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tv   Today  NBC  January 29, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. the big chill. a dgerous deep freeze spreading across the nation. 110 million people facing the coldest weather in a jegenerati alg with a hazardous winter storm. flights already being delayed. al and dylan will have everything you need to know. breing overnight. horrifying attack. four police officehot during a drug bust in houston. another wounded in the chaos. >> immediately upon breaching the door, the officers came under fire. ambush, thead, the investigation and how the officers are doing this morning. facing the judge, longtime trump adviser roger stone appearing in federal court this morning as the acting attorney general reveals robert muelles
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work is coming to an end. >> the investigation is i think close to being completed. >> all that --lu p trouble brewing. >> don't help elect trump, you eg [ bleep ]. lionaire >> hecklers take aim of former starbucks ceo howard schultz. >> the apple bulge that let's people evening drop on yourph one. >> and scrambling, the nfl finally responds to thatfa inus blown call against the saints as the controvsy casts a shadow over super bowl week in atlanta. today tuesday, january 29th, 2019. >> from nbc news, thiss "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in
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rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on thisda tu morning. >> excitement is really building for the super bowl for most fans, but weather is not going to help most folks get there. >> exactly. icyco itioning, even snow on the way, leading to cancelled flights, closed school and offices in atlanta tay. 's all part of the dangerously cold weather and those storms facing a large sectionf this country. we're going to get to al in just a moment, but first, dylan is bundled up tight in minneapolis. hey, dylan, how are you? >> hey, hoda. i'm okay right now. but, you know, schools and even eges, they're being closed because of the cold. can you believe that in re minnesota the closing schools because of the cold? question bought a them ter. we had it in the car earlier ss morning. look how quickly the temperature has dropped since the thermometer's been placed outside. it is inching closer and closer to 10 below zero. that means some millennials have
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never been this cold. right now the actual temperature is 7 below in minneapolis. thell windc is 26 below. this is actually the warmest it's going to be all day.or thisning parts of the midwest bracing for yet another blast of arctic weather. a once in a generation cold outbreak expected to drop temperatures across the region to their lowest levels in more than two decades. the life-threatening conditions likely to last for several days. in chicago, the winhill could dip to 40 degrees below zero, which could lead to process bite on exposed skin in as little as ten minutes. in maneapolis, wit forecasted windchill of 50 below, frostbite could occve in minutes or less. the national weather service in iowa actually warning people to avoid taking deep breaths and minimize talking. >> like we've always preached, o don't get of your car because the frostbite can set in in just a matter of minutes.
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>> the dangerous outbreak cominr af a winter storm dumped more than 6 inches of snow on thegi . on monday, more than 1,000 flights grounded to and from icago alone. treacherous travel in north dakota andhe minnesota w 130 accidents happened by midday. the southeast now in the path of that same system. in atlanta, as football fans begin pouring in to down for super bowl liii, crews working around the clock to pretreat roads for snow and ice. wrying to avoid a very pete of the so-called s jam of 2014, when only 2 inches of snowfall smpletely paralyzed atlanta freeways,tranding motorists for hours. a dose of southern discomfort for football fans as winter ttends its icy grip acro nation. and this is the falls behind me here. obviously normally raging water fall, but it is frozen up
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another thing you might hear is your eyeballs can freeze it's 40 to 50 below windchills. you know what? that's actually true. some people who work outdoors, if you're facing the wind and outside for a long period of time without eyeroction, your eyeballs could actually freeze. for the everyday person who is out for a few minutes, if you keep blink that's not going to happen, but still, another reason to stay indoors during brutal cold. >> thank you. >> we go to al who has got a lot more on this cold, the storms, everything. good morning. >> to give you an idea of how widespread this is, guys, 85% of the lower 48 below freezing today. 75 milli of us are going to be below right now you look at how widespread this cold air is with the windchills. bismarck, minus 35. 9 in albany. then for the day on wednesday, we are looking at it feeling like 51 below zero in chicago.
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54 below zero in minneapolis. minus 8 in binghamton. thursday, again, brutally cold. minus 40 windchills in minneapolis. minus 8, louisville. new york city's windchill, minus 12. portland, minus 10. look at this historic freeze. tomorrow 2 morning, cities are expected to break or tie their record lowon thursday, we could see upwards of 31 cities tying or breaking their records. in fact, look at des moines right now. des moines, this historic freeze. we expect to seehose temperatures really plummet. e're going to look at 22 degrees below zero. that's the coldest since february 1996. chicago, minus 13. if they get to z to in next hour, they'll be at zero or below for the nex 60 hours. detroit, three consecutive days of record cold. and we've got the storm alerts, winter weather advisories, winter stormatches and
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warnings from hattiesburg, mississippi, all the way up into the northeast. here is theai radar, heavy down to the south, but snow making its way into the east. you can see lighthr snowgh atlanta, maybe 1 to 2 inches. in the northeast, look at anything from 6 to 9 inches. hoda? >> al, thanks. now toovreaking news night. a chaotic scene in houston. five police officers are recovering from inj they fell victim to what's being called a horrific attack at a suspected drug house. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the very latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, gooda mornin. ild shootout as these undercover officers tried to serve a wrant. e of the officers has just been released from the hospital. two others are indi good con but two others are critical. >> we have multiple officers shot. multiple officers shot. >> reporter: this morning the is shaken after four police officers were shot serving aarrug search wrant in a residential neighborhood. a fifth officer injured in the chaos.
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>> we have the housede surro we've got units in the back. >> reporter: the police chief says the suspects opened fire as sobe as m of an undercover narcotics team entered. >> immediately upon breaching the door, the officers came under fire from one or two suspects inside the hse. we're not sure how many of the suspects fired at this time. >> reporter: police rng fire, killing two suspects on the scene but not before twoce offirs were critically injured, both shot in the neck. they were air lifted to t opt while three others were rushed by ambulance. the raid the result of a tip the house was being used to deal s. >> black tar heroin was bdeng alt out of here. oi know the pn so many k >> someone's shooting. >> reporter: neighbors shot videos. rosing was dri to her home nearby when the gunfire erupted. >> i seen officers come hut of thouse shot in the arm. then i seen another officer come out shot in the leg. >> she sheltered two of the injured cops in herar while they waited for ambulances to arrive.
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>> officer down. officers down. >> reporter: neighboring homes evacuated to a time as s.w.a.t., police and federal officers flooded the area. the heade of police union angry asfficers are being treated like targets. >> we are sick and tired of having dirt bags trying to take our lives when all we're trying to do isrotect this community and protect our families. enough is enough. >> reporter: most of the operation's undercover officers were longtime police veterans. e lead agent 54 years old had been shot four times over course of his career. savannah and hoda? >> such a sad story. all right, gabe, thank you. now to new developments in the mueller investigation. roger stone, ae longt political adviser to the president, faces a federal judge today on a host of charges. we're hearing from the veryop at the special counsel's work could soon be coming to an end. we've got complete coverage. we'll start with nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker on the story. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. this will be yet another dramatic moment in the russia investigatio
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in just hours, roger stone will appear here in federal court where he will be criminally oharged on seven counts including lying congress. it does come as this nearly two-year invtigation could on be coming to a close. this morninir for the f time the acting attorney general saying publicly special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian meddlingould be nearly complete. >> the investigation is i think close to being completed, and i hope that we can get the report from director mueller as soon as possible. >> reporter: nbc newsas first to report mueller could submit his findings as early as nex month. it comes as the president's former adviser roger stones heading to federal court in just hours, charged with seven counts, including obstr making false statements and witness tampering. in e touching down washington late monday. [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: but after sending mixed signals about whether he'll cooperate with mueller, overnight strikin a defiant move on fox news, praising president trump. >> i amfyot going to tes against him because i possess no negative information. >> reporter: prosecutors say one lied aboutis efforts to obtain hacked e-mails from wikileaks that were damagingth clinton campaign. the white house says the charges have nothing to do with t president and stone insists he hasn't done anything wrong. >> there is no russian collusion. i h c nolaboration with wikileaks. >> reporter: press secretary sarah sanders askedr. if trump would pardon his former adviser. >> can you guarantee that the president won't pardon roger stone? >> again, i'm not going to talk about hypotheticals that are just ridiculous. >> reporter:hela pshreipsideitne two were confidants for decades. and now sto is the sixth person in the president's orbit to be ensnared in the sprawling muelr investigation thatas loomed large over the trump white house. >> the more that this goes on,
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the mor m ande we see that none of these things have anything to do with the president. >> and kristen, there's a development with t president's former longtime attorney michael cohen. what's going ? >> reporter: well, savannah, house democrats on monday announced that the president's former fixer michael cohen will testify behind closed doors on capitol hill next week. now, cohen had been scheduled to testify publicly, but he pulled out, citing concerns about his family's safety amid what he called threats froum president and the president's attorney rudy now, mr. and giuliani have lashed out at cohen and his family members on twitter and i, publut mr. trump and giuliani have denied that those are threats. savannah, hoda, back to you. >> all right. kristen welker, thank you. meantime, thingsreeating up when it comes to the 2020 race and one potential candidate. former starbucks ceo howard schultz got a look at what the spain trail can b like.
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peter alexander has that story. >> reporter: nothing official. howard schultz saying he'll take the nex few months to decide whether to formally launch a 2020 bid. the earlyeeack from temperatures who worry he would hand re-election to psident trump has been loud and largely against the idea. still, schultz isn't backing down. this morning, starbucks tycoon howard schultz i getting roasted after announcing he's seriously considering running for president as an independent. heckled during a q&a session in new york city monday night. >> don't helplect trump, youca egotistibillionaire [ bleep ]. >> reporter: democrats fear an independent bid could threaten their ability to defeat president trump in 2020. schultz was asked about those concerns bys cnb andrew ross sorkin. >> if you were running and it appeared in the idlls your cae ki would help re-elect donald trump, would you drop oud before >> i can't answer that question today, but i'm certainly not
7:14 am
going to do anything to put donald trump back in the oval office. >> reporter: but the chorus of criticism keeps growing from the democratic party and his adopted home state of washington, don't au it, howard. president trumping him to get into the race, tweeting, "howard schultz doesn have the guts to run for president." schultz, the former starbucks ceo, built one of the world's biggt brands from the ground up. now 30,000 stores in 77ie coun he's worth $3.5 billion, according to "forbes." morehan preside trump. and more than enough to finance his own race. other billionaire michael bloomberg, who in the past bid dered an independent and is now exploring a run as a democrat warning an independent would just split the anti-trump vote and end up re-electing the president. schultz's response -- >> mike bloomberg has bui a great business, was a great mayor. i have tremendous respect for him, but i don't agreehis conclusion. >> reporter: overnight, president trump told the crowd
7:15 am
at a fund-raiser at the trump hotel here he was tryinget to howard schultz into the race with hisarlier tweet because the president thinks it will help him, that's according to "the new york times," quoting a people in the room. >> peter, a lot of people are wondering about whether or not joe biden will throw his hat in the ring. >> r02orter: still a lot of talk 19 months out. joe biden remains one of the biggest wildcards. he told a crowd in florida monday he's making preparations for a possibl campaign, but did stop short of a definitive signal that he will get run in. i don't want to make ts a fool's errand. i'm a lot closer than i was before christmas and will me a decisionoon. so for now we wait. back to you. >> peter alexander at the white house.. peter, thank y craig joins the table. >> savannah, hoda, good morning. this is going to be one that is going to hit close for you, cially. super bowl liii almost here, just days away. t whilehe new england patriots and the l.a. rams prepare
7:16 am
take the field, the nfl is still doing a lot of damage control in that conoversial mis call that helped keep the saints out of the big game. nbc's stephanie gosk has been folling the twists of this one. what's the latest now? >> good morning, craig. the super bowl wpok is sd to be about the big game coming up, not the one played over a week ago, hoda, but that no-call in new orleans has not gone away. the nfl admits the refs blew it butay there is actually very little that c be done. >> reporter: atlanta is buzzing. r bowl sunday is now jus days away. >> you work hard for that one game and then you got to be able to get it done in the bigges moment. >> reporter: the veteran new england patriots face off against the new kids on the lock, the high-flying l.a. rams. >> being here, get to experience all this and being a part of it, you know, it's what you work for. >> reporter: but about 500 miles away from all the pregame action, fans in new orleans can't quite let this play go.
7:17 am
>> crowd's going crazy as there is nog right on the saints' sideline. >> reporter: the now infamous case of passe interferenc where no penalty flags were thrown. it's a game-changing call. for a call like that not to be made, man, it's hard to swallow. >> reporter: the city missing out on the big game, left devastated. >> one of the worst blown calls i've seen, if not the worst. >> reporter: from from the bakery o churning no ref cookies, to the eye doctor, jokingly offering free eye exams for nfl officials. now even the league appears to admit it was a blown call in t respon a federal lawsuit filed by several saints season ticket holders demanding the nfl replay the game. lawyers for the nfl writing, o or more penalties for pass interference or illegal helmet-to-helmet contact were eistakenly not called in the nfc championship gam and the nfl would like its officials on the field to make these calls. citing human eerror, leagu
7:18 am
commissioner roger goodell does not have the t authorityo order a replay of the game. the league now asking a judge to throw the case out. saints' quarterback drew brees speaking out about the incident on monday. posts on instagram he spent the last week navating the heartache and disappointment from the game. resolving that i refuse to leto this hd us down. while the lawsuit linrers in court, the rams are moving on. >> i feel bad for buit, you know, for us, you know, we're here, we're very happy to be here. >> so they -- they're not going to replay it. >> right. >> you know what? drew brees is 40. in my buddy tom brady is any example for him. >> is that a little salt in the wotd? is t what that was? >> he'll have more chances. >> do not poke the bear, steph. do not poke the bear. >> for the nfl to make the admission, there had to be a fans.t filed by saints that's the other thing, you sort of wanted them to come out and say -- >> we screwed up. >> yeah. >> the league official did cal
7:19 am
the coach. >> yeah, they did call payton game.after the he actually said that in the press conference following the -game. this -his filing in court just basically confirms that that phone call happened. >> okay. other big news yesterday, by the way, tom brady not retiring no matter what happens on sunday. was asked by an espn journalist, reporter,ill you retire after this game, and he said there isf zero chance that. if you watched that facebook live thing that he did, that "tom versus time," he says as well he's going play for another five years. counts them off 41, 42, 43. with 't it hard to count all those super bowl rings? his fingers get tired. >> thank you, steph. >> thank yong >> we're go have more on the super bowl just ahead, including a first look at one of the commercials you a going to see during the game. >> all right. let's go to al and get theest of the forecast. >> beautiful weather outwest. the east coast going to b a mess today. bitter cold coming in.
7:20 am
plenty of sunshine from texas to the northwest. we're going t get to your local forecast coming up in the dsxt 30 secon. good morning, everybody. the cold front that will put us into arctic chill is still about 12 hours away. it will berriving late afternoon into the evening. ahead of that, we'll probably ve a brief period of rain and a quick changeover winter weather advisories are posted. all the latest forecast
7:21 am
information, school closures and delays on our n washington app. expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow. the changeov occurred between 3:00 and 5:00. >> al r. all right, al, thank you. ow coming up, firing back, michael jackson's family is responding to that controversial new documentary detailing disturbing allegations against the music legend. plus, iphone alert. apple's facetime bug that let people eavesdrop on you before you even pick up their cbul. first, this is "today" on nbc. we track rain and snow today with the winter weather advisory in effect. stay with us for continuing coverage on air and on our app. we're going to let youw kno exactly what to be looking for. storm team 4 always working for you.
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there's so much to take advantage of. from scheduling appointments to finding specialists, it's easier to get the care you need when you need it. 7:26 is your time now on this tuesday january 29, 2019. >> it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. live look oside for you here. it looks okay right now, but the weatherity of rough later on today has already led to schools' early dismissal plans. >> those schools include prince william, louder and prince george's county schools. the full list are scrolling at the bottom of your screen and we have them posted in the nbc washington app. to helporking for you you prepare for the next round of weather mix. >> melissa is standing by with a look at the roads. let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> it will be a quick
7:27 am
owchangeover. ll amounts won't be all that impressive but, again, they change from rain to snow. likely to take place between 3:00 and 5:00 today. 1 to 3 inches of snow is expected for mos of the d.c. metro area, maybe a little bit to the north. after the snow, it will be windy and super cold tomorrow. dangerously cold on thursd >> all right, chuck, thank you. a p eck on traffic is coming next. m
7:28 am
goodning. right now some delays in the beltway interloop bween little river turnpike and gallos road. arlington southbound gw parkway after the overlooks csh reported. taking a look now at southbound 270 and germantow t salt aatment trucks all over the area for the evening commute.
7:29 am
>> all right, melissa, thank you. another local news update here in about 25 minutes. >> we're now back to the "today" show after this short break. have areat day.
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> we're back, 7:30 on this tuesday morning. guys, that's not a windchill, it is negative 8 air temp in minneapolis right now. >> come on. >> those or waterfalls, okay? but they're frozen. this is a spo of warmth. because tomorrow there it could be minus 30. this is whatan therous deep freeze that is blanketing the country is doing right now. >> oh, my good -- >> coldest in a generation. going to what we're start our check of today headlines. harsh winter weather sweeping across the country. tens of millions of americans from the northern plains to the northeast facing the chedest we in a generation. cities like minneapolis, milwaukee, chicago, all feels temps well below zero. the national weather service in
7:31 am
io warning peopleto, get this, avoid taking deep breaths and minimize talking. >> we can't go there. >> that system will bring deep freeze to areas like washington, c., new york and boston tomorrow. al will be back in just a little bit wh the forecast. . has accepted house speaker nancy pelo's invitation to give his state of the union speech next tuesday. the speech was originally scheduled for tonight but b postponeause of the partial government shutdown. in the meantime, new analysis now reveals that the shutdown cost themerican economy $11 billion. that's according to the nonpartisan congressional budget officer, which released the report on monda th report takes into consideration lost output from federal workers and delayed government spending on goods a services. most of the damage to thel economy wile reversed as federal workers return to their jobs, but the report estimated $3 billion in economic activity is gone forever. a new york woman is e recovering in spital this morning after spending three entire days trapped in an
7:32 am
elevator. firefighters were called to a manhattan downhouse monday to scue the woman. she worked in the home as a housekeeper. she said she had been trapped since fridayhi wle the owners were away for the weekend. the 53-year-old woman is in stable condition. the owner of the house s they are relieveds she okay and actions will be taken to make sure this never happens again. the family of michael jackson is firing back after the debut of aew controversial documentary. >> it features allegations from two men who claim the music legend molested them when they were boys. nbc national correspondentr miguel almag has the latest on this. miguel, good morning. >> hey, guys. good morning. no clips of that four-hour documentary have been released to the public, but we're told it played to a stunned crowd a sundance. maybe stunn by the shocking allegations made resurfacing ad
7:33 am
de after michael jackson's death. >> reporter: plagued with allegations of child molestation in life and now in death. his family calls the documentary a public lynching of the music legend. the jackson family blasting the firs and the accusers, writing, the creators of this film were not interested in the truth. me have always loved to go after michael. was an easy target because he was unique. >> it's over four hours of incrediblyraphic descriptions of sexual abuse. it was incredibly devastating to watch and i think this will re-open a lot of old wounds perhaps question jackson's legacy as a pop icon. >> reporter: those we seen the film call it graphic with disturbing details of lewd acts beeen jackson and two boys. >> everybody looked very, very shellshocked. nobody knew how to react, i think. >> reporter: the four-hour sundance documentary which will
7:34 am
air on hbo over the summer, features the accounts of two accusers befriended by jackson when they were boys. tmz posted video of robinsonft speaking the exchange. >> we can't change h whatappened to us. >> reporter: the jackson estate calls both m liars, pointing out they testified in support of jackson during earlier claims of abuse and unsuccessfully sued his estate, suggesting both men are now trying to cash in on the performer. jackson was acquitt of molestation charges before his death. >> people started getting up and just saying, wow, wow, i have nw doubts abot happened now. this is -- this is -- this is intense. >> reporter: this morning, old allegations seeing new light, surrounding one of music's biggest stars. >> so, miguel, as you mentioned there, the jackson family coming out, strongly criticizing the
7:35 am
documentary. what about the makers of the film. aiat are the saying? >> the director the documentary was about hearing the stories of the two accusers in their o words, not the opinions of other people without direct knowledge of the accusations. he says hend sta behind the documentary. guys? >> all right. thank you. a check of the weather. >> we talk morebout this cold. it's dangerously cold. there are some safety tips pip make sure you wers multiple lacover your mouth to protect your lungs from extreme cold so that you don't damage them. keep space heaters away from flammable item curtains, things like that. whatever you do, people maytory augment their heat with generators. keep those generators outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. don't forget a your pets, bring them inside. windchill advisories and warnings right now. we've got 44 million people am risk fontana all the way to new york and down to north carolina. so we're going to be watching
7:36 am
that. right now you could get30 frostbite i minutes if you're outside in chicago, 30 minutes in minneapolis, 10 minds in bismarck. if you move into tomorrowmo ing, five minutes exposed flash could suffer from frostbite inchicago, 30 minutes in cleveland, 30 in st. louis, 10 in pierre, five in minneapolis. in syracuse, a half hour. that's what's going on around the country. here's whads happeningn your neck of the woods. goody morning. clkies moving on in and precipitation out to our west likely to start as mosy rain and change over from rain to mostly snow between about 3:00 and 5:00. winter weather advisories go into effect at noon today. snowfall amounts generally 1 to 3 inches expected. the problem is the timing. most of it coming betweend:00 :00 p.m. falling temperatures later this afternoon. windy tomorrow and very cold on thsday.
7:37 am
>> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al, thank you so much. a lot more ahead, includingw the face of u.s. figure skating, 13-year-old sensation alysa liu. here. we can't wait to sit down and chat with her. plus, oprah, is that you? tourprise some o her unsuspected fans. bedtime stories for grown-ups? the new app usingnusual tricks to help you get some better sleep. first, apple's bug that could have people eavesdropping on you coming up right after this. hey, darryl! hey, thomas. if you were choosing a network, would you want the one the experts at rootmetrics say is number one in the natn? sure, they probably know what they're talking about. or the one that j.d. power says is highest in network quality by people who use it every day? this is a tough one. well, not really, because verizon won both. so you don't even have to choose. why didn't you just lead with that? it's like a fun thing. (vo) chosen by experts. chosen by you. and noget apple music included, on us. it's the unlimited plan you need on the network you deserve.
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wear what you love, aveeno®. all right. this morning we have a story that is going to get a lot of attention. "in-depth" today, the bug tied to apple products that will let people eavesdrop on you even in you don't answer the call. nbc's joy friar joins us with what we need to know. >> if you're like millions of people, you may have an iphone or mac computer. the problem is with apple's popular facetime app,ic specly the group call function. a number of users online have been able to use it to listen in on other people's phones without them knowingt. >>im fac david dunlop. >> reporter:his morni a sour note for apple. the phone giant temporarily disabling its group facetime app after users discovered troubling bug to allow iphone users tote secretly l in on
7:43 am
the people they're calling without the recipient actually receiving the call. the reports weren't viral overnight raising serioy priv concerns. launched in october of 2018, the group facetime feature allows up to 32 peoplearocipate in a single audio or video call, but experts say the malfunction is easy to execute. all an iphone user has to do is call someone using fatime, tap the add person function and then their own phone number. before the recipient has a reject thcept or call. >> say something. >> can you hear me now? >> reporter: audio from the ph recipient'e streams to the caller. >> this is so weird. >> this is not okay. >> reporter: according to various reports, if the s recipient hit the phone's volume down or power buttons thinking the call has been declined, anotherurious bug kips in, the audio kic out but the caller can suddenly monitor that person's camera. >> i think t are pretty terrify things for people who are concerned about their
7:44 am
>> reporter: nicole, a tech reporter for buzzfeed says there is a simple fix. >> peopl should disab facetime as quickly as they can or else they expose themselves to bad actors calling nem and listening in on their conversations or accessing their front-facing camera without their consent. >> reporter: overnight apple quicklyisabled the group facetime function and released statement saying -- apple ceo tim cook has long portrayed the company as a protector of privacy. at the recent electronics show in las vegas, apple even posting this huge billboard that reads, "what happens on your iphone, stays on your iphone." >> they're going to have to apologize and double down on security practices to make sure that something a this scale doesn't happen again. >> now, if you're running ios 12.1 or later and want to disae facetime until there is an update, pretty easy. o to settings, click on
7:45 am
facetime. at the top there you can toggle facetime off. it only takes a few seconds. the timing really couldn't be worse for apple, by the way, ys today is earnings report day for the company. >> that's really scary. really. >> it confirms suspicions a lot of folks have had. we've talked about this. i've been long convinced when my phone's down, it canisten in. >> yeah. >> or see. >> yes. the camera. yes. >> i've been repressing it. i don't want to know. but facetime, think of the grandpents. >> true. cut off. coming up next, a famous band and a fallenous brand. your next super bowl commercial sneak peek right after this. mou. your next super bowl commercial your next super bowl commercial sneak peek right after t ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:46 am
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the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy. here we go. carson's here. >> oh, yeah. >> another commercial to kick f. >> we do, guys. as we head up to sunday's bigme we've got the exclusive first looks at some of this year's big super bowlal commer the doritos ad that features chance the rapper and the backstreetoys. enjoy. ♪ i never want toear you say ♪ i want it -- ♪ ♪ ♪ tell me why ♪ i never h wannaear you say ♪ i want it that way >> the original. now it's hot.
7:51 am
>> there youyoo. like that one? >> so cool. >> come on. >> carrie bradshaw and the dude yesterday. backstreet boys and chance, the first time they've met. we're goingo hav a new ad every day this week. >> will they release that as a song? >> that's probably the idea. >> the backstreet boys are ha having a moment. >> they just put out an album. a hit in radio. their second single was a big hit. they were on "the voice" finale. at is from the trl days. 2000 ore out in whatever. they're having a real, here it is, 20-plusn years they've b doing it and touring the world right now. just ahead, she made historu winning t. women's figure skating title at just 13. we cannot wait t talk to her. alysa liu, she set a record - record-breaking performance. but first, you know ro look at ]
7:52 am
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s 7:56 your time now on this tuesday january 29th, 2019. good morning to you. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day and the possibility of chugh weather later today has manyls sending students home early. that list is scrolling at the bottom of yr screen. we've also posted it in the nbc washington app. now let's check in with storm team 4 meteologist chu bell. what are we talking about here, chuck? >> cloudy skies for all. i've had people tweet me out pictures of sleetpeltlets. this will be coming to an end. winter weather advisories are posted. near 40 today. temperatures fling into the 20s by mid-evening hours, all theay down to the teens by tomorrow morning. >> all right. we'll take a break and check your traffic when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
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brand-new problem on the beltway in mclean interloop before the bridge, a laneke bl there. outer loop at new hampshire, we are slow up there. right now back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, if it to cll. tens of millions across the country bracing for dangerous, frigid temperatures. the coldest weather in more than two decades. powerful winter storms dumbing up to a foot of snow on the northeast in the south, atlanta preparing for icy ahead of the super bowl with the worst yet to come. how can you stay se? and dylan are tracking it all. ♪ ice, ice, baby >> plus, ice, ice, baby.>> and a second one. >> you just don't do that. >> fresh off being crowned the youngest u.s. figure skating champion ever, 13-year-old alysa liu joins us live in studio 1a
8:01 am
to talk about her in record-break night and what is next for the skating superstar. and, o, no she didn't. >> it's oprah. she likes our puppy. we're best friends. >> oprah winfrey spreads the love, leang positive comments for fans on social media. >> i get thi notify condition. guess who it's from? oprah. >>heir reactions that are sure to put a smile on your face. >> oprah winfrey, mother oprah. oh. >> today, tuesday january 29th, 2019. ♪ girls like you run around with guys lik me until >> hi to our family back home in virginia. we wish you were here. >> from okc to nyc. >> happy birthday from
8:02 am
cooperstown, new york. >> from suri, maine. good morning to my husband and grandchildren. >> good morning, hoda and savannah. i'm just watching the "today" show right before school. >> from t sunshine state to "today." >> good morning. good morning. welcome back to "today." we do appreciate w you beingh us on this very chilly tuesday morning. >> yeah, we're waving right back and wel are loving those my "today" messages. keep them comg. >> taking off. drop a video from wherever you're watching. share it on twitter or instagram and usehe #mytodayplaza. the coldest weather in decades is closing in and offices and schools are swing down. there is snow on the way. dylan will join us from frigid minneapolis. first, al with the big picture. >> good morning. look at this.
8:03 am
windchill advisories warnings for 44 million people all the way from mtana down into north carolina. right now, chicago's at minus 1. theye going to have 60 hours of zero or below temperatures. feels like 12 in albany, new york. here's where it reallygtarts gett cold. look at this. for tomorrow morning, minus 31 in chicago for a windchill. minus 54 in minneapolis. in nashville. d.c., 11. 3 you look at thursday, a windchill of below in chicago. minus 40 in minneapolis. minus 8 in charlesson. an charleston. a winter storm from hattiesburg, mississippi, all the way to holton, maine, marquette. watches and advisories. asheville may see snow, roanoke as well, d.c., possibly 2 inches of snow. into new england, we're talking anywhere from 6 to 12 ihes of
8:04 am
snow. the big chill is on. i actually see tears on your face,'sylan. hat cold. you were talking about that eyeballs can freeze. this looks brutal. >> you have to keep blinking. the tears are my -- is my body's way to naturally preventing tham from happening. for folks who have w tok outside, this is dangerous cold, especially once the winds increase. schools are closed. universities are closed in this area because it's really too dangerous to be outside. it is only t going get worse. it is already 10 degrees below zero, but the temperature is t goin drop all day long as tie winds increase all day. that's the combi that's going to set up and allow for the chinned chills to drop to 50 degrees below zero by tomorrow morning, something that been seen here in more than 20 years. this is a hardy part of they. coun they are taking this cold very seriously and staying until this passes. hopefully by the time we get to
8:05 am
the weekend, the apparent temperature, al, will go from where we are to saturday afternoon, that's about an 86-degree increase, the apparent temperature. there is warmer weather insi t, it just takes until the weeken before it gets here. >> stay safe. get inside. savannah? >> all right. al, thankrm you. trump adviser roger stone heads to federal court in washington today and is expected to plead not guilty to lying to congress and other charges in the russia investigation. meanwhile, acting attorney general matt whitaker said publicly on monday that special unsel robert mueller's probe is wrapping up. >> the investigation is i think close to being completed and i hope that we can get the report from director mueller as soon as we -- as possible. >> sources have told nbc news that once mueller submits his report the justice department is likely to make some of it public. nbc news isow responding to controversial comments about hispanics and assimilation made
8:06 am
by spental correspon tom brokaw on sunday's "meet the press." e remarks drew immediate backlash. on sunday, mr. brokaw issued an apology on twitter saying, "i am sorry, truly sorry. my comments we offensive to many. on monday a spokesperson said, quote, tom's comments were inaccurate and inappropriate and we're glad he apologized. a new study has found aggressively lowering your blood pressure can fight memory loss. researchers looked at thousands of people over the age of 50 and those who lowered their systolic block to 120, t reducedir risk to mild memory loss and cognitive impairment. it's too early to know if it can prevent alzheimer' t buthe study is so promising, they're supporting a follow-up trial. just because you're the mother of t aeenager doesn't mean you have to dance moves at the door.
8:07 am
♪ rybody ♪ >> no! >> the backstree boys. this colorado mom wanted o cheer up her sonhan. they were stuck in traffic for hours. you know what she did? got out on the street. wendy got out. listen, she started dancing. he runs all the way down the street. nathan wasn't digging it. >> tha kid's miserable. >> hold on. she goes and starts dancing in front ofther cars. she actually -- wendy heard from a coupl of the backstreet boys. look where she's going. she don't care. she wrote on social media, momt knows ws up. omg, getouack inr car, lol, that was from the backstreet boys. if you're sitti there for hours and hours. there are many moments forgettable in your life as a of ager, that's not one them. >> i love her whole attitude. let's make the best ofle it. s dance. coming up next, the 13-year-old sensation giving u.s. figure skating aoo big. there she is, alysa liu.
8:08 am
we'll talk to her. exusive live interview, her very first since her record-breaking performance at nationals right after this. thatl of a leather interior that's been broken in to a buttery softness. okay. and this sweet little feature, don't call it a spoiler, cuz it don't spoil a thing. huh. oh! and it's got 9 lemon air fresheners, like driving through a citrus wonderland! okay look, you don't need to sell me. at carmax, they buy all the cars. that's helpful. yes, it is. this is just uh, taped on for show. i know. they'll still buy it. dove gives you so you can wear from athletic tops to zebra dresses, and everything in between. enjoy 48 hour protection and softer, smoother underarms.
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before people invite something they want to know who you are. we're almond breeze. and we only use california-grown blue diamond almonds in our almondmilk. cared for by our family of almond growers. blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. and we're back with today's "talker." at just 13 years old and standing 4'7", alysa liu isng maki a big name for herself in the world of figure skating. >> she became the youngest skater to win the u.s. championship. stealing the show with not one but t triple axels. that's something no woman in this competition has ever done before. >> this morning we are truly lighted to meet alysa and have her with us. good morning. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we watch that over and over and over again. have you watched it back? yeah, i have, a few times actually. >> and what do you think when you see it?ve can you b this is real?
8:12 am
this real happened. 'm>> every time i watch ilike, yes, i did dthis, iid this. i'm just lookingver everything i did. >> so take us to that moment, like right before you get on the ice, okay? what does it feel lik to be you. what are you saying tose your? what are you feeling inside? >> i'm telling myself over and over again i, can do just do it. and i'm actually nervous before aget - right bef i get on, but me my coach do like our ritual -- >> what's that? so i jump up a down eight times and do a landing a position itti po. it's like a superstition if i don't do it. >> eight times? o> yeah. >> it seems work. you got to keep doing it. you do this amazing performance. you win the national figure skating championships. what was it like to be on that podium and suddenly everybody is looking at you and they know your name? >> it's really cool, actually. i was to happy.
8:13 am
i actually couldn't get on the podium that easily. >> they had to help you up? >> yeah, they had to help me up. it's a cool photo. >> when you were waiting for your scores, mean, we all thought you killed it. when you were sitting there waiting for thosebers to pop up on the screen, did you think, wow, i think i had onef my best performances ever? >> yes. i was thinking that. i was also nervous because i didn't kno s what myre was going to be. i hoped it was better than what i could have ne. >> how long have you been skating. >> i've been skating eight years, since i was 5. >> is this the kind of thing you dream about, le this moment? >> yes. >> i know everyone's asked you this, but are you dreaming about the olympics, too? >> yeah. >> when will you be ready? you're sun you have to wait. >> yeah, i can't even do internationals either, but i get extra practice before. >> one of th cool things that happened was once you got the
8:14 am
medal, you said, you know what? i'm not going to keep this medal. i'm going to give it to my dad. he deserves it. why do you think your dad deserves that medal? >> he helps me so much. he brings me to the rink every day and puts in a lot of effort and deserve it is. >> long hours. >> yeah. >> can you imagine being him in the audience. >> good morning, athur. you m be so proud of this amazing young woman. >> okay. put us in your shoesor a second. you're in the bleachers watching her. ice.teps out on to the you seemed calm in the audience. what were you feeling? fi i was calm. i had cnce in her. >> yeah. >> i knew that she was going to deliver. >> it must be so incdible to have a young lady with so much talent, butamhe wholey really has to get into it and be supportive. i know you've got four other kids. >> absolutely. we all have to make a lot of sacrifices for her. >> yeah. >> i travel a lot with her.
8:15 am
the other kids are without me a lot of the time, so -- >> alysa was telling us this funny story. i was asked her in brothers and sisters skidded. you told us your sister did for a time. what happened? >> when she first started skating, she had her first competition with my cousin, he'e the sge as her. they both compete against each other. this is both their first competition. on and my sister got second she got so mad and just quit. >> oh, no. >> she's still mad? she's still not skating. >> she's still not skating. >> a lot of peopl alysa, know your name now. i was just wondering, like, of eol the famouse in the world who you look up to, who is like the one person you wld loveo meet? >> michelle kwan, even though i have met her. i would definitely love to meet hen. >> you were talking to me about your favorite kind of music. >> yeah. ov >> who do you to listen to? >> i love to lien to ariana
8:16 am
grande. t>> you meta lipinski, until you was the youngest person to win at nationals. what did she to you when you got to meet face to face? >> she's like, i'm so proud of you. records are meant to be broken and i' so hope happy you broke the record. >> you are on such a roll, alysa. we are cheering you on all the way. thanks for coming to hang out with us. >> thank you. >> by the bway, hery day in new york is not over. alysa is going to be o falli"fa" tonight. look for her there. >> that's a late school night. sl right. le see what we're got for you. we've been talking about this bitter heavy snow is in upstate new york. rain in the southeast causing airport delays. sun shanerom tex in the west. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning, everybody. your forecast for today is rain changing to snow this afternoon,
8:17 am
between about 3:00 and 5:00. we're expecting about 1 to inches of snow. temperatures near 40 this afternoon. lling into the 20 this evening. tomorrow, bitter cold in the morning with windchills down near zero. a chance for a few passing flurries with afternoon highs around 0 degree sound 30 degrees. another chance fw coming up on friday. dry for the weekend and milder next week. >> don't forget, if you head out, don't forget to check us out on our sirius xm channel. >> the sweetest thing in the world. >> we're going to be seeing a lot of her. >> adorable. >> allig r. guys, pop start. we're going to start with margot robbie. revealg for the first time her return as harley quinn, sharing this photo of her in charaer on instagram. she captioned the picture "miss" . she first played harley quinn back in 2016 in the.c.
8:18 am
franchise s franchise "suicide squad." a film solely based onac that chr was in the works "birds of prey," and now the first teaser for the sequel has been released. ♪ ♪>> just a little teaser, "birds of prey" set to hit theaters february 7th, 2020. up next, oprah win fwri fre spreading the love by leaving a nice comment on strangers' instagram accounts. >> come on, that's not oprah. >> it's oprah. she likes our puppy. she likes me on instagram. only have 99 followers right now. >> i'm sorry, i've been crying because y'all will not believe. this okay, so, look, i'm over her
8:19 am
minding l my own busiike i always do, okay? every day i mind my own business and i get this notification. guess who it's from? oprah. oprah winfrey mother oprah. >> mother oprah. >> there you go. i'm sure a comment from oprah would make any of us react just like that. also, today happens to be opdah's bir she is 65 years young. so congratulations to y, oprah. tracy morgan sat down with jimmy kimmel and discussed some of the elaborate details he has added to his mansion. heot only revealed his home office is an exact replica of veto corleone's from "the godfather," but apparently he still has a shark tank. >> do you still have the buarium? >> "tanked" juslt a 20,000 gallon tank in my pool house. thenly four big residential
8:20 am
aquariums in america and mine is one of them. et>> where do you a shark to put in them? >> froe the sea. >> ct of the hudson bay? >> they don't walk, jimmy. >> theso h river. >> you know what i feed them? >> what do you feed them? >> relatives. >> sit him up -- >> that is pop start. quickly, our daily click today. this clever dad found a wayo take his daughter's bouncy horse to the next level. set it up rigro in of the tv and turned on this horse riding victim game and the little girl was off to the races. look how cool that looks. genius. >> this could be the start of peloton forer tod that is good stuff right there. >> that's cool. carson, thank yo s now tething that is helping more than 40 million americans who struggle with sleep. >> it's called calm. it's an app that features a collection of stories narrated s by actnd artists with a goal of ending those sleepless nights.
8:21 am
"today" international correspondent keir simmons joins us from over the pond. do you use this? >> hey there, craig. good morning, guys. i haven't used it yet. apparently there are hidden forests, there are waterfalls and a story narrated by matthew mcconaughey. i caught up with one of the writers who say she writes stories that last about 30 minutes, but for most people ithey get about ten minut and they're out. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: to sleep, her chance to dream. shakespeare's famous line. experts blame modern lifestyles for the rise in sleeplessness. l.e.d. lights, caffeine, addictive personal technology and the incessanter pace of m life. sleep is big business now, and
8:22 am
the recipes for achieving more b shuteye -- the battle against our overactive brain is hard to win. in sleepy oxford, england, on a slow-moving canal boat, i meet the sleep whisperer, travel writer phoebe smith, pens bed time stories for adults for the app calm. a business so big that even hollywood icon matthew mcconaughey has partnered up with them. >> well, hello there. i'm matthew mcconaughey and tonight i'll be readying special sleep story called "wonder." >> your latest sleep story is et right here on the canals of oxford. >> they say that the waterways provide the fastest way of slowing down. the kind of slower writing that you just don't get anymore. >> when i'm in a place writing a sleep story, i'm travelingth in way. i'm noticing everything, the smells, the textures, how
8:23 am
something makes me feel. >> like this sto about the lavender fields of pro-vons. >> you'll smell it before you even see it. >> nearly 50 million people >> put you on the spot, i guess? >> yeah. >> can you look around now and tell us a little story? >> the little narrow boat makes its way on the rippling waters. to the left of the riverbank, ducks swim slowly and sedately as the leaves drift off the branches into the rippling tide. >> i feel kind of sleepy already. >> do you feel calm? >> i'm going to have a little lie down c >> well, y. that's the beauty of it. >> i think we're constantly looking f ways to slow down and turn off all the noise. >> not all the noise is bad. it may be just what you need to
8:24 am
break the vicious cycle of no sleep. anxiety about no sleep and more no sleep. like the one abo the trans-siberian express. >> here in the further reaches of siberia, above the permafrost. >>sing the noise of a story to cancel the noises in your head. you're speaking from experience. >> definitely, yeah. i used to have a lotro ofem falling asleep and my brain just wouldn't switch off. >> she cured her insomnia by pitching her tent in extreme places. >> in doing tha i removed myself so much from day-to-day i could fall asleep a lot more easily. >> that gave her the idea forbed ti bedtime stories. >> my goodness, they work. i fell asleep listening to my own one they first time t sent it to me to test.
8:25 am
>> phoebe ss it's a dream job, helping people to sleep and doing something she's passionate about. >> you've had to come to terms with the idea that most often people might not get to the end of your stt'ies. >> tha the idea, yeah. that's the biggest compliment i can get. >> other note, guys, matthew mcconaughey has an amazing voice, but i just feel like there may be a section of our audience who t ify're listening to matthew mcconaughey may be a little too excited to fall asleep. i don't know. >> uh-huh. >> maybe because he's going all right, all right,ll right. >> thank you, keir. roker. >> roker is snoozing. >> wake up. >> all right. coming up, is your messy home t contributi those sleepless nights? creative storage to tidy up every room in your homecoming up after your localews.
8:26 am
8:26 on this tuesday, y 29. it is a weather alert day. many schools sending students home early this afternoon. that list is scrolling at the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington happen. chuck? >> all right. good morning. still a fewf areas o sleet across parts of th. bay the the main area of what will start as rain and end as snows still well out to our west. winter weather advisories arest . the changeover should be taking place between 3:00 and 5:00. roads getting very icy after sundown. much, much windier tomorrow and much colr coming up on your thursday. >> all right. chuck, tcknk you. a cn traffic when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. right now on the beltway here, interloop before the american legion bridge, still have a lane
8:29 am
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"today's" crowd moment is created with our sister company universal orlando resort. >> yes. >> 8:30 now. it is tuesday morning. it'she 29th ofjanuary, 2019. still writing 2018 on my checks, guys. it is a cold morning. but let me just say, this is a al? snap right now, right, because it is just going to plunge tomorrow. >> this is the warmest it's going to be for awhile. >> how cold iit going t get
8:31 am
tomorrow? >> so cold it's going to be in the singles. dig we're talking about windchills below zero. we've got something to warm some folks up. where is the bellanson family. hello. what's your name? >> faith. >> faith? you were here when y were a year old. do you remember that? >> no. >> no, you don't. but you remember being here now, right? y h. >> well, i got something else to try to help you remember being here. we've tmed up with our sister ompany universal orlando resort. we are going to send you guys to florida! yes! >> i love that. >> that's right. you're going toet to experience the thrills and attractions of all three universal orlando theme parks, including volcano bay water park. you can put on your bathing suits, go down water slides! your trip includes round trip airfare and a three-night stay
8:32 am
at the lowe's sapphire fall resort. >> are you going to rememberther birthday? >> of course. >> these aren't the tickets but they've got the name ont it jus so you can remember. nice seeing you again, sweetie. >>ow about that? >> wow. that was very cool. can we justou shout too, these guys have been coming here every year for 25 years. the guardian angel school folks are here. >> they looko much younger than 25. >> aging very well. coming up, does organ ging yoage sound like a pipe dream? what about actually keeping your socks in prs? 've got some creative storage solutions to help you with all th and more. >> now that i'm off the no carbs, no sugars, i get the cooking segments. cooking up recipes for apple p french toast and almondt croiss oatmeal. >> you can have an almond.
8:33 am
>> that's right. >> some cauliflower for you. >> meanwhile, the third hour of "today," david allen green is going to stop b to tell us about playing a retirement community rebel in his new comedy called "cool kids." and "shark tank's" kevin o'leary is going to join us. >> supposedly david aleer auditioned for t part of george costanza on sign fiel"sei >> a little t >> bitter cold coming in. heavy stayew in northern n england. looking at plenty ofunine from texas into the southwest and on into the pacific northwes then for tomorrow, snow squauls move into the northeast. the bitter cold spreads into the east as well. even a little on the chilly side as you get parts in atlanta. florida, texas is going to cool
8:34 am
off. looking at cool temperatures and plenty of sunshine throughout the southwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> sort of in the calm before the storm right now. still a few pocketsf light sleet or a snowflake or two out thpee. current ttures in the low to mid-30s. imtching for rain to redevelop around noon and change over o snow between about 3:00 and 4:00. temperatures, mid-30s now. briefly close to 40 degrees before temperatures fall back into thes 20 this evening. very cold and very, very windy tomorrow colder still but not much wind on thursday. snow chance on friday. >> a nice collection of hats here. where are you ladies, from? >> annapolis maryland. >> what's your name? >>amantha. and what's your name? >> kate. >> this is mom. all right. let'sead back in to savannah. guys, just ahead -- we were just talkingge about sto guilt, kids toys, everything
8:35 am
taking over. she has se really good ideas for every room in your houmi cong up next. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we are back with better basics today. this is our serious showcasing innovative ideas for everyday products. today it is all about storage. >> if you've been vowing to ge your h organized but you're not sure where to lie expert jen can help you find products to make your home a neat? less cluttered place to live. hello, jen. >> this is my obsession right now. awesome upgrades. >> some of these things i can't believe it's taken until now to invent. >> i know. >> let's start in the kitchen. >> i'm obsessed with this. this is a universal lid cover.
8:38 am
this is from a company called made in. it fates -- standard threes different phat everybody has. it's heavy. you know, really holds on to the top. >> just one lid. >> i got -- i thinks i posted something on my instagram. i got rid of like 12 lids. i just usesh this. disher safe, oven safe. beuse it hashese rings, it really adheres to the top of the pot. >> that's brilliant. is it pricey? >> it's0 like under bucks. it's heavy. it's durable and it's not loud. i love it's covered in silicone. >> i have a bunch of tupperware taking up all kinds of room. >> i stack it. i lose half the lids. this is from storage solutions on look at these, these are all collapsable. >> what is it? >> it all collapses. you can go from small to big. there are a different types. it's all flat. i store all mine now flat in a space this big as opposed to an
8:39 am
entire drawer. >> snaps out. brilliant. >> look at this. >> what is that? >> a collander. >> this is amazing. put it on the sides of your sink. >> wash theeggies and all that stuff. >> as i break the set. but look at th. >> brilliant. >> that's really clever. this is great if you have a small house or apartment or something. a dorm room. >> yes. >> save your space. >> all right. so the fridge. >> what's next? >> i the idge, you want to maximize storaget space. hings off the shelf. this is call the bottle loft on uncommon goods. you simply adhere it with a magnet. get your bottles off the shelves so you can use for other things. >> the eggs can go under. >> it's like a strip you pn there. >> stick the strip in. super easy to install. there you go, you lift your bottles off the shelf. >> are these grapes real grapes or sw grapes?
8:40 am
>> you tell us. >> are grapes on my diet? sorry. solidarity. your garagean get really messy. we'll start out with, this is a cooler. >> clunky. >> we only use them every so often. this is a collapsable cooler. you can fit like 50 cans in here. 36 hours, keeps everything cool. when you're oudone. >> yust collapse it. >> you just collapse it and it's flat. >> i feel better just looking at th t. >> even i trunk of your car. >> stack things. >> the battery thing is nius. >> what is this all about? >> instead of a basic bin, ind up buying so many aa batteries because i never think i have them. this we found onamazon, it's about 13 bucks. it has a battery tester. so before you use the battery -- >> you know if it's dead or not. >> this is amazing. takes up zero space. >> no sce. we linked to this exact one on there are otherst that are as good. i've tried everything.
8:41 am
this is the best. >> seems fun to file the batteries. maybe i need to get a >>life. ports equipment. you throw it in the garage. everything is rolling everywhere. this is from urban outfitters. it's a modern nimal ball stand.i t this in my play room for my daughter's basketballs. they stay neatly. they're not rolling all over the place. >> can you aust the height? t's not adjustable but it should work with most standard sizes. >> okay. >> i wanto live whoever lives here in this pantry because that's amazing. >>pe that's ect. >> just hanging up your 409? >> i warn you, once you start putting these on your wall, you can't stop. my entire house is covered in these. i need to go buy more cleaning products. this is command brand. put them on the wall mage-free. easy to install. take all of your different spray snns -- >> it d ruin your wall? >> it doesn't ruin your wall.
8:42 am
they give you instructions on how to take it down. >> if you have little kids and make sure they don't get their hands onanything, put them up high. >> oagain, this way whenn my coat closet, my broom doesn't hit me in the llface. >>ight. take us to the play room. >> i've been waiting all day for this. you know when you have stuffed animals taking over the room. >> a lot of places won accept them as donations. these are called stuff and sit. youut up to 90 in here and it's a bean bag chair. >> that is so s art. different designs. when it's empty, you canang it up. again, 90 different stuffed if they want to play with them if they remember them, take them out. there is a link on >> we horde head bands in my house and they're always everywhere. hope that my 4-year-old is not watching. she'll be ke, i was looking for that head band. these are head band lders.
8:43 am
>> brilliant. >>is we found n amazon. go to the link on >> put it in your closet. >> the smart thing is it has this little padding here. >> we teased the last couple of things with the socks and the nailsh po >> nail polish storage. i think this is so smart. it holds 48 bottles of p wish. itl do any brand. do it like this instead of a b bin or having them everywhere, put it in your bathroom or take it with this is so smart. when i first saw it, i thought this is really weird. >> okay. >> instead of throwing yourn socks i the laundry, this is the sock laundry organizer. you put your stocks like this. you store them this way. when they're dirty -- it comes with a set of two. clean socks on one and dirty on the ou throw this right in th laundry. >> the whole thing? >> the whole thing. >> wait, what? it's like a hamper. >> just for your socks. >> how do youet them in there?
8:44 am
>> it's easy. see? take it out. then put it in -- >> is it really going to get clean? e> it's going to get clean. i h win of, like, unmatched socks. never again. i'm done. >>jen, you're genius. love this. >> hang it up in your closet. >> all right. for more on these solutions and other products t help y get organized, go to >> can you take me seriously right now? >> no, i cannotpg come ude next, the recipes for indulgent breakfast favorites with a good for you twist, but t, this is "today" on nbc. what day of the challenge is this? >> is that a blueberoi? it's never to be over. i'm starving. starving.
8:45 am
8:46 am
one small thing is created by today with our sponsor, blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best milk. >> that smells good in the kitchen this morning on our sees "one small thing." nutrakious brest can start your day on a sweet note while
8:47 am
sticking to your resolution to be healthy. thanks to alejandra ramos. good morning. you. to see are you on any weird fad diets? >> no. i'mo gla you're not either. >> i think i'm the only person who can do this cooking segment. between keto and the j. lo ten-day challenge. put me to work. everybody says breakfast is the most important meal of the day. a perfect brunch recipe. we're doing an apple pie french toast with an almond milk caramel sauce. it's totally vegan -- one is dairy free, one is vegan >> you said you can make this like saturday before sunday brun? >> absolutely, yeah. such a great party recipe. i love it because you can make it the night before, popt in the oven just before your guests arrive. >> what can i do?
8:48 am
>> we're going to start by making our spice mix. ve got eggs in there. you want to whip them up really nice. start adding some of these 7-pieces. that's pumpkin pie spice. if you prefer to use ginger, personalize it however you want. i added a little bit of maple syrup. we can put some in bethere. >>tiful. >> some coconut oil. then we've got our almond milk. yout mix t all up. >> why do you like the almond milk? >> because it's dairy-free. it's a lighter option. it's a great optio especially this time of year when we're trying to be more wholesome. instead of taking things away. >> i like the idea of tweaking. i'm good at tweaking. i'm a tweaker. you know, ripping carbs and sugar away is hard. >> >> i had a turkey burger last night. we just had lettuce instead of bun. less carbs. >> i like that. s whip this into a custard?
8:49 am
no addedar, by the way, right? >> i did a little added maple syrup. that's not a resigned sugar. it's got the sweetness. pour it over bread. you can use whatever bread you like. if you're doingy- daee, make sure there is no dairy in the bread. check the tngredients. st it a little bit because i feel like it holds its shape better. you can use day-oldad b but who ever does? i've got coconut oil i melted in here. >> do you let this sit at all? >> yes, you lethi that soak you do the apples. a gi'ot type of oil or butter you prefer. lemon zest, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, maple syrup. give that a toss. i don't want them super, super mushy. >> how long do you coop these ples? >> five to ten minutes. >> okay. that looks good. >> our bread has been soaking
8:50 am
in, absorbed -- >> the custard's been absorbed. >> get your happiness in there. mix them in. >> this looks good. >> just kind of fold them in there. ch we do so pancakes at our eouse. french toast --on't make it enough. >> pancakes are delicious, but i feel like it's high maintenance because you're doing them in batches. you can't jus walk away. i love this. prep this in advance. this goes into the oven and then this is my favorite part. >> how long? 350? >> 350 for about 45 minutes to anour. just until it puffs up. making caramel sauce here. i've got coconut oil, brown sugar, salt. let it bubble for about five minutes. then you whisk in some -- wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, sir, you are missing the best part here. >> what am i doing? >> check that out. >> j. lo, eatrt your h out. wow, that's delicious. >> while you enjoy that, i'm
8:51 am
going to bring our next recipe. almond croissant oatmeal. >> da, you are missing out. >> doing a little almond cream on top. oh, the apple. >> you're getting the flavors you love but it's still a little bit more -- it i actually like the wheat bread ae more. >> i think it's a little heartier andthuttier. is the filling inside youris almond cnts. groundal mondays. taste that. >> so good. >> you put that in the oatmeal? >> you can doome toasted almonds on top. a little map syrup. this is delicious. you killed it. >> how good is that?t make t in advance. >> healthy choices. easy to a few tweaks, but you're not crificing anything of the, the flavor. find these recipes at . as i enjoy these carbs. up next, how hoda's doing at the halfwa point of j. lo's no
8:52 am
carbs, no sugar challenge. but firs this is "today" on nbc ♪ i just want the green, want the mone want the cash ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
carain. >> you made your choice. >> living your best life, srson. >> tha me. >> you know what you're doing right now is ultimate -- no, t ithe ultimate in cruelty. >> why? >> day five. >> how is the j. lo challenge going? >> day five of the challenge. feeling?you >> feeling good. >> you know what i realized? take one more bite. i just want to watch. no, i just want to watcwa >> do you nt to smell it? >> no, i don't. t not dairy. >> ons j. lo challenge, there is nothing to eat that up.s you nothing. >> earlier today we heard -- hoda, it's time for your confession. >> i know, exactly. i did the confession. do you have anything to confess? >> i have an idea. >> what? in>> you're of being mean to everyone because you're so
8:55 am
hungry. >> i'm hangry. i get that thing, carson. >>his tooould be your life. >> all right. go to if you want to watch anyns confessbut, carson, you're off this, baby. >> can we say in all seriousness? i'm so proud of you. you are really doingve this. yoot everybody in your corner. not anyone here. but your mom, your bestie. >> my sister, joel, everybody. the guy that works in my building. >> different strokes for different folks. i'm proud of you. othink it's awesome. i'm not mad it. i can't do it. after the real -- >> carson -- >> everybody is talking about that pot pie. >> we had grstt response day. i couldn't believe it. i was at target and people are like, way to go on the ten-day challenge. you're an awesome quitter. a lot of you reached out. tracy in ijacksonville, glad you admitted you didn't want to do the ten-day challenge because i'm right there with,ou. robe carson, you're my hero. i wouldn't be able to do the
8:56 am
ten-day challenge either. many ask for the recipe that starte the challenge. i went to see my sister on long isla. she made this lovely dinner friday night. i ate it. it wasat delicious. what busted the challenge. quinn, my sister, is going to be here tomorw morning liv she's going to make this recipe. if you're not on the ten-day challenge, you can eat it, too. >> i thoughts was a thi ten-minute challenge segment. >> quick. >> bye. >> here is your local news. 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday january9th, 2019. good morning to you. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. montgomery county public schools just announced that they will close earlytoday, 2 1/2 hours early. the full list is posted in the nbc washington app. now let's get a check on that forecast with sto team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. hey, chuck. >> hey there. yeas of cloud skies and slight
8:57 am
snow. raindrops into parts of southern maryland. winter weather advisories have been posted. temperatures right now just above the freezing mark for most of the area. will be briefly near 40 today. whrt will s as rain will quickly turn back to all snow as temperatureset. windy and cold tomorrow. still cold on thursday. >> all right, chuck, thankou. we'll take a break and get a check on your traffic next. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
hearing abo a brand-new problem near georgia avenue. 1 interloop before the legion bridge, still have a lane blocked there. gw parkway in arlington, heavy delays.
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "toroy" live studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. i'm al along with sheinelle and we got our good buddy jacob. >> what's up, guys? good to see you. >> craig ran offhto catch a fl he's headed out on assignment. dylan is also on assignment unfortunately. she is braving the cold. she's in minneapolis, and dylan, i think i heard you in my ear just before we went on that said it's so cold yourhu teeth . >> oh. >> reporter: it's true. it's like the warm -- your mouth is warm and you bite into an ic, cream co and it hurts your teeth. that's kind of how it feels just from smiling out here. i've got


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