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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  February 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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news 4 begins with w storm teamther alert. >> snow and then rain, with ice and slush. a winter storm is headed our way. now is time to get ready. here we go again. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaronis gilc we're in weather alert mode this morning in advance of all of the weather thatill arrive tonight. melissa mollet with a check on the roads. we begin with chuck bell and fourhings we need to know. chuck? >> teachers, here's your free she from to you, for what to do with the kids for tomorrow. they probablyon't be in the school tomorrow, so, give them two days worth of homework.
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the big storm arrives all likelihood, near a 100% chance for sool cancellations and flights could be impacted, as well. the bright pinkthat's a winter orm warning. wind weather advisoadvisory, wh snowfall amounts might be more in and around town, 2 to 4 inches of snow on average. even more snow likel north and west. if this was going to be all-snow, it would be a piece of a cak of a forecast. unfortunately, warm air will arrive here. above freezingw arrives tomor afternoon. that will allow the snow to change over to o a mix sleet, snow and rain. we're below freezing this morning. daytime highs will be in the 30 and 40s. clouds move in during the evening hours. ur snowfall forecast, 4 inches or more for loudon county, montgomery county. 2 to 4 around the metro area. probably a quick 1 to 3 inches
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of snow in southern maryland first thing tomorrow morning. they will change to rain firs that's why the snow totals are the lowest. the biggest threat, late in the day for freezing rain. talk about the details and timing of all this coming up. >> new problem. northbound 395 at glebe. a crash just happened. seems like we're getting by in one lane. as far as the map, you're not seeing theimpacts just yet. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, the earlier problem at e bottom of t beltway has cleared out of the way. you don't have to worry about that. 66, good into town and out of town.
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>> thank you. we're learning aut another deadly crash on one of our most dangerous roads. >> justin finch is near the scene with more on this crash and the effort to make indian head safe good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that is right. know tens of thousands travel route 210 during the morning rush each and every day. and now, another reminder to be fe on this stret of roadway here. looking live, we're seeing northbound and southbound lanes get by atee all lanes open. now, as well. unty police are working to learn more about this fatal crash here onoute 210. we had chopper 4 up last night, close to 11:00p.m., over the scene here. we're talking about barry road and route210 here in accokeek. as you can see, three vehicles involved in this ash. one man was killed here at the scene and three adults taken to
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hospitals for treatment of their inju injuries, as well. this set off a ripeffect of traffic closures and delays that lasted wellgh into the over hours hours. as we come back live, you may recall that after the three children were killed on 210, days after christmas, there were about ns and concern what was being done to make this road safer. in that time, law enforcement has stepped e. when we cack at 5:30, more of what they're doing to secure this roadway, especially after the crash last night. >> u.justin, thank a sixth person has died following a crash in bowie this month. it was the same crash that also killed five children. family members decided to take 23-year-old cornell simon off of life support yesterday. he wasiding in the front passenger side when the suv hit. several tr
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the five children were all thrown from the suv. simon's mother says she is sheartbroken she will nev her son again. >> my first child. he's 23 years old. i mean, what is supposed to be going through my mind? my child's gone. >> reporter: over thend, the funeral was held for the five children who ther of two of the victims was the driver and the only s person wvived that crash. new york avenue at north capitol street in the district is back open this morning after a shooting investigation. >> nearly all of west virginia's counties calling off plic school classes today. legislation, now moving forward to the house, has a provisioniro
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create the charter schools. the unions believe that would erode traditional public education. but bill advocates say it wou give parents more options. teachers say lawmakers never asked for their input, calling it retaliation for their strike last here's video of it. almost one year to the day, it was the state's first teachers strike in 30 years. it lasted for nearly two weeks. it set off a nationwide ripple effect. and it ended after governor justice agreed to give teachers and employees a 5% pay raise. this time, there's no word on how long this strike could last. >> david, thank you. new york avenue at north capitol street is back open after a shooting investigation. a man was found shot several timesnside his car yesterday, near big bend liquors. 2:00p.m., two men in black ran up and start shooting. it's unclear if the victim was
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the intended target. he was rushed to the hospital. this a aa is not stranger to violence. last month, a 22-year-ols man hot and killed across the street. >> following a weeke interview that ignited a twitter irade, former acting fbi director, andrew mccabe, will speak out today, addressing the revelation that he had once taken part that he had a discussion of removing president trump from office. president trump said mccabe's story was, quote, deranged. over the weekend, mccabe described the chaos at the justice department after president trump fired james y last year. he noted escalating concerns about nfrussia'sence on the president. he described a meeting where president trump insisted north korea was not capable of hitting the u.s. with a ballistic missile because told him so.tin the trump administration has a legal battle ahead of
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ma and virginia are among 16 states that have filed a lawsuit over the president's national emergency declaration. the president signed an executive order, redirecting money to build a barrier along the u.s./mexico border. >> people rallied in protests across the country, from california to michigan, to south plrolina. thousands of peotook to the streets to protest the president's decision to declare a national emergency to security money for a wall. protesters say it's unnecessary and unconstitutional p ple at the border have said this is not an emergency. , e president himself said it's not an emergency his own admission. >> protesters held signs calling the president's decision a power grab. virginia attorney general mark herring responded to the lawsuit on twitter. he said, the president's declaration goes against the
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s constitution and the val of america. it's the first time he's commented publicly oe anything, simitting to wearing blackface decades ago. there's a call for lieutenant governor, justin fairfax, to publicly testify, following two accutions of sexual assault. meredith watn says fairfax raped her when they were students at duke university in 2000. in a "washington post" op-ed article, watson writes, my privacy has been amolated, yet illing to testify publicly under oath. dr. vanessa tyson has also offered to testify. f she is tst woman accusing fairfax of assault. she writes in the op-ed article, the plea to the virginia genreal assembly tire the same of fairfax has been met with inaction. irfax has denied both allegations against him. today, d.c. council members would vote on a bill that makes sports betting legal i the district. >> this would be the second on
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the measure that would be handed to the mayor. ore onmcgrath with what's expected to happen today. megan? >> reporter: good mornin guys. at's right. we could learn the fate of sports betting in the district. we couldls learn what company could get that lucrative contract. will the competitive biddi process be bypassed. will the contract be given to the same country that rmpany th d.c. lottery. that vote is coming around 11:00. supporters say sports betting would be delayed too long, if the district had to put the contract out for competitive they say that delay means millions of dollars in lost but oonents of the bill say ppvenue. you shouldn't just give away a he tract like that, that bidding process makes sure that the district gets the best possible deal. they want to see that conact put out for bid. now, the committee as whole will be voting late their morning, scheduled for 11:00.
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from the wilson building,eg mcgrath, news 4. still ahead, working 4 you, helping you clear the cluter from your home. and news 4 is on pothole patrol. more potholes are expected to open up. we're looking at what's being done about. old man winter is about to tomorrow.her visit for dog walking forecast for today. 6-year-old dice available r adopti adoption. dog walking weather, cold and dry this morning and staying dry all day today. tomorroway is the we start with snow and end with a wintry
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♪ ld despite the a lot of people visited mt. vernon yesterday to celebrate washington's birthday. several events were held throughout the day, including tours of the grounds and military re-enactments. washington died in 1799 and is buried on the grounds of his virginia estate. it's not far from d.c. proper and worth the visit. the views over the potomac are incredible, too. >> they wanted to bury him in richmo. they built a crypt and everything. still empty all these years later. you know this photo. that's george mendoza, kissing friedman in 1945 they had never met before this kiss. it took years before they were finally identified. his daughter says he died after a fall.
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he was 95 years old. friedman died in 2016. she was 92. if you've driven around the d.c. region in the past couple of weeks, you no doubt hit a bumpy stretch or two. pothol continue to open up everywhere. >> with winter weather on the way, things maget worse before they get tuss has been tracking the trouble. >> reporter: when you want to find out how many potholes there are out there -- >> some of the streets are just awful. >> reporr: you talk to someone who drives the roads every day. addis has be a cab driver in the district for years. does he think the potholes have gotten worse? >> yes. struggling with them all the time. >> reporte struggling with them? >> yeah. you have to avoid them. when you avoid them, you almost create an accident. >> reporter: it's not just d.c. we've seen craters from high on chopper 4 ov the
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baltimore/washington parkway, hubcaps on the sidrgof some west ia roads. >> it's a little dangerous trying to weave in and out of them. >> reporter: allatf the precipn we've had this ng year isn't heleither. it's saturated the ground, frozen and now expanding to te crea huge craters. >> that affects the ability to fill them. as soon as the roads dry, we are out there repairing them. j >> reporter:udging by what we're seeing now, we'll be filling pooles into the spring and summer. in the district, adam tuss, news 4. now, more winter weather coming, and a warm-up over the weekend. >> more potholes, bigger potholes. >> and a big thaw over the weekend, as well. 's the freeze/thaw. and water settles down into cracks and freezes, expands, c makes tcks bigger. as soon as it dries up, poof. look here, everybody. a beautiful shot of the full moon out there early this
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morning. the fe believe it is., i i'll double-check that. if you lookp at this time tomorrow, you will get hit with a snowflake in the e, as a wint stomachrm arrives here tomorrow morning. wednesday morning, about 5:00 a.m., or so, it will begin as snow. taeveryone should with snow and could pick a quick 1 to 3 inches of snow ar-wide, before things get tricky tomorrow afternoon. warmer air will eventually switch southern maryland from snow to rain, about early afternoon tomorrow. and then, that rain/snow changeover line i moveso the d.c. area, during the afternoon tomorrow. 3 to 6 on average, across the area. closer to the pennsylvania border and east and west virginia. the mier the change from snow to the mix to rain, that will make pinpointing an exact
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amount of snow difficult. wednesday evening, as mmperatures hover around the freezing mark,t of i-95 and areas south andaswill be rain pape long i-81 and into northern maryland, there could be a coue of hours of freezing rain into tomorrow evening, before it becomesat all-rain tomorrow night. that will be the biggest danger zone. northern maryland and the top t end o shenandoah valley there, for freezing rain late in the day tomorrow. right now, though, it's all-dry. temperatures below freezing for most of the area this morning. your planner is for plenty of sunshine today, with afternoon highs in the upper 30s and low 40s. about 42 in downtown today. not mucf a breeze, either. there's the leading edgemo of t ture. there's actually sleet across parts of northwest georgia, huntsville, alabama, to mississippi. the cold air extends way down to our south. winter storm warnings for all of the metro area. wind weather advisory for toula southern ma. and future weather contains for
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all snow to be a mix of rain and snow tomorrow. and amount onaverage, 2 to 4 for most of the d.c. metro area. it's the mix that will make this challenging during the day tomorrow. all-rain on thursd. an quickly warms to the mid-50s thursday afternoon near 50 and dry on friday. and more chilly rain drops arrive on saturday. next half hour, the ten-day forecast and more about this winter storm. >> more information about this one. not re on injuries. s we sawebody drive by it. four vehicles in. and the two right les are getting by. northbound 395 at glebe, going to bslow for some time here. not showing major impact on the maps here. it is probably it is so early. brand-new problem in waldorf, southbound 5. rious accident there right now. we know a medevac is landing
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because of this crash. ying to get information on that one.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcomeack at 5:22. how many of you have a room in your house that looks like this? >> that's a lotf stuff. >> maybe you have a mess shoved
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into a closet, kept out of sight when guests come >> you'ralone. and if you haven't been sure how to get organized, a tidyg trend could be the answer. yesterday, we told you about the konmari method. we will see if it's the right fit for you to clear t clutter from your life. >> this used to be my daughter's room. she moved out, went to college, got married, had a baby and this room is still like this. it used to be my sanctuary. it was my office. i need help getting organized. please, help me. >> this was the plea from kimmy reed. she wanted to get organized but didn't know how to start. the clutter in her home was weighing on her mind. t clutter, even though it's not dirt, it's so much stuff, it makes me feel like i'm balled down.
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>> reporter: that's where this komari consultant niat finds ortion that lasts. >> going to be a mess before everything finds its home. and you create a system you can thintain. >> reporter: it's ing you can do, too. first, kay says you need to visualize the change you want. >> i would like to go back to when i was the per na had to have organization. n >> reportet, it's time to get to work, starting with clothes. >> i never tught i would be going through my olivia pope coats. turns out, that's a category kimmie knows wel >> don't go, my babies. >> reporter: once you see how much you own, hold each item. only keep those things that spark joe. >> no joy. >> no joy? nk you. you were cute when i did wear you.
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got to go. >> reporter: within minutes, kimmie had bags of clothes ready to leave her home for someone else's. and her own closet only includes items that spark joy in her life. >> never wore it. love you, thank you. be good to someone else. >> reporter: hwhe's a look at kimmie's closet and spare bedroom look like this morning. it encourages you to recycle the items you get rid of. donating them means you give somebody else joy. >> the process isn'tfor your home, either. later this week, we're bringing the komari home to the office. we're asking kay to clean up the messiest desk in the newsroom. >> that's big job. >> if you don't know what's in your draws and there'sld food. >> it may have under gone a half-life. you need to download our nbc
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washington app and find and follow me on the social media pages. yes, teindeed, w weather is in the forecast. accumulating snow is likely to start about this time tomorrow m give ye details about this timing of it all and how much rain we'll get at the end of it, coming right up. plus, new video of rbg at dca. the supreme court justice spotted in public for the first time since surgery. what she had toutay aow she's feeling. and a local beauty queen with a pro-pot platform. hear how she's making medical marijuana her mission. stayith us. as
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> that weather alert in effect as we prepare for what's co-tom tonight. as you start tuesday, not too bad out there. another round of winter weather is on the way and storm team 4 is tracking it for you. y crash on dea what's called the most dangerous road in maryland. a man died on indian head highway late last night in a crash thathut down the road
5:30 am
for hours. we're going to check in with justin finch along route 210 in a few minutes. and melissa mollet will have the other warnings in your commute. >> glet's firsto to chuck bell as he tracks the snow head our way, among other things. >> the storm tea 4 weather alert day as we can get ready for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. a perfect day to get outside. anything you need to get done. make sure it's done before you go to bed tonight. a big chillin arr tomorrow. winter storm warnings for most of the viewing area this morning. the lone excepon is a winter weather advisories, down towards stafford i counties around the fedarcyksburg area. there's ad likelih of accumulating show, beginning at daybreak tomorrow. anx.changing to a rain/snow we're around freezing, just
5:31 am
about everywhere. 28 in fairfax. 26 inil pool, maryland. your planner today is for sunshine. look at this for tomorrow. snow aiving first thing and an ugly rain, snow, wintry sleetmi throughout the course of tomorrow. enjo i the sunshine today. >> i will. northbound 395 at kleeb. a lot of the crash is on the left side of the roadway. police were telling us, no word on injuries. re getting through there on the right side. seeing a slowdown on the map finally. it wasn't catching. the rest of 395 looks okay. waldorf southbound 5, at renner road, a bad crash, trying to g information. beltway loo okay. bowie, westbound 50 near 197, debris reported. we hereaking news right now. one person is dead and three
5:32 am
others are hurt after a crash on indian head highway in prince george's county. this is known as one of the mos dangerous roads in the entire area. >> news 4's justin finch is live on the scene with the crash and the effort to make indian heads highwar. >> reporter: all-too often we're bringing you stories about seris injury andatal wrecks along route 210. hours ago, we saw another one. let's take you to chopper 4m video f last night, close to 11:00 p.m., this fatal wreck here. 210 at barry road here. one man that was killed. a three-vehicle crash. the cause of that crash is under investigation. let's take you to stats regarding the rate of wrecks and crashes here on route 210 here. more than 60 pple have died in
5:33 am
last decade here along route 210. we had five deaths last year, including the three children who were killed days after christmas. more than 6,400 traffic stops in 2018 just last year here. based on our count here, this is the tenth person to die this year on a prince george's county road. we know police have stepped up dui stops here. also, they count tickets they have handed out in the new year alone here in 2019, hoping that will makeer a dice here in the rates of traffic, crashes and deaths out here, as well. they're asking f s stateport here to help them watch this roadway, as well.
5:34 am
another fatalrash thaeft two adult s injured and one man dead. >> justin, thank you. also developing, justiceic department ols say that rod rosenstein will step down in two weeks. the new attorney general is in place, and william barr will take office. and rosenstein was seovng the investigation of trump campaign collusion with russia. barr will oversee that investigation with the rest of the agency. now, to then battle the border. maryland and virginia are among the 16 states that are suing the trump administration over building a wall on the border. >> he declared a national emergency to clear the funds for his border wall.
5:35 am
thousands of people from acrosso the country ok to the streets to protest that declaration. coming up, we'll che in with tracie potts to see what the congress can do to try to stop the president. the transgender bathroom ban in gloucester county may be soon lift. ifs school board going to have a hearing to tscuss the obj of allowing students use the bathroomr of thentity. this comes after former studm t gavin grimsued the school district in 2015. they banned him from using t boy's bathroom when he was in high school. news 4 will continue to watch this story. look at our top stories now. at 5:35, there's a call for virginia lieutenant governor, justin fairfax, to publicly testify after two women accused him of sexual assault. meredith watson says fairfax d raper. she wrote an op-ed in "the
5:36 am
washinon post," that she is willing to testify under oath. she wants the virginia general assembly to require fairfax to do the same. he denies the allegations. voters head to the polls in a special electivi in northern inia. three candidates are vying for the house seat in the state's 86th district, which runs from herndon, to chantilly. they are ibraheem samirah, gregg nelson and connie hutchison. the special election is being held to replace jennife boysko. she took jenniferafweston's sea r elected to congress. nearly a year to the day of their first stke, teachers in west virginia are set to strike again today. they're upset about legislation that would require or would create the state's first charter schools. the teachers believe the bill would erode traditional public education. advocates of the bill say it would give parents more options. the two men seen in surveillance video on the attack of jussie smollett says he hire. th smollett's lawyers insist this was not a staged attack.
5:37 am
last week, police questioned the chothers in the video and released them witharges. the two men have ties to "empire.wo one of them ed as an extra on the show. up and out. supreme court justice ruth bades ginsburg wasn walking through agan national airport yesterday. she was flanked by surity. >> this is one of few public appearances from the 85-year-old since recovering from cancer surgery in late december. >> how are you doing? everyone in america is wondering how you're doing right now. >> just fine. >> just fine? >> you heard her there. she s out of chambers for mo than a month but participated in the court's work while getting well. returned to the supreme court for the first time on friday. baball fans rejoice. today, spring training for the washington nationals gets under way. the first full squad workout is happening in a few hours. one thing that will be different
5:38 am
for the fans and the team, no bryce harper. he's not signed with the team. tht nats fans are looking ahead. news 4 will be ofield this reternoon. sherry b will be live later today. must be nice. mous athletes may have a big head when it comes to their egos. anchors are like that, too, sometimes. but one player's head is keeping him off the fihyd. coming up,he size of his head is leaving him stuck on the sidelines. plus, seeking justice. an iconic d.c. eagle missing an apparent battle of the birds.e an upd the drama unfolding in this eagle's nest.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> ooh. talk about a c ase call. lookt this coming. that puck barely missed his face. p the hockk narrowly missed nbc aouncer pierre mcguire's
5:41 am
face. it happened at a game between the tampa bay lightning and the blue jackets. he could have been knocked out cold. >> tk went flying at the end of the first period. just missed mcgwire's head before it crashed into the camera lens there. almost like he didn't notice there. man. there's a college lacrosse player who is forced to sit out because there's not a helmet big enough for his head. >> his head measures 25 inches. the coach at wheatonge in massachusetts, is hang trouble finding a helmet that fits him. he's 19 and wants to use his high school helmet in order to play. but it lacks safety requirements. chu is now waiting for an ncaa to approve a custom helmet to be made. and just to give you an idea. this is 25 inches. >> t natural average head size
5:42 am
is 22, 23 inches. >> if you can't build a helmet, you haveo have custom made. >> i tried it on. there'sot as muc room left. >> you're a man. >> it makes total sense. >> that your head is bigger than mine. >> she slipped that in there. let it go, chuck. >> i concur. i'm opt missick fimistic fo weekend. it will be sunny and mild by sunday afternoon. more of the timing and amount m up. >> a big problem in waldorf. opper 4 should be there in a couple of minutes. and massive delays on 395. a
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:45. we're in weather alert mode, as you wake up on this tuesday. o not but there right now. that will change tonight, folks. another round of wintry weather is headed our way. >> you can see the storm is on the radar. it's making its way north. and with it, snow, ice and likely a lot of cancellations as a result. we're going to check in with chuck bell for the forecast in just a few minutes. the legal battle begins over president trump's national emergency for his border wall. maryland and virginia joined 14 other states in a lawsuit. >> all this happened the a same da protesters took to the streets to rally against the president's move to build this wall.
5:46 am
tracie potts is live with the latest on all this. >> reporter: this demonstration is a athree-prongroach to the nationalde aration. we have the protests happening. congress considering a resolution against the rg president's ecy declaration. some republicans onboard but necessarily enough to override a presidential vehe. and t white house is suggesting that's exactly what would happen. then, developing overnight, new details about the 16 states, including maryland and thvirgin, are suing over the declaration. they argue there's no emergency at all. the president is taking military construction funds from things that the country needs to fund a wall that it does not. the california attorney general leading that fight. lls it a misuse of presidential power. the white house says they're ready to fight back. >> tracie potts, live for us
5:47 am
this morning. thank you. by spring you could make sports wagers onne. >> today, the d.c. council will vote for the second time on a pressure that wouldegalize sports betting inside the district. megan mcgrath isive outside in northwest. >> reporter: later today, we could leahe fate of online sports betting in the district, and also what company will get that contract. the council passed legislation to fast track sports betting in the district. it would bypass the bidding process and award the contract to the company that runs d.c. lottery. it would be delayed t long if the district put it out for competitive bid. any delay woulde millions in st revenue. opponents say to make sure that d.c. gets the best deal
5:48 am
possible. the bill narrowly passed on the fist read. we'll s what happens later today. that vote is scheduled to take place here later on this morning. back to you guys. david culver at the live desk with images overnight from seaworld in san diego. rescue crews had to be called in last night to rescue 16 people trapped on a ride. 16 people stranded on the bayside or a gondola ride. a big gust of wind tripped a circuit breaker that caused the ride to stop working. of the 16 people, several children there, onrsbaby and one that officials described as partially paralyzed. seaworld plans to inspect before they reopen that ride. now to new details about a tense situatioryin utah. hike osman says he is thankful to be alive after
5:49 am
spending ten hours in quicksand. he was walking on a trail with a friend when his leg became stuck in the quicksand there. his friend had to leave him and hike for three hours until she could get cell phone service to call 911. >> you know, i was stuck. i knew no one was around. so, i just knew thater can rely on i knew sheould make it back to cell service. as the time went on, i got more and more scared. >> when park rangers were able to get to him, two hours later, he was suffering from exposure and hypothermia, due to the extreme cold. he made it and h't doe look too bad. quicksand ik about the movies. it happens infe real li. we're on weather alert for you today. yes, indeed. winter srm headed our way
5:50 am
tomorrow. tomorrow, it will be cold and chilly, changing over to rain. the pink highlighte including the d.c. metro area, including west.s north and that's a winter storm warning. there's a winter weather advisory for fredericks during and southern maryland. snow toals are going to be 1 to 4 inches of snow. what you need to know. it will begin a snow. starts around 5:00 tomorrow. the change takes place c during thrse of the afternoon. this will end as a rain event. 32 in washington. and a north to northeast wind draining the cold air in north atlantic. we'll be chilly today. 20s in the shenandoah valley. the suburbs to low 30s around
5:51 am
town. today's high, 42. the rain/snow line is herets across pf northern alabama this morning. t wi cold air in place, this will start as all-snow. first snowflakes already in. we're going to pick up a quick 1 to 3 inches of snow, between sunris and noon tomorrow. snow during the morning commute tomorrow morning. many schools and businesses will be delayed or closed tomorrow. flights could take itn e chin. tomorrow afternoon, the change from snow to sleet to rain, taking place during the middle pas of the afternoon. how long it takes the itchover will have an impact on how much snow there this will end as all-rain early thursday morning. this is on our nbc washington app. fter a cold rain and sno tomorrow, we're back in the
5:52 am
mid-50s thursday afternoon with a drying trend. dry weather for friday.ay wet satu drying out early sunday morning, mild afternoon. thand quiet w for most of next week. melis melissa, tell me you have quiet trafc conditions on a tuesday. >> i wish i did. chopper 4 headed to a problem in waldo waldorf. we spoke totate police. 5 leonardtown road at lener. we have a serious crash and multiplee medevacs ing sent to the scene. northbound 395 at glebe. a shutdown and one getting by now. we are g ating by thi the crash is on the left side of your screen. it'slow but n nearly as bad as it was. looking at the map, you can seel thetle dip in color as we go from green to yellow. ederick, southbound 270, before buckey's pike.
5:53 am
we have the southbound lanes stopped right now. just got off of the phone with police. eun? >> thank you. medical marijuana is legal3 in states, including maryland and the district. but there is no scientific proof that it works for a wide range of symptoms. >> but don't tell that to people who rely on the drug for chronic pain. doreen gentzler has more. >> reporter: this beauty queen is turning her pain into a platform to promote medical ri ana. >> it can help with almost anything cancer. >> reporter: she was crowned mi america world in 2015. she was suffering from chronic aches, anxie and fatigue. >> i have osteoporosis, seen in premopausal women. >> reporter: at one point, she
5:54 am
was taking ten pills a day and getting little relf. she turned to medicinal oils. i elt i had to try it. all these pills weren't working. i heard great things and did a lot of research. >> reporter: as business grows here and nationwide, the sciw ce has been s catch up. dr. kogan is the medal director at the center for integrative medicine. >> hopefully with time and research, we'll be able to figure out. nonetheless, the potenti is big and it's there. >> reporter: coming up tonight, the growing debate over the healing power of pot. as more states legalize imarijuana for medical uss still illegal under federal law. where do we go from here? a cler look at the laws here and across the country and the road ahead, tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. ahe s continues for liberty and her eagle eggs this morning.
5:55 am
i want to know who is in there. the bird and his mate, liberty, have been living along the river, for more than a decade. they've raised as many offspring. liberty is waiting for her long-tice mate, ju to return. a few weeks ago, he disappeared, leaving herlone with two eggs in the .nest two other eagles have been spotted nearby. wildlife officials say that could be a clue. >> once justice appeared,his with scratch rk es on his leg and talons. >> it could haveom from this fight. liberty watched on, protecting her eg c. thatld mean that justice is hurt and recovering somewhere. for now, all we d can is wait and watch. >> i'm hoping that justice makes a recovery and comes back.
5:56 am
he needs to be with his family. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. azon plans to shake up its movie business as it takes on netflix. e company's studio chief tells "the hollywood reporter," aman wants to release 30 movies a year. that would be a bak of amazon's habit to release movies in theaters fi amazon went on a spending spree, snapping up several films at sundance. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank >holland. till ahead, on strike. west virginia teachers once againt exithe classroom. working 4 you, helping you clear the clutter from your home. we go to one woman's house to a declutter trend tthe test.o
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> snow and then rain, with ice and slush.ha all ofwinter mess is heading right to us. now is time to get ready.i' eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're in weather alert mode this morning in advance of all of the weather that will arrive
6:00 am
night. melissa mollet with a check the roads. we begin with chuck bell and everybody wants to know about this forecast, chuck. >> the good news for schoolkids. the likelihood of going to om schoolrow is around zero. teachers, double up on the homework assignments tonight because they have axt few days to do it. temperatures are below freezing. it will be bright and sunny today, the perfect day to get things done, ahead of the storm. make sure your gas tank is full. and make a little quick run to the grocery stor mostly snow through the morning hours. it will change over to a mix of rain, sleet and snow in the evening. the bread meter for tomorrow, grab a loaf or two. we have ade widespread y in closures likely for tomorrow. snowfall amounts, most in the d.c. met a


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