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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  February 6, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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it was a lengthy speech that drew immediate praise from republicans and criticism from democrats. it is 4:00 a.m. this morning. we are covering that speech and showing you how leaders responded to it. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. melissa me lay is standing with a look at the roads. first, chuck bell, storm team 4 meteorologist, eve if it was for one day, i'm glad we had a day like that. >> i went 67 for a high yesterday. the answer for national airport turned out to be 74. ye. only reaga national set a new record for the day. 74, by the way, an average high temperature for may 9th. don't get used it 'm is what i trying to tell you. look at all that rain across parts of the ohiovalley. guess where that's coming, everybody, yeah, exactly, here for later in the day. not all that cold, cloudy and
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damp outside this morning.av we't had any rain overnight, but with the mild air in place, we literally have ground sweat. e roads are wet, for moisture condensing out of the atmosphere.te eratures in the low 40s here this morning. so we're already above an average high temperature for this date. d we'll stay mostly in the 40s this morning. i think we'll get just enough of a break before the rain moves in to allow temperatures back into e low 50s today. and we're still tracking some relatively mild weather before the weekend gets here, melissa. you need one more day above average, i can promise you at least two. >> i will take anying above average. washington, southbound 295, work zone with jus the left lane getting by. beltway looking good here. we don't have any o complaint the beltway. on 270, though, two things happening, northboun and southbound, northbound 270 at montgomery village avenue, one right lane getting by. southbound just before montgomery village avenue, right
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lane there as well. arlington northbound one right lane is blocked. aaron? nkmelissa, tyou. d.c. and entire country talking about president trump and his two-hour speech. the president laid out his plan for the country. >> this is the first tim the president spoke to a joint session of congress following november's midterm elections. last night it was nancy pelosi who sat over his shoulder, n paul ryan. the president wasted no time getting into his talk of immigration and border wall. >> congress has ten dayseft to pass a bill that will fun our government, protect our homeland and secure our very dangerous bouthern rder. >> while the president hinted at the possibility of another government shutdo, he did not once mention the workers or the previous shutdo.
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>> i just over two years since the election, we have launched an unprecedented economic boom, n boom thatas rarely been s before. there's been nothing like it. >> the president went on to say it's women have benefitted most from the economic boom. later in the night, he saw his arggest applause when he mentioned the lge number of women who now occupy seats in congress. >> exactly one century after congress passed the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, we alsm hae women serving in congre than at any time before. [ cheers and applause ]. >> and in a re show of unity, he entire chaer erupted into chants of usa. now, when the president's speech was over, the democrats ge their response.
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it was stacey abrams who spoke. you'll remember she ran and lost the governor's race in georgia.t abrached on the issue the president has struggled with, including his child separation policy and handling of racial issues. > yet, we continue to confron race schism from our past and present and hold everyone from the highest offices to our own families accountable for racist words and deeds. and call racism what it is,g. wr >> abrams addressed last month's government shutdown as well, saying the president used furloughed workers as a political pawn. meanwhile, outside of the u.s. capitol, o dozens people shouted and waived protest signs at motorcades carrying state of the union participants. they said they were not confident about the president's ability to bring the country together. >> so tired of ump. i thi he's going to give a state of disunionnd i'm upset
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about that. i don't want to hear what he has to say. i don't trust him. protesters also carried russian flags, a nod to the special counsel's investigation into potential collusion between the president's campaign and russia during the 2016 election. our coverage of last night's ste of the union address will continue throughout the morning right here on news 4 today and in the nbc washington app. coming up in the next half hour, hear what local lmakers thought of the speech and what president trump had to say about viinia governor ralph northam. the state of the union may be the least of governor northham's worries. he continues to refuse to resign after a racist photo was made public in the yearbook. >> vanessa tyson says lieutenant vernor justin fairfax assaulted her in 2004 at the democratic nationalconvention. she's getting support on social media with people using the #ibelieve, vanessa.
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tyson is now being represented by the same attorney who represented christine blasey ford, the woman who accused brett kavanaugh of t.assa he admitted to a one-time consensual encounter with tyson but denies any assault. as for governor northham, nine medical school cssmates gned a letter saying the governor is not a racist. they say that is not who he was then or who he is now. it's 4:06. now to a frightening story out of princeil wliam county where more than six bullets ripped through a home. they found bulletser scatted through their home. bullets hit the wal through the house including out their child's home. seven hit the home. no one was injured. police do not believe the family s targeted. zahid reached out to their homeowner's association to beef up protection, but so far
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nothing has been done. >> i'm supposed to be able to protect myfamily, but you rely on your neighborhood and youro community t provide a little peace of mind. what happens when you reach out to them and they give you none? >> the homeowner's association refused to answer questions from our news 4ed crew and a them to leave. the local police department says it is increasing patrols in that area two d.c. government contractors were arrested in florida as they tried to board a police say the two had an array of drugs that they planned to sell to passengers "the miami herald" reports the men discussed their plans on vernment-issued computers. the homeland security special agent intercepted those e-mails and identified the men. police say both mendmitted to transporting drs. the u.s. coast guard found 35,000 pounds of cocaine in ft. lauderdale. that's worth more than $460 million. the coa guard seized the cocaine from nearly two dozen ships in international waters
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off the coast of mexico and centralnd south americas. military officials say most of the drugs originated in colombia and were headed to the u.s. just last week there was orother m drug bust. federal agents found more than 250 pnds of fentanyl and nearly 400 pounds of meth in at k carrying produce from mexico. the vehicle entered the u.s. through a legal port of entry in ariza. custom and border protection says that those dru have a combined street value of more than $5 million. we have breaking news right now. d.c. fire crews are battling a large hou fire overnight. meagan fitzgerald is at the live desk be more. what's going on? >> four people are without a home this morning after a fire ripped through their home jus after 11:00 last night. i want to show you pictures from the scene. this is the 1300 block of southeast street right near watkins elementaryschool.
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it took crews several hours to try to kno this out. the good news is no one was injured. back to you. >> thank yo a heated debate over proposed back lines in the dupont circle neighborhood in d.c. has grown hotter last night during a meeting, a public crash with city leaders. it was suggested to set themp on 20th street. some argued the lanes would impact busin ses in thearea, others said biker safety should be a top priority. >> more than 30 people die every year just going on trips in the district. and if we build a protected bike lane network in d.c., it's goi to make a big cut into that. >> trucks that serve these businesses a restaurants, they really do need to make deliveries. what are they going to do? slough it off and say they'll learn. this is what happened elsewhere. we put in the bikes and everody will be happy. no, i don't think it's going to work that way. >> ultimately wl get the
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final say on whether the bike lanes are implemented. >> ten minutes after the hour. update to a story we told you about yesterd morning. a local ice rink aaught in budget battle. the d.c. council decided to meet in special session in twoto wee alk about funding the skating rink expansion. the city budgeted $20 million to rebuild and expand that facility, but last week mayor riel bowser said she wanted to use that money to renovate schools instead. that drew outcry including from the washingto capitols. happening today the man charged with kidnapping a 13-year- md girl afterdering her parents in wisconsin will appear in court. jake patterson is accused of breaking into jayme closs's parent's home back in october. after shooting her parents, patterson took jayme to a cabin more than miles from her home. last month she was found alive after being held capti for months. a family in texas is preparing to bury the second person to be killed by an e
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cigarette in the u.s. william brown was sitting in his car when his e cigarette exploded and cut a majorrtery his neck. the other e-cig death happened when a house fire happened hospitals in the u.s. reported more than 2,000 vaping injuries. the problem is the lithium ion batteries which the fda says can overheat and explode, especially if the wrong charger is used. a major blow to the stwizar' point guard john wall is now out for at least a year. >> can't believe it. the five-time all-star ruptured his left achilles tendon about a week ago.m the tays wall recently fell at his home, which worsened his itial injury he suffered last year. on monday, the team doctor discovered the injury while treating an infection from the previous surgery. this means wall could potentially miss all of nextas seon as well. his surgery has not been scheduled yet, but it isct
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ex to happen next week. you know a lot of people on twitter saying this is just the curse of d.c. sports. we were trying to get him better to get back on the team now this? >> what are the odds? >> at home? news 4 is working for you looking into a problem plaguing in problems on the roads. >> therecent warmth was welcome but it does a number on the roads we drive on. rain and snow freezes to the ground. the pressure from the cars breaks apart the road surfac you may b seeing the impact of all this. ngcause of this, news 4 is spending the morut on the roads looking into what's being done about the problem. >> that coverage begins in next half hour and live reports start at 5. 4:12, also ahead, like something out of a movie, theei work done right here in our backyard to keep the world safe from an asteroid. plus, a sinking feeling, literally. >> uh-oh. >> we're taking you inside a
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luxury apartment complex which has start sinking into the ground. chuck? >> wow. after those two stories it really doesn't matter what the forecast is. for today, cloudy skies have returned. no more 70s for a while, everybody. rain chances are going up, up, up. grab the umbrella before y t leave hhis all tyson any'tizers chicken, is raised with no antibiotics ever. [ music winding down ] they're a great decision for snacktime. allowing the band to practice at your house... not a great decision. keep it real. keep it tyson any'tizers.
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. a new luxury apartment complex near clemson university isn't all it's cracked up to be. take a look. students had to be evacuated after it startedsinking. the first signs ofrouble cracking floors and foam-filled toilets. ti, no. l the issue isre solved, people living there haveeen moved to hotels.
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yeah, that does not look okay. >> no. >> you right away need to get t. >> noquestions, right? just go. >> and a sinking apartment, an tire building is a rare issue, much more common one for renter's hold. d.c. council is considering legislation to provide new relief peopleealing with that problem. yesterday council chairman mendleso introduced a measure to close a gap in d.c. enforcement. the move comes after a news 4 i-team investigation found that d.c. has laws requiring landlords to repair lord, no agency is in charge of issuing citations. also on the council's agenda, fast-tracking a bill to make sports betting legal in the district. you may be able to place bets on games onour phone by spring. theyant to award the contrac for sports betting to the same company that runs the d.c.
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lottery. separate from that contract, d.c. sports venues c also offer legal betting. last week caps and wizard's owner says he hopes to start taking bets at capital one arena byapril. it's like something spragt out of a sci-fy movie. >> news 4 chris gordon explains how it will work and who is behind the research. >> reporter: thisnimation shows the devastating damage that can be can caused by an asteroid crashing to earth. a team at the jops hopkins university applied physics building a s spacecraft to test whether they can hit an asteroid in space throwing it off c enough to miss the earth. >> every now and again when i'm feeling a little feisty, i say that my je is to s the world. most of the time i say i work on nasa missions. this time i'm working on the dark mission thats going to
4:18 am
move an asteroid. >> dart stands for the double asteroid redirection test. >> really like shooting darts. we're trying to just m the asteroid out of the way. >> reporter: the applied physics lab has been launching spacecraft since 1959. they are now designing and building the one that will be used in the dart mission with launch scheduled for june of 2021. reporting from laurel, chris gordon, news 4. ♪ >> no surprise that was chuck's idea to do that. >> it was great. i saw it in the paper yesterday. i'm like, wow, we're really t working os stuff. that's pretty cool. going toof cool, yeah, be a lot cooler today than yestery. 74 degre for a record high yesterday at national weairport. e fallen quite a bit, already down more than 30 degrees since then, all the way down to 43 here in washington this mornin not much of a wind, so not much
4:19 am
pf a wind chill, so temperatures -- k in mind, this is still not even close to average for february. our average temperature in the morning now should be belowzi fr. so, we're starting off with temperatures running 10 to 15 av degrees aboveage, but this time of the day you don't get to appreciate it as much. your planner then for today,io pr little, if anything, in t way of sunshine today. the clouds and the arriving rain chances will keep afternoon highs tay some 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. most of today's rain chance comes in about the time in the afternoon commute gets starte y thereou can see all that moisture out across the ohio valley. we're still rain free for now, but the rain is not far away. let me show you future weather here and walk you through it. expect a cloud day. if you're going to get any sun at all, it's going to be before 10:00 in themorning. by noon, chances of rain move into the west virginia mountains. first drops in thend sheh valley between noon and 2:00. first drops around the d.c. metro area 3 and 5:00 p.m. this first round of rain moves out. it will remain cloudy and not
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too cold overnight. for tomorrow, another little chance for rain during the morning commute and just a peek or two of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. promises one more relatively mild afternoon, 64 tomorrow. friday's high near 62 degrees about lunch time but nearratures will fall from 60 into the 30s by friday evening and will be much, much colder around here just in time for the weekend. melissa? good wednesday morning. >> it is wednesday. don't tell me it's tuesday. wednesday, one day closer to the weekend. just getting information abo that, marl borrow, between 4 and forestville road, we have a poli investigation. 're making calls right now. traffic the not go inbound because of that closure. southbound 295, suitland parkway, left lane getting by. 270 looks okay. 270 looks okay. one right lean
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your detergent, stain removers, and odor fighters all fit, in the palm of your hand. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1t. it's got to be tide. >> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. welcome back, 4:23. recently the united ways financial empowerment centers in our area have becree a resource for anyone looking for a job. >> news 4 justin finch is woing for you with how you can take advantage of the services offered and take control of your finances. >> shoulder to shoulder, brothers heath and hoyt.
4:24 am
hoyt worked weeks without pay. heath the program directorcior the fin empowerment center in lar goe. >> i'm a dedicated federal employee. i was private sector most of my life, and i have been within the federal system, the government system, for six years now. i'm happy. >> reporter: happy but hit hard by weeksf tough choices and belt tightening. 35 days off work, two paychecks missed, it will takeo a while bounce back. >> we have to plan for food. h have to plan for clothing. we alsoe children in my household who are in school and colle, so ion't want to stop saving money to pay everyday expenses. >> reporter: that ledhoyt to his brother's workplace, a financial way empowerment center at prince georges college. one in four of the d.c. metro
4:25 am
area. heath offers this advice to his brother and anyone looking to invest in their futures. >> pay forhe most important items in the budget first, your household shorsd come you should pay any other important bills. you should be ableo navigate this situation with creditors and with other companiesho you mayo money to. >> reporter: he also advises clients to think beyond their primary incomes. >> folks may want to set upn emergency fund and have three to six months worth of income set up. folks should also consider having at least $1,000 in the bank. folks should also consider a second stream of income, a side job, something they can do to itne their skills. >> reporter: everytion is different, heath says. that's why the empowerment centers offer one on one financial counselling and encourages anyone with financial planning questions to take advantage. justin finc news and this reminder that the c
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united ways fil empower centers offer help at no cost. >> find a center near you by searching the nbc washington app. coming up, a new law to protect children from intity theft could be putting them at even more risk. consumer alert you should know about. pl> cost us a family member. , dog food blamed for the death of a beloved pe new details on expanding dog food recall next at 4:30. >> dog-walking forecast for today, kachew available for adoption. i love the cow-like paint job he has there. cute puppy dog 5 years old. still many good years of good dog-walking for him. tempy,atures to upper 50s, low 50s at most with rain moving in. better get those extra long better get those extra long walksone this d
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>> announcer: news 4 today starts now. members of congress, the state of our union is astrong.
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strong united states, that is the message president trump in histed last night second state of the union, and not surprisingly, it was a speech applauded by his party and criticized by his opponents. we'll share more of what he had to say and what it could mean for another partial government shutdown. that's coming up in just a moment. good morning,yo ev, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. before we get back to your news on this wednesday, aklet's a live look outside. we hope you enjoyed yestery's -- glorious. >> okay. >> it was. >> it was ghoers you apparent glorious taste of spring. >> yes. >> we'll have another one today, except in the formf rain, rather than high temperatures. >> any time we can get above 07 in february, rit? chuc bell is here to fill us in. ia know meligrees with me. >> i do. >> glorious? >> s. >> ah! >> you know what, even if we only have it for one day, it's worth it to have that because it was


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