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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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get your afternoon started here today. a balmy 64 degrees. 30deegrees c than that when you wake up on your saturday morning. we have more on the when and the where in a few. > looking at the roads. a new problem on 270 in boyds. this isth sund, before father hurley boulevard. the left side is blocked crash there. we're not seeing much of a delay. it's okay. i wanted to warn you. rockville pike diverted ctar lane. this is a bus crash from yesterday. they are wking toeopen the northbound lanes that are closed right now because of a pole and wiredown. it doesn't look bad. it will be somems prob ft. washington, outer loop, local lanes on the woodrow wilson bridge. right lane blocked by a crash there. g.w. parkway southbound. policen activity the right
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lane. happening today, president trump is expected to take action that could have political ramifications. the first would be a welcome usrelief for hundreds of tds of federal workers, worried about another governme shutdown. the president says he will sign a spending bill that will fund the government. >> but thabill doesn't have money for a wall along the u.s./mexico border. not as much as he wanted. he is expected to declare a na tional emergency to fund that project. nbc news has learned that the president will take funds from various departments, including $600 million from the treasury's forfeiture fund. this sets up a political fight. some back the president while democrats are planning to challenge it in court. >> i think he has all of the legal authority in the world to do this. and i will stand bind it. >> we will not have an end run around the congress of the
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united states. >> the white house says it is prepared for legal action. n stay withs 4 and the nbc washington app for the latest. developing this morning -- another shooting in the district. another innocent child caught in the gunfire. now, a 12-year-old boy is fighting for his life. the chd was nearby when dozens of shots broke out last night. itofficers say the boy was possibly several times, and was critically wounded. in each case, it appears the kids were in the wrong place at the wrong time. investigators processed several sings off of the 400 block of ponds street innortheast. now, police say that boy was outside close to 7:00 p.m. last night. not far from thome, when bullets began firing. and based on witness accounts and what they've learned so far
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and the shell casings, it appears that multiple guns were used. >> whoev c decided toe up here and open fire on this community, it doesn't look like this little boy w involved. it looks like he was an unintended target. >> reporter: this 12-year-old boy in critical condition. at last check, in stable condition. we learned that police were able to que lion a carving the scene. speaking to those inside about the shooting, it's uncleahat role, if any, that car or those inside played in tha shooting that injured that 12-year-old boy. we're live in northwest. we have an update on breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. on person died after someone opened fire on a d.c. office. this happened inside trojan temporary labor in northeast,just before 6:00er yey morning. the shooter was wearing gloves and a mask whe he shot two people, including the buness's owner. the owner is expected tovi s
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by a 30-year-old died. there were 30 day laborers in the building when the shooting started. they heard about 30 shots before they ran for cover.a >> it was ooting going on. people getting in their cars fleeing and running and leaving the scene. and there was people -- we was running just to get away from the scene. >> investigators say this does not appear to be a robbery because nothing was taken. policeope that surveillance cameras will teach them more about the killer. shocking, new deta os in the arrea northern virginia high school coach facing prostitution charges. now, we have learned two more victims have come foesard. police ad delvin jackson on wednesday. he worked h at colonial forh school. a stafford county sheriff's office said he solicited prostitution from a male student at the school that was under the age of 16. the arrest left many parents concerned. >> the magnitude of that is concerning that something is going on in the school, that you
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trust the teachers to do what i rid help teach your kids . the proper way >> stafford coun schools say they are aware that a coach has be charged. the coach is on administrative leave. amazon is ditching plans to ild in new york city. they were going to build a complex in queens in exchange for $3 billion in incentives. lawmakers criticized giving subsidies to one of the world's most valuable companies. some experts say the move could scare off other tech companies considering to move to new york. the other half of the headquarters plan was for northern virginia. what does the dision in new york mean for us? megan mcgrath is live in crystae city, w amazon is set to move. megan, what do you know about e plan forthern virnia?
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>> reporter: it looks like the jobs that will be coming to our rea because of the headquarters, looks like those jobs are safe. but when amazon pulled out of the new york deal, many wondered what the f of the headquarters were in crystal city, what the future would be. 25,000 jobs will gradually be brought to the area with that headquarters, with the potential for up to 38,000 jobs someday. but will that change now theve pments have happened in new york? after the big announcement yesterday, amazon reached out to officials in arlington and everything is still on track. >> i spoke directly with the folks from amazon before the anno and they reiterated their commitment that this does not change the plans for arlington and for virginia.l >> wil arlington push for a bigger headquarters? the chair of the cou doesn't think so. he says what is being planned
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now is appropriate for the community. amazon has said they will not reopen the hq2 search. that won't stop prince george's county from trying to get a piece ofhe amazon pie. officials there are ready to talk incentives and housing. >> megan mcgrath live for us in crystal city. you've probably seen the wild video by the taser takedown at the foot of the washington monument. the man is accused of setting a fire in a restaurant. he was charged with arson on thursday. now, we're hearing from the student who was at the national mall to capture the unusual arrest. >> police came and to confront him and tried to arrest him when he was sitting down. he started resisting right away. >> in a new twist, prosecutors
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say he posted a video on his parents youtube page, suggesting that the world is run by a global pedophile ring. it was a repost of the pizzagate shooting theorist. yesterday in a meeting, board members made it clear they want longer metro hours to return. the d.c. leaders preliminarily blocked tmetro's plan continue to operate the system on shorter hours to allow more maintenance time. locals that need to get around early in the morning or late at night, said shorter metro hours force them to pay forca , ubers or lyfts. speed cameras are successful in d.c. and maryland. now, they will be coming to virginia. new legislation to bring the cameras to the commonwealth are headinggoo the vernor's desk. the bill only allows for
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hand-held devices and not the boxes or moued cameras you e. the cameras would be limited to work zones. and violato to $125.e fined up some dramatic video out of baltimore. how the students were able to get out safely. the driver pulled over and with the bus aide's help, they evacuated the hool bus. the school released a statement saying the bus driver and aide should be commended. >> thank good ps those kids. there's been a data breach on a popular dating app. >> w and you mightant to cut down on diet sodas. there's a new warping for women on how diet soda can affect your
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health. zinnea there. good dog walking weather today. maybe a sprinkle or two drsing the c of the day. nothing major. a best chance for more rain today will bg com up around 5:00 or 6:00. maybe get the extra miles in this morning or at lunchti. i'll give you the whole check of the five-day coming up. it's time for the uln mate sleep number evente
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you're watching news 4 today. >> bad news for millions of users who tried to make a love connecon on valentine's day. users of the app coffee meets bagel were e-mailed that their me have been exposed.
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the hack impacts 6 million users. coffee meets bagel breach is part of a larger hack that involving apps. facebook may have to pay billions in fines to the federal trade commission. "the washington post" reports the social mediaiant is negotiating a multibillion-dollar fine. it's linked with a probe into priva privacy. last year, it was revealed a consulting firm improperly accessed the private data of 90 million users. if alking break down, the f could take facebook to court. you may want to think twice before drinking diet soda. doreen gtzler has a new warning for women. >> reporter: according to the heart association, womenho drink two or more diet drinks a r day is at a higher risk stroke and heart disease.
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they followed women over 11 years. those that drank one low-calorie drink a day, were 23% more likely to have a stroke, compared to those that drink them less than once a week or not at all. blocked arteries were the main culprit. the women were 29% more likely to develop heart disease and 16% more lely to die prematurely for any cause. e risk were higher for obese and african-american women who had no history of disease or diabetes. >> that was doreen gentzler reporting. the reason why is still unclear. and is important to note the study did not show cause and effect. researchers say it is impossible io determine if the associ
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is because of a specific artificial sweetener, a specific drink or another hidden health issue. heart disease is a topic that hits home for carson daly. he lost his mother to a heart attack. he's now opening up about his pain in hopes of educating hers. >> it helps one other son out there, with es on mom and dad, my advice is, look out for heart disease. it's literally killing women in this country more than any other thing. >> it's been a year and a half since his mother's death. fo heart disease, women experience different symptoms than men. men have pain in their chest and left arm. women have back, shoulder or stomach pain. you can watch the full interview with carson at 7:00 a.m. we're working 4 you and spreading the word about a new boutique in prince george's county. it's helping breast cancer survivors look and feel their best. cherry blossom intimat offers
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bras and prosthetics for women who lost their breast to cancer. p men n receive personal fittings and sho a stress-free environment, designed for cancer survivors.dr now, to a atic rescue from northern california. a woman was rescued after a li mu covered her neighborhood. she wasleeping when the mudslide actually lifted her home off of its foundation and pushed it down a hill with her still inside. dozens of homes in that area were evacuated and residents remain on alert with the weekend forecast calling for more wind anrain. >> theierra nevada have been belted with snow.
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parts of the high sierra has 20 feet of snow on the ground. that's critical for water resources. >> we live in the best part of the country. >> we >> maybe a little snow or wind from a hurricane now and then. >> yeah. the hardest thing about living here is listening to eun complaining about it below 80 ee de >> i like warm weather. sue me. >> i like a nice, warm day. you can take the 90s and -- never mind. 48 degrees now here i town. winds out of the south between 10 and 15 miles per hour. it will b l atle on the breezy side this morning. even though temperatures are mild by february morning an rds, there's a chill in the air. our chance for rain is quickly pulling out this morning. i think we will get just enough sunshine here from 11:00 in the morning until 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. a quickin jumhe low and mid-60s. chances for light rain and rain
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showers movesack into the picture. this is 8:00 now on your friday evening plans. you may need the umbrella. your planner forto y, yeah. a lot of times. several, three or four hours, above 60egrees today. this is tomorrow's chance for some wet snow. this is the chance, wusunday nit into monday morning. that's our best chance for significant, we' call i precipitation, tuesday into wednesday. cold enough. may have antic can i start to your wednesday morning. more about this chae for showers today and tonight. nothing big. for tomorrow, that storm going southown to our you've watched the progression. the patch of snow started there. and it was and now here.
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each run is giving a little chance for snow farther down to the south. i couldn't rule out a little snow accumulating, especially down towards culpeppe fredericksburg, and richmond. your planner is all about the clouds andhe cold. there's our snow forecast. maybe enough to whiten the ground for the south side of the d.c. metro area. if anybody gets an inch or more, it will be way on the southern tip. there's30 the forecast. chance of the showers impacting your friday evening. it will be light rain and snow tomorrow. later on, a chance for rain coming in, which h maye a wet snowflake or two. and the beginning of the next bigger storm arrives on tuesday. abouty forecast with more the midweek mess coming up. good morning. >> good morning to you. in yds, 270 southbound
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before father hurley. you can see a delay there. they have a responsen the scene. northbound, rockville pike, diverted on to cedar lane. rockville pike northbound is what we're talking about. this is from a pole. wires down fromgh last hoping to get this reopened soon before the morning commute kicks d. we start seeing delay there's. at least it's northbound not southbound or inbound. g.w. parkway after 23. right side blocked by police activity. and fairfax, a new issue. westbound66, disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. today, a 9-year-old rapper from maryland talks to ellen. >> dlon gilmore from annapol sat down to talk to her. >> where do you get your style, your mom or dad? >> sorry, mom.
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>> mom knows what's up. >> you see the difference beeen mom and dad, too. he talks about his plans to celebrate his 10th birthday. you can watch "ellen" at b:00, follownews 4 at 4:00. you're watching news 4
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you're watching news 4 today.
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>> welcome back. there's a new type of dining experience in loudon county. chefscape is serving at the village in leesburg, is a culinary incubator. thd means the food is prepa by a variety of vendors in a shared kitchen. ba we have a forward-facin and food hall and marketplace. our food hall features those that are ready to start their own restaurant and it gives them a chance to test out their menus. the bar is just a great way to bring the public in to experience all these things. the "today" show has beenat celeg valentine's day with their share the love campaign.
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they collected inspiring and encouraging messages for the ronald mcdonald house in new york. molette green made a special visit to the ronald mcdonald house here in d.c. o >> cut the hearts. all ofhe love sharing from news 4. >> this is a look at some of the notes. they are taped to a window in the kitchen area. the ronald mcdonald house says k the small act dness will have a big impact on their young patients. >> it gives a gift for them and shows they're supported by the community and cared for. i can't tell you how much itds means for kio know that someone who never met them cares enough to write a lovely message. >> the messages were extra spec valentine's day.d on the kids would normally get cards from classmates abd are nole to experience that this year. av are doing great things. washington'site residents have a new place to play.oo
5:26 am
the national z will unveil the new indoor example for the giant panda habitat. >> what are you doing with the pandas, eun? >> this is the pandas creating a painting. >> they are sniffing you is what they're doing. the finacreation will be made into copies and one of the visitors will get one. you will learn about the conservation and the care for pandas. look how close i am. >> you're too close. she smells like chicken. >> they recognize me. they recognize me when i come in. they say, hi, crazy panda lady. look at them. >> that's scary. >> they're so lcute. it w be a fun event. the zoo will have hot chocolate
5:27 am
and other goodies at the house warming thparty. e's so many things to do at the national zoo. it's a great place to take the family. >> do people get close enough to hear t sound they make? >> they make a bleeting sound. the trainers were with me. and they have the food and the sugar water. >> it's like a squeak. >> you want theme to like a grizzly bear. >> they're still bears. they're gentle giants. still ahead, an awkward start for vice president mike pence at an international conference. who he was mistakenly introduced as. fnd aht to survive. literally, a jogger attacked by a mountain lion while on a run, lives to tell the tale. how he used his bare hands to take on the animal. him for lunch, the same thing that happened to eun out for zoo. your forecast for kids. maybe a drop or two.
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but outdoor recess and play time today, with temperatures in the. 60 no more than a light jacket here this morning. may want to carry a small umbrella in the backpack, though.
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news 4 today starts now. >> 5:31 on a friday morning. live look th a outside right now. you'll find unseasonably warm dmperatures when you h out your door this morning. about 48 degrees already. we'r a hearingut snow in the forecast. a little troublesome. could the weather play spoiler to your weekend plans? hopenot. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're feeling prettyood right now. melissa mollet is standing by with a check on theroads. we'll check in with her in a second. first, chuck bell is here with four things we need to know about the forecast. >> that's right. mild weather coming on your frid. we have a chance for a few sprinkles of rain. ere first little wave is mostly
5:32 am
gone. will be a chance for drops on your friday evening plans. will be breezy, as well. southerly winds will put s.mperatures in the 60 that's nice. much colder weather, more february-like, arrives on tha cofront. there's the first chance for rain out of here this morning. still, some singeringwers across the mountains of west virginia. the rain chances hovering in the 30% chance rang the real weather story is the mildness of the air. most everybody should get above 60es deg today. the most rain we'll get 1 between 10:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the maybe leave work just a smidge early on a friday. more on the chance for wet snow
5:33 am
on the weekend. >> i need to tell my boss i need to leave ear today. arlington, g.w. parkway, right side blocked by police activity. doesn't seem to be causing a slowdown right now. we have other things happening, as well. westbound, 66, before 123, in fairfax. disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. rest of 66, in virginia, looking fine. reston, fox mill road, all lanes are blocked there. downed wires, should be wrapped up in 30 minutes. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, looking good. rockville pike is shut down. it's diverted because of and wires that came down. you see crewset trying tohat out of the way. northbound there is closed. developing this morning, another shooting in the district, this time involving an innocent child caught in the gunfire. >> now, a 12-year-old boy is fighting for his life. the child was outside when
5:34 am
dozens of shots rang out near ponds street. justin finch is livef outside d.c. police headquarters now with more on this story. justin, good morning.d >> reporter: grning. last night, the police chief spoke about this. you could tell he was bothered about what happened. this 12-year-old boy was outside, not too far from home, when the gunfire began. he was hit and injured. at the scene,ga invesrs marched dozens of shell casings. this is in an alley near the 4400 block of ponds street in no heast. they were telling us they were able to stop a car in the process ofvehe igation. a car they were pointed out to by witnesses inside. they did speak to people in the car. in the process of looking over that scene, they were able to gather some critical clues last night.
5:35 am
>> there were multie rounds fired. the evidence we have so far. multiple fs used. we don't know if this was an exchange of gunfire yet. it's too early to tell. it appears more than one gun was used in the shooting last night. the cef went on to point out that this is the third child shot this year in d.c the year is just beginning here. and he says in each caseil each was an unintended target. they are hoping that neighbors or anyone in that area, will help to figure out who was firing those guns and why, as well including who they are. live in northwest, i'm justin finch, news 4. president trump is expected to sign a bipartisan spending bill today, avoiding another government shutdown. >> paychecks will continue and nothing will be clted. he deal hasn't been welcomed with open arms by the trump administration.
5:36 am
this deal includes $1.4 billion to build 55 miles of fencing. geit does not include langf a concrete wall and falls short of the $5.7 billion the president requested. the presidenis expected to declare a national emergency at the border. this would allow him to bypass congress and find funding on his own. the idea sparked outcry from democratic leadership. nancy pelosi promised to fight su. and other democratested drafting legislation to prevent him from doing it.e thidea has more support among republicans, but the gop seems wary of endorsing the idea. >> i've been clear about my concerns othe president declaring this as an emergency. >> i think he has all of the legal authority in the world to do this and i will stand behind him. >> right now, it's unclear whether president trump will findll of the money. but republicans on the housed armed services committee are urging him against taking it from the military.
5:37 am
today, buried in arlington cemetery. he is the longest serving member of congress who died last week ter a battle with cancer political leaders honored his life yesterday at d.c.'s holy in y church. former president bill clinton, house majority leader, steny hoyer, and former speaker of the house, john boehner, all delivered remarks. dingell, a democrat, represented the state of michigan for 59 years. a bit of an awkward start to an international conference this we. it's being held in warsaw, poland. a polish representative introduced him as vice president mike pompeo. >> vice president mike pompeo. i'm sorry. of course. >> mike pompeo is the secretrty of state, r down the
5:38 am
table, from the vice president. he seemed to get a kick out of all of this. vice president pence took it in stride. he patted the polish speaker on the back and had a laugh later on. no harm. >> no. it was a mistake. >> the mike p. you can get that confused. >> there you go. we're hearing from a man who survived an ordeal that many of us may not have. >> he was out for a jog when he d s attacked by a mountain lion. travis kaufmann hahis hands to fight back. he was out for a run in the colora town he lives. he heard a rustling behind him. he turned and that's when a young mountain lion sprung out readto attack him. he did everything right. he pinned the lion to the ground and was able to cover the mouth and no, suffocating it and eventually killed it. >> one of my big fears
5:39 am
throughout the whole thing was another cat.wa i s just very concerned that mom was going to come out of nowhere. would be over pretty >> win. after killthe mountain lion, kaufmann had to run three miles for help. he said, had he been listening to music he never would have heard the t coming his way. coming up, children are going to capitol hill, using valentine's day to bring kindness to lawmakers. and up in smoke. a wild scene in new jersey as an apartmentuilding catchesire f
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you're watching news 4 today. >> a wild scene outside of new york city in ft. lee,je neey. an apartment complex went up in flames late last night, destroying nearly 50 apartments and displacing dozens of families.
5:42 am
the troub started in the basement here. it's not clear how, though. there was a partial floor collapse, too. three firefighters sufferedome injuries. nobody was seriously hurt. in an efforig to back against some of the brickerg on capitol hiwo, t kids decided to spread some peace on thursday. >> aren't they cute? the pair handed out roses to dozens of lawmakers. they tell us the bickering and hostility on the hill why they are doing this gesture. >> we can learn a lot from children >> they're super cute. time to check in with chuck bell as we head to break. >> all right. it ee's all-eyes on the weekend because it's friday morning.un rtunately, it will be a lot colder over the weekend than today. temperates hovering up in the upper 30s most of the day tomorrow. and a good chance of l snow tomorrow. any accumulations of snow will
5:43 am
be well south of the d.c. ea. probably not an inch around here. ten-
5:44 am
5:45 am
you're watching news 4 today. >> 5:45 right now. and the threat of a government shutdown appears t be over. congress passed a spending bill that president trump appears ised to sign. >> that's good news. if you think that means a break from the political bickering, guess again. >> today, the president is expected to announce a national emergency to get funding for a border wall.
5:46 am
tracie potts is here to talk live about this. how does this national emergency rk and what are democrats saying about it? >> reporter: the national emergency mea the president can pull funds from the pentagon or the treasury department to add what he is getting in this budget deal. butteans dissension on capitol hill. republicans are split over whether it's a good idea. some think it's a bad precedent. democrats argue there's no emergency. they're talking about going to court possibly to sue, if thist geung up in the courts. it's possibly we couldn't see a decision with a few months before the 2020 election. critics saying that might have been the president's plan all a along. today will be william barr's first day as attorney general again. he was sworn in yesterday.
5:47 am
barr will oversee robert ve mueller's igation, which is rumored to be wrapping up soon. mand barr will decide howuch of is sent to congre during his confirmation, he was in favor of transparency, but he did not admit to turning over mueller's full report. we're learning details about president trump and the turmoil with the days and weeks following the firing of james comey. this happened in may of 2017. at the time, andrew mccabe stepped in as acting director. abmccabe has written a boot that time. in an interview on "60 minutes" on sunday, mccabe discusses the book and desc trump in the oval office just hours after comey's firing. >> how long s it after that that you decided to start the obstruction and justice and te contelligence
5:48 am
investigations involving the president? >> i think the next day i met with the team investigating the russia cases. and i aske and conduct an assessment. >> in march, one day before mccabe was scheduled to retire, he was fired by then-attorney general jeff sessions.ic the juste department accused sl mccabe of ding investigators during an internal probe. president trump has said in a tweet, he called mccabe di raced and pretended to be a, quote, poor, little angel. and he called mccabe a puppet for james comey. the second week of tax season is wrapped up and refunds are still s justrt for many americans. last year, the as rage refund st over $2,100. this year, it's about $1,900. you can blame changes in the tax law for the lower refund. withholding will mean people get less money or owe money.> virginia's decades old kings
5:49 am
dominion law may be overturned. itprevents schools from being opened before labor day. schools would be allowed to start two weeks before labor day. it would require labor day to be a four-day weekend. the law would go into effect this summer. larry hogan and his wife tested out a new electric car to highlight his environmental priorities. the pair was able to kick the hood and check under t of a 2019 fuel cell car. the governor has rolled out a bill he says will help clean up the environment. new york and northern virginia seem to be the winners of the competition to land amazon's hq2. >> amazon announced they will pulling out of the new york city plans. what does that mean for plans gacgra in crystalty
5:50 am
with more answers. >> when amazon pulled out of that deal there was concern of the possible impact that could have on the headquarters that is coming here to crystal city. 25,000 jobs will gradually beer added in our area, with the possibility of up to 38,000 jobs someday. but will that change? now, amazon says no. they have reached o to lawmakers and business leaders in the area. they've been told that everything is still on ack. will arlington get a larger headquarters? the share of the county board doesn't think so. >> this time, i'm not interested orin ang a new number of jobs. what we've discussed with our community makes sense for our community. amazon says theyopill not be ing the hq2 search. that's done with. that's not going to sto prince
5:51 am
george's county from getting a piece of the amazon buy. leaders saying they are ready to talk incentives and housing. 5:51 rightchnow. k bell has a look at the day ahead. >> four things you need to know abouteather for the next couple days. one, about today, mild. mild temperatures rning 15 to 20 degrees warmer than average. chance of drops. not all that heavy but not a pretty day to be ay may start dry but will end with a rain chance. right now, it is 48 degrees in washington, with a south wind, averaging 10 to 15 miles per hour. a mild day for sure, after a cloudy start this morning. we'll get brakes of sunshine, late morning int the afternoon. maybe more sprinkles around for the evening. but 64 i degrees february, that's a winner. here's future weather. here's the oreturn sunshine. there goes the clouds this
5:52 am
morning. noontime to about 2: or 3:00, a reasonable chance for sunny breaks. and as we get towards 4:00 and back upin chances g for the evening. nothing heavy.ll you'eed the umbrella to play it on the safe side. radar thismorning, shows the first wave of rain pulling out. the next chances for rain come with the front in the evening hours. it won't be that impactful, especially for the evening commute. by tomorrow morning, full cloud cover in place, and l atle wave of pressure going just to our south. ll've been tracking this week long. the best chance to get a slushy inchtwo, would be south of fredericksburg, virginia. not a big e.pact th but cloudy and cold and not a pleasant day to be outside for tomorrow. ten-day forecast, another chilly one onsunday. the first half of sunday will be dry. a eance of rain could h a wet snowflake or two mixed in evening, late. dry weather for monday.
5:53 am
our best chance for winter weather would be tuesday night into wednesday morning. we'll keep youd posn that. that could be on the tricky side. >> all right. thank you. we will keep updatedat on for sure. a new problem on the beltway this morning. take a look at this. inner loop. this is between colesville road and university boulevard. we're sending the chopper that way. chopper should be there sh'ltly. look at that in a moment. articlingson, after 123. the redht side was blo by police activity. that's cleared out of the way. a couple of other hhingsging around in virginia. westbound 66. disaed vehicle there. this is our problem. bethesda rockville area. diverted this morning on to cedar lane. this i because of a crash last
5:54 am
night. travel times in virginia, 66 and 95. those are not coming up maryland looking weird, as well. we'll look at that and fix that for you in a minute. good morning. i'm bertha coombs at cnbc headquarters. pay for grocery story with your phones. it's only available in columbus ohio. but it will be expanded nationwide later this year. customers will be able to scan a code at the register and it will transmit coupons and offers in a single swipe. withcn you morning business report, i'm bertha coombs. news 41 challenging you to spend youriday committing acts of kindness. we're wrappingd up our g deeds in prince george's county. >> molette green is givg out
5:55 am
treats at more than java cafe this morning. >> a cup of coffee and abc past on 4. we're here at this very cute coffee shop but a whole lot more. look at these paceries right here. and the jerk chicken and waffles, as well. we're paying for a coffee and a pastry for you. this is oheer and some of her faithful customers here. we're one main street hhis morning. coffee and a pastry on nbc 4. join us. committing a random act of kindness week. i love it. >> we do, too. there's been a data breach on a popular datingapp. what you need to know. and you may want to cut down on diet sodas. there's a warning for women on
5:56 am
how diet soda can affect your health. coming up. how does lisa get dressed without turning into a human alarm clock? her organized ikea wardrobe and its soft-closing doors e help her suit up lninja. (squeak sound) (baby sound) i got her. y the morning pers're not. (music throughout)
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now that sarah's sleeping on her new ikea mattress, she's waking up refreshed, norushed. see you later, dry shampoo. did you wash your haou? donow they make shampoo for the shower? fanc you should try it. be the morning person you're not.
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news 4 today starts now. >> another government shutdown has been averted. now, all eyes are on the white house. today, president trump plans to sign a bipartisan bill, that provides less funding for a border wall than he want. but h plans to make up for that short fall. ahead. >> it isid , february 15th. we made it. it will b a busy day so far. melissa mollet is in the traffic center with your commute. let'segin with chuck bell and a look at your forecast for today. >> it's friday. that's all that matters to most people. we had clouds in the overnight hours. the rain showers that passed through is headed towards rehoboth beach and ocean city. we'll have a little sunshine late morning in the afternoon.
6:00 am
it will be delightfully mild. way abovees a average this morning. we're in the 40s and low 50s. 51 at dulles. 45 in frederick. these numbers are above what woulde an average high temperature for thedl mof february. as you're planning out your friday, the temperatures i the upper 50s. and a chance for drops at the tail end of theev ing. 64 degrees today. you cannot complain about that.d i double dare you to complain about that. >> i will not complain about that. don't you there's nothing to complain about, right? inner loop here ativ sity boulevard. chopper 4 just got over this crash. we'll get more informatn. looks like it involves a bus and perhaps a box truck. trying to learn mise about for now, just be warned, if you're headed out soon, you're going to see delays.


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