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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 13, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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or something. i can't see wind. i guess -- you keep -- >> you c see it if it's blowing the trees. n thatow what i mean, sense you can see it. when your scarf is blowing, right? >> that's kind of nice actually. little gooding, everybody, 4:o 30 now, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun kiyang. we'rng weather which may impact your weekend. melissa mollet is standing by with a check on your commuteut we begin with chuck bell. >> it's february. >> i know. but with all t rain and the cold, i thought maybe we would start turning a corner. >> no. this is it. we only have about four to six more wee where we have a real chance of getting any real snow around here. so we're going to see ife can't maximize our chances. we have quite a few chances over th next tendays. not a guarantee of snow each time, but a lot of chances any way, especially saturday. ight now, though, storm team 4 radar, scanning the skies finding not much out there.
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temperatures haven b mainly above freezing and parts of northern montgomery, county, just far enough above freezingo where af the ice that accumulated on the trees and power lines should have melted away during the overnight hours. it won't take longnce the sun comes up, temperatures will easily climb into the 40s today. allhat ice will be a distant memory. oh is it going to be memory. wind today 20 to 35 miles per hour at times, especially across the higherelevations, winds could gust over 40 miles an hour. windy and dry today. not bad tomorrow. cloudy but mild on friday. and then a chance for sw on saturday. we'll talk more about that with the ten-day forecast later on in the half hour. for now it's time for traffic. good morning, chuck. taking a look at the 66 into town out of town no problems. stafford, though, shelton shop road at courthousead road a crash late last night, early this morning, brought down some nres. they'rehe scene trying get things reopen. right now it is shut down but
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should be open by 7:00 a.m. inner loop,oo outer of the beltway, nice and clear. nopl cnts northbound and southbound 270. little radar over the area through german town270 headed out might need those windshield wipers through that section of 270. eun? >> melissa, thank you. developing in the district it was a chaotic and tense night forlice. take a look at this map here. d.c. police say they were called to 5th and 8th streets in northeast last night for a possible robbery. hen police arrived, t suspects took off and actually started shooting at the officers. here is video showing where that chase and shootout ended. w d on any injuries, but we will update you as we learn more about the suspects. prince georges county police are investigating another deadly pedestrian crash. we want to show you wre this happened late last night. police say a man was hit by a car and a picke truck in 3900 block of st. barnabas icad. both vs stayed at the
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scene. another deadly pedestrian crash happened in upper marl borrow. if you're one of the hundreds of thounds of federal workers who would be impacted by a government shutdown, you no doubt are watching the news very closely this week. >> this morning itppears president trump has yet to make ning a bill out s which would avert a shutdown. it offers $1.4 million for border fencing, not a wall. far les than the $5.5 billion the president has demanded. it does include 55 miles of more fencing and more money for homeland security. the president tweeted the bill will provide $23 billion for bordersecurity. tracie potts will explain why the president may resort to executive action to get hisl b built. dr. va necessary la tyson spoke for the first time sin goinblic. dr. tyson appeared at a symposium called courage in thee o era last night at stanford
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university. >> that none of us are disposable and dispensable, that, in fact, we should be valued for uniquenesses as human beings. that's what i would like to see in the world. >> tyson was booked to speak at is panel on sexual assault months o. she says that 2 in4 fairfax forced her to perform a sex act in his hotel room ding the democratic national convention in boston. fairfax insists it was consensual. another woman says the lieutenant governor raped her as well. he denies those allegations as well and insists he will not resign. 4:34 right now. a new york city police detectivt is deas morning. >> cory smith is at the live desk with more on this developing story. cory, what happened? >>ood morning, eun and aaron. compounding this tragedy is the fact that we've learned this detectiv killed last night was shot by fellow officers. police say thisappened as officers confronted a robbery suspect inside a cell phone store in queens. sergeant was also wounded ithe shooting, both men werepl weari
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n clothes at the time. now the city's police commissioner has also said the robbery suspect was carrying a fake gun. here is what we know about t officer who was killed. his name is brian simonson. he was 42 years old and a 19-year veteran of th the nypd police commissioner calls this an absolutely tgic case o friendly fire. aaron, eun, back to you. >> cory, thank you. 4:35 now. tense moments at igcoolij school here in the district yesterday. the building had to be evacuated after a bomb reat. someone called in that threat in the morning. the students left their classrooms and were taken to the tacoma recreational center while police swept the building. police say nothing was found and students were able to return to school to fish the day. meanwhile, alexandria police charged a juvenile with making threats against francis c. hammen middle school several threats were made between december last year and up to this month. the building kept being evacuated and police were called
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the suspect's name has not been released. time now is 4:36. here is a look at our other top stories this morning. than mexrug lord known as "el chapo" has been convicted, found guilty ofrug smuggling, gun charges and running a criminal enterprise among other things. he will be sentenced in june. >> this morning, we're getting a look athe man police say rufied a woman's drink and raped her. phillip canters accused of drugging the woman at clyde's and chevye. ch the next thing she remember he woke in his apartment. they have surveillance video the woman pushing canter away from her. they want this t be a reminder to everyone to be vigilant. nd police in fairfax county say a behavior specialist who is now charged with raping a woman may have more viims. detectives say bernard betts-king assault the woman in springfield in august. she became pregnant after the assault.
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they found a potential second victim but trying to confirm with dna evidence. a louden county high school secretary is charged with stealingpl fellow ee's credit cards and then going on a shopng spree. sh works as a school counseling secretary at dominion high school. investigators say she stole gift cardselging to the school and keys belonging to an employee. deputies arrested her last week and charged her with fraud and larceny. still ahead this morning, want to save some money? there's an app for th. >> there aeveral apps, in fact. this morning we're working for you showing younes that will help your wallet out the most. plus, get that vegas wedding before you step on tost the p. details when news 4 today contin
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online. before youshop, hop online and search for the items on your list. if you find a coupon, you click on it and t t district isn added on to your rewards card. so savings are automatically applied at the register. >> uh-huh.d >> hea to the nbc washington app for details on this app and others. i have aeeling that you and i are not going to save with this app. >> it's so easy, though. no. give it a try. let us know how it works out for >> i'm not a good coupon clipper. somebody elseit it will ben them. >> if you're engaged, don't have liwedding. hop on at to vegas and get married right there in the airport. >> why not? >> apopup wedding office opened in the baggage claim area at mccarron the second year that the city set up this office just in time forvalentine's day. >> where did you get married? >> at the baggage claim. it's so romantic and memorable.
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if you love vegan ice cream. >> lots of people sat . >> mine what is happening? okay. some good news for you. be andjerry's launched two new non-dairy flavors made withnd al milk. now fans can eny vegan version of the company's mos popular ice cream, you know which one it is? chocolate chip cookie ugh. i would try it. >> you would. >> there's als rumors another flavor may be on its way in early spring. yum. >> i like the doudge we head to break with forecast.heck on the storm team 4 meteorologist, what's your favorite flavor? >> i like a lot of them. th chocolate chip cookie dough is good. nice hound dog mix, 3-year-olds available for rescue threw the humane alliance.
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z339bz z16fz y339 y16fy >> ann: you're watching news 4 today. welcome back at 4:44 this morning, we may be inching toward an event that you don't see very often a compromise on capitol hins. >> republind democrats appear to agree on a bill that would avoid a shutdown, butmp president tremains a bit of a wild card here. the tweet last nigh president thanked rx for their work on border security, but he
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referred to the democrats as, quote, the radical left. and he's vocalized his dissatisfaction with the bill. news 4 tracie potts joins ue now lith more. do we know how this might play out today? >> obviously more pressure on the president to sign this bill from both rasides, dem and republicans, saying go ahead and sign off on this compromise soe the govert won't shuaydown on fr as one lawmaker put it, president trump, go ahead and bank the but the pnt says he's unimpressed. he doesn't like the bill. he said, as he put it, it doesn't do the trick. d he's also tweeting that the wall islready being built. the 1.4 billion nearly $1 llion would add some barrier at the border, a very sma portion of the border. conservatives are urging the president toold out for more money for the concrete wall that he originally promised. >> all right, tracie potts, live for us on capitol hill, live for us in d.c., thank you, tracie.
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4:46 right now. the midtermns elect happened four months ago, but that might as well have been a lifetime in politics. 2020 races are already shaping up. kelly's an add mark name to a growing list of people jumping into some races. the former astronaut announced yesterday that he is running for senate in arizona. >> i care about people. i care about the state of arizona. i care about this nation. so because of that, i've decided that'm launching a campaign for the united states senate. >> the 54-year-old is the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords. she survived anti assassi attempt in 2011. kelly sa former combat pilot and flew on two spaceship missions. e>> this is a good time to looking for a job. the labor department says the number of current job openings is now at a record high. in december, 7.3 million jobs were available. the most in two decades.
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the numberf jobs available is now far greater than the number of unemployed americans. a flight in annapolis over when your chiren start the sc hol year could beded for a restrendum. day senate democrats vote aid long party lines to leave the start date up to local school districts. maryland governor larry hogan signed an executive order in 2016 requiring schools to start after labor day. the governor says longer summer breaks allow more family time and help tourism. democrats say it could cause conflicts with teacherpm devet days and religious holidays. the bill goes to the house where democrats hold majority. call it a d.c. starewn this week metro leaders are trying to figure out how much more time to spend on system maintenance t leadi reduced hours and not making district leaders very happy. our transportation reportesadam tuss cheut the debate. >> reporter: this whole debate
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is pitting muriel bowser against the metro general manager. one metro board member just told me i just got off the phone fireworkjoy the here is the heart of the issue. metro says all the extra time it's gaining fixing the system instead of running trains is leading to a safer system, but d.c. leaders and many other say the reduced operating hours especially late at night and on the weekends areorcing riders to find other travel options. nd riders certainly aren't short onopinions. >> i work late, so sometimes when i come to the train station on sunday, it will be closed down around 11 and tt inconveniences me. >> the longer it stays open the more people can get around, especially on friday and saturdays. >> reporter:rs now if d.c. leade can to dig in on this, they use a veto to block the current maintenance plan and shorter hours. hano indication will happen just yesterday. at gallery place, adam tuss, news 4. metro isn't the onlon transportaption on the minds of leaders.
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ride sharing apps are leading to ramatic drop in the number of taxi rides. aaa tells wtop the last three years the number of taxis hailed in the district has dropped people in d.c. are expected to take 10 million taxi rides this yearompare that to 50 million trips expected to be booked through apps like uber and lyft. if you have a smart phone, you just became that much safer in the district. new technology at t d.c. 911 call center now allows dispatchers topo pt your exact location when you call for help from your mobile phone. before this, dispatchers could onlyrigulate your position using cell towers. now they'll know exactly where you are andesirstnders will be able to get to you faster. s dispatcher that will be a huge help because sometimes callers don't know where they se. >> i wou probably about a quarter of the time. and it's usually from vitors. sometimes we have children that call. sometimes we have elderly, indiduals that call and just don't know where they are and
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sometimes you have people that are going through an emergency. ylling 911 and something is going on, forget. >> right. 80% of emergency calls are made fromisell phones. think is a game changer. a lot of people will do away with the land line has the winter weather brought you down? yes. does the snow and sleet make you feel blue? yes. fear not, spring is just around the >> no.. chuck says no. >> where is the evidence. here it is, folks. about 1,000 miles south in west palm beach, florida. today the washington nationals -- >> okay. >> pitchers and catchers report for spring. traini >> yes. >> bryce harper signed yet? >> position players town next week on monday and first full workout begins the day after that. temperature today in south florida will be in the 70s. >> that does make me happy to see pitchers and catchers. you mentioned bryce harper, still rumors about philhaelphia. >> hto play for somebody, doesn't he? >> we shall lle. we' be talking about more chances for the white stuff over
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the next couple days. >> not looking like florida here. >> no, no, no, no. our best chances for snow really start to trailff about aonth from now. by the time we get to middle of march, anynt signifinow chances really become sort of very sparse indewe. but b now and then, we have a couple of significant chances. speaking ofsn fall, national airport here for the winter now. almost three inches above average to this point in the winter. dulles airport, about 5 inches above average in owfall. so far bwi-marshall, falling a little behind, 3nches below average in snowfall for the winter. couple morees chao add on. not today. today is all about the coldnd the wind. 39 now in washington. 34 inun loudoun . 39 in frederick, maryland. g in clinton, maryland and princerges county. planning out the day today, at least we'll get to see the sunshine, but it will be windy to blustery all day. winds out of the west at 25 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow, even better, milder,
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less windtomorrow. at's probably the pick of the litter, but friday will be the mildest day of the week up near 60. that area of storminessulls away. that's the reason we'll be left with a lot of wind around here for today. mae a chance fornow shower or two in the mountains of west virginia. no snow chances around town today. jump forward here to friday morning. friday, again, near 60. anything that comes on friday, slight chance for a passing rain shower or nothing big to interfere with your friday plans. saturday morning, here we are. 6:00 a.m. on saturday, a possibilityf snow developing. and depending on the track of that storm on saturd be in a favored spot to actually get some accumulating snow around well, european model says a solid 3 to 5 inches. the american model says nothing. so, we'll keep you posted on that. but just know there a 70% chance for what should be mostly snow or some rain mixing in on saturday. and another 40% chance for precipitation on sunday. that should be mostly rain but could mix in with some snow flakes. the middle of next week,
4:53 am
melissa, another chance for snow. >> stillave some chances. thank you, chuck. taking a look at northbound 95 ar 123 little hard to see but on the left side we have a vehicle fire. we had some smoke billowing out of this just a couple minutes ago, so we're getting pretty slow northbound there at3. southbound not affected. take look at these delays building pretty 'lquickly. let you know as this starts to clear. shelton shop road at courthouse crashed open by 7:00 a.m. is the plan. car versus tractor trailer at outer loop near i-95. not seeing impact on the road right now. northbound, southbound on 270 looking pretty good, nice andea at this point. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 53. meghan markle found a new voice of support from an a-list actor. george clooney is coming to her defense. at an event this weekend in the uk, he compared the tablof treatment markle to that of princess diana.
4:54 am
markle is, quote, pursued and vilified and s chased in theame way that diana was e,d, qu we've seen how that ends. royal staff have said both meghan and kate are constant target of toxic trolls. as n players small favor for a family is going viral and inspiring people all over t country. this is seattle seahawks linebacker griffin. he is the first nfl player ever with one hand. and he is now hoping to inspire others like joseph tide. like joseph, he doesn't have his left hand. and the tide family says that grifn is their role model, proving that anyone or anything is possible. very nice. cute friendship. late night host jimmyallon is celebrating a major milestone. >> fifth anniversary as host of "tonight show" backn 2014 fallon took over from long time host jay leno. will smith was the first of
4:55 am
hundreds of guest. u2 did a special performance on top of 30 rock. drama remembers all the and excitement from that first show. >> it goes by so fast. you remember whenhe set was being built and booking your first guests and all that stuff. can wem u2 on the roof and all these problems -- that was five years ago. as part of the anniversary celebration, fallon is having an ambassador each night from various social causes and issues. tonight, tim tebow will talk about his passion of assisting kids with speal needs. >> fallon is on right after news 4 at 11. when he visited before he was launching the "tonight show". >> is that when that was? >> do you rember that? he came to the station playing the psi low phone andeally funny. showing pictures of his baby. >> naturally funny. wasn't a show. >> really a nice guy. >> yeah. >> con>>ats, jimmy. still ahead, the terps are making a big difference for a cancer. ing plus, could the redsk ts
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4:58 right now. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang.da it's wedn february 13th, 2019. little warning here, do be careful ifou head outhe door this morning. some of the sidewalks and roads could stillsl be k. >> melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the roads and rails this
4:59 am
mornin start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has our first forecast. >> thank you, aaron. it will be a very windy day today as well. but at least the sunshine willn make appearance for the first time in a couple of days. so, here comes the sun for today. but also, here ces the wind. gusty west winds today could be gusting over 30 to maybe 40 miles per hour, especially the higher evations from the blue ridge westbound into the mountains. that gusty wind will kp win chills down close to the freezing mark all afternoon, er you'llinly need your warm coat. good news is it will be dry weather between now and friday. temperatures have generally stayed above freezing for the overnight hours, so a lot ofez that fg rain and drizzle from yesterday melted off the branchs. that i certain good news. your planner then for today, cold but dry for this morning. clearing skies through the morning. various blustery slash windy off and on through theernoon with daytime temperatures today only in the mid 40s. so it will be a veryy chiay for sure.
5:00 am
today's high in downtown washington right aroun degrees. the biggest issue weather wise will be the wind. as we get into theliweekend, le increasing chance for some more snow. we'll talk about that more detail coming up. for now,let's go to first 4 traffic. >> good morning. taking a look at the roads here, northbound i-95 of course the cameraoes black for me. we have that delay. on the map, we have a problem there in the left lane we' talking about a vehicle fire. we had a lot of smoke in the area and now everybody is only getting by on the right side. so we'll keep you o updat that one. outer loop at 95 car versus tractor trailer, left s is blocked. again, we're not seeing a delay here at this point, but we'll let you know if that changes. inner loop lookingne just 270 is okay southbound. northbound the right side is blked apparently an abandoned vehicle there causing some slow downs and little by of confusion. taking a look at 95 here in maryland, 32 to t beltway. 68 miles per hour get


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