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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 7, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EST

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melissmollet is standing by with a check on the roads. let's begin with chuck bell. >> good morninging, mole molette. >> 's nice out. >> not cold at all. the cold will be here for the weekend. but thursday and friday will n be that cold at all. there's a lot of clouds out this morning. don't plan on a bright and sunny day. the temperatures will be in the 40s this morning. there are rain drops down into southern maryland this morning. at just about any time, you couldhet hit w light rain or mist or some drizzle. not expecting a lot of precipitation to come down today. temperatures in the 40s to near 50 degrees this morning. colder up across northern maryland. bus stop weather, plan on d-40s with drizzle around this morning. might need a tinyel um. cloudy, outdoor recess, a possibility today. there's a chance for a peek of sunshine later today.
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don't count on a lot. you'll need a jacket, a hat and a small umbr dla. threes in a row, the daily grade is a c-minus. >> i don't like that. thanks, chuck. mclean right now, westbound georgetown pike after a gefficult run br a tree across a road. car into a ditch. not sure wha is blocked. we'll find out for you and tell you. if you have to avoid that because of the two lanes there. nokesville, 28, between fitzwater drive and vint hill. alexandria, outer loopfter van dorn street. two right lanes are blocked there. and inbound suitland parkway, with a crash at firth sterling. from bad to worse, the commonwealth of virginia has gone from controversy to battling a full-fledged political crisis. all three meneang the state are embroiled in scandal. and what happens next is
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anyone's guess. >> ralph northam faces calls to resign. among thosete demanding he sp down, "the washington post." northam has denied he is in ast ra medical school yearbook photo but admitted to putting on ieackface during a school party. >> hisutenant governor, justin fairfax, is denying assault allegations from dr. vanessa tyson during the 2004 democratic convention. her painful account was made public yesterday. >> and now, innaacp is calling on attorney general mark herring to resign, after he admitted he dressed in blackface when he was in college. >> the news about herring apickly spread through the virginiaol and left many democrats shaken. louiseas lucas visibly distaught, as reporters tried to get her to comment on what she just learned. lucas told reporters, you will hear from me later. inside the halls of the statehouse, more confusion. >> a difficult i'situation. trying to figure out the facts. i personally have not call ld
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r anybody's resignation. i don't plan to. i need to learn what is going on and ask people not to rush to judgment. >> attorney general herring has devered an apology. he issued a statement that reads in partme though the s of that moment has haunted me for decades and though my disclosure no pains me immensely, what i am feeling no way compares to the shock and the feeling that virginians of color. are feeli he says this conduct is no way reflective of the man i have become in the nearly 40 years since. the allegations of sexual assault made against justin fairfax are graphic and emotional. dr. vanessa tyson is a college professor and says she ia proud democrat. hasterday, she released in graphic detail wshe says rr occu in 2004. she says a kiss d to the assault. she added that she thinks that fairfax is tryg to brand her as a liar to service his political ambitions. p she said, t, i cannot
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ailieve, given my obvious distress, that thought his forced sexual act was consensual. to be very ear, i never gave any form of consent. and fairfax released a statement that said, i take th situation very seriously and continue to believe that dr. tyson should be treated with respect. but i cannot agree to a description of events that is simply not true. as for ralph northam, his situation hit "the washington post an editorial printed yesterday reads simply -- ralph northam must go. in the case of mr. northam, whaa done cannot be undone. the piecereminds readers he did admit to the storinitially. he backtracked the next day and admitted to dressing in black face at another time. the piece says the backlash on this is noonly on northam but
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the entire state. it calls the damage irreversable and says his resignation is the only way to recover from the matter. the crisis is far from over. beginning in our next half hour, aaron gilchrist will join us liverom richmond with all of the latest developments. and you can read more and see reaction from lawmakers online in the nbc whington app and on ght now, there are very few signs that progress is being made to prevent another government shutdown. >> your taxes before next friday friday if you are counting on getting a refund. that's when funding runs out for the federal government. the president gave no assurances it won't happen in his state of the union address. in fact, local congressional ld lawmakers s, they are concerned that the president made no reference to the workers who were furloughed. >> i didn't hear reference to
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federal government employees or contractors who ffered through the longest shutdown in history due to president trump. >> you would never know that d 800,000 federal workers equal number of contract employees were furloughed for 35 days, losing two paychecks. >> he can't say anything good about federal workers unless he lies and says they all wanted noe shutdown in the first place. >> republicans dappear to have an appetite for shutting down the government again. the deadline for an agreement on border security is next friday. happening today, the president's nominee for attorney general may take a step closer to being confirmed. the senate judiciary committee will vote on the nomination of wiiam barr. democrats critici barr f refusing to release all of bert mueller's robert into the 2016 election. the committee is expected to approve barr's nomination and will go to the full senate for its consideration.
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a student taken into custody and a principal off the job. >> that was the result of an incident in a prince george's county high school. >> justin finch has he is live in springdale. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we understand a portionf this altercation was caught on cell phone but you can bet, there are still a lot of questions about what happened here atwe f high school in springdale. we are getting answers from county police, assell the county schools officials. we do know from police, a 17-year-old boy was involved in this, dismissed from class for beingisruptive. and that principal brown was sent to find him. we donow they met in a hallway, 1:20 or so yesterday afternoon. we know that school officials are now ineystigating. ent a letter home, reading in part, about the hetails . we know based on this letter, there was an alleged physical
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altercation between a student and principal gorman brown. the circles are under investigation. p. brown has beenced on leave until further notice. assistant principal ronald miller will serve as administrator in charge in the interim. back out live, we know from police, there was a school resource officer on-scene who saw this encounter and had to useo pepper spray break up the principal and that student. because that student is a teen, they are a juvenile, and charges are not yet been released. the case, of course, is sti under investigation. we're live here in i'm justin finch, news 4. back inside to you. now, an update to a brazen shooting that happened on monday. it happened at the busiest bus stop in southeast. a 30-year-old opened fire at the bus stop, hitting four men. they first thought a little girl
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was injured by shattered glass h but now say was also shot. all of the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries. prosecutors in the district ll taking a new approach to tackling cases of gun violence. they're being moved to federal court. the mayor made the announcement on wednesday, along with the police chief and the u.s. attorney for d.c. e move is a response to the city's rising murder rate. felons caught with guns will nto be senederal court rather than.c. superior court. as many as 300 cases could fall under this approach to fightin gun violence. the change means there are more investigators to look into the case. >> to find out where the firearms are coming from, how ey the being used and what we can do to prevent further violence. >> critics say this announcement harkens back to the tough talk c rime rhetoric. and that harsher sentences do not work. there's concern that the shift will overload the public
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defender's office, that has many more workers to handle cases in superior court than in federal court. d.c. police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash as a murder. we're hearing from the victim's family this morning. news 4' drew wilder is live in the ledroit neighborhood in northwest d.c. >> reporter: good morning. right now, police have the murder weapon but they don't have the killer. the murde weapon is an suv. we'll walk you through what happened. on tuesday, a man d namediel olaya isalking on the sidewalk near ledroit park. and he is argui with a man in a vehicle alongside of him. the two a arguing loudly, loudly enough to wake up some of the neighbors in this area. wh olaya goes to cross the anreet, the steps on the gas, drives into him, drives over him and kills m. news 4 spoke with his uncle who struggled to put the family's
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grief into words. >> yh. it's -- without an exaggeration, it's literally just killing us right now. >> reporter: police say the driver sped off down 4th street. again, they still haven't found or identified him, just the vehicle, that was used to kill olaya. reporting live in northwest this morning, drew wilder. >> thank you. jt one day after the news that john wall was out for at changes for, more the wizards roster. the team announced they are trading otto porter to the chicago bulls. in exchange, the wizards will be gett porter.i parker and porter is averaging 12 points this the wizards vithe bulls on the road saturday. and he's not the only big trade for d.c. markieff morris is heading down to the pelicans. the wizards will be giviou up a secondnd draft pick.
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in ,enchange the team has acquired wesley johnson. >> a lot of t changes on roster. >> we got whiplash. >> we need the team to be s rebuilt art winning games. >> we need to win. and we need lots of coffee this morning, too. last night was theen annual news bash. it was my first time to going. >> molette was there. messa mollet, myself. a few others here at news 4, including david culver and jim the event raised money for women battling breast cancer. it's the capitol breast care center, the ccbc. this year's special gu speaker, dr. jill biden, the former second lady. they do incrediblek w to get
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women treatment. mammogram they needed or post-treatment care. the emotional support they provide is amazing. >> love the message of sisterhood. and the guys were there, too. >> and thank you for your support, those who came. stillahead, have you recently been cited for speeding in maryland? plus, an app popular for providing directions, under fire from law enforcement. 'll tell you why when we come back. it's never tooar to start thinking about the weekend. it will be dry and colder than today and torrow. i'll detail the timing of any rainhances coming up. c
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a presidency under siege. coming undone. ru donaldmp can't be trusted to govern within the law. and his lies are hurting the country. congress should begin impeachment heings now so they can gather and preserve evidence. n to make sure the americapeople finally get the truth.t abrruption. abuse of power. and obstruction of justice
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we can't afford to wait. it's time to start impeachment hearings. now. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this advertising. you're watching news 4 today. >> this rning, the popular is under fairaze, for digiving away information tt
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police do not want.rivers to kn it is zg app to remove the locations of speed traps. posting the locations helpto cated drivers avoid checkpoints. google owns waze. and says informi iningrivers abt speed traps helpsve d make better decisions on the road. if you received a speed camera ticket in one of the work zones in maryld, you may want challenge it. loser lookss takes a that sheds light on this program. >> reporter: in a flash, a new report detailing inconsistencies with maryland's work z pe speed camegram. >> that's not good. no. that kind of annoys me. >> reporter: specifically a report from the state office of
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legislative audits, showing thao fo of 2017, the maryland state highway administration, did not monitor the safe zone vendor. according to the report, there were 18 work zone ismeras like ne during the time that the audit was performed. but ten of the sites did not have the proper inspections. >> any dling with speed cameras is a sensitive topic. >> reporter: he led this audit, which showed there was a lack of documentation showing that requirements were being t. like a trained operator with the cameras and road signawing that cameras were in use. >> if drivers felt like they got faulty tickets, they can challenge. >> reporter: after some drivers who have received speed camera tickets, this is all the more reason to question them. would you challenge a tick sunset. >> yeah, i have. >> reporter: did you win? ep>> yep. >> rorter: you won? >> a couple times. >> reporter: if you don't want a speed camera ticket, don't speed. along the beltway, adam tuss,
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news 4. >> we put the full report online. ed camera in the nbc washington app. it's time to check on the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. not all bad ghtoday, a little warmer? >> yeah. a little warmer than we've beenl the last c of days. not a bad morning. temperatures are in the 40 toss get your day started. 45 at budulles. 45 in gaithersburg. laoser to 50 south of the city. yourer for today, cloudy skies and an opportunity for a little drizzle around this morning. not really a big rainrihance the day. but i couldn't rule out a quick shower or a period of mdrizzle. yo want to have your umbrella to play it safe. temperatures climbing into the mid-50s. there's a chance we could get above 60 degrees today. it depends on how far north the
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warm front can get here. if you're traveling today, toward chicago or st. louis, could have flight dels there. a big-time ice storm across parts of missouri, arkansas and the tulsa, oklahoma, areas. the warm front is just to our h. so it will do its best to inch its way northward today. the problem we have an east wind at the surface. it's wedging in that cool, damp air from the ocean. thearmer air riding over top of that. that will make clouds fairly thick during the day. if we get that farther north, we will make 60 degrees no problem. future weather gives us a sprinkle or two ofain before 9:00 in the morning. after the sun goes down, the warmeroir does try move in. temperatures will hold steady or go up during the overnight hours tonight. we'll be near 60 near lunchtime
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tomorrow and the 30s late tomorrow evening. a big drop in temperatures. a northwe wind tomorrow up near 30 miles per hour at times. still sunny and breezy. noticeably colder, highs in the 30s on saturday. near 40 o. sund we're keeping an eye on monday, tuesday, for a little rain/snow possibility. ten-day forecast in the next half hour. a check on traffic right now. a check on traffic right now. looking at the beltway. outer loop at van dorn street. because it's so early this morning, not a major impact. wanted to let you know. camp springs, southbound 5. avenue.d branch lanes blocked for an overturned truck. in mclean,estbound georgetown pikeay a tree have been across the road and somebody went into that tree. minor injuries. hopefully they get this out of the way. nokesville, 28 between fitzwatet
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drive and v hill road. y
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you're watching news 4 today. >> the 21st century has brought e out a competitive job market, the likes of whichve never seen before. and people are finding it difficult to find the right career.
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>> news 4's justin finch explains what you should expect on the job hunt and how to stay positive. >> reporter: no doubt, the 21st century job market is full of wn ups and >> if you're in a situation where you feel relatively safe e secure, you never know when there's going toother furlough or downsizing or companies lose contracts. >> reporter: if you're on the fence of making a change, he advises his career-hunting clients to decide what they're after, a career or a job. >> you hate your boss. you hate your job. you're doing it for the paycheck. that's a job. >> reporter: a career is passion, motivation for you to put yourself out there every day and commit to your career search. and you'll have to be persistent. what can you expect your routine to look like day-to-daas you try to find that new opportunity?f >>u're not working, the routine will be standard. you get up and you hit the job boards online. to you're open to calling people
5:25 am
and you know peoplall, you give them a ring. >>eporter: if you are currently working, drew says you may ha to apply to as many as ten open positions daily. there's no guarantee you'll get. respon and when you do, they may not be at you want to hear. m there's going to be a fair amount of rejectiot likely. you have to have the resolve, the attitude, to keep moving forward to not hear anything back. >> stay positive and still follow up. don't get discouraged. but do include building relationships with recruiters, h.r. managers and others who can put you in a company pipeline or wybe into a new position. >> you may not gt you think you want. but sometimes, that extra e-mail will get what you want. based on this skill set or based on that conversation, i like you. >> reporter: a career that could launch a whole new chapter of your life. justin finch, news 4. coming up, expding exercise at school. the kids moving more. get yo it could come at the cost of learning.
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details on that ahead at 5:30. a little cloudiness and drizzle outside this morning. b think today will good for outdoor recess. tomorrow, too, before colder weather returns before the weekend. i have youred exteorecast coming up in the next half hour. plus, more on our t story, crisis in the commonwealth. scandal surrounding tovirginia' three leaders. >> calls for each of them to resign are growing louder. we'll fill you in on the latest. [ music playing ] ♪ here comes the sun you, all of veu. how you what you love. [ laughter ] that's what inspired usam to create ica's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. [ chattering ]
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news 4 today starts now. 5: welcome back. it's on this thursday, oubruary 7th, 2019. we take a live looide this morning. make sure you grab that umbrella before you head out the door. it will be a little drizzly in some points. and cover the hair. >> the hair thing. >> even a little drizzle can mess up the whole day. >> i had my hood on this morning. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm molette green, in for aaron is morning. this morning, thecorisis in the onwealth. virginia is being talked about all over the country this morning.
5:30 am
>>ts top three elected officials are all facing calls to resig dating back decades.s, we're going to check in wh aaron gilchrist in our next half hour. we'll get to the allegations against each of them in a moment. first, to the forecast and a look at the roadng we're g to start with chuck bell before we check in with messa mollet and the traffic. >> a quiet start toy. the day to clouds are been thick through the overnight hours. a little patch or twof light mist and drizzle. nothing really big. but the que of whether or not it's going to continue to do more othe same, s. more drizzle is on the way for your thursday. we're stuck in a rut for today. a lot of clds. t freezing cold or pouring down rain, but not a lot of anything going on. the temperatu raise isnear-60 near fredericksburg and barely
5:31 am
50 in northern maryland. we'll get this taken care of tomorrow when a powerhouse ofco front blows a strong nortest wind and plummeting temperatures tomorrow afternoon. right now, we're in the mid-40s across the area. and your hour-by-hour plan today, keeheng insky. temperatures are slowly inching their way into the mid-50s. more about the temperature tumble tomorrow. a live look here. branch avenue at the youee some of the delays because of the overturned truck. the lanes a blocked there at camp springs outbound at the beltway because of this vehicle. the mapng a slowdown on but that will catch up in a couple of minutes. mclean, gat falls area, after the difficult run bridge. a tree is down and a car is in a ditch. nokesville, lanes are blocked because of a utility pole that
5:32 am
is down. in washington, inbound suitland parkway with a cash in the right lane. now, back to our top story, the crisis in the commonwealth. scandals are deepening for virginia's top leaders. each of these men face career-ending issues. >> the latest you may not t ve heard abrrounds virginia's attorney general. there were calls for mark herring to resign after he admitted to dressing in blackface while in college it happened when he was a 19-year-old college student in 1980. he says he put brown paint on his face and wore a wig to dresp s a wrapper. as soon as theews broke, we saw this. cavibly overwhelmed state senator, louise could not speak to reporters, even. she eventually said, you'll he from me late i can't talk right now. inside the statehouse, other lawmakers tried to make sense of
5:33 am
the latest bombshell. >> listen, i'm shocked and disappointed. this has been an awful week fori rginia. >> warner would not say if he gh thherring should resign. the herring revelation comes after a racist pho surfaced in the medical yearbook of fellow democratic governor, ralph northam. >> this is the photo that shows the man inlackface and another in a kkk outfit. northam denies being in the p oto and has refused to s down despite calls for him to do so. just yesterday, the "washington post" posted an editorial aring he governor to step down. meanwhile, northam's second in command, lieutenant governor justin faiax, continues to deny allegations of sexual assault. his accuser is college professor dr. vanessa tyson. d tyson says that a kiss the 2004 assault. yesterday, she released in graphic detail what she says occurred.
5:34 am
in a statement, tyson went on to say, quote, i cannot believe, given my obvious distress, that mr. fairfax thought this forced sexual act was consensual. virginia senatorenim kaine cod on this matter. >> you have to let someone that has been involved in sexual assault, how to tell the story. until i read the story, n dr. tys not out telling her story. it's serious. >> senat kaine has asked for governor northam to resign. t we'll ha possible line of ccession in the virginia statehouse, coming up in about ten minute new this morning at prince george's county, students at charles herbert flowers high hool will not have their principal in the building today. newss justin finch has been tracking this case thisng mor he joins us live from the school
5:35 am
with the latest. mood morning. >> reporter: gooing. we know two investigations are under way between prince ge ge county public schools and county police. both looking into this clash between a principal and a student here at charleserbert flowers high school yesterday. we know this happened between 1:20 and 1:30 yesterday afternoon. police reporting a17-year-old male student was dismissed from class for beingup dive. and principal brown was sent to track him down. at some time these two met face-to-face in a hallway. and what happened nt, the school sent home a letter to let parents know what happened. there was an aeged physical altercation between a student and principal gorman brown. otheois to note, we do know a portion of the altercation was
5:36 am
caught on cell phone camera. icer wassource o watching this whole thing play out. he used a foam pepper spray on the student to break up the altercation here. also as a minor, this teen's name and word on charges are not being released. live here in springdale.n i'm jus finch, news 4, back inside to you. >> thank you. looking at other top stories. police arrested r-30-yead ron ronal offutt for a shooting that included a littlerl. all of the victims suffered nonlife-threatening ejuries. bowie police department is searching for a man who exposed himself inside of a michael's craft store. this is the suspect,earing a black jacket and gray or white pants. the incident happened on friday, january
5:37 am
michael's store is off of crane highway next to the target. call bowie police if have information on this matter. major changes on the wizards' roster. they have traded porter and morris. ncomes after the wizards announced that j wall will be out for at least anotheryear. coming up, a warning to all women from a soap opera legend. how susan lucci hop her recent health scare can save lives. and slowing down your drive. the county that is csidering lowering speed limits and what can mean for your comitmu
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back at lo39. at this video that is making rounds on social media. a drunk driver, trying to dance hisay through a sobriety test
5:40 am
in florida. after struggling to get out of the car, he lost his balance and danced through a sobriety test. and the police sayewhe driver blhree-times the legal limit d was later arrested. no amount of dancing is going to keep you out of jail for that one. zbl h unbelievable. >> i can't beliewas standing up to dance. heads up if you drive in montgomery county. the speed limit on some residential streets can drop from 25 to 15 miles per hour. >> residents there say commuters are racing down narrow roads, putting kids and pedestrians in danger. a bill being considered would allow the county council to easily reduce speed limits on residential street right now, maryland law ohibits municipalities from changing the speed limit below 25. >> it's kind of crazy that we don't have the ability to do
5:41 am
that. under state siw, every rential street has to be at least 25 miles per hour. >> aaa says speed limits should not be changed without a traffin and safety eeering study. a hearing on the bill is set for ext week. aright. dog walking forecast time. buddy, here, available for rescue a the humane rescue alliance. would make a fine addition to your home. dog walking weather for to ay, maybe little drizzle from time-to-time. but it won't be freezing cold. i just tweeted out a pictu of polka do lou on my handle. let me know what you thought of the reaction to who wants their supper? plus, a push to get kids moving moreuring the school day. re physical education mean less learning elsewhere? we'll fill you in next.
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back, now,t 5:44. the crisis in the commonwealth continues. the question that many are asking this morning, should top leadership resign? there is a line of succession under the virginia conion. but with the continuous shakeups in the statehouse, what will happen is uncertain. aaron gilchrist has been monitoring this story from the state capitol and has details on the possibilities. >> reporter: this has stirred a lot of conversation about the line of succession here. what would happen if one of e thn were forced to resign, as a result of everything that'o been goihere? now, governor northam said he is going to continue to serve as long as he can govern. if he did stepown, lieutenant governor justin fairfax would replace him.
5:45 am
if frfax is not able to serv it would go to attorney general mark herri. if all three are forced out, then, it falls to the speaker o the house,is case, the republican kirk cox the hampton roads area. and according to the constitution, if cox is unable to serve, the house of delegates would have to fill that vacancy. at the same time, we're hearing from virginia's two senators, mark warner and tim kaine. they called for governor northam to resign after the scandal about the yearbook photos, the rast photos, about governo northam came to light. and senator kaine says he needs more time to make a decision whether he would ask lieutenant governor fairfax or the attorney general to step do or if he thinks that should happen. in the meantime, he is standing by his call for the governor, ralph northam, to step down. the rest of us wait to see what the next shoe is to drop. >> we'll have much more on the crisis in the commonwealth with news 4's aaron gilchrist, live from richmond, coming up at 6:00 a.m. happening today, president trump will speak at the national prayer breakfast. he is expecd to make an
5:46 am
anti-abortion push during hisee . he highlighted the cause during e of the union address. he is expected to continue the theme in front of evangelical leaders. expect traffic delays near the hilton hotel alongut connect avenue in northwest d.c. also today, congressional committees will continue with inquiries into the president and his administration. >> this is despite calls from trump for, quote, ridiculous partisan investigations. tracie potts is here this mor:ing. >> reporood morning. the house intelligence committee is expanding opening that. and also the president's personal finances.en they just thousands of pages of 50 interviews they did to the fbi's mueller team to share their information. the house judiciary, votes on whether to move forward, and the attorney general will be t talkg
5:47 am
acting attorney general tomorrow. butpo they're preparing a sa in advance in case he doesn't show up or in case he doesn't want to answer questions about when he and true may h discussed the russia probe. and we're seeing the oversight committee looking intohe president's finances, looking at whether or when they wanteso re the president's tax returns. >> tracie, thank you. police are calling the death of daniel olaya a murder. police did find the vehicle involved. s>> drew wilder in northwest where the crash happened. drew, how did this all start? >> reporter: well, it's a really vicious attack here in northwest. ll explain to you what happened. this is what we've learned from police so far. we know the victim, daniel olaya was walking late tuesday night.
5:48 am
he was in a verbal argument with a man in a car alongside o him. and while the two were arguing, it was loud enough to wake uphe some of t neighbors that live nearby. witnesses describe hearing the two go back and forth for a while. when olaya goes to crosshe street, the driver of the suvas steps on thedrives into him and kills him. so far, we know police have found the vehicle. they have the suv. but they don't know who the man as who was driving it and who committed this crime. that is what police are on the lookout for this morning. there's a call out to this neighborhoods, if anyone saw or heard anything, police want to hear from you. live in northwest, drewwilder, news 4. susan lucci, best known as erica kane in "all my cldren," suffered a health scare.
5:49 am
she nearly suffered from a heart e tack. she said twice in an of a month, she felt tightness and pressure in her chest. doctors found a 90% blockage in her main artery and performed ergency surgery. lucci is urging other women to pay attention to their bodies and any unusual simple simple symptsy toms. last week, we told you about a new heart association study that half of americans have heart disease. the most common is hypertension or high blood pressure. any reading higher than 130 over 80 is considered high. you have to have that checked regularly. >> that's a big deal. we have to pay attention to our bodies. s concern over childhood obesity grows, there's a new push to get your child to exercise more in prince george's coun. >> a maryland state delegate wants students tciget more ex. but a new bill would increase p.e. to 90 minutes per week.
5:50 am
a spoesperson with princ george's county schools, is worried thateg the llation would require them to extend the school day. but walker says, your child's health is vital. >> i had p.e. every day, lon gone. been long gone. but yet, we are blaming the children for childhood obesity. >> the county board ofwi educatn review the legislation and decide if it supports it tomorr morning in meeting. a little rain doesn't stop the kids, right?om >>pared to last week this, is a walk in the park. temperatures are above average today and briefly tomorrow. if yourou weekend plans, dry, it will be noticeably colder around here for the weekend. rinow, 47. a remind er, our average high temperature is 45 degrees. already above average. and there's cold air in the
5:51 am
middle of the country. this is an storm across missouri, arkansas and northeast oklahoma. the cold air will arrive after the moisture has been pushed out. we're not facing any winter weather threats friday or end.ugh the we monday, tuesday, is the next time to watch for winter weather. today, though, the warm front is laying just down to our south. that's theeason for the sprinkles and areas of light rain across virginro. that will do its best to come northbound today. it will briight rain and sprinkles northward with it. don't expect a lot of rain today. at anytime, c yld be hit with rain or drizzle. future chance has that going between now and 9:00 in the morning. that drizzle chance gets into parts of northern maryland, as the front realles to lift farther to the north. overnight, temperatures will hold steady oro up during the overnight hours tonight, as the warm air moves in.or by tw morning, it will be
5:52 am
mild. temperatures close to 60 tomorrow, in the morning. but tomorrow afternoon, everything changes. temperatures will be rising slowly tonight. high nr 62 tomorrow. that will be during the late part of the morning. 30s by tomorrow evening. will be cold ove the weekend. rm day, tuesday, no rains yet. a chance for unsettled weather late next week. today won't be all that bad. >> good morning. tproblems here on beltway. outer loop ativ van dorn there. tarting to see delays at t bottom of the beltway. capitol heights, we h a crash that was blocking the left lane. camp springs at the beltway, lanes blocked becausef the overturned truck. you can see we have a big delay thatopped up and started
5:53 am
coming on-screen. mclean westbound. .eorgetown pike after difficult run brid and eastbound, leesburg bypass near west market street. 66 looks good. and 95 north quantico to the beltway. 270, no issues. andop of the beltway, 55 miles per hour on the outer loop. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. new video of a constructio worker hanging on for his life from the ledge of aixth story building there. >> a scaffolding collapsed outside of a building,eaving the worker dangling in the air. the worker was tethered and lled himself to safety to the roof. what a close call. the debris from the scaffolding hit a woman walking by. she is in critical condition. virginia lawmakers want to
5:54 am
make sure drivers pay attention to the road and not the phones. they will hit drivers wheret hurts the most. the senate and the house passed separate measures to ban t use of devices while driving, unless it's in hands-free. mo the legislation would ban calls, social media and other actions. olators will face a fine of $125 for a first offense and $250 for any time after that. a silver-line setback. the first test of the next extension didn't go as planned. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss broke this story on twitter. he learned the only test cars made it about 1,000 feet before running into issue with the n tracks. the second phase of thene silve uns 11 miles to dulles. the second phase is expected to open in 2020 at the earliest. there's a special school worker watch oefrg ting over th before they make it into the
5:55 am
classroom. >> joe mcdonald helps navigate the roads every day. now, he's named one of the most s.outstanding crossing gua mcdonald is known for performing his job flawlessly and being an sttegral part of the community. he helps mentor a ent during lunchtime. and helps make the kiss and ride procedure safer for all. kudos to all of the crossing guards. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc qu heters. several travel apps including exped expedia, and abercrombie, may be looking at your iphon screen without knowledge or permission. it involves using a third-party person to insert that in the app. everything you do in the app, as well as taking in screen shots, including in fields where you pu in sensitive information. none of the most widely used apps that use this tech have disclosed this in a privacy
5:56 am
policy or other public document. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. still ahead, a local principal on leave, following an altercation with a student. and fighting gun violence in federal court. details on d.c.'s plan to doat just plus, we're checking in with aaron gilchrist live in chmond. news 4 today will be right back. [ music playing ] ♪ here comes the sun
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and reaches everywhere. this is beyond is xfi. om simple. easy. awes xfinity. the future of awesome. news 4 today starts now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm molette green. itmo thursday ing. thank you for joining us. >> molette is in for aaron, who is o assignment in richmond. he joins us live now. you have beenwi fol the crisis that engulfs the commonwealth's top leadership. when you thought it couldn't get worse, there's another revelation. >> it just keeps coming. a lot of people aren atate of shock here, after what happened last weekend with the governor, then there's moreha issues seem to be popping up. a lot of people are trying to undetand, make sense ohis
6:00 am
breakdown in leadership here. most recently, the attorney general, mark herring, revealed that he, too, wore blackface in 1980. he made that statement to legislators here and then to the public. we heard from the woman autusing the lenant governor, justin fairfax, adetailed description of what she says happened back in that hotel rm back during the convention in boston in 2004. and of course, this all started last wk with the governor, ralph northam, and the racist photo in his yearbook. it's been a tumultuous time here. we're covering it here on the ground for you. we'll have details what we've seen and what we might expect coming up in a little bit. >> aaron gilchrist, live in richmond for us. i know you're going to handle the lest developments from there. before we get back to aaron and the other news, we're hivering for you, morning, we want to begin with a check on the commute and forecast. >>byelissa mollet is standin with a check on the roads. we begin w


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