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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> what this indictment tells us about possible collusion in the 2016 campaign the longest government shutwn in our nation's history is coming to an end with a bill that could have been signed last month. good evening i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm wendy rieger. we're on d 35, a long five weeks, two missed paychecksor 800,000 federal workers forced to line up for efood,y payment on their bills. today we saw a ground stop at laguardia airport and nationwide delays becausehere weren't enough air traffic controllers. 14000 ira employees ordered bacr to without pay this week never showed up. now a deal to end it, it's the same deal the senate approved before christmas with no money for the border wall. not to be overshadowed the arrest of president trump's
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long-time adviser roger stone that's the news most of us woke up to this morning. robert eller accuses stonf lying tocongress, witness tampering and obstruction, all of which stoneni . we'll have team coverage throughout the hour. >> we'll start with jenner ohnson and the deal to end the shutdown which should get a house vote at any minute. >> reporter: that's right. the sene voted earlier this afternoon, the house is going to vote at 630 tonight to end this partial government shutdown. this is a three-week cooling off period. the president, however, did not get his border wall yet. from the rose garden president trump announcing a temporarynd to the partial government shutdown, the longest in u.s. history. >> i will sign a bill to open our vernment for three weeks, until february 15th. >> reporter: now congress must approve the deal that calls for ee week cooling off period negotiate sides
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border security. >> hopefully it means a lesson has been learned. iutting down government over a policy differen self defeating. >> reporter: the plan cludes money for the president's all but he's confident the democrats will fund it. >> they have finally and fully acknowledged that having barriers, fencing or walls or whatever you want to call it, will be an imt part of the solution. >> reporter: the temporary solutn coming after sickouts from air traffic controllers caused delays for passengers flying inand out of major airports including laguardia. >> it looks li f everylight i rebook on keeps delayi >> reporter: and the irs taking a hit. fewr than half employees showed up for work wesday. urloughed workers will go back to work while democrats and republicans try to find a solution to the border wall at stal now house speaker nancy pelosi gave a press conference about an
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hour ago. she saishe's optimistic an agreent can be reach. chuck schumer said the same thing. but president trump said if he doesn't get a fair deal on a border wall the government will shutdown again. back to you. blayne alexander is at the live desk in our news room now following t roger stone story. blayne, he was not shy after his hearing ts morning, was he? >> reporter: he has never been one to awy from news cameras. that trend continued this morning. he had t a lot say after that court appearance in florida. roger stone is one of president's earliest potical advisers and today he made it clear he will not tun the president. today, former trump campaign adviser roger stone defiant after s earlymorning arrest and court appearance in florida temming from special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. >> i will plead not guilty to these charges. i willm defeat t in court.
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i believe this is a polically motivated investigation. >> reporter: stone, surrounded by a throng of reporte and spectators vowing he will never turn on president trump. >> i wl not testify against the president. because i would have to bear falseitness against him. >> reporter: stone is facing seven charges, including ct obstn, false statements and witness tampering stemming from his alleged c nection to wikileaks and hacked democratic party e-mailsso thing candidate trump repeatedly referenced during the 2016 campaign. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails. >> reporter: according to the indictment, stone was alleged in repeated contact with trump campaign officials in 2016 about future wikileakss releases and he allegedly told campaign officials he knew wikileaks had information damaging to hillary clinton. >> 's clear tha at the highest levels of the campaign someone is directing these
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interactions with roger stone. >> reporter: today, stone again denied any collusion with russia. something repeated by president trump and the white house. >> this doesn't have anything to do with the president. doesn't haveng anyt to do with the white house. >> reporter: stone was leased on a $250,000 bond and will next appear in court in washington. and roger stone is now the sixth trump sociate to be charged in the mueller investigation. and now that also means he isni jo the president's former campaign chairman andorr national security advisor. >> blayne alexander, the list gets longer. back to the shutdown now. some believe it was the last straw, air traffic briefly stopped at several airports this morning. >> it hapdsbecause there weren't enough air traffic controller to deal with t volume. darcy spencer is live and was talking tok passengers stin the middle of this. >> reporter: it looks like everything is pretty much back to normal here at reagan
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national airport. earlier today a much different story, a lot of frtrated passengers. some told me this was the first time they had been personallya r them, this was a game changer. the faa says air traffic sick calls in d.c. and florida left to a brief ground stop at laguardia airport. that created a ripple of delays. here at reagan national, passengers told me delays at laguardia set them back hours. >> it became kind of unbearable. so i think we have to do something. th they offered people to get off and rebook i needed to or wanted to, but i have a conference so i can't not go. so i had no choice but to wait. >> reporter:mb kly brown flew to d.c. from new york for a sorority conference and found rself affected for the first time from the partial government shutdown. >> they need to figure it out. didn't realize how
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inconvenient or serious it was until it directly impacted me today. >> reporter: some travelers said hey hope the delays will be a turning point in the shutdown negotiations to encourage lawmakers and the president to make a deal so air traffic would not be ground to a hal >> i saw people crying, saw kids upset. it's not just affecting grown ups it's affecting kids and as a mom that's dear to my heart. >> reporter: peter flew here from canada to see family. he was sprised the shutdown affected flights. >> i waited one hour i the airplane. they were telling us every five minutes wait another ten min and i got in the airport and it was a mess. >> by afternoon ithe appeared delays had smoothed out. there was an announcement from the president that the government would reopen and furloughedou workers get back pay. now many are hoping it lasts. >> itope we do go back to
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that, it was annoying and inconvenient for a lot of people. take it day by day. >> reporter: on a positive note, everyone i interviewed today was able to get where they needed to go on time. back to ou. >> darcy spencer reporting. thank you darcy. government employees who ug have been furd are experiencing a little bit of relief that the money is coming now. >> mark segraves is outside the world centr kitchen where chef jose andres was providing meals to the furloughed workers. he was there when the long line of workers got the news. >> reporter: there's still dozens of employees and their families inside here, taking advantage of the free meals nthey've beenuncing today. but as you said, when the announcement came dozens and dozens of those ploy eyes were standing in line, listening on thei phones and that news came as welcome relief to all of
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them. >> okay. everybody gettg id. >> just very excited. >> that we get a check. i'm ex ited. excited to go back to work, miss my coworkers, my job, and, you know, really hopeful. line forer: waiting in the food giveaway, furloughed federal workers listened to the president's announcements on their phone. >> many of you have suffered -- >> that's a we care about. that's all we care about at this point. everything else can be negotiated. nted.s all we >> reporter: they've given out between 7 to 10,000 meals a day here at celebrity chef jose andres's world centralar from the trump hotel. the d.c. mayor lending a hand this afterno. >> we it wasn't a temporary solution. as wyoui can see we have a lot federal employees re, many deemed essential, not getting paid having to come to work. >> reporter: word that the workers will be going back to
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work comes as good news. >> this past week i had to pay my student loannd rent out of my savings which was a big hit to that. >> reporter: chef jose andres said he's going to keep the kitchen open as long as federal workers are struggling to get back on their feet. we'll be with this kitchen open until we believe they don't need food. three weeks is okay, but i wish that they will come wirm a longer plan. se reporter: so this food kitchen here c at 6:00, just a few minutes ago, but they're stillra letting fe employees come in and take advantage of the free meals. mayor bowser announcedod because of the federal shutdown the d.c. circulator b was going to be free starting monday through the end of february. she said that will be in effect whether the federal government or not. that's the latest. in northwest mark segraves news4. it's going to take time for financial recovery for these people waiting for their
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paychecks. federal workers will receive their next checkut how quickly and what exactly happens after the president signs this bill. >> it's not easy to flip a switch a tu the government back on. cov coming up at 6:30, scott ofcfarlane joins us to discuss the mechanics the reopening and what happens next. >> reporter: i'm tracee wilkins, next on news4 furloughed government worker looking fory temporork with the prince george's county react to being able to go back to their old jobs next. after this break, chuck todd joins us on set. the shutdown, the roger stone indictment, what to make of all of this on a busy friday. >> in for a cold night tonightt aseratures in the suburbs dip into the teens and 20s and a low in washington of 26 as the winds die down. i'll have m on our next chance f
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we're back now with the two big stories we've been following all day, the president announcing a short-term deal to reopen the government that d not include any border wall money. >> in the meantime his ng-time political adviser roger stone is the lateste person within trump orbit to be charged by the special counsel's probe. >> joining u on what has been a very busy friday, nbc news politic director and moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. >> roger stone shutdown the government, is that what happened? kidding. >> roger sto may have opened the government. >> right. yes. >> we'll get to that. the president announced a deal today but seemed to keep a threat on the table.
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let's listen to what he had to say and then we want to get your take on the other side. >>f we don't get a fair deal from congress, the government will either shutdown on february 15th again, or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency. >> interpret that for us. >> he needed to show that he has some leverage left. if you're going to fully cave, which he d, he's taking the exact same deal that was on his desk on december 21st. okay. four days before christmas that was passed by the senate, this ng the exact same deal exact funding was go to run out february 8th now in this one funding runs out februa 15th. but the same deal. it was a face saving move. he needed to sho his base that i'm reopening the government but
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i'm still going to fight for this, and i'll use that national emergency power if i can. i don't know if he has this kind of leverage, because the problem he'soing to have this time. i don't think republicans will go along with shuttg down the government. it's possible they pass a bill that they create the paycheck protection act. we've protected paycheck during shutdowns for military, protected social se payments. i feel a feeling there's going mto beentum all full-time workers, maybe not contractors, have their paycheck protected. i think he lost a bunch of bu leverage here, he had to put out something that shows he's willing to keep fighting. it 5 days, he said earlier can go on for months, i don't care. >> we heard them asking about -- >> why today. everyone is saying we woke up with this roger stone stone thing and he's a master of distracti
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distraction. is there anything to that? >> i really believe if you saw -- when he waived the white flag on the state of the union that to me was signalinge wanted out. he was looking for a way out. he wanted a fig leaf, tomething et him out. but i don't think stone had the influenc you had christopher ray and an extraordinary video he put out showing anger and trying to raise morale of unpaid fbi agents, unpaid fbi agents who went to roger sto's house today, they were not being paid at the time. you had the fact more republicans voted emr the ratic bill in the senate than democrats did for his bill. so i thinkle it was the cion of all of this. he realized he was about this -- republicans -- senate republicans were yelling at each other. they were turning on each other. the party was turning on each other. you had ron johnson going after mitch mcconnell and a punch of people yelling at mike pence. this was going to rip the republican party art today.
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this still might but at least they have a cease-fire. >> you had a ground stop at laguardia. you start shutting down our air travel we're in a world of hurt. >> the trump ioorganiza's airplane is always on the ground at laguardia when you go there. you see ituite a t. so his own family might not have been able to fly today. so i think the laguardia also had impact. i do. >> we don't want to overlook the roger stone indictment. very big deal and very significant charges. obstruction of justice, lying to congress, where does this leadi he big picture of the mueller investigation. >> we've had all our legal analysts. we've been cutting into programming, i know you've been foto see a loot of this. there's two parts of the t. indictme this is mueller's clearly upset at how much he tampered with witnesses and obstructed justice. they brought down the hammer on him othis. the other part of the indictment
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was the beginning of the road mapf collusion. he started to lay out the case he has for collusion, at least between the trump campaign and wikileaks. now there -- that's not a connection yet to the russians. obviously the u.s. vernment believes wikileaks is a front or an arm or asset of t russian intelligence. but the fact that he's at least got that laid out,at connects wikileaks, stone and therump organization, you start to see where this could be going. to prove collusion at least with wikileaks is a big giant step forward in this mueller probe. >> who do youave on on sunday? how do you begin to encapsulate this? >> we have a grelineup, i take your point, i got the lead republican in thehouse, kevin mccarthy, very tight with then presi jeffreys, leadership on the house democratic side. and marco rubi which i think he wants to talk about >> get in line. >> this is one heck of a week
6:20 pm
nd we haven't gotten to venezuela and thethings. we may be -- you know, who knowl the u.s.ary may be brought in to a least rescue diplomats at some point in venezuela. itee like that's on a back burner because ofverything else. >> we're counting on you to break it down for us on sunday. >> i also ha a new wall street journal pole comg out sunday. >> will you be doing any dramatic threats that roger stone's people made -- >> i feel we could play "god father ii" without having to pay fee. ights >> thank you for your perspective. and you can catch "meet the atss" here on 4 starting 10:30 sunday morning. next at 6:00, tracking the arctic ter storm, the air making it feel like it's
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belowzero. federal workers applying for jobs before they heard there was a deal. i'm glad the men and women of the armed services will not have to go longer without pay for their work
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i'mcott macfarlane at the live desk. the longest federal government shuhiown in u.s.ory is not yet over but it could be soon. the senate passed a three-week bill to reopen the government. we're waiting for the house to do the same. ure on see in the pi
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your screen, they're still in reces the cameras won't come on until they're out of recess. they won't call the entire house back in, just a few need to show up. after that the government reopens slowly. we'll explain why in about fivee minutes hn news4. for now at the live desk i'm reott macfarlane back to you. amelia is hith the story on our weather for the weekend. starting out cold. >> blaa little bit cold out the >> butorms, rain -- >> what a break. >> yeah. some sunshine. >> don't recognize itas a weekend. >> is it a tuesday or saturday? the weekend is looking nice. especially compared to what wel deith the last two weekends out there. check out your weatherhelines for the last weekend in january, pretty pleasant but our next storm system could bring us snow, as well as rain later on the timing and track is xatuesday. going to determine if we're
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dealinrawith more or snow, but it's looking likely that we're dealing with a winter storm ler tuesday into early wednesday, and as the storm system pulls away from the area, an arctic blast of air moves in on wednesday, and it sticks around thursday and friday as well. it w breezy out there today. but now that the sun has gone down, the wins are diminishing. 37 degrees feels like 30. but we are in for a clear night. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m in washington and areas by the water generally in the mid to upper t 20s b suburbs tracking temperatures in the upper teens and low 20s. heading out early saturday you want the warm jacket but we warm up to a high of 44, which is seasonal for this time of year. and a few clouds out there tollorrow. butin all we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine. as we look sunday, clouds do as
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inc and we have a mix of clouds and sunshine. by 5:00 p.m., our high near 50 degrees. there's a small chance for rain or snow shower west of washington sunday afternoon and evening. that chance only at 20%. even if it does materialize it would be a low impact event. this is the perfect weekend to walk the dog, no muawy if you're headed to brunch saturay or sunday looking dry. and the perfect weekend to go skiing or snb rding, it is looking awesome. if you're going tomorrow make sure you bring the sunglasses og es because we are going to have sunshine out there. 50nearon sunday. pretty nice on monday and tuesday we deal with rain and l sner in the day. i'll have a look at future weather and the wind chills coming up at6:50. >> the weekend sounds great. our team coverage of breaking news continues at 6:30.
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former donald trump adds evvise roger stonein heto washington for his next court appearance next week. and when willed theal workers get paid and get back to work. scott macfarlane joins us in the studio to break it downfor you. >> glad everybody will go back to work. thank them for their service. >> we get a check. i'm excited. >> that's all we care about. >> that's all we care about. that's all we care aboutt this a
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z34hcz z16fz y34hcy y16fy we're backat 6:30 with our top story. a deal making its way throug congre reopen the federal government and get workers back
6:30 pm
on the job. >>su this m is temporary and it does not include any money for a southern border wall. >> the plan funds agencies currently affected by the shutdown for three more >> during that time the president said lawmakers from both sides will come together to discussor solution border security. >> i think we have a good chance. wi're going to work the democrats. and if we can't do that, then we'll o, obviously we're going to do the emergency because that's what it is. it's a national emergency. >> we have teram cge and a closer look at when federal workers can expect t get those paychecks and why some say they don't want to return. >> we want to bring scott macfarlane back in, &'the's udw owe. >> the president must sign the bill. after the president signs, presumably tonight, the white
6:31 pm
house said it'll take about a week, maybe less to start providing the overdue paychecks to federal workers. o thfense of personnel management will be the first one to issue notices to workers but because so many federal workers turned in their phones and closed down their e-mail they've been advised toia watch m websites.nd watch one agency shows a to do list, and the first order of business, update the website a chang the out of office messages. larger federal agencies with many regional officeshey might be slower to restart and a late night vote could delay reopening of agencies by a full d but we're not really having a business day tomorrow. that sould allow for extra time to give notifications. those internal e-mails we shared earlier se e-mails from the white house urged cabinet members not
6:32 pm
to declare any victories when notifying staff and to, if ossible, greet employees at the front door and walk the hallways when the government reopens to thankhose workers who with stood the furlough. >> one thing that doesn't get covered is the tension amon employees. you have offices where some people are wking andnot getting paid and some people not working getting paid. >> and the workers that have been gone have such a to do list. and like you said, they have to get back in sync with their colleagues. ank you, scott. today's news broke as some government workers in prince george's county were looking for temporary employment with the school system. tracee wilkins is live at the job fair in upr marlboro with worker reaction.po >> er: this is a job fair
6:33 pm
for furloughedorkers and you n see there are still some workers here wrapping up the process. it's been hours since president trump announced there has been some kind of a deal here. but there are people saying now they know they want to keep their options open. furloughed workers are at this job fair looking forork as substitute teachers or professionals. they need the mon i. >>s been two paychecks. >> it's been stressful. my husband is still required to work and he's not being paid right now. so it's difficult for us. >> two hos into the job fair, president trump announces an end to the government shutdown but people here still wanted to fini this process. their faith in their government jobs isn't as strong as it used to be. >> we've been promised a lot of things in the past. while i hope for the best i have to prepare for the worst. >> i think i will pursue work here because it's promising to enjoy i won't haveoro w about a government shutdown here. >> reporter: meanwhile, this morning police and firefighters
6:34 pm
y from prince george's coure helping to restock food pantries in the county that havbeen emptied by families in need during the shutdown. >> we felt it was important to get this food out to the government workers who are hurting right now. >> the partners from our food pantries are letting us know they're grateful because they're depleting a lot of the supplies because of incread demand. >> reporter: for some of the workers the shutdown was so terrifying andg demean the thought of possibly going through it again in three weeks is overwhelming. >> i don't know to go thrgh is again. >> after what was it february 15th, you don't know what's going to happen. >> we signed up for the government because of the stability and we believed in the work that we weredoing. i hope that those in congress really take heed to this. >> reporter: now this job fair is going to continue here at the prince george's county school administration building until 7:00 p.m.s fowe talked to said until they know there is a permanent funding solution for the government or at least a
6:35 pm
long-term one they don't feel comfortable depending on those good government jobs like they once did. reporting live i'm nacee wilkins4. i'm leon harris with thot er big story we're watching tonight. president trump's long-time polital adviser roger stone indicted by the special counsel's office. former nfl star chad johnson among rtoseing the world that stone had been taken into custody. johnson tweeting about his quote neighbor roger being arrested. stone is accused of lying to the house intelligence committee about his interactions with wikileaks duri the 2016 campaign. an indictment alleges that stone told trump campaigls offici in advance he had information about the site's plans toelease damaging information on hillary clinton. protesters chanted this as stone left the courthouse this morning. >> i am falsely accused of making false statements -->> ock him up! >> -- during my testimony to the house intelligence committee.
6:36 pm
thaecis inco >> lock him up! >> i will plead not guilty to charges. i will defeat them in court. i believe this is a politically motivated investigation. >> ironically those chants were lock him up. now stone will be traveling to the district next week for another hearing set for tuesdhe, which isame day the state of the union address was originally scheduled. we're waiting to hear when it might happen now that we have a deal to reopen the government. back to you. >> thank you, leon. still to come at 6:00, local high schoolers and sheriff's deputies mourning the loss of ao school urce officer. barbara harris join us us with a group of workout ri ws. their classes go back 35 years. >> how long do you want to take this class?
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forever. plus our averageigh this time of year, 44 degrees. we'll be right around that, even above normal for tuesday and sidnesday we'll have wind chill temperatures in thle digits and teens. i'll let you know how long the at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newrn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. cause we don't just want your kids to grow up. gr we want them to up stronger.
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someone intentionally set a fire inside the comet ping-pong pizz shop this week. fire officials say no one was hurt. employees at the restaurant put out the fire before firefighters got to the scene. tow ner tells "the washington post," they don't believe the fire had anything too with that pizza gate scandal in 2016, you mayecall where that north carolina man drove ere and fired a shot in the restaurant while investigating an internet conspiracy theory.
6:40 pm
high school students and deputies in charles county are mourning an officer who was found dead early this morning. corporalri p p.j. mann was a 13-year veteran of the force assigned to st. charles high school. he was found in h car just offd indian heahighway. investigators say he died by suicide before the car ranff the road. >> just to know that that presence will be gone from our sool and is, you know, he won't be there. >> a prince george's county to theofficer responding crash was hurt when a car rammed his cruiser. that officer expect to be okay in virginia you could soon be attending sunday services sth a gun on your hip. yesterday theate senate passed a bill that repeals a ng-standing ban about carrying weapons during worship services. the idea is not sitting well with groups that are calling for more common sense gun reform.
6:41 pm
>> people go tohch for solace, for comfort, to get away from trauma. >> it says we pray to our god and g posted ard day and night, that's the stance we tak here. >>viinia's house need to vote on the bill, then it goes to the hegovernor's desk and expected to veto it. we'reer tracking ano winter storm and another brush with the polar vortex, amelia ib comingack with her ten day forecast. as t we break, more federal workers with temporary security telling us they don't want to go through this again. >> hopefully this is
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
we are keeping an eye on the u.s. house of representatives right now. the house is getting ready to take up awoeasure thald end the longest government shutdown in our history. the senate has alreadypaed the legislation which will reopen the government for three more weeks. the president agreed to the measure earlier today even though it has no money for a border wall. back pay is a major issue for workers who have missed two pahecks now. an administrative official tells nbc news once the government is back open,il it wl take less than a week for back pay to reach federal workers and the next paycheck arrives on schedule. president trump's long-time political adviser comes to washington next weekfter the special counsel office indicted him today. roger stone is accused of tness tamper and lying to
6:45 pm
on gress about his interac gs with wikileaks during the 2016 campaign. stone sayshe's innocent. with the holidays behind us, the newyear under way, we're all swearing we're going to get back in shape but many of us aren't making it until 7: tonight. >> barbara harrison met people who defied the os and not giving up. theyte celebra over three decades to their gym class and other. >> she's the drill sergeant. lawyer turned leader of a troop that's weathered 5,000 hrs of stomping, twists and turns threm a week, testing not only stamina but commitment. >> 35 years on march 17th. >> a lynn w student of the class and stepped in to sav the day when theirsther leader wa
6:46 pm
leaving. >> i said how is this quiet go person going to lead the ass. >> that was 1984. by '87he class was still going and growing. >> i started with the group. >> and followed the group as it ed from one gym to another. >> all over. >> reporter: they're at gold's gym in falls church now. to make sure their eaderkes it even with a broken foot. >> we've been driving her b k and forth because she can't ve dr. >> reporter: everyone says they'll turn down anything to get here. >> i can't waio to to the class. >> i wouldn't know what to do if i didn't go to this class. >> reporter: they've shared aof lotheir lives with each other. >> i was just out of college, so this class has really watched over me through break ups to a marriage where they threw me a bridal shower. >> i just love the lacss. >> reporter: if someone doesn't show up, they worry. >> i have to say look i'm going
6:47 pm
to be gone for a wee because everyone is where are you? >> i met this awesomelass and never looked back. >> reporter: do they wonder where the years gone? >> my daughter was 2 when i started now she's 30. >> i think we all changed quite a bit in 35 years. >> i've gotten five grand kids and five as too. >> it's a diverse group with one among them they call the rose. >> are you married? >> yes, i am. >> she has th best view. >> reporter: you mean he stands the back? >> i stand in the hddle. soalf of them get a view of me, too.te >> repor he claims he's the oldest is. the clas the youngest, a dentist and mother of two. >> i rememb the first day i came in, i was like this is a jay yacht trick class, i can beat this class no problem.
6:48 pm
but i couldn't keep up. >> reporter: some work, somee retired each bring something unique to the class. b> we have such different personalities we enjoy each other so much. >> reporter:n a time when political ideology gets in the way of personal friendships, politics is something this group leaves out of the conversation. talk about really politics at the gym. >> reporter: and so far with a town full of them, th've ha no politicians join them. but they'd be welcomed. >> maybe we could teach them how to get along. m >> reporter: hh longer do you think you want to take this class? d> oh, forever. >> reporter: everyone in the group agrees they have been blessed to have created some enduring friendships at the gym, staying healthy and in good shape is just the boyos. ire looking for an anecdote for anxiety and stress, doctors say there's nothing better than good friends, laughter and exercise.
6:49 pm
>> they're all in good shapes. you can tell it works. it looks like they're too breatess to talk about politics. >> their leader says they talk all the time. >> and that's more than fitness. >> and none of them knew each other when theytarted out. >> people can go join the class? >> yeah, you can go >> that's a wonderful story. thank you, barbara. >> absolutely. for people who want to get outside and move around we have od weather for it this weekend. >> temperatures tomorrow right where they sould be for the last weekend in january and on sunday we continue to warm with hig near 5 and then we head into the work week and we're going to bein taabout maybe some snow and some bitterly cold air moving in.c ck it out, the weekend no problems and monday still a quiet weather day, tuesday rain moves in later in the day, cold air also moves in weee the rain change to snow and finish
6:50 pm
early on wednesday morning. so there could be some delays out there on wednesday. it depends on the timing and track of the storctsystem and air is with us not just on your wednesday but thurday and f as well. 37 in washington, 33 in college park, 35 in camp springs. and mainly clear skies out there. for the weekend, mid0s tomorrow, near 50 on sunday. there's a small chance for some lit rain or a snow shower west of washington sunday afternoon and evening. thchance, though, only about 20%. and even if it es terialize, not going to have any impact on your plans. thiis the first dry weekend in three weeks. so it's going to be a great weekend. i know something to cheer about on a friay night. a great weekend to hit the slopes. liberty coming in with 14 trails open. wisp almost30. snow shoe has almost every trail on their mountain open and a
6:51 pm
base of 50 inches. winter greenlso open. and we have round top and white tail open too. here's future weather, this is tuesday. tuesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. notice rain moving into the area. there's the cold air, we see the rain change over to snow. s we cou some minor amounts as it looks right now but the system moves in earlier, i don't think we'll see much in the way snow. however if it moves in later we'll talk about more accumu'rtion. what going to be talking about is how cold it feels wednesday morning. here are your wind ctell peratures in the single digits and teens. only feeling about in frederick and 14 in washington, the wind chill in manass wednesday morning about 13 degrees. as we continue into the afteoon hours itdoesn't improve as we track strong, gusty winds throughout the day n wednesday. make sure to enjoy this weekend. two pretty nice days. clouds do increase throughout the day on sunday.
6:52 pm
but again for most of us it's y saturday as well as sunday. monday a high temperature of 46 degrees. on tuesday we have the rain and snow moving in later in the dayt before that gets here we hit 53 and then our temperatures come crashing down. wednesday we start off the day at about 23 degrees. t with those winds again brutal wind chills out there.he i think wind chills alone could lead to delays at schools. thursday and friday, not much of an improvement. temperatures in the mid to uppe tuesda coming up he's theocal basketba player who's made a habit of hitting big shots. we'll introduce you to livingston. but first here's lester holt. >> we'll have late details on the two major stories of the y, the government final reopening, a new clock ticking, what's the risk of a second
6:53 pm
shutdown. the new mueller indictment, was the new mueller indictment, was roger stone the trump campaign's
6:54 pm
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george, explain why we have these balls. >> you may woryer why ee has a basketball up here. every since you've picked up a basketball you've probably done this. threwo, one. >> we're good. >> nothing. zip.l >> that's aright. we have some work to do. that's all right. for onee geo mason basketball player that dream t camue not just once, the buzzer beet beaters sherree burruss has t story. >> january 10, 2013, otis livingston delivers against st. joe's. >> it's good!
6:57 pm
>> then just last week, against fordham, game tied, seconds to oay. >> we wanted ar no pass play because we didn't want any opportunity for aturnover. >> you kind of lose yourself a little bit. i try togkeep everythin simple. you know,.ust read the >> he came over, so, okay, i'm going to look at the clock, go here. knock it down. >> reporter: ots, now the school's fourth time leading scorer didn' have a single scholarship offer going into his senior yea >> look a his measurables, he shouldn't be as good as he is. he's not that big, that strong, but he has a huge heart andm cotes every day. he's as fierce a competitor i 've been around. >> he never wants to be the little guy. you're 6'4", 6'7", around him
6:58 pm
you're going tooe know he dsn't care. it doesn't matte >> reporter: that attitude when it counts. >> when you're a kid and doing it, t y feeling get when you actually do it it's totally different. when you actually, you know, p when thereeople here, it's way higher. it's a feeling you can't really describe. just pure happiness. >> reporter: sherree burruss news4 sports. he's making a living doing that. big game tomorrow for george mason as they host george washington. check the tape, i don't think anybody made the shot? no >> although amelia is claiming. >> nice tr >>he's had not one but a couple times to do it. do you want another shot? >> yes. >> shall we count down again, three, two, one. i at least hit the front on that one. >> he'll have to teach us how to do it. good news, the smithsonian
6:59 pm
museum will reopen on tuesday. we just got t i'm a veteran and the army taught me a lot about commitment. which i apply to my life and my work. at comcast we're commited to delivering the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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breaking news tonight. a breakthrough in the longest shutdown in history. >> we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. >> president trump retreats, agreeing to a short-term deal that provides no money for his l border wl on the same day hundreds of thousands of federal employees missed a second paycheck. affing shortages causing major delays at airports just hours before his announcement. roger stone arrested. president trump's long-time adviser charged by mueller with obstruction, false statements, isd witness tampering. how the presideneacting. double arctic blasts. a one-two punch. brutal cold for millions, windchills as low as 50 below. dramatic rescues. a major dam breaks.


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