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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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publically yet today, but he's still cliing tois office despite not gettingny support from his own party. we begin with julie carey where the spotlight has shifted to the next in line. >> theovernor started the day meeting with his cabinet and then his entire staff, some 75 to 100 people. a top administration official in the roomhe expected governor to tell them he was going to resign, instead he wanted more time,ore time to try to vindicate himself in the vies of virginia to prove he was not behind either of the costumes in that r photo. but now more concern added to the chaos and uncertainty here as the lieutenant governor answers allegation that is he ted a woman nearly 15 years ago. it looked like business as usual
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as lieutenant governor justin fairfax brought if senate to order but behind the scenesnt versy surrounding the man who would become governor if eclph northamed to resign. an allegation was reported that fairfaxlly assaulted her when he was working at the democratic national convention as an unmarried 25-year-old. she told the post was started as a consensual encounterurd into a sexual assault. this afternoon, fairfax confronted the allegation, admitting a one-time consensual encounter but denying the >> the allegation was false as was indicated in our statement, if you read through the story it's uncorroborated. >> reporter: he said she first o made the alleglast year when he became the second rican american to be lieutenant governor. he sees the allegation w as an attempt to harm him.
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>> does anyone think it's on the eve of my potentially being elevated that that's when this uncorroborated smear came out? i will be 40 years old next month and i lived 40 years cusation free, and there's a reason for that. >> reporter: fairfax says then wo contacted him by phone after the encounter asking if he wanted to get together, never mentioning an assault. d he was also pressed on what he thinks the governor should do.x fairaid he hasn't spoken to ralph northam since after the press conference saturday when the governor changed his min about resigning saying it's not photograph >> i believe the governor has to make a decision that's in the best interest of the commonwealth of virginia >> reporter: the house and senate replicans and democrats here united in their call for the governor to step down. they are trying to continue their work in spite of this
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immensdistraction, today one of the busiest days of the legislative season. people on both sides of the isles are cal governor to resign. cory smith continues our coverage now. you spent most of the day talking to people in norther virginia about the turmoil in richmond, what are they sayingo this? >> reporter: you know, going back the last couple of daysve yoeen hard pressed to find someone who ss governor northam should stay on. we've been out here all day and theeaction issplit, some saying he should go, others saying he should stay. but all agreeing he needs to make the decision sooner rather than later. should he stay or go, that's the question on the minds of many virginia voters as the falloutc inues. voters we spoke to prince william county are split.
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>> he should be gone? >> yes. >> he should get a chance. >> he should be out for the good of virginia. >> i don't think it should cost him his job, but i feel like he should say something, dome ing better than it wasn't me. >> reporter: regardless of the stance, folks say his issue is credibili credibility. he said on frida it was him, then saturday it wasn't him. >> when you come back and say it wasn't me, it make you look like he was hiding stuff. >> i think he needs to be honest about the whole thing, but it's so long ago that this whole thing happened it's been blown out of proportion. >> >> reporter: now many voters are pondering how effective he can be as a leader shoulde stay, and whether there's more to comen this controversy. >> how can you govern don't trust you? to us virginia, where do we go from here?
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>> reporter: a as you heard julie mention, govnor fairf would ascend to the role. and when asked about eohim,e were more concerned about his politics than whate skeletons may have in his closet. should he take on the rolegos rnor he has to be transparent with the voters. as the pressure builds on governor northam to step down, news4 will be there with the latest developmentsw you can fol along on air and on the nbc washington app. after a delay due to the government shutdown, president trump is getting ready to give his second state of the union address tomorrow night. aides say the president intends to deliver a message of bipartisanship and unity. he's expected to push possible areas of cooperation, including infrastructure and prescription drug pricing. but he's also expected to p garr a vetisan response when he talks about immigration and border security. susan mcginnis tracking the
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preparations for the speech for us this evening. >> reporter: here's a sample of howhe president is expecting to strike a note of unity. they released an excerpt and he says together we can break decades of political stalemate, bridgedivisions, heal old wounds, so a message of coming together when all sides know how far apart president trump is from his opponents on his issue border security and the wall. the president has teased there could be a big announcement about the border security controversy during thun state o thn but he said in an interview recently he is not taki two things off the table, declaring a national emergency an shutting down the government for a second time. democrats still firm in their position, no money for the ll. th president saying of house speaker nancy pelosi, she can keep playing her games but we will win. the speech comes just as the penton announces that they're sending 3,700 more troops to the
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border forpr ection. other things the president is expected to touch on, all of the achievements he feels he's had including on the economy and trade deals as well as calling on congress to work with him on issues such as infrastructure and lowering drug prices. the president also said he'll announce the date and location of his next summit with north rean's leader, kim jong-un. as for the announcement about the border controversy this comes as the deadline for the two sides to make a deal is a week fromay fr >> lots to watch out for. thank you, susan mcginnis. stay with nbc 4 before and after thepresident's address, doreen gentzler and scott macfarlane will have cerage for us starting tomorrow rn afteoon. and tune in to news4 at 11:00 after the address for complete analysis of th president's speech. now to breaking news, soap opera star kristoff st. john has died. police foundim unresponsive
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yesterday from a possible alcohol overdose. they were unable to revive "the young & the restless" actor, friends and fans say they're devastated by the news. his co-star said he's such a kind man. the actor lost his son to yeicide in 2014, he was 5s old. now to a painful story that has the community and law enforcement officials searching for answers. >> the lives of five children cut short in a horrible crash in bowie over the weekend. >> today the friends and teachers of the weekend are trying to make it through the first school day without them. >> aimee cho reports.wo >> reporter:ittle girls who had their whole lives ahead of them, their father shared this picture with news4, london dixon just 8 years old and paris dixon just 5 years old. oday their classmates at north view elementary getting support from counselors.
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students are sharing special things about them, smiles, things they like to do at arcess. g they like to be on the swings and things like that. >> reporter: police say saturdaa morninund 4:30, london and paris were riding in the back of this suv along route 301 with three other kids. they were from d.c. the driver of the suv dinique taylor, the mother of london and paris, for some reason, still not clear, taylor veered off the road and hit several trees. according to police, the five children in the back weren't wearing proper seat belts and were thrown from the car. hepolice say scene was so traumatic some officers needed counseling, >>too. very collision we lose a lifes a tragedy. when children are involved it's are of a tragedy. >> reporter: polic still investigating the crash trying to figure out what caused the
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suv to veer off the road. and in theme mean the community coming together. everyone from kindergarten to fifth grade making cards for t family. >> reporter: police say the driver, dominique taylor andhe front seat passenger, cornell smith did survive. they were wearing seat belts and were taken to the hospital after cr the crash. >> today darcy has spoken to the grandparents of the victims. she'll join us with that interview in the next interview. on the day that muriel bowser is set to get herey sta cup championship ring from the washington capitals a controversy is brewing. the decision to take mon away from the ice arena has the mayor on one side and the owner of the capitals on the other. >> reporter: the fort dupont ice arena has been a fixture in
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southeast d.c. for decades but its impact reaches beyond just the district. >> thousands of kids that use this facility take advantage of the program will not be able to. >> reporter: plans have been under way to rebuild the aging building and double its capacity in order to kp up with the demand from youth groups and hockey leagues that use the facility. the d.c. government had dedicated more than $20 million to the project. but last week mayor muriel bowser sent this letter to the d.c.ouncil saying she was going to take that money from the renovations and other projects and redirect the money to make emergencyer repairs a several d.c. public schools across the city. >> what is needed are critical repairs to schools. they include hvac, roofs, they include a lot ofng t that really need to be done. >> we shouldn't be pittedns agt d.c. public schools, which is how the mayor's office has been spinning this. >> reporter: the washington capitals have been long-time
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arena.ters of the the owner calling fort dupont a treasure.e the caps h started a gofundme page to help race money for the project. >> reporter: the d.c. counl will vote tomorrow morning. mark seg>>ves news4. still to come, social media backlash. >> demy lava toe paying the price online for making fun of anotherng sier. scoring big super bowl ads i'm tommy mcfly with some of the fun you might have missed the field last night. there were a couple good ones oer 62 degrees. this is really good stuff. 62 ,here, 66 in richmo warmer air on the way. it's coming. it's coming. a couple of chances for shows,er
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a look at the current temperatures as we come back on the air here. l feele spring outside today, doesn't it? >> nice. >> it's great. temperatures topping out in the 60s for most of us. doug is back in a few minut with how long this is going to last and when we've got chances for moreain moving back in. >> it seems like there might have been morection during th commercials than during the game last night, which was pretty low
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scing. >> unfortunately. many of you went to social media to sound off about the good and not so good last niflt. tommy is here with your reactions and a look at the ads. al f my domain, i'm usually more about the t commercials th game, that's what was happening last night. i was all about the commercials and interacting with youci on media. let's see what you thought. the microsoft commercial showing kids of a abilities playing video games got so many reaching for the tissues and jill from virginia sounded off about her son with autism. he can go on and be himself while doing something that he loves. a mom who will be like you can never play enough video games. >> that one was touching and it got you. >> that was a winner. that one is a winner. >> the nfl 100 commercial had martha in gathersburg wondering what about the red skin? we won three, although it's earlier years, can i get a joe
4:16 pm
gibbs? jen in d.c. says as much as i hate to admit it because the nfl is not on my good list, the nfl commercial, the 100 was dope. alyssa and leann hit me on twitter, they felt the same way. did you see it? >> i did see this one. i hadn't thought about that, no redskins in the commercial. >> it was my favorite commercial. >> of the night? >> yeah, it was so well produced and all that chaos. >> she didn't see enough barry sanders. >> that's right. >> i didn't know that corn syrup was a bad word. but bud light took us by surprise with their "game of thrones" collaboration. hannah in d.c. said i was thinking it was violent for a bud light ad and then "game of thrones." >> that was awesome. >> you're seeing the bud light guy get up there, this is going to be fun and next thing he gets
4:17 pm
taken down, the mountain comes up and -- >> is the bud knight, is he from the other side of the wall? i don't know. > the corn syrup peoplen' atre child? this freaked me out. the tax ad -- >> i didn't like it. >> it was creepy. >> yeah. >> okay. >> didn't like it. >> you didn't see that one, leon? >> i didn't see that. >> was this your restroom break? >> he lucked out because that is the thing nightmares are made of. you're okay. >> no wthanks. >>wanted to hear from you. we're talking about and getting involved with these a ads day long here on social media. on twitter atommy mcfly, on instagram mr. tommy mcfly, tag in your posts, what you loved, what you hated and thrght could have been bet we'll be back with more of your reactions at ns4 at 5:00.
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>> i don't think i want to see the rest of that. >> you don't. >> you can't unsee it. >> you can see back of his head, right? thank you, tommy. turning to the weather, which has turned rlly super nice. >> how about that. >> we derve it. after all we've been through the past couple wks with the cold temperatures, the snow out there, we deserve some n weather, temperatures today in the 50s and 60s and tomorrow we get. warm there's still warmer days ahead, too. out there right now, plenty of sunshine. you can see the potomac is frozen, that is beginning to thaw. it i gorgeous across our region. 59 winchester, 66 in larae. olis thentingtown, ann cool spot but it's along the water at 52. even a mile inland you'll be warmer than that. some beautiful the way around. last week we were in the 20s,
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some areas didn't en hit 20 degrees. no rain right now to talk about. we're going to be dry for tonight and tomorrow but then a couple chances for rain. look at whas happening here, we have clouds off the coast and a system back to the west trying to make its way our way. it's going to pass us to the much. and not amount to this is a cool storm, a cool feature there towar the carolinas. here's the next cold front and look at what this is doing in the middle part wa the country. out ahead, cold air behind it. i have the wind chills on, so it's 23 below zero in bi50ark, in st. louis, 18 in kansas city. so the drive is a tough one. 71 right now in fayetteville. that very warm air is going to continue to make its way in over the next couple days and we will stay on the warmer side ofalhis the way through the week. but that shows you what the ountry is dealing with rig
4:20 pm
now. look at tomorrow, sun and clouds, another warm one, a temperature of 67 degrees. i would not be t surprisedo see maybe a 70, especiay in our southern zones but looking great with that mixture of sun and clouds across the area. late showers on wednesday, temperatures at 51. so we cool during the day on wednesday, but most of is these showers late wednesday night into ear thursday morning. thursday morning another front moves through, a cold front.ea of it we get warm. 65 degrees. friday a.m. showers as another system moves through, 59 degrees but that's deceiving.tu 39 on ay. we're not talking frigid, nothing like last week, but 42 degrees on sunday. then we look to monday and tuesday, another storm system. this is the one i've been lking about the last week to two weeks here, storm watching,
4:21 pm
a chance for some shower activity maybe a mix of snow to rain, maybe ice next tuesday. a lot going on in the next ten ays but right now i'm just enjoying the warmth. 62 today, 67 tomorrow. >>p k coming, doug. a try yum i can't want return to the stage. >> jussie smollett back in action. we go live next to access where we have the scoop on what ppens next. growing protests as virginia'seadership l live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too littleoo late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch an ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss. ♪ does this heart belong to you? ♪ ♪ would you like anyway?
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ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. the investigation continues ino the alleged attack chicago involving "empire" actor, jussie smollett. hee returned to stage over the weekend. >> we're joined by kit hoover. what's coming up on s""acc tonight? >> first of all, did you all watch the super bowl? what did y think of the halftime show? we have scoop like no other sho out there. >> you better. >> i thought the halftime show was >> everybody is complaining that adam levine took his shirt off, i didn't like that tank top, lose this thing.
4:25 pm
it loo like this pillow and shower curtain from walmart. >> come on. >> you have to look it up. it'sead on. all in all, and the game, what was that? sleeper bowl. >> yeah. the game was a huge disappointment. that's the thing, a huge build up, you buildt up for two weeks and then you get that game, it's a let wn. ipent more time in the kitchen than i did watching the screen. >> leon watch tonight because we break down the top five commercials and the stinkers. there's a couple good ones. i like the tear jerker ones. so watch that and report back to me. >> we'll behi wa. kit hoover, thank you. >> thanks, guys. expande coverage next of our today's stop story, racist picture sparking chaos in richmond. governor ralph northam under fire t step down. and the man slated to replace him is facing his own
4:26 pm
allegations right now. doing good in the munt. spotlighting an effort tour supportollege students. >> celebrating black history month all monthlong. and we head to break with this reflection from rosa parks on what would he been her 106th birthday. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar.nd ing how i upgraded to this sweet pad?
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4:00. right now at 4:30, virginia's lieutenant governor calling on ax governor ralph northam to do what's rig for the commonwealth. and today,aiax himself is in the spotlight denying an assault accusation from 15 years ago. he says it's no coincidence the allegation comes out as he poised to be elevated to the governor's office. >> meanwhile, governor northam debate whether or not he should resign. he's held several emergency meetings with his staff. some of the lawmakers are stping short of saying they will find a way to force him out. >> david culver is live in richmond for us. davi a messy few days for virginia's leadership, isn't it? >> reporter: bad and leon, the acality is with passing hour things are just getting mesier. in addition to the allegation against lieutenant governor,
4:30 pm
justin fairfax, right now voices are growing louder calling for governor ralph northam to step down. >> fairfax, fairfax. >> reporte the cries growing louder protesters in front of the exen,tive mans demanding governor ralph northam step down after a racist photo from his medical school yearbook page. >> we have to stand up in support of the african-american community. we cannot tolerate it. >> reporter: he's here from virginia,or he supported ham, knocked on doors on his behave. lewis now supporting jusn fairfax who brought the senate into session on monday, seemingly business as usual until he spped out for a recess. the lieutenant governor admits to a consensual encor with a womanth a democratic national convention in boston in 2004 but
4:31 pm
denies it was a sexual assault. >> to have someone manipulatss the pnd come out a year ago, fail at getting into into the media and then go away and when they think they have an opportunity at maximum media attention point to come back again with the same face allegation tells you everything you need to know. >> reporter: still refusing to call on ralph northam to step aside. >> the governor has to make the decision that's in the btht interest ocommonwealth of virginia. >> reporter: curt cox believesf it's besralph northam to leave. >> impeachment, that's a high standard. ihink that's why we've called for the resignation. we hope that's what the governo. do i think that would be less pain for everyone. >> reporter: adam evans says with ralph northam staying on as governor lawmakers will struggle to get things done. >> it's not jus effectiveness, but people in the community are hurting and we need to heal.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: we learned today that governor ralph northam met with his cabinet and h staff ce again. pat, according to a top administration official speaking with my colleague, julie carey, that meeting they thought, according to some of the staff would be about a resignation. inst d, in thatmeeting, the governor asked for more time, more time to vindicate himself. theuestion remains is that possible? if so, how much time are we lking about? >> those are the questions people are asking. thank you, david. the city of fairfax has a new police chief. the city announced it's hired erin scheibel. s shent nearly three decades working for fairfax county police, most recently as he deputy chief of patrol. she'll be the first female chief and is scheduled to start the new job february 19th. >emi lava toe has quit
4:33 pm
twitter after berklash over comments about 21 savage. people were upset she made light of his recent arrest. i.c.e. took him into custody, they said he was convicted of felony drug charges in 2014 and haoverstayed his visa. lavotto joked her favorite part of the super bowl were about the jokes about 21 on twitter. others didn't find it funny. what's funny about someone's freedom? after the criticism she removed twitter page. a boost in our area to help cure deadly childhood diseases, the group chance for life presentedchildren's national medical center with a $600,000 chk today and our own doug kammerer was there for the event. the donation was made to commemorate world cancer day. chance for life was started more
4:34 pm
than aad d ago. it supports research for childhood illnesses. you know paying for college tuition can be tough for some people today. between books a room and board it adds up quickly. >> yes, it does. pent the day at howard university and found how students areeletting from the hidden halo project today. >> reptter: look this check here. church wide fast resulting from that. 34 students here at howard university received this blessing, their outstanding tuition andees paid for thanks to them giving froe church members. we have three of the students here who received this blessing. what was of your balance? >>2500. >> 2,000. >> 3,000. >> $3,000, okay. that doesn't sound like a lot but it is for students who are going to the next level trying
4:35 pm
to get through college, right? the reverend dr. judy williams is here to tell us what the next challenge is that alpha seet baptist church is sending. >> we e issuing a black history month challenge where we allenging other students to support our students and cu. >> reporter: this challenge, we can do this, that's what it's all about. >> tuition sent is heaven sent. >> eve bit help. new research gimpact mothers who are expecting. thee one thing that could ra your risk of complications during cliffry. what to watch outor in the state of the union address. watch to watch out forpeere, rising ttures. we do have a cool down. 50s and 60s right now, it's a
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if you areo headede air and space museum on the mall, don't expect to see all the exhibits. the museum has closed nine galleries on the west side of gthe buildin as part of the massive renovation project. those exhibits won't reopen to the public until 2022. theenovation is expected to
4:39 pm
cost $900 million and upgradeum the mu entrances and exteri exterior. more galleries are expected to be closed ler this year. >> after the frigid weather last week, some people were reaching for the short sleeves a swim suits yesterday. some of the folks took a dip for a good cause and you may recognize some of these faces. yes, that is our own shomari stone. all the proceeds go to the special olympics. women who have a tough time conceiving through fertility treatments like ivf may be at risk for dangerous complications. we should say women who do manage to conceive have trouble, sometimes they may be at higher risk of complications. researchers studied nearly
4:40 pm
60,000 women and found 40% were likely to suffer severe complications and spent more time in intensive care compared to women who conceived naturally. the women iunclear but some think the hormone given to women has an affect. but they sayt is a safe way for those who can't conceive naturall a new study shows obesity relate cancers are on the rise among millennials. they found a significant ske in six cancers linked to obesity. the study found that current young people have double the risk as baby boomers did at the same age. spring-like day across the dmv today. >> we could get used to this.
4:41 pm
but doug and lauren say don't get used to b itause the next round of winter i coming. they'll tell us when. >> we're getting you ready tomorrow's state o f
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
if you are just joining us at 4:43, let's get you caught up with four things to know. >> the calls growing louder in richmond for virginia governor ralph northam to step utaside. >>oday silence from the governor. reportedly huddled with staff debating if he should resign this started friday after a racist page was recovered in his 1984 medical school yearbook. ievirginia'senant yevernor is denying an assault allegation from 1s ago. a woman claims he sexually assaulted her when he was working at the democrac national con vens in bosto i
4:44 pm
2004. justin fairfax said it's no coincidence that this comes out as he's p to take the reins of state government. five children wer killed in this horrible crash on saturday. police say they were not wearing prop erseat belts. today we learned all the children were related. darcy spencer spoke with the children's grandparents and we'll that emotional interview coming up on news4 at 5:00. after a delay because of the government shutdown, president trump is getting ready to give his state of the union address tomorrow. s comes washington braces for another government shutdown in less than two weeks if congress can't come to a compromise on border security funding. the state of the weather today is pretty dog gone good. >> you love that. >> absolutely. >> people are telling me how much they're loving it, even the snow lovers like myself love
4:45 pm
this. th is what we deserve aft being so cold last week. >> we earned it. >> wind chills bow zero an now talking about the 60s. >> getting a break. >> yes. a much deserved break. we have an issue, we have an orange air quality. there's an air quality alert. look at the haze. this is what's called an inversion what's is you get cooler as you go up. case.s not the we have warmer air just off the prface and that does not allow thelutants here, mostly from cars, that does not allow the ollutants to rise into the atmosphere like they would normally. it keeps them athe lower levels. that haze out there, you see it all the time in cities like denver, los angeles, we've got that today in baltimore as well. temperatures dropping, 53 by 00, down to 43 by 11:00. it's going to be a nice night, a
4:46 pm
ol night but not cold at all. i don't think anybody gets below freezing. look at the current numbers 62 in rock ville. 60 camp springs annapolis, 48 degrees that's because it's along the your ttures are still close to 60 degrees. it's just right along the water. on the rar, nothing to show. we're still high and dry. even though we have a storm stem to the west, a cold front trying to make its way our way. look at this storm, cool storm down here toward the south bringing rainfall intoof portio ourth kore north carolina but ng us anything. tomorrow for school da 55 for recess and picking up the kids 67 degrees. 67 degrees.
4:47 pm
it's so nice lauren said i want to go outside and be in the sunshine and we always do what laurenwants. >> although i wanted to be out here at 5:00 and they said noe becahe sun goes down. so i don't want to be standing out ithe dark. but that's what we have lights for. o only half the show i get out here. it's wonderful out here right now. a little chilly if you're out and about later on this afternoon, or evening.o let's go our maps right now and show you when the next big change is. listen, we've got some passingl spri possibly to the west tonight. that's what that frontal system that doug was talking about that's likely going to die out before it gets to us. by wednesday nighte' see rain showers pushing in. by thursday and friday looks like we'll have rain showers moving into our area. it's not going to be raining the whole time. we are talking about just light stuff moving through the region. seems like my clicker isn't
4:48 pm
working -- there we end of the week, wednesday we have dry conditions in the morning, late day rain showe moving our way. that leads into your thursday morning. so the evening commute could be dicey in some spots but we're just talking about in. a big spread in temperaturess thursdaywarm front lifts through the area. some areas may be in the 60s and some areas may be in the 50s. friday we have incoming rain and some winds coming through on friday. the weekend doesn't look too bad. usually we get rain and snow on the weekend. this weekend, dry. >> yeah, dry this weekend. it's definitely going to be colder. lauren's not going to be out there thisweekend. at least not without a coat. 67 tomorrow. 51 on wednesday. late day showers and these are after sunset. sunset now after 5:30, that's
4:49 pm
nice. we have to watch thursday. we get enough sunshine we could be clo to 70. there's that cooler weekend, saturday coming in at 39, 42 on sunday. coldert leads us into a pattern again. it looks like we have a chance for some snow, ice, rain, some form of mix next tuesday. for right now we're just tracking this guy right here. see, 67. doesn't that look great? >> reay grea thank you, doug. let's turn our gaze forward to looking forward to tomorrow ight, the state of the union coming. lots of dynamics in play. >> here toalk about it nbc news senior political editor hrk murray. we'rering despite the political war that the president has been engaged in with democrats over the past few weeks that he's going to do his best to strike a bipartisan tone tomorrow night. >> i focus on the word probabl
4:50 pm
best. i assume the president we'll end the eing tomorrow night i same one we've seen over the past two years and i expect the immigration debate to be a heavy focus for the president, he wants his bder wall, democrats don't want too give itm even as they try to work out some kind of compromise. but clearly immigration is ganng to be froncenter. it was this immigration topic and the border wall which delayed the state of the union until february. it was supposed to be in late january got moved to february because of the shutdown. it's possible tomorrow could be the escalation in this fight that's been going on for more than a month. >> we're looking to see whether he's going toat declare anal emergency. do you expect to hear that? >> it's possible.ur and, of , the president has been signaling this possibility in interviews he's fd leading up to the state of the union addre tomorrow
4:51 pm
night. many republicans, though, do not want him to take this path. they see this could get tied up in the courts and whether it's legitimate to have a national emergency like this. if the goal is just to be able to getcuore border ty funding, even money for a border wall, the idea would be to cut some type of deal where you get something now as opposed to something that might be determined byon the courts,s if not years from now. >> is there any ithication that ralph northam scandal will come up tomorrow night? that the president will say anything about it? or the scandal could in any way impact the president's tone tomorrow? >> very unclear. we've seen the president tweet about the situation. and, in fact, tweeted from a campaign operatisi , hey we're with the opposition research from thwh republicans it came to this. it is unclear. do remember tomorrow is te st the union address looking at the nation as a whole. there's no doubt what's been going o in virginia has probably been the top political story over the last 7 hours, as well as the one in this region.
4:52 pm
it's just unclear if he that path: we'll find out. thank you, mark murray. >> thank you. empire sistar, jsmollett went on stage for the first time since his i alleged attack chicago. during his performance he took a moment to explain what happened. he said two men beat him,ia hurling racl and homophobic slurs at him. he thanked everyone for their support. police released a surveillance photo of two people of interest in the case. they have not found any footage, though, of the actual attack. a neighborhood up in flames. a plane's engine lands on someone's front porch. >> coming up next at we learned about this deadly plane crash in california. first a look ats whaw on news4 at 5:00. we continue to follow the developments in the mess surrounding the governor's office in virginia. team coverage tonight a a look at what is next in the story. also, all new at
4:53 pm
tonight, children adopted and given a better home with loving familiesere in the u.s. >> but a gap in a decade's old law haso the potential rip thousands of those families apart. >> the i team uncovers the issue and finds out why so many are stuck in legal limbo. we'll see you in a few on a busy what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds from america's best internet provider on wireless phone service? to stream on all your devices.wi plus, xfinity mobile included,it you can swch your wireless carrier
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a tough day for families of some general motors work r workers. the auto giant is beginning layoffs of more than 4,000 workers at its north american workers. means gm has laid off more than 14,000 since nopamber. the c said it's trying to get, quote, leaner and more agile. cuttg several slo selling cars, closing plants and focussingle onric vehicles. five people are dead after a plane fell from the sky into a southern california neighborhood yesterday. morgan chescky latest on what happened. >> reporter: unfamiliar sound before an unbelievable impact. something in the sky coming down in pieces. >> we got a report of a plane
4:57 pm
crash. >> reporter: a residential neighborhood in flames. >> the whole house shook. >> when i came outside the door my neighbor said watch out there's still stuff coming from the sky. i had not put two and two together that it could be an airplane. the wing landing on a street, the engine on the front porch. >> it scared me. >> reporter: a home security camera capturing the fiery fali he final seconds before impact. the wild scene on sunday sent the entire neighborhood outside as everyone watched through the homes of one of their own. more than 70 firefighters doing heir best to keep flames from spreading to nearby homes. two people injured on the ground takeno a nearby hospital. crews found the cabinal of the plane, a cessna 414a nearby. confirming the aircraft had just taken off fro nearby fullerton
4:58 pm
munici >> we have now confirmed five indiduals deceased. e is the pilot, a male. four were in the residence, two nales and two females. >> reporter: wit an hour federal investigators arrived to look into the biggest question, what caused the plane to break apart from above. >> a for the four people killed inside the home we learned two were thers home, the two other people invited over shortly before the accident took >> annou news4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. first up at 5:00 tonight, new uncertainty in virginia's highest office. >> governor ral northam is under fire for that racist photo and is facwig g pressure to resign. >> now trouble for the man who could be his successor, tonight the lieutenant governor addressing an accusation of his own.he >> allegation is completely false. a denial in richmond. >> zero corroboration
4:59 pm
whatsoever. >> lieutenant governor justin airfax denying allegation of assault. >> does anybody think it's any coincidence on the eve of potentlly my being elevated that's when this uncorroborated smear comes out? >> the push back qsstions swirl about what's next for the commonwealth. >> a lot of iguncertainty now in our government but we preparedve to be >> but was the lieutenant governor prepared to be in the spotlight himself? "the washington post" and a right wing website both reporting an uncorroborated assault accusation from 15 years ago. >> tonight we have team coverage on the controversy surrounding both ralph northam and justin fairfax. >> we begin w jhie carey who's live with the latest in richmond. >> reporter: the house andn senateession nearly all day long trying to work in spite of one of the greatest distractions i have seen in the 25 years i've
5:00 pm
covered this general assembly. governor northam meeting with his cabinet and staff not to tell them he rigned but asking for time. meanghme, th the man right in line behind him, lieutenant governor jusirfax forced to answer allegations that he assaulted a woman 15 years ago.g lieutenaernor justin fairfax defending himself against an allegation that he sexually assaulted a woman he met as an unmarried 25-year-old when he was at the 2004 democratic national convention. >> the allegation is completely false. >> reporter: the allegation surfaced sunday. today "the washington post" also published the woman's account. she initially contacted the paper a year ago when fairfax became only the second african-american to win state-wide office in virginia. the woman told the p


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