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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 5, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EST

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commute. aaron is sweating over here. >> the opposite of bundle up is take off, aaron. >> there you go. give your neighbors a show. still a few drops with overnight sprinkles here. this will be a low imactmount of rain. uquier county, to stafford county, just a drop or two. no more than one or two swipes of the wipers wild be nee to clear that off. temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40 deees. chilly. not shorts weather this morning. but a winner of a day coming. she would love to go for a walk today. temperatures in the 30s this morning. but near 60 at lunchtime. if you get iutside the afternoon, it will be the mid to upper 60s. there's more mild air to come ten-day forecast, that includes
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the mildness and the return to winter. melissa, good morning. >> good morning to you. inner loop at kenilworth avenue, overturned b seeing a slowdown there at the top of the beltway. nothing major because it iso rly in the morning. you see the tiny blip on the screen. the rest of the beltway is okay. inner loop and outer loop,9 looking at 595 in maryland. going to get there in ten same situation northbound in maryland. nothing in your way. >> thank vi's top lawmakers are controvers the top executives. the embattled governor saying he's not a racist and the lieutenant governor saying he didn't sexually assault a woman. a woman said he say salted her
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during the convention. >> the lieutenant governor's e staff says h is exploring legal action for what they are calling a defamaty allegation. ralph northam says he will not resign over a racist picture that was printed in his 1984 medical school yearbook page. yesterday, heid not make any public appearances. instead, he met with his cinet and full staff. the governor is trying to find a way to clear his name. residents we spoke with atix opinions about the black face and kkk hentroversy. >>'s a second chance. >> from the minute he came out, he hould havesaid, okay. i should just resign. >> i don't think it should cost him his job.l but i f like he should, at least, you know, say something. for these ople, northam has a credibility problem. if he stays in offic ornot, the governor decides to stay, many wonder how effective
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northam can be as a leader. white house officials say the president will try to strike a unified tone with the theme of h greatness whe speaks to congress. that could be a probl as the president includes. one of the guests of the maryland director has worked for the department of agriculture for 20 years. she will not get compensation fo what she lost during the shutdown. you remember this woman. she has beeinvited by freshman congresswoman by alexandria ocasio cortez.
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and melania trump will have joshua trump, who has been bullied because of his last name. you can watch the state of the uniont 9:00, followed by the democratic response and news 4 at 11:00. new this morning, the investigation into the death of th duquesne football player from d.c. is closed. ttsburgh police released a statement saying they haveng finished loo into the october death of marquis brown. he died after jumping out of a 16-floor window at duquesne. that night, brown h been at an offcampus apartment. police were called whenid studes rown was acting erratically. brown had marijuana in his system. he played football. a frightening image of a w teenagh a gun in front of wakefield high school in arlingn, turned out not to be what it seemed. that teen is still charged with
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a felonyhis morning. the police said the teen had an air rifle in a video posted on instagram last week. the video showed him getti out of the car, putting a rmask on his face and taking the gun out in front of his school. he is not a student and they cannot name him because of his ag a 23-year-old was found shot th inside a car in oxon hill last friday. homicide detecdoves went -to-door in an apartment building near the murder scene. the victim's relatives live on the same block where hedi . one neighbor said she can't imagine how they're feeling no right she asked us not to identify her. >> somebody's son, brother, uncle. you kn? it's sad. etectives are offering up to
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$25,000 that leads to an arrest and indictment in this case. this morning,.c. police are investigating a rash of violencedi in the strict that left a little girl hurt. four men were shot at a bus stop in southitst last night. happened around 5:00. ange elementary school girl was also hurt, possibly by flying glass. police say everyone hurt, should okay. a growing measles alert has everybody on high alt. there' 50 cases and one patient had beenci vnated for the virus. it sprea through coughing and sneezing. later this morning, the d.c council will vote on the fate of the funding for ft. dupont ice arena. there's plans t rebuild the arena. but last week, the mayor wrote the council that she w going to take the more than $20 million set aside for that project and redirect it to make
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emergency repairs atd. several c. public schools. the mayor has pledged to find the money in the next year's budget for the rink renovation plans. mayor bowser will forever have a way toemember the caps' stanley cup run. this morning, she is the proud, new owner of hepivery own chonship ring. >> how about that? slap shot teamed up with d.c. firefighters and cheerleaders. he rode a fire truck over to the mayor's office for this delivery. the caps gave her a framed photo from the team on that winning night last june. that's cool. the capps had a rough few weeks. >> they haveost eight in a row. apparently everyone who is a part of the caps' organization, everyone gets the and the ownerxtend that. >> and will give more rings. >> maybe he will give me one for being a fan.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >>. welcome ba amazon's decision to split its s between our rt area and new york could pose a problem. the state majority leader has askeera senator to on a board that might reject it. he called the idea o giving a company like amazon billions in subsidies offensive. the governor could reject that nomination. g s office called opposition shortsighted, sayat amazon
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you're watching news 4 today. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald here at e live desk. new and historic overnight video. pope francis has departed abu dhabi for vatican city, after maing the first trip ever to
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the arabian peninsula. he paid a visit to st. joseph cathedral in abu dhabi. and then, a mass at a stadium. that's the largest christian worship in the ld of islam. they hope that one of the effects will be permission to build more churches on the peninsula. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. trump is expected to call for bipartisanship cooperation during tonight's state of the union address. >> hise aides say will offer what they are calling an inspirational and visionary path for the u.s., despite his fight with the congress. tracie potts is live with apr iew of the speech. good morning. >> reporter: will it inspire and will it be more than just words? those are questions this morning, as we get ready within hours for president trump's first speech before a divided
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congress. democrats on one side,an republ in charge on the other. president trump laying out a vision of what the white house says willose cg greatness, focusing on five things, immigrion, trade, lowering health costs and foreign policy, along with making sure that the government stays running. imdwrags and the wall will be the big part ofthis. it comes amid negotiations over the wall and whether nancy pelosi is willing to pay for it. the timing of the speech when the government was shutdown. now, it's happening amid the threat of another shutdown ifan they work things out. >> tracie, thank you. you can watch the state of the union here on nbc 4. you may not see justice ruth bader ginsburg at the state of the union. she has not attended president trump's previous speeches to
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congress. but last night, she didake her first public appearance since undergoing cancer surgery in december she attended a production of "notiousrbg" in song at the national museum of a women the arts. it was composed and performed by ginsburg's daughter-in-law. police are looking for a gunman sed in a shooting. when police arrived, they found shell casings scattered all over the place and one man had. been sh the videotashooting victim has n investigatorsth no word on a motive. a family in morning after a horrific crash over the weekend inbowie. five children, all related, killed when the suv swerved off of the road. the children ranged in age from 5 to 15 years old. yesterday, oamily members the victims visited the crash site on route 30 james and stephanie lloyd lost their granddaughr. >> it's a message i get out of all of this. that's the only sense i can make
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ayt of all of it. here tnd gone tomorrow. >> she was a happy baby loved to sin i'm going to break down. >> the womanriving the caras the mother of two of the girls that died. sheve sur the crash. there's a gofundme crash to raise money for funeral costs. we have a link to that inasur nbcngton app. police need your help finding a man wanted for groping a woman on a metro train. police say this man touched a woyn inappropriatn the blue line train last friday. she was grabbed in the area of stadium armory. a first for the city of fairfax police department. a woman will soon take over as top police fir. erin schaible will replace the chief that retired last. ye she was the deputy chief of patrol. she is scheruled to start new job on february 19th.
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da the prince george's county council will consider a bill to get kids to be more active. this bill would require elementary schools to have 2 1/2 hours per week of activity. it's the first time the bill will be considered in the county. it will take effect by next school year. today, newnglanders will lebrate the patriots, as boston hosts its sixth sup bowl parade. the team returned home from flanta after beating the rams. if youl the celebration is deja vu all over again, listen to this. nce 2002, boston has had 12 championship parades. the latest was a few months ago. the bruins won the stanley cup in 2011. the celtics won it in 2010. i forgot that. said that. people
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>> they have to paint another lombardi trophy on the tale of the plane. >> i would like to see more cities. i follow college football. it's the same thing. anybody but alabama. anyby but the patriots for pro football. i'm a new englander by birth. >> oh, chuck, come on. >> the warm weather is a winner. >> the complaint department officially closed for today. if you complain about today, it isn't going to be aut the weather. cloudy and springily this morning, but supernice today. temperatures are 20 deg above average. we're tracking chances for rain, second half of the day into early thursday. thursday afternoon, looks like a winner. and friday, the northwest winter winds are coming back fast. 37 in washington.
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you'll need a warm layer of fleece or a jacket this morning. 30s and 40 to get your tuesday started. it's all about the warmth today. from clouds to sunshine, 67 degrees the forecast high. barely a freeze out of the northwest today. there's a weak weather front out to our north and thwest. 's ringing out the chance of a drop or two of. rain he our next better chance arrives tomorr. that is lingering across parts of the north coast here. wel be watching forhat in the afternoon. the clouds moving in, won't be anywhere near that mild.e there's a chaor a drop or two early today. but sunshine, plenty this afternoon. the clouds come back. a cloudy and dry srt. not terribly cold because of the
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clouds. rain chances batches of showers until thursday. ements for r thursday afternoon. check out your ten-day forecastr 53 to. showers early thursday. but mild thursday afternoon and friday's high, near 64 around lunchtime. a very sharp cold front arrives about noon.l temperatures w tumble into the 30s by friday evening. noticeably colder weather here for the weekend. melissa, your weekend will be dry. >> i do like that. good thing. inner loop, the left side is blocked because ofhat overturned box truck. as we're looking at the beltway here thimorning, there you go. a tiny slowdown there. we have a new problem we're going to talk about now. northwest 4th street,etween
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rhode island avenue and "t" street. we'll have details in a little bit. 66 in and out of town is just fine. so is 55, northbound and southbound. a new report out this morning is putting the safety of fans at basebl gamesn question again. i es reporting a woman died after being hit by a foul ball at age d game in august. it's not known why her death is reported.g the woman was celebrating her 79th birthday and 59th wedding anniversary at the game. the ball flew over the netting woand hit the n. we told you about the push to get more netting at stadiums in recent years. this 2016 photo shows the additional protection the nationals saw that year. all teams were required to have similar safety measures b last year's season. the daughter of the woman hit at the dodgers' game told espn, she would like to see the nettingve.
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now, to a story you're seeing first on news 4. a new report is breaking down how much we p for auto insurance. >> it's a necessity on our local roads and often a large portion of the monthly budget.n su hogan has more on why you could be paying more than the drivers youhare the road with. >> reporter: we were given early access to this new report by the zeb zebra, an aut insurance price comparison website. you could be paying hundreds of vers that re than d live right over the county line. from the beltway, to the streets of d.c., we spend a lot of timea on the r and a lot of money on our vehicles. one of the biggestcosts, auto insurance. s report from the zebra giving insight into what is driving the costs. >> where you live is a huge factor. and also, what kind of car you drive and iow you drive the most important.
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>> reporter: where do d.c., maryland and virginiarate? look at this. virginia and maryland drivers pay less than the national average. in fact, virginia ishe second-cheapest state in the country. d.c. drivers, they pay under $1,500 ayear. let's take a closer look at how it breaks down by olks in northern virginia are paying around $1,000. but maryland, it really varies with drivers in prince george's county paying $1,600. >> car insurance is about risk and statistics these companies look at males versus females. whoever files more claims, that's the risky characteristic. >> reporter: if u buy a new car, you may save opting for the minivan over the v. coming up today, we're going to take a closer look at the faneors that could deter what you pay for rates and also,
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could your online behavior play a part? back to you. still ahead this how to take charge of your life and change your career smoothly. >> we're working 4 you, with tips before taking the next step. we're live in the district, followinas rbuhllets fired into a cro waiting at a bus stop and a little girl left injured. the latest on the searchedo find who puhe trigger. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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♪ ♪ ed it's amazing what skin can do. ♪ v the healing power ofaseline. orning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. a big day for the d.c. region. the state of the union address is tonight. >> and who wouldn't ppy with yestday's weather? uck bell was popular with the warmer temperatures. we're going to get to the president's speec in a few minutes. we begin with a check on your commute and yr forecast. >> melissa mollet starts with the roads for us. but chuck bell, a look at the radar? >> yes. we had a few rain drops coming through. not enough to interfere wit your plans.
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fra manassa to stafford county, there's a couple of drops coming down from thesk one or two swipes of the piwipe s d it will be done with. upper 30 around 40 degrees around town.yo frost for today, 30s and 40s with a sprinkle or two of rain, as the days are getting longer each time. we'll beear 60 by lunchtime. yes, that will be a nice one. about 65 to 67 degrees for high temperatures today. complete chance of details on the nbcng wasn app. i will be tweeting out the details on how much longer the weather is going to last. you can file first 4 traffic. >> good morning, uc


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