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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 11, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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news 4 begins with a weather alert. >> monday morning mess, ice and sleet fell in the region overnight. it led to slick sidewal p and thsibility of a treacherous commute. good morning, everyone. we're going to y help get through it. >> i'm aaronwe gilchrist. e in weather alert mode this morning. local schools is taking notice, as well. the federal governmen is on a two-hour delay. >> in virginia, prince william county and manassas city schools are closed. arlington, fairfax, loudon and manass park city wilpen two hours late. falls church, alexandria, falkeu and pagey schools. d.c. and prince george's county schools are o two-hour delay. >> grant county schoolsnest virginia will open three hours late today. all of the delays and closings are on the o bottom your screen and on the nbc washington app.
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the danger is v real this morning. drivers are being urged to use caution. this morning, we have team coverage of the stormnd its impact. >> justin finch is o on the roads for us, monitoring. conditio melissa mollet is standing by with a word on the commute. we begin with chuck bell and a colors on the the map. >> you never want to see this many colors on the map, no doubt. most of whe troublesl be contained from northern montgomery county, northbound to the northern pennsylvania that is where the likelihood is to see some slushyness. most of the side roads are in very good shape. four things to note. a messy mix for the morni commute. just rain during the daylight hours today. 9:00 in the morning to 7:00 tonight, just rain. so, limited travel troubles ay today.e but there's a chance for more trouble tonight, as another wave of moisture and a little pus of colder air tries to make a little more of a mix for cautuey
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morning in northern maryland. theno rain line is following u.s. 50. north of that line is a mix. when you get closer to pennsylvania, it a wet snow event at this point in time. temperatures are hoveringust around or just slightly above the freezimarkee ining mark of . 32 in leesburg, 35, fredericksburg. not a big range in temperatures, but close enough to where we could have some troubles. and road chemicals workfe ively at these temperatures. and with a lot of moisture coming down, i think this will mainly be wet road problem for your monday. more about how this snowll even accumulate for tomorrow. that's coming up. good morning, chuck. looking the road a situation in laurel, southbound 95 before crash investigation, activities on the shoulder there, waiting for the lanes are open, looks better than it did, a couple minutes ago. we h volume still.
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upper marl bro, croom road. someels this morning. northbound is nice and open. 270 right now, 70 down to the spur, 61 miles per hour going to get you there in 29 minutes. nothing in the way on 270 northbound also looking good. >> melissa,ha you. news 4 crews were out late into the night, justno as the s started falling. the concern this morning is all the wet snow and rain turns into ice. with the potential for black ice on the roads, you want to take your time this morning. >> we're working for you. justin finch with more on the conditions. what are youeeing? >> right now, we're in hagerstown still. i'm looking out the window because i see the rain slack up here a bit. you can see, perhaps, as well. the roadway is clear.
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still seeing slush on the roeiway. your secondary roads here in hagerstown. the sidewalks here, mostly not fully treated. take a note of that, too. neighborhood streets, again, looking 50/50 here. but for the most part, your maid ys, including highways, have been looking clear this morning. we're live inwn hagers i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. this weather is causing some flight delays and cancellations. take a look. according the website flight aware, there's currently one delay and ten cancellations at reagan airport. bwi marshal has 3 delays and 72 cancellations. and dulles has two cancellations. look at the flight aware misery map. most of the issues arein center seattle. if you are headed that way, be sure to check your airline fore you head t the airport. and our coverage of this blast of winter weather contues online and in the nbc washington app.
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you will findist of the school closings and delays, as twell as the lat on your forecast and traffic alerts. once again, the paychecks or workers in area and across the country, hang in the balance this week. lawmakers have until friday to come up with ar bor security deal or thereould be another partial government shutdown. talks between congressional stalles have the main sticking point continues to be funding for a border wall.en prestrump insists it be built while democrats disagree with that. lawmaks are hopef that a compromise will be reached. >> we can cse some deals but they have to be good to secure our borders. >> w if stay focused on g ting deal, and we negotiate in good faith, on border security, i think we can get something that will work and keep the government open. gavin newsom is expected to pull back all members of the state's national guard debooyed at theer. california will not be a part of
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the trump administration's, quote, manufactured crisis. it's now 4:36. in virginia, there political storm of a different sort. the top three elected fficials arengulfed in controversies that threaten to end their political careers. governor ralph northam vows to stay in office after calls for him to resign when a racist photppeared in his yearbook. he spoke to cbs news over the weekend. >> i am not going anywhere. i have learned from this. i have ae lot m to learn. >> there's a growing sign of pport for governor north from african-americans living in virginia. 47% want him to stay on the jobe while, the political future for lieutenant governor justinls fairfax is at risk. today, arlington democrat patric hope will introduce articles of impeachment against fairfax after two women accused him of sexual assault.
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fairfax says both encounters were we'll in rich monday fmond for latest on these stories. detectives with the manassas city police department will be looking for a suspect who threatened schools. he is accused of making a threat on social media targeting schools in prie william county and the city of manassas. police plan to place additional patrols at sools in manassas. still ahead, indiana sports fans may have gotten more than they bargained for at this weekend's pacers game. >>be why some have tested for rabies. and a bombshell report about breast cancer deaths in the news 4 today will be right back. stay with us. reynold's kitchens™ has eliminated plastic wrap
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frustration for good. to celebrate, award winner jeff russo composed
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the world's shortest victory song. [sfx: victory song plays] yes! this is the good stuff™ watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. good news in the fight against cancer. it's estimated more than 500,000 deaths from the disease has been avoided in the u.s. researchers credit mammograms and improvement in treatments for saving women's lives. the findingsm come research done byhe universities of colorado, michigan and duke
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university. early detection is so key in the fight against breast cancer. washington wizards fans have been suffering through a tough season. but consiring what happened during a weekend pacer's game in indiana, we may not have it so bad. some fans at the game may have been exposed to rabies. a bad flew down from the rafters contact with several fans. now, they are being asked to contact the state's healt department because of concerns about rabies. >> can you imagine the cha that were to happen around us? >> it would be epic. >> yeah. a long lost piece of texas story was discovered in courthouse files. >> the files date back to the bonnie and clyde crime spree in0 the 19s. workers are scanning old documents into the county's computer syewem. just a days ago, one woman in the office made a dramatic discovery. she stumbled across theam is couple's actual indictment. >> you know, i was keeping my
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eye open for it. but it was kind of -- it was excitement to find it because i'm holding a document from 1934 when all this is taking place. >> as the story goes, oneteeek the charges were filed, agents cornered bonnie and clyde in louisiana. the two were driving a stolen car when police killed them in a shoot-out. we head to break on this ather alert day, checking in with storm team 4 meteorologist chk bell. >> dog walking forecast on a monday. shortened walks. it will be wet outside. tay tay here, available through the humane rescuealliance. a rain/snow mix this morning. but it's all about the rain that will continue through the rest of the day today. storm team radarnd a look ahead coming up. congressional lawmakers once again scrambling to make a deal this week to prevent another government shutdown. w butt are the odds compromise will prevail over potics.
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we're looking at that when news 4 today returns. reynold's kitchens™ has eliminated plastic wrap frustration for good. to celebrate, award winner jeff russo composed the world's shortest victory song. [sfx: victory song plays]
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another wea alert day for us. snow, ice, some rain fell across the region overnight. the trouble l startede last night and continued into this morning. a lot of local schools and offices are on delays. we should mentio county schools are on a two-hour delay. that's new. all of that information on the bottom of your screen now. you'll be able to find it nbc washington app.
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that's a time lapse picture and it's >> and chuck bell said how difficult it is when you're on the rain/snowboarder. it's 4:45. this weekendn "meet the acting president trump's chief of staff would not rule out the possibility of another shutdown. en asked if president trump would delaiclare national energ, mulvaney would not answer yes or no. just that there o a crisi the border that needs to be dealt with. >> the president believes there's a national security crisis and humanitarian crisis at the boarder and he will do someth whether he gets $2.5 million or 2$2.7million, he will do what he legally can to secure that bo er. >> mulvaney added that if congress gives the president half of the money for the border ll, he may approve the measure and look for the rest of the
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money elsewhere. lo-serving congressman walter b. jones jr. has tie ddi. he served 13 terms. while jones worked on mmittees, it was the about-face on the iraq war that supported his career. after attending the funeral services for a marine sergeant, he wrote a letter of apology to the marine's family. he wrote similar letters to 11,000 relatives of dead service members. congressman walter b. jones jr. was 76 years old. a work week begins and so does the countdown to another government shutdown. >> lawmakers and president trump ave until friday to strike a compromise or face the possibility of putting hundreds of thousands of government workers out of work again. news 4's tracie potts joins us live. what are the chances that a deal is made in a short time? >> 50cc0,ding to one
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lawmaker who is familiar with these negotiations. right now, talks have broken down over the akers don't have a plan for when they're going t regroup and try to come up with some sort of border security deal to keep the government from shutting down again on friday. the issue they're hung up over is how d tol with immigrants already in this country. scaling back raids on those who ve not committed crimes and how much prison space will be set f aside those who have. until that is worked out, democrats not really woling t give up a number on any barrier. ile white house says the president wasng to let the government shutdown or declare a cynational emerg to get money for the wall. he will be in el paso talking about that later today. >>e tratts on the hill for us this morning. an update on theaga between amson founder, jeff bezos, and his legal battle with "the national enquirer."
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an attorney for the tabloid is coming to its defense. bezos is accusing the tabloidf extortion over selfies. last month, the paper printed texten messages bet him and his girlfriend. he says the company that threatened to own the magazine threatened to publish pictures of bezos and sanchez unless he stopped the investigation. the ceo denied the extortion and called it journalistic negotiation. >>bsutely is not extortion and not blackmail. i thinknd bezos ami have interests in resolving their differences. >> bezos' -- bezos implies his ownership of "the washington post" and critical coverage oft presidump may have motivated the tabloid's publisher to move again him. tonight, president trump and beto o'rourke will host
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impeting ralli el paso. the president is expected to draw a large crowd and make argument for building a wall. o'urke, who lost his sceate ra to ted cruz, plans to speak t acro street. he will lead a march to the president's rally and will speak at the same time michelle carter will once again appear insitt a massachu courtroom. she is the 22-year-old who was convicted in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter after encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself. she sent him dozens ofex messages persuading him to do it. in the me, her sentence has been put on hold. but the district attorney's office is working to that. today, we hopeo learn more about a weekend house fire in alexandria. neighbors could only watch as the fires spread across the house.
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firefighters said the cold temperaturesade it hard to ght the flames. >> theonditions that our firefighters met when they got here, weren the extre nature. so, the body fluids, the sweat, when they come outside, is instantaneously is a drop in their body temperatures. >> despite t cold, the fire was put out quickly. firefighters wereot able to save a man inside. right now, it appears the fired star because of an unintended candle. now, to a controversy over urani uranium, the fuel that powers nuclear power plants. a virginia landowner wants to dig it out of his property. this is look at the land in chattham, virginia. now, the current landowner wants to build a radiation mine. >> you have protective and
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moystoringms downstream that would catch it before it would ever seek downstream. >> the state ofba virginied uranium mining. but he believes that the ban should be preempted by federal law, specifically the atomic energy act. look at this scene in washington state. this calf was covered i ice. oh, no. farmers brought the newborn insidete immed to be thawed in order to warm him up, they had t run a towel against his body in the same motion that hiu mother lick him. the calf is expected to be okay. >> i hate it when your beef gets freezer burn. >> my goodns gracious. you better stop that right now. that baby cow. >> proper stokege is >> you guys, terrible. >> you call it a calf. i call it easy veal. >oh. let's go to the weather
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before aaron continues to dig himself into this hole. ho everybody at , you can find aaron very easily on social media. be sure younte pg your rage in the right direction. we have a winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning for the large portion of the news 4 nation. only left out of this is down into parts of southern maryland. is is not high-impact event here this morning. a lot of wet snow and some slushyness on the side in northern maryland. around the d.c. metro area, noo ms at all. from d.c. southward this, is almost all in the form of rain. what to expect this morning, snow, mainly north of the metro area, closer to the pennsylvania border, where sl roads are possible. a rain/snow combination around the d.c. met area. roads are well-streets. temperatures are a coverinund the freezing mark. it's a wet road here. nos slipperin problems. tonight, there's a second wave of moisture and tempetures
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dropping near or below freezing. there's a possibility of a couple of inches of wet snow, rth of the city. north of montgomery county, frederick county, up i the panhandle of west virginia. some mixing is a possibility near the metro area. all rain to our south. and tomorrow, the morning commute could be a little problematic. and sure could not rule out more delays for schools or cancellations tomorrow before everything becomes all-rain and lot of rain. potentially more than an inch of rain between now and the time everything ends late tomorrow. we areht living r on the rain/snow line around here for today. snow, from the pennsylvaniaer bonorthward, all rain south. the pink is the rain/snow mix. that drifts north and becomes all-rain during the afternoon today. after the sun goes down tonight, here's that wge ofolder air that may push the rain/snow line south to colombia, demass cuss,
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maryland and changes to rain. ahn ugly stretch to get your school and workweek started. aymperatures above the freezing mark, mostly t and tomorrow. windy and sunshine for wednesday. thursday looks like the pick of the lweter this . and rain comes back friday and lingers into saturday, as well. a weerr from to, a chance for wintry weather. let's go to melissa molt and see how these are impacting your commute. >> northbound shad grove road. going to see that in a lot of spots this laurel southbound 95 before 216 there. a crash investigations activity n the shoulder. it is now out of the way. nothing there any longer. upper marlboro, southbound crooo . northbound is nice and open. southbound is your delay. looking here right now at 66 as we fly in fairfax county parkway to the beltway.
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63 miles per hour gets you there in nine minutes. it's now 4:54. if you're out and about this weekend, you know it was a bit warmer weather. the warmer weather is gone now, right? we get some cold weather. >>ompeople decided not only to brave the cold but to do it in their underwear. it was started to fight a rare genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on the body. people run in theirrw under because those affected can't cover up their tumors. so, they strip down in solidarity here. >> and you have to do i in the winter to make a statement. >> right. it's an interest yg statement. h. we'll leave it at that. speaking of winter sports, lindsey vonn's historic skiing areer came to an end over the weekend. >> vonn competed in her final downhill championship? eden. after crashing earlier this week, there was doubt wheth
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the would be able to race at all. he most decorated woman in world cup skiing history was able to take a much-deserved bow at the bottom of thehill. vonn took home a balnze m in yesterday's race. she is now the oldest skier to ever medal the world championships. i was able to observe her at thr wint olympics. she stopped for every autograph, to take pictures with kids who talked about she was their idol. i saw a different side of her. what a career to have. >> i'll bethis isn't the last we'll see ofhe r. she'll probably be out there as an ambassador. it's nice. coming up wnext,ll have complete coverage on this winter weather alert day. >> we have crews across the region after a wintry mix of snow and sleet fell overnight. we'll let you know about today's school and wk delays, too. we'll cck out the winners at the grammy awards. we'll see what made a surprise appearan appearance. there's that. >> cardib. reynold's kitchens™ has eliminated plastic wrap
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frustration for good. to celebrate, award winner jeff russo composed the world's shortest victory song. [sfx: victory song plays] yes! this is the good stuff™
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> a mix of snow and sleet fell across the region. give yourself extra time as you wake up and head out the door this morning. fast approaching 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's monday, february 11th. we want to get to delays and closings. >> the federal government is on two-hour delay. employees have the unscheduled leave or telework. >> prince william county and manassas city schools are closed. arlington, fairfax, loudon,
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manassas park city will open two hours late. as will falls church, alexandria, fauquier, and page county schools. d.c. and prince george's county schools are on a two-hlay. >> and grant county schools in west virginia will open three hours late. we'll update the delays and closures on the bottom of your screen. >> justin finch is driving around, checking on road conditions. first 4 traffic's melissa mollet oais keeping an eye on the and rails. t's start with chuck bell. he has a look at the radar. we're not done with this stuff by any means, right? >> no, sir, aaron. we're stuck in a cold, wet ern for all of today, tonight and tomorrow. living and dying t on rain/snow line today. all this is pointed straight at us. we w get n


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