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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  February 19, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> i'm eun yang. >> i'm aar gilchrist. we're in weather alert mode. let's get started with chuck bell to see what's ahead of us. >> yeah. winter storm watches have been posted for all of our viewing area. you have all day today, literally, to get everything done that you eed to getdone. it will be a bright and sunny morning. but the snow, which is expected to arrive, arrives about 20 hours from now.fu re weather keeps us quiet through most of the day today. dry weather through midnight tonight. by 6:00, 00 tomorrow morning, snow will be moving in. it will stay all-snow through the morning hours tomorrow. the pink is a changeer from snow to some sleet, freezing rain and rain. snow totals, generally speaking,
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around 2 to 4 inches around the metr area. the problem isn't the fact that it will be snowing. the problem is b it will going to an ugly mix ofhill ts winter weather related coming up tomorrow. >> would make for a messy thursday, as well. inner loop beforet. vernon, new crash, left and right side. you can see themlow down of the beltway. northbound 295, suitland parkway. getting by the work zone there. as we zoom out, manassas, eastbound 66 between 29 and sudley .ro and eastbound 66 between centreville and the beltway. we begin with breaking news. one person is dead and three others are hurt after a crash on 210, indian head highway.
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chopper 4 was over the scene just after midnight. three calls were involved on th scene. there were 354 crashes last year. more than 60 people have died in crashes there since2007. a sixth person has died following a crash in earlier this month. >> you may remember the crash also left five children dead. family members decided to take 23-year-old cornell simon off of life suppo yesterday. he was riding in the front passenger side when the suvse h ral trees. the five children were all thrown from thethuv. simon's says she is heartbroken she will never see her son again. >> my first child. he's 23 years old. mean, what is supposed to be going through my mind? my child's gone.
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>> reporter: over the weekend, the funeral held for the five children who died. the motr of two of the victims was the driver and the only person whovived that crash. new york avenue at north capitol street in the district is back open this morning after a shooting investigation. a man was found shot several times inside a car near big ben liquors. around 2:00 p.m., two men ran ud and sta shooting. it's not clear if the victim is the intended target. this area is not a stranger to violence. last month, a 22-year-old man was shot and killed just across the street. following a weekend interview that ignited a twitter tirade, former acting fbi director, andrew mccabe, will speak out, saying hence had taken part in a discussion about removing donald trump from office his lastinterview led to this tweet. president trump said story was deranged.
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over the abweekend, mcc described the chaos at the ustice department aft president trump fired james tomey latom comey last year. he described a meeting in which esident trump insisted north korea wasotapable of hitting the u.s. with a ballistic missile because russian leader vladimir putin told him so. this morning, mccabe will appear on the oday" show. the trump administration has a legal battle asyl md and virginia are among 16 states that filed a lawsuit against the president'sy national emerge irective. >> you arewelcome. you are welcome. >> people rallied in protests across the untry, from california to michigan, to south carolina. thousands of people took to the streets to protest the president's decision to declare a national emergency to security
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money for a wall. >> people at the border have said this is not an emergency. the president himself said it's not an emer hncy, by own admission. >> protesters held signs calling the president's decision a power grab. irginia attorney genera mark herring responded to the lawsuit ontwitter. hesaid, the president's declaration goes against the constitutions and the value w americ built on. it's the first time he's commented publicly on anything, since admitting to wearing blackface decades ago. there's a call f lieutenant governor, justin fairfax, to publicly teify, following o two accusations sexual assault. meredith watson says fairfax raped h when they were students. meredith watson says, pyvacy has been violated, yet i am willing to testify publicly
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under oath. dr. vanessa tyson has also offered to testify. she is the first woman accusing fairfax of assault. the plea to the virginia general assembly to require the same of fairfax has been met with inaction. today, voters head to the polls for a special election in northern virginia. >>ll eyes will see if democrats are hurt from the scandal. the democratic nominee is ibrahim the dentist is making his first run at office. republican greg nelson, thee ai fo man is a first-time candidate. and canny hutchison is running as an independent. samarra says it's a arance for a re >> people are really upse
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they feel that things have gone amok dow >> putting in place lite leader to move forward. >> the same website that exposed the racist page, showed sahmir as a college student. also today, teachers in west virginia, are set to strike. >> this ces almost one year since their first walkout sponsored a nationwide movement between teachers unio >> nearly all of west virginia's 55 counties, calling on public school classes today. wachers are upset about legislation tha passed last
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night and is moving towards the house. the legislation has a provion to create the state's first charter school. the unions believe that would erode traditional public education. but bill advocates say it will give parents more options. teachers say n theyer asked for their import. here's vid of the teachers strike last year. it lasted aost two weeks. it set off a nationwide ripple effect. andt ended after governor justice agreed to give teachers and employees a 5% pay raise. this time, there's no word on how long this strike could last. >> david, thank you. more twists in t alleged attack against "empire" actor jussie smollett w, his attorney says he will not speak with investigators again. this refusal comes after the two brothers captured in surveillance video, they were
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hired by smollett toth stage wh crime.ed a hate smollett's lawyers insist this is not a staged attack. the two men have ties to "empire." a florida sixth grader faces ssdemeanor charges after refusing tond for the pledge of allegiance. this incident happened on february 4th near tampa. according to police, when the substitute teacher asked the 11-year-old why he didn't stand, the student replied the flag was the two argued. >> the most amazing kid. w and the he was treated is not fair. >> we see that cases an example of a larger problem with african-american students bei singled out and given more severe punishment. >> now, the police department says the student was not arrested for refusing to say the
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pledge, but for causing a disturbance and making threats. a school spokesperson says it's not mandatory for the students not to say the pledge. and the substitute teacher wasn't aware of that. the teacher doesn't work for the district anymore. heavy smoking is not just bad for your heart and lungs. it can also damage your vision and your ability to fight off cancer. a rutger's university study compared those who smoke less than 20 cigarettes in anywhereo lives per day. experts believe smoking affects the brain's frontal lobe, which is involved in processing vision. smoking may limit the body's ability to fight skin cancer. that according to a new british study of 700 patients withmelanoma. eaokers were 40% less likely to
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survive the d than those who never smoked. maryland lawmakers want to raise the smoking age to 21. th is as a tobacco ung teens is on the rise. the slowdown seems to have stalled and e-cigarettes are to blame. sixha other state passed similar legislation. it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. but it is real. a warning if you eat venison. >> a so-called zombie deer disease. scientists worry that this disease can one day affect humans. it causes them to lose weight, coordination and bece more aggressive. the disease is called chronic wasting disease. scientists believe it may not be long before the disease affects those who eat contaminated meat.
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west virginia, virginia and maryland are among those reporting cases of the wasting disease. >> yikes. >> that's enough to keep me away from eating venison. >> yeah. i ate it growing wup. pretty normal. your uncle or cousin bngs back deer meat. still ahead, working for you, helping you clear the clutter from your home. and news 4 is on pothole control. with cold weather, more holes are going to up. we're looking at what's going on about it. when you clutter your home, look for the snow shovel. you're gng to need it tomorrow. today is the quiet before the storm. storm. i'll show you the timing and the
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you're watching news 4 today. seen around hoto the world. now, the sailor in thathoto has died. >> thatge is gemendoza. it took years beforewe the finally identified. his daughter says he died after a fall he was 95 years old. friedman died in 2016. she was 92. >> an iconic image from our history. if you've driven around the d.c. r in the past couple f weeks, you no doubt hit a bumpy stretch or two. potholes continue to open up iterywhere. >> winter weather on the way, things may get worse before they get better. adame uss has been tracking th trouble. >> reporter: when you want to
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find out how many potholes there te out there -- >> come of streets are just awful. >> reporter: you tal to someone who drives the roads every day. addis has been a cab driver in the district for years. does he think the potles have gotten worse? >> yes. struggling with them all the time. >> reporter: strugglin them? >> yeah. you have to avoid them. when you avoid them, you almost crean accident. >> reporter: it's not just d.c. we've seen craters from high on chopper 4 over the parkway, onashington the side of some west virginia roads. >> it's a little dangerous trying to weave in and out of them. >>ter: all of the precipitation we've had this year isn't helping,either it's saturated the ground, frozen and now expanng to create huge craters. >> that affects the ability to fill them. gs soon as the roadsdry, we are out there repair them. >> reporter: and judging by what we're seeing now, we'll be
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filling potholes into the spring and summer. in the district, adam tuss, news chuck bell is tracking the storm heading our way. what are we talking about, chuck? >> let mereak it down on the timeline here. it's not going to be a problem today. you have lerally all day. sunshine, temperatures are 40 degrees. everything will go downhill this time tomorrow. wednesday morning, first thing, snow begins at dawn or slightly before dawn. i expect to see it between 5:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning. everyone will be below freezings and quick accumulations. 1 to 3 inches of snow around here. then, things get messy. tooorrow afte temperatures inch anywhere way to just around 40 degrees. it will be an ugly mix of sleet and rain across the
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and where the snow hangs on snger, 3 to 6 inches of snow, maybe more its near the pennsylvania border. wednesday evening, a freezing rain and a treacherous night for travel tomorro night into thursday morning. here's more about today, then. 33 degrees. a little breezd and c outside. 20s in theo suburbs t 30s around town. you don't have anything to worry about today. sunshine and afternoon highs today up near 40 degree there's the leading edge. you know it's going to be trouble for us. there's snow in mississippi and alabama this morning. there's enough c id air place to begin as all-snow tomorrow. snow totals are hard to predict in an event like this. it might be three t inches in one minute and back to an inch or two.
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there's the arrival tomorrow of snow during the day. it's snow during the morning and the afternoon. by 2:00 and 3:00, there's the ov chan line along i-95. that change gradually takes place everywhere. but it will not be a pleasant day for travel. expect widespread delays and consolati cancellations for schools and businesses. a big mess tomorrow. that ends thursday morning, thursday afternoon and friday will be with temperatures in the 50s. and guess what, melissa, a chance f more rain on the weekend. >> a lot of things coming up. inner loop, mt. vernon. left se and right side block by a crash. you can see a tiny slowdown there, at the bottom of your screen. in arlington and alexandria, two inboundhappen on 395 with work zones. those are clear. 66 has a couple of work zones right now. don't worry about those. 95 northbound and southbound looking good.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> 4:22 right now. how manav of you a room in your house that looks like the one behind us. >> yikes. >> or maybe your mess is shoved into closets when guests come over. >> you're not and if you haven't been sure how to get organized, a tidying
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trend could be the answerto yesterday, w you about the konmari method. we will see if it's the rightou fit for to clear the clutter from your life. daughter'sed to be my room. she moved out, went to college, got married, had a baby a this room is still like this. it used to be my sanctuary. it was my office. i need help getting or intin it. please, help me. >> this was the ea from kimmy reed. she wanted to get organized but didn't know how to start. lutheer in her home was weighing on her mind. >> the clutter,ven though it's not dirt, it's so much stuff, it makes mee feel l i'm balled down r >>eporter: that's what this komari consultant that finds organization that loasts. >> going to be mess before everything finds its home. and you create a system you can
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maintain. >> reporter: it's something y can do, too. first, kay says youeed to visualize the change you want. >> i would like to go back to when i w the persona had to have organization. >> reporter: next, it's time to get to work, starting with clothes. >> i never i thought would be going through my olivia pope coats. turns out, that's a category kimmie knows well. >> don't go, my babies. >> reporter: once you see how much you own, hold each item. only keep thoset things t spark joe. >>o n joy. >> no >>joy? hank you. you were cute when i did wear you. got to go. >> reporter: withinte minus, kimmie had o bags clothes ready to leave her home for someone else's. and her own closet only includes items that spark joy in her life.
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>>ev n war iore it. love you, thank you. be goo >> reporter: here's a look at what kimmie's closet and spare bedroom look like this morning. look at that >> pretty impressive. >> it is a change. to give ncourages you your items away. >> the process isn't just for your home, either. later this week, we're bringing the komari home to the office. wee asking kayo clean up theme iest desk in the newsroom. >> everyone citizsays there's a correlation between the clutter your r life and what's i head. >> i'm going to enjoy my coat. this is yourreminder to download the washington app. give me a follow on social media and find out what i'm thinking.
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> that weather alert is in effect, as we prepare for what is coming tonight. get ready, as you start your tuesday. it's not lking too bad out there right now. but another round of winter weathers on the way. and storm team 4 is tracking all of the warnings for you. another crash in what is called the most dgerous road in maryland. another man died on indian head highway. as we approh 4:30, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we begin with chuck bell, tracking more snow that will be
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fallinghis timetomorrow, chuck. >> indeed. we're 24 hours from the first flakes arriving. it will all dry and sunny today. get done what you need to getne make sure your gas tank is full in your car, especially windshield washer fluid. temperures are below freezing for many spots. 27 in montgomery. 29 in fairfax. 30 in prince george's urunty to get ay started. and you have all day today to go to the grocery store. you know, bread, milk, eggs, french toast for tomorrow. temperatures will be around 40 degree degrees. agai's this time tomorrow when snow begins. it begin as all-snow. then, it becomes an ugly mix of sleet, snow, freezing rain and rain. snowfall totals will be hard to nail wn


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