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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 4, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EST

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and there it is. the dynasty continues! >> yeah, sixth time thecharm. tom brady and the patriots make oning the rams to win the co lowestring super bowl ever. the highs and lows from the big game. controversy in the commonwealth. virginia's governor und over a racist photo from a college yearbook. his responseo the growing calls for his resignation. the real-world threat of online imes. how hackers put an entire pennsylvania town at risk.ou y get a shot, you get a shot. the queen of dayme tv gives fans a night they'll never forget. "early today" starts right now. good monday morning. i'm marlie hall. >> i'm richard lulu wee.
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thepa iots' dynasty lives on thanks to a defensive showcase against the rams iner s bowl liii. quarterback tom brady cemented his legacy as the greatest of all-time, becomingst the fir nfl player in htory to ever win six championships. but the night did not start so well for him >> brady's pass -- it's intercepted! it's picked off on his first throw by littleton. >> yeah, that was his first pass, picd off. but jared goff and the l.a. offense failed to capitalize on that big rnover, which quickly turned into the theme of the game. both teams' defense played lights-out. pats finally got on the board in the second to take a 3-0 lead going into the thhalf. rams tied it up with a 53-yarder in the third. for the first time ever, a super bowl went into the fourth quarter with zero touchdowns. >> first and goal. running it for the touchdown --
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sony michel! >> but then the pats found the end zone with a 69-yar drive by brady and company capped off with that touchdown from michel. new england's defense continued to smother the rams. just over a c minute on thelock, another three-pointer. that seals the deal. pats win their sixth super bowl in franchise history13-3. pats' wide receiver julian edelman took mvp as the hottest offensive player in the lowest-scoring super bowl of all-time. >> trying to go out and try to win ball games and help the team. it's pretty surreal. and tough times don't last, tough people do. >> edelm summed it up best saying, it was not pretty but he'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day. virginia's governor faces a growing chorus callingis for resignation this morning. democrat ralph northam admits he wore blackface and that his medical school yearbook page features at racis picture. the photo shows one person
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wearing blackface and the other dressed up as a member of the ku klux klan. but the governor now says it's notim in the picture, and he won't quit. nbc's tracie potts joins us live now from d.c. with the latest on the backlash. northam has so far rejected calls to >> exactly, but then we got word overnight, marlie, that he had urgent staff meeting, particularly with staffmembers of color, to talk about this situation after his shifting explanations. remember initially he apologized, and then he came out er the weekend and said it wasn't him in the photo even heough it does appear on his page. ave explanations about how these photos sometimes can get mixed up in yearbooks. he did, however, discount the picture, but admitted that he has used blackface before. >> i am not and will not excuse th content of the photo. it was offensive, racist, and
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despicable. that same year, i didic paate in a dance contest in san antonio in which darkened my face as part of a chael jacksoncostume. i look back now and regret that i dier not uand the harmful legacy of an action like that. >> reporter: there are democrats and republicans, ifact, a lot of democrats calling on northam to step down, to resign. as you hear, he has said so far that he will thnot. congressional black caucus says he's lost his authority to lead. marlie? >> all right, tracie, thank you. it's not just fireworks in politics making headlines this morning. while defense stole the show at the super bowl, presideo trump hadroblem going on offense in his pregame speech. he slammed democrats and threated to shut down the government again if he does not get funding for the border wall. nbc's jennifer johnson has more from a speech that could what to expect during tomorrow night's state of the union.
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>> because we' doing great job. >> reporter: president trump in a new super bowl sunday cbn interview agreatening to shut down the government if he doesn't get funding for his border wall. >> we're going to have to see what happens on february 15th. >> you're not taking it off the table? don't take anything off the table. i don't like to take things off table. it's that alternative. it's national emergency. >> reporter: the president says the country is being invaded by criminals and repeated his threat toeclare a national emergency if he doesn't get his unding. democrats firinback. >> fbi stats will show that the national murder rate is 5.3 murders per 100,000. ine border cities are lower than that. fact, washington, d.c. is about three or four times more dangerous than laredo, my hometown. >> reporter: ahead of tuesday's state of the union address, the esident blasted house speaker nancy pelosi. >> when you have people dying all over t country because of people like nancy pelosi, who don't want to give proper border security fornsolitical rea
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she's doing a terrible disservice to our country. she can keep playing her games, but we will win. >> reporter: lawmakers not timistic a deal can b reached. >> as long as the speaker and th president are way at odds, the chances of us reaching reement are slim. is reporter: president trump plans to use h state of the union to push his agenda and jump sta his re-election bid. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. power has been restored to a brooklyn jail after inmates ent several days in below-freezing temperatures. dozens of people gatheredid outse the metropolitann detententer protesting the conditions of more than 1,600 inmates after jail lost power nearly a week ago. here with details isose diaz-balart. >> we're freezing! >> reporter: inmates in a brooklyn federal jail crying out for help. their desperation caused by what some say areez fg conditions
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inside the jailhousing people who have not been convicted of crimes. samantha colon says she hasn't been able to see her boyfriend. >> ee's wearingry piece of clothing that he has. he has towels arnd his head. huddled in his bed for days. he doesn't want to get out't because he take the cold. >> reporter:etprotestsng heated in the streets. social media. new york governor andrew cuomo is calling on the justice department to the federal bureau of prisons said in a statement, the prison experienced a partial power outage due to a fire in the gear switch room, adding, the inmates ve hot water for showers and hot water in the sinks in the cell. david tton, the chief federal defender for new york, says he plans to file a lawsuit on t beha inmates. >> they're not getting adequate heat,ti and the cons overall are not safe. >> our thanks to jose for that report. now to breaking news out of southern california. five people are dead after a horrific small plane crashed
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into a residential area. this left partshbf the neighood in flames. the cessna hadak just ten off from a nearby airport when it slammed into homes. >> upo the first arriving units, they found a well-involved residence, o-story family dwelling with fire showing from all sides. >> witnesses report feeling the ground shake like a bomb went off. sczens of emergency workers were dispatched to the ene. >> bring your tools in front of the residence. all incoming units are going need to stage out of thistrap. >> it is still too early to pinpoint the cause of the crash. thni m ntsb is investigating if weather played a role in this devastatingas the pilot, who was the only person on board, and four others insi that home, were killed. pro-mixed martial arts fighter back behind bars this morning after polic in texas say the man wanted for two kurder charges escaped their custody and too them on a nineour manhunt. authorities say they captured
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joseph marx, who fights under the name spider-m, sunday afternoon after he escaped a prisoner transport van that stopped at mcdonald's. police say they used k-9s and surveillance vid to find him hiding in a trash can. the van was beingd opera a private company, texas prisoner transport services. so far no comment from the company. ice can pose a big danger. in canada a chunk of ice came plummeting down the side of a high lies coouo, smash t the roof of a mail truck. it just missed the driver. officials say had the driver nod stepped out in time, he might have been kill the. part of toronto's downtown area block observed due tos conce about more falling ice. bill karins with a look at our forecast for the week. >> yeah, the big melt after las week's big freeze. unbelievably warm conditions right on the hee of that record-breaking arctic shock. we have mild air from texas through the ohio valley. some of these areasere in the negative 20 degree range last
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week. chicago today 50 degrees. st. louis 68. cleveland 60 degrees. new york city around 55. as we go to the northern thains, 's where the cold air really is. we're still about negative 1 for a high in bismarck. so there is some arctic air out ther it's mostly in the northern plains. for today the western flood thre t continues but big news is that february thaw and the possibility of a few recordi s. 81 in dallas. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. here's a closer look at your day ahead. mild air everywh e you can see from florida through the carolinas. eastern portions of north carolina and south carolina, a little rainstorm offhe coast. some of that's going to be on shore, especially areas of the outer banks. the rest of the week is going to feature back to reality. but enjoy the warmth while it lasts. w i thought you were color blind, everything upside down compared to what we've seen this week. in "quick hits," ne video from january's massive dam
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a starkreminder of the growing threat posed by cyber criminals when they attacked computers in one medi-size city, their targets went beyond financial information. nbc's stephanieosk reports on what happened and why it's always best to think before you click. >> reporter: it was an honor february day in allentown, pennsylvania. little did they know they were being invaded. >> the colleague came down the hall and just said that, hey, my account's locked. i went to sign in and found out that my account was locked. >> reporter: all across town, city employees were getting kickte off the cr network. it was no glitch. hackers broke intole own. >> we had to consider shutting this whole city off. >> repter: the first concern was public safes. traffic l are on the network. so are security cameras, police file payroll. the culprit? something called a banking roojan. >> banking tns started off as software that was designed to steal your financial information. >> reporter: but they've evolved
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to do much more, sherry ff davido who runs a cybersecurity firm in montana. >> they're all yourll a computer and will steal all your files. >> reporter: they say trojans haveecome the biggest cyber threat and showed me how they work. >> would you like to be our victim?te >> rep hackers trick people into clicking on e-mail attachments. >> i'm going to click on this "opt out" form that seems totally legit. >> as soon as you opened that word document it started running a program that would automatically steal your files. >> while i'm ordering pizza for $7.99, all my files are headedn out have no idea? >> exactly. >> reporter: they gained access to my pretend bank account by capturing keystrokes when i logged in. now they had a foothold to the entireor ne >> as soon as they have access to your e-mail, they grab your contactsli they start m your contacts. so that's part of how it spreads. >> reporter: in allentown, the hackers stopped short of doing real harm to ublicsafety.
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but the attack paralyzed the city for two weeks. it cost $1 million trebuild the network and serves as a warning, think before you click. the hackers are stephanie nbc news allentown, pennsylvania. just ahead, a boatload of fun, oprah passes out shots on an unforgettable cruise trip. and surprise, the biggest trailers from the big game coming up next. this is kind of awesome? how long are we here? for one year, sparks will fly. this is not awesome. i just want to make an omlete! oh, are you kidding me!? the drama will be real, but it wonar save you any money onnsurance. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. why haven't you called geico?
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some people move on. but not us. >> last night's super bowl gave us a first look at many new movies including "avengers: end game," the fourth installment of the marvel studios avenger seese rear out april 26th. captain marvel made an appearance with a never before seen second trailer for the film starring brie larson on march 8th. finally a new teaser for "toy story 4" debuted showing buzz trapped at a carnival prize stand. ohe toys return june 24th. i can't wait see how buzz makes it out of that predicament. >> i'm going with"toystory." >> i think i will as well. >> it's always a winner. villa italian kitchen is a pizza chain with a sense of humor. they mimicked a viral moment from 2017's failed fyre
3:50 am
festival. the disastrous fesval made incredible promises they failed to keep including five-star meal that is turned out to be slices of bread and cheese as shown int this viraltter post during the festival. so the pizza place has debuted a $25 festival pizza modeled after the disappointin meal. e chain calls it a new luxury izza experience complete with two pieces of processed cheese, in true fyre fashion. >> $25, though? i mean, you couldn't pay me $25 to eat that. >> people we paying thousands of dollars for that cheese and pieces of bread, which is right there. all righty. well, oprah's further day may have passed but it tooks like queen of daytime tv is still celebratin ♪ this was on board her all girls getaway cruise when she and
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yle king posted the cruise to thebahamas. on the agenda, soul nd conversations shots with oprah. >> and her giving away lots of stuff. 't have a sed they d no picture no video, no selfie rule on a party like that. >> right, yeah, whatever happens on the cruise, stayshe on cruise. >> here are the shots, take the shots. just ahead for you, maybe some shots. could you do one? one woman's effort to protect the planet by living just about waste-free. everyday more and more dogs are declaring their freedom
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welcome back. you will see those people, the eaones that will beng shorts in the middle of february in the big i-95 cities the next couple of days. i think this is appropriate. where is winter? these are the snowfall totals since december 1. we had that thanksgiving surprise. since then new york city 1 inch of snow. hoston 2 inches of snow. normally bostond have 2 feet of snow. from december 1 to now. d.c. has had more snow than phildelphia, new york city, boston combined with 1 foot of now since december 1, they' above average, everybody else is well below average. there's no snow in sight for i-95 and the northeast. >> i won't be breaking out the shorts until june at least. >> 60 tomorrow. you'll be tempted. when we return, how one woman lives her life with no waste. ♪ tell me all the ways ♪ and he said ♪ ♪ girl, you take care of me ♪
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>d morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i aaron gilchrist. standing his ground. ralph northam ignores calls to step down, following the appearance of a racist yearbook photo. >> we're taking you to richmond as the backlash you grows. finally, the bitter cold is out and the milder airs i
3:59 am
news 4 today starts now. >> good morning, everybody. just about 4:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the 2019 super bowls part of history. if you're not a fan of the patriots and like a nghigh-scori
4:00 am
game, you were out of luck -- just this game was just whole dud for me. >> you just lost a sunday night. give it that's all you can say now. the game wound up being the lowest-scoring super bowl all-time.ri the pats bested the rams 13-3. what a win. by tha , only 3 points were on the board. >> they say defense wins games. if there was something great about the game, it was servidef. >>boe haven't even talked the halftime show. all right. let'se check on mmute. >> nor are we going to. >> melissa will look at the roads. let's start withhuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. i'm glad i didn't bother staying up late to watch the game. let's put ithat way. the forecast, if you didn't get a chance to spend a lot ofou ti ide yesterday, the milder air is back. what almost looks lik murk down here across the outer banks


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