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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 31, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>>. four major fires witmp atures in the single digits. we've got updates on those fires including the death of one of the victims. and we continue to be in storm team 4 weather alert mode with feels like temperatures in the single digits and teens, even wind chill temperatures below zero, so when to we warm up p tracking 60s on the 10-day forecast. i'll have the latest comin up. and today most federal workers who were furloughed during the shutdown are getting their full back pay. 'll have more on that and the effort to prevent another shutdown. announcer: "news4 midday"
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starts now. >> good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm pat lawson muse. >> i erika gonzalez. this morning most of us woke up to tempetures in the single digits. sun is out now but it has done very little to warm us up. >> storm team 4 has bee alerting us all week about this dangerous weather. meteorologist amelia draper i starting us off right now. are we over the worst of it? >> we arever the dangerously cold air for most of us, but check it out. the national weather service hae ed this for upper montgomery. this advisory will be in erect another hour or so. temperatures this morning starting off in the single digits in the suburbs. 10 for a low in washington. it was brutal out there this mornoug. dangy cold. when you have a wind chill temperature of 10 to 15 degrees below zero which we did see,an
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frostbite happen in 30 minutes. it's feeling like 19 degrees out there. winds out of the west at miles an hour. other wind chill temperatures across the area coming in at 5 below zero in hagerstown and 3 below zero in manassas another cold night tonight. noi'll let you what you can expect tonight for the kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning at 11:20. let's show you this. this was the temperature at the dupont circle metro station jusr 8 deees at 5:00 a.m. news4 stopped by a home depot last night and the items were flying off the shelf like the ice melt, for instance. this storm had to call for emergency shipment because it just couldn't keep it in stock and the store soldf out space heaters as well. d.c. has opened up warmingor shelters fhe homeless and everybody is bundling up.
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>> how cold are you feeling right now? >> really cold. how many layers? your mouth is covered. >> two, three and my coat, six.e >> rep are you still cold with six layers?>> cold. >> today as you -- even thear ds e bundled up. ak as you precautions to keep yourself safe and warm, don't forget about your pets. don't assume that your pets fur coat can handlhe frigid temperatures we're expecting. if you got something extra, please put them on them as you tam the for walks to protect you both from the weather associated health risks. the cold made for bus and dangerous morning for firefighters braving the bitter temperatures to btle four different fires in the area. this one at home on westwood hills drive. three peopleere in the house but they got out okay. two were taken to the hospital for smokeinhalation. >> there was another big fire in
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fall church. megan mcgrath is live at the apartment building the what are we learning so far this morning?r: >> reportewell, they're still trying to figure out the cause. if you look behind me here, you can see the damage that was done here at the grand view apartments. these two units right here in the front completely gutted. so there'seally not much that can be salvaged here. fortunately, nobody wasurt in this fire but the extreme cold temperatures made it very difficult for firefighters. just 6 degre outside and this man has no coat, just a blanket around his shoulders. >> w came out without anything and we left everything in the apartment, but now they all burning. >> reporter:o coats, no hats, nothing, just the blanket. >> yes, just the blanket. >> reporter: an early morning fire at the grandview apartments in falls church forced people
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out of their homes and into the cold. many shiveringesidents took shelter in their car and watched as firefighters knocked down the flames. >> we grabbed our slippers, coats and stuff like that, i grabbed my keys and phones and we jus came out and directly to the car becauset's freezing. >> reporter: eight people were rescued from balnies and no one was hurt. for the firefighters it was a challenging morning with temperatures well below freezing. the water they use to put out the fire quickly turned to ice. >> spraying water in this kind of weather, it freezes very quickly. it slows things down for victims getting in and out of the building. erything has to slow down just anbit. >> reporter: you cee the icicles tmet have for on the railing here. the ground i'm standing on is a sheet of ice just still very, very cold out here.
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now 12 families were displaced or2 people wereisplaced as a result of this fire. they are working with the red cross to try and hook them up with housing and oth things at they're going to need to get through this. back to you. >> that's at th wor possible time. really hope they can get what they need, megan. thank you very much. there wasnother fire. this one in germantown. chopper 4 flew over this house. fire on emerald drive. a space heater started this blaze. as firefighters were trying to put it out,ne firefighter actually fell through the floor of the house. , thankfulll of the firefighters are fine. and the residents weren't injured but now they are without a home. a tragic update to an overnight house fire in maryland. the fire official says aan has died from his injuries. he was among five adults and two children pulled from the fire. we're told those children are just 5 and 3 years old. eare investigators are now working to lrn what may have caused the deadly fire and if
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the home had working fire alarms. we go to a developing story out of charles county, we are learning more details about this horrific crash involving five people including two young kids. chopper 4 was over the sne on charles street in laplatta and you can see the impact of the cr h. that had debris scattered all over the place. e buick crossed the center line and collided head-on with a nissan. everyone involved was flown to local trauma centers for treatment. we do not know theondition at this hour. a bizarre investigation underay in prince george's county. >> two men found shot to death next to a running car in ur bladen the car was towed away and is being examined for evidece. olice tell us it's not clear whether the men were inside the car when ty were shot. >> we need any witnesses to come forward, anyone who saw
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something, heard something could be important as well. >> police say there doesn't appear to be any security or don't appear to be any security cameras in the area where the acooting took so they want anyone who may have seenal anything unuo contact them. president wallace lowe is aying on at least one more year while the school searches for a n president. yesterday lowe tweeted this saying the board of regentsse disc having a smooth transition of leadership and they also agreed on a retirement date of june of 2020. if you remember here thatwaowe set to retire this summer after the fallout of the heatstroke death. yesterday theoard met in baltimore to discuss the iext stepthe search. >> these types of searches at flagship campuses and major research institutions often take up to a year or month. >> his dea led to major shake-up at the school including
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the firing of football coach d.j. durkin. this morning's frigid weather caused major delays for rail passengers. we'll have an update on the problems. ew information on tomorrow's sentencing of a man convicted ofy brutailling three members of a d.c. family and their housekeeper. to the prose are urging to ask for the strongest penalty possible. 'll talk about it xt. ne at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics
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leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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it is another weather alert day because of the extreme cold. here are the current windchills. most people woke up to temperatures in the single digits and tomorrow we could get a little snow. the weather's causing problems for rail passengers in the suitland area. metro was working on a broken rail. th forced some single tracking and all penn line trains were remarked because of three tingerent broken rails on
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am inside information from the fbi's ti russia investi and posting it on twitter. tracie potts reports. >>useporter: thece department is asking a federal judge to protectensitive information in the russia investigation after a twitter account taced to rus boasted, we've got access to the special counsel mueller's probe database as we hacked russian server. you ca view all the files mueller had about the ira and russian collusion. enjoy the reading. the ira internet research agency is one of 13 russians mueller social media si to influence the election. >> they're using this information to altering this information to really spread lies about the special counsel's office's investigation. >> reporter: it revealed some but not all of mueller's evidence. concord's owner has close tiesre to russiandent vladimir putin. the company says they were never
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hacked but prosecutors revealed in court wednesday that at least one person has admitted stealing the documents. >> they n do want this investigation to proceed, because wn this investigation concludes and there is a report, it's going to be andantly clear what the russian haves done and who collaborated with the russians. , in congress, need to make sure we're doing everything to ensure the credibility of the mueller investigation. >> reporter: givmu the leak, ler is now asking a federal murt for permission not to share thet sensitive evidence with the russian defessants. and 's take on all this, even though people from russia it, have been wrapped up in it doesn't necessarily mean that the russian goverent is responsible. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. on capitol hill a bipartisan group of lawmakers is working to prevent another shutdownts house democ rolled out a border security plan that does not include money for president trump's border wall.
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the democrats offer is just a starting point in thenalks betweehe house and senate. it includes new monies for customs agents, aircraft and boats to police the border. border barrierre part of the gop plan. there's a sense of urgency because goverent funding runs out february 15th. check your bank account.os today furloughed federal workers should have their full back congress passed legislation during the partial shutdown guy.anteeing mo more than 800,000 federal workers missed two checks during the 35 day long shdown. maryland governor larry hogan is proposing $500 million inax cuts in his state of the state address yesterday, the republican governor says hisil plan help retirees as well as college graduates with crippling student loans. it also gives incentives for l paid paren leave. hogan also says his budget provides record high funding for schools as well as spending for public transit and roads.
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a news4 i-team investigation revealed there was a fast rising numberng of people b busted for human trafficking. it's a crime tt sellsex with minors. our scott macfarlanels one of the new cases happened just blocks from the white house. w >> reporte all know trafficking is happening and we've seen some cases recently but a news4 i-team analysis of internal justice department records shows a spiking cases over a two year span, a 20% increase in major investigations more than 300 a yea cases so large, they required the fbi to intervene, including a series of case in our region along interstate 95. the news4 i-team obtained surveillce images. court records show they met her and groomed her inrince william county and trafficked her in hotels including one in the heart of d.c. just six
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blocks from the white house. where did t ase crimes occur where do the victims found? >> it runs the whole gamut. that's what's so scary about human trafficking. >> reporteig coming up t as part of our full investigation, why the feds think so many of these cases are happening in our warea? pl hear from a survivor who describes what the trauma lingers long aft the bad guys are put in prison. sc t macfarlane, news4 i-team. new developments in the tragic soting death of a st. louis police officer. prosecutors now believe police obstructed the investigation. authorities say the 24-year-old officer was fatally shot by another officer after a late night game of russian roulette that happened last week. the city prosecutor says drugs and alcohol may have been involved. circuit attorney also says her office wanted blood samples but that police only collected urine tests and results from a breathalyzer.
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the city's director of public safety maintains the officer's death was an accident. >> to suggest that an officer is engaged in any obstructionf >>nature -- officer . with hendron is charged the shooting. the lone person convicted in the high profile 2015 d.c. mansion murders case. here's a look at the chilling new details in this case. therosecution starts by saying it was greed that drove him to kidnapping and holding this family and their housekeeper hostage in may of 2015 for more than 24 hours. then beating and t stabbinghe victims to dea leavingehind what one family member described as a grave yard.
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this per work outlines various examples dating back to 2005 of how went was physically aggrsive with his own family members stabbing them on multiple occasions. nt thought he was smarter than everyone in the courtroom practicing his story trying it out on other listeners, obtaining feedback and tweaking it as he obtained additional from the government. that's where he pointed the finger at his own brothers. one of the most chilling details was how he apparently bragged to killing the family. prosecutors say because of the nature of the crime and what they call his lack of empathy that he deserves, to quote, hear the words repeated over and over again life without the possibility of release. oureghan fitzgerald who's been covering the case from the very beginning will be inside the courtroom as he is sentenced tomorrow. be sure to follow her on
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twither. a f and son in new hampshire are being called heroes. >> both jumpedn to actio and saved a young man after his jeep crashed head-on into a semi truck. a dash camera caught sam his jeep swerving into the opposite lamlamming into the truck, the car explodes into flames, the ther and son in the car with theea dash camrly crashed into the wrecklve them. they recovered and immediately helped pull sam out of the car. sam who was headed to college suffered some burns and a brain oljury, but we are that he's expected to make a full recovery. >> incredible. incredible. a man who has served his community for more than 40 years retiring. pat collins sits down for a candid w conversationh the police chief. the extreme weather has turned deadly. st at light people have died including a college student. we'll have more on th dangerous conditions coming up after the break.
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of american including us here in the d.c./metro area facing another day of brutal cold. if you look right here, we're showg you the windchills right now. >> the dangerous temperatures are canceling schoolor and and flights in some parts of the country. >> dylan dreyer reports on the polar vortex. >> reporr: this morning, a massive deep freeze wreaking havoc on mostf the country. more than 230 million people battling temperatures below freezing wednesday. in the midwest, minneapolis saw its coldest morning since 1996, 60 degrees below zero with wind chill. >> its brutal. >> reporter: in chicago the polar vortex crippling planes, trains and waterways, halting air travel. the freezing temperatures forcing fires on the rails, flames seen sprouting from train tracks after officials from
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chicago's metro commuter rail system beganesetting the fir to keep the system moving. the subzero temperatures turning a university of iowa student died after police found him behind an academic hall on campus wednesday morning. the wind chill, a biting 51 degrees below zero at the time. officials say they believed the cldontributed to his death. the frigid air mass moving east extending its icy grip to cities like new york and boston. both experiencing windchills as cold as minus 10 to minus 20, but relief is on the way for millions of residents naticawide. foers saying this cold snap is expected to end by this weekend. dylan dreyer, nbc news. >> that's good news that -- we still t to get few a few more hours. >> we do. a wind chill advisory remains in effect but that being said, it is still frigid out there for your afternoons. ho
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overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, i'm going to show you the feels like o temperaturer the next few days coming up. here's how cold it's fling out there right now. feeling about 7 in leesburg, 19 at the patuxent river. tt ly cold out there today. still cold tomorrow. not as bad and then we have light snow showers out there tomorrow. we could see about a coating to maybe an inch in some areas, not everybody. s saying it'll be hit and miss. that does sets us up for a really nice weekend, both saturday and nday. re is this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. look at the wind chill temperatures out there. feeling about 6 in washington, 2 below in frederick and 5 below hagerstown. we'll be tracking feels like temperatures in the single digits and teens for the most part and overnight tonight, we see hour temperatures tumble once again. or so tw morning, the kids waiting for the school bus dealing with wind chill temperatures in the single digits feeling about degrees
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in fauquier county as well as culpeper city. as h wed into the midday hours, we're tracking scattered snow showers and still dealing with wind chill temperatures in the single digits. so today, not only do you need the warmest coat, the gloves, the scarf and hat but you'll need that tomorrow as well. tomorrow night we haveind chill temperatures in the teens and low 20s. gh issay ttomoodrrow, the forec for tomorrow, a high rig around 30 degrees with some scattered snow showers and a coating to around an inch potentially in the forecast as we looko tomorrow. now again today it is all about that bitterly cold air out there. i'm going to be walking you through future wther tomorrow hour by hour letting you know what you can expect with the snow, the latestimingoming up in about 15 minutes, ladies. >> all right. thanks amelia. new surveillance images released, why police are calling the two men persons of interests in the attack on an actor. andis thi an airport parking lot.
11:26 am
fire ripping through it early inisany mo rnveg.hicles were destroyed in .
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announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." >> a lk atthis. people who may have booked trips to avoid the polar vortex have thisok could tom -- to forward to. you can see the flames just torching the vehicles there the fire crews have been there for hours trying to contain this huge plumes of smoke being seen there. so far no injuries have been reported and there's no word yet on what caused the fire in the first place. this polar vortex has freezing temperatures from the midwest to the northeast. >> and on the other side of the world, a little bittering heat. it's lighting up parts of australia. scientists are saying theserd rereaking temperatures are likely a result of climate
11:29 am
change. nbc's tom costello reports. >> reporter: acros the globe, the weather picture is one of fire and ice, bone numbing record cold in the midwest, fire and record ht in australia. ee 120 de and hotter this month. l wt that really means is that fires w uncontrollable. ey'll be fast moving. >> reporter: and d i don't't weather cycles after the deep freeze in the u.s. a 50 degree rebound in some cities within days. ard to believe when you're frozen like icicle. experts say that arctic blast is further evidence of climate change. in response to president trump's scepticism, the weather experts at noaa tweeting, winter storms don't prove that global warming isn'thappening. here's y. at the north pole scientists say the melting sea ice and temperatures have caused the walls of the jet stream to break open like a dam in places. that has allowed arctic air to esca rushing south into the midwest. >> not only is greenhouse gas
11:30 am
warming impacting the planet but its really beginning to kick in and its kicking in in the parts of the planets that are most sensitive in particulara arcti e regions and the arctic. >> reporter: all of us are feeling the affects. >> that was nbc's tom costello t reg. over the past decade, the u.s. has broken highemperature records twice as often as low temperature records. a scammer moving fake designer purses and shoes through dulles airport is stopped in her track. the virginia woman arrived to pick up ahipment that what was labeled shoes, bags, scarves. officers verified they were knock offs and seized the shipments. we're not surf the woman was charged. 90 items had a suggestai r price of over $129,000. we have new details this
11:31 am
morning in that possible hate crime attk on "empire" actor jussie smollett. released lice have surveillance images of individuals they are calling people of interest. e wo people are dressed in black so it's really hard discern their identities. police want to know if the two were involved in the attack or maybe they may have witnessed it. e officers h examined hundreds of hours of surveillance video but none of it actually shows tuesday's attack. d men tt says two mas nsat him and hurled racist and homophobic its at him. they threw some sort of chemical substance on him and put a rope around his neck. friends are rallying together to support a man shot at random on new year's day. alex morris has been bhospitalized sinceng struck in the head on kennedy street. he was walking to lunch when someude pull a gun during an
11:32 am
argument and started shooting. last night at union stage they held a benefits concert. >> you still have to pay rent. that's not going away. your bills are still there. and , we're doing everything we can. >> friends live streamed the event so that alex could watch from his hospital bed. p zackice have made an arrest shooting. thomas manning jer has been in law enforcement for more than 40 years serving as chief of police in two counties andge at thef 64 he's decide to go turn in his badge. pat collins sat down with montgomery county'sop to get his thoughts about some of the most controversial issues facing police today. >> being a p, you'veot a front row street to the greatest show on earth. i enjoyed being a police officer and i enjoyed that kind of work. reporter: a candid
11:33 am
conversation with jay thoma manger, retiring after as montgomery county police chief. before that he tshe fairfax county for six years. manger on policing today. >> so often the narrative and the national conversations about poli are being driven by those few cases around police have no the right side of justice, where police have not donehe right thing and for a lot of cops, i think we're being painted by that broad br that said, we shouldn't sit back and just complain and be martyrs. al that means is we've got to double downnd do our job the to be donepposed >> reporter: manger on pot laws. >> if you legalize that, you'll get 10% of the population that just falls off the deep end. dstead of just going home, you know, couples after work
11:34 am
and, you know, getting high in their house, they'll be while they're impaired, the world's going to revolve around when's the next time i can get high. >> reporter: manger on police body cameras. >> all these cameras have in montgomery county is just how tough this job is, how challenging the circumstances these cops respond to all the time and, you know, the few incidents we've gotten on video wherehe cops weren't doing right, shame on them. >> reporter: manger on the saddest days as chiefs. >> unfortunately, there were officers that were killed in the line of duty bothei was the chief in fairfax and a number of them here in montgomery county and they all have stayed with me and will never leave me. >> reporter: in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. guns will not be allowed inside rginia's churches if
11:35 am
governor ralph northam gets his way. the gun control measures, the governor sup this year, all failed in the general assembly. when somebody spotted a hole in the ground in south florida, they thought this was an ordinary sinkhole but on closer inspection, itd turut to be something entirely different. >> it sure did. leadingecret tunne straight to a nearby bank and now the hunt is on for some bank bandits. >> reporter: this morning the fbi in florida is digging for answers after discovering a tunnel leading to treasure. >> this is truly a unique case here. >> reporter: agents say a call to a road crew about a sinkhole led to atunnel at leas 50 yards long near the entrance in the woods, a pairf ots, a generator, a rope and a wagon of the tun leading right to a chase bank nearby.
11:36 am
>> even if you could get into the bank, isn't t vault the real problem? t i wan talk to them, yeah. these are great questions. >> reporter: people in the area shocked. >> it's czy to think about the mind behindit >> reporter: one woman calling it chapo style referencing el chapo, the mexican drug lord currently on trino k for his dang tunne escapes. authorities look but found nobody in the tunnel. the fbi says they believe more than one person had to be involved. it agent joking, whoever dug must be the size of an abnormally fat gopher since portions of the tunnel are only two feet wide but in the end size didn't matter. the fbi says, mother nature so sed thel with recent rain likely causing partf the tunnel to collapse, no longer ad to go a jackpot but a possible jail cell if they can find who did this. >> a truly unique front.
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it almost feels like there's no w to escape this polar vortex even for the folks who are trying extreme cold weather forced more than half of the flights at chicago's o'har airport this morning to cancel. in all the windy city has more than 1,600 cancelations $1,600 airports and here in our area, s.ight there are dozs of flight cancelati >> i just call amelia or lauren. what's goinge we coming in from south florida like those people arriving with flip-flops in the snow. >> and now this.
11:40 am
now people are trying to get out of here. the good news is, this is a brief stint of an arctic blast and it's going to be gone by the weekend. the weekend saturday and sunday actually looking really niceeg we february. i cannot believe this is the last day of january. rr tly our temperatures are in the teens, we have windchills mainly in the single digits feeling right now the temperature in gaithersburg at 16, 21 down in culpeper city. the sunshine definitely deceiving out there day. it is going to stay really cold. 26 it's for a high today of the our normal high now about 45 so we're runninglmost 20 degrees below normal with winds out of the west at 5 ton 15 miles hour. the winds not that strong but even a lot wind when it's this cold produces that brutal wind chill temperatures. tomorrow, there's some light i snow showethe forecast. scattered, not everybody's going to see snow, but some of us look to definitely see snow. this is 7:00 a.m.
11:41 am
atice some snow showers in northern virgini they could really be anywhere, so we could have some snow impacting that morning commute. by 9:00 a.m., future weather is putting snow showers in the c./metro area as we move toward the afternoon hours, still scattered snow shers out there, mainly up around the baltimore area, 5:00 p.m. we look to be mainly dry, still plenty of clouds out there and any chance for snow really diminishes later. if you have dinner plans out o friday, that morning commute could be impacted by the snow and another bitterly cold start. we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine both on saturday and sunday. we start off saturday at 25 degrees, 46 for a high s right on track there and then sunday we have a higre tempera of 53 degrees so compared today, feeling balmy out there on your sunday and it is looking completely dry both days c with td in the forecast today, we'll stay in weather alert mode for the afternoon hoursos we look next week,
11:42 am
look at the flip-flop in temperatures near 60 on monday, 64 on tuesday, 60 on wednesday, there are some chances for rain but, yeah, time to put away the gloves, the hat, the scarf, maybe pull out the shorts. >> pushingbi it a littl >> not so much. we've got information o two different recalls both are really popular products especially if you've got kids. and kfc ismi t up withs. cheeto
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do you pay attention to nutrition labels like the one behind me? the labels can help you determine how many calories that yo eat and counting those calories on an app or writing them down, sometimes help you lose some major pounds but going beyond that and monitoring microand macro nutrients and lead you to better health and a more sustainable diet for your
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lifetime. haley hernandez reports. >> reporter: it's right on everything fitness app out there. log your food to monitor your calories. the building blocks of your diet are protein, carbs and fat. all together they're called macro nutrients. combine them with micro trients like calcium, iron and zinc and there you have a well-balanced diet. >> if you're not focused on any of those things, you're going to miss the big picture. >> reporter: counting caloriese can l to weight loss, but if you're eating meals full of drinks or 100 calorie packaged foods, it doesn't mean you're healthy. order to get a well rounded diet that willro keepcessed carbs, sugar and sodium to a minimum and hit all your macro
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and micro goals, you have to eat whole foods. for example, if you're logging the micros and macrosd and fin you're consistently eating too much sugar but not enough potassium, swap your sweets for cantaloupe, bananas, raisiraisi you have to eat whole foods to get all of your potassium in, you have to eat whole foods. >> ifou're not sure where this next item fits in to that philosophy, kfc is testing this out. it's a new cheeto chicken sandwich. the company is testing its signature sandwich with cheetos. it'll be doused in a cheeto sauce. can you thinkef anything m nutritious? its available in select markets
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including richmond anoroanoke. >> word on how many calories are in that sandwich. ised to do dorito sandwiches and two pieces of whole wheat bread. nothing else. no meat or vegetables, just doritos. er i uand where that's going. i wouldn't eat it now at my age. >> nah. chicken nuggets are on your super bowl menu, you might want to check your freezer. tyson's food is recalling more than 36,000 pounds of their white meat panko chicken nuggets. some people said they found rubber pieces inside the od ts. the recall is a best if used by his of november 2019 of year. no reports of anybody getting sick. anoth major recall could affect how you keep your children safe. the drug maker says additional
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and costs can continue to rise if your pet needs prescription. consumer reports says before you buy the medsro directlythe vet shop around. >> you can also buy a lot of your pets medications fromla a re human pharmacy like cvs or walgreen's. >> rorter: although there are some that a number of the ones we prescpebe to , some pharmacies will give you the same discount onli pharmacies are another way you could save filling your pet's precipitation, but just make sure you're buying them from a safe site. >> there's something called the safe dot p pharmacygram that screens online pharmacy for both humans and pets and it makesha sure they're storing their medication correctly, dispensing it correctly and dispensing the right kinds of medications. >> reporter: like all medication, always follow the label's direction. if you have any questions about the medication, ask your veterinarian.
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super bowl liii is days away but the excitement is for some by that blown call from the nfc champnship game. nfl referees admitted they missed the pass interference call in the saints/rams game. they believe that robbed the saints of a super bowl game they deserved to be in. the commissioner spoke about at the state of the leag. >> i understand the importance of it to new orleans and to this franchise and to the nfl. it's a play that should be called. >> despite the controversy, the super bowl will go on. the patriots take on the rams in atlanta on sunday. we started showing you buzz worthy super bowl ads yesterday with the dor itsos commercial featuring the backstreet boys. today we have a few more. first up its michael bubel is bubbly sparkling water.
11:54 am
>> michael? >> yep. >> don't do that. >> in the commercial the singer makes it his job to correct the spelling and the pronunciation of the bubbly water. next up,e are talking about the m&ms. >> guys, stop touching me. >> okay, that's it. if you don't stop i will eat all of you alive right now. >> m&m's is promoting its new chocolate bar. she's driving home from a grocery store and as you can tell the arguing in the back street pushes her over the edge. >> ever get a football scholarship. people have made a lot of assumptions. >> but i've never been a big fan of assumptions. >> this year toyota is promoting its newest hybrid while celebrating girl power.
11:55 am
harris is a defensive back for the east los angeles college huskies. you can see those and many more commercials, of course, on super bowl sunday. >> bes part of the game for a lot of us. you've seen them the grocery store, the extreme couponer. afte watching them for while, you really start to wonder, can i do that? >> this morning, we're working for you. we sent molette greenut with two expert couponers, one huge shopping list and just 100 bucks to spend, so let's see how they did. >> reporter: just rang up all of howe groceries, okay, so did we do? first, let me show you the long list of groceries that we gave kirk and karen, this /b sistther act with ten members in the family, they know how to save. you're looking at that li okay. now, how did we do? when we run everything up it cost $134.58. we will added in their coupons, right, that brought us down to
11:56 am
$124.03 and then when you punch in the safeway app just for you, that took us down to $84.88. okay. so there's a whole list of tips that you guys gave us. ou planning trip. getting all of your things together, knowing where the sales are, getting coupons from the newspaper, downloading all seehe grocery store apps to where the sales are and maximizing your savings. give me one quick tip. >> you have to download your apps. all the groceryor , download them. >> and do not be brand or store specif >> do not be brand or store specific. >> all of those are great tips so you can save at the grocery ste right here at checkout. adrian, i got one last bag. yo than so much. we saved a lot today. back in to you. >> thank you s very much. we're talking polar vortex, extreme cold today. let's send back over toam ia. >> we'll only have wind chill
11:57 am
temperatures in the single digits and teens we'lltay in weather alert mode this afternoon with a high around 26. tomorrow another bitterly cold start wit wind chill temperatures in the single digits and then some scattered snow showers around throughout the dayomorrow that could impact the morning commute so a heads up there with the high right around 32 as far as the amounts go, it's not looking like a lot. doug will have much more on that coming up. thas "news4 midday. thank you for joining us. we're back on the t airs afternoon first at 4:00. >> you can get news and updates any time with our nbc washington ap have a greay. >> stay warm. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on athe three what? remember the three p's.
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and this plan has a guaranteed lifetime rate lock, so your rate can never go up for any reason. and with this plan, you can pick your payment date, you can time your premium due date to work with your dget. options start at $9.95 a month, neus, you get a 30-day back guarantee. so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner,s and it's yust for calling. so call now.
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we're le in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ >> all right! ladies and gentlemen, it's tori spelling! >> oh, the unicorn unveiled last night on "the maskedinger." ken jeong got it right. welcome to "access live." clu littlese crazy. i don't get any ofhat. >> first of all, the show is a hugehi


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