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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 1, 2019 4:00pm-4:51pm EST

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president. the democrat announced his bid today. >> people in america are losing faith that this nation will work for them. they're beginning to believe that tooany folks are going to get left out. i'm running for president because i want to address these issues. >> this morning booker released this campaign video and launched a new website. he'll campaign in iowa next week. meanwhile, president trump appears to be setting the stage for declaring a national emergency in order to fund his border wall. during a meeting the president said he doesn't believe the democrats will give him what he wants during the conessional negotiations. he said he won't accept any deal that doesn't have funding for his wall and heriticized house eaker nancy pelosi and the democrats. >> because i could see we're he getting n with the democrats we're not going to get anywhere with them. it's going to be af part their campaign, but i don't think it's good politically. i think n scy pelosiuld be ashamed of herself because she is hurting a lot of people. i think the democrats should be
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ashamed of themselves. >> many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle questioned whether declaring a national emergency is a good idea. congress has until february 15th to try to come up with a deal on the border security issue. the border wall bringing debate to added ceainty to federal contractors. they're fearful of another shutdown. david culver takes us to an emotional round table where those workers ventedheir financial stretches. >> reporter: when we first met fred picket he was at home watching tv, surfing the internet for 35 days. what do you miss most about not being at work? >> i miss serving the public, my daily routine. >> reporter: the shutdown over, fred is back at work, working in this mail room job at the epa. >> good to see my coworkers and my supervisors and my customers.
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>> reporter: but the shutdown still looms as contractors, fred and the others, gathered at this round table, will not get back pay. >> i couldn't pay my rent. she didn't go to school. >> reporter:arbara mitchell choking up describing her financial burden. >> i'm glad to be back at work. >> reporter: the shutdown's impact on our region's contractors has senator mark warnerproposing legislation. >> we make sure first of all we try to guaraee no shutdowns in the future but if there were to be a shutdown these contractor workers get >> civil service, the federal government they can get paid and we can't. that's not fair because it'sn putting a strain on other people. >> it's frustrating because we serve the government, we should be equal treatment, get back pay as well. >> reporter: contractors hoping the bill gets traction before the next possible shutdown. david culver news4. our consumer unit the
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working to get you ready in case of anothsh down. >> susan hogan is joining us next with four tips to help you build your emergency fund. then halftime heat,bo super acts defending their performances before taking the stage. both sidesf the controversy and what to watch for this weekend. and thenow is starting to clear out for some of us. here's a live look at the rar. doug is back with what's
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s b we'rek now with a look at the current temperatures in your neighborhood. doug says by this time tomorrow those numbers are gng to double. and that's good news for david culver and shomari stone, who are doing this again. this wasast year's polar plunge. they'll be at the y navyd tomorrow afternoon, jump time is 2:00. you can catch them hopping intol icedd pools tomorrow at nats' park. >> not for the faint of heart. >> it's not. apple said it fixed the bug that allowed people to ease drop onther people's phone. they're releasing a new software update next week thathe fixes bug. apple is also reportedly delving deeper into augmented
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reality. the new i phones in store have 3d cameras that capture images within feet of the phone. new powerfulas cam would work up to 15 feet from the device. >> reporter: i'm scott macfarlane following breaking news out of prince george's county, police found a shooting victim inside a car. they responded to the 1500 block of deal drive. the man died at the scene. we have a crewead to the scene. a live report when they get there. do you have an emergency phone? you don't, you're not alone. >> a study found most americans lack a rainy day fund. susan hogan iorking for you with important tips how to survive a financial disaster.
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>> call it an emergency fund o rainy day fund, you need it. the recent government shutdown as you heard, it has underscored the importance of a basic financial planning tool, you need a rainy day fund or emergency fund to cover expenses. so try right now to start saving $1,000 right fay. here ar things you can do to build this savings set a timetable. give yourself a deadline to build yourainy day fund. don't give yourself too long. this is g yng to ber priority now. find a place to stash your cash, either a savings or money market account, so i earns funds for you. stop spending periy. cash you would use on coffee, dinners iout, take and put it out of site out of mind. if y c have creditd debt, pay the minimum until you have
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the $1,000 in the bank the bottom line is never to use the credit cards in a crisis. if youip into the emergency fund for that emergency, go back to step one andollow through step four to replenish it for the next .cris i just went through this. it's all about just taking this -- making this a priority. setting the goal at $1,000 for now. a lot of financial experts say three to six months of expenses is wha h you shoulde in the bank. that's overwhelming for so many people. no one has that. >> but $1,000 is an emergency fund. >> it's a good place to start. >> nice goal. >> yes. >> but it takesraicing the pain ofself-denial, which is difficult for people. >> a lot of people have been in those circumstaes already, so i think maybe this time try different things. >> i think it was a wakeup call for a lot oop . >> hopefully we don't have to get there again. >> this is for
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tur to the weather. doug are we done with that for the white stuff, the snow. >> for now. >> just the gli er in theeye, the smirk is not cementing that for me. >> this was a pretty snowfall, but an overachieving clipper that came through the area. we knew this would come through early thisti morning and immediately to some of the roads, that's why we had schools closed or cancelled this mornin also why we had early closures, which again -- anyway. i think you should have closed earlier today instead of early closures. but that's justme. we still have snow coming down in parts of montgomery county,r purples around gaithersburg, rockville. notice how ts is drifting back down across the belt way, back to d.c., we are not done with the snow yet. the widew showing the system coming through and it hept going across our region.
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2.2 inches is highest i've seen in the frederick, maryland area. d.c.1.1. ylinton, maryland .08. so that's rea what we saw. we predicted 1 to 2 inches not north, including frederick and hagerstown. 3 to 6 back towards the west. and a coating around d.c. but this is what wegot. i should have extended this farther south, brought this down, too. this is what i was hoping for. i wanted to see it at my house. i wanted 2 inches at my house and that's what we got. we did see that come down just a little bit farther to the south, about 30 miles or so. we saw some snow around frederic burg andwaldorf, but not a lot. we did a pretty goodob on this, but should have brought that down a little bit more. because of that the weather advisory continues until 5:00 in
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montgomery county, anne arundel county, and loudon county. i wouled't be surprf they extended it till 6:00 because we're stilleeing snows in parts of the region. right nowt 8 miles an hour. look at these temperatures. 18 in hagerstown, 21 in gaithersburg, so now that the sun is making its way wn, everything is going to freeze again. the sun does help, even though it'sylo a sudynd clear. this evening, watch out we are going to seeome roads become ice again. so what is wet will become ice. lots of slick spots again through thers morning h but warmer again tomorrow and a lot of melting. look at this, guys. there are no more negatives. last couple days, 30 w,be0 below, 50 by low. the coldest is zero in buffalo. but 56 in raleigh, that warm air is close and comes our way tomorrow. tomorrow, 45 sunnd clouds much
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warmer and lots of melting. but we get into the 50s, 35 on sunday, looking great for super bowl. and 57 on monday. and 64 on tuesday. 6 what was the move again? >>on tuesday. oms, there's a couple more stormsg up in the ten day, but i'm not talking about that. 64 on tuesday. a local woman's path to citizenship slowed.hy >> she blames the government shutdown for the holdup. >> weet help through the process. process. plus top game day picks,re a
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game. maroon 5, gladys knight, who agreed to perform at the super bowl are facing criticism. >> which some people find surprising. someic mns refused to perform due to the nfl's treatment of collin kaepernick. >> kaepernick was made a free
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agent andas not been signed by any team. he's currently suing thenf >> joining us is jason fraley, live in the fresh. thank you for being here. >> good to see you. >> first off, adam levine, says he's in the wrong business if he cannot accept criticism. he's being urged to take a knee during the performance. should we expect him t ige? >> it's possible. it wouldn't be the first metime. er beyonce back in 2017, she came out when she did it when she had formation, that song come out, she wore the black lives matter poweroutfit. you don't think maroon 5 in the political mind. police brutality, espec against young unarmed african-amicans is a big subject. so you understand why certain
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artists p declined toform this year. and from epnick's side, he's better than the backups out there. andn the flip side you understand if you have others that would wish he protest a different way. i often wonder if maybe it wouldn't have been as bad if he kneeled from the start. in the beginning he sat on the bench and then kneeled. >> gladys knight had a classy response. she said she's experienced race schi ism as an african-american, but she's seeing it as an opportunity for her fans to see her ain. >> sheaid she's been fighting the civil war fights since she was little girl. i don't think it should be a one-size fits all. if cardi-b doesn't want to
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perform, that's her right. an if gladys knight wants to stand and sing the anthem, that's her right. if there's one thing we can rally around, it's we don't want tom brady to winag ain, right? >> wait a minute >> i've seen it in commercials. >> tom brady is going for his record sixth ring. it's his ninthime there, that's crazy. wanted to give a shoutout, a guy that went to my high school is on the rams,inlaying a them. go rams for me. >> all right. >> wtop entertainment editor jason fraley. sorting through confusion in one local woman's fight for citizenship, the hopeful fight forcitizenship. lingeringn see snow in parts of our area, doug is coming back witheather changes for the weekend. >> reporter: the primary roads in prince come a long way since this morning when it was icy.
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we're back at had: weather alert. >> it's been snowing most of the day, not quite done yet. the winter weather isovtarting to out as we look at storm team 4 radar. >> these are the curesnt temperatoutside, and doug says they are going to double tomorrow.
4:22 pm
doug, got a great weeked? ah >> yeah, we are going for a high of 45 tomorrow, so near double of what we saw yesterday. seeing the sno and cold temperatures in our region, look at the snow coming down, it's just about over south. but the general trend is moving to the south with this batch of sn leesburg, you're starting to pick it up. the darker purples here, over towards the gaithersburg area, these are coming down 270 down towards bethesda. if you look towar northern prince george's county we're starting to see the snow pick up again, mostl the light to moderate side again. wheaton reporting about 1.7 inches of snow around that ar. let's go to college park. tracee wilkins in college park with more on what they're seeing now and what we're expecting overnight tonight. >> reporter: right now we're looking at maybe about an inch
4:23 pm
of snow at college park. but off of route 1, you can see what it's lookingike on this primary road. it's not swet,shy, icy. but there is concern for the temperatures dropping and there being black ice. part of the reason they l decid to school out two hours early here. the brutal cold made the ginning of today's snowfall a little bit difficult to manage rock salt doesn't help in extreme temperatures so crews had to tackle this one as it came. o>> what did you thinkthe roads coming over? >> they're not in great shape. they're pretty icy. they laid down sand or something but they're not the best. >> reporter: primary and secondary roads were treated right away in prince george's county. neighborhoods were ickier. >> slip and slide a little bit. >> reporter: a few hours after school started, kids got a taste of snow day, prince george's county ha tw two-hour dismissal.
4:24 pm
>> parents question that decision. >> they should have called it last night. they knew the weather was coming. it makesense they want the kids to go home early, buses off theus roads at hour. but calling it at the last minute like this is hard for parents. >> reporter: i spoke to the schools by telephone a little bit ago. they were saying this was a difficult storm to predict. they couldn't pretreat because rock salt does not do well in these freezing temperatures. but the expectation was that the snow wouldn't be as much as problem as it was. as the roads deterrated they chose to close schools. they feel like they made the best choice. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. stay on top of constantly changing weather by downloadingg our nbc wasn app. you can get alerts when bad weather moves in. check the rad 24/7 open the
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app and search storm team 4. a woman refusing a couple letters in a couple days.e etter from citizenship and immigration services says they're canceling her natur naturalization ceremony. carla flores has her story. >> she haseen living in the u.s. for over two decades as a resident. over a year ago she applied to become an american citizen but said the process has been far from sy. >> i'm doing the right things, following the rules and can't get there. >> reporter: a couple days ago petra l received ater informing her they cancelled the ceny she was scheduled for on february 14th due to unforeseen circumstances. >> i didn't know i had an point and i didn't know it was cancelled. it was after the fact. i think the foreseeable circumstances was the government shutdown.
4:26 pm
if eporter: petra fears there's another shutdown in three weeks, her residency will expire. she said thatng get an explanation has been difficult via phone or through the agency's website. >> there should be more steps here saying they scheduled and unscheduled. >> reporter: we reached out t uscic and they issued us the following situation. while we can cannot comment on individual cases the field fice had a ceremony on jan 17th but it was not cancelled. the government shutdown did not affect the fee for service activities performed. they also told us they're revising their internal system to ensure satisfaction from all applican applicants. in the meantime we made sur a representative got in contact with petra and she is scheduled to become a u.s. citizen in march. carla flores, news4. tracking big changes in your forecast for the weekend. >> kind of a gray, chill night
4:27 pm
as we look live outver the district. but this isn't going to last. a local mother and daughter share their storyn hopes you'll step in to help. the local woman behind
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
if you haven't seen "black panther" yet, this weekend could be your chance to catch it for free in local theaters. the film is returning to
4:30 pm
theaters this week in honor of black history month. select amc theatresre screening the flick for free. disney says it hopes the screeningso continue inspire audiences. you mayw not kr name but you've probably seen her work. >> her name is ruth e. carter and she's responsible for the costumes on some iconic films. the most recent was for "black panther." she became interested in costume design in college. she got her hollywood break thanks to director spike lee who asked her to wk on his movie "school days". since then she's done costumes for "do the right thing," "the butler," "malcolm x" and a lot more, but her favorite yet is from "black panther."
4:31 pm
>> it was such aollaborative costume. there was like one layer that came , it was illustration, and then the next player, the bead work, and another lair, the leather work, the redas brought up and they're not in heels. >> carter's been nominated for three academy awards in her sareer. so if she wins thi year for "black panther," she'll be the first rican-american woman ever to win for costume design. leesburg is marking black history month like never before. visitors c see a special statue and display of martin luther king, jr. >> he has a gentle side and this real strength about him and i was tryingur to f out how do you portray that. ayin his left hand -- he as
4:32 pm
carried a speech, you know, his notes with him. and the clinching is just that strength and conviction i he's saying. >> that's beautiful.sp the y will remain athrough february. new at 4:00, one of america's greatest skiers ever is hanging up her boots and goggles. lindsey vonn is retiring. in aessage posted on social media today, quote, my body is screaming for me to stop and it's time for me to listen. her last competition takes place this weekend at the world championships. on the slopes she's won2 world cups. and she's the most -- that is the most of any female skier. >> incredible what she's been able to do. >> yeah. all right. if you don't like football and you don't like the super bowl ads, the best part of sup bowl sund may be the food. >> today, google released the most searched foods for every
4:33 pm
state leading up to the big game. here's a look at what's most searched for in ourrea. for d.c folks, the most popular food was pigs in a blanket. maryland it's pizza. in wt virginia and the state of virginia, buffalo chicken dip. >> that's standard. but if you're looking for more bizae dishes we talked about banana bread. new mexico has pea and pepper corn mash. indiana fried rice. iusneed some wings and queso. >> with some chips. >> yes, thatod would be coming up, how to help fill a iesperate need our community, and it's one you may not know about. >> patients can't wait. >> aaron gilchrist introduces us to a local mother and daughter shining a spotlight on the
4:34 pm
problem. snowfall rates up to about a half an inch an hour in parts aroundon mtgomery county and howard and howard and geico makes it easy to get help when you need it.
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with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, biy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. ohepduncan. stay up. no ss. i'm scott macfarlane at the
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live desk. breaking news. there's been a disturbing photo discovered and now spreading om the colle of medical schoolearbook of virginia governor ralph northam. this is from wavy, the persoee youn the white, a person in black face another person appears to be in a ku klux klan outfit. no word yet from ralph northam.
4:37 pm
we'r going to keep calling trying to get some reaction. we'll bring it to you as soons can. for now at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. pat and erika back to you. w hear it all the time. the country is dealing aith terrible blood shortage. please donate. >> the red cross came up short by more than 18,000 donations last year. toda we're taking you beyond the numbers. >> news4's aaron gilchrist introduces us to one young woman who saided donlood changed her life. >> reporter: being home for the weekend doesn't mean caitlyn adams gets a day off from school work. she has a social degree to earn. and doing any work these ds is a lot easier than ito used tbe. >> from one to ten, my normal pain scale was seven every day. >> caitlyn was born with sickle cell anemia. >> it could be achy or it could be likeam ar just hitting
4:38 pm
you constantly. or it can be like sharp pain. >> reporter: about a year ago she turned to aforesis, every month here body is trained by sickle cell free blood is transftran. transfus but the red cross says demand is outpacing availability. >> right now we have less than three day supply of blood. >> reporter: the red cross provides blood procts to more than 100 hospitals in our region. there's usually a decline in donations in the winter but the current downturn has been a problem since september. and the government shutdown meant 5,000 possible donations didn't happen last month. >> we need you to act now because patients need assistance rit now. patients can't wait until nexte we or next month. >> repter: the redross has
4:39 pm
been pounding the pavement to get the word out, knocking on l ors to tell anyone who w listen blood is bad needed. >> we are thapgful a blessed for people who donate blood. >> reporter: she remembers her daughter's lifetime of pain and time spent in e icu. and she thanks god every day for her life with donated blood. >> i'm glad caitlyn is dng better and she's ready to be out in the world on herown. >> reporter: aaron gilchrist news4. there are dozens of blood drives scheduled across our region right now. we put a link to the list in the nbc washington app. go there and search blood. doug isba . we are talking snow. but after this we get a nice d. week >> a nice winter weekend. >> i think tomorrow is going to be sunday is looking great. most of next week is nice. we have a couple storms moving in but they move to the west a pump in nice warm air.
4:40 pm
>> we deserve the break, don't you think? >> i think w do deserve the break. i know in the weather center we deserve the break. >> you need a break. >> we d need a break. absolutely. we're going to get one next week but it may be short lived. out there now, the snow comings down acr the area from d.c. to the north. montgomery county, howard, anne arundel county, prince george's. there's really no heavy snow, though. it's light toer me at the most. here it is, around gaithersburg andhe ba seeing some light snow. it's really prett as it falls. most of the main roads have been okay but now that the sun gone downe can see some slick spots so watch out for that. the system moving across, a alberta clipper, moves across quickly. but in between it still cold temperatures, 20 in rockville,
4:41 pm
this is the current wind chill, 14 c.11 camp springs. boy do we need a lineup.ia amvery once in a while today i would hear her go, friday, friday, friday. the weekend is looking good. >> the weekendngs loo great. and i have to admit i was saying that today. but it haseen such a busy weather week, we've been dealing with rain andw s and ice early in the week, cold air, and then toda snow throughout the entire day. look at the weekend, a complete 18 45tomorrow. right on track for a normal high this time of year, the first weekend in february. sunday we're warmer with a high of 53. someloudiness throughout the weekend. but it is looking completely dro from start finish. ouren is going to be enjoying forecasting her saturday and sunday. as we look at your weekend outlook, the weather having a low keimpact on your w. hit the slopes. it's the perfect wtkend to head
4:42 pm
or skiing, especially because the week is going to be so mild the resorts will have trouble making snow. outdoor exercise, comfortable for february. travel heading to those super bowl parties on sunday, no weather issuesutt all. checkur average high temperature and where we'll be the next few ys. our average high 44, 45, we are above normal not just the entire weekend but monday,y, tues wednesday, even through thursday and friday. an ov view of nextweek, talking about temperatures above normal. it's a dry start to the week. some rain chances and doug, we're keeping close eye on next weekend. we might bet busy n weekend. so enjoy the sunshine this we end. next weekend lauren may be doing double duty. we may have to work next weekend, too. look at what we've got. nice for saturday and sunday, monday and tuesday.
4:43 pm
tuesday 64, come on. losing the snow melt, melting snow will be out of here. 46 on wednesday, so we doco get er. thursday tracking this system with 47. up to 62, coulde warmer than that, on friday. and then we're storm watching again. is time frame really has us intrigued. a mix, rain, snow, what are we going tose ice? we'll be working double time er but we're going on vacation this week. >> so kind of you to volunteer your services for a weekend, doug kammerer. >> i do what i can. >> that was on live television, sir. >> make sure you get rested up. u're going to need that. >> exactly. ahead of ment growing the big game. >> talking about super bowl liii and we are live in atlanta next to check in on security prep before the game and what is different this year. first a look at what's new on news4 at 5:00. jim and wendy in the news room.
4:44 pm
>> it'shing we can relate to. a lot of people don't get enough sleep. >> i can d finitely. ah 5:00, doreen gentzler will join us. she's working for your health to anveal what we do to start sleeping better tonight. we'll have a story you'll only see here on news4, a fairfax county man who kidnapped and tortured a girl is about to be free. hy >> w he's being allowed to live just minutes from his victim's family. andyi what she's about that. of course we continue to work t breaking news. a photo from goveor northam's medical school yearbook showing a person in black face and one a person in black face and one dressed
4:45 pm
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getting into my dream home was humat what would she do without me? officially here. the excitement is the big game. >> fans have been flocking to atlant allweek. nbc's jay gray is in atlanta where the city is preparing for its closeup this weekend. hi, jay. >> reporter: hey, there.we e inside the nfl experience. finally super bowl weekend is here. we'll talk about what's going on here, but first let' get to the
4:48 pm
real business of what this super bowl is all about. an it is the patriots, favored by 2.5 right now. get this, as much as $6 billion expect to be wagered on this game talking about wagers, i've seen a few here inside the experience well today, because you can pass, you can catch, you can kick, you can run. and a lot of people, maybe betting little something on who's going to win the race. not here, though, we're in the kid zone, you can see what here. the kids running through in the big uniforms. anything that has anything to do with football is all right here, right now. >> so exciting! >> really nervous! >> reporter: it's super bowl weekend. and the fans are fired up. >> let's go patriots! >> i'm very excited. >> reporter: the field is set. >> having the super bowl is as big as it gets. we're thrilled to have it here in what i think is the best stadium around.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: the patriots? >> time to play the game and it's gng to be exciting come sunday. >> reporter: rams say they're ready. d this is what youream about to be on this stage. a couple days away, ready to play some football. >> reporter: for tens of prepands of fans, pregam means gearing up, as theyace into the weekend. fun and games before the game. while thousands ofm officers f more than 50 agencies keep watch over the festivities. >> i feel it's going to be a safe event. everyone should come down and have a great time. >> reporter: keeping things safe so the focus can stay on football and fun now tens of thousandsd expec here today. over 100,000 before it's said and done. it should be a fun weekend in atlanta. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. only on news4t 5:00, victimized again. >> this is unreal. this is something that should not ever have happened.
4:50 pm
>> her story made headlines when she was tortured and held against her will. now her captu a is little too close for comfort. life sentence. >> there's n rorse in his mind. >> the victim's family in thema ion murders delivers a message to the killer. and working for >>you. it should be an e easier process for tenants. >>elief for renters after the i team started digging into mold complaints. and doreen gentzler reveals what you can do to start sleeping better tonight. we begin this friday evening with some breaking news. it is an explosive photo from the page of the virginia governor's medical school yearbook. it shows a man wearing black face next to another person in a kkk robe. >> this photograph surfaced today and now eveone is pressing the governor for an
4:51 pm
explanation. news4's erika gonzalez is following developments from our li desk. what's the late snes. >> we've been trying to get answers from the governor. the "the washington post" says the photo is from h medical yearbook page. he went to eastern medical 'rhool. this is what putting up. the disturbing image is o a page with other photos of noham. as you c see, the page is labeled with his name. the pictures of himnclude one with him in casual clothes that you see on the left-hand side of the screen, and then on the far right, the website originally posted the picture this afternoon. they'reow demanding he respond to the photos. you can see somebody in black ce and another person wearing a kkk hood. we're going to continuell to the story and let you know as soon as the governor reacts to


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