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tv   News4 Today at 6  WRC  February 7, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breakdown in leadership here. most recently, the attorney general, mark herring, revealed that he, too, wore blackface in 1980. he made that statement to legislators here and then to the public. we heard from the woman autusing the lenant governor, justin fairfax, adetailed description of what she says happened back in that hotel rm back during the convention in boston in 2004. and of course, this all started last wk with the governor, ralph northam, and the racist photo in his yearbook. it's been a tumultuous time here. we're covering it here on the ground for you. we'll have details what we've seen and what we might expect coming up in a little bit. >> aaron gilchrist, live in richmond for us. i know you're going to handle the lest developments from there. before we get back to aaron and the other news, we're hivering for you, morning, we want to begin with a check on the commute and forecast. >>byelissa mollet is standin with a check on the roads. we begin with chuck bell.
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we nee an umbrella handy? >> yeah. youd don't ne gulf umbrel umbrella. just in case. not expecting a lot of rain. a patch of light rain or drizzle is possible just about anytime all over the reegion today. mostly clouds. tomorrow, turning windy and noticeably colder. temperatures will be tumbling tomorrow aernoon and evening. it will be cold over the weekend. temperatures below average saturday and sunday. this morning, most of the light rainn chances are d to our south. with time, they would migrate to the north. nots heavy rain t morning. temperatures on the mild side for a morning in february. we're in the mid-40s across the area. wake-up weather, cool, cloudy and in the 40s this morning. today's high near 50 degrees. ble on the temperature t coming u >> good morning to you. looking right now. chopper 4 on the way to this problem on the beltway.
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now. right camp springs, right now, because of the overturned truck, we have the lanes you can see the closure point here shown in purple. not just red, not just slow. is shut down. outer op, van dorn reet. two lanes blocked because of debris in the roadway. now, we'reealing with the consequences even though the lanes have reopened. mclean westbound georgetown pike, a tree down across the road. a car is in a ditch right now. as we zoom out, looking okay, when you're taking a look at the beltway overall. leesburg, bypass, westbound after 15. crash blocks the left lane. eastbound, near market street, an accident there, as well. fr6:02. bad to worse. the commonwealth of virginia has gone from dealingh w controversy to battling a full-fledged political crisis. all three men leading the state are embroiled in scandal. what happens next is anyone's
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guess. governor ralph northam continues to face calls to resign. among those demanding he step hi down, "the wton post."rt noham has denied he is in a racist medicalchool yearbook photo but admitted to putting on blackface during a school party. his lieutenant governor, justina irfax, is denying assault allegations from dr. vanessa tyson during t 2004 democratic convention. her painful account was made public yesterday. >> and now, in naacp is calling on attorney general mark herring to resign, after he admitted he dressed in blackfa when he was in college. aaron gilchrist has been in richmond allng long, putting together this situation. let's get to mark herring's admissi admission. what can you say about that? >> reporter: people's heads are spinning. you just laid it out well. mark herring made this about nt, the revelation having worn blackface.
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decrats at the capitol are shaken b enth b. the reports coming out of the meeting are similar to what you see in the video here, i people n tears after hearing what heing had to say. you see louise lucas vibly distaught, as reporters tried t get her to comment on what she just learned. lucas said, you'll hear frome later. i can't talk about this right now. inside the halls of the statehouse, more cfusion. >> a veryatifficult sin. i'm figuring out the facts. haven't personally called for resignation. i don't plan to. ask people not to rush to judgment.he >> reporter:ttorney general, herring, delivered an apology. he issued a statement that reads in part -- though t has haunted me for decades and though my disclosure now pains me immensely, what i am feeling no way compares to the shock and
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the deep pain that people of li color may be f. he says this conduct is no way reflective of the man i have become in the nearly 40 years since then. he said there will be conversations and discussions happening in the days to come, that may help him or someone else decide, whether he will stay in. office he but there's no real indication that he intends to resign immediately at this point. just a lot to be seen about what happs with mark rring. >> so many questions remain, for sure. aaron gilchrist, live for us in richmond, virginia. i know you will stay on top of the develoents from there. the allegations of sexual assault made against justin fairfax are graphic and otional. dr. vanessa tyson is a college professor and says she is a proud democrat. yesterday, she released in graphic detail what she says occurred in 2004. she says a kiss led to the
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assault. she added that she thinks that fairfax is trying to brand her as a liar to service his political ambitions. she said, in part, i cannot believe, given my obvious distress, that mr. fairf thought his forced sexual act was consensual. to be very clear, i never gave any form of consent. and fairfax released a statement that said, i take this situation very seriously and continue to believe that dr. tyson should be treated with respect. but i cannot agree to a description of events that is simply not true. the national organization for women has asked for fairfax to resign. that's one of the organizations speaking out against the men. that organization will probably not be the last one to ask for his resignatio >> the calls for resignation are loud and clear. at the samere time, t an effort in virginia for some and process p back all that's been going on. as far as governor ralph northam is concerned. the calls there have been loud and career and have recently reached "the washington post."
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you'll see today. the editorial printed yesterday, just titled "ralph northam must go." and it reads in part, the case against mr. northam, the circumstances are decisive. what's done cannot be unknown. the piece in "the post," reminds people of northam having trouble sticking to his original story. on friday, he said it was him i the racist photo. he backtracked in the news conference and admitted he had dressed in blackface at another time. the editorial piece said the backlash is not only on northam but the entire state. i think that what you would call, inartful news conference that the governor held on saturday, made it almost impossible for him to survive. we know that he's been invited to appear at william and mary and vcu. those invitations have been we have yet to see how much the damage is for raffle northam here.
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the sun comes upn a little bill. wheel see what happens next. >> aaro is there any indication at this point that any of the men in these insitions are thiabout resigning from the positions? ea no. we from mark herring, that conversations will be going on. as far as iustin fairf concerned, there's no talk from their ofs,ces, their ca about resigning. gray areaor, it's a from him. we don't know what advice he is getting and what h would be following. at 6:30, we'll hear from a political analyst in richmond that we talked to last nightys o hat maybe some of this might be survivable for at least some of these men, maybe all of the men. it's an interesting set of conversations happening in richmond rightnow. >> aaron gilrist live i richmond for us. thanks so much. our coverage of the political crisis inirginia is far from over. aaron will be live throughout the morning with the latest developments and insight. you can read more to see
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reaction from lawmakers online in the nbc washington app and on it's 6:09. right now, there's few signs being made to prevent another government shutdown. >> tax experts urge you to file your taxes before next friday if you're counting on getting a refund. that's when government funding runs out again for the irs and other departmts affected by the last shutdown. while all lawmakers agree are shutdown should beav ded, the president gave no assurances it won't happen in his state of the ion address. in fact, local congressional ylawmakers told us, t are concerned that the president made no reference to the workers who were furloughed. >> i didn't hear reference to federal governmentmployees or contractors who suffered through the longest shutdown in history due to president trump. >> you would never know that 800,000 federal eqrkers and an l number of contract employees were furloughed for 35 days, losing two paychecks. >> he cat say anything good
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about federal workers unless he liesnd says they all wanted the shutdown in the first place. >> rublicans do not appear t have an appetite for shutting down the government the adline for an agreement on border security is next friday. happening today, the president's nominee for attorney general may take a step closer to being confirmed.e thnate judiciary committee will vote on the nomination of william barr. democrats criticize barr for obfusing to release all of robert mueller's rt into the 2016 election. the committee is expected to approve barr's nomination and will go to the fulsenate for its consideration. a student taken into custody and a principal off the job. >> that was the result of an incident in a prince georgs county high school. news 4's justin finch has more on the situation live from . springda justin, what's going on? >> hey, molette, here atlowers
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high school. a lot of people need answers. police and count schools are working to answer them, after a principal and a student here reportedly came to blows yesterday afternoon. laying out what we know so far, a 17-year-old unnamed male studen and principal gorman brown have said to have gotten into a fighting match out here inside the school here. we are toldea that 17old student was dismissed from class for being disruptive and the principal was sent to go him. a school resource officer apparently saw this all play out and had to use a foam epper spray on that student to break up this altercation because police say that h officer witnessed the student assault the principaleveral times. principal brown is now on leave, as this investigation rolls out. some other points to note here, we have learned a student cell
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phoneingi on a portion of that lter ka alterca. that is being used by a police the prince george's county schools. justin finch, news 4, back inside to you. have you been cited for maryland in you may have to fight that ticket. and an app under fire from law eforcement. weoing to tell you why. good morning, everybody. your thursday bs going to cloudy and a chance for drizzle around here. there will be sunshine over the weekend, though. but it comes with a cost. we have to tra the mild air in for the sunshine. highs in the 30s on saturday. highs in the 30s on saturday. ecve-day for
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you're watching news 4 today. >> coming up, the popular traffic app, waze, is under fire for giving away information that police don't want drivers to know. the nypd is demanding that the app delete a feature that posts to locations of dwi checkpoints and speed traps. officers say this helps drivers avoid checkpoints and encourages irresponsibleiv g. google owns waze and says informing them about spe traps encourages safer habits on the road. if you've received a speedk camera t in a work zone in maryland, you might want to challenge it. >> lawkers are pointing out issues with that program. adam tuss takes aoo closerk at a new report that sheds light on this problem.
6:16 am
>> reporter: in a flash, a new report detailing inconsistencies with maryland's work zone spee. camera progr >> that's not good. no. that kind of annoys me. >> reporter: specifically a report from the state office of legislative audits, showing that for most of 2017, the maryland state highway administration, did not monitor the safe zone vendor. according to the report, there were 18 work zone cameras like this one during e time that the audit was performed. but ten of the sites did not have the proper inspections.>> ny dealing with speed cameras is a sensitive topic. >> reporter: he led this audit, which showed there was a lack of cumentation showing that requirements were being met. like a trained operator with the cameras and road signage showing that cameras were in use. during the time of the audit, ettens of thousands of ti
6:17 am
were issued. >> if drivers felt like they got faulty tickets, they can challenge. >> reporter: after some drivers who have received speed camera tickets, this is allore reason to question them. would you challenge a ticket? >> yeph, i have. >>ter: did you win? >> yep. >> reporter: you won >> a couple times. wa>> reporter: if you don' a speed camera ticket, don't speed. along the beltway, adam tuss, ne >> we put the full report online. if you would like to challenge a ticket, search speed camera in the nbc washington app. >> chuck bell, we'll take a little rain because it will be warmer today. >> mild weather, for sure. oura current temre at 47, is two degrees above our average high temperature. normally, we should be in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees. temperatures are already 15 to 20 degrees warmer than average this ing. we're going to stay on the plus side of average for today, tonight and the first part of tomorrow, before m h colder weather arrives for the weekend. right now, 41 in frederi county, maryland.
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48 in fredericksburg. an 45 in annapolis. forecasted highs today, mid-50s. maybe be closero 60, even above 60 from fredericksburg and points south. warmer air is doing its best t come in. but the east wind is problematic for us at this time of year. there's all of the rain and messiness. back out to our west, you can see most of the rain in broken reas across parts of central virginia. with time, that warmer air will inch northward, s may reach the mid-50s during the daylight urs. temperatures could stay steady or climb overnight tonight. futureweather, fortoday, there's a chance for sprinkles first thing this morning down to the south. get into late morning, a a chan fo drop or two in the shenandoah valley. in the reafternoon, t a drizzle chance near the pennsylvania border. no one i going to get a few
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hundredth of rain today. a cold front comes through at 10:00 o 11:00 in the morning and colder air is behind it. tomorrow, we'll start in the 50s and be near 60 by lunchtime. look at the temperatures tumbling down into the 30s by fray evening. windchills are down near 20 degrees by 9:00 or 10:00 friday night. there's your five-day outlook.ll g temperatures leaves us cold but dry for we're keeping a close eye on the monday/tuesday timeframe. we could have rain or snow but that's a low confidence part of the forecast. outer loop after van dorn et st we had debris blocking the two right lanes. now, we're open but it is slow for about a mile and a half. allow some extra time there. camp springs, outbound branchav ue, we had all lanes blocked. that's cleared out of the way and fixed great. urbana, southbound 270 before
6:20 am
80, a crash reported ethere. est of 270 looks okay. laurel, southbound b.w. parkway. police activity on the right side. you can see that slowdown as you're headed inn bou eed inbou. nohbound 95, virginia had prince william parkway. in for? (laughs)
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. the st century has brought a competitive job market, the likes ofch w we've never seen before and many are finding it right lt to find the career. >> when you do, stay there. >> i'm hanging on to dear life. >> this morning, justin finch explains what you should expect .hile you're on the job hunt and how to stay positi >> reporr: no doubt, the 21st century job market is full of ups and downs. >> if you're in a situation where you feel relatively safe or secure, you never know when there's going to be another furlough or downsizing o companies lose contracts. >> reporter: if you're on the fence of making a change, he hi advisecareer-hunting e clients to decat they're after, a career or a job. >> you hate your boss. you hate your job. you're doing it for the paycheck. that a job. >> reporter: a career is a
6:24 am
passion, motivation for you to r put lf out there every day and commit to your career search. and you'll have to be persistent. what can you expecyour routine to look like day-to-day as you try to find that new opportunity? >> if you' not working, the routine will be standard. you get up and you hit the job boards online. if you're open to calling people and you know people to call, you give thea ring. >> reporter: if you are currently working, drew says you may have to apply as many as ten open positions daily. there's no guarantee you'll get responses.d en you do, they may not be what you want to hear. g >> thereng to be a fair amount of rejection, most likely. you have to have the resolve, the attitude, to keep moving ea forward to notanything back. >> stay positive and still follow up. don't get discouraged. but do include building wi relationship recruiters, h.r. managers and others who can put you in a companyine or maybe into a new position.ot >> you mayet what you think you want. but sometimes, that extra e-mail
6:25 am
will gethat you want. based on this skill set or based on that conversation, i like >> reporter: a career that could launch a whole new chapter of your life. justin finch, news 4. we're downing a lot of coffee this morning. >> we need it. n >> lasht was the tenth annual news bash. we couldn't miss it. >> molette, melissa mollet, and a myself and a few others at news 4 came. the event raises money to help women who are battling breast cancer. this year's beneficiary is capitol breast cancer care center. and the speaker was second lady dr. jill biden. she is still working hard to advance to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. 6:25 now. secoming up, expanding ex at school. the new bill tt could get your kids moving more. it could come at the cost of learning.
6:26 am
details on that ahead at 6:30. good morning, everybody. time to get up and get your thursday going. buddy is available at the humane rescue alliance. not bad weather to spend some ality time outside with your canine buddy today. temperatures in the 40s this morning. mid-50s this afternoon. any rain will be very light or in the form of drizzle. more about the weekend coming up. and i'm aaron gilchrist, live at t virginia state capitol, where the state's top leaders are dealing with individual thandals. individual thandals. latest with what we know
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news 4 today starts now. >> 6:29 on this thursday february 7th, 2019. we take a live look outside this morning. ab that umbrella before you head out the door. it will be a day of drizzle out there. not too shabby, though. i'm eun yang. >> i'm molette green, in for aaron as hecheports from nd or our top story, the crisis in the commonwealth. tvirginia beingked about all over the country this moorning. aaron is in the capitol to
6:30 am
explain what's happened and reat's next. >> reporter: we talking about race and sex. two things in virginia we don't talk about in polite company. but the three top leaders in thm wealth have thrust those issues and themselves in the spotlight and that may cost them their jobs. we're telling you what we know and what might happen next. speedt to get you up to on whether and traffic. 47 degrees outside of the studios in washington. chuck bell isping an eye on what you can expect from the weather today. g, aaron.orn you're lucky in richmond. you'll make the mid to upper 60s today, as much warmer air is bottled up, literally, down to the south of the news 4 viewing area ts morning. temperatures in the mid and upper 40s around time this morning. low 40s in the shenandoah valley. 50s towards charlottesville. near 60 in richmond. milder weather to our south that's the story. storm team radar shows no heavy
6:31 am
rain. but there's light pockets of drizzle. fortoday, more drizzle. off andce on chto get your hair wet. no heavy rain. a big temperaturerop arrives tomorrow and will keep us cold for the weekend. today's high, around 55. if you get south of richmond, it will b in the 70s. >> lking now, chopper 4 as you're looking up from the mixing bowl. looks typical ts time of morning. volume headed inbound. but 395 is a place for things like this, where we get a delay on various mornings. looking at 95 northbound, before prince william parkway. right now, we have one lane getting by. a lot of volume headed northbound this time of day and we have a slowdownthere. urbana southbound 270 before 80 here. yo can see thatdelay, as well
6:32 am
in laurel. southbound b.w. parkway. police activity on the right side. that's impacting northbound and southbound traffic. westbound southeastfreeway. it sounds like this crash is now clearing out of the way. >>nk melissa, tyou. your time is 6:32. back to our top story, the cris in the commonwealth. scandals are deepening for virginia's top leaders. each of these men face career-endin issues. >> aaron gilchrist is live at the state capitol in richmond. he's following the latest for us. >> the latest on thisurunds the attorney general, mark herring. and you may have heard some of the c accountsing out of richmond yesterday, about him. we'll lay this out for you. the calls are for mark herring to resign. the callses not nrily coming from legislators here in richmond. some of them need to reserve judgment before they can learn more and think through everything that's happened, after he admitted to dressing il kface when he was in college in 1980. herring said this happened when
6:33 am
he was 19 years old. he put brown paint on his face and wore a wig to dress up as a rapper at the htime. befo made this public, he went to the virginia legislative black caucus and had a meeting with tg.m yesterday morn the reports were that people were in tears listening to his accounts of what he had done. this is a move that makes some of this p -- hist of this crisis different from the governor ralph northam. >> he put his trust in their hands and understood that he had violated their trust. to do that first is the first step toward beginning to actually engage in a meaningful way with each of these crises and these serious character flaws and destructions. >> reporter: again, we haven't heard a legislative call, a broad call, for mark herring to resign. his office, he has said, there's discussions and conversations that areilappening now that help him figure out whether he can or should continue in office
6:34 am
here in the attorney general's office in virginia. that's the latest on mark herring. again, we wait today to see if there are any other shoes that will drop for any of these three men. >> indeed, ron. and the herring revelation comes days after this photo sfaced in the medical yearbook of fellowemocrat governor ralph northam. it shows one in blackface and anher in akkk outfit. nor northam denies being in the photo a refuses t step down. yesterday, "the washington post" published an editorial, also calling for tno gov to resign. >> the second in command, justin fairfax, continues to deny allegations of sexual assaul what can tell us about thoseve delopments? >> reporter: his accuser is a llege professor in cali. rnia, vanessa tyson. tyson says a kiss led to this sexual assault back in 2004. really y, she released what was a very detailed, graphic account of what she sayn
6:35 am
ha in that hotel room in boston during the democratic convention in 04. in a statement, tyson went on to say, quote, i cnot believe, given my obvious distress, that mr. fairfax thoughthis forced sexual act was consensual. tim kaine, also a former governor here, commented on this matter. >> you have t let anyone in a sexual assault story tell tir story. until i read the story, dr. tyson was not out telling her own stor okay. now, i've read that statement and it's really serious. >> reporter: senator kaine has called for governor northam to resign. tyson will say nothing more about this matter. process. we're going to stay on top of it. we'll be watching all of the acvity here today at the state capitol. we'll have more coming up this morning, as well. >> aaron xwgilchrist, live for in richmond. thank you so much.
6:36 am
>>ookingal other top stories. trump will speak at the pray breakfast. is expected to make an anti-abortion push during his speech. he will strongly denounce late-term abortions as he did in his state of the union address. the bowie police department is searching for a man who exposed himself inside of a michael's craft store. this is the suect, wearing a ack jacket and gray or white pants. the incident happened on friday, january 18th. this michael's store is off of crane highway next to the target. call bowie police if you have information. a silver line setback. the first test of the next extension didn't go as planned. the test cars made it about 1,000 feet before run wng into issuh the next track. the next phase runs 11 miles.
6:37 am
the second phase is expected to open in 2020 at the earliest. concerns over childhood obesity grow, there's a new push to get your cldren to exercise more in prince george's county. >> jwalkerntroduced this legislation. right now, the requirement is 40 minutes a wee. rince george's county committee voted tuesday to support a bill that would guarantee 90 minutes of exercise per week. a spokesperson with the prince george's county schools is concerned that the lislation would require them to extend the school day or cut some of its curriculum. the school board is going to vote on the plan thi. coming up, a warning to all womefrom a soap opera legend how susan lucci hopes her recenh hecare can save lives. plus, feel like your cell phone is listening in on your conversations? a new report claims a fewpps may be recording your screen without your consent.
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you're watching news 4 toy. >> take a look at this. vw, dramatieo shows the moment a construction worker was left hanging from the ledge o a building in dallas. this happened after afo scing collapse yesterday, leaving the man dangling in the air. he was tethered to the building and able to t pull himself the roof. but the debris from the scaffolding came tumbling down and hit a woman walking nearby. she is in critical condition. soap opera icon susan lucci, better known as erica kane on "ag my children" is tell about her health scare. she said twice in the span of a month, she felt tightness and pressure in her chest. doctors found a 90% blockage in her main artery and performed emergency surgery.
6:41 am
lucci is urging other women to pay attention to their bodies and other symptoms. so many doctors say listen to your own body. last week, we told you about a new heart association study that half of americans have heart diase. the mostommon is hypertension or high blood pressure. any reading higher tha130 over 80 is considered high. here's your cnbc morning business report. at good morning. i'm frank holland cnbc headquarters. several travel apps ing expedia, and abercrombie, may be looking at your iphone screen without knowledge or permission. the practice known as sessi replaying involves using a third-party person to insert the tech into the app. everything you do in the app, as well as taking in screen shots, including in fields where you ot in sensitive information. techcrunch says nothe most widely used apps that use this tech have disclived this in a y policy or other public document.
6:42 am
with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. time t get ready for another day at school, kids. temperatures are in the 4s with clouds and drizzle around. wi we'll be in the 50s today. perfectly okay for outdoor recess. have a small umbrella in your backpack to look like the smartest kids in school. daily grade today with all of the clouds, a c-minus. big problems in first 4 traffic. 3 1/2-mile backup northbound 95 bence william parkway. we'll talk abouthat's happ wen
6:43 am
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from bad to worse. the commonwealth of virginia has gone from dealing with controversy to battling a full-fledged political crisis. >> all three men leading the state are now embroiled in scandal. what happens next is anyone's guess. the naacp is calling on mark herring to resign after he admitted that he dressed in black facwhile he was in college. that bombshell dropped late sterday rning. >> according to the same me tiline, lieutenant governor justin fairfax, echoed his denial in thelleged assault on college professor dr. vanessag tyson durhe 2004 democratic convention. her painful account of the incint was made public yesterday. mean gile,overnor ralph northam continues to fac calls to resign. among those calling for him to
6:46 am
accept down is "the washgton post." northam admitted to pu on chackface during a school party. >> aaron gst is live for us in richmond this morning. he is watching new reaction this morning as well as what will happen if one of the leaders sesigns. >> reporter: tha big question that people are asking. i want to stop and show you cover of "the new york post." a lot of people talking about this happeni at the virginia state capitol. the headline niying, vir is for loser, a play on the tourisr slogan,nia is for lovers. one of the more salacious headlines. this makes the point that a lot of people around the country are paying attention and talking about what happen here in virginia. you asked the question about i what happe the top leadership were to resign, or all three men were toeave office. and there is a line of succession that is described in the virginia constitutill. and with of the shakeups
6:47 am
ppening at the statehouse, people are talk about it. if governor ralphe northam w to resign, justin fairfax would e elevated to the governor's office if fairfax wasn't able to serve in that position, it would go to the attorney general, mark herring, all democrats elected if none of them were able to serve, then, the speaker of the house ofle tes, republican kirk cox, from the hampton roads area,ould be elevated to governor. if he were unable to serve,ushe of delegates would figure out how to fill the vacancy. at the same time, while there's conversations about that happening, people here are trying to figure out whatrc stances might lead to some of the men not resigning. frankly, we talked to one political analyst who said, the same action they need to take from here could gor eit way. listen to what she had to say. >> if the governor and the litenant governor and the attorney general are wise, they will begin to stop putting
6:48 am
taemselves at the center and step back and to listen. taking themselves out of being important, may lead to them surviving in public office. >> to walk you through a little bit of the -- i thinkolitical logic here. you have three democrats in office. they would be led in delegates, as well. northam, s just ralph that was an easy solution in some ways politically to all is. now tha all three top democrats in the state are embroiled in scandals, the motion that all three of them would resign and the democratic party would lose power is something that i think would be hard for some people to swallow. i would imagine there's a lot of conversations happening trying to figure out how something could happen in terms of these men leaving office, and who ght stay. it's confusing and there's a lot
6:49 am
of balls to juggle right now. the day ahead, we don't know what may happen. we will be watching it from the state capitol. our bureau chief is here, as wellwe l be back with you for news 4 midday. >> no easy outcome.aa n, thanks again. new this morning in pounce george'sy, students at charles herbert flowers high school in springdale will not have their usual principal in lee building today. >> he's been put oe after an altercation with a student. justin finch has beenth trackin case this morning and joins us live from the school. >> justin, what can you tell us? >> well, molette, eun, good morning. a letter was sent home to parents gdetail what happened here yesterday asch afternoon. a 17-year-old stunt andhe principal here got into a physical altercation. policere telling us thi happened after 1:00 or so yesterday afternoon. the principal was sent down to
6:50 am
look for a 17-year-old student who was dismisom class for being disruptive. the two later met in aha way, police say, and that's when the encounter appears to have turned violent. here's how a county schools official explained it in thee letter ho parents, reading in part here -- there was an alleged physical altercation between a student and principal gorman brown. the circles are under investigation. brown has been placed on leave until further notice. a resource officer was there and saw the altercation play out. he also had to use payper s on the student to break up the altercation. th t officer notint the student assaulted the principal several times before he did so. the 17-year-old, as a minor, his name is not being released. also, no word yet on charges, if any, will come down. the county schools, as well as police, are looking into thi encounter yesterday. live here in springdale, i'm
6:51 am
justin finch. updates on two stories we've en following this week. d.c. police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run csh as a murder. daniel olaya of bowie died yesterday. the suspect kept pace with olay as he walked down "t" street in the ledroit part oftown. police say the suspect plowed right into him. no arrests have been made. >> police arrested 30-year-old ronalt offut in connection with a bus stop shooting. this happened monday near pennsylvania and minnesota avenues in southeast d.c. all of the victims suffered nonlifthreatening injuries. have you kept up with all of wizardsges at the john wall is out for the year and a lot more changes on thewi rds' roster.
6:52 am
>> the team announced they are trading porter to the chicago bulls. in exchange, the wizards will be atting parkernd portis, along with a second round draft pick. and the wizards play the bulls on the road saturday. i didn't think that otto porter would be traded. markieff morris is heang to new orleans. the wizards will get a future second round dft pick. the team has acquired wesley hn jon. it's time to regroup and start over. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with more on our forecast. take the umbrella, >> yeah. as a precautionary pressure. it a won't rain mu it won't rain for long. drizzle could find its way over your head. 47 degrees now. e real issue with today's
6:53 am
forecast, the east to northeast wind, has the cool, damp caret the surface, while warmer air, down tory our south, isg to ride in over it. we could have precipitation today. it will be a hard time keeping it below 60. places like atlanta and charlotte today, will set recor. hi atlanta near 80 today. we'll spend all day trying to get temperatures in the mid-50s around town. chances for cloudiness and drizzliness. and that's an ice storm across parts of missouri. record highs in atlanta a the carolinas today. for us, the warm front is just down tour south. it will be ridinghisay late today and tonight. so, temperatures may actually go the sun goes down this evening. on radar, not much falling around town.
6:54 am
but a few sprinkles headed into the northern neck. chances for drizzle between now and noontime. up near the maryland border, that'sy the warm front ining its best to get here. temperatures fall into the 30s tomorrow afternoon. cold weather for theweekend. highs in the 30s on saturday. and a little chance for wintery weather mono tuesday. so far, that does not look like a big snowstorm. >> looking at the roads here. a couple of big problems at this point this morning. northbound 95, beforeia prince wi parkway. just got this on the left shoulder. northbound slow this morning. you can see the delays towards the beltway. looking at the beltway. chopper 4 out over the outer loop here at braddock road. inner loop and outer loop because of an earlier issu looking better, though, than it
6:55 am
was a short time ago. bana, southbound 270 before 80, had a crash blocking the left lane. that's cleared out of the wa we see some of the delays. but the crash is gone. laurel, southbound b.w. parkway a powder mill. policeivity on the right side. southbound is slow. northbound is also slow, as folks look over to the left and see what's going onhere. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, looking good overall. big picture is that we're pretty good on the beltway. travel times, 270 southbound, 35 miles per hour. top of the beltway, er22 miles hour. going to take you 25 minutes. outeroop over to 270. 66 inbound and quantico. going to take you 36 minutes. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. in your car today. your four things to know. the senate will vote on the nomination of william barr. he is the president's nominee for attorney general. the committee is expected to
6:56 am
approve barr's nomination along a party linevote. later this morning, president trump will speak at the national prayer breakfast. the president is expected to deliver an anti-abortiond messae ill strongly denounce late term abortions as he did in his state of the union speech. stay with news 4 for the test. the principal at charles herbert flowers high school is on leave aftern altercation with a student. a school resource officer pepper sprayed the studenthe to top altercation. e principal is on leave until further notice. for information, check the nbc washington app. virginia's top three leaders up a all surrounded by scandal. no signs that the governor, or attornegovernor general will resign. we're live inh richmond w the latest. keep an eye on the nbc washington app. and the next five days, cloudy, not too cold. wiybe a little drizzle or two today. y and falling temperatures tomorrow will leave us very chilly for the weekend. at least the weekend will remain
6:57 am
dry. >> that's a good thing. looking at 95 northbound, beforl prince wliam parkway. a 3 1/2-mile backup because of the earlier crash. y is on the left side shoulder. i don't think need to take a different route. just allow extra time. us forks for joini news 4 today. the "today" show is next. we're back in 20 5 minutes, wit weather, traffic and local news. >> have a great y.
6:58 am
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good morning. from bad to wors good tmorning. fromo worse. virgin thrown into chaos with yet another high-ranking of fivl 'em broid in ack new b face scandal. the state's top three lawmakers cing controversies. calls for their resignations getting louder. >> this week has just m sick. it's just made me sick. >> where does it all go from here? . calling his bluff. ignoring president trump's state of the union threats. a probe of his business and person finances. the president not happy about it. >> it's called presidential


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