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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  January 25, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EST

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wtop jack taylor in for melissa. we begin with chuck bell and what we need to to know about the weather. >> what you need to know is it looks like the weather won't mess up the weekens p the third weekend in a row. have a chance for flurries around today as the colder air alost drifts overhead. but most of the flurries stay north of the mason dixon line or up into the mountains of west virginia. but i couldn't rule out a stray flurry or two during the course the afternoon in the d.c. area. a little breezy as well. temperatures this morning, noticeably colder than yesterday. that's for sure. mid-20sts for p of northern virginia. low to mid-nirts in suburban maryland this morning. your friday planner, yes indeed, friday -- a little cold and breezy today a few breaks of sun, cloudy maybe a flurry or two.un thenine. one ever those days. temperatures stuck mostly in the 30s throughou the course of the afternoon. anotherhilly day coming up tomorrow. but jack tailor, wait unt you
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see that ten-day forecast, the polar plunge is coming. >> so the cold is on its way. all right. all rllht. n winter i'll take it. we have an early issue in springfield pb 95 northbound in he express lanes before the beltway a single shoulder to the left getting by on scene. 210 notifying moving ultra. we have the roadway closed both ways bet bine and livingston road. that is the alternate. on you are headed in the northbound direcou'll be hanging left and right tur to get back on 210 hoping to open up the roadway quickly. sounds look a lot of equipment is on scene and trying to get it cleared. we have trouble out in annapolis in row boulevard high pressure heed to particularly road pl ufrmt a serious crash and alllo lanesed both directions on rou are rou >> thank you, jack. 4:01 we reached another frida which should be a payday for 800,000 federal workersut day 35 of the government shutdown brings little promise of a
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compromise. >> few senate bills that would have ended the shuown failed yesterday. the good news both received crossoverupport. and president trump appears to be relenting on his demand for a fully funded plan to build a border wall. he is signaling alongs he gets what he calls ado payment he would consider signing a bill to reopen the government . speaker nancy pelosi says she is notonvinced it's a serious offer. after the failure of the republican backed senate bill yesterday sparks flew in a closed door meeting for the gop. the "washington post" reports that senatorf ron johnson wisconsin snapped at majority leader mitch mcconnell atte one poining him, quote this is all your fault. >> the sn isn't only impacting the paycheck of federal workers. it may be impac sng theety of anybody on a an airplane. according to the airffic controller union. the group said with so many workers going unpaid many have had to turn to second jobs to make ends meet. after hours of driving for uber or waiting tables the union says
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air traffic controller arrive for the 10-hour shifts. six days a week. some have already resigned. th union said the workers that remain are stressed and overworked and added that safety of passengers on airplanes i becoming a major concern. >> to teal with the stress of not being able to pay bills or putood on the table for the family. >> the nation's airline pil union and the flight attendants are standing with the controllers warning they cannot predict the point at which the entire system will break. >> the tnmp administrat is coming under fire from many who say the gop is insensitive to the financialtrgle federal workers face. now the white house is trying to defend some commentsad by commerce secretary wilbur ross. during an interewing on cnbc, ross a self-proclaimed billionaire suggested work e-take out lores. >> thereome going to homeless shelters to get food be, federal workers. >> i know they are.
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and i don't quite understand why. 800,000 workers if hey never got pay, you're talking about a third of a% on our gdp. it's not like it's a gigantic number overall. >> and as you'd expect many democrats immediately attacked those comments. called the remarks quote, tone deaf and out of touch. >>. well for furloughed workers noits it's not the on the television that's difficult to share it's shouldering the financial burden of going weeks without a paycheck. >> in an effort help dc delegate norton holmes gave workers a chance to air grievances and air concerns. >> my message to president tmp is to open up the federal government. >> so i call the people city to band together. i think we should shut down the trump international hotel so he can feel some of our suffering. because how else is he going to listen? doesn't care about us.
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>> some workers talked about how difficul it is to find temporary jobs as members of the trump administration have suggested. >> there are things i have toly certain positions jobs, working for uber that i'm unable to do or i could lose my job. >> many of tse workers said this they have haven't lost hope that the shutdown will end soon. >> help for w furloughedkers is coming. many people from people and agencies metro may follow maryland's lead and give free rides to furloughed federal workers. larry hogannnounced thursday that allstate transportation would be free for federal utemployees working wit pate. ogan says the shutdown is impacting about 150 now marylanders and their families. food the metro board will hold emergency vote that could allow federal employees to ride for free starting on monday. loudoun county transit and fairfax connector in virginia are also offering free and we are updating our ach with resources for furloughed federa
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workereverydy. be sure to check out the nbc washington app to find out ghere you ca help and where you can give help. search shutdown. also coming up later this morning a low back now under way to make sure children of federal workers will be able to attend summer camps. >> in other headlin at 4:06, the senate intelligence committee served president trump's former lawyer michael cohen with a subpoena. one day after he postponed of an appearance before the house oversigh committee. cohen was supposed to testify in public on february 7th. . . he postpone nad did y to what his legal adviser calls ongoing threats from president trump and tes lawyer dir at cohen's family. president trump dplies any comments are threats. a source close to coh told nbc news he has been ordered to testify before the senate committee on february 12th. well first on 4, the parents of three children killed on indianhaad highway a heart breaking story. >> waun eat eu a and alexis had just left the restaurant with a family when the suspected drunk
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driver slammed into the family's car killing the three children in oxen hill. >> i cry with pain not only from my art, not only my heart hurts when i cry but also my body phycally. >> juanita mahilla suffered five broken ribs. poce s the driver thomas huks had a blood alcohol level more than twice t l legalit in maryland. the 5-year-old twins and theiry -old brother died on impact. >> in re lives were cut short. but for the time that they were here they knew nothing but love and joy. >> thomas hocks now faces several charges, including three counts of vehicular manslaughter. so heart breaking. >> i can't imagine. >> so sad. >> this changesfe your >> well flames lit up the ski as m a e billowed for miles f d.c. roof top. >> traffic was stopped at a popular eighth street neighborhood as firefighters put
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out flames. this was thece at the roof top deck of red rocks o18th and northwest streets. we're toldhat somehow knows intense flames did not s the building below. nobody was hurt inre that we have yet another update on the work to fix that massive sinkhole thaer opened up in the district. we first showed you in hole wednesday. it openedn at the intersectf 17th and d streets near d.a.r.t constion haul. we were told it would be next week before the issue was fixed. w we're toldt may take a we can or mor to fi that means the closures we've been seeing for days now may bef in place some time yet. 17th street is still closed between and e streets and now d street is also closed between 15th and 17th. >> your time is now 4:08. it's one arrest but police hope it curbs the rising number of car break-ins in the district. police say this is aaron hargen. arrested on wednesday. ofrsds have tide him to2 r
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break-ins since the beginning of the year. investigators say he grabs everything h can once he gets into someone's car. this car happened to be unlocked. but police say he has a creative way of breaking in when the door owon'tn. >> like a spring operated type device that would pop the wend like a bar would use. it doesn't make any noise. >> hargen was caught in the city's fifth district which in the lastas month seen an 83% se in car break-ins from the same time last po increased pals appear leave fliers on car to remind people not to leave valuables in plain sight and always lock doors. >> investigators in florida are trying to figure out why a 21-year-old man walked into a bank and killed five women. the suspectn ze xavier t iheels people and then called 911 himself.
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policeendered after crashed of an armored vehicle through the front door. >> we believes it a random act. do not believe anybody was specifically targed. >> police also say they believe zafr had no intention of robbing the babying. >> the florida secretary of state has resigned after ocking photos emerged showing face.n black the pictures obtained by the local paper show michael ertle at a private halloween party in 20s posing a hurricane katrina victim, two months after the deadly storm. at the time he was a county supervisornsf elect he resigned hours after the photos were posted online. when asked to comment onhe photos he told the paper, quote, there is nothing i can say. nbc news could not reach him for comment. this morning a 3-year-old boy who had been missing for days was found alive in north carolina.
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on tuesdayhe to do toddler was playing in his grert's backyard when he vanished into the woods. officials say tempepetures drop below freezing for hours when he went missing. rescuers spotted him in the woods not far from where he disappearete he was immed rushed to the hospital and is eastmaned. he asked to watch netflix so he was okay. sign of the times toddlers asks for inetflix. >>s happened one time or another probably driving along and you see someone with a flat ti h. >> well ipened to one man in our area. anthony maggert saw someone i need and stopped but when he pulled over on the beltway to help he realized man in need was retired general colin powell, former secretary of state. maggert is a marine corpsd veteran, hea a doctor's appointment. the veteran says he was shocked as he walked closer to gener powell. once the shock wore off, he sbrused himself and changed his tire. >> i mean i'm just an average guy, just doing my part. see somebody i need, somebody
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who needed help. it could have been anybody. and ift wasn't general powell, i'd still be the same guy today. >> turns out general powell was also headed to walter reed for a doctor's appointment. he posted about it on missar facebook part of it reads thanks anthony you touched my soul and minded me what the country is all about and which it's so great. n if it weren't general powell it seems he is the guy who would have helped anybody. >> yes. >> great story and a picture to prove it. >> hes. >> still health officials call america's lack of sleep a public health >> don't we know it. >> now not enough shut eye could put you a risk for serious illness. >> i came to shoot craps l's shoot craps. >> sure, sure. >> look at. >> you i'm not corrupting the youth of the america by teaching them >> what nopt. i love it. >> i was offered a chance to help out a local high school with production of guys and dolls. a look behind s thecene at the show offers opportunities more than a moment in the spotlight.
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no jokes, kmuk. >> but it's so ready for a joke. all right i won't. we'll makeonun of a later. temperatures in the 20s and 30s today. other than a passing flurry or two i don't think youind the friday forast at all. friday forast at all. ec my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the so what he dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. prestige creams not living up to the hype? coone jar shatters the etition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good hoekeeping. olay.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 today. a new study reveals why p cr sleepld increase your risk of alzheimer's disease. scientting studied botice and people. they found that sleep deprivation increes levels of a damaging brain protein called tao. this protein is linked to alzheimer's disease they say one sleepless cight canse the levels to spike by 50%. not good news on this shift. >> got to get the sleep. >>f you are trying to eat better this year some of the hethiest diets are goodor
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the planet. researchers found that diets that focused on poultry whole grains and bean huss the lowest carbon footprint.bu they this lower amounts of newt treents elijah calcium and vitamin d pmt the worst diets in red meet and dairy. inghought this was g in the fiber direction. but glad it went another way. fewer people need actual keys to to get into homes. >> tech companies are doing everything they can to becewe the keys to smart homes. amazon is expanding key services to home car and garage. an partnering with other companies for a wi-fi deaol allowing you to control locks through your phone and call access for people, including delivery drivers, dog walkers or contractors. by connecting new parts of your home to the internet does come with some hacking risks as othe.
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devi >> the caveat there is that any time you connect some piece of your home to the internet there is always an added risk. >> if you are not comfortable with it or don't feel like it'sr a convenien your life you shouldn't be buying it. >> i'd bey own rick. i'd open it for someone who wasn't supposed to be in there. experts say when it comes to this technology you get what you pay for. often times the discount products willfr s on security features. >> chuck's house is like ft. fox. >> even i can't get in half the time. sitting out there typg numbers the door. i thought it was this. >> auchlds it's 25re d in your bathroom. >> what i really need is like the touch pad for the dog. they are putting their paws on the door. >> first world problems. >> yes clearly. >> let's talk about the cold. >> okay. >> certainly chilly around here the next couple days nothing we t handle.
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typical winter chills. temperatures in the 20s for most mornings. and 30s and 40s in the afternoon. can handle that. but there are signs that the middle and second half of next week is going to be significantl colder. remember the old term, remember the pol vortex. yes indeed, we are shivering like crazy around here starting wednesday of next week. so enjoy what wil feel lik a relatively mild weekend. it's right now 34 in leesburg. 35 in arlington. 28 in quantico and fredericks burg. if i could spit it are clearer that's the reason they're colder. the planner for friday. a mix of clouds and sunshine. partly to mostly cloudy during a theernoon. certainly breezy today. northwest winds in the 15 to 25-mile-per-hour range. and it's just cold enough and ozy enough where we could see a flurry orwo no big storm. onst of the light snow stays north of the m dixon line.
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but another area of flurries through western west virginia. that could pass through. be chances of flurry was winchestersow to hag ar np nothing major. the future weather handle it out like this. a reasonably sunny start and more clouds later in the afternoon. but no big weather impacts for today. at is certainly good news. but the polar vortex, the big lobe of circulating cold air around the poles north and south pole, showing signs a if you weeks ago of a spinning top with ble to it. as a result i think it's wobbling some cold air in our direction starting tuesdayto nit ednesday of next week. i'll give you the ten-day forecast next half hour. but the five-day outlook. breezy today maybe a flurry. highs n 40. highs in the 30s tomorrow. saturday the sunnier half of the weekend. clouds more clouds on sunday, may be maybe a sprinkle or two. but near 50 degrees. no arctic chill until tuesday night to o wednesday morni next we can. jack tailor you got a couple
4:20 am
days to get ready zboo i'll prepare. we'll start whenell ufrmt we have a serious crash on 210. and we hear potentially we have lanes reopened if you are on that stretch of 210 basically between pine lane and livingston roads. be careful. row boulevard close of south of 5037 withd unfortunately a vehicle on fire. taking a bit until it's cleared off. you'll find the work zones o oh zones on 395 in the clearing stainings. three of them two in the northbound direction and one southbound the only work left is northbound on 395 near wbohington evard. you'll find the right lane is blocked. blocked. and that's clearing
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 today. welcome ck. so how much do you think high school shaped who you are today? it mayas be to see the impact from math and science. but the arts can have a major impact on you too. cthat was thee for me i was a theater kid. and harrisbur in leesburg recently gave me the abel to shine o p theforming arts. >> it's the last rehearsal before heritageigschool opens the winter production of guys and dools, a classic from the golden age of musical >> we have two pairs of people who fall in and out of love witr each o along the way they hit -- pump intonteresting game playing. >> angela runs the heritage
4:24 am
dra department and she had the wild idea to invite me to take a walk on role. >> i want to doalt all. >> a about a trip down memory lane. >> we will take this scene down. >> i acted and directed threw high school and some of college. >> i came to shoot craps let's sht craps. >> guys and dauls was my. >> you will give him cash. >> you will g me cash. >> i heard it. >> this theater thing is about more than just pretending. it's cer development. comprehension, memorization. meaningful movement and team building. >> the skills can ser them in whatever field they want to go into it. >> it's trau you can't look at standardized test scores to measure the value of arts courses. all over the country when school budgets t get tight arts often see the first or biggest cuts. >> life is one big crap game. >> but t actors as at this school the proof is in the >>rformance. wouldn't it be wonderful. >> grace is the female leain guys and dolls.
4:25 am
graduates this spring after four years of work on stage and behind the scenes. i love taking on a new character and not only learning about the character but also rs about youf. because you learn so much about yourself through pursuing these differen >> i practice all the time. i try and make sure that i don't stop practicing until it's perfect and even then kp going. >> at heritage the program is supported by the school and parent boosters. they added a second drama teacher this school year. next year there will be 12 theater courses. >> students that you might not think would be interested in theater find their niche here and we're proud of wthat. n i hit the stage on opening night the energy from the young actors was infectious a gift a piece of art a troop that will always be bonded by their time on this stage. >>'t think i'll ever leave theater. always be involved somehow. >> yeah, i know what you mean. >> lights up! >> so heritage is one of the smallest schools in loudoun county with one of theargest most award-winning theater programs. guys and dolls runs again twes
4:26 am
could. heritage puts on the production of mama mia in april. tony award-winning show. es>> so e. >> i had a lot of fun. >> you look so comfortable up there and way to i was hoping you would sing but the message about what arts means to these kids in their future, way beyond college and their -- their early education is so meaningful. d> and they are so talented some will be actors teachers. >> so cool look at. >> you quick thank you to soki the young man next to me who was my guide the we'll time kept me from falling off the stage. >> the next production you have to. sing for >> okay. >> it's 4:26. coming up. a makeover for the beauty aisle, the change cbs is making to give the products you lovety a rea check. chuck. all right. so aaron was a theatid i played trumpet. one time at band camp -- never mind. >> now, now, now. >> we'll talk more about that >> we'll talk more about that weekend
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>> announcer: news4 today starts now. 4:29 as you wake up onhis iday morning. we have made it to the weekend.
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your morning commute will be much dryer than this time yesterday. d news.g rain moved out. but so did the warmer temperatures. it's cold again. did you feel it. >> new that was coming, right. >> i'mng eun >> and aaron gilchrist back to winter around here. at least the weekend is almost. he good thing. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck belle is h with the woerkt. we need to check with jack taylor o for first the firps 4 traffic alert. >> alm things going on. unfortunately. on oak.ns rou rem closed 50 toward particularly road. the end of aic crash and v fire. authorities remain on scene. no access to it from 50 off rou boulevard round. you'll find 210 still closed not gotten any word it's reopened. we heard a rumor it was reopened. but wor now have our closure of 210 between pine drive and livingston road. also the crash going io the springfield interchange, 95 northbound in the express lanes just before the beltwayav


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