of "news4 today." all right, motte. see you then. thanks. help for federal workers doesn't end there. >> eric bean mckay isn the autism spectrum and loves lidl peanut butter. the store promised him a lifetime supply if he got thousands of tweets. he did. last night heoned jars to
5:56 am
workers not getting paid. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. hulu is cutting the price of the $2.aming plan it will now be about $6 a month. that's for the basic ad supportedpackage. the add-free version will stay about $12 a month. there will be a price hike from $40 - to this is a week after netflix hiked prices on its streaming plans. newrices take effect on february 26th for new subscri subscribers and. hulu has more than 25 million subscribers in the u.s. for the cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you. sign up for a gym membership and save money we're working for you so you can start working out. also more questions than answers. police in florida search for a reason why a man would walk into a bank, kill five people an call 911 himself. we're taking you back to the we're taking you back to the scene when "news4 toda
5:57 am
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news 4 begins with a weather alert. > heavy rain, falling temperatures and a whole lot of we are weather alert mode nwind. this morning. we're tracking an intense storm system that's only just beginning to approach there
6:00 am
on. expect the morning commute to be a messy one. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i' aaron gilchrist. it is 6:00 a.m. a busy morning here at news 4. let's get to the info need to know. wtop's jack taylor is in for melissa and he's tracking the problems in the morning commute. >> let's start with meteorologist chuck bell for a look at our forecast. it's warm out there too, chuck. >> luably. right. temperatures have been going up since the sun went do. a strong southerly breeze is aiinging moisture and warm air. there's heavy rn to the south side of richmond. that is racing up the i-95 corridor. periods of moderate to heavy rain likely between now and dalunchtime morrate rain nea falls church and arlington county. lotsf rain from prince george's county. flood watches for all of th i-95 area for the rest of the day. rain could put


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