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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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with mattresses by j. d. power. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday. wbut did you know you could be saving even more?. with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day. team 4 weather alert. >> it's like horrible. > it almost takes your breath away. >> very cold. cold, cold, cold. >> you feel it in your lungs. it's cold. >> it's like really frigging
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cold. youan't feel your face. >> well, originally i'm from chicago, so i'm just glad i'm not there. >> i need to go to florida. >> now at 11:00, dangerously cold out there andve getting colder. >> just you wait. millions of people now shivering in a deep freezetonight, and these brutal conditions have us in weather alert >> we're talking about the coldest temperatures in a wneration. thther blamed now for at least seven deaths across the country and thousandsf flights have been cancelled or delayed. >> it is a polar vortex, folks, impacting 85% of the united states. now, the rails and roads all over the country are either empty or are a nightmare tonight. the homeless facing eminent danger, some huddled i shelters. and the u.s. postal service has suspended deliveries in 11 itses for the safety of mail carriers. >> cities like chicago are virtually the windy city a frozen tundra feeling like negative 52
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degree that's colder than the peak of mount everest, parts of antarctica andsiberia. >> hard to wrap your arms around. here in ourt area, alm all the school districts you should know are impacted. a handf after cancelled tomorrow. the rest on a two-hour delay. >> you can findhose closures and delays scrolling on the bottom of your screen and in our nbc washington app. we have team coverage beginning with doug kammerer in the storm center. >> doug, these temperatures are tough to see but easy to feel. >> yeah, i mean, youust have to take a step outside. here's the thing about it, you know, you'r walking around, you've got enough clothes on, everything fine, you've got your face covered, you've got your hat. t feelse wind blows and like you're not wearing any of those things. it really is amazing, that wind chill. in d.c., thechowest winl we've seen in d.c. all day here. 4 below zero. 23 below in cleveland. look at, in chicago today, 52
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o.low z just incredible cold making its way down from the aircraft tick right on in towards our region and that's why temperatures are b cold and why the wind chill is going t such a factor and why we have a wind advisory in effect fromht ton until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. wind chills between 1 below and zero by early tomorrow morning. frostbite threat in about 30 minutes if you're staying ttside, if you don't hav right amount of clothes on. make sure that you do, especially forids at schools tomorrow. even though we've got the tio-hour delays in many locations, it is going to be a very cold start to the day. it's a cold finish to the night. shomarict stone knows e what i'm talking about. 's got on everything he needs, the gloves, the hat or even the coffee, the latte, i'm not sure. >> reporter: no, doug, here we have some hot chocolate. it tastes really good and it is warming me up inside, but it's really not doing anything because it is so incredibly cold out here, doug.
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you've bn talking abo this over the last 24 hours. now, it's important to point out that people who work outside, people who don't have a place to live, that plonged exposure outside obviously can lead to hypothermia, the d.c. government is doing aood job of trying to prevent that and it is certainly a very cold blistery night. on a dangerously cold night in d.c., a charity van drops off homeless people at one of the district's cold weather shelters. tonight's wind chill is bel zero. >> this is what i do for a living. >> repter: richard gathers shopping carts at home depot in bethesda. >> i bundle myself up and i'm ready to go every night. >> reporter: inside, melissa green buys ice melt for her parents, fearing they could slip and fall. >> it's a scary thoughtwi kno that they're walking around and their brick pathway that is icy and cold. >> reporter: the store received a new supply of ice melt moments ago. >> we got emergency shipment
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with, you know, 1,600 bags. we're down to what you see here, aed couple hun left. >> reporter: that's pretty good. they're completely sold out of space heaters. >> it is freezing today. you can't even go out there without the appropriate gear on. >> it is so cold it was hard for the driver of this car to open the hood. we literally had to play with it. u look right here. she said she needed deicer, so we're helping her out. even though he works in the cold, richard ifu tha-- >> that i'm not in chicago. it's bad but it's not d 55rees below. >> reporter: okay. let's not get ridiculous. it is not negative 55 degrees in chicago, however, it is t teens, just like here in silver spring.w, t's worth mentioning that tomorrow, remember, kids, make sure that you cover your. fac if you're a child with your parents and you have to wait at the bus stop, make sure that you're properly covered because it is very cold. back to you, jim andre . >> i think since you started two minutes ago, that hot chocolate is now a fudgesicle.
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shomari, thanks so much. >> yeah, it's pointless. thanks. >> we're working for you to make sure you and your loved where you need to be safely tomorrow morning. wakep th "news 4 today"or stm team 4 and first 4 traffic will get you up to date on the temperatures and the slick spots on the roads. we have some breaking news out o charles county. a horrific crash involving five people, including two children. take look chopper 4 over the scene on charles street and rollins court in where two cars slammed into one another. scattered debris all over the place. investigators aren't saying what caused the collision or how the victims are doing tonight. charles street hasin re-opened. breaking news in prince george's county. ave been shot to death near an apartment complex on 57th avenue. news 4's jackie bensen is at the scene. >> reporter: this section of 57th avenue where the shooting
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took placeuns right through a multi-ndred unit garden apartment complex. the honda sedan the victimsfoere d next to was still running when police had it towed away to be examined for evidence. it's not clear whether the men were inside the car when they were shot. aid.d they began first the fire department arrived shortly thereafter and also continued the first aid. they were transported by ambulance but had both succumbed to their injuries. >> reporter: the car was parked in a legal space on 57thvenue near the intersection with emerson street, about 100 yards from a s strip shopping center. although the shooting happened during a busy time of day, 5:00 p.m., foot traffic on the street was light due to the bitter cold. we need any witnesses to come ngrward, anyone who saw something, heard s, could be important as well. if they know of any activity that was going on at the me. >> reporter: there do not appear to be any security cameras at the spot where the shooting took
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place. jackie bens>, news 4. breaking tonight, after eviewing hundreds of hours o surveillance video, chicago police are releasing some new evidence in that alleged attack against "empire" actor jussie smollett. leon harris is following the developments from our live desk. you learning? >> well, jim, it's a possible break in the case. can now show you surveillance images police are calling people of interest. detectives want to talk with the two shadowy individuals walking down the sidewalk. they want to know if they were involved in the incident or possibly may have witnessed it. officers have revied surveillance of smollett walking to a downtown chicago apartment early tuesday but none of that video showed the they've also examined hundreds of hours of surveillance frombu nesses and hotels in the area. b smollett who, the way, is maskednd gay, says two
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men beat him and hurled insults at him. the police say they threw an unknown chemical substance on him andou put a rope his nebraska. quote, this is maga country, unquote, before running away. police are now treating this a ca a possible hate crime. doreen, back to you. >>n, lhank you. later this week, the lone person convicted in the high-profile d.c. mansion murders case will learn if he'll ever get out of prison. prosecutors say daron wint deserves four liveentences without the possibility of parole. erika gonzalez has chilling new details in a sentencing memo filed by prosecutors. >> reporter: in this 17-page document, prosecutors spell out exactly why they are asking the judge to throw the book wint. the prosecution starts by saying it was wint's greed that drove him to kidnapping and holding this family and their
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housekeeperer figueroa hostage in may of 2015 for more than 24 hours. then beating and stabbing the victims to death,eaving behind what one family member derived as a graveyard. this paperwork outlines various examples dating back to 2005 of how wint was physically it aggressive his own family members, quote, stabbing them on ltipleoccasions, it reads. prosecutors say wint thought he was smarter than everyone in the room and had been practicing hin story, t it out on other listeners,ng obtai feedback and tweaking it as he obtained additionaliscovery from the government. that included versions where he pointed the finger at his own brothers. one of the more chilling detaild we r was how wint apparently inmate about ther killing the family, calling savas weak. prosutors say because of the nature of the crime and what they call wint's lack of empathy thateseves to, quote, hear the words repeated over and ove,
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ag life without the possibility of release, unquote. megan fitzgerald, who covered the case from the very beginning, is going to be in the courtroom as wint is sentenced. thatill be on friday. in the newsroom, i'm erika gonzalez, news 4. by tomorrow, most of the federal workers furloughed during the partial shutdown should have their full back pay. during the shutdown, congress passed legislagon guarantee them money. the federal workers missed two paychecks during that 5-day showdown. now the rush is on to prevent another shutdown. today houseemocrats rolled out a border secuty plan that does not include a dime for president trump's border wall. but the democratic offer is just a starting point, and talks betweehe house and senate. the plan includes new cash for customs agent and aircraft and boats to police the border. border barriers are part of the negotiations with the g there is a sense of urgency because government funding
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expires february 15th. next on nts 4 11:00, the backlash over a proposed irginia isill in growing and grabbing national attention. >> for legislatorstio be s there and using semantics and confusing people and really riling people up is really in nobody best interest. >> new tonight, why some of the country's most powerful republicans are cticizing rginia's governor. plus, protecting your pets when the temperature takes a nose dive to dangerous levels. yeah, absolutely. definitely protect those pets. right now, guy take a look at this map. let's all go to virginia beach. i imean,s at least 14 degrees there. these wind chills incredible. 23 below. 4 below in d.c. by next week, the temperature will fee70 degrees warmer. we'll talk about it.
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mileons of peo all over the country dealing with brutally cold temperatures righe now. e in weather alert tonight and through the morning. doug's full forecastus in minutes. doreen? new at 11:00, powerful republicans includi the president are calling out virginia governor ralph northam. they're criticizing his commentt today a failed bill that would have loosened restrictions on late-termboions in virginia. anti-abortion advocates seizedn monday o video of fairfax county delegate kathy tran.
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she answered y when a fellow delegate asked if her bill would allow an abortio when a woman was dilating and ready to give birth. third trimest abortions are allowed in virginia. the law right now requires consultation wit three doctors who determine the woman could die and her heah couldn't be repaired. tran's bill would require one doctor to sign off, among other changes. today our julie carey askedrn go northam about tran's statement. explained late-term abortions are performed only in cases ofr ser life-threatening birth defects. >> this is why, julie, m legislatort of them are men, by the way, shouldn't be she should man what and shouldn't be doing with her body. >> tonight, florida senator marco rubio and the chairwoman of the republican national committee took to twitter accusing northam supporting the killing of newbornen babies.
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pres donald trump told "the daily caller" that northam's comment otwas, terrible. northam tweeted tonight, "i have devoted my life to caring for children and any insinuation otherwise ishameful and disgusting". protesters rushed the e delegation in d.c. not once, but twice today first a dramatic scene outside the willard hotel. the secret service pushing that woman to the ground today. this happened after protesters ran toward the delegation and their suv. later in the day, near thehite house at 17th street, a protester went after that s e motorcade. the secret service says that protester was arrested for jumping in front of the motorcade and blocking traffic. the delegation's in town for trade talks. news 4 is working for your health with and expan recall you need to know about to keep your family safe. there are worries that an infant liquid pain reliever could
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contain dangerously high conadministrationsf ibuprofen. sold over the counter at cvs, walmart and family dollar stores. we have all the information in r nbc washington app. go to it and search "ibuprofen." a robber is targeting cvs stores, treating them like his personal atm. >> it's all bnin hap in montgomery county. he's been committing these crimes on sundays since october. now surveillance video here shows him forcing employe into the office using a gun. police believe he's robbing the stores on sundays because store saves are full at that time. he doesn't even bother trying to disguise himself. call police if you recognize him. as the temperature drops tonight, don't forget about your pets. >> yeah, and don't assum your pets' fur coat can handle this cold because it v can bey dangerous for them, too.
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>> freezing temperatures, even without any of precipitation, can be absolutely deadly. >> make sure they're also bundled up if you tak them outside for even just a few minutes. and if you happen to see a stray animal out, contact animal control immediately. turning right back around for the doorike that today. >> i think mine too. it is awfully cold out there and it doesn't take long to develop real problems these kinds of temperatures. >> no, it reall doesn't. this is some serious cold. somebody asked me, well, didn't we he some of this last year? yeah, we get this in january. when we talk g abouterational cold, that's what we're talking about for chicago. when we're talking about 50 below zero for chicago. that's really amazing. we get this once every couple of years. our wind chills tonight will be about 10 to 15 degrees below zero in some locations. that's something we saw last in 20 although last year our coldest day in d.c., 8 degrees. i think we're going to get there
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again tonight. look at the numbers outside right now. current temperature, very cold. again, continuing to be on the cold side. that current number sitting at 13. only got to drop a few more to get down to as cold as we wer last year. winds out of the northwest at 17 miles an hour. that's been the billing factor, the wind. gusting upwards offer 40 to 50 miles an hourda 4 below in hagerstown. look at this, i7 below garrett county. yeah, if you're thinking about going skiing, not the best time to be doing that. as we look towards what's happening, c rar skiesht now for the most part. that's going to help t temperaturcool. look what's happening. the jet stream coming way down from canada. this air mass act lly came across the arctic, down through canada andr down towards ou region. even some snow showers south of st. louis. these will make their w down to the south as well. in behind it, well, we just stay on the cold se. i mentioned minus 50. 50 degrees below zero in international falls.
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35 below zero in chicago. 23 below in cleveland and 4 below in d.c. an incredibly cold night tonight. wind chill advisory in effect. started at 9:00, goes all the way until 10:00 tomorrow morning. again, a good m ideay of the schools either closed or were delayed. this is why. again, look at these temperatures overnight tonight. here we are at minus 6, minus 3 in d.c. look where we are tomorrow morning. lden . 7 below, d.c., 14 below possible in frederick, even during the day around noon, 1:00, we don't get that much warmer. 3 degrees in d.c. thearm spot. fredericksburg coming in at 10 tomorrow afternoon. weather alert tomorrow. 30% chance of snow showers on of ay with the temperature 32. then look at this. look at this nice warm-up. saturday, 48. 56 degrees on sunday. ce and mil and then, guys it gets reallyrm we're talking 60s in here. >> wow. >> on tuesday and wednesday.
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a chance for rain. couple of days there. we're all talking about the warmer air. but if you like the cold air. >> yeah? >> there are a lot of things you can d i whent's this cold. take a look at this. go ahead and get your pants nice andet and then just stand them up, just stand them up in your front yard. this is a hashtag with the frozen pants, people doing this l ove parts of the northwest. this will be a possibility for us, too. youant to freeze your pants off? that's how youan do it. >> you have to soak them first. >> and don't be in them. >> no. definitely not. >> thank you, doug. coming up, the wizards come home and get back on track. >> sports next. but fst, here is jimmy fallon. hey, keenan thompson is my guest tonight. plus we have music from luis. it's a great show.
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oh, here we go. geico. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance. this is the xfinity sports desk. >> wizards rose to the occasion. nice whenit they can d at home, too. >> kind of like a whiplash,wa hing the wizards the last
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two days, but nothing really snaps you out of a losing slump like beating one of the best t teams in nba. just last night washington lost to one of the worst teams in the league then night, less than 24 hours later, they beat the pacers. we are getting ready for next week's chinese new years at the wizards game and a pretty cool scene there. at the game, first szards up by eight. bradley bealwing off the handle stop. off the glass andal in. ith nice moves to set this one up. sezards starting to pull away. in the nd, pacers trying to get back in it but wizards jeff green's miss is s dekker's gain. wizards bench had 58 points. f greenn the quarter, j setting up more. with the nice pass to cutting bradley beal. he slams it home. game-high 25 points for beal. wizards win it 107-89. a now dow level, george washington hosti fordham at the smith center.
11:26 pm
first half, gw up two and they come away with the steal. marching down the court, throwing it down t nre. aice finish by nolan. he hadive points. four.ding by and later in the half, gw on the move again. d.j. williams with the pretty spin move. a little contact, gets the bucket and foul. game-high 30 for him. george washington wins it 79-61. and 12th ranked virginia tech on the road visiting miami. yes, the u. hokies taking advantage of miami's mistakes in the second half. alexander walker coming away with the steal and takes it all the way f thelam. alexander-walker led the way with a season-high 25 points. and very next play, virginia tech forcing another turnover. this time is justin robinson who gets the bucket. he has 17 points. 12th ranked virginia techeats miami 82-70. nnow, commissioner roger
11:27 pm
goodell giving his annual state f the league address down in atlanta. among the things talked about outside of super bowl liii, the matchup that could have been. tten days later commissioner talking about the missed call right here in the nfc ampionship game which cost the saints a chance at the super bowl. goodell saying that the refs did not get it right,ut said they're humans and they make mistakes. saints head coach sean payton still processing the loss the besteay knows how. >> i didn't come out of my room. i ate jenny's ice cream and watched netflix for three straht days. >> yeah, sean payton just like us. sometimes you need to take a litt shot. so many on social media suggesti suggesting payton's undershoot resemble this barstool sports goodell clown shirt. so was payton mocking the commissioner? let's put it to the test. the top match the shirt for his
11:28 pm
undershirt. guess as the old saying goes, ia the shirt fiti right? >> that's interesting. >> yeah. >> he's saltyre and t is no shame in that. >> he should be. >> exactly. the saints should be in the super bowl right now. there. l right. >> investigative journalism. >> thank you.
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