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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 14, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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check the forecast and your commute this morning. chuck bell is standing by with a look at temperatures. >> yes. a lite of cold start on your valentine's warning. 32, now, in la ray, 26 in lorton. 33, 37 in arlington. seasonably cold is the best way to describe we'll end up warmer than average today. a gdual increase in clouds. no rain today. afternoon high, that's not too bad. 55 degrees today. even milder tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle or two of rain. 64 on a friday in february, you can't complain about that. weekend snowchance, 80% chance for snow on saturday. i'll show you the timing and expected amounts coming up in a bit. it's time to check on traffic. let's go to the lady who is vely in red today. >> i love your pink tie as we
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celebrate valentine's hersburg, northbound 270. we had work southbound that has cleatd. looking a northbound lanes for some work. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no worries right now. still have one issueere on 395, northbound at edsall. as we look at 66, at the virginia visitors center, no problems eastbound or westund. >>hank you. major developments this morning to avoid a government do sh tomorrow. lawmaks had a $330 billion spending bill. >> the president doesn't like the bill but is expected to sign it, toid avo public blame over another shutdown. this bill funds nine cabinet agenes, boosts t budget for nasa, and rejects any big spending cuts it includes a nearly 2% pay raise for federal workers.
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e bill provides less than 2le with $2 billion for a border barrier. coming up, tracie potts will explain how the presiden mplans to get the extra wall money. we learned that lieutenant governor justin fairfax could face a criminal investigation. he's been accused of sexualy assaul two women. dr. vanessa tyson says she'stt seg up a meeting in boston about theal gations. she says fairfax sexually assaulted her in the04 democratic convention in boston. fairfax says it was consensual and his name will be cleared. he says there would need to be a bipartisan agreement for that to happen. this week's winter storm is believed to have caused one woman's death. a large branch broke off of a
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tree and hit and killed her. a family member found her in the yard. the hunt is on for criminale who h been stealing whole car wheels and leaving vehicles stuck on the pavement. theives ha hit several cars in the southeast section of the capitol hill neighborhood. they're taking all four tires and leaving some cars just right there on the ground. look atthat. not far away, we found one man who had all of his wheelol , not once but twice. it's not cheap at all. several thousand dollars worth of damage. this time, they broke the as well. >> it's a big hassle, too. police have some tips. park in a well-lit area. have a visible or audible alert something. put tire locks on your wheels. and put a decal as e anra
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warning to thieves. the family of a d.c. jogger who was killed in an attack, is responding to the news that the suspect is not competent to stand trial. a judge ordered the defendant to undergo a competencyal evtion. the family says it wants to wthk the city and challenge the leaders to do better. we have breaking news right now. there were multiple fires overnight. cory smith ishe at live desk with more. >> good morning. one of the fires was in frederick county, maryland. this is in howard county. look at that picture. this is firefighters putting out a garage fire. crews had to rush in toremove the items from the garage to put out the fire. thankfully the fire did not
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extend to the rest of the home. fire crews were called to this one at the 13 block. the flames are shooting out of the roof. it took an hour t get that fire under control. five people, three adults, two ds, are now without a home. no one was injured. there's no woron what may have caused either of those fires. >> thank you, cory. here's a look at our top stories this morning. a football i coach prince george's county has been uspended, accused of inappropriate interaction with a female student. the coach terrell carlos lockwood has been placed on leave. authorities say it involved text messages between lockwood and girl. police are looking for a man called the noma flasher. police say he's exposing himself to people around 4th and "l"
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streets. some of the incidents happened near a church and. school an arlington man pleaded guilty to a massive fraud and ponzi scheme. todd elliot hick was acced of bilking people. they say that investors lt 2014 $20 million between and 2018. he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison. day, the metro board could restore late-night operations. this is after years of shortened hours for maintenance. the metro leaders say it's a safer rail system but there's more work to be done. aders believe it's time to restore the train's schedules, running later atight and on the weekends.> plosive allegations
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against singer and song writer ryans. adam several women accuse him of verbal a sexual abuse. the women claim that abam offered to help with their musical careers and things took a sharpturn. a fan said they had inappropriate conversations when she was 15 years old. in a series of tweets, adams says that allegation is false. his ex-wife, mandy moore, claims he was psychologically abusive during their marriage. adams says he's not a perfect man and he, quote, apologize eply and unreservedly. "eire" actor jussie smollett is not pleased with the investigation into histtack last month. he's upset that he's questioned about whether the incident actually haened. >> i'm pissed off. how do you doubt that? how do you not believehat?
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it ee's the truth. >> reporter: >> he told police he was assaulted by two men who put a rope around him and shouted hateful slurs. after viewing hundreds of hours of surveillance, investigators have not found evidence of the assault, leading to speculation that he made it up. still ahead thimorning, a federal judge awards robert mueller a legalictory over paul manafort. good forews wasn't all the prosecution. plus, rough landing. a passenger plane makes an emery stop after anc
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you're watching news 4 today. >> today marks one year since the mass shooting at rkland, florida. a 19-year-d killed 17 students and staff members. many of the survivors have become recognizable faces. students like david hogg and emma gonzes, have pushed for stricter gun control. it led to walkouts across the country and led to massive march for our lives events,pl that to e last march. security is being beefed up in charlotte, ahead of this weekend's nba all-star game. >> the transportation system is stepng up forhe celebration
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happening this weekend. this is the first all-star weekend for charlotte since 1991. tonight, the city's light rail system will start pulling double-duty because of all of the road closures around town. securityill be tight all through the all-star game. and look at this crash landing last night in new york. that is 76 center, j embiid, leaping over regina king, and into a statistian's lap. embiid is one of the biggest players in pro basketball. >> can you imagine that? >> 7 feet call and 260 pounds. >> look at regina king. >> she looks magnificent. >> she does. >> he looke graceful, i have to
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say. >> apparently the leap did not hu embiid. the 76ers went on to beat the knicks by 15 points. >> good night. chuck bell, what's up? >> dog walking forecast time. gucci here. >> gucci? >> give your love a gucci for valentine'sday. and gucci would appreciate the neme temperatures near freezing this morning, up into the 50s today. ten-day outlook, which includes many chances for winter weatherp coming u next. plus, deal or no deal? today may determine if we facr anotheovernment shutdown. the president inches closer toward signing a bill. that doesn't mean hisream of a d bo here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your m's buick? easy. i like that new buick. me too. i was actually talking about that buick.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> developing this morning,l specia counsel robert mueller scores a legal victory. yesterday, a judge ruled in his favor, agreeing that former trump campaign manager, paul manafort, lied to prosecutors,e eby violating the terms of his plea. we'll tell you what that means for manafort. plus, local federal workers fearing another govert shutdown. sources telling nbc news, that trum sign a border deal as early as today. his signature would prevent a shutdown. but the proposed plan wouldn't give him all of the funding for a border wall >> the bill includes $1.4 billion for fencoeg.
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it not include language for a concrete wall. >> tracie potts joins us live now. president trump may not be getting everything he asked for. but that doesn't mean the idea of a border wall goes away, right? >> not necetharily. is a big loss for the president after he fought and held out so long to get money for this wall that turns out to 55 miles of fencing at most. but the white house says, instead of a national emergency declaration, the look for money in the budget tot redirecto pay for the wall. that could lead to a legal challenge that could tie up the progress on building the wall if is gets tied up in the boa the most immediate thought is for the workers, kveping the gornment open. if the senate and house votes today, it could land on the president's desk for his
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reluctant signature. a federal judge has ruled that former trump campaign chairman paul manafort lied t robert mueller. he's accused to lying three times. once aut payments a law firm. and twice with conversations of a ukrainian associate. the deal was contingent upon his cooperation with the investigation. this ruling was not a complete vi rory. the juded that prosecutors were unable to provide evidence that manafort lied intentionally aboutther atements, specifically about his contacts with the trump administration. mafort's sentencing date is set for march 13th. a former ally of trump will be in court he is accused of obstruction, lying and witness tamperin
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all chargers are connected to the ongoing russia probe. stone has denied the charges. this morning, we're hearing about an extraornary espiona case. the fbi is investigating a u.s. air force veteran who defected to iran and took international security secrets with her. we're talking about monicawitt. yesterday, she was charged with espionage. prosecutors say the information e gave iran includes the code name and mission of a secret pentagon program. she defected tora in 2014, after ending her military servic i you fly a lot, you have experienced turbulence. it makes for a bumpy ride. f ght had to make an emergency landing because the turbulence was so bad, five people were hurt. this is the aftermath onboard that plane. service carts and other debris went flying down the i'aisle
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there. three people were taken to the hospital. nasa scientists had to say good-bye to the opportunity rover. e craft landed on mars 15 years ago. it was built to operate for a few monthsnd kep going for 14 years. it spent that time exploring the planet's rocky red soil and gathering evidence to support t the idet millions of years ago mars may have supported life. merous attempts to re-establish contact were successful. going to college is stressful. the studying, the loans. imagine you're midway through and you find out your school is closing down. that's the case for students of argosy university, who hass locatiacross the u.s., including in arlington. we'll look at why it's happening and how students are reacting. >> reporter: students are worrd in a the university will
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close before they get a chance to get their diplomas. one of argosy's campuses here. students pay about $14,000ye a in tuition. many pursuing graduate degrees. but alarm spread after a letter the western association of schools and colleges that providesaccreditation. it talked about questions of millions in student loans not beingisrsed into tuition accounts. the letter says due to complications, argosy could face termination at thef the year. u.s. departmentf education statistics note the university's 6% average graduation rate is lower than mt for-profit and
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nonprofit institutions. in arlington, jackie bensen, news 4. chuck's back with us. let's just get tdaough the we. >> sure. >> focus on the positive. >> tomorrow, nothing to worry >> yeah. >> you're planning something over the weekend, you can still plan it. >> all making plans. >> nothing wrong with making a good plan anyway. just looking back on theecord books. our warmest valentine's day on record. 1990, with a record high of 73 degree the coldest low was 4, vtin valentine's morning in 1905. and the snowiest,ay back, 1885. hard to believe that that hasn't been broken in many, many years. b today wiright in the midd
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middle. temperatures running about five or six degrees warmer thisn. aftern off to a february start this 36 in frederick, maryland. 33 in charlestown, west virginia. 24, now, inopel, west virginia. afternoon planner, look at this. how about ghthat? sunshine in the first half of the day to get mperatures in the 50s. afternoon high around 55 in town. lo 50s elsewhere. and an active jet stream promises to deliver severalpu hes of winter weather chances. the best chance for snow, i think come first three. of the that will be on saturday. this is starting tomorrow morning. 8:00 tomorrow morning. full cloud cover tomorrow. the 60s tomorrowafternoon. but with full cloud cover. and there's a chance for a spnkle or two of rain, first thing in the morning or during the eveng hour. most of the daylight hours, mild and rain-free. saturdaymorning, likely to start off with a mix of rain and
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snow. and this storm system, notice, the computer models hinting there could be a switch to rain. the most chance to get snow will be south, almost all of the way down to the richmond area. how much snow? half as much as what the computers were thinking yesterday. the american l,moven less than that. an 80% chance for snow on saturday, determining the amounts could get dicey. it looks like less, not more, ai this in time. ten-day forecast. 50s today, 60s an ugly mix of rain and snow on saturday. sunday. for rain late could be a mix on monday morning. and another chce, tuesday a thursday of next week. that will be a bigger storm. but it looks like it may be more rain than a snow chance.
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> southbound rock creek parkway, right lane blocked. most of the other road work has disappeared. 270 southbound, 70 to the spur, miles per hour. that will get you there in 26 minutes. we had work in the same area this morning and that's allne inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, nice and open. 66 and 95, looking good. rge's rough prince g county, into town and out of town, no worries. hi how is for a fish tale? >> wow. >> a ken rcky manled in this massive golden catch. it is a 20-pound goldfish. >> how do you fin a tank big >>ough for that thing for your house? e apparently caught this with a biscuit, apparently. >> smart fish. >> hunter anderson, the fisherman, says the fish gave him the fight of his life.
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afte snappinghe photo, he released it back into the pond, tooo go to the fantasyland it came from. >> nature is just a miracle. right. just amazinamazing.s it valentine's day and the only people that may be dreading today more than the spouse that forgot a gift, would be those without a spouse at all. >> some people prefer to be single. there's nothing wrong with that. maybe you're not looking for otve. maybe it's the right time for you. maybe because you're not looking in the right place. who knowshe reasons, right? don't call us and say we're making f of single people. the best states for love, it turns out florida is the nnber one the nation. >> how about that? >> the worst is in our region, west virginia, ranking number 50, dead-last. and virginiaar andand were
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in the middle. the district is not included in the list. you knowushat? that's jwrong. >> we should move on. still ahead, lawmakers may be close to avoiding a government shutdown. but there's concerns about back pay from the longest shutdown in history. extended hours. theetro board will vote on a possible change in its rail how might affect you. hihedule. news 4 continues after this. reynold's kitchens™ has eliminated plastic wrap
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frustration for good. to celebratesoaward winner jeff romposed the world's shortest victory song. la [sfx: victory song p] yes! this is the good stuff™ news 4 ttarts now. >> all eyes are on capitol hill
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to see whether lawmakers will pass a deal to avoid another government shutdown. 4:59 right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. today valentine's day, thursday, february 14th, 2019. >> melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the roads but we'll stari th chuck bell and the forecast. it's getting better. >> it is. >> less snow means it's getting better. >> we knew it wasn't going to snow today. how about that? cold and dry here this morning. but it will turn into a pleasant afternoon, to spendome time outside. and if you're taking your sweetheart out forne d tonight, not too cold for that, either. and tomorrow is milder. at saturday snow chance remains very, very high. so, i'll let you know about how much to expect and when, coming up. right now, it is a cold 22 in manassas. 35 in arlington. 33 i poolsville, maryland.
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your school day forecast, kids will need their coat. around the freezing mark early. outdoor recess possible today. temperatures are mid-40s at nothing to complain about. you will probably need your winter coat and your hat and your sunglasses this morning. clouds will be on the later today. the daily grade for today, very good, indeed. a high around 55 degrees. let's hear something good from you, melissa. i have one complaint. it's a pothole that will get fixed at some point. d.c., the right lane blocked by pothole there. 66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 66 miles per hour gets you there in eight minutes. same thing outbound. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway. rollingalong nicely. nice and green. 95 at powderil


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