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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> and qn governor northam appears publicly again. >> news 4's live team coverage now.s the issues of racism, sexual assault a h consene dominated american politics in recent years now they' weighing heavily on the three highest office holders invirginia, all at the same tim time. >> the political crisis in the today when attorney herring admitted he dressed up in blackface when he was 19 years old. today he said the shame of that moment has hauntede for decades. also today the woman accusing lieutenant gov justin fairfax of forcing her to perform oral sex in 2004 released a more detailed statement what she remembers from that day. fairfax calls her account painful and says he has never
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ne anything like what he suggests. all this happening on the fourth day in a row in which we have not seen o heard from governor ralph northam. >> our team coverage begins with news 4's julie carey live in richmond. >> reporter: within the las hour we ha heard the first call for democratic attorney general mark herring to resign, he comes from the republican party of virginia. they s because mark herring himself had called for governor northam to resign over his disclosureor blackface mark herring should do the same. all that seemed to be in question tonight as he started this day facing members of the legislative black caucus telling them about a big mistake he says has haunted him for many years. the impact of the latest revelation evident in the reaction of state senator louis lucas. normally a forceful voice of the black caucus, she was ov whelmed as he left the
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capitol surrounded byok reporte g for comment. she was barely able to get out a few words. >> and just can't talk right now. >> reporter: t latest bombshell came this morning when attorney met with members of black caucus to talk about like governor lph northam he once appeared in blackface. he said it happened when he was a 19-year-old college student back in 1980. in a statement of apology the attorney general writes although the shame of that moment has haunted me for decades and although my disclosure of it nom pains mesely, what i am feeling in mow way compare tuesday the it betrayal and shock virginians of deep color have been feeling. it was just days gow ethat fellow democrat n ralphtham first apologized for this racist photo on h med school yearbook page and later said it wasm not n the costumes.
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but admitted he panltinted his e to mimic michael jackson. very difficult situation. i'm just trying to figure out yhe facts. i've personaot called for anybody's resignation. i don't plan to. just needs to learn what's going on and ask people not to rush to judgment.ow let's settle and try to be consistent in our approach. >> reporter: others promising they can and will keep working in spite of adistraction. >> i'd like to think our government is lot more resilient than one or twor three scandals that might be happening on any given day. >> reporter: but troublinghe tis in richmond's capitol. you can see the attorney general's full statement of apology on the nbc washington app. he resigned from his leadership position as cochair on the democratic attorney general's association.
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also in richmond tonight and continuing our live team coverage. >> we're talking about the governor and two men who would have been on the list to replace him in just a couple of years. now they're all fighting for their polical futures. >> reporter: it really is hard to overstate the impact of it scandals surrounding virginia's top three elected officials. thet is sng that has stirred a lot of conversation about the line of succession here. what would if one of these men were forced to rign as a result of what's going on here. governor northam has said he isu going to con serving as long as he can govern. if he did step down, lieutenant governor justin fairfax would replac him. if fairfax was not able to serve it would then go to attorney general mark herng. if all three are forced out it goes to kirkox from the hampton roads area. and according to it constitution if cox is unle to serve then the house of delegates t would
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ha fill that vacancy. mark warner and tim kaine both former governors here in virginia as well, they called for governor northam to resign after theutscandal a the yearbook photos, the racist photos about governor northam came to light. within the last hour senatore kaas also made some statements. he's addressed these new allegations against both lieutenant governofairfax and attorney general herring. he dido not call for them resign. >> from friday to now it's been one bit of bad news to the next and it's been shocking. you have to let anyone with a sexualla assault decide how and when to tell their story. and you shouldn't prejudge it before they do. until i rdhe story dr. tyson was not out telling her own story, and now i've read that statement, okay, it's very serious. he is in very significant dialogue with theve legisla black caucus.
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i'm certainly not in a position to tell them how they should or shouldn't feel about this. but i amnt deeplyested how they feel about this. so those are conversations i'll certainly be having. >> reporter: now, senator kaine says he does need more time to make a decision whether he would ask forieutenant governor fairfax or the attorney general to step down or if he thinks that should happen. in the meantime he is standing by his call for ther gover ralph northam to step down. while the rest of us wait to see iat the next sho to drop. >> it's hard to imagine what was coming next. reporting live from richmond, thank you, aaron. and he will stay on this story and be live in richmond tomorrow morning on news 4 today. tune in fr let's turn from these clouds of controversy to t traditional kind. the kind gathering on your radar. you can see all that rain there radar.m team 4 that stuff is moving in tonight. >> for the next couple of hours
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we've got a chance for someow activity out there. you can see what's happening. we've got one little wave coming through the area right now. most of this in through the be way. fairfax county, montgomery county and the only exception southern maryland not seeing much yet. that's wave number one. wave number two back to the west, and watching this frontal boundary to see exactly where it moves tomorrow. expecting to move north, and take a look at temperatures to our south -- let me go back the way. we're at 44 degrees right now in hagerstown, but look at richmond, 66. winter milwauke winter makes a big come back for friday and into the weekend. one year ago at this time coverage of the "state of the union" address was overshadowed because the fbi and white house were butting heads. a controversial memo from house
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republicans cast doubt on the justice department's handling of the russia investigation. fbi directoris chrpher wray took the seemingly rare step of publicly denouncing the document. while one year later democrats are in charge of thehouse, and their investigations into the russia matter are only getting started. president trump used part of his speech last night to warn them to back up. susan mcginnis ig track the fall out. >> this threat was not veile at all. the president being very clear to c gress, keep up with thes investigations, and you will have trouble passing legislation. esident trump today praising his "state of the union" speech. >> the speech i think has been very well received. in some cases incredibly well reteived. >> rep his calls for unity -- >> together we can break decades of political alemate. >> reporter: -- tested as negotiators from both barties try t a february 15th deadline to work out a deal on
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border security and avoid another government shutdown. while democrats have so far insistedhey'll offer no money for a wall, negotiators sounded cautiously optimistic. >> we're hopeful. goodone is >> i spoke with senator shelby. comed him whatever you all to an agreement on, bipartisan agreement, i will support.ep >>ter: the president remained firm on a wall last night. today the white house sounded at least willing to listen. >> if we want to see what they negotiate, obviously we're giving congress a chance. >> reporter: but the president asserted deals with coness might only be possible if lawmakers stop investigating hia adminion. >> if there is going to be peace and legislation there cannot be war and investigation. >> we are not going to be intimidated or threatened by the president to h withd any legislative advancement. >> reporter: today the president fired back at hou intelligence chair adam schiff. >> he's just a political hack
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who's trying to build a name for himself. it's called presidential ra ment. >> reporter: the committee is moving forward with its investigations. and the president heads to the border on monday for a rally in el paso, texas. >> thank, san. the fbi and federal prosecutors are going to be taking a bigger role in investigating violent shootings and murders in the district. the u.s. attorney a tounced todat hundreds of local cases will now be tried in federal court. but news 4's mark seagraves reports that moveould create some problems for the courts. crime scenes like this aremi be all too familiar across the district. the u.s. attorney for the district today with mayor bowser and chief newsome today. >> particularly the recent increase in homicides, which is quite frankly completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the new plan includes prosecuting some gun charges known as felon and
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pusegp possession cases in federalur rather than d.c. superior court. targeting cases where convicted felons bac on the streets are caughti usingn illegal gun while there would be more resources to investigate these cases, shifting them to federal courts puts a heavy burd on the public defender'sce of there are only about ten attorneys and three investigators handling federal cases, compared to2 attorneys and 24 investigators assigned to local court cases. the amecan civil liberties union calls the move to federalize and prosecute some crimes a slap in the face d.c. residents. the council chair is among council members who also think it's a bad. id >> i think that it's a lot of drama with ltle effect. >> reporter: during today press conference, liu, the district's top prosecutorli dd to say
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whether she feels safe walking the streets of d.c. >> again,t's hardo generalize. but i think what we all need to do is ask the community to join with us in doing is collabora with law enforcement and with the mayor's administration to make this city as safe as possible. we're staying on top of the breaking news coming out of virginia tonight. >> the crisis in the commonwealth now surrounding the top three democrats in thee. st live next with some perspective on what's ahead. plus bomb sniffing dogs trained locally sent around the world to help other countries prevent terror attacks. but a local whistle-blower tells news 4's i-t
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they are american heroes on four legs. bomb detecting k-9s trained and tested in northern virginia and then sent across the globeo fight terrorism. >> our investigation fromur news 4 i-team is raises questions about some of t se dogs after they leave our country. >> as our scott macfarland discovered there are multiple inquires whether the state department is doing enough to make sure these well trained dogs are well cared for overseas.r: >> reporte terror attack targeting a place americans travel. five killed as gunmen stormed a hotel in the nation of mali. but before t death toll climbed higher mali police fought back, police trained by th u.s. state department. >> the one thing we learned in 9/11 is the fact we need partners >> reporter: frank taylor is describing the agency's
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anti-terrorism assistance program or ata. m created in 1983 the prog teaches more than 150 other nations including mali how to fight terror. >> we wanted to make sure they had world class capability globally. >> reporter: that capality includes 100 bomb sniffing k-9s provided by the state department to countries like jordan. as shown in this vid posted pie the u.s. embassy there. this gift the u.s. gives, do you think it's saved lives? >> oh, i woulde surprised if it hasn't, absolutely. >> reporter: jerry firestein says americans provide the k-9s an training to improve relations with those countries and helps protect americans everywhere. >> the dogs arepfabulous. >>ter: which is why it's so striking to hear this. are you concerned some of those dogs are not well cared for? >> i know some of those dogs are not well cared for. >> reporter: karen was a veterinarian at the k-9 validation center in winchester, virginia, a job she loved untilh received warnings from foreign contacts that some of the dogs overseas were being er
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rked. >> their not being fed properly. they're not receiving flea and tick preventative -- flea a tickiseases are rampant and can actually kill a dog. >> reporter: she also provided a photo the i-team could not de ndently verify that she says depicts underweight animals in that country's care. >> unfortunately, we're sending dogs to an area of w theld that has a lot of poverty and doesn't always see dogs or animals fhe that matter way we do in the united states. >> reporter:lowing the whistle filing an internal complaint with the state department detailing a series of allegationsntgainst the ctor that helps run the program as well as concerns the dogs weren't properly being cared for overseas. a complaint she b tieves led her firing. you said something about the dogs and you were fired? >> correct.
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>> reporter: the contractor running that winchester facility declined an interview with the i-team, citing a confidentiality agreement with the state department. but court filings show they reject and deny any retaliation claims. ourun review karen isn't the only one, though, witce cs about the state department k-9s. the u.s. house oversight committee launched a review asking the state department to hand over all agrments with resippantsiants of the dogs. and "this is us" yoostate departmentnsctor general tells news 4 it's launched it's own rel view of the health and welfare of the overseas protection k-9s. thembassy of jordan has not yet respond today the i-team's squiries. kares she hopes the reviews will lead to better standards of care for the four legged heroes. >> if we're going to gift a dog to a country we need to make
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re they're taken care of >> see says she just wants the federal government to impose tougher oversight of the dogs once they leave u.s. control. thenvestigations into the welfare are ongoing. and we will keep watching and keep you posted. >> doesn't seem like that that's asking too much, taking care of those dogs. thank you,if scott. ou have a tip for our news 4 i-team head to our nbc washington app and search investacations. now to the breaking news we've been covering all lican partythe rep of virginia now calling for attorney general mark herring to resign over his admission today that he dressed inkfble while he was in college. and lieutenant governor justin fa fairfax issuing now a third denial sexually assaulted a woman in 2004 after she came forward a more graphic and detailed account of what >> while all this plays out we haven't seen or heard from governor ralph northam who's dealing with his own scandal involving a racist pho in his
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med school yearbook. >> and it's hard just to keep i- all all the details straight. tom, the tom three elected officials in virginia all involved in scandals. can you think of anything that compares with this? >> no, i've asked a lot of reporters and other politicians that just could not imagine how this has unfolded so quickly inm just ater of days. we can report the richmond times dispatch newspaper is repor that lieutenant governor fairfax has hired the same law firm that represented brett kavanaugh in those supreme court hearings. >> really? >> so this is quite seriousnaor the lieu governor just as it is for all three of these democrats and none of u any record of how this has happened before. >> we just sai going i here we haven't seen or heard from ralph northa since the weekend. in a strange way is what happened today going to work out to be good for him sph.
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>> well, the confusion has allowed governor northp the one thing he want which is more time his he says he does not want to resign and be known as a t raci fo rest of his life. but the republicans as i reported on the 5:00 show, they're cling on the attorney general to resign. kirk cox who is the hou speaker for the republicans, he represents a partf e richmond suburbs, he would become the governor if all thr had to step down. he's a republican. he's said this has been an embarrassment for the state ofi virg he's praying for the state because of all this, and the sexual allegations of the lieutenant governor demand more investigation. >> we know the state's been through a lot over the past few years, decades -- >> they're in the midst of important statewide elections, and this is not something tha anyone would have expected to happen. and the way it's unfolding,
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standby for the next shoe. >> you can't make this stuff up >> it's really tough for the people who love their state and the democratic party.t' and a mess all around as tom davis told me. >> we'll he more team coverage coming up at 6:30. still to come tonight a new report critical of speed cameras in local work zones. what it means if you get ticket from one of those camerao and hocan challenge it. and the rain has arrived. and the rain has arrived. more to come bore theef
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and the rain has arrived. more to come bore theef (music throughout) all right, doug's here with
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another look at the forecast. we've fought ragot rain moving . >> in there now. if you walk outside -- >> i have not been next to a window in a while. >> that's what happens when you work, you're not able to see. we're down to about half an hour. just a little tip. out there right now what are we dealing with? well we've got the rain. take a look outside and you can see kind of a nasty looking shot here. some shower activity making its way through the d.c. metro area right now. 52 degrees. not going to drop all that much. as a matter of fact, we may drop and go back up by around 11:00 tonight because much warmer temperaturesesff to the right now cool to theor. and that 70 decrease we saw yesterday is well south of trying to move back. here's it rain. right now you can see it's
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aerial wide. just about over, though, back towards 81. around 301 bac towards 95 and back towards 270 and 66 all dealing with the rain right now. this is from one wave moving on through. we've got another one back towards the w this one's coming our way as well. but there's some very warm air t associated wits one. it's still in the 60s in most of kentucky, even though you've g the rain in those locations and thearmer air moves in tomorrow. bust outforecast at 53. of it daydo think mos is i cannot rule out a shower tomorrow, but most of the day is dry, probably do not to take the umbrella with you. 61 degrees as you're picking up the kids. friday, a lot different. fray 59 degrees, turning colder. and by that i mean 59 to start the day. you'reoing to walk outside and think, hey, i don't even need to take the coat. but definitely take it because the time you're coming home mrom dinner obe heading to
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dinner, wind chills will be in the 20s and 30s. dropping to9 for saturday morning. 39 for a high on saturday. and then tracking next monday and tuesday, watching this scenario play out very, very closely to see what kind of weather we can expect here're we get a bit warmer towardst the d of nek. back to our top story, the trifecta of scandalsffecting virginia's three top office holders. cameras in work zones, you may have gotten a ticket from one of these cameras i maryn
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back to our top story at 6:30, the political crisis in virginia, the three elected officials now invoed in scandals. >> different scandals, the most recent of them coming today. from attorney general mark herring admitted to wearing ackface at a party in 1980. lieutenant governor fairfax relenting a new state denying he sexually assaulted a woman back in 2004. and governor ralph northam has not i appeared public since taking responsibility for the racisthoto in h yearbook. and the latest on the accusation againsthe lieutenant governor. erika? >> just this afternoon a statement was released from the law firm representing dr. vanessa tyson, the woman accusing virginia's lieutenant governor ofexual assault. dr. tyson describes in graphic
6:31 pm
detail an encounter she said she had with justin fairfax at the democratic national convention back in 2004 inboston. it began with what she described as a consensual kiss but turned more. quote, i cannot believe given my obvious distress that mr. fairfax thought this forced sexual act wasconsensual. ag be very clear, i did not want to e in oral sex with mr. fairfax and never gave my consent, end quo. just thi evening the lieutenant governor released a new statement of his own reading in quote, i take the situation very seriously and contin to believe dr. tyson should be treated with respect, but iee cannot a to a description of events that simply is not true. and he went onto say reading dr. tyson's account is painful aat e wishes for the best.on on mday the lieutenant
6:32 pm
governor told reporters the encounterwa happened before h married and was consensual. >> does anybody thi it's any coincidence that on the eve of potentially my being elevated that's when this uncorroborated smearom out does anybody believe that's a coincidence? >> meanwhile online supporters of dr. tyson are usi theel hashtag, ive vanessa on social media. i want to again remind youa news 4'sto in richmond ght, so look for his live reports tomorrow morning on news 4 today. ontother news now it's been less than two weeks since federal employees went back two after a longest government shutdown in u.s.istory. right now there are few signs of progress to avoid another stalemate and another shutdown. in fact, tax experts are urging americans to file their taxesre beext friday if they're counting on getting threfund. 's because next friday is
6:33 pm
when government funding runs out against for departments affected by the last shutdown including thers i. and local lawmakers tolders they're cod what they did not hear in the "state of the union" last night. >> i didn't hear a reference to federaernment employees or contractors who suffered through the longest shutdown in history yee the president trump. >> , you'd never know 800,000 federal workers or an ual number of federal contract employees were furloughed for 30 day. >> he can't say anything good about federal workers unless he lies about them and says they shutsden in the first place. >> lawmakers also agreeic repus do not appear to have an appetite for shutting down the government again. what seemed like a hit-and-run in the district is now a case of murder. just a short time ago police put out this image of an suv with virginia plates vxu, 2544. this is in connection with this
6:34 pm
case. we're told early tay morning a man got into a loud argument with a man who was on the a neighbor says at one point the driver threatened toill the pedestrian. the fight escalated andwe allia to cross at fourth and t-streets. the driver apparently ran him down and then drove off from t scene. d.c. police now say they've made an arrest in connection with a brazen bus stop shooting. officers arrest the 30-year-old and charged him with assault and possession of a firearm. on monday four people were shot and a young girl wasnjured at a bus stop in pennsylvania and minnesota avenue in southeast d.c. chief newsom called the crime an act of brazen violencee if youver gotten a speed ticket in one of those work zones in maryland you may want to listen closely. you may want to challenge theck ti. calling for a new report that shed some light on the problem.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: in a flash a new report detailing some inconsistencies with maryland's work zone speed camera program. >> well, that's not that kind of annoys me. >> specifically a report from the state office of legislativ audits showing that for most of 2017 maryland state highway administration did not adequately monitor the maryland safe zones program vendor. now, according to this report ngere were 18 work zone cameras like this one duhe time that the audit was performed. but ten of those sites did not have the proper inspections. >> that's wt people have been saying about radar cameras for decades, that they're not calibrated, they're not accurate. >> reporter: a speedm camera prog meant to program highway workers. the speed limit is 55 miles an hour but go 12 miles over thed spmit and you'll automatically be issued a ticket. >> any dealing with speed cameras is a sensitive tr:ic.
6:36 pm
>> reporraig zucker joining us via face time. he led this auditre showing t was a lack of documentation showing requirements were being met. things like a trained operator w being presenth the cameras and road signage showing photo enforcement was in use. during this audit tens of thousands of tickets were issued. >> if drivers felt they got faulty tickets, they can always challenge. reporter: but he's been assured the cameras were calibrated properly. for some drivers who have tickets, speed camera this is all the more reason to question them. would you ever challenge a ticket? >> yeah, i have. ae coupl of times. coming up next, more troubles plaguing the metro silver line extension. why an overnight track test was a big bust. i and neighbo one county say they think lower speed limits will make roads f saferor children that play there.
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gut local lawmakers say they can't do anythntil a state law changes. and we've got one area of rain toming through area right now. more shower activity back towards the west. but showers, not the biggest part of thiec ft. i'll show you what is. we're back in just a few minutes. also, we're watching breaking news out of san francisco. lives picture now of what appears to be asi gas exp. the flames have been shooting out of the ground near the university of san francisco. no inj ♪ -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning.
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developing tonight the first step of the next silver linete ion didn't go exactly as planned for metro. news 4ransportation reporter adam tuss broke this story on twitter. he's learned the test cars only madet about 100 feet before-
6:40 pm
the extension isn't supposed to open until 2020 at the earliest. tn speed limit some residential streets in montgomery from 25 miles per hour tos 15 mier hour. some rez dnlts of the county say commuters are speeding down nary roads putting kids, cyclists ans pedestrian in danger. a bill beingonsidered in annapolis would allow them to more easily reduce speed limits streets.ntial right now maryland law prohibits municipalities from change their speed limits bel25. >> and it's kind of crazy we don't have the ability to do that becausete under sta law every residential street has to be at least 25 miles an hour. >> aaa says speed limits should not be changed without a traffic and safety engineering study. a hearing ons that bill i set for valentine's day. workinow for your health you may have heard the theory
6:41 pm
hatn higher educatiomight protect you from dimensionsa. t a new report says a diploma won't slow or delay the process. studying 3,000 old alts. they found education level had little impact on memory problems. higher education could come in handy, however. researchers say that cognitive decline would begin from a much higher of brain function for those who studied longer. up next at 6:00, new questions about howpa pd american sailors are for life on the high seas. how equipment failures and schedule concerns may be putting lives at rick. lives at rick. plus rain moving in for us
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k to our top story tonight. all about the three men leading the common welt of virginia. attorney general mark herring said to pea in closeti convers with the legislative black caucus about his admission that he dressed in blackface while he was in college. virginia republicans are calling are herring to resign because he called ierestovernor ralph northam's resignation over a similar story. >> lieutenant governor justin fairfax said the story told today b dr. vanessa tyson is painful to him. he says he'selling the truth and has nothing to hide. and governor ralph northam still staying out of the public eye. gary hogan called on northam to resign sing he can no longer be an effective leader. if northam, fairfax and hering
6:45 pm
all w to resign virginia's house speaker kirk cox who's a republican is next in line to be governo governor. let's turn now to an investigation into two deadly collisions on sea. >> tonight the father of onef those sailors is talking to nbc's tom costelloe. this investigation recovered some pretty starting information. >> we' talking about the uss fitzgerald in june of 27, seven sailors died. and then two months later the uss mccain. we saw ten sailors killed there. and what's interesting is there's common threads through all of this. according to our reporting partners at propublica. critical pieces of equipme had failed, including radar. they couldn't even see all of the ships surrounding them, and this is one of the most critical
6:46 pm
and busiest shipping zones in the entire world. they didn't have enough people onboard. they only had 270 sailors. they needed0. they didn't have enough sailors onboard to hold watch on both sides of thesh . as a result one sailor running back and forth between both sides of the ship trying to keep watch. the junior officer was the ship officer on the deck at the moment. because it was 1:30 in the morning the captain was asleep.g she accor to the report did not understand basic nautical rules of the road, and when this happened when she saw a collision ntimmi she failed to call the captain, she ran back and forth on the bridge saying we're effed, we're effed, never hit the colli on avoidance warning. i talked about all of this with a local sailor's parent. xavier martin who was killed onboard that ship, his father was darrell martin. he talked to me today. >> none of those sailorsn hould
6:47 pm
have blowed to sail on that ship. it was not fit to be out there. it was not fit for assignment. i'm so angry because, you know, my kid didn't make it. he didn't make it. for something senseless as that. >> yeah, one of the 17 sailors in total between those two ships who didn't make it. the navy has said they've responded. they trying to improvein tg, improve rest time, get their ships fixed, getqu thement fixed. but just yesterday two more navy ship collided off the coast of florida. thankfully, nobody injured. but according to many experts they've got systemic problems here with a military and navy that is completely overstretched, and they need help. >> it's not just one issue here. it's not just one thing that's going wrong. >> cascading failures. >> a recipe for disaster essentially. >> and many of the things that went wrong the fitzgerald,
6:48 pm
hent wrong in some way two months later on mccain. >> all right, more of tom costello's reporting on c's lester holt right after this broadcast. and doug is back now rthmorally with more of thatn that's moving in. behind it tomorrow is warmer a. but you're right aboutay the frnto saturday thing. especially if you've got dinner plans. dinner plans? >>no. are you asking? r out there right now we're looking at then coming in through the area. into the emperature 50 40 to see the north and that rain continues to make its way through here during the rush. you'll notice here not much in the way of rain at all. the rain is moving out. this is with the first wave that's coming on in he. the heaviest rain righalong
6:49 pm
50, over towards 66. look at that rain right therech am that's the moderate rain coming through areas. now, this is one wave that's moving on through here. we've got another one back wards the westomorrow. that's going to help to bring temperatures up. right now we're at 52 we did see a high of 58 a bit earlier today, but it was definitely a lot cooler than it was yesterday after that 74, beautiful degrees we saw yesterday afternoon. winds out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. that southwest wind is goingo lp bump temperatures up, and they may actually start going up tonight. look at the temperature difference here. 13 drees between hagerstown and down around charlottesville. we do get in on thearmer air as that next system moves in. this system going to become a very big story. kansas city under an ice storm atrning. s about the worst kind of weather you could have. and that whole system is making
6:50 pm
its way our way. but you notice the southerly flow here. that's why i we will geto some warmer air tomorrow, and you can see what i'm talng ability. 52 d.c. 66, though, down around richmond. lexington at 61. that's the warmer air that comes on in here,hynd that's i'm going for a high tomorrow aff62 degrees. staying cloudy and warmer tomorrow. and it'll possible still be a little cooler in our northern zones and points to the north. down to the south definitely on especially if we get some sunshine down in our southern zones, that'll be really nice to see. friday, we're goingo see the front come through. we may get to 59, but that will be around 70, 8:00. winds gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour. falling temperatures during the windnd look at the chills. in the 20s and 30s by the time we're heading out and coming back for dinner.
6:51 pm
waking up to 39 in the city on o saturday, suburbs even colder. and again storm watching, monday and tuesday. two separate systems. how are they going to come together? is there enough cold air in place to give us more sno than ice? that's something i'll pea track frg the next couple of days. but right n all eyes on friday and that b change from that nice spring like weather back into winter. coming up, the wizards back on the court a we're hearingnd [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look".
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thank you for flying turkish airlines. taxi! you waiting for someone? taxi! no. just... looking. firsthing's first, has any other d.c. athlete hurt their leg in anyway since last w spoke. >> knock on wood not that we've heard of and we are going to hopefully keep it that way. the news of the injury really a gut punch according to head coach tonight.
6:55 pm
and this is our first time to hear from the team since learning he ruptured his achilles after slipping and falling at home. it wizards taking the floor early todayewo a reality. almosts two full seasthout john wall. rupturing his achilles after already having thery sur branden beil continuing to be the team leader in his absence. now going to need to do that l lotger and the news shocking him. >> it's definitely, that's tough kill, becausean he' elite person. >> it's a brother hood in our locker room and it's not easy. and i told the guysmahis morning sure you continue to stay in touch. you know, it's tough when you're hurt. you're not around especially the first couple of three weeks you're not around. but it's very important for our
6:56 pm
franchise going forward. >> and tip offset at 8:00 tonight. now, today is the day high nchool students dream off. seniors ann where they'll be playing in college. this the next step in their careers and all that hard work paying off for those students and their families who have supporte them all the way. ten kids signing their letter of intent today including receiver safety hellums. yd there's ple of support from their classmate including nick cross, a top recruit in tha tion. he did not sign today. still takingis time t make that decision. but for the guys who did, they're happyhe moment is finally here. >> guys i've looked up to, guys i've worked behind, and it's a great feeling my time has com to, you know, be at the table
6:57 pm
this time instead of in the crowd. >> i've dreamed of this my whole life. i started playing football at the age of 4 and id pra to god i had the opportunity to be at the next level. >> worow cannot express i feel right now. it was a long hard road. he's been playing sports since he was 4 years old, and to make it to this day, i only thank god for this blessing. 's going forward, accomplished his wildest dreams and i'm just happy. >> thatr the big moment maryland football program four star quarterback lce committed to the turf. he's a dual threat quarterback and made hisnc annent in style. i mean literally. check out that suit. he tweeted committed. this a huge steal for the new head coach.
6:58 pm
and the capitals captain is living his best life on and off the ice. he hit two career milestones last march. and checking off another.he passed former cap ser gay feder rauf to become the top scoring player in nhl history. >> you start playing hockey you have a dream. and now we're number one and it's pretty amazing. i mean, how many players play i the league -- and when you start being number one n in the category list is something special. >> but he's just living, i mean the sun, the cup. >> just tell him to watch his
6:59 pm
legs. thanks for joining us.
7:00 pm
tonight, a shocking turn in the chaos involving the virginia capital after the governor'sacist yearbook photo, then the lieutenan governor facing an allegation of sexua assault. his accuser now speaking out. and the third man in line now adms he once wore blackface in the past. a massive explosion triggering an infernon san francisco. multiple buildings on fire. flames shooting 40 feein the air. a major fire fight under way. the new fallout late today. >> it's called presidential harassment. >> and the fact checks on the border after that state of the union showdown over the wall. a new emergency in venezuela. a critical shipment of aid cut off as the maduro regblocks a bridge entering the country. a stunning


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