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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  February 21, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the roads look pretty clear. you see the patchy of snow o thside. the threat of the trouble on the roads isn't over. beware black ice and some areas dip below freezing. good morning, everyone. i'm e yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. several schools are closed or delayed. following yesterday's storm, the federal government is open today. employees have the option for leave or telework. frederick, marylandnd prince george's schools will open two hours late. >> in virginia, arlington, manass manassas, manassas park city. fredericksburg, falls church, king george, loudon and fairfax county schools. grant county, west virginia, schools will open three hours late. >> to the closings, in virginia, warren, clark, rappahannock, and
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shenandoah and fauquier and pe county schools. hardy, hampshire and jeffers county schools are closed today. all of the updates are running on the bottom ofsc your en. you can find the list in the washington app. we have team coverage to get your thursda started. we'll check in with drew wilder on the latest into the terror plot arrest. >> let's begin with chubell. are we getting a warm-up, >> yes, yes, we will. yesterday, we were in the 30s with the snow falling. today, we will recover in the low and mid-50s with some nshine around here later in the day. first thing this morning, it's foggy and oudy outside this morning. there's pockets of light rain in southern maryland and thunderstorms, heade out toward norfolk and virginia beac reduced visibility due to fog outside, as well. be careful. take care this morning.
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it could be ice if it looks wet. temperatures on the freezing mark. 32 in martinsburg, gaithersburgh 36 in sn maryland. the forecast planner for today, from clouds and fog and some slipperiness this morning to s increasishine today. temperatures up into the low and mid-50s. todays the day we're up to officially 11 hours of daylight. >> ooh. i like that. we're getting some warmth thi weekend, as well. so many treats. 270 at montrose road. northbound and uthbound, nice and clear. it looks wet. i came down this morning and no problems on the beltway, either. everything's on hold, not knowing what we're dealing with because we're above freezing. most of the roads look good. the bridges and overpasses can have slick spots on them. 66 is fine. 95 northbound and southbound in virginia looks good. 95 in maryland.
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here.oblems 32 down to the beltway, will take you 11 minutes. >> thank you, meliss we have team coverage of how yesterday's snow will imct you is morning. if you've been out on the roads at all in the last 24 hours, you probably saw the snow turn to slush. it was treacherous out there for drivers. there are more than 800 crashes in virginia yesterday. while the storm is gone, we a not out of the woods yet. >> it could be a messy morning again for some lks. justin finch is live in frederick, maryland, with a look at theroads. you've been driving around. how does it look? >> we can't hear justin's mic right now. we'll get back to him. >> let's turn to molette green. she is le forus, as well,
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this morning, in laurel. keeping an eye oner things molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i moved to a different residential neighborhood. and check out the sidewalk here. ttle slushy, yeah. yesterday, laurel enjoyed 4.9 inches of snow. they will be waking up with a little bit of cleanup to do t some o cars in the neighborhood still have snow on top of them. they haven't been touched. we were surprised to see that many of the neighborhood streets, in addition to the stretch of 198, and secondary roads are clear and plowed. you should have no major issues, especially with a tr -hour delay e schoolkids. so, the sidewalks are still covered on a lot of the streets th we've seen. but we're just above freezing. so, not lot of ice. but just the slushiness to deal with and possibly some slick spot you need t be careful, as you
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make your way out the door this morning. that's the latest live, from laurel, back into you guys. >> molette, thank you. be sure to keep an eye on t nbc washington app for updates on the winter storm. we'll check in with justin as soon as we can. and we'll continueo update you with the forecast on-air and online. developing in maryland, a coast guard officer is in jail, after prosecutors called him a domestic terrorist. christopherassan faces gun and drug charges right now. but investigators say he was to planning , quote, murder innocentivilians on a scale country.seen in this >> drew wilder is in green belt with more on the disturbing in allegations a this military officer. what led investigators to this lieutenant?ro >> reporter: nbc news has learned investigators started looking into christopher hassan after discovering curious searchs on his work computer. investigators say they found disturbing searches on hassan's
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computer that included this like, where in d.c. do congresspeople live? and civil war if trump impeached. ha he was arrested on frida on gun and drug charges. right now, he's not charged with terrorism. but prosecutors call him a domestic terrorist in court documents. they believe he stockpiled more than a dozen guns and over 1,000 rounds of ammo in an artment silver spring. te is a self-identified w nationalist, who called for focused violence and dreamed of aways to killost every last person on earth. prosecutors say hassan wast forming a lf targets that included presidential candidates, senators, and msnbc and cnn show hosts. with all of the allegations, hassan is not charged wit any terrorism. he's oj facing those drug and gun charges. y.'ll appear before a judge at 1:00 to drew wilder, news 4. >> thank you. here's a look at other top
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stories this morning. there's growing signs that special counsel robert mueller's investigation is winding down. he could submit his report to the attorney general as early as next week. william barr will dnyide if a of it will be made public. coming up, we'll check in with tracie potts for the latest on the investigation. catholi leaders from around the world are meeting to discuss the ongoing sex abuse scandal. priests are meeting with each survivo well as abuse during the summit. each day of the conference will have a theme. today is responsibility. tomorrow is accountability. and saturday is transparency. the summit ends with a prayer session onunday. from vic to suspect. jussie smollett is a suspect in his o attack. authorities charged with actor with filing a frtse police reyesterday. he claims he was a victim of a hate crime attacked by two men in chicago last month. the men say they were hired by
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smollett to stage the attack. basketball fan or not, it is an injury you're goi to hear about all day. how one of the best in college basketball ended up sidelined by his shoe.ou . plus, more team coverage on the storm team 4 weather alert n wa the big melt is coming. not beforeheig b
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today. >> one of d.c.'s favorite morning radio shows is making a starting onck, monday morning, tommy mcfly and kelly thomas will bring back "the tommy show." this is the team new udio, which is actually in kelly's basement. the duo will live stream their new show on spotify and i heart radio. tommy will join us this evening with more details on his new show a lot of folks were upset when theirt show l on radio. >> they were teasing us. >> one of the most anticipated college games in the country did not go as planned. we're talking about last night's game bndween duke unc. >> zion williamson is center stage. he is insanelyta nted. plenty of celebrities were in the owd.
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barack obama was next to reggie love. 30 seconds into the game, the duke faiward sprd his knee after his shoe blew out. it is torn up. ntbig disappointme for a lot of people. ticketrices for that game ballooned to $3,000. this is for college basketball. this is one of the biggest rivalries and two top teamou with zion, unc won the game, 88-72, atduke. ssge loss. huge >> good morning, everybody. dog walking forecast time little jack here. mostly jack russe tear irrier. chilly this morning, little iciness on some of the side roads. afternoon clearing w temperatures in the low 50s. a check of the outlook with one day near 70.
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16 before the hour. we're tracking a weather alert this morning. aou warning as start your thursday, depending on where you live, your sidewalks, iveways, roads, may be a bit slippery this morning. >> part ofa our a dipped below freezing overnight. that could mean there's some ice
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outside of your front door. that could be dangerous. even a little bit of ice. we havelosures and delays of schools. those are running at the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. the federal government is open on time. but employees have the optio for unscheduled leave or telework. storm team 4 meteorologist, chuck bell, will be back with your forecast in a few minutes. tod trump's ally, roger stone, could have his bail revoked. he will have to explain to a he posted a picture of her with a crosshair next to her head. he posted it on instagram with a fund-raising appeal. stone is charged with lying to congress, o witness tampering. robert mueller is wrapping up his report about meddling during the 2016 election.
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>> he could it intit hsubmit hi report to william barr. could that report be made public? >> reporter: it could be made public. but it's not guaranteed it will be. it is certainly, after more than a year of this investigation, one of the most anticipated reports, not just in washingoun but in thery right now. he is leaving the decision up to b barr. it goes from robert mueller, to special counsel, to the attorney general. he does not have to release it publicly. he is getting pressure from democrats and republicans to do so. said he wants to be transparent but left tn door open w testified before congress, that the public may get a summary, not all of the evidence and the findings fm robertmueller's team. the rules do say he has to briee co and a brief outline and the reason not, based on what robert mueller has found.
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the latest we're hearing is it could be as early as this week when that rortands on barr's desk. it's his decision, as to whether and how much of it the public will ever see. >> tracie potts for us this morning. tracie, thank you. ralph northam wl not attend an event at a historically black college in richmond. he was going to commemorate the grhap of students protests segregation in richmond. but student leaders asked him not to come because of the racist photo found in his 1984 medical school yearbook they were concerned his visit would overshadow the tribute. he says, he appreciates the invitation but wil not attend. he will host the richmond 34 at the executi mansiontomorrow. a d.c. s elementaryo
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schoolteacher who was shot in the face wants to show how violence impacts innocent victims. he was sitting in his car on monday. he was waiting to turn when he heard a gunshot. a bulletieed his windshield, ricochetted off of his hand and lodged in his cheek. at onepoint, he thought he was going to die. >> i asked the police officer, could he get phone. in case i could make that one last phone call to my mom. >> he hopes to return to his classroom soon. surgeons have to remove that bullet from his turning back, now, to our weather. we're working for you, with a o reminder shovel your sidewalk to avoid any penalties. montgomery county residents and businesses must clear sidewalks within 24 hours after t snow stops falling. prince george's county residents have 48ours to clear or face a $100 fine.
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alexandria h 24-72 hours to shovel sidewalks. d.c. residents are encouraged to shovel their sidewalks. >> i walked from here to the metro. >> walking amongst the common people. >> the sidewalk was a mess. it hadn't been touched at all. >> connectic avenue was bad yesterday. speaking o d.c., mayor bowser is celebrating a win today. >> she is the owner of her own pat collins snow >> i checked the snow stick rule book. and i found out that if you're elected mayor for two terms, you're entitledo an honorary pat collins snow stick. mayor this, is all yours.
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you can put it in your office, when all of theni dries that come to visit, they will be jealous. >> i love it. i hope we don't have to use it toooften. >> if you missed it, a couple of weeks ago, he had the mayor t. he asked if she wanted one and pulled it back away. >> i don think people were happy about that. >> there will be one more winner today. the oscars are thi weekend. so, pat asked people to dress up as your favoritovie character or scene."j s." frodo on that one. some of you portrayedfr scenes "star wars," harry potter, "bir box," "e.t." >> i think i said "birdcage," which is a different movie. >> that's a whole other scene. now, here's my favorite video of the day. what a snow day. who else does somersaults in the snow? nobody. only our beloved pandas.
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join playing in the snow in the national zoo. they rolled down the hills. they climbed up the trees. frolicking. >> they are going hard. >> listen, that's what pandas do. >> did you see the teeth on that bear? >> that's the one thing that we defer on. >> what's that? >> i don't somersault in the snow. everything else, we're the same. got you. >> look. >> as wer wait e snow to melt, we want to remind you of the weather we wereealing with this time last year. february 21st, 2018, we got up to 82 degrees outside. >> i don't remember that. >> a record-setting day for the warmest day in d.c. so early in the calendar year. it was 25, 35 degrees above the average temperature for that day. >> that's not normal. >> no. it was an all-time record, in exact. >> we're not going to see 80
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degrees until when? >> we saw one in late march or early april.'s unus not only was it 82 a year ago today, a month later, march 21st, we had a 4-8-inch snowfall. >> what is happening? >> you're aghast. jaws hanging open. yes, indeed. for a second year a row, last year and the year before, february was warmer than march. it's happened 7 times in 150 years. but it happened back-to-back years. 2016 and '17. a year ago to82y, degrees. a month later, we had significant snow. snowfall, 2 1/2 inches at national airport. four inches at bwi marshal. the winter season, holding on to a surplus in washington. just an inch below average in
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snowfall at bwi. today, the meltdown. we're above freezing here in town now. there are pockets below freezing. winchester, to strasburg, to tomsbrook. a lot of spots on the 32 degree line. there could be slipperiness. it will be an improving weather picture. right back into full cloud cover tomorrow.e maybe a sprin or two around in the morning. you can see on storm team 4 radar this morning, most of the rain has come to an end. r couldne out a drop or two in the morning. tomorrow, a couple of sprinkles ound. saturday is in real trouble. it will be a soaker start-to-finish. saturday afternoon and evening, that rain continues into sunday morning. sunday afternoon, a gusty west wind will blow theud c out of here and bring us to near 70 degrees. windy on monday. but 20 degrees colder than that. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck.
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we're tracking the roads for you this morning. hyattstown, on the left side. 270 southbound, at 109. main roads looking good. a neighborhood street in manassas. you may find your street is slushy still. mine iswas. ne looks good this morning. be carefulde as you're hout if you didn't clear your sidewalk like you should have. 70 to the spur nice and clear. 67 miles per hour will get you in 27 minutes. no problems northbound, either. nice and open at the beltway. 66 and 95 in virginia. >> thank you. newhimorning, new test results. which vehicle rates the best for preventing pedestrian crashes. >> susan hogan is working for you, with the results thatou ca keepafe on the roads. >> the assurance institute forh way safety, recently tested
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11 different small suvs see how well their automatic pergency braking systems detect and brake forple in the road. researchers tested three different anscenarios. dult entering the road from the right. a child darting out from behind two parked cars and an adult walking in the lane near the edge of the road. the bmw x1 earned no credit in the ratings, hitting the dummy in all of the tests. the mitsubishi outlander reduced its speed in the test, earning i bac rating. the other nine models earned advanced and superior ratings. the detection systems used cameras and radar sensors to scan for pedestrians and some standard in many of the models. you can see the complete list of suvs and how they rated right now obc our washington app. all you have to do is search
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pedestrian crashes. back to you. mitsubishiold us it will study the test results as it develops new vehicles and systems. theoutlander has scored good types of or in other crash tests by the iihs. bmw did not respond for comment on pformance of the x1. samsung will launch it first 5g smartphone. it comes with several new feures like a larger screen and longer battery life. it will also be the first device to run on uber fast 5g wireless networks. verizon will be the first carrier in the u.s. to offer the phone and it's expected to go on sale later this year. >> testing out the 5g for the olympics in south korea. >> was it good? >> they say it makes a big difference. >> someone told me the "g" doesn't mean anything. >> i know. it was -- those are the least of
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my worries when i was out there. i was trying to stay warm. still ahead, is marijuana >> we continue our series of reports looking at marijuana's growing impact here in the district and across the country. plus, continuing coverage on ar big st. a local coast guard lieutenant charged with planning to kill ol civilians ande personalities. how police caught him before the worst could happen worst could happen . (clucking noises)
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worst could happen . everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury!® wihefty! hefty! hefty!n. hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert.en >> what a diff 24 hours makesing.
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if yesterday was all about the falling snow, today is about t melting of it. the latest bout with winter came an wwent. but wh left behind is still leading to closures this morning. good morning to you. >> the temperatures are set to rise. until the sun comes up, things may be slick. school districts have issued some closures and delays. the federal government is open but workers have the option for unscheduled leave or telework. >> here's what we know about closings. in maryland, frerick, montgomery, prince george's, an rundle and washington county schools will open two hours late. >> in virginia, arlington, manassas, manassas park, alexandr alexandria, staord and spotsylvania schools will open two hours late. in fredericksburg, king george, loudon and fairfax county schools. grantounty schools in west virginia will open three hours late.


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